Top Ten Keyboard Mash Moments [Game Of Thrones]

10. Sansa nearly lives the dream

“I tell you what – I’m going to give you a present. After I raise my armies and kill your traitor brother, I’m going to give you his head as well.”
“Maybe he’ll give me yours.”

Rin says: This is the one moment in the series where I actually liked Sansa and saw the potential for her to be an epic character, no longer the embarrassing Stark nobody likes to talk to at dinner parties. I adored the way she said, “Or maybe he’ll give me yours,” in her HBIC manner, and she almost got to push Joffrey off that bridge which would have been lovely :X It’ll be interesting to see how this dynamic plays out next season, I’m hoping she continues on the path of awesomeness in trying to destroy the little inbred shit. Thank god she no longer has any stars in her eyes for that mangy kid.

Sophy says: Goddamnit, Hound. Couldn’t you have been a little less efficient there?

I mean, I know Sansa would have had her head snicked off forthwith once she’d nudged Joffrey off that ledge, but I can’t help wondering whether it would have been worth it?


I can’t say I was the hugest fan of Sansa early on – I didn’t find her petulance cute or her ‘I want to be a princess’ bullshit endearing, and I suppose it was the intense righteousness of all the other Starks that made her moral weakness difficult to take. But I can recognise that she got herself into some really bad situations, and that once in them, it was really hard to see a way out. And by the time she knelt before Cersei and Joffrey and pleaded for mercy for her father I was willing to look back on her past behaviour and remember that she wasn’t a child and she wasn’t an adult. She was in-between, and I think that is the least simple place for a person to be.

It’s a horrible coming of age, Sansa’s story. She really had to grow up overnight, and in the very worst way a person can have to grow up. Here she is, worn by cruelty and guilt to the point of idle thoughts of murder – to the point of not seeming to care if she took herself down with Joffrey. In this moment she seems hardly aware of her own body, and yet she is more aware of her burgeoning self than she has ever been.

Because it’s a moment of self-discovery, I think, when she looks up at Joffrey and says Maybe he’ll give me yours... and my fist shot right up in the air.

Meanwhile can we just take a moment to absorb how revolting Joffrey is? Once she’s had her blood he’ll put a son in her??? Really??????? And I love how he’s always Mother says, mother says… makes me think he’s next for the family sex bed.


09. Mama Stark reminds us who’s boss

“This man came into my house as a guest and there conspired to murder my son, a boy of 10. In the name of King Robert and the good lords you serve, I call upon you to seize him and help me return him to Winterfell to await the King’s Justice.”

Rin says: THIS WAS SO COOL. Mamma Stark has got some serious fight in her, as well as smarts. No wonder all the Starks (sans Sansa) are such amazing, honourable people.

When the scene first started I didn’t know where it was going, she just kept naming people and their loyalties and then AERGHIJEPRHJNAWIEPGNWGNAE they all drew their swords on Tyrion and ffff it was an awesome end to the episode. Which, by the way, Game Of Thrones has really mastered the art of ending episodes with a bang! At the end of every episode I was always a bit 8-. and holding my breath, and then spending the next hour or so thinking about everything that went down.

Sophy says: Rin is so right about Game Of Thrones and its epic episode endings. (Try saying that five times fast.) I really was all ‘!!!!????a;sdlkj’ at the end of this ep. I guess there’s just something about the period dress that tricks you into thinking you should be worrying about the little wifie, because when the man has the sword, the woman is weak, right? Wrong. Because Mama Stark is not a little wifie, not by a long shot. SHE’S MAMA STARK, BITCHES. And right when you feel that she’s surrounded, shrouding her pretty face, hiding in a crowd… bam! She’s up and networking, and before that darn Lannister knows what’s hit him, there are multiple swords pointed at his throat.

And okay, so Tyrion didn’t do shit and is in fact practically perfect in every way, but you know. Right or wrong, it was still badass, and that’s what counts.


08. Sweet, sweet Lady :(

“The wolf is of the north. She deserves better than a butcher.”

Rin says: I liked the first episode, but I wasn’t really hooked in until the end of the second, which was this scene. I was so filled with rage when those bastards ordered Lady to be killed, and then Ned took it upon himself to carry out the sentence. I just. Wow. This show is so utterly brutal with its treatment of animals, but this one definitely hurt the most. She’s such a beautiful dire wolf, who didn’t do anything wrong! WHY GOD WHY. I had tears in my eyes, not gonna lie.

I also loved the juxtaposition of Lady/Bran — one wakes and one…. :(

Sophy says: This was… upsetting. To say the least. But it was the first time I felt emotionally invested in the show, so I guess in that respect it was a good thing? I also feel that a lot of characters started to bloom with this incident. We already knew that Cersei was ruthless, but we saw the pettiness and rigidity of her when she demanded a wolf be killed – any wolf, it didn’t matter so long as the point was made. We saw that Joffrey was a little bitch with the potential to bring barrells of shit down on everyone. We saw that Sansa was weak and foolish and wont to get herself into really bad situations without quite meaning to. We saw that Arya was brave and believed in a world that was fair…

But most of all we learned about Ned Stark. His bravery, honour and sheer strength – emotional strength as well as moral strength, which is the most rare and precious combiation in a human being. I loved how this scene mirrored the scene in the first episode in which he insisted that he must be the one to weild the blade – he must be the one, not just to order the deserter’s execution, but to carry it out. Here, he takes a similar responsibility, and we start to get a picture of a man who will carry a heavy burden, and will carry it with decency and gentleness to the end.

Looking back at this scene, it’s impossible not to think of his own cruel, senseless death. Brilliantly foreshadowed.


07. Not today, motherfucker!!!

“What do we say to the god of death?”
“Not today.”

Rin says: I really liked how the start of this episode didn’t muck around. It got right down to it, people were storming their home and killing without a blink of the eye. Some shows may dance around that for a good 20 minutes, but not this show! Bye bye guards, bye bye maid.

Okay, and if this wasn’t already clear. I love Arya. A lot. She’s one of my favourites, and it’s not just because she has the most uncanny resemblance to Kathryn Prescott (their voices and expressions are so similar), it’s because she’s tough. She’s basically a mini-Ned, and doesn’t want to be what people expect her to be. And she’s just the cutest you guys. She just is.

OH YEAH. THE SCENE. It was, um, amazing? How much do you guys love the dance master? And I still think he made it out alive? CAUSE HE DID OKAY, HE JUST DID. Although I have to say, the whole time I was just like, ‘GRAB A REAL SWORD YOU MORON. YOU’D BEAT HIM WITH A REAL SWORD!!!’ …cause seriously, look at that 4th cap. THERE’S ONE RIGHT NEXT TO HIM ON THE GROUND. Like????????????

But I loved how Arya didn’t want to leave him, and was prepared to fight =)) Oh Arya, please run away little darling. And the dance master is all ‘NOT TODAY!!!’ and yeah. :( It’s okay though. He got out through the secret passage :-j

Sophy says: Okay. OKAY. DANCING MASTER IS THE BEST? I CAN’T. This scene was so well set up. I mean, like so much in Game Of Thrones, it’s kind of a cliche, particularly when we get to the bit where he stays to fight because, you know, he’s swell like that, and running away is for real life. As is, as Rin has deftly pointed out, PICKING UP SWORDS???? LIKE??? WHAT?????? But I can hardly bring myself to care, because the thing is it was so well choreographed, both physically, with the movement and the colour and the light, and emotionally, with Arya’s dear little face, and the throwback to Not today, and just the horribly violating way that cruelty and chaos was crashing in on everything that’s warm and fun and innocent. The fencing lessons a little girl’s dad gave her became war, just like that. And my face was like this: :(( .

Secret passage????? :-j :-.

And seriously, sometimes I think Maisie is eleven-year-old Kat Prescott, and she invented time travel, because that’s how much she wanted the role?


06. Worst marriage ever?

“Was it ever possible for us? Was there ever a time, ever a moment?”
“No. Does that make you feel better or worse?”
“It doesn’t make me feel anything.”

Rin says: LOL, best title ever?

Also, I think when Sophy was capping this, she made around 40 caps. OF LENA HEADEY’S FACE. Which, let’s just talk about Lena for a second shall we? We’ve been huge Lena fans for a while, so much so that we’ve sat through a bunch of her old less-than-stellar films and even own the DVDs (The Brothers Grimm… The Cave…). We were sad when TCC got cancelled (before its time), but when we heard she was going to be in GoT it was like the world righted a wrong. Her role as Cersei is really confusing though, because you hate her :-? But it’s Lena :-?

I loved how this scene exposed everything about their relationship, and how sad and miserable it is. One moment they’re all jokes and laughing at themselves, and the next it’s all heartbreak and where-did-it-all-go-so-wrong. And we got to see Lena at her best, which is always a plus.

Sophy says: Oh my god, I have so many outtakes. Here, have some outtakes…

Her face??? Every little thing she does??? I can’t???

I can’t decide whether Rophy should be horrified or impressed that there is only one Lena Headey related scene on this list, considering that we basically watched the show in the first place for her. We’d like to make it very clear that it is in no way a disparagement of Lena’s acting in this role, which has been nothing short of superb. Off the top of my head, I can think of three other Cersei scenes I would have liked to include, but alas, Game Of Thrones just has so much keyboard mashy goodness in it! Can’t be helped!

This is one of the most breathtaking scenes in the show. It may be slow, sedate, deceptively soft… there are no horse’s heads being chopped off or disembowelings going on or whatever. There are no whores. There are no dragons. But this scene is intense, and most of that is down to the acting, both from Lena and her co-star.

I feel that this scene gives us our truest glimpse of Cersei, as well as our truest glimpse of Robert.

He’s a man broken-hearted, fundamentally thwarted in his pursuit of happiness. And perhaps that’s why he laughs so much, drinks so much, whores so much – to try to escape the knowledge that he will never love as he should have loved – to shy away from the hole she left behind that seven kingdoms couldn’t fill.

She’s angry, vicious, sure. But it’s because she’s bitter. And she’s bitter because she’s hurt – thwarted even, ironically, in much the same way as her husband has been… Cersei is such a formidable woman now that it’s hard to imagine her ever having gotten all head-in-hands over Robert. Then again, it’s hard to imagine Robert being anything other than well… fat and dissolute. And I think that’s why this scene packs such an emotional punch – it’s all about who they used to be, and how those people were hollowed out, and left with echoes – what they loved, what they lost.

Nostalgia. It’s a bitch.


05. Worst marriage ever…

“As I said, I was young and stupid.”
“You are still young and stupid.”


Sophy says: I totally wanted to squeal after this scene, which probably wasn’t appropriate because… sad face, putting it on. But man, I knew it. I KNEW IT. I knew that Tyrion would have these sad wounded puppyish depths to him and I’m so pleased to find I was right because it just makes him even more PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY.

I guess what tipped me off that he would be more than just a rogueish, comical diversion was his early sweetness with Jon, and the talk about always being a bastard in his father’s eyes. I knew back then that there would be a serious side to the character – a gentle side – a painful side. And here it is, a perfect little story, razor-sharp and rather pitiful, told with sad eyes and a soft smile… and really could Peter Dinklage have been any more amazing in this scene? 100% of voters say no.

Also, I seriously love Shae The Funny Whore. She’s flipping magnificient and had me hooked from the first moment she appeared. There’s a natural humour about her and a marvelous warmth in her eyes, and she and Dinklage have all this chemistry and MY HEART, IT IS A’FLUTTER.

Just FYI, I was so impressed with the actress who plays Shae that I went straight to imdb to see what else she’s been in. There were a lot of titles in German, and I found I was seeing the word ‘Sex’ a lot and then Oh. Porn star. Her fans on the message board seem mighty disappointed that she’s into mainstream acting. They can go fuck themselves.

Rin says: They can! I think she’s doing really well, and these two could definitely be a huge OTP in the future. I thought the setup for this scene was all kinds of adorable too, the drinking game, and Shae being someone that Tyrion can’t figure out.


04. Always, always, always… read the fine print.

“He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

Rin says: Thank fuck white-haired bitch finally got what was coming to him. I wanted this for him, well..okay not specifically this cause I didn’t even know this was a thing, but yeah. I was hoping he’d die a horrible death ever since the first time we met him?? Dany’s face throughout the ordeal was insane, just that detached, couldn’t-care-less look about her. This was her freeing herself from the grasp of her brother, which presumably he’s had on her ever since they were born. She’s done with his abusive ways, so hello melting head.

It was pretty brutal. It was pretty awesome. It was pretty Jane Espenson.

And that last line, “Fire cannot kill a dragon”? Utter perfection.


The moment I finished watching this episode, ie. the moment after this final scene, I declared it the best episode of the show so far. Then I found out Espenson wrote it, and I was all Of course. 8-.

I in no way mean to suggest that I hadn’t been enjoying everything that had come before, but this was the moment when Game Of Thrones really revved up for me. Prior to this moment I’d been watching in a rather idle fashion… when this little bit of vile magic happened, I sat up straight. Probably my favourite thing about it is how it foreshadows Dany’s otherworldliness – her dragonnness if you will, as she gazes upon her brother, pleading with her, using her nickname, his face aghast and everything in him praying for her mercy… and she says nothing. Nothing except that he is no dragon. HE IS NO DRAGON OMFG. This scene was equal parts cathartic and terrifying. Looking back I think it’s because on the one hand Dany was freeing herself of her brother’s sickening bullying and abuse, but on the other hand, she was WATCHING HIM DIE AN AGONIZING DEATH AT HER HUSBAND’S HANDS. Um. But that’s what it’s all about, I guess – that look on her face, the beginnings of that strange detachment. It’s all part of the way Dany surrenders herself, over the course of this season, to her destiny.

Rin says: Oh and….

CHEF DROGO!!!!!!!!!!!! :x:x:x:x:x

Sophy says: Oh my fucking god. He is the best thing I’ve ever seen?

And on that note, I’d like to apologize to Khal Drogo for only featuring him in one moment. He was beautiful and ridiculous and righteous and batshit crazy. And I’ll never forget the moment Dany and I gazed adoringly at him while he raved about how if those bastards were going to try and off his wife he was going to get on that motherfucking water-horse and take their motherfucking king-chair, and then he said how he was going to rape the women and make the children slaves and I was all ‘WHAT’ =)) and Dany was all 8-. and OH DROGO. Good times.


03. Dragons. DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Blood of my blood…”

Rin says: DRAGONS!!!!!! I am so excited for next season, to see Dany ride around like a HBIC on her dragons. I’m assuming that’s what happens. They’re just with her at all times, and then they have cute antics when she’s trying to teach them how to fly etc. like in ‘How To Train Your Dragon.’ It’ll be the best.

Also the visual of this whole scene was just outrageously amazing and pretty and beautiful and every other word that means gorgeous. This tiny, tiny girl rising from the ashes with 3 baby dragons. And that swooping shot around her as she has that look in her eye. Guh.

Sophy says: DRAGONS?????????????????? I CAN’T??????????????????????????????????????????

The girl playing Dany really DRAGONED the DRAGONS out of this DRAGON, I mean really. Dragons?

I CAN’T????????????????????????

But seriously. Her expression shifted so beautifully – at first she’s looking up, half guilty, half frightened, like a small child who’s just been found with illicit crumbs around her mouth. But then as she rises, she becomes less like a child, less like a woman too – less human somehow, above and beyond everything, everyone. And it’s a DRAGONS of a moment, because you really feel like everything has been leading up to this. Like this is at once terrifying and strange, and also natural, fitting, right. It’s who she is. It’s who she was supposed to be from the start, however meek she may have seemed, and all the strong male presences in her storyline were mere red herrings, to be tossed as fishy offerings at her altar of awesome naked DRAGONS. And I loved how even as I held my breath when she walked through the fire to join her husband, the words Fire cannot kill a dragon echoed in my head, and when I saw her in the ashes, saw her rise with her baby DRAGONS clinging to her naked and new form… I kind of knew it was coming, but it still managed to have me agape.

Rin says: Also I was totally watching Philosopher’s Stone the other day and when Norbert made his entrance I totally thought of this moment in GoT. And then I went on a mental tangent and wondered if the same people who designed the dragons for HP did them for GoT too. I DON’T KNOW, I LIKE LINKING EVERYTHING TO HARRY POTTER???

Sophy says: Huh. I more link Dany/Dragons to this…

Sorry, Pipuh. Your blue-eyed doppelganger did it better. :(


02. We literally screamed, okay?

“You know, I’ve been hammering an anvil these past 10 years. When I hit that steel, it sings. Are you gonna sing when I hit you?”

Rin says: Um. I don’t know if I can deal with this yet.

Sophy says: FINE. I’ll deal with it.

After watching this ep Rin and I compared notes and confirmed mutual out-loud screams at the precise moment Gendry appeared. I was tempted to actually keyboard mash, in fact, which would probably have shut down my media player and opened god knows what else, so. Temptation resisted. But that’s how exciting it was.

Rin and I had been spoiled by comments on the blog about the friendship that would develop between Arya and Gendry, but the way time was running out in the season finale we’d resigned ourselves to waiting a year for any sign of the promised adorableness. And then. Right when Arya was being so amazing with her “I like killing fat boys” business that I was itching to mash already, THERE WAS JOE MOTHERFUCKING DEMPSIE. IN HIS LEATHER VEST. JOINING ARYA IN THE FIGHT AGAINST FAT BOYS.



I cannot wait to see how they develop, and also what Gendry’s role will be in the future, because that means more Joe and then that means more SQUEE.

I’m fully prepared and fully expecting these two to become the cutest things that TV ever did see. Like, he’d made her a little helmet and chain-mail vest and she’d be struggling to walk around with all the weight. 8-. I see it in lights.



01. Still wailing, still gnashing our teeth.

“My son, this is madness…”

Rin says: I already know this is going to be the death that we’re still crying over for the Ropher Awards 2011. I just. Wow. I mean I guess anyone who has read the books saw this coming, but I know a lot of us haven’t and JFC. Talk about a ballsy move. The main character and top billing in the cast getting killed after 9 episodes? That’s pretty much unheard of in TV-land, and so often we’ve seen these scenarios where at the last second someone swoops in and saves the day. But this just kept going and it didn’t look like anybody was coming and then whoosh. Like that. The game is completely changed.

And both Arya and Sansa were present which is so horrifying that I can’t even.

I really need Joffrey to die.

Sophy says: This wins biggest keyboard mash, because it was the most shocking moment of the series for me, hands down. Yes, including when they lopped that horse’s head off, including all that Lannistercest, including that time the whore pulled her dress up on the cart for something to remember her by… all of that pales in comparison in terms of complete and utter shock.

Because it’s Sean Bean. YOU DON’T KILL SEAN BEAN OFF??? I mean, not in a series? Not this early??? And even regardless of the fact that it’s SEAN BEAN, it’s also quite frankly NED STARK. AND YOU DON’T KILL NED STARK. NOT THIS EARLY? NOT JUST LIKE THAT? YOU JUST DON’T OH MY GOD THEY KILLED NED STARK THOSE BASTARDS I CAN’T.

S;LKFGJSDD;FLKGJS;TOYITS’PROI5TSEI5J’PV0AM’-82 np0’58’P085′-N2 8sdfgregaeg

I mean honestly, you just kept thinking. No. NO? NOOOO? Right up until the moment the blade actually came into contact with his neck, I kept assuming some happenstance was going to intervene and he would be spared and run off with Arya. BUT HE WASN’T AND HE DIDN’T AND OH MY GOD.

And then there’s another reason this is at the top of the list. Quite apart from being completely shocking, it was so perfectly done. Joffrey’s ultimate cruelty, his joy in it, Sansa’s horror at it, the expression of disquiet even on Cersei’s face as she watches her son dispense adult-size injustice with a smile… the nausea of the sun-lit crowd jeering, the flock of birds scattering across the sky, and above all, the bit I’ll never forget, Arya’s little face appearing in the crowd for Ned. And the fact that it was no longer there when he looked back.

I can’t.

I won’t.


RIP Ned Stark. You will be missed.



Rophy says: We make the rules, around here, okay? And we must humbly point out that there are at least two ones in ten. So shut up.

Rin says: I think this is the best family on TV right now. They are all so shiny and beautiful and caring and ready to go to the ends of the Earth for each other. I can’t. They’re beautiful.

And when we say Starks, we OF COURSE included Jon Snow. One of us! One of us!


And hey, we even included Robb’s buddy. Come on.


And no top ten could be complete without…

And hey, while we’re at it…



SORT OF?????????

And finally…

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  1. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    Emilia Clarke reminds me of Piper Perabo …. Like, if she turned out to be her twin sister, it wouldn’t surprise me :D so this makes this series an ancient Imagine Me & You kinda thing, because of Lena :D

    So only one conclusion: must watch this show :D

  2. Miss Erin
    Miss Erin at · Reply

    Oh my god, yes!!! Now that you have pointed out that Arya is similar to Kat, I cannot not see the resemblance.

    I love, love, love this show. But it did take me six episodes to be hooked. It was Viserys getting his golden crown that did it for me. A-a-amazing! After that scene I was preaching it (and still am – I saw it’s coming to Foxtel) to anyone who will listen.

    Also, I too got very excited when #2 happened. I recall standing up and clapping my hands with excitment. (in fact, these scream caps are getting me giddy with joy all over again. WHY WHERE THERE ONLY TEN EPISODES?!?!! WHY WHY WHY?)

    And finally… I still can’t deal with #1 (the first one). Graaggghh… it’s too much to handle. :(

  3. Annie Hollingworth
    Annie Hollingworth at · Reply

    Ahahahahahahahahahh!!!! omg laughing my ass off

    i was so pleased u actually mentioned the dancing not picking up a real sword ‘cos i was practically screaming at the screen for him to do it. I DID NOT want to see dance0-techer die on screen. That would have been the worst….but obvs not really *sob* Sean.

    Also I was like Yayyyy Lena for ages then as soon as there was THAT scene in the tower and Lannicest… well i was shocked to say the least… and i think i need therapy to like her again…

    jokes- acting ain’t real guys i know! <3 Lena

  4. Bees!
    Bees! at · Reply

    You guys.

    It’s been a while, so I’ve forgotten my lesson and choked on my rice when I saw Chef Drogo. His face is just priceless.

    And in the same breath, teared up when reading about Ned. Wow. Yes to everything you said. I think we are somewhat desensitized to character deaths (well I know I am at least) but that one just stayed with me for days. Like there was spillover to normal life, and I actually felt down and disgruntled at the unjust nature of the “world” for a couple of days. Or who knows, maybe it was just that time of the month???? Still. Most mash-worthy!

    SOOOOO thank you for your hard work guys! All the screencaps are just so deliberate and beautiful, even when you get a little cap happy (helllooo Lena). And Sophy, the way you broke the narrative down was just another level. So wise. Such clever little chickens/dinosaurs you are <333

  5. Bees!
    Bees! at · Reply

    Ummmmm also! This. Another pretty person joining the cast for S2!

  6. miss
    miss at · Reply

    One of the most entertaining breakdowns I’ve read, I lol’d.

  7. Steph
    Steph at · Reply

    If you have the chance, read the books; even if you’re not a fantasy fiction fan they are really good. I’d been really bored with fantasy fiction before these because they fell into the same old tropes, but Martin has a way of completely turning tropes on their head – Ned Stark’s death was what completely sucked me in and made me a huge fan.

    Watching the show knowing the story was different (because I knew what was coming) but still rewarding. Very cool to see characters spring to life and to see how they handled transferring the story to the screen in a graceful way even when they had to edit scenes or handle them differently. They did a wonderful job of keeping a very complex story intact. The story I keep drawing parallels to is The Wire. Tons of characters and moving pieces, everyone with their own agenda and no one really understanding the big picture… eh, I hope that summary isn’t too spoilery, actually. Yikes. Don’t hate me.

    And tons of fun reading recaps and reactions from people who were getting to know the story for the first time, especially for scenes like the Golden Crown and Ned Stark’s death. It’s really hard not to make spoilery comments here, but I’m trying hard not to. You did hit on some really key points here – when you see what happens next, there will be more keyboard mash moments, I’m sure.

  8. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    I love this! I didn’t like all of Game of Thrones, was bored with a lot of plot lines, but I kept watching the parts of the Stark girls, Khal/Dany and Lena Headey.

    The beheading of Jon Stark was hardcore, but the shock was mostly because I thought he’d be around forever and he just … they just… the scene itself was beautifully shot, though they kind of stole it from The Tudors. It was eerily similiar to Anne Boleyn’s death scene in season 2, especially the camera settings, angles, cuts etc. Both were beautiful but I felt kind of disappointed about the copying.

    And since I’m German, I just have to say this: Sibel Kekilli (Rhae) is not – and never was – a porn star. She did some porn in 2001-2002 and it was reported by the boulevard assholes after she got famous and won national prizes for playing critical roles in movies (in 2004). The one horror boulevard magazine, BILD, went so far in posting pictures and presenting her as porn star, slut-shaming, kind of racist remarks (she’s Turkish-German) that they got official warnings from the German press association. Or press board, Idk how to translate it. She’s just one of the many cases where actresses were porn stars first, because they believed they could make it that way – and she got lucky.

  9. Hannah
    Hannah at · Reply

    I could sit here for hours and watch the GIF of Tyrion smacking the S*** out of his atrocious nephew.

    1. Sanni
      Sanni at · Reply

      Here, have this: ;)

      Game of Thrones was great. I’ve never been that into fantasy but now I might even read the books. My favorite characters are all the Starks (I actually liked Sansa right from the beginning) and Dany (AND THE DANCING MASTER! How could I forget Syrio Forel), and I’ve never hated a fictional character as much as Joffrey. I have to respect the young actor who plays Joffrey, though, he does a very good job of playing a total asshole. (All the acting was brilliant in this series, though. And I just have to gush a little about how beautiful Emilia Clarke is. Look at that face <3)

      Ned's death was devastating. I was shaking and crying after the episode, and not in a good way. Afterwards, I had to hug my own dad and have my best friend (who has read the books) tell me if, when and how Joffrey dies. And watch the video I linked in this comment about a million times. Fucking Joffrey.

  10. S.
    S. at · Reply

    I agree, good moments. They show a mix of why I watch the show and why I haven’t been able to work myself up to watching the last episode yet. I think it’s really good TV, beautiful, well-acted, interesting characters. But I’m pretty sure the full title is Game of Thrones: Nobody is Allowed to Be Happy, Ever. It’s satisfying television, but so draining. I just want the Joffrey and Littlefinger to die, Cersei to grow the fuck up and/or die, and the Starks to be happy. Is that so much to ask for?

    Oh, and if most of the next season could be about Tyrion generally being a medieval, heterosexual Oscar Wilde, that would be wicked, too.

  11. MK1709
    MK1709 at · Reply

    I would just like to say that DRAGONS!!!! But then again, I may have a small thing for dragons. *grins*

    This show was the greatest thing on TV (not that I actually watched it on TV, I’m Norwegian… I downloaded.) in 2011. It had it all, the fascinating intro, the well thought out characters, dragons, more “ewww, that’s just so gross/wrong” moments then I would ever care to count and an amazing cast.

    The only problem I had with it, is the animal abuse. I mean, when they killed that horse in the last episode, i was actually going “No no no no no! Not the horse! Take a slave instead, just not the horse! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, KILL A HUMAN!”

    Also, just to jump from one thing to another, I still keep expecting Arya to go “I’m Arya Fucking Stark, who the fuck are you?” Such a little mini KFF <3

  12. nadia
    nadia at · Reply


  13. mobily
    mobily at · Reply

    In response to #5, I think some context for Sibel, aka. Shae is in order.

    edited by rin

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Appreciate the context, but we’re not so much for linking to porn sites. I have edited your comment, taking the link out. Hope you understand, but we’re a ~family website. HAHAHAAH. Not really. But ya know.

  14. ddutchie88
    ddutchie88 at · Reply

    gaah! I saw something about this show on your blog and then it got an Emmy nomination and I was bored and I thought, what the hell? let’s give this little show a chance. And BOOM! watched the whole thing in two days. It’s so motherfucking EPICLY GOOD! thank you for pointing me into it’s direction :)

    oh and I wholeheartedly agree with your top 10 and I also approve of your love for Tyrion. He’s just awesome. And the Stark family is indeed very head in hands (if you don’t mind me borrowing that phrase). They are all so precious and good and noble, but not in an eye roll inducing way if you get what I mean.

    I cannot wait for the day when Arya whil stick her Needle into Joffrey’s stupid face.

    The only thing I hate about this show is that I’ll have to wait untill April to see how everything will play out (and then probably another year, and another and well.. you get the point). But apart from that, this show is just perfection.

  15. jade
    jade at · Reply

    i need sex with khal drogo like yesterday


    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Jade :X

      (I’m assuming you’re the Jade we know and love.)

  16. Carrie Meathrell
    Carrie Meathrell at · Reply

    Most perfectest recap ever of one of my most favoritest shows!

    Also, every time I watch the scene in Ep 2 where Joffrey is peer-pressuring Sansa to drink wine (just before Arya whoops ass on him), I yell out “SKINS PARTY!”

    I would love to see any one of these young actors in an upcoming season of Skins (Joffrey as a sensitive bad-boy! Sansa as a Mean Girl! Arya as anything!), except that I also want GoT to have at least seven seasons, so…maybe Bran will be old enough then?

  17. Carrie M
    Carrie M at · Reply

    More exciting news:

    HBO just confirmed that Hannah Murray has been cast in Season 2 of GoT.


  18. Mod
    Mod at · Reply

    I’ve read the first 4 books and I am currently reading the 5th one, A Dance with dragons. (I am so into the story that I cannot wait for it to be translated and I am reading it in English which is not my mother tongue)

    I will not give out any spoilers, but I have to tell you this: George Martin does not write a fantasy fairytale, he is going for a “true” story in Medieval-like setting.

    This means books are brutal, and so will the TV series be. Do not form any serious attachments, for at any given moment any of your favorite characters can get his throat slit. Changes in people do not happen overnight and relationships and trust are built the slow and hard way.

    What I dislike is that the more the story progresses, the more new characters appear, that I do not really care about and the fewer I get to see about the Starks.

    Also (sorry about that) I do not think the actor who plays Gendry is properly selected. Although he is handsome enough, the Gendry I know from the books is a different one – rough, sullen, with thick, black, wiry beard – more a man, than a boy, even from the start, a true son of his mighty father. (Before Robert became a king and a drunk, he was truly a great warrior). Never mind, it’s probably just me.

    The series are AMAZING, I can’t wait for the second season. (and also for the last 2 books to come out)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I’m so excited for the second season too!! I can’t believe how long we have to wait :(

      It’s a shame Joe Dempsie doesn’t match how you imagined Gendry to be, and I know I don’t have any authority over the matter since I haven’t read the books. But I do hope he changes your mind next season. He’s a fantastic actor and if given the chance, may win you over. I hope! :)

      1. Mod
        Mod at · Reply

        Well, I watched the TV series first, so I did not have any idea of Gendry in my head.

        I was hooked, so I started reading the books, including the first one. And it became clear to me that the idea of George Martin about the character was different. It’s not about Joe, I’m sure he is great. He is just so young, smooth faced, and he has a sort of impish, playful air about him with this pointy little nose of his, while Gendry in the books is a crude, sullen fellow.

        Of course, I will not let that bother me, when the second season finally comes out.

        Thanks for all the wonderful screenshots, by the way. I really enjoyed your post.

  19. nikki
    nikki at · Reply

    oh my sweet summer children
    prepare to love tyrion even more when all the details of his marriage to Tysha come out :(
    Arya for president!
    the Arya and Gendry story is perfect </3
    Sansa for the Queen in the North
    Awesome recaps though!

  20. Char
    Char at · Reply

    So I finally watched GoT and now I know what everyone has been going on about for the last year!

    LOVE: Tyrion, Arya, Dany (HER FACE AND HER AMAZING SILVER HAIR). Like fierce.


    Your reaction to Sean Bean getting killed off was the same as mine. Like . . . you can’t just kill Sean Bean, he’s the main character??????? Surely it’s a trick????? No????? He’s really dead????? But you can’t DO that!!!!

    Also. Um. Chef Drogo is the best thing my eyes have ever seen. The cake with the flowers. I actually can’t.

    Dany me, Rin? <3

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Dany me, Rin? <3

      Oh gosh! On the one hand I’m all, ‘OMG I TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT’ and on the other I’m all, ‘….aw but Quinn is special :*)

      So glad you finally watched GOT! Have you begun season 2? It’s such a stellar show as a whole!

      1. Char
        Char at · Reply

        I’ve only watched the first two eps from S2 so still have catching up to do! Aw, Chris and Cassie. <3


        P.P.S. They are so attractive I can't.

  21. Drogon
    Drogon at · Reply

    This is a very entertaining summary of the first season. I recently finished reading A Dance With Dragons, and as tempting as it is (because the story is SO long and goes off on so many different tangents it’s almost unbearable to read these hopes & predictions) I won’t spoil it for you. All I will say is, expect the unexpected. Hated characters will get their comeuppance, though possibly not quite as brutally as you might like, but loved characters aren’t safe either. As Mod said, try not to form attachments. And characters with a seemingly imminent glorious destiny take SO long to reach it that I’m STILL not certain they ever will.
    George Martin is clearly not trying to please his audience with a fairy story, it is gritty and realistic (y’know, for a fantasy with DRAGONS), very dark and bleak at times, and many things will get worse before they get better. Much worse.

  22. Drogon
    Drogon at · Reply

    P.S. Oh, and one more thing. This series has some of the best character development I’ve ever seen. Not all hated characters will stay that way, and some seemingly benevolent characters will reveal a much darker side. There are so many knives stuck in people’s backs that you will soon learn not to trust ANYONE, never mind Littlefinger.

  23. Brynn
    Brynn at · Reply

    Oh my god, I’ve always linked Arya to the Prescott twins, Kat in appearance and Meg in voice, since the first ep and OMG OMG OMG I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE :OOO

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