Rophy’s Most Awesome 2011

Past projects: Way too many to name with a cast filled with the likes of Gambon, Rickman, Fiennes, Smith, Thompson, Thewlis and Oldman.

Look out for: Anything any of the cast members tackle.

Why we love: Look, okay. It’s Harry Fucking Potter. It’s the series that a lot of us grew up with, and as each movie came out they just got better and better. The cast is perfect, from the golden trio, to even the smallest of parts — everyone came together to make a production that represented what we so loved in the books. As a fan of the books, I couldn’t have asked for more. I may have gripes with how a few things were done, or that they left out some key scenes, but in the end I wouldn’t change it. I love it. HogWarts and all.

Past projects: All Harry Potter films, Ballet Shoes

Look out for: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Beauty And The Beast

Why we love: You know, there’s a lot of haters out there who don’t like Emma as Hermione. Which is a little outrageous to us, because we kind of think she’s the perfect Hermione, forever and ever? The thing people need to understand is that these kids were thrust into the job at such a young age and managed to come out the other end unscathed, more normal than they should be. She was eleven when she did the first film.. what were you doing when you were eleven? (Rin was climbing trees and Sophy was stumbling through the Triassic period.)Her acting has only gotten stronger and stronger, and by the time the last two rolled around she has really come into her own. Her instincts are great, and the vulnerability she showed in the last two Potters was especially nice to see. We really cannot wait to see her in Perks, as much as we’ll miss Hermione. :(

Past projects: The Wire

Look out for: Luther

Why we love: Basically because he’s Luther? We’ve listed The Wire in his past projects, because we know that might be a bit of a drawcard for many of you folks out in TV-land, but truth be told, neither the R nor the Ophy have ever watched that show. However, Idris’ extraordinarily strong and sensitive performance in one of our new favourite shows is making us think we should look into it. (That and the fact that everyone is always all ‘BLAH BLAH THE WIRE BEST BLAH BLAH’.) Then there’s Kenneth Branagh’s Thor which should be better than you’d think on account of the Kenneth and Idris factors. And there’s ‘Prometheus’ with Michael Fassbender, which we’ll definitely be into.

But you know what Rophy really want to see Idris Elba in? More Luther. More. Fucking. Luther. Please.

Past projects: Jane Eyre, Capturing Mary, Small Island

Look out for: Luther

Why we love: Because her face? Because her self? Because everything? Ruth is one of those rare actresses who simply never fails to impress. And we mean impress, in the sense of stand out, stun you, leave you thinking about her for weeks after, regardless of the role she’s playing. We first saw her as the absolute best Jane Eyre ever by a million fucking miles of best, and it really is a strange delight to see her play a character like Alice Morgan after that.Ruth has quickly earned ‘anything she’s in’ status with Rophy. So yes, we’ll watch that Lone Ranger bullshit if she actually does it.

But you know what we really want to see Ruth in? Yeah.

Past projects: Skins

Look out for: Luther

Why we love: OH AIMEE-FFION. We loved you on Skins, we really did, but our hearts have grown bulges now that you’re Jenny Jones on a certain show we’d really like to see more of.As rabid Alice Morgan fans, Rophy really should be in the camp grousing and villifying this character, but honestly, all we can do is hope for more screentime for both ladies.

Aimee-Ffion’s performance in Skins was excellent, but her performance in Luther has taken it to a whole other level – she managed to be extraordinary and ordinary at the same time – hard-edged, heartbreaking, small, sweet, angry and funny. She really held her own with the likes of Idris and Ruth, and, well, the entire cast of Luther. That’s no mean feat – the acting on Luther, from the stars to the supporters to the guests, is uniformally above and beyond. *cough*More Luther*cough*

Past projects: Skins US

Look out for: Darkroom

Why we love: Oh Britne. You are the number one reason we’re glad Skins US happened. This girl managed to shine even with patchy material, and over the course of one short season burrowed herself into Rophy’s consciousness to the point where, okay, maybe we actually will look out for Darkroom?

It’ll probably be awful, because, you know, it’s a horror flick called Darkroom, but at the very least we’ll get to look at that gorgeous face right there? And it has Kate from Angel in it. Sold.

Past projects: Skins

Look out for: Skins series 6

Why we love: Whilst all the young actors selected for gen 3 of Skins are really strong, Freya is one of the two who blew us clean away. Unlike some fans we loved Mini from the get-go, because as much of a bitch as she was, Freya played her with great humour and intriguing depth from the very first, and by the time we got to “Yeah? I am alright?” we were keyboard mashing to each other and calling her the Next Big Thing.

We’re right, by the way. You’ll see. YOU’LL ALL SEE.

Past projects: Skins

Look out for: Skins series 6

Why we love: We’ll talk about this more when we get to recapping Grace’s episode, but okay, seriously everybody, how many young actors with little to no experience could pull off something as tough as a Romeo and Juliet balcony scene, complete with gutter-climbs and googly eyes and a teary underage marriage proposal? That shit is hard to get right – to get real, that is – and Alex knocked it out of the park. We’d already picked him as a favourite just based on the excellence of his comic timing and his WONDERFUL WONDERFUL FACE WHEN HE WATCHES GRACE DANCE, but it was somewhere around the unabashed declaration “As is a winged messenger of… heaven,” that we were congratulating him on the long and illustrious career he’s going to have.


Past projects: Apart from Dakota, most of the cast are new to acting

Look out for: Skins series 6

Why we love: Rophy had a year to prepare for the change from gen 2 to gen 3. A year to try to process our rage and shake off that nagging sense that we might never get a Skins movie – and therefore might never get a decent resolution to that beloved gen. And yet we still weren’t ready for these kids. We approached series 5 of Skins thinking we’d probably enjoy it, because hey, it’s Skins, after all… but we did not expect to fall in love by episode 1? We actually ended up letting this group into our hearts in record time, and we were rewarded for that with each new, wonderful episode that followed. We can only hope that series 6 doesn’t disappoint us and allows each and every cast member to shine.

Past projects: Weathervanes (2010)

Look out for: Whatever they release next!

Why we love: We’ll have to thank Skins for this one, as we do for so much of the music we fall in love with these days. The show featured two Freelance Whales songs in series 5, Generator Second Floor and Location, both of which we fell head over heels for. But so often when you venture beyond the featured tracks you find that the rest is mostly filler. Not so with Freelance Whales, whose album Weathervanes is delicious from start to finish. Looking forward to more.

Past projects: Ghost (2007), Touch The Sky EP (2010)

Look out for: A trilogy of albums called Family Tree, due to be released in September, starting with The Roots.

Why we love: Again, we’re thanking Skins for introducing us to Radical Face, with their absolutely glorious use of the absolutely glorious ‘Welcome Home, Son’ in Grace’s episode in series 5. And again, there is absolutely no filler action going on here. Really, you can just go out right now and get yourself both Ghost and Touch The Sky, don’t bother trying before you buy. 100% of Rophy agree – you won’t regret your purchase.

Past projects: Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones’s Diary, A Single Man, The King’s Speech

Look out for: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Why we love: Is there any sane person in the known universe who doesn’t love? I mean, come on. It’s Colin Firth. Let’s not waste time pretending his awesome is a matter of opinion.We cheered when he won the Oscar for his wrenching and humorous performance in ‘The King’s Speech’ and hope there are plenty more little gold men with his name on it where that came from. (If there aren’t we might have to make him some out of pipecleaners. Yellow pipecleaners?)

Past projects: Heavenly Creatures, Sense and Sensibility, Titanic, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland, Little Children, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Mildred Pierce

Look out for: Carnage, Movie 43

Why we love: Ah the incomparable Winslet. Probably the first actress Sophy of Rophy ever loved in that ‘Oh my god, must see everything she ever does’ way. And Rin of Rophy was similarly enamoured by the time she was onto solids and knew how to turn on the TV all by herself? We can’t wait to see her flexing her funny muscles in ‘Movie 43’. She was one of the most memorably hilarious guests on ‘Extras’, after all, and meanwhile, how glad are we that the whole Holocaust = Oscars thing worked out so nicely for her? All joking aside, bring on many more unique and enduring roles for Winslet to work her magic with. We’ll be here. Waiting. With our heads in our hands.

Past projects: Hex, 300, Angel, Fish Tank, Inglorious Basterds, X-Men: First Class

Look out for: Jane Eyre, A Dangerous Method



We’re Fassbender fans from way back, and okay, so we’ve been kind of lax on the X-Men front thus far, but we’ll most definitely be seeing him try on Rochester in Jane Eyre. With his natural charm and his sad eyes and his ability to be somehow old and young at the same time, we think he has the potential to rock that role, no matter how not-as-good-as-the-2006-version it is absolutely deadly certain to be. (We’re right?)

Past projects: Big Love

Look out for: Once Upon A Time

Why we love: Her hair. We could just leave it at that, and it would be reason enough. Seriously.

But we have so many more reason to love Ginnifer. Her excellent acting generally, her turn as the overwhelmingly lovable Margene, her dancing skills, her fixation on moustaches, the fact that she’s the most perfect Snow White we can think of and oh, just… everything.

Let’s face it, Ginnifer has done a lot of awesome things. Though possibly the most awesome thing she’s ever done is sign up to star in the same show as the lady below… (Rophy are eternally grateful.)

Past projects: House, How I Met Your Mother

Look out for: Once Upon A Time, Warrior

Why we love: Dr. Allison Cameron. Quite simply.

No, but seriously. Has there ever been a classier act? The way she was unceremoniously booted off House was APPALLING, and yet the way she took it was with such grace and a still-to-this-day gratitude for what the show gave her is admirable. Dr. Cameron will always remain one of our all-time favourite TV characters, despite what happened, because of the way Jennifer portrayed her. We can’t wait for all of the success waiting for her with Once Upon A Time.

And she adorned our first Rophy tshirt. But that’s another story.

Past projects: 18 (2008), 21 (2011)

Look out for: 24?

Why we love: I think Adele really came on our radars back in S2 of Skins, with its iconic use of ‘Hometown Glory’ during that scene. You know the one. Apart from the brilliance of Hannah Murray and the writing, part of what makes that scene is the music (as is so often the case with Skins). I guess the best part of Adele is that she’s only gotten stronger and stronger? Nowadays you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard her huge hits, ‘Rolling In The Deep’ or ‘Someone Like You,’ as they’ve been used countless times on TV and are basically put on repeat on the radio. Despite its over saturation, her music seems to escape the annoyance of hearing the same song over and over again. It still feels personal, and instead of begrudging the time it took for the rest of the world to catch-on, we’re quite happy with all of her success and airplay.

Past projects: SNL, Mean Girls, 30 Rock, Baby Mama, Megamind

Look out for: 30 Rock season 6

Why we love: Tina Fey seems to embody all that we hold dear and look for in an RMA candidate. Incredibly intelligent, hilariously witty and damn good at what she does. When we see Liz Lemon on our screens, we’re laughing so hard that sometimes we forget that this woman created the series and also writes every season opener and whole bunch in between. She really does seem to have it all.

Also, have you ready Bossypants yet? Because you should. Of course it’s funny, that’s a given, but it’s also a great insight into how Tina became the momentous success she is today.Plus she fucking wrote Mean Girls. Okay? OKAY.

Past projects: SNL, Baby Mama, Parks And Recreation

Look out for: Parks And Recreation season 4

Why we love: No longer is Amy Poehler known as Tina Fey’s best friend. She’s freaking Amy Poehler. And although she didn’t create Parks you won’t meet a single person who doesn’t agree that she absolutely makes the show. Plus she has written a few episodes as well, so we’re definitely hoping to see more of that in the future.

Past projects: I Love You, Man, Parks And Recreation

Look out for: The Muppets, Parks And Recreation sesaon 4, Our Idiot Brother

Why we love: Oh Rashida. You’re so beautiful.

To be honest, we didn’t know much of her before Parks, but we’re sure paying closer attention to her now. We’re eagerly anticipating Our Idiot Brother, which boasts an outstanding cast full of Rudds, Banks, Deschanels, Coogans, Dancys and Parks co-star Adam Scott. Oh and. She’s playing Zooey’s lesbian lover. So. There’s that.

Past projects: Adam Scott – Party Down, Rob Lowe – Everything ever

Look out for: Season 4!!

Why we love: We are so glad we caved and finally watched this show. It’s freaking brilliant and everything we love about TV? And it’s one of those shows that has built on itself and become better than ever, as opposed to those shows that have a killer first season but drop the ball during the second (we still mourn a lot of shows that did that). We were warned a lot that the first season was ‘bad, but don’t worry it gets better,’ but to be honest we didn’t even have problems with the first season? Sure it’s probably the least successful but we fully understand the need for a new show to find its feet before they can run.

Past projects: Roswell, Brick, LOST

Look out for: …hopefully something awesome?

Why we love: God it depresses me that ‘LOST’ the last thing listed on Emilie’s imdb page. Actually it depresses me that ‘LOST’ is on her imdb page at all seeing as they shamelessly wasted her on the false promise that her bullshit go-nowhere role would go somewhere awesome, for six fucking years.Yeah, it’s Sophy typing. How did you know?

Sigh. ‘The Chameleon’ with Nick Stahl does have the potential to be a winner artistically, and there is some news filtering through about a Finnish film called ‘Love And Other Troubles’ in which she gets to show off her dancing skills. Her… line dancing skills. To be specific.

Oh well, Emilie. Here’s hoping.Whatever happens, you’ll always have really pretty hair.

Past projects: LOST, The Hurt Locker

Look out for: THE HOBBIT — BOTH OF THEM!!@#!@$!

Why we love: Oh Evangeline. Just when we were giving up hope and cursing that damn offspring for taking you away from us, you get yourself cast in THE HOBBIT. AND OUR HEADS FALL OFF??? And she’s playing an ELF you guys. An elf!!!! Is there anything more alluring? No. The answer is no.

Past projects: The Office, Sherlock

Look out for: THE HOBBIT!!111

Why we love: Martin is the most perfect choice for Bilbo Baggins. He’s almost too perfect? It’s almost wrong? Someone should go to jail/win the Nobel Peace Prize for it? We don’t know?

Also Rophy have to admit that despite listing Sherlock we haven’t actually gotten around to seeing it. Though it is on our ever expanding TV list, and got bumped up a few places when we watched Small Island and remembered how great Benedict Cumberbatch is too. So. Someday, show. Someday.

Past projects: The Office, Extras, An Idiot Abroad, The Ricky Gervais Show

Look out for: Life’s Too Short

Why we love: Funniest duo ever? Rophy is like unfunny shit on their funny shoes? Rophy will watch/read/listen to anything these men produce. And for reasons that will soon become clear, we’re particularly excited for ‘Life’s Too Short’, a BBC/HBO production about the life of a showbiz dwarf, for which they’ve reunited with one of their Extras guests, Warwick Davis. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT. WILLOW. MOTHERFUCKERS.

Past projects: Cast Offs

Look out for: Life’s Too Short

Why we love: Kiruna fairly dazzled us as Carrie in Cast Offs and we now count her among our country’s finest exports. When we heard she was starring in a new British comedy series called ‘Life’s Too Short’ we were really excited. And then we realized it was a Gervais/Merchant project and oh the keyboardmashing that ensued. Kiruna has a wonderfully light comic touch and we couldn’t be more excited about seeing her work with our comedy gods.

Past projects: Skins, The Scouting Book For Boys, Cast Offs, This Is England ’86

Look out for: The Fades

Why we love: This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as we’re constantly tooting our ‘Jack Thorne is our King’ horn. The man is a writing machine that just spits our brilliance? Constantly? Honestly, we can’t think of one thing we haven’t loved from him — it’s always unique and engaging, and never falls short from being very very thoughtful.The Fades is bound to be a hit, and with a cast boasting 3 former Skins members (LILY, JOE AND DAN?? COULD IT BE ANY BETTER?), we’re getting sore from bouncing in our seats waiting for it to air.

Past projects: Skins

Look out for: Something non-Skins

Why we love: We gave the man a hard time, we mean, a really hard time during S4. There are still a lot of decisions that we’re not okay with, but we’re starting to feel okay with not being okay with it. The main reason for that being the brilliance he brought to Series 5. We were really sad when he decided to leave the show before S6 as we felt like he was crucial in making gen 3 such a success. In our world success is measured by quality, not ratings.. we just hope E4 see it that way too. (They won’t?)

We remember seeing a tweet from JB referring to a new project with a former-Skins star who was very popular. We’ve been losing sleep over the possibilities. No really. We’ve picked apart tweets for days on end trying to figure out who it is. At the moment we think it’s Kathryn Prescott. (It’ll change tomorrow.)

Past projects: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Game Of Thrones

Look out for: Once Upon A Time

Why we love: She was always, always, always one of our favourite writers on Buffy. And if you’re a good writer on Buffy well.. you’re pretty much set for life in the Rophy world? As royalty? So. There’s that. But then we saw her name pop up in the Game Of Thrones credits and of course the episode was stellar. We looked into what else she had been up to recently and it turns out she’s also Co-Executive Producer for Once Upon A Time. There is no wrong this woman can do. No wrong.

Past projects: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Chance, Race You To The Bottom

Look out for: Supernatural, her young adult novels

Why we love: There are some people who will never not be on this list. Even if they haven’t done anything Rophy is actually legitimately going to ~look out for since Race You To The Bottom.

Sophy did stare at the pretty caps from Supernatural for a while? Does that count? Amber please do more movies. The world needs to see your face more often.

Past projects: BEING THE BEST CHARACTER ON TV EVER??!!!?!11, Veronika Decides To Die

Look out for: Ringer

Why we love: What’s this? Sarah Michelle Gellar on our TV screen every week? Have we died and gone to Rophy heaven???

But really, it’s like the Queen of TV is returning to her rightful place and we’re so excited to see her do something incredibly different to Buffy. And maybe, maybe, MAYBE she’ll finally receive some god damn recognition? Emmys? No??

Although even then we’ll probably be spiteful that it wasn’t for Buffy.

Past projects: Sigh No More (2009)

Look out for: A new album later this year

Why we love: Once again, Skins delivers the music unto Rophy. If you’re not already into Mumford, we don’t know where you’ve been. Whatever, it’s okay. Just go listen to ‘After The Storm’.

Right now.

Past projects: Rearrange Beds (2009), Walls (2011)

Look out for: Them on tour!

Why we love: If you followed Tegan and Sara on tour for The Con then you know who these guys are, as they were constantly heralded and championed by T&S. They even took them on tour around the States — and honestly after seeing them live you can see why. They’re a great little two-piece who can produce a sound that sounds like a 4-piece. It’s pretty impressive, and oh yeah, they’re Australian. We feel like proud mother hens when we see all of their success and hope to see them go further and further.Rin has been fortunate enough to meet them a couple times, once when they were just starting out and more recently on their own headline tour of Australia. From then to now nothing has changed, they still feel a bit home-grown which is nice to see.

Past projects: Australian Vogue

Look out for: Lots and lots of pretty pictures?

Why we love: Her face??? And also the fact that she represents somewhat of a breakthrough, in that she’s the first indigenous Aussie model we remember seeing splashed over the cover of Vogue and looming gorgeously in the shop windows of Forever New at the very same time. Bottom line, it’s totally refreshing to see indigenous beauty celebrated and sold to the mainstream.

Past projects: Lost And Delirious, Imagine Me & You, The Prestige, Covert Affairs

Look out for: Covert Affairs season 2, Looper

Why we love: Pipuh stole our hearts in Imagine Me & You, and she’s had them ever since, in a slightly damp paper envelope in her sock drawer.

Past projects: Aberdeen, Imagine Me & You, 300, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Game Of Thrones

Look out for: Game Of Thrones season 2, Dredd

Why we love: Lena knows where our hearts are hidden. Sometimes she takes them out of the envelope and prods them. (She’s the softie of the two.)

Past projects: Game Of Thrones

Look out for: Game Of Thrones season 2

Why we love: Maisie’s performance on Game Of Thrones was outstanding, not necessarily in the sense that it was better than the many other terrific performances on the show, but in the sense that she was so damn good at such a young age, in what was a rather demanding role, both physically and intellectually.

Should have gotten an Emmy nom. Fuckers.

Past projects: Sean Bean – um, LOTR?!! Michelle Fairley – Mrs Granger, Dinklage – Death At A Funeral

Look out for: Game Of Thrones season 2

Why we love: THIS CAST WE CANNOT. They’d better get all the ensemble cast awards. And they’ll all get individual trophies. Even the wolves. ESPECIALLY THE WOLVES???

Past projects: Skins, This Is England ’86, Game Of Thrones

Look out for: Game Of Thrones season 2, The Fades

Why we love: Well, Chris pretty much broke everyone’s heart didn’t he? And okay a lot of that is down to the :O :(( factor of Cassie’s episode, but a lot of it is down to the subtle charm with which Joe infused his character from day one. He was the funny off-the-wall guy, but he was never just the funny, off-the-wall guy. We’re confident he’ll bring that extra something to all future roles. Looking forward to him and his leather vest in Game Of Thrones season 2 :D Also how much hotter is he looking these days?

Past projects: Skins, Chatroom

Look out for: Little Glory

Why we love: Um… most stunning performance in Skins, which isn’t a show that is exactly short of stunning performances? We keep waiting for Hannah to hit the bigtime, and when she does it’s going to be a crash and a bang that seems entirely implausible given her tiny frame.

Here’s hoping Little Glory is a good one, and Hannah’s role in it is meaty. Like the whole freaking cow kind of meaty. Cause she’s hungry and deserves it.

Past projects: Skins, A Single Man, X-Men: First Class

Look out for: Jack The Giant Killer

Why we love: Hoult is doing an amazing job of ‘breaking out’ in America with strong performances against Firth in A Single Man, and he was simply adorable and omgilu in X-Men. Pity about him being blue for the latter half of the movie :(Jack The Giant Killer is also a movie to keep an eye out for, with a really strong cast (Bill Nighy, Ewan McGregor, Warwick Davis) and we have no doubts that Hoult will be able to hold his own.Oh and, how awesome is his American accent?

Past projects: Lights / Bright Lights (2010)

Look out for: New album later this year, or start of next year

Why we love: We first heard of Ellie when they used ‘Fighter Plane’ for the S4 Naomily promo, and we liked what we heard. She then released her album that was a sea of beats and mixes that are quite infectious, you’re going to want to dance along no matter how hard you try and resist it.

Her covers are also really great, and one has to wonder whether she secretly ships Naomily, apart from her song being used in their promo, she has covered both ‘Sleepyhead’ and ‘Sweet Disposition’. Her cover of ‘Your Song’ is also deliciously gorgeous, and so is the music video. Check ’em out if you want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Past projects: Downton Abbey

Look out for: Downton Abbey series 3

Why we love: Well, mostly because she managed to be the best thing about Downton Abbey and Downton Abbey has Maggie Smith in it??? Granted, it helps that Dockery was blessed with by far the most complex and dynamic character in the series, but she should get some of the credit too. She has an extraordinary natural magnetism, and is seriously good at the kind of brittle bittersweetness that Lady Mary is all about.

She also really, really needs to play Sarah Wayne Callies sister in something. Y/y?

Past projects: The Vampire Diaries

Look out for: The Vampire Diaries season 3, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Why we love: The Vampire Diaries and I really got off on the wrong foot, what with the often sickeningly bad writing that was going on in the early episodes, and Nina really struggled to rise about the material. But then she started to get more at home with Elena… and by the time she was pulling Katherine out of the bag I was just in bewildered awe of the way she’d gone from totally naff to totally brilliant over the course of a season.Plus she sounds awesome when she speaks Bulgarian. 8-.

Yeah, that was Sophy by the way. Rin’s ‘why we love’ would amount to ‘SHE’S GOING TO BE IN A MOVIE WITH EMMA WATSON?’

Which… valid.

Past projects: The Rules of Attraction, LOST, The Vampire Diaries

Look out for: The Vampire Diaries season 3

Why we love: He has the right feelings about dachshunds?Um.We love Ian because he’s a shiny, happy (WAILING TEETH-GNASHING???) reminder of the days when we were both head-in-hands for LOST. And let’s face it, whilst The Vampire Diaries has shaped itself into an all around entertaining show, it just wouldn’t be the crack it is without Ian.

Honestly, Damon’s crazy eyes are Sophy’s favourite ever.

Past projects: The Vampire Diaries

Look out for: The Vampire Diaries season 3

Why we love: You can’t celebrate Vampire Diaries people and not include the woman behind Caroline Forbes. Candice is a rare talent with an immense natural charm, and it’s heartening to see that the show recognized that and gave her a meatier role to play in season 2. Here’s hoping she isn’t re-relegated to schmooping over boys in season 3.

Past projects: Prison Break, The Walking Dead

Look out for: Foreverland

Why we love: OH DR. TANCREDI YOU WON OUR HEARTS THE MOMENT YOU STEPPED INTO FRAME WITH YOUR LAB COAT. :(( We still remember the time when we had our two most glorious female doctors on screen at the same time. It was such a golden age :-. And then one got their head chopped off and put into a box only to later be SURPRISE IT WASN’T REALLY HER LOL. And the other.. well… you know :-.BUT. That doesn’t mean we forget and move on, because once you enter the Rophy heart, it’s very hard for us to let go. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to check out The Walking Dead yet, even though we’re constantly hearing great things about her. And yes, the plaid shirt and lovely wavy hair in that picture might be the push we need to finally watch it.

Yes, we’re that easy sometimes.

Past projects: Dexter

Look out for: Dexter season 6, Gone

Why we love: DEBRA MORGAN YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT DEXTER? FOREVER AND EVER? And most of that is due to Jennifer’s utter conviction in the role. She usually gets overlooked for her great work on Dexter because MCH usually gets all the accolades, but not in the RMAs! Especially when you wear suits and check shirts and say ‘fuck’ a lot.

Past projects: Roswell, Knocked Up

Look out for: The Big Wedding

Why we love: Oh Katherine Heigl. What’s with the careericide? Knocked Up was bit rubbish and a bit funny. Then 27 dresses was a bit rubbish and a bit adorable. The Ugly Truth? That was just rubbish and revolting. As talented as Katie is, we’d be lying if we said we were exactly looking forward to what she does next. More peeping between our fingers. At Horizon-Sophias.

No matter. The truth is there’s one simple reason she’s on the list. And it’s this.

Past projects: VERONICA MARS FTLOG, Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Look out for: Movie 43

Why we love: Pocket-sized, blonde, and some sass? Check, check, check and we’ll have two please?

Veronica Mars is still one of the best series to have aired on TV and we still get a little teary when we think of how its life was taken from it prematurely. :(

She’s also another case of ‘NEEDS BETTER ROLES FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY’. We just want to love her :((

Past projects: The Women’s Murder Club, Rizzoli & Isles

Look out for: Rizzoli & Isles season 2

Why we love: We loved her in WMC, and sadly that was a very short-lived series, but just when Angie was thinking of hanging up her acting-heels, there was RISSOLES to save the day. 8-.She seems to have a bit of a thing for cop shows, but Rizzoli is definitely her best yet. And have we mentioned that she’s really hot with a gun? Cause she is.

And sometimes she gets really angry and pushes people and stuff and it’s kind of very lovely?

Past projects: NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles

Look out for: Rizzoli & Isles season 2

Why we love: Rissoles would be nothing without Angie Harmon. It would also be nothing without Sasha Alexander. It’s the chemistry between these two that makes a somewhat corny and formulaic cop show into an utter delight.Maura brings a lot of the comedy to the show by just being Maura. We’re really excited to see where they go with her story this season, and looking forward to seeing more Isles than the usual Rizzoli.


Past projects: Glee

Look out for: Glee season 3, Struck By Lightning

Why we love: Look, okay, even when Kurt should, by rights, be annoying the crap out of us, we just can’t seem to help wanting to sigh and forget about everything but Chris Colfer’s utter adorableness. And then when Kurt is actually being adorable and brilliant as he often is we just flail.Bottom line, this kid makes it very hard not to love him, and that’s why he’s such an important ingredient in our Glee-viewing diet.

Oh yeah, and the more scenes he has with both Darren Cris and Lea Michele, the better. Thank you.

Past projects: Glee

Look out for: Glee season 3, A solo album

Why we love: We weren’t entirely sure about Naya until recently when she proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the most recent season of Glee. She first piqued our interests when she nailed ‘Valerie,’ but it was her strong voice and performance of ‘Songbird’ that really drove it home. Glee has always been dodgy with its material, but we feel like Naya makes it work.

Immediately after ‘Songbird’ we both agreed that she should do an album of her own and we were both chuffed to hear about her plans to do so. We’re hoping she stays away from the top 40 stuff though.

Past projects:Glee

Look out for: Dorothy Of Oz

Why we love: She is just wonderful on every level, to the point where we don’t even understand how she could have actual haters?

Obviously Lea has an amazing voice and will have a strong career in musical theatre, but Rophy would love to see her try her hand at some serious acting roles too. She has the chops – we’ve seen it – Glee may be silly most of the time, but there are moments when Rachel’s humanity comes through and it is just glorious.

Past projects: Glee

Look out for: Glee season 3


And her flippy hair.

And her dancing. She is officially Rophy’s favourite dancer.

(Sorry Miss Loveless…)

Past projects: Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis, Jenny and Johnny

Look out for: An album of unreleased Rilo Kiley songs

Why we love: She’s a poet. A freaking poet. And she has the most gloriously pure and naked voice around.

Also whenever someone says ‘Redheads are ugly’ we just say ‘lol Jenny Lewis’ and they cry and flog themselves.


Past projects: Hefner, Hayman Watkins Trout & Lee, The French, Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern

Look out for: The Violence, The Ship’s Piano

Why we love: Sophy has been nuts about Darren Hayman’s music since before she was even, like… old. Hefner were a completely random find via the means of Napster (ANYONE REMEMBER NAPSTER? NO???), and she has never looked back since.

If the world were the way it ought to be Mr Hayman would be really rich and famous and come play in The Hole all the time.


Past projects: Control, Brighton Rock

Look out for: On The Road

Why we love: He should have gotten a lot more praise for his electrifying performance in Brighton Rock – and he would have, if the world weren’t full of movie snobs with Attenborough boners. What??? I’m just saying.

We’re looking out for On The Road, for sure. Though Rin may have to cover our eyes when Bella Swan is on screen. She gets scared easily is all. And she cares.

Past projects: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Bandwagon

Look out for: BANDWAGON!

Why we love: Emma was always an actress that we thought, ‘Oh, I want to see more of her, I hope she gets to do more,’ and to our delight we stumbled upon her project Bandwagon. Which started as a movie in 2003, and in late 2010 was uploaded to YouTube as a webseries. It has now returned with a second series all these years later and oh my god, it is just amazing. If you like to laugh (which of course you do otherwise you wouldn’t even be here) we highly and strongly and all of the above recommend you watch it.

Plus season 2 has Tracie Thoms and how could anything be more perfect than that?

Past projects: Wonder Woman

Look out for: Everything she writes? Ever? (Except if it’s PLL)

Why we love: OH. HEATHER ANNE HOGAN. How do we being to describe the ways???

1. There is no RophyDoes without Heather.

2. There is no Ropher without Heather.

3. There is no good in the world without Heather.

4. Yes we can. (With Heather at our side.)

5. She has an affinity for Kookaburras that can’t be broken.

Past projects: Veronica Mars, Mean Girls, Big Love, Mamma Mia!

Look out for: Gone, The Big Wedding

Why we love: She’s really, really, really pretty. And also we won’t forget about you, Lilly Kane??? WE COULD NEVER???

Seriously though, Amanda is talented – in that annoying way where she pretty much seems to be good at everything, including this. We’re glad to see her getting involved in diverse projects, showing everybody she’s more than just a (really, really, really) pretty face.

Past projects: Vanity Fair, Walk The Line

Look out for: Um… This Means War…?

Why we love: Reese is a lifer. She can muck around with elephants and Edward Cullen. She can make Legally Blonde 17 if she likes. She will never not be on this list.

Past projects: Daniel Deronda, I Capture The Castle, Vanity Fair, Inside I’m Dancing, Mary Bryant, Amazing Grace, Angel, Atonement, Glorious 39, Emma, The Crimson Petal And The White

Look out for: The Hour, One Day, Junkhearts

Why we love: Best actress ever. We don’t say that lightly. We look forward to seeing Romola in everything she ever does.

Past projects: Sin City, Rent, Seven Pounds, Girl Walks Into A Bar

Look out for: The Blind Bastard Club

Why we love: Mimi Marquez. Clad only in bubble wrap.

What, that isn’t enough for you?

Past projects: Under Feet Like Ours (1999), This Business of Art (2000), If It Was You (2002), So Jealous (2004), The Con (2007), Sainthood (2009)

Look out for: A new DVD, their 7th album

Why we love: It’s Tegan Quin.

Past projects: Under Feet Like Ours (1999), This Business of Art (2000), If It Was You (2002), So Jealous (2004), The Con (2007), Sainthood (2009)

Look out for: A new DVD, their 7th album

Why we love: It’s Sara Quin.

Past projects: She is a vegetarian, feminist, environmentalist and a supporter of gay rights and the Free Tibet movement.

Look out for: Jeremy’s Iron?

Why we love: She’s everything we’ve ever wanted to be.

And she’s eight years old. :-.

Past projects: Skins, The Children’s Hour (West End)

Look out for:

Why we love: Lisa is rare, okay. Because no, being the silly one is not easy – or at least it’s not easy for your average young actress. Lisa played Pandora with such utter conviction and truth – she played her straight, always, her tongue always a mile away from her cheek, and that is what made her so hilarious and so lovable.

She was one of the biggest talents on Skins and frankly they kind of squandered her. So some other show had better snap her up, okay? Any takers yet for our Ashley Jensen/Lisa Backwell mockumentary version of the Gilmore Girls?

Past projects: Skins, Moon

Look out for: Wuthering Heights

Why we love: You can’t watch series 1 through 4 of Skins and tell us Kaya Scodelario isn’t talented. Okay, you can. But we won’t listen.This girl took Effy Stonem on a long and fascinating journey, and okay, so it may have ended with a bit of a whimper, but that’s really not her fault. She did a exceptional job with Effy, from her silent days, right through to all the wailing and gnashing of teeth and IT HAPPENED BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED and what have you.

We’re looking forward to seeing Kaya star in Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights.

We are not looking forward to any Percy Jackson tomfoolery.

Past projects: Skins, The Borgias

Look out for: Battlestar Galactica: Blood And Chrome

Why we love: LOOK AT HIS BIG DOUGHY FACE????? 8-.Luke cops a lot of flack in the Skins fandom, and honestly, we’re not quite sure why. Are headshakes of doom really… headshakes of doomto you people? Whatever, we felt Luke really grew during his time on Skins, and there’s still a whole lot of untapped potential there.

Obviously someone out there heartily agrees with us – you don’t get cast as the lead in a show with a cult following for nothing.

Past projects: This Is England, Skins, United

Look out for: Weekender, The Somnambulists

Why we love: Jack was for sure a stand out performance as Cook, especially in his S4 episode and that oh-so-beautiful-and-glorious scene at the end of 405. What we’re really excited to see is how non-Cook he is in the future. After watching United it’s pretty clear that he’s got massive acting chops. He could feed a family of eight with his chops.

Past projects: Skins

Look out for: Her on twitter. No really, her tweets are pure gold. Every single one.

Why we love: Season 4. Episode 4. Katie. That alone earns her a place. This Prescott doesn’t seem to be quite so gung-ho with the acting thing as her sister, but we do hope she’ll be in front of a camera again soon. And if she starts making stuff behind the camera? We’ll be looking out for that too.

Also twitter.

Past projects: Skins

Look out for: Lethal, Goths (hopefully??), something brilliant and perfect for her

Why we love: Kathryn is just one of those actresses that pulls you in completely, because she doesn’t hold back, not a single thing, not even for a second. We expect great things from her – no, we demand them – but we assure you, we’re only so rude about it because we know she can deliver.

Plus, you know, even if she wasn’t fiendishly talented and all that… SHE’S THE CUTEST HUMAN EVER?

And it would be kind of embarrassing to fail to put the cutest human ever on this list, wouldn’t it?

Past projects: Skins, Bedlam

Look out for: Sket ( :-. ), The Fades, something brilliant and perfect for her

Why we love: You didn’t really think we’d forget our dear Lily now did you? We wanted to end our RMAs with a bang, and well, when you want fangirls to flail — simply add Lily. However, it’s not just the fans that seem to flail over Lily, as she seems to have that effect on everybody, cast mates and co-workers alike – we like to think that’s an indication of the kind of person she is.What we know is that she’s going to do amazing things with her career. We meant it when we said she could grow to be something of a Winslet (the highest Rophy honour??), if she chooses projects that will stretch her and push her to reach her full potential. She’s got The Fades coming up soon which is a big damn deal, but we also kind of DEMAND to see Lily on the big screen very soon. Sans hammer.

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  1. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    what an ending! Thank you for the list ! it was inspiring! But you nailed it at the end with Lily/Kat !

  2. gielers
    gielers at · Reply

    FLAILING OVERLOAD!!!1!!111!!!

    LilyKat/Naomily/Skins ftw.

    Hi Ellie <3

    1. gielers
      gielers at · Reply

      also ROPHER is epic!! :))

  3. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    I pretty much want to take this list behind the middle school and get it pregnant… but I guess that’d be weird.

    1. Hills
      Hills at · Reply


  4. Dara_Smiles
    Dara_Smiles at · Reply

    Squee! Came in early to work this morning and had a delightful time reading this list. This is almost like a copy of my list of favourite things (T and S, Kate Winslet, Skins, Tina Fey, and of course LilyKat). Keep on posting please!

  5. heather anne hogan
    heather anne hogan at · Reply

    This is incredible on so many levels I don’t know where to begin. Actually I have a deadline in … oh, right, 15 minutes ago, so I’ll have to come back later and comment properly, but my ROPHY IN HEAVEN, this is gorgeous.

  6. Valerie Anne
    Valerie Anne at · Reply


    I think you may need to re-title this “World’s Most Awesome” because it is perfection.

    Though, you did forget one thing…

    Rophy! I guess it might have been strange to write about your own awesomeness, but you two belong on this list nonetheless. Know that I have mentally added you, somewhere between Emma Thompson and Evangeline Lily. For no reason other than I wanted to type their names.

    1. Valerie Anne
      Valerie Anne at · Reply

      **Emma Watson!!

      I’m an idiot. And was distracted by the fact I had Emma Thompson’s imdb page open.

      I had started at Emma Watson and was clicking through Harry Potter characters.

      Don’t torch me!

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        WELL. Emma Thompson is also kind of freaking awesome. And kind of on our list on account of being in Potter. NO TORCHING <3333333333333

        1. Valerie Anne
          Valerie Anne at · Reply

          Yay!! Torch free and proud. :)

  7. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    Number 1 and 2. FINALLY.

    Meg on Twitter. I can’t.

    And, yeah, there are some others I liked from your list. But they don’t really matter. :) :)


  8. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Great list! Though I mostly read the part about Grace’s episode’s upcoming recap, so I’ll be looking forward to that ;)

    Oh, and Tina Fey should be in every list of awesome!

  9. tuesdaymoon
    tuesdaymoon at · Reply

    this list is amazing! except for one tiny thing…
    no joss whedon?

  10. O
    O at · Reply

    Can’t even argue with this list. Pure gold is what it is!

    Random fact: Kathryn and Ollie are in an ad together over here actually for Cornetto ice-cream. I was watching something on 4OD (where you can watch channel 4/e4 programmes online) last week and suddenly the ad came up and there they were! Surprised to say the least! They’re looking good. And Kathryn’s arms: Wow.

    1. Rob
      Rob at · Reply

      I just entered ‘Kathryn and Ollie’ into youtube and straight away it came back with the two ads and making of vids. Good spot!

      1. uber
        uber at · Reply

        omg this is what you get for never checking the emily thread that was weeks ago smh

  11. Lesley
    Lesley at · Reply

    Oh! how you liked to tease us!. I really thought you had left Lily and Kat off the list. I was rushing through it, thinking, yes, yes, awesome..phew Heather is on it.. BUT WHERE IS LILY?!
    What can I say..a brilliant list and a group of people I would love to gather together (in a kind of Rophy Zoo?) and just gaze at them in total awe of their beauty and talent.
    Could I suggest Russell T Davies for inclusion? Genius writer of JT/HH level and I’ve lost count of how many brilliantly funny and moving scripts he has written. Queer as Folk in 1999 helped to change British television for ever. Without that programme there never would have been Naomily.
    And finally you guys will LOVE Sherlock – one of the best BBC series in ages.

  12. Lesley
    Lesley at · Reply

    PS can I also nominate Cat Deeley for a late inclusion in the list? Simply for being talented, a good sport, a Brummie and drop-dead gorgeous.

  13. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    How can I live basically forever like you Sophy so I get to see all this stuff happen??? Because maybe when Lily and Emma are in their 80’s they’ll make some awesome female buddy movie and I WANT TO BE ALIVE FOR IT!!

  14. john
    john at · Reply

    awesome list I would have had to have words with you if Hanna Murray or Joe Dempsie had been ommitted.
    Also nom Mike Bailey April Pearson Larrissa Mitch Dev & DanK such a phenomenal cast & Ollie & my new favourites Dakota Jess Sula ? who is brilliant along with Alo
    Not forgetting Matt Smith n Karen Gillen n ? Rory
    This list is getting out of hand
    would love to see more of Matt n Hannah
    Thans for all the insightful n funny recaps on skins GOT n HP .[ only 71/2 more books to do but please finish skins s5 & you must do skins gen1 !!!!! or else !!!!

  15. folkpants
    folkpants at · Reply

    Thanks again, Rophy, for coming through. You’re THE greatest.
    I have ‘discovered’ a lot of things because Rophy said it was awesome; Luther, Romola Garai, Tasmin Greig (Episodes), and jean short LOLs. And based on this list, I’ve got a lot more stuff to look in to.
    To return the favor, I am one of those ‘blah blah the Wire blah greatest blah’ people. So, please, invest in it. But, even though there is no Idris greater than Luther Idris, the show is good.
    I’m so glad Rophy is watching Parks and Recreation (Leslie + Ann forever!) and thank you so much for including Lisa Simpson. She’s better at 8 than most of us will ever be.
    And of course, bless you for saving Kat and Lily till the end. I’ve missed them so.

  16. Bees!
    Bees! at · Reply

    Super listing! I love how about 75% of the list is skins related… wouldn’t have it any other way! And I too panicked towards the end, thinking, “surely, surely, Rophy would not leave out LL and KP. I mean?!”

    Props for introducing me to Parks and Rec (Amy, Rashida!), Luther, etc. And so much more to discover!

    Ohhhhh and Sara friggin Tancredi?!? Still so much rage >_< Why! Why! Why!? On that note, do you guys know if little James Fitch is up to anything???

    My add – Anna Silk from Lost Girl. Imagine Mary Louise Parker, Kate Beckinsale and Sienna Miller all in one. Great show, too.

  17. AngieM
    AngieM at · Reply

    Incredible list! Must have taken ages to put together.

    Loved the explanations as to why you love the Quin twins. And really, what more is there to say?

    My favorite mentions go to HP cast (with special love to Emma Watson), Romola Garai, Kate Winslet, Colin Firth, Joe Dempsie, skins gen 2 cast nominees, Tegan & Sara, Lisa Simpson, Kristen Bell, and The Heather Hogan.

  18. not a tiny girl
    not a tiny girl at · Reply

    “We keep waiting for Hannah to hit the bigtime, and when she does it’s going to be a crash and a bang that seems entirely implausible given her tiny frame.”

    I usually like your blog, but there is one thing that bugs me – comments like that. You are constantly pointing out some people’s smallness in stature and being, as you would say, “head in hands” over it. Yet you never seem to comment on the beauty of tall and stunning ladies, or wonderful curves, or, well, any body type except for itty-bitty and waify. And when you don’t like a (female) character who happens to be bigger, you attack her based on her size, like Mandy from Skins. I get that Mandy was an annoying plot device, but were those giant jokes really necessary? Sometimes I also wonder if you hated Lauren from Glee so much if she was tiny and adorable.

    This is not hating on your blog (or little ladies), but it just has bugged me for a long time. Maybe it is just me and my oversensitivity about my own size, but I just had to get this off my heart.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yeah, basically what Rin said. But I feel I should comment too because I wrote that particular sentence. The thing is that I placed no value, good or bad, on the fact that Hannah has a tiny frame? There is really nothing about the comment that praises her body shape.

      We can assure you that we love people of all shapes and sizes (and colours! and orientations!), in real life – as indeed in fandom. We’re not here to provide fair and balanced fangirling, and we’re not going to apologise for disliking rude, untalented, unfunny characters like Lauren Zizes or finding little pocket-sized anime dolls like Emily Fitch adorable. However, you may want to comfort yourself with the love we show, say, Mercedes, or the fact that we have Amber Benson, Kate Winslet and Romola Garai on our list – all women who have spoken out against the cult of thinspiration in Hollywood. And as far as Mandeh goes, well, Heather is about twice our height and she is our very most beloved. So.

      1. not a tiny girl
        not a tiny girl at · Reply

        Thanks, both of you. I’m sorry if I offended you in some way and I’d like to clarify that I’ve never thought that you would judge a person based only on their size. I think that in the end, it’s not you, it’s me and my own insecurity about my own body. Keep on doing things the rophy way.

  19. mwelp
    mwelp at · Reply

    No Dakota Blue Richards? Franky is one of the most complex, confused, strange and wonderfully wacko characters. And Dakota plays an entirely convincing ‘glorious fucking headfuck thing’ wit such ease and beauty imho :)

    1. Lesley
      Lesley at · Reply

      Have to agree. Dakota is heading for that Oscar winners speech as sure as God made little green apples…

  20. uber
    uber at · Reply

    Rophy are on my most awesome list <3

  21. vilomsious
    vilomsious at · Reply

    Idris Elba was also fantastic (for the short time he was on it) in the Big C, which I highly recommend, it is an amazing show.

  22. tapette
    tapette at · Reply

    Re: HH “Everything she writes? Ever? (Except if it’s PLL)”
    Back up the bus: are you missing out on the brilliance of Pretty Little Liars? I only got into watching it because of Heather’s recaps and now I have to say, it’s a gem. People steal money from old ladies and hide it in pasta boxes and talk about whether their study habits are influenced by their homosexuality. There are sexy hat-wearing sleuths with low voices and a Camp Mona that came with some serious aftermath, as HH noted.

    1. rockyourworld
      rockyourworld at · Reply

      I agree to this times a million. I think every TV show I’ve started watching in the last couple of years has been because THE HH started recapping it. And I said “Yes, THE HH. I will watch whatever you want me to so that I will understand your cheeky inside jokes and Scooby Snack references.” I was also resistant to PLL. I was all like NO WAY IS A SHOW ON ABC FAMILY GOING TO BE ABLE TO KEEP ME ENTERTAINED. But. You guys. The above referenced low voice sexy hat crime solving and the side talking and the eyebrow quirking and the VOICE. And THE EMILY. AND THE BEAUTIFUL TOYOTA. HOW ARE YOU GUYS NOT WATCHING THIS?!

  23. Kas!
    Kas! at · Reply

    Fabulous way to conclude my night! You ladies continue to blow my mind and make me scramble around and add amazing things to my Netflix cue and “stuff to listen to” list.

    However, you missed someone AMAZING on your list. Janelle Monae! She is a premium entertainer. A Black nerd who wears a suit at every performance and has created a conceptual persona as an ArchAndroid who has come from the past to save her android people.

    I just saw her perform here in San Francisco, California and in the middle of her set, she whipped out a canvas and starting painting a woman’s torso on it. I could go on and on, but really, I’ve never been so affected by one person’s art before.

    Please check her out:

    Other things:
    Mr. O’Connell is looking quite dapper in that suit.
    Oh and you should check out Michael Fassbender in “Hunger”. He plays Bobby Sands, martyr of the IRA (Irish Republican Army). Not for the faint of heart.

    Keep doing what you do!


  24. Anna Caroline
    Anna Caroline at · Reply

    I seem to remember Rophy expressing approval of the awesomeness that is Game of Thrones, so given your enthusiasm for Hannah Murray, I think you’ll be excited to hear of .

    (Hannah Murray has been cast in a role (“Gilly”) for GoT s2. Apparently.)

  25. Em
    Em at · Reply

    I agree with pretty much all of this list and it’s nice to know what I can look forward too so thanks Rophy :)

    Also not sure if you guys are aware but there’s going to be even more Skins crossover to Game of Thrones as the wonderful Hannah Murray will be joining the cast in Season 2!

  26. Breanna
    Breanna at · Reply

    Jenny Lewis, Tegan and Sara, Kathryn Prescott and Lily Loveless. My head just exploded. Oh and…Jenny Lewis. That’s all.

  27. KC
    KC at · Reply

    Hi! This is my first comment on here, but I’ve been stalking your site since Katie’s Series 4 ep. Y’all are awesome, and lovely, and wonderful!
    I also get most of my music from Skins, and my friends are all “ohmygod, I love your iTunes, where do you get your music?”, and I say “Skins”, and then they’re all “Whaaaaat?” And then I just laugh(on the inside) at their lack of knowledge about Skins.
    If I could make a few additions to the list I would definitely add Florence + the Machine. I know this is more of a list for the year and she’s been around for a while. But, she had a really big year here in the US; most people are slow to catch on to good music here. Whenever she performed at award shows she was always one of the few bright spots in otherwise lackluster shows.
    Also, I would have to add John Noble and Anna Torv from Fringe, who both acted their Aussie butts off this past season only to be completely snubbed by the Emmys. Madness! Have y’all been watching this? If not, I highly recommend taking a gander at it.
    Oh, wow. That’s a lot of writing. Sorry about that :)

  28. Sarya Wu
    Sarya Wu at · Reply

    Oh dear lord.
    Your blog gives me laughasms. It’s the best blog I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some pretty awesome blogs. Not to mention that you guys are English, which makes the fact you ship American TV shows all the more mindblowing. I thought it was only vice-versa :P
    You two actually remind me of Amy and Tina on SNL’s Weekend Update! Now that…is extremely tough to do.
    I’m so happy that there are AT LEAST 2 people in the world who love all the things I do, and when I read your RMA Awards page, all I could think was, “Oh my lord, they know who that is? IT’S NOT JUST ME?”
    Keep doing what you do, because after all, Rophydoes.

    1. Sarya Wu
      Sarya Wu at · Reply

      SORRY, I MEAN AUSTRALIAN. YOU GUYS RULE TOO. I didn’t know until I read something :P

  29. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    There are so many people I’d like to comment on but i’d be pretty much a quote of what you’ve said, except the fact that I don’t like any gen2 actors bar Kaya and Jack (I hate Cook, but Jack is an amazing actor) and the Harry Potter films.

    I really loved the cast though. I don’t understand it either why people hate Emma but I think it has more to do with the lines they gave her more than herself as a person/actor. Although I’ve always thought Hermione was… uglier (she was never described as being that good looking until the 4th as far as I can remember) what really bugged me about movie!Hermione was that most of her actions should have been Ron’s. They’re suppposed to best buddies but they never talked. Whenever Harry had a problem he’d talk about it with her instead of him, and I can see why many people (including me) didn’t like it. Hermione was totally over-exposed: JK did an amazing job in balancing Harry/Ron and Harry/Hermione moments, the books didn’t even try as soon as they realized that Emma was Hollywood-milk material.
    I realize that has little to do with Emma, but that’s the only reason I can come up with for why people would hate her.

  30. Devin Rae
    Devin Rae at · Reply

    i found it funny that i recognized nina dobrev from a show that wasn’t mentioned. :P she played mia in degrassi, and even though i hated mia, i loved nina’s portrayal of her.

    oh! and i didn’t really know of nicholas hoult until i started watching skins, but when i did i immediately recognized him as marcus brewer in about a boy!

  31. dudes.
    dudes. at · Reply

    so. many. white. people.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yeah, Rin wanted to be on the list but I banned her.

  32. Betty
    Betty at · Reply

    I only seem to watch Sherlock on plane rides between Auckland and London or Boston and London but it always blows my mind. When I get home again I seem to forget about it, but it is always nice to have a show to mile high with.

  33. kiran
    kiran at · Reply

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