Ropher Awards 2012

“Stop that right now! I can hear the smacking.”
The ship that made us want to punch someone in the face.

Rin says: Every time she was on screen I wanted Dexter to kill her. Or Deb. Or even a random bystander pushing her down the stairs. I would have taken anything. I mostly hated the ship because they kept trying to pretend Dexter had never felt real feelings until Hannah stepped into the picture and that is entirely false. I have never hated Dexter so much as when he was with her, and Hannah is kind of the worst person ever invented? So. There’s that.

Sophy says: Dexter/Hannah was extremely unfortunate in all the ways. But I’m going to have to go with Brochel. Brody may not be the reason Glee butchered Rachel’s character so much as a symptom of that butchering but that’s not going to make me hate the ship any less. At the end of the day Rin and I spent a significant chunk of our 2012 hating Brochel and counting the ways, so… Brochel.

Rin says: Urgh you are so right. I mean, just from that picture Rachel looks more like the moronic bitchy snooty girlfriend, rather than the girl you all root for. I just. What happened to our Berry?

Heather says: Brochel, yes.

“See now I think it’s the daddy thing that’s throwing her.”
Incest is illegal. Mostly.

Sophy says: Klaus and Rebekah. Accept no substitutes. I am aware that Lena Headey has been shagging her very attractive twin brother on Game Of Thrones, but this category is for subtext incest, not actual bow chika wow wow stuff. And honestly, The Vampire Diaries is rife with that stuff. Jeremy and Elena, for example, are constantly having inappropriate hugs and holding up stakes and gasping at uncomfortable moments.

But nothing can compare to Klebekah. The subtext with these two sometimes comes so close to text that I sometimes think it’s intentional. I mean, sure, it’s a CW show, so they’ll never go there, but I do seriously wonder whether Klaus’ fascination with Caroline isn’t partly a nod to the seriously effed up chemistry he has with his equally vampire barbie-ish sister. May the spin-off bring much of this (and not much of demon-spawn k thx).

Rin says: I’m not saying I want them to ever be together because I do feel quite squicky about it, but I’ve always been incredibly invested in these two and their relationship and that is not going to stop just because Deb thinks she may love Dexter more than a brother. Which really, I don’t think she does and I think the therapist really fucked things up in that sense. I definitely don’t want to see it completely dropped in the final series and I really loved how complicated it made things in S7.

Sophy says: Not that I regret my choice but a large part of why I didn’t pick Dexter/Debra was because I thought you’d get mad at me for grossifying them. But whatever, they are officially grossified in my mind. In the best possible way. But yes, whilst I don’t think the therapist created Deb’s sexytime feels, I do think she was pretty much the worst therapist ever for not trying to undo them and for basically saying ‘Take those sexytime feels and throw them at your brother! Away! To the incestmobile!’

And PS. Hopefully he’s a serial killer so he can’t judge.

Heather says: Emma and Mary Margaret on Once Upon a Time. What is that? Is it because JMo and Ginny Goodwin want to scissor in real life? It’s so unnerving.

Rin says: I could pretend to be appalled, to not understand. But I’d be lying, and everyone would know it.

Sophy says: Under normal circumstances, Mother/Daughter incest is the ultimate stomach-turner for me. Under normal circumstances.

“Okay then. Give us a kiss.”
The tingliest kiss.

Sophy says: Quite honestly, nothing could begin to compete with this. I say that safe in the unfortunate knowledge that to date Faberry have not made out.

But as much as Rin would kill me… I might have had to pick this most tingly of kisses even if they had. Because you guys. YOU GUYS.

Sure, it wasn’t their first kiss. But it was the first time Elena chose it just because she could. It was the first time she gave in to what she’s been wanting more and more badly for so long, and that alone makes it special to me. Then there’s the fact that the show went to such enormous lengths to show us Damon/Elena shippers that they care, by having the whole thing be so damn… careful. I mean, the song choice was beyond perfect, with its talk of sinners released and crashes that feel like heaven, and not giving up but giving in and never let me go. But then beyond that, the build-up was nothing short of superb, with Damon quiet and troubled, slinging his shirt over his shoulders and feeling the weight of the world on them, pouring whiskey into a little paper cup, and watching over this girl he loves so much and will likely never have even though she’s with him, all the damn time, even when she’s not around.

And then she’s looking at him. And for a second she pretends she isn’t but then she decides no, fuck that – she decides, no I can’t help myself and I don’t even need to so maybe just for tonight I won’t… and then he’s lying next to her and they’re talking about all the ways she knows him and nobody else does and gingerly holding hands over the covers, and he tells her explicitly that he won’t be what she wishes he would, and she breathes in and shudders out with the beginnings of tears because he is so frustrating, and because deep down inside she knows that she wants him that much that there’ll come a day when she doesn’t even care.

So she gets out of bed, forthwith, and throws herself at the world outside their close little chrysalis.

But it’s too late. It’s happened. She’s changed. It’s that easy and there is no going back. So it’s useless when she says “Don’t,” and it’s unnecessary when he says “Why not,” because as she shakes her head in the foreign light of that fateful Denver motel, even then she knows what’s about to happen.

And she kisses him, all at once, and all he was ever going to do was kiss her back so things get pretty out of hand pretty quickly. And yes, you can count me firmly in the camp of people who believe that if Jer hadn’t come along, she would have been trying to get his pants off in the next thirty seconds.

Really, this was one of the most perfect first mutual kisses I have ever seen on television. Ever. And I’m so grateful to The Vampire Diaries for making it so special for us.

Heather says: Paige and Emily’s poolside snog in Pretty Little Liars 308. Paige thought Emily was coming over to tell her she never wanted to see her again, but instead she grabbed her and told her not to look away and got all up in there like the lustiest lesbian to ever lez. I’m still swooning over it and it happened like a full year ago.

Sophy says: SHE MAY BE LUSTY. But she’s not a button. [-X


Ahem. Tingliest has to be the best adjective to describe Paperman, because I was feeling tingles all throughout the little short. If you haven’t seen Paperman, you should watch it immediately. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was one of my favourite things to come out of 2012, and I think that comes down to the simplicity of the story, the gorgeous aesthetic/animation, and the music. Which by the way, was composed by Christophe Beck who you might know as the guy who wrote some of the most iconic pieces of music from BtVS. SO YOU KNOW.

As someone who has grown up and loved and continues to love Disney, this felt like I was reliving some of that childhood magic.

“But I can feel my skin humming.”
The tingliest thing that wasn’t a kiss.

Sophy says: So, this one time, Quinn Fabray crowned Rachel Berry her queen, and Rophy’s brain nearly exploded. We keyboardmashed at each other on yahoo. We repeated words like ‘BUT’ and ‘HOW’. We rewound and rewatched, over and over. We were on cloud fucking Faberry and the world was a wonderful place.

Quinn gave up what she’d coveted since forever for Rachel. She gave up what she slapped Rachel about at the previous prom… for Rachel. So that Rachel would feel special. Rachel feeling special made Quinn feel special.

And then she sang a song to her about how she takes her breath away and stuff and stood up – for the right thing – for the right girl.

And the best part? She did it in secret. Not the standing up part, everyone saw that. But the part where she gave Rachel her dream. It was a secret act of chivalry, and you know who get to commit secret acts of chivalry? PEOPLE WHO ARE ONE HALF OF A ONE TRUE PAIRING THAT IS WHO.

Thank you.

Rin says: WELL LIKE, OKAY YEAH. I agree completely, and I still do not have the words for what happened in that episode. Mostly because I never really let myself think about it too much as it makes me dizzy with the tingles.

But for my choice I’m going to have to go with this one time Quinn Fabray asked Rachel Berry…

Rin says: “When you were singing that song, you were singing it to Finn and only Finn…right?”

On its own this scene was pretty amazing, but it always felt like maybe we were missing something…until they released the bridesmaids scene and it all made sense. And I kind of want to lump in that scene with this one because it’s hard to think of one without the other. They’re both just stellar examples of how Quinn really feels about Rachel and the lengths she will go to in order to let her know how much she cares. And yes, that is kind of the theme with Faberry, isn’t it? And it makes me die inside thinking about next year’s Ropher’s and how we’re not going to have many spaces where we can include them.

Let’s just take this moment to bask in the glory that was Quinn and Rachel in 2012.. Michael, On My Way, Big Brother, Prom-asaurus, Goodbye.


Every time I look at that graphic Barry White starts playing in my head.

Heather says: Every time Betty and Kate are [slow-dancing, cuddling, working, cooking, knitting, reading, talking, singing, gazing and gazing and gazing at each other] in the same room on Bomb Girls.

Rin says: AISDHGJIAESJGAIHGASVD. I can’t wait for next year when we can include Bomb Girls in almost every category. Spoiler alert.

Sophy says: I hate that Rophy are locked out of showering love on Bomb Girls because we were too late. But yes, next year. It’ll be a Bomb-bath.

“They’re bad calculations! Bad!”
The show that should have had half as many episodes.

Sophy says: Downton Abbey. Honestly, to me, this show is like a rabid dog. It was silky and shiny and puppyish and underdeveloped in its first season, got bitten by several infected rats in its second, and has deteriorated into frothy madness from there. And it smells bad. Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not suggesting Downton Abbey has ever been good. It has always been a glorified daytime soap as far as the writing is concerned. But it used to at least be fun. Now it just has me cringeing and rolling my eyes and sometimes it even has me paying more attention to the carpet than the episode I’m supposed to be watching.

It’s bad television and needs to stop beng made. The excellent cast is worthy of better, and I would like them to be able to move on.

Rin says: In the way where they really should have ended the show after season 4. OR EVEN SEASON 3. I think the last episode and the lack of ANY CUDDY (WHICH LOL) kind of proves that something really went down the drain when they tried to retcon everything and made it so it was her all along. Give me a break. Changing the ducklings was also the worst choice that show made, and it still makes me angry thinking about it. But we did tune in for the finale because it’s not like I wasn’t going to watch Cameron’s return and you know what? It was all still there. I really enjoyed the scenes she had with House, and also felt a tinge of heartbreak when STACY showed up at his funeral. STACY FOR CHRIST SAKES. We used to draw on her face!

At any rate. House just wasn’t House for a very very long time and should have gotten cancelled WAY earlier than let itself slowly die for 4 more years.

Sophy says: Wow, what a Sophie’s choice. On the one hand having Cam on the graphic makes it look like you’re saying some kind of No to her which is ludicrous and unnerving. But on the other hand having, say, Cuddy in the graphic means you have Cuddy in the graphic.

You know how much we hated Stacy? I once sent Rin a fake signed photograph of Sela Ward for her birthday as a gag. We were so naive. We didn’t even know what betrayal was.

This show could have gone down in history as one of the greats if it had ended after say, season 4. With a vastly different season 4, obviously.

Heather says: Smash. I was all set to worship Smash, and not just because Megan Hilty is a demigod. But what a trainwreck, man. It couldn’t sustain its momentum past episode six, and because it was so big and so expensive and so loud, it careened downhill like lightning. You never really know who to blame for these things; a lot of hands go into making TV sausage — but I’m going to assign all the fault to that horrible kid Leo. What a dick.

Rin says: TV sausage honestly sounds like it would be the best meal of my life.

Sophy says: YES.

“And frankly, it’s ludicrous to have these interlocking bodies and not… interlock.”
The couple who weren’t a couple who should have been a couple.

Sophy says: Well of course it’s Faberry. What else could it possibly be? I think these two will never stop being our pick for this category – not even when Glee is over and done with. And you know, we’ve talked so much about every little aspect of the Faberry relationship in our recaps, but what I need to say right now is that if either Quinn or Rachel were a guy they wouldn’t just be a lock for endgame – they’d be a deadbolt. Even with Finchel around. And okay, I have full respect for the fact that everything except her fascination with Quinn indicates that Rachel is straight. But at the same time, there is something to be said for the idea of falling in love with a person, regardless of whether your sexes and sexualities match up. YOU CAN STILL INTERLOCK EVEN IF YOU DON’T ~INTERLOCK OKAY?

Rin says: Every single year, even when Glee has finally been cancelled, this will be my answer.

Quinn Fabray loves Rachel Berry.

Rachel Berry loves Quinn Fabray.

No more discussion needed.

Heather says: H.G. and Myka on Warehouse 13. Jaime Murray and Jo Kelly have the kind of chemistry that melts walls and stuff. Plus I’ve never seen some actors ship their characters together as hard as those two. Every interview, every Comic-Con, every other second, they’re telling anyone who will listen how in love HG and Myka are. It’s at the point where they want the writers and producers to go home from set so they can play their scenes with as much touching and longing as possible.

“And when the music starts, we open up our hearts…”
Best use of a song in TV

Sophy says: Absolutely stunning. Darren Criss is a beautiful, beautiful singer, and a beautiful performer and Blaine’s melancholy reprise of the song that won Kurt’s heart just about killed me. Really I listened to it non-stop for a week and I still get tearful when I hear it.

Rin says: Oh yes. YES. I still listen to this song and have flashbacks of Blaine’s face and all of the emotions and I STILL GET TEARY. It will always be one of my all-time favourite performances to come out of that show.

Heather says: Yeah, me too. Glee fandom is very confusing to me, like you can only like one person/character and you have to hate all the other people who compete for screentime or OTP status or whatever, and I always get so much shit for loving on Darren Criss, but I think he is so talented and so charming and I cried so hard during this performance.

Rin says: As much as I think about how pointless it was for Quinn to get hit by a truck, I still think this is one of the more brilliant musical sequences Glee has done, and certainly one of the bests where it wasn’t to do with them singing. It’s rare this show has musical moments that aren’t actually performances, so it was kind of refreshing to get something like this. I loved the juxtaposition of the cheery-ness of ‘WEDDING!’ and the sense of impending doom when you saw Quinn in her little red bug getting tempting messages from Rachel…. and she just had to look.

As much as I hate that it was all for ratings and what not. It kind of did make an awesome mid-season finale.

And Rachel wouldn’t get married without Quinn.

And Quinn never would attend the wedding.


“Come on, let’s get this gay show on the gay road.”
How is this not a gay show?

Sophy says: OUAT was just furiously gay in 2012. Like, it’s as though gay were a full time job for this show. And that is despite not having any actual gay on the show. And you know what? I doubt that they ever will. Because kids watch this show and sadly in our society ‘gay’ is still something you only tell your kids about when they’re old enough to understand it. It sucks that sexual orientation as a concept has to be lumped in with sex as a concept, because a little boy should be able to fall in love with the little boy next door and understand what that means as much as if he were a little girl. But there it is. Fairytales don’t do gay. But my god does this show ever try to make up for it with subtext.

And it’s all lady subtext! Quinn Fabray would fit in so well on this show.

My personal favourite lady-pairing: Red/Belle. The gayest award for 2012? Aurora and Mulan for that RIDICULOUSLY HOMOSEXUAL bit of heart-returning.

Rin says: SO MANY PEOPLE were shipping Aurora/Mulan for the longest time and I just didn’t get on board. I understood, but never really got the gay feelings.


Oh my god, I don’t even know how that made it onto TV. It was basically amateur porn.

But also OUAT is kind of a free for all in terms of lady ships. I’m not serious about any of them as of yet, but I do really enjoy it when certain people have scenes together. Red/Belle. Red/Snow. Red/Emma. Red/Basically everyone?

Sophy says: RED/ROPHER TBH?

Heather says: Sherlock. The answer is Sherlock. Watson and Sherlock. Sherlock and Watson. They’re gay as rainbows for each other.

Sophy says: It’s lucky Sherlock doesn’t do the sex thing. Otherwise things could get really messy for Watson really fast.

Heather says: Dirty.

“Well, from the title I thought it was about food.”
We want our money back for the ticket and the pretzel bites.

Sophy says: My Week With Marilyn. What an absolute cliche-driven, bloodless bore of a film. I don’t buy this as a true story for a second, because it’s not a real story, and I’m sort of disappointed that people I love were involved in it. Also, Michelle Williams looks absolutely nothing like Marilyn Monroe and it is a problem. I might have overlooked it if her performance had been explosive, but it wasn’t. It was flat and self-conscious, and every so often I found myself thinking “Wait a minute, why are people swooning over this woman?” And I’d have to remind myself that it’s because she’s supposed to be Marilyn Monroe.

Oh and there was nothing Eddie Redmayne could do with that lump of a character he was playing.

Heather says: The Hobbit. I can’t even talk it.

Rin says: Aw! I thought it had its moments. But yeah, I can see how it didn’t measure up in the slightest.

Rin says: I didn’t see that many movies at the cinema last year that I didn’t walk out of fully enjoying what I had just watched. I think I had gone into The Dark Knight Rises expecting THE DARK KNIGHT? But I kind of just got a whole lot of zzz instead?

“Come with me now, if you will, gentle viewers. Join me on a new voyage of the mind, a little tale I like to call…”
The movie that had us on the edge of our seats with our heads in our hands.

Sophy says: Once was so beautiful! I know it wasn’t a 2012 movie but Rin only got me to watch it in 2012, so it still counts. And oh how I flailed. The hoover. The piano at the end. All of the songs. I had Falling Slowly on repeat for about a week after I watched this.

Rin says: There were a lot of great movies and I kind of want to mention ‘Like Crazy’ before I talk about Avengers because that wins too? I think that was a near perfect film and in a lot of ways it made me feel way more things than Avengers did. But I’m giving it to Avengers because this was the movie that literally had me on the edge of my seat in the cinemas and I was head in handsing during a lot of the movie. I was expecting a lot from this movie because it was Joss Whedon, and I always expect the highest of highs from him — and he delivered. And a part of me is finally happy to see Joss getting the respect that he deserves, not so much from the fans, but from the critics and the studios. They’re finally learning that they should just trust him and let him make the films/tv shows he wants to make.

Heather says: Moonrise Kingdom. It filled me me up with pure joy. Like a Patronus Charm for my heart.

Rin says: Oh my god yes. Good choice.

“I’m a blood-sucking fiend. Look at my outfit!”
Best villain.

Sophy says: Regina! I actually created this new category with Klaus in mind, but then I felt it had to go to Regina, because she really did make that much of an impact in 2012, with ‘Queen of Hearts’ rounding out her year in spectacular fashion. And sure, she wasn’t exactly a straight-up villain all the way through, but the best villains aren’t, you know? The best villains have pasts that make you understand them, and sympathize with them, even when you’re appalled by their actions. The best villains are always teetering on the brink of redemption, even if they can’t quite bring themselves to jump in. And Lana Parilla in this role is a revelation. I went into Once Upon A Time pretty much assuming Jennifer Morrison was the point and ready to be angry with anybody who suggested otherwise (yeah, Rin and I stan JMO and we stan her hard), but Lana stole half the show for herself and she was so good we couldn’t even resent her for it.

Long may Regina be brutal and badass. Long may she have her tendernesses and her fears. And I know I’m a sap, but I can’t help hoping she’ll get her happy ending when all is said and done.

Heather says: Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty on Sherlock. What an insane motherfucker. I could have listened to him monologue all day (and all night!) long. At one point, I actually found myself rooting for him, that’s how good he is at being bad.

Rin says: Yep, I am right there with you! In a show that has Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman you are pretty used to getting bowled over by good acting, but whenever Moriarty was onscreen I would just be floored at how great he was. It is hard to match someone like Sherlock, and even harder to play someone who you think might actually take Sherlock down. And I loved that because I was always unsure whether or not Sherlock could actually outsmart this guy. Plus there were quite a few levels to Moriarty that were really interesting to watch and the twists it would take were wonderful.

Sophy says: Let the record show that when I created this category I ensured that Rin would pick Moriarty. This one is really a Ropher pick. Andrew Scott is incredible.

“And she’ll never have eggs or yawn or brush her hair…”
The death we’re still sniffling over.

Sophy says: I am still upset about this. Like, I am really, really upset. I’ve always been fond of Lane but I guess I didn’t realize how fond until he was hanging from his office door and like, dripping… stuff… everywhere. The entire narrative leading up to his death was terrifically sad and unsettling and I’ve spent a lot of my Mad Men viewing experience wanting to punch Don Draper in the face, but never so much as when he had the nerve to punish Lane for his dishonesty by taking his whole life away. And I get it, I do. I get that Don is a survivor, he is a rebuilder, he is the proverbial phoenix and nothing is ever too much for him, not really. But this is why some of us try to understand other people’s perspectives, you know? So we don’t just pat them on the shoulder and send them off to deal with adversity exactly the way we would AND THEN THEY DIE.


Rin says: WAIT! I should make this clear, otherwise some of you might take this the wrong way and think I actually had any real emotions about this. By choosing Grace, I really mean the entire Skins franchise dying along with her. It’s just not the show we loved so dearly from series 1-5. So I’m still mourning the show and all of the brilliance and potential that was lost.

Sophy says: It’s lucky the whole gen was already dead by the end of that first episode of series 6, otherwise I would have felt a lot of painful things about this.

Heather says: Rin, that’s exactly it. That’s so correct. Grace’s death was symbolic of the end of the Skins we loved (and really fucking supported with our whole hearts) for so long. I’ve had enough time to move from sniffling to rage about it, though. :) :) :)

“My calculations are precise.”
The show that should have had twice as many episodes.

Sophy says: Upstairs Downstairs should still be on the air. It makes me seethe that it has been canceled, particularly while Downton Abbey, which snuck itself out there while it was in copyright negotiations and stole its thunder, and which is fucking rubbish, goes on. Look, I get it, okay. Majority rule. But I feel like even if the ratings weren’t quite as spectacular as the BBC would have liked compared to Downton, they were still solid, and the show itself was exquisitely written, exquisitely acted, exquisitely costumed, exquisitely filmed. It was basically flat-out fucking perfect, and I’m not indulging in fangirlish hyperbole when I say that.

Please believe me when I say that the critics who panned the show or even the critics who gave it luke-warm reviews are just wrong. Like… it’s a fact. They are wrong to give anything but 5 stars to Upstairs Downstairs. The BBC was wrong to cancel it.

It was brave and ugly-beautiful and intellectually sophisticated and deserved at least half as many seasons as the original series it followed on from had. And I will never not be bitter.

Rin says: YES, AGREED. I think my absolute favourite thing about this show was that every single character was interesting and had their own story to tell. They all came from different walks of life, whether they were part of the upstairs or downstairs crew, and I loved that.

And this one time, Eunice beat the drum.


Heather says: Sherlock! I mean, I know every episode was practically a movie, but still, I could have watched 22 of those movies. Probably in one sitting.

Sophy says: You must have had a good year if you’re picking things we’re getting more of for this category. But still. Agreed.

“What am I gonna do? Slay vampires on stage?” “Maybe in a funny way!”
The Boo Hiss award for wasting talent.

Sophy says: Glee has forgotten why they hired Lea Michele. Here’s a hint, show: it wasn’t for her legs in short shorts. It wasn’t even for her voice. It was for her comic ability. That and her knack for making our hearts fall out of our chests with her vulnerability and her strength in spite of it. Season 4 Rachel isn’t funny or endearing and Glee suffers as a show as a result of it.

It now suffers without me. More on that in 2013 Rophers.

Heather says: Glee, obviously. Dianna Agron, obviously.

Rin says: Can I go ahead and agree with you both? And also add that I think they wasted pretty much all of their cast, due to the influx of new characters that are the worst. The. Worst.

I think I’m especially bitter about Lea Michele because that girl is a serious talent. A SERIOUS ONE. She should move on to bigger and better things, and I feel horrible for saying that because I am a huge supporter of actors being grateful to the shows that made them. But in this case? I think everybody should leave Glee and do other things.

Sophy says: At least Dianna gets to go and do other stuff now. I hate that they’re keeping Lea around and subjecting her character to this crap. Sigh.

“She irons her jeans. She’s evil.”
Best/Worst use of jean shorts.

Sophy says: Of course jean shorts would be her uniform. Of course. Sophia needs to teach her to smile better though. None of that insipid minxy business. We want to see teeth!

Rin says: I hate her. She doesn’t deserve to wear pants.

Heather says: Pretty Little Liars. Emily Fields. Gold medal.

“What are you doing here? Five words or less.”
Most annoying guest appearance.

Sophy says: Yeah, so Hannah from Veronica Mars is Cinderella. Yikes. For a show that gets its casting so right basically all the time this was very, very wrong. Bottom line, this girl is not talented. She comes off as cutesy and false and a little bit dumb. Given that the writing for Cinderella already had her leaning that way, you really needed an actress with some natural charm and the dramatic chops to make you feel for her no matter how much of a dickhead she was being.

Also they should have cast Dianna Agron, just saying. Because Dianna Agron? Dianna Agron.

Rin says: I just had a horrible thought. What if they bring Hannah back for the Veronica Mars movie? Oh dear god :(

They should definitely bring back Dianna for the VM movie though. Even if she just sits in the background looking pretty. I wouldn’t mind.

Heather says: Well, Glee always has Blake Jenner listed as a guest star, so I’m going to go with him. Ryder was the absolute fucking worst, man. The transphobia, the Cathfishing storyline that would not drown. Kitty, I learned to love. Marley, I learned to like. Jake, I learned to tolerate. Ryder, you need to hush.

Rin says: I’m going to have to say him too. Along with Dean Geyer. OUAT still continued to be a good show despite that awful awful performance. Glee essentially got smashed into the ground, and these two characters are part of the problem.

Sophy says: I didn’t realize the newbies were supposed to be “guest stars”? Holy shit does that mean there would be more screentime if they were “regulars”?

If Melissa Benoist is a “guest star” she gets all the awards. All the ones for sucking at being a “guest star” that is. I know I’m partly blaming her for Glee’s writing but… I don’t care.


“I can’t feel anything. Legs, arms, anything.”
The most disappointing TV moment.

Sophy says: I don’t even want to talk about Skins 6. Suffice to say I have never been more disgusted or let down by a show. Ever. I had my tantrums over LOST. I actively scorned House MD for a couple of years after I stopped watching. But nothing has ever come close to failing me the way Skins did.

Maybe it’s because there was so far to fall. Maybe it’s because S5 was possibly the most solidly brilliant and engaging series of the show yet. Maybe it’s because I fell in love with those characters despite myself and then they were just… gone. Franky was unrecognizable and a vapid bitch. Rich was unrecognizable and pointless. Matty remained a shell and was tossed aside in favour of some random who thought he was magic. Freya Mavor did her best to retain Mini’s substance and soul but the writing just wasn’t there to back her up. The less said about Alo the better (Alo. My beloved Aloysius Creevey. What happened.) The less said about Nick the better too (He’s in love with Franky now? Really?) And Grace… well… yeah.

Liv is the only character who wasn’t completely ruined, but sadly, she barely got a storyline.

And with the characters, the truth of Skins was gone. The heart of it? Was gone.

We poured our love into this show. We spent hours that amount to weeks writing about it, laughing about it, loving it, being inspired and awed. It’s how this whole blog even started. And then, suddenly, the writers stopped loving us back. They stopped writing for people like us – people like most of you guys, who loved the show for the characters and the relationships – and they started writing for people who wish they were 301 Effy.

I have never been so hurt or disappointed by TV. Ever.

Rin says: Hahaha ‘disappointing’ is the biggest understatement to what Skins 6 was for me. It’s no secret that we basically shut off after this series aired and couldn’t process everything that had happened. Even now, with Skins 7 episodes around the corner, we’re still apprehensive to get excited about the thought of more Skins. We still have the very bad taste of Skin 6 in our mouths, and it’s hard to imagine that anything could rectify that.

Sophy says: Ah yes. Remember when Skins 7 was still only around the corner? Good times. More on that in the 2013 Rophers.

Heather says: The premiere of The Mindy Show. I was always such a huge fan of Mindy Kaling, both as a writer and an actor on The Office, so I was super excited about her solo show. But it is so bad. It’s like the same concept as Bridget Jones, but without any of the charm or quirks or heart or laughs or Britishness.

“Well, see, I like that you’re unpredictable.”
Something that surprised us.

Sophy says: Britta Perry! Well, the whole of Community surprised me actually, because I never expected love it the way I do. But Britta in particular kind of crept up on me and became my favourite character on the show somewhere during my multi-season marathon. She started out as kind of a cliche, you know? Sassy, smart blonde in a cool jacket, won’t take the obnoxiously flirtatious lead guy’s crap. Love-hate chemistry ensues. Get ready for 6 seasons of ‘Will they, won’t they!’ But Community subverted all of that and gave us a sassy, smart blonde in a cool jacket who won’t take the obnoxiously flirtatious lead guy’s crap… but who is also extremely cute. And silly. And weirdly needy and adorably oppressive and somehow the butt of everybody’s jokes. Britta Perry wasn’t the too-cool-for-school borefest I was expecting, not by a long shot. She turned out to be the kind of girl who dresses up as a squirrel, you know? And I love her. I love her a lot.

Heather says: New Girl got so good. I really hated New Girls’ first, like, 12 episodes in season one, but I stuck with it because my best friend really loved it, and I am so glad I did, because it became appointment TV for me in the last half of season one and all of season two. It finally found a balance between peculiarity and pathos, and also it pulled back on the Jess and pushed forward with the Schmidt and Nick. It’s my favorite sitcom on TV right now, actually.

Sophy says: COP LEO OMG. But I can’t do it. The Zooey Deschanel content is still too high.

Rin says: I’ve always liked Annie/Auggie from the beginning because they’re adorable, who doesn’t? But last season might have been the first time I felt real things about them in the way where I was CLUTCHING AT MY CHEST for Annie during the scene above. And a lot of that is due to Pipuh and the way she has this face that can rip open your chest and tug your heart out. Sure Covert Affairs isn’t a show you can really get into and make gifsets about it, but I do appreciate what they’ve built for these two characters and both Pipuh and Chris do a wonderful job.

“Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead!”
How were we living before we found this?

Sophy says: I feel like TV kind of got reinvented for Rophy when we watched This is England, and the subsequent series. Really, it felt like the glory of serialized drama was unfolding for us all over again, and the world seemed bigger and brighter, shivers down our spines, all things are possible, etc.

This show is just special, and we sort of hated ourselves after we finished watching it, because we should have known it would be special, because Jack Thorne, okay, and how the hell did it take us so long to watch it?

Lesson learned. We should listen to the Rophites more.

If you haven’t watched This Is England (movie), This Is England 86, and This Is England 88, get to it. If you like good TV you will not regret it, provided you don’t mind crying your eyes out and having to spend three days in a state of shock after each series finale. Oh, and provided you don’t mind never being able to say ‘LOL!’ again without seeing that face (you don’t).

Rin says: Oh my god, I have never felt so many things IN MY LIFE as I felt when watching the This Is England series. Sophy really isn’t joking when she says that it felt like TV got reinvented for us when we watched this show… because it’s true. It reminded us so strongly of the ways in which TV can fucking FEED THE SOUL.

I may never, for as long as I live, get over that Lol/Combo scene through the glass divider. Just. Stop. Both of you are too perfect.

Heather says: Adventure Time. I actually didn’t watch it for a long time because I know there’s a big slash fandom around Princess Bubblegum and Marceline and I just didn’t want anymore femslashers shouting at me. But I watched it in the quiet night without anyone knowing about it and oh, it delighted me. It’s so clever and whimsical and laugh-out-loud hysterical. I actually bought physical DVDs of all three seasons so I can have it with me whenever I want.

“Me sharpening my pencil, me reading, writing, falling asleep on a big pile of books…”
The Hermione Granger award for reminding Ropher of Hermione Granger.

Sophy says: Agnes and Blanche from Upstairs Downstairs are splitting this award on account of their equal and complementary extreme awesomeness. They are definitely a pair of Hermiones if ever I did see one, with their strength in the face of adversity, their determination to do the right thing, their refusal to ever give up, their warmth and kindness, their cleverness, their courage, and their deep-down goodness.

You just know that if Hermione wasn’t busy saving the world from Voldemorts she would probably wind up being an explorer and archeologist and wear a blazer and glasses and generally kick ass. And you just know that if she’d been around when World War II broke out she would have made a bee-line to sign up to be an ambulance driver.

Heather says: Arya Stark again, duh.

Rin says: She’s a female warrior, and isn’t that basically what Hermione is all about?

Sophy says: IDK she scorned Belle’s books. Hermione would not be amused.

“She truly was the finest of us all.”
Best acting.

Sophy says: Dexter is a very lucky show. It has a Jennifer Carpenter. Not all shows have Jennifer Carpenters and when they do they should respect and nurture them and give them as much screentime as possible, please and thank you.

From Day 1 Jennifer has made Debra Morgan not so much likeable as loveable by infusing her with a trembling vulnerability beneath the badass, foul-mouthed exterior. In 2012 she took it to the next level. Some of her acting in this dizzying season of the show in which Deb actually found out about her brother’s, uh, extra-curricular activities, was just unspeakably good. Great, even. She should have had an Emmy for the scene at the church alone. In fact, she should have had all the Emmys. They should have made everybody line up and present theirs to her and perhaps say a few kind words and list their top ten Deb moments. Because.

Rin says: IT WOULD BE THE BEST EMMYS EVER. Seriously. I would rewatch it every year on my birthday because there wouldn’t be any better way in celebrating.

In season 7 she blew me away episode after episode with her rawness and vulnerability. And if there’s one character that has had a shitfeast of a time, it’s Debra Morgan and somehow? Somehow she still manages to make her a strong, formidable character that you WILL NOT fuck with. God I love her and just want her to be happy. Can we please just let her be happy?

Jen Carp deserves SO many awards, but unfortunately she’ll never get them. I just hope that after Dexter we continue to see her shine, preferably on the big screen, preferably something that isn’t scary. NO MORE HORRORS, OKAY? Otherwise I can’t appreciate you from behind my hands.

Heather says: These awards are for 2012, so we can’t say Tatiana Maslany yet, but now that I’ve seen Orphan Black, I can’t retroactively say anything else, possibly forever?

Rophy says: We will give this to you because we’re not the Emmys.

“And then Dawn said we were a cute triangle!”
The second-cutest human ever award.

Sophy says: Belle got pretty fucking cute pretty fast, didn’t she? Like, literally from the moment she appeared she was on the shortlist for this award, and not just because I have loved Emilie de Ravin since her Roswell days, I swear. You just can’t wear cute little lady-like, tiny person outfits like that and not expect me to press my hands to my cheeks and giggle delightedly whenever you come on screen. YOU JUST CAN’T.

And honestly? It only gets more ridiculous in 2013.


She is the labrador.



Heather says: Rin in her gaming gear.

Sophy says: This is why people like her better than me isn’t it.

Heather says: Bahaha! This graphic! Hahahahaha! Sophy, I love you! You are the cutest also!

“My wedding! I’m getting married, can you believe it?!”
Best future wife.

Sophy says: Chummy from Call The Midwife. Seriously. And I would take her name and introduce myself as Mrs Chummy.

Heather says: The most important thing I learned about myself in 2012 is that I want to marry Canada.

Rin says: Since Sophy has not chosen Leslie this year, it seems she has suddenly freed up. SO LESLIE KNOPE, I TAKE YOU AS MY WIFE.

I will provide you with daily waffle sundaes so you could always look so cute and precious.

“The wedding. What wedding?”
Best future husband.

Sophy says: Damon Salvatore. But only if he promised not to kill people too much. And only if he said we only had to see his brother at Christmas time.

Rin says: Every morning and night he would sing me a song. And we lived happily ever after.

Heather says: Ben Wyatt, OK, because he has his own Batman costume, makes mac and cheese pizza, knows everything about all the nerd things, is the most adorable, and also worships Leslie Knope, which is the world’s only correct religion.

“Really, we’re just good friends.”
Sexless Marriage.

Sophy says: Troy and Abed in the mooorrrrning! Sometimes they remind me so much of Rophy I want to cry. And then I start trying to work out who gets to be Abed and it’s always Rin and I’m always left holding the giant cookie.

Heather says: Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope. Leslie has the two best husbands in the world!

Rin says: VALID. Very valid. But let me remove one Ron and…

Rin says: …add in an Ann. Their scenes always tend to be my favourite scenes of the episodes. And I STILL STILL STILL love it every single time Leslie tells Ann she is beautiful. It will never get old.


Heather says: Every time she tells Ann how beautiful she is, it gets better. “Ann, you coy bastard!” is a good one too.

“Miss Edith speaks out of turn. She’s a bad example and will have no cakes today.”
Worst thing ever.

Sophy says: Gossip Girl, what happened to you? Look, I’m not going to pretend this show was ever great art, but I will maintain that it had the potential to be really good teen television. It started out a little patchy, but very much like a light, PG-13, serialized version of a Bret Easton Ellis novel. It had potential. The trouble is that where most shows get more layered and emotionally and intellectually mature as they go on, Gossip Girl dumbed itself down relentlessly. By the time the finale came around I was expecting literally nothing good to come of it. I was expecting to roll my eyes and smirk and point and laugh and wonder how it ever stayed on the air for five and a half seasons. And yet somehow, it was much, much, much, much, much worse than I anticipated.

The Gossip Girl series finale was so bad that I have actual conspiracy theories in which it is an industry in-joke, a secret I’ll just let it burn parody, a tongue-in-cheek attempt to see just exactly what kind of excrement these mindless drones that call themselves fans of this shit will swallow.

I’ve been wondering about that since it aired. I’m still wondering.

It’s not actually that the show hurt me, although hurt me it did – when it gave up on Blair and Serena, when it built Dan/Blair up into the most beautiful thing it had ever done and then tossed it aside in the space of one episode, only to get it out and stomp on it every now and then in the final season, when it humiliated Serena one last time and called it romance, and, perhaps most keenly, when it turned Blair Waldorf into the shallow, one-dimensional, trust-fund-baby bitch she sometimes used to pretend to be back when this used to pretend to be a show worth watching.

And I mean, I was going to choose Chuck and Blair for worst couple and then I realized that Dan and Serena probably deserved that honour more when all was said and done. On account of how Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl and Serena thought it was a love letter that time he got her sectioned. And then I decided this shitfest needed a special category all its own.

It’s been months since the finale and I still don’t understand how it got written, performed, filmed and aired. I still catch myself thinking about Chuck and his father on the rooftop and covering my mouth because wow.

Most unintentionally funny scene in television history? Possibly. Worst series finale ever? It’s a definite contender. Worst thing that happened in 2012? 100% of people with functioning brains agree.

“It’s really nice that you guys missed me. Say, you all didn’t happen to do a bunch of drugs, did you?”
The year’s best fandom.

Sophy says: I was umming and ahhing about which fandom to pick for this award for 2012 and Rin pointed out to me that it’s a no-brainer. It has to be the Vampire Diaries fandom. Pretty ironic that she realized that before me and she doesn’t even watch the show (yet – nag her fandom! Nag her!).

Some of you guys are raving bitches a lot of the time – to each other – and sometimes even to me. I have the rather spectacular tumblr anons to prove it. The infighting gets pretty intense, especially where ships are involved, but I get it. It’s one of those shows, you know? And I can get as crazy as all the rest of you when it counts – eg. when people are throwing pies at my girl Elena Gilbert or saying the fire pond isn’t that bad really.


At the end of the day, though, it balances out. I’ve met some of the most intelligent, insightful, and creative people through this fandom, and I’m so glad there there are still teen shows with pretty people in them being made that have audiences that don’t just watch them and walk away. You guys create The Vampire Diaries. Okay, maybe not to the extent that Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec do, but still. It’s double the fun to watch because I’m watching it with all of you.

And I have to say thank you to everyone who reads the too-long recaps and especially everyone who takes the time after the reading to comment. You guys are the best and I love you all and the way sometimes your comments turn into basically another recap that I get to enjoy.

Heather says: Bomb Girls, Bomb Girls, Bomb Girls. If it weren’t for Bomb Girls fandom, there would be no Bomb Girls movie on the way, and if there was no Bomb Girls movie on the way, there’d be no point in continuing to live.

Rophy says: This is basically you saying you hate us in 2012. We agree.

Heather says: Rophy, you beautiful musk ox, I fucking adore you.

Rin says: The fandom of A Spoonful Won’t Do. Hands down. I adore you guys who adore ASWD/Sophy’s writing. Because it is all very much deserved and after every chapter I sit there refreshing the reviews section like a loser. I almost enjoy reading your comments as much as the chapter itself. Almost.

Now. Let’s all nag Sophy to hurry up and write more? Yes?

“Now get back in the cage you aren’t finished.” Oh my god.


Either way.

“Are you going like stalker-boy on me now?”
Most watched wife.

Sophy says: I watched not one, not two, not three, but four Heidi Thomas projects in 2012. And each time I fell a little more in love. Upstairs Downstairs, Call The Midwife, Lilies, Madame Bovary. And no, it wasn’t an accident. The excellence of the writing on Upstairs Downstairs stood out to the point where I had to go and find out who had written it and watch everything else they’d ever written. I was not disappointed. This woman is outrageously talented. I will watch anything she ever writes and you should too.

Rin says: Heidi is also mine because UNSURPRISINGLY I watched the same things that Sophy did. And you guys, everything this lady writes is gold. She’s a modern day Rumpelstiltskin. It’s incredible, so please please please, do yourselves a favour and look her up and just start watching everything.

Heather says: Did I say Alison Brie last year? Because it’s Alison Brie again this year too. It’s weird. My adoration for her is not all-consuming, but when I think about it, I always realize I love her the most in the most things. Like, in 2012, it was Community, Mad Men, The Five-Year Engagement, plus Wired did an awesome cover story on her that featured some of the sexiest, gender-bendiest photos of anyone ever.

Sophy says: I APPROVE THIS WIFE-WATCHING. Annie and Trudy are two of the best things that have ever happened to television.

“They got the mustard out!”
The best FUCK YEAH! moment.

Sophy says: Hey remember that time Dany saw Drogo and their baby and I cried so hard I couldn’t see and then she got up and walked out of her dream without looking back because she is that fierce and she got her dragons out and fucked shit up and showed no mercy with her smarmy back-stabbing handmaiden and stormed out of there like she owned the world because let’s be real she kind of does? Fuck yeah.

Heather says: Ben and Leslie get engaged on Parks and Rec. I don’t even care that they manipulated me into sobbing. They earned my tears.

Rin says: Combo taking the fall for Lol. It’s just one of those moments where you don’t know how to process it in the moment because it’s that incredible and special and selfless and amazing and OH MY GOD COMBO. His arc throughout the TIE series is one of the best character arcs there is. Fuck yeah.

Sophy says: This is so valid. Dany is lucky I did mine first and didn’t think of this. Because. This. Fuck yeah. I cried my eyes out. And held my breath for worrying lengths of time.

“Have a sentence, even!”
The best single line of dialogue.

Sophy says: “But that’s the beauty of incomplete things.”

I remember watching the third episode of the second series of Upstairs Downstairs and hearing this line and just being in actual open-mouthed awe. Because I know most of you haven’t taken Rophy’s very good advice and watched the show yet, I won’t go into why this line was so incredible in the context of the episode and especially in the context of the scene it cut to a moment later – and the freaking biscuit tin, oh my god. But suffice to say that I cried and spent the night restlessly contemplating whether life was worth living if you didn’t write things like that and how I would ever get up in the morning about it. Am I a massive drama queen about these things? Sure. Is the line incredible though? Yes.

A runner-up mention to TVD for “Go right ahead, laugh at the girl who loved too easily.” Because it wasn’t quite as brilliant but it was every bit as perfect.

Special mention also to Mad Men’s “This is what happens when you have the artistic temperament but you are not an artist.” Gutting and wonderful.

Heather says: “I mean, the world’s hard enough as it is, guys. It’s fucking hard enough as it is. Can’t somebody say, “Hey, let’s be positive? Let’s have a good ending to the story?”

Rin says: “Let me do a good thing.”

It’s simple, but it’s honestly one of the lines of dialogue from that show that will stick with me forever. It has a lot to do with everything that has lead up to that moment, but also just the idea that for Combo, this is something he wants to do for Lol, but only if he lets her.

I JUST. One of the most beautiful things ever. :-j There is no other way around it. :-j

“Peas in a pod. Bonded peas.”
And this is why Ropher are soulmates.

Sophy says: At this point I think it’s fair to say we just are. But I guess we all righteously loathed the atrocity that was Bram?

Rin says: I think we can all agree on this one.

Heather says: Even Lord Tubbington agrees.

“My heart expands, tis grown a bulge in it.”
The best sentence Heather Hogan wrote.

Sophy says: This is one of the most intelligent arguments for gay marriage that I have ever read. It is all the more persuasive and moving for its restraint and warm-heartedness.

Rin says: Nodding my head profusely. One day Heather should run for office.

If you haven’t read it, please do, and then spread it around like you’re buttering your toast.

Sophy says: Holy crap, a Heather-President would be the best kind of President. I’m not even just saying that to be nice.

“Wow! They should film that story and show it every Christmas.”
The best macro Rophy made.

Heather says: It’s one of the Quinn glory shots where she’s stalking Rachel from across the road with like a spycam and sees her painting her loft. LOLOLOLOL. I die laughing every time I think about it.

“Oh that’s the sound she makes when she’s speechless with geeker joy.”
The best thing that happened to Ropher.

Sophy says: Heather, explain yourself. And Ned, even though you were there, explain yourself. Ned is the other best thing that happened to Rophy in 2012.

Rin says: Oh my god, we had SUCH a fun year last year with you guys and hangouts. WHY HAVEN’T WE DONE ANOTHER THIS YEAR? We are the worst.

And yes. Ned making all the books is the best Ned. I still can’t get over it.

Heather says: 2014: Heather comes to Oz? I think so.

Rophy says: YOU BETTER.

“That’s right! I’m back, and I’m a bloody animal!”
The greatest comeback.

Sophy says: I think it’s safe to say that Feds is never going to be taking names the way he used to, and sure, he went on to get booted out of the US Open in the quarter finals, but in 2012 when he won Wimbledon for the seventh time after a three year drought, I straight up cried all over my living room. I WATERED THE CARPET.

Heather says: Hayden Panettiere in Nashville, believe it or not. She pretty much ruined Heroes for me. I don’t think I’ve liked her since she was a little kid in that Disney football movie. So that was already one strike against her. Plus she was going to be Connie Britton’s main rival, so that’s eleventy strikes against her. But it turns out she’s kind of amazing? And can actually sing? And act? I ended up loving her on Nashville and buying her music on iTunes. It’s still shocking to see myself type that out.

Rin says: I think we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for Hayden simply for being one half of Krayden.

Rin says: Dr. Cameron is my answer. She will never not be the answer. Oh and also, her vests. Her vests making a return was the greatest comeback of the year.

Sophy says: I feel uncomfortable giving any kind of award to House after what it did to us. But at least they remembered at the eleventh hour that Cameron is House’s spirit animal.


“It’s like being in the Real World house. Only real.”
Reality star we want to stalk (in a cute way).

Sophy says: Rin is going to laugh so hard at me for this. She already laughed at me when I told her who I was choosing because she’s probably forgotten so she will laugh all over again. My favourite reality star in 2012 was TV chef Ching He Huang. Because she is cute and makes awesome food and I have all of her cookbooks and yeah also she is really cute.

(Update: She did laugh at me.)

Rin says: Some of my favourite SYTYCD dancers are the ones with a ballet background and Chehon was a favourite from the moment he auditioned. It was pretty great getting to see grow throughout the competition and some of the routines he performed are part of my all-time favourites. My other favourite throughout the competition was Eliana… so the two ballet dancers :D And I guess America agreed with me because they ended up winning.

Sophy says: I find it hilarious that I’m the dancer and you’re the one who watches So You Think You Can Dance and has feelings about it.

“But you just left!”
Best guest star.

Sophy says: There was some pretty stiff competition for this one and basically all of it came from Once Upon A Time: Emma Caulfield, Amy Acker, Jorge Garcia, all had us flailing all over the place. But the honour has to go to Hannah Murray for Game Of Thrones. I seem to remember that we knew she was going to be in the episode, but still managed to forget, and there was no doubt much pausing and flailing and pausing and flailing because that is how these things go. Here’s hoping she’ll get more to do in coming seasons!

Rin says: The nurse remains to be one of the most impactful side characters I’ve ever seen. And a lot of that comes down to the chemistry and the acting from Helen, and going by her IMDB page this seems to be her first/only TV role. Which. WHY IS SHE NOT IN EVERYTHING EVER? She’s sublime and brought such life to such a small character. A lot of her scenes with Lol just made me feel like crying. And ALSO THAT VOICE OVER SCENE. Just. No.


All the feelings. I remember looking her up and gnashing my teeth because this was the only role she’d played. It still is. I’m still gnashing my teeth.

Heather says: Alex Kingston on Doctor Who will always be the answer to this question until she gets blown up in that Library (which already happened, of course, because her timeline is running opposite of The Doctors, so in reality she will forever be the best guest star while also never being the best guest star). So, yes: River Song.

“You are quite the human.”
I will stan them until the day I die.

Sophy says: I have never stanned Elena Gilbert harder than I did throughout 2012. This is possibly because a) she is awesome, and b) nobody went through what she went through in 2012. I mean, really, we are talking about all the way from the Wickery Bridge Incident through to the other Wickery Bridge Incident through to a third Wickery Bridge Incident, after which she was allowed to be happy for approximately 24 hours before the fire pond hit. And there was worse to come in 2013, of course, because that is Elena Gilbert’s life. And that’s why I stan her and also because she is awesome and I think I forgot to mention HER FACE.


My girl is decent and resourceful and loves with her whole heart and gets the fuck on with things. She is a good person and she is Elena Gilbert too. And in 2013 she’s going to be done apologizing to you and to herself for failing to be somebody else. And I will be so proud.

Rin says: Don’t you love how adding in new categories just means I have more opportunities to love on Quinn and/or Dianna? There is no end to the amount of love I have for Quinn. I’m pretty okay with never seeing her character again because it’ll mean they will stop destroying her and making her into something she’s not. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t mind if she came back for the show finale with one final reunion for all our kids (Oh man :( ) and they all sing together one last time and Quinn looks into Rachel’s eyes the way she is in the above image, and sings to her. And only her. And that’s how we’ll know. And how Rachel will know. And then everybody will know.

Now I’ve told you.

Heather says: Helena G Wells and Myka Bering. Honestly, I’m fully feeling the Knightley/Emma conundrum with them right now: “If I loved them less, I might be able to talk about them more.” But I talked about it a lot here. Those six paragraphs are all my whole heart.

“When I look into the future all I see is…”
What we want from 2013.

Heather says: Getting my hands on the new Kazu Kibuishi-designed Harry Potter books.

Rin says: Okay, when you put them all out like that.. they look fucking gorgeous dear lord in heaven. I want this too. Except I already have 2 full sets. DO I NEED A THIRD? (Yes.)

Heather says: Yes. Very yes.

Rin says: Let’s not even. But yes. This is all I want/wanted from 2013.

I would still come back for them.

After all this time? Always.

Sophy says: In May The Fades won the 2012 BAFTA for Best Drama. I then spent the rest of the year waiting for it to be uncancelled. What I want from 2013 is for it to be uncancelled. It is now July and it has still not been uncancelled. Tick-tock, universe.

“I’d feel like killing myself.”
Please never happen in 2013.

Heather says: Skins Fire. (Oh, look! My prophecy came true! I’m a regular Sybil Trelawney over here.)

Rin says: This breaks my heart. We would be lying if we didn’t choose this show for this category because the destruction of it during Season 4 still makes us feel like we lost something special.

And then we really lost something special.

Cory will be greatly missed. If I could ask for him to not die I would. I think everybody wished that was possible.

Sophy says: This. All of this. We chose Glee being ruined as our ‘Please no’ and it went ahead and happened anyway. But since then Cory has died and that is the saddest thing in the world, far sadder than anything a TV show could do to us. It’s not something we ever would have thought to wish wouldn’t happen, but we still feel the need to say how much we wish it hadn’t.

“Hamony! Has! Minions!”
Funniest Human Ever

Sophy says: HE IS THE FUNNIEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME. How Rin has still not watched Community I do not know, but she should immediately for this human alone. And also for all the other humans, BUT FOR THIS HUMAN ALONE, RIN.

Ken Jeong is just unbelievably funny, but credit also goes to the way Community reinvents his character each season. He is always different and he is always perfect. And if anything it just gets better in 2013. Changnesia.

I mean.

Heather says: Maisie Williams, I’m pretty sure.

Rin says: YES BOTH OF THEM. Last year they released a Carpool Confessional series on Youtube during the making of Heartthrob and they were their hilarious, adorable usual selves. I particularly liked that time Sara didn’t know what glow sticks were and asked if they were food. And then proceeded to chew on them.

And then that time Tegan was really excited about Starbursts.

And when she wouldn’t stop telling Sara they only had five days left of recording.

The list goes on.


“That’ll put marzipan in your pie-plate, bingo!”
The Rin will cry if you don’t get a trophy award for being loved by Rin.

Rin says: I watched this movie last year and it is a really interesting/realistic take on first love. I utterly adore Anton and Felicity in this, and everybody should see it if you haven’t already. It’ll claw at you.

In a good way.

Sophy says: I watched this in 2013. Several times.

“That’s disturbing. You’re emotionally scarred and will end up badly.”
The Sophy has feelings too award.

Sophy says: I love Jessica Pare. I love Megan Draper. Jessica Pare as Megan Draper is an excellent thing. Haters, don’t even speak to me.

“She’s beautiful, with a lion’s heart and the face of an angel!”
Congratulations on your face!

Heather says: Oh, it’s all about Joanne Kelly’s face for me.

Sophy says: LOOK AT IT.



Rin says: Sophy was all ‘WE NEED A NEW CATEGORY BECAUSE I NEED TO HONOUR VICKY’S FACE’ and I nodded and proceeded to make my graphic for Dianna.

I get face blindness for all other people when Dianna exists.

“Sassy eggs.”
And the winner of the gayest race for 2012 is…

Sophy says: As if there is even any competition. Quinn was the gayest she has ever been in 2012. Too bad she went all hetero with Santana in 2013.

Rin says: I cannot stop laughing at her face. LOOK AT IT. OH I GUARANTEE YOU HAVE. Fucking hell =)) =)) =))

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  1. Viscosity
    Viscosity at · Reply

    Let me reiterate ‘back in the cage’ because I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I got a spoonful. The spoon is nowhere to be seen and I’m like starving over here girrrl.


    • FUCKINGPASSWORD. Haha goodbye forever. I love Jennifer Carpenter so much.

    • Everything about This is England. LOL’s face, the NURSE! I also looked up after watching her and it really is disappointing she isn’t in ALL the things.

    • I cannot believe Rin hasn’t seen Community. Like, what?

    • Heather….thanks for Myka/HG and that awesome interview with Jaime and Jo.

    • Skins set FIRE to my memory because It did happen and I can’t go back now. WHY WHY WHY.

    • The Fades. I’ll always be waiting for it to come back, you can’t tell me it’s over.

    • Bomb Girls was such a fun time. The show, the campaign, MEG TILLY.

    • Rin. Gaming. The Walking Dead is really great to watch, I’ve never seen someone play that type of game who is actually scared so it’s fascinating :)

    Can’t wait for next years Ropher, Orphan. Black. I’m hoping there’s a section: ‘The time she danced with the tail in the club’

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      Stay tuned.

      Thank you for commenting and for being always awesome and for cage action and for pressuring Rin about Community. All good things. I will return to ASWD as soon as I can get over the hump of being sad about Cory. I was writing a chapter that had Finn in it last time I dipped into the ASWD pool so it makes me sad to even think about it right now.

      1. Viscosity
        Viscosity at · Reply

        Cory! Yeah fair enough. That was awful news that I may still be in denial about.

        I forgot to mention Orange is the New Black. Have you ladies seen it yet? If not you need to.

    2. Viscosity
      Viscosity at · Reply

      Hey me, it’s me. You made one of those smiley things show up at last. Great year so far!

  2. heather hogan
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    1. Sophy
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  3. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    Oh no, now I have so many TIE feelings!! I just watched that film/show this year and I’m so sad I was missing out for so long. But I don’t think I’ve ever felt so many things while watching a show in my life. I can’t wait for TIE 90.

    I continue to hope that The Fades will come back, and I will still complain that they cancelled it even when I’m 90. I’m not ok with not having the Paul/Mac bromance anymore.

    As for Skins 6 (and 7…I guess….) it happened but it never happened. I literally just blank it out of my mind.

    And Paperman!! I’m so glad that got a mention, it was so amazing. I cried a little while watching it.

  4. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Gosh, 2012 is a long time ago. I can’t remember it well. Federer won a tournament?

    General agreement: Brochel was saddening. Klebekah was delicious. Emma/MM is disturbing but I can’t dismiss it. Delena 319 hell yes. Rin/Paperman ha ha ha (but it is so cute). Sherlock is Johnlock, isn’t it? And Moriarty gave such good villain. Dany’s triumph at Qarth, yes, better than this year IMHO. Leslie & Ben’s engagement, yes yes yes.

    Lane’s death: the Jaguar failing to kill him made me laugh harder than any other scene in a non-comedy last year. (I’m a bad person.) I too binged on Community’s three good seasons last year, so yes, Britta. Chang is… not my favourite… but “I have changnesia” is still hilarious, let’s be honest.

    I also binged on Parks & Rec last year, so my vote for sexless marriage is Joan/Perd. And my vote for best guest star might be Councilman Jamm. And my vote for President might not go to Heather, actually, because I worry that then she wouldn’t have time for writing.

    Do you know if Ching He Huang has a stance on pork salad?

    All those Hermiones, and the Kazu Kibuishi covers, are making me wonder about the inevitable HP tv show. Maybe a few years away yet, but surely sometime.

    There, and I didn’t mention Faberry once. Till I said Faberry there. Oops, that’s twice.

  5. folkpants
    folkpants at · Reply


    So glad this show is getting some Rophy love. MY GOD, THIS SHOW!!! From Lol’s face to Combo to Woody’s heart. This show! And my god, THANK YOU for the Helen Behan love. She is beyond spectacular.

    If I could have three wishes for the rest of 2013 it would be that 1)Skins Fire didn’t exist, 2) Rophy recap This Is England. 3) when I say Lol, people would start humming The Smiths.

    (And thank you so much for posting the awards. I’ve missed me some Rophy! and Heather, too!)

  6. NaVarre
    NaVarre at · Reply

    Im sad you guys didn’t like The Mindy Project! I freaking love that show!

    However everything else on this list is perfect!


  7. Stosh
    Stosh at · Reply

    Still check everyday for an update to ASWD. Glad to hear it’s still a go (while being understandably on the back burner for now). I would love a graphic of The Dianna Agron Award for Being Dianna Agron. And also, that should be the Emmys. And also, is there a link to the Quinn Glory Shots?

    In non-Dianna things, what is “stanning”? And there is a moment, the only moment I have ever liked Ryder or Blake Jenner, at the beginning of “No Scrubs” when he does this hilarious, creepy animatronic-like smile right in Artie’s face. I am making it a bigger moment than it is, but I watched it 800 times because it made me laugh and gave me some feels for the kid, like he was cutely breaking character for a millisecond.

  8. NiQky
    NiQky at · Reply

    I was going through your old posts last weekend and wishing that you’d do a Ropher Awards soon!
    So, last week’s old posts revisit got me to watch ‘The Hour’ and Glorious 39 :)
    Also, I watched ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ a few months ago! I really enjoyed it!

    I loved Heather’s ‘What the Bible really says about the gays, especially because i relate so closely it, having been born and raised as a baptist and been passionately involved in the church at one point myself.

    ‘To watch’ list from these awards – Paperman, Lilies and Madame Bovary. I really want to watch the ‘This Is England’ series as well. I’ve watched the movie. I’m waiting to watch the series… i’m not quite sure why i’m waiting though… :P eh!

    Rin – how have you not watched ‘Community’ yet??
    Sophy – Chummy! Miranda Hart is my patronus.
    Heather – I so understand your love for Paily, and the Naomi feels that Paige makes you feel. Even just hearing the Paily theme song makes me feel all melty and swoony!

    Rophy – do you guys watch Adventure Time? it’s really funny. and clever. and trippy too sometimes.

    And YES to all things Parks and Recreation.

  9. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    Dexter and Hannah were one of the worst couples to happen on television like…..ever. This season’s been so amazing though I can’t really be that mad anymore (at least until she makes her ominous return….)

    I watched the This Is England original film and thought it was brilliant, but haven’t seen any of the subsequent miniseries. I’ll have to find a way to do that.

    All the Glee featured categories just bummed me out super hard. I was surprised how upset I was to hear about Cory’s passing, considering I obviously didn’t know him on any sort of personal level. He just always seemed like such a sweetheart though, and I feel so bad for the rest of the cast and crew, particularly Lea. Out of curiosity, do you guys think you’ll break your Glee ban and watch the tribute episode to Cory?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Oh Emily you will love the TIE series, it’s as spectacular as the film! As for Glee, yes we will watch that episode, hearts heavy with much love.

  10. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    Oh, and PS- Yes Sophy to Megan/Jessica Pare! How are there people that actually hate her? I also like Betty Draper though, so maybe I’m just an anomaly….

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I LOVE BETTY TOO! I hate that some people who love Betty automatically seem to hate Megan.

  11. Daphna
    Daphna at · Reply

    Show that needed less sources for plots: Once Upon A Time.
    I really liked it at first, then they added every Disney character ever drawn and I couldn’t follow the plot, and I didn’t care anymore, so I quit. (Also, I found it really really hard not to ship Mary Margret + Emma.)

    Show that’s perfect (Just as it is): Pretty Little Liars.
    I just get so happy to watch it every week. I even enjoy waiting 3 months for it to come back. The excitement grows every day. Most weeks I have to wake up early and watch before work because otherwise I can’t concentrate. Then I watch and end up so hyper I can’t work. Fun times!

    Show that needed less theme episodes: Glee
    Why can’t the plot drive the songs? Why do the songs have to drive the plot? (I quit this also)

    Show that keeps getting better: Covert Affairs.
    It was so silly at the beginning, but not there are season long plots and guys that aren’t jerks (Eyal is so cool and Israeli!)… and Piper Perabo is as beautiful as ever. I love it.

    Saddest cancellation (until the next one): Bomb Girls.
    I loved that show with all my heart.

    Cutest human: Ginnifer Goodwin in knit hats on Once.
    The knitter in me couldn’t look away. Also, her ears sticking out like they do just makes my heart expand.

    OK, I think that’s enough. Thanks for a great list and a great 2012!

  12. Liz
    Liz at · Reply

    OMG THE TVD FANDOM CAP IS ONE OF MY EMBARRASSINGLY LONG AND OVERENTHUSIASTIC REVIEWS. I am lol-ing (and also weirdly touched?). And *headdesking* over the typo in said review that I only just noticed. Still.

    I LOVE THE ROPHER AWARDS. It occurs to me now that this is the first time I’ve commented on something generally Rophy-esque, but Sophy is well accustomed to me harassing her with my feels by now, so it’s time to move on to more creeper-esque pastures.

    Basically, this:

    ~I love all the TVD things. Especially this:

    “Damon Salvatore. But only if he promised not to kill people too much. And only if he said we only had to see his brother at Christmas time.”

    Pretty much.

    ~Every mention of Parks and Rec brings pure joy to my heart. There is no human more perfect than Leslie Knope. And her equally perfect companions. (BEN WYATT. ANN PERKINS. RON SWANSON. CHRIS TRAEGER FEELINGS UPDATE. ALL THE REST I JUST I CAN’T.)

    ~Downton Abbey should have had way fewer than half the episodes it has been allowed. I feel such rage when I think of how it is now so terrible and yet will go on forever, while precious, precious shows (like The Hour I WILL NEVER RECOVER) get cancelled. Why.

    ~Lol, Smash. What a hilarious trainwreck. And yet I watched in total fascination til the bitter end?

    ~I have so much TV to watch, and this post just reminds me of all the better things out there to watch while I’m wasting my time not watching TV.

    This has been brief, but I need sleep. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed this year’s installment of the Ropher Awards. And am sort of chuffed to have sneakily made a cameo.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      To me you are special. Also, The Hour. Angryface. ALSO did you watch Bomb Girls? Because it’s just lovely and you should. Also you can have all my cameos except Alex might have to have some because Alex. :)

  13. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Incest a frank discussion

    Speaking of Sherlock HAVE YOU SEEN ELEMENTARY because Joan Watson

    Once—aaaaaa I have loved that movie for so long and then just in June I was in New York again and saw the broadway show (WHICH WAS AMAZING) with Arthur Darvill and then I met him and nearly passed out. (Also saw Matilda which was so great I cried.)


    Whenever anyone pans anything that Keeley Hawes is in (ASHES TO ASHES!) I get irrationally angry.

    I really, really wish Glee is ending now that Cory died but it looks like Ryan Murphy is going to turn his death into some very special storytelling for ratings, oops, I mean “healing purposes”. They’re already making Finn die in the show, which, why the fuck. ENOUGH ABOUT GLEE IT IS MAKING ME DEPRESSED.

    “They started writing for people who wish they were 301 Effy” ugh this exactly. Sigh. Skins series 6. I’d kick a chair Finn Hudson style (*sniff*) but my heart is just not in it anymore.

    AW I LIKE THE MINDY PROJECT it took a little while to warm up to but then Mindy comforted her best friend’s child by patting her awkwardly directly on the face and I was sold.


    Sometimes I just roll around in happiness because Adventure Time exists

    ORPHAN BLACK! I just finished episode 5 and I just have to say that “Big Boob Blowies” reminded me fondly of “Asian Fanny Fun”

    ON BEHALF OF CANADA I ACCEPT YOUR PROPOSAL. Now, as is tradition, we will dance to our national anthem, “Let’s Go to the Mall.”

    I didn’t listen to much Ed Sheeran (just sort of never got around to it? Idk?) and then I saw him open for Taylor Swift and I was ON BOARD man he was so great.

    Sometimes I just watch the Snake Juice episode of Parks and Rec and pass out from laughing. Especially at Leslie and Ann’s angry dancing.

    I stopped watching Gossip Girl after season 4 (and it looks like I didn’t miss much) and then I heard about Dan Humphrey being Gossip girl and I just??? What about all those times when he was alone in his room and would get a Gossip Girl blast and would look totally surprised? Dan is the one who needs to be sectioned. (Or, as is actually the case, the writers literally decided this at the last minute because no way was this the plan all along.)

    YAY HANNAH MURRAY! I squealed with happiness when she delightfully appeared on my screen because I had no idea. (I got into GoT a bit late but now I am all caught up.) Also have you seen this tumblr, because it is literally the best things ever: Game of Thrones becomes 80 million times more excellent than it already is when combined with Arrested Development.

    Also after I saw Like Crazy I started rewatching the Worst Witch because remember that show. I’m pretty sure Ms. Drill and Ms. Hartbroom were a thing.

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