Ropher Awards 2011

“Stop that right now! I can hear the smacking.”
The ship that made us want to punch someone in the face.

Sophy says: It was nearly impossible for me to choose between Puck/Lauren and Gwyneth/Will. Congratulations, Glee, on giving the world the two most face-punchy ships of 2011. In the end I went with Puck/Lauren for three reasons: it went on offending me longer than Gwyneth/Will, it basically constituted Puck’s entire plotline for season 2, and at least when the writers created the Gwyneth/Will monster, they respected it enough to give it an actual ending.

Rin says: What they did with Lauren was a joke. I mean, I despised her, and even I feel bad for how insignificant the whole thing turned out to be.

Heather says: Frankly I find it unrealistic that anyone who’s been with Quinn and then isn’t with Quinn anymore can find the strength to ever get out of bed again. So just seeing Puck up and walking around feels like a joke.

“Okay then. Give us a kiss.”
The tingliest kiss.

Sophy says: Minky, Minky, Minky. This unexpectedly earth-shattering little kiss was the definite winner from 2011 for me, and that’s a year in which my Vampire Diaries OTP, who kill me with tingles, kissed for the first time. So props, Minky, you really earned this – partly because of Freya Mavor’s face, sure, but mostly because of how deftly a whole new world of possibilities was opened up with one silly, dress-up, fill-in kiss. I mean, Rin and I had long been theorizing that there was an attraction there on Mini’s part, but I think this was the moment when Mini herself started to think “Oh.” And I also think it’s the moment that Franky started to think “???”

Ah, 2011. A time of sweet dreams, none of which came true.

Rin says: It’s kind of awful to look back on this after everything, but I’ll always stand by the amazingness of series 5 Minky. This was super tingly because it was unexpected…but at the same time not really.

Heather says: I’m going to reach all the way back to January 24th when Castle and Beckett totally made out in episode 3.13. I mean, yeah, it was an undercover ruse, but for some reason the way Beckett ended the kiss by punching a bad guy in the head made it even hotter.

“But I can feel my skin humming.”
The tingliest thing that wasn’t a kiss.

Rin says: Utter perfection…. and WHEN THE MOVIE SHOULD HAVE ENDED. The perfect way to end an era.

I still get chills just looking at this. And the way Hermione was between her two boys and their clasped hands and Harry with his eyes closes and looking forward. Ready to rebuild their future.


Heather says: Every time Matthew and Mary are on screen together in Downton Abbey I feel like I’m going to hyperventilate. Dockery and Stevens have such deliciously charged chemistry I can hardly stand to watch them together. I’d probably cover my eyes, but I can’t even blink most of the time due to True Love Paralysis.

Sophy says: Oh my god, you know how most people are made of bones and muscles and water and blood and stuff? Mary and Matthew are just made of chemistry. That’s all. (Let me qualify this gushing by saying the writing for series 2 of Downton Abbey was so utterly shameful that I can’t give the show any kind of award.)

Sophy says: This scene. I nearly exploded. And not just from shipper joy – from generalized show joy. Because really, this was everybody’s scene, in that it was a true Stefan/Elena/Damon scene, one in which all three relationships were lit up and loved. The moment Elena looked at Damon and said “I think you’re going to be the one to save him from himself” everything that the show has been about from day one was right there, up so close that it hurt. The love these brothers have for one another, the way Katherine tore them apart, the way the girl with her same face is bringing them back together, against all odds.

The Vampire Diaries at its giddy best.

“And she’ll never have eggs or yawn or brush her hair…”
The death we’re still sniffling over.

Heather says: Fred Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, especially after reading what Oliver Phelps said about filming that scene: “On the day we filmed I knew it was gonna happen so every time I saw James I would get really sad. When we went to film it they had James lay down on the stretcher and just wait until the rest of the cast got there. I took one look at James on the stretcher and burst into tears. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to lose him. We have done everything together since birth and to see my brother laying down on a stretcher pretending to be dead just killed me inside.” Just like how it killed George inside. :(( :(( :((

Rin says: :(( :(( :((

Sophy says: I will never :(

Rin says: Yeah, Ned Stark. Hopefully we’re not spoiling anyone…..

…but christ. One of the most shocking moments on TV (if you haven’t read the books, like us!). Period.

“Come on, let’s get this gay show on the gay road.”
How is this not a gay show?

Rin says: I stand by my choice from last year. Rizzoli & Isles.

Heather says: There really is no other choice. Rizzoli & Isles may be the gayest not gay show EVER.

Sophy says: Nothing will ever be as gay as Rizzoli & Isles. Including actual lesbians.

“And frankly, it’s ludicrous to have these interlocking bodies and not… interlock.”
The couple who weren’t a couple who should have been a couple.

Sophy says: Faberry. There is no other valid answer to this question.

Rin says: Faberry. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. But also I want to point out that last year, Heather chose Leslie/Ann for this category last year and Rophy were completely oblivious to Parks & Rec. So I would like to mention that we have since rectified that terrible oversight and Leslie/Ann is the cutest and gayest and the cutest. (But also Leslie/Ben is the cutest and gayest and the cutest.)

And oh my god, we used to think we shipped Faberry a lot. But 2012 has seen a massive shift in the way we ship them. I predict great things for the Ropher Awards 2012.

Heather says: Aww. Leslie and Ann. I think I love them together so much because I used to think no one else could ever be good enough for Leslie Knope, but I was wrong. Ben and Leslie, man. Soul mates forever. But, um, my answer this year is Mini and Franky.

Rin says: We don’t need to talk about how much we agree. Although to be honest, we never really expected them to be a couple, just for their interesting non-friendship-friendship dynamic to continue playing out. With angst and the like.

Heather says: I wrote that before series six aired and … wow.

Sophy says: INVALID. Not because of series six. Because of Faberry. See above.

“My calculations are precise.”
The show that should have had twice as many episodes.

Sophy says: Oh God, we picked this one long before the news that the show would not be renewed, and now I can hardly stand how miserably appropriate the graphic is. Because seriously BBC3? SERIOUSLY?

The Fades was – is – I never admit defeat until at least two years post-cancellation – one of the slickest, most layered, intriguing and downright exciting new shows in a long time. So six well-received episodes, an enthusiastic fanbase, and a dizzying cliff-hanger later? It gets axed.

I honestly do not… know how to live in this world if these are the choices if everything just gets stripped away I don’t see the point :(


But seriously, The Fades just won the BAFTA for BEST DRAMA SERIES. I think that says it all. I hope the people at BBC are seriously reconsidering their life choices.

Heather says: I want to say Doctor Who because series six was magical, but there’s no way Moffat & Co. could have sustained their frenetic pace and plotting for 20 episodes. So I’m going to say Community because NBC has benched it which means they’re probably going to cancel it which means I would have loved a, like, 54-episode third season.

Sophy says: Oh man. I will totally be featuring Community in the 2012 Ropher awards. Spoiler alert.

“They’re bad calculations! Bad!”
The show that should have had half as many episodes.

Rin says: Ringer. Biggest. Disappointment. Ever. But also I want to say I totally tried to give ‘The Cape’ a go because of Summer Glau. And there are several hours of my life I will never get back. There was just.. never a moment where it was good.

Sophy says: Ringer. Sigh.

Heather says: Yep.

“What am I gonna do? Slay vampires on stage?” “Maybe in a funny way!”
The Boo Hiss award for wasting talent.

Rin says: Ringer as well? I mean…. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Wasted. I really hope that now it’s over, she will find the right show, or film or whatever. She just needs to be in more things!!

Heather says: Leighton Meester continues to be three billion times too good for Gossip Girl. But she’s not doing herself any favors with her film role selection. The Roommate? Country Strong? Meester, please. Wait! You know what I just realized? This is Gwenyth Paltrow’s fault! Of fucking course.

Sophy says: Mr Groff. What is the point of this fabulous bastard coming back to Glee if he’s not going to get to do anything fabulous or bastardy? And to think, I’d chosen this before the show wasted him again in 2012.

“And when the music starts, we open up our hearts…”
Best use of a song in TV

Rin says: When I first thought about this I was so torn. Can we have two? Cause, cause cause. I want to say Radical Face – Welcome Home, Son because that was a perfect piece of television right there. That moment in Grace’s episode of Skins will forever have a place in my heart. BUT ALSO. I can’t not mention how gorgeous and wonderful and lovely and I will never Glee’s ‘We Are Young’ performance was. And is. And forever will be.

But then. Sophy reminded me that Pretty/Unpretty was early 2011.

All bets are off.

We have a winner.

Do not pass go.

Do not collect $200.

Heather says: Mouse Rat’s L’il Sebastian tribute: 5,000 Candles In The Wind from Parks and Recreation. “Here’s the part that hurts the most: Humans cannot ride a ghost.” (Radical Face from Grace’s episode is my second choice! Oh, brave new world that has such people in it!)

Sophy says: This is so true I’m going to say it’s cheating.

Sophy says: Well this was a hell of a tough category. I had two ‘How can I not pick this gloriousness’ options each, from Glee and from Skins. Ultimately I left ‘We Are Young’ and ‘Welcome Home, Son’ behind. And ‘Pretty/Unpretty’ in Rin’s capable hands.

But oh man, this moment. We have yet to recap the S5 finale, but when we do, the flowery, tear-stained 2000 word ramble that this is going to get will… not shock anybody. And in case anyone’s wondering I would guesstimate that I listened to this song 365 times or so since the episode aired.

“She irons her jeans. She’s evil.”
Best/Worst use of jean shorts.

Rin says: Lily stop!!! It’s only going to encourage her.

Heather says: There really is no other choice. Sorry, Lily. But you KNOW better. 2012 is going to be a tough race, though, because Tobias Funke is coming back to us at last!

Sophy says: LILY A MILLION. But Heather is right, she and Soph will need to watch their backs next year with that nevernude back in town.

“What are you doing here? Five words or less.”
Most annoying guest appearance.

Rin says: Gwyneth Paltrow. In both the show and the concert movie. And in life. I can’t. So much hate.

Heather says: When Gwyneth gets more screentime on Glee than Dianna, a deal has been struck with Lord Voldemort. Dark Magic. No other explanation.

Sophy says: HAHHAHAHA Gwyneth again? After all this time? Yes. Gwyneth again.

Heather says: Half of the fun of Avengers was watching Pepper Potts and thinking about how much you guys hate Gwyneth. 8-.

“It’s like being in the Real World house. Only real.”
Reality star we want to stalk (in a cute way).

Rin says: I just. They were so great. Like, season 4 quality great. Here’s hoping there are others just as good for the new season! OH REALITY TV 8-.

Sophy says: I don’t care if he’s been dead since 2007. He’s Cornish and he’d proud and I was fangirling him randomly all year. RIP.

Heather says: The only reality TV I am interested in is a cartoon reality series about Rophy. It would be the greatest show of our times. 8-.

“I can’t feel anything. Legs, arms, anything.”
The most disappointing TV moment.

Rin says: I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I keep coming back to Ringer because we were SO excited! The pilot episode showed a lot of promise and potential, and then it kind of just got gobbled up by the cliché monster. AND IT’S SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR. THE FIRST LADY OF TV FFS. Thinking about all the things it could have been just makes me upset.

Sophy says: Ringer was such a shame. It had a potentially awesome premise, and a fantastic cast, but was just constantly let down by the writing – and the dodgy green screen. But really, it was hard for Rin and me to come to terms with the fact that this show was rubbish. We were beyond excited for it purely based on the fact that it was starring SMG… and then they added Jason Dohring to the cast… to play an even crappier role than the one Moonlight provided him with. And then Amber Benson guested! As a dead prostitute who is briefly interviewed in flashback by Mr Guyliner from LOST and has no scenes with SMG. Pure waste on every level.

Heather says: It breaks my heart to say it, but after three seasons full of heart and humor and nerdgasms galore, Chuck lost its mojo in season four. Also, it lost its mind. And its audience.

Sophy says: Let’s be clear, my disappointment here is both in US Skins and also in the cancellation of US Skins. Few people would argue that the show was anything less than a bummer, especially when compared to the brilliance of the original UK series. But the thing is… it was improving. I really feel that if MTV had given it a second season it might have blossomed – provided they had entirely dropped the rewrite aspect and gotten everyone except Britne a whole lot of acting classes over the break. I really feel that it was worth a second chance – because, you know, it’s Bryan Elsley. It’s always worth a second chance. Or even a third. :-.

Rin says: I could have easily watched a second series, with the way series one ended. Towards the end there were moments when it did feel like the Skins I knew and loved, so yeah, who knows what could have happened.

“Well, see, I like that you’re unpredictable.”
Something that surprised us.

Rin says: I honestly did not expect to love series 5 of Skins as much as I did. I went in with my arms crossed, and left with my heart full. Such a beautifully structured series of television.

Heather says: Reading this now, knowing what we know, makes me feel like I got dumped by Quinn. :(( :((

Sophy says: IT HURTS :((

Heather says: LaikaSpaceDog tried to get me to watch Friday Night Lights for an entire year and I kept blowing her off, all, “I grew up in football culture! I hate football culture!” Finally she drugged me with MDMA brownies and forced me to watch the pilot and it was epic, eternal affection at first sight. I’m shocked that I loved it, sure. But what’s super-shocking is that it might just be my favorite television show in the history of the whole wide world.

Sophy says: Dan and Blair did the impossible in 2011. They actually made me watch Gossip Girl in a non-ironic way again – at least whilst the two of them were on screen being funny and sweet and cathartic and completely true.

These are the 2011 Ropher awards. I am free to pretend that the Gossip Girl S5 finale has not rained its gross, misogynistic shit down on the world yet.

“Come with me now, if you will, gentle viewers. Join me on a new voyage of the mind, a little tale I like to call…”
The movie that had us on the edge of our seats with our heads in our hands.

Rin says: DH2. Simply because it was like having to say goodbye to an old friend I love and adore, without wanting to. I was also literally sitting on the edge of my seat for 90% of the movie. For the other 10% I was slouching back in my chair trying to hide my tears. For scenes like the one above. SERIOUSLY. YOU HAVE YOUR MOTHER’S EYES. I WILL NEVER.

Heather says: Exactly. I sometimes forget how lucky we are that so many people took such good care of those film adaptations.

Sophy says: Melancholia.

If I loved it less I might be able to talk about it more.

Seriously, I’ve been trying to write a review of this film since it came out and every time I just freeze up, like my tiny brain cannot cope with the amount of genius that’s trying to happen in it.

Rin says: YES. Everyone watch it immediately.

“Well, from the title I thought it was about food.”
We want our money back for the ticket and the pretzel bites.

Rin says: I just checked my ticket stubs and apparently I only saw 5 movies at the cinemas last year. Which is wow, an all time low. They were all great except for The Adjustment Bureau. That was crap. I want my money back.

Heather says: Oh, man. I saw so many shitty movies this year. Green Lantern was the lamest superhero movie since that Mountain Dew commercial they tried to pass off as Fantastic Four. I actually fell asleep during No Strings Attached. Arthur was the worst thing Helen Mirren has ever done to me. Transformers was always going to suck because of Michael Bay, but I still want my money back. Sucker Punch was deplorable. But I’m going with Cars 2 for the worst, worst, worst. Because being betrayed by Pixar is like if Santa Claus broke into your house and stole all your shit.

Sophy says: It is very rare that I don’t get through a movie. I have loved many romantic comedies. This film contained Chris O’Dowd and Rose Byrne.

And yet? I think I stopped around the 45 minute mark. It just wasn’t funny. Or interesting. In any way. It might have worked for me if the bland blonde in the main role had been swapped for Amy Poehler. But then I would just be watching Amy Poehler.


Rin says: I usually really love Kristen Wiig and find her hilarious, as well as Maya Rudolph. But the one I found funniest was Rose Byrne…and unfortunately even that wasn’t enough to keep it going. Chris O’Dowd deserves to get some overseas recognition though, so I’m happy he was in it.

“Are you going like stalker-boy on me now?”
Most watched wife.

Rin says: Hmmm, probably Ruth Wilson. <33 Jane Eyre, Luther, Small Island.. ALL OF WHICH YOU SHOULD HAVE WATCHED. And if not, you’re in for good times ahead. I assure you!

Sophy says: We basically gave ourselves a full Ruth Wilson education in 2011. If we’re going by amount of projects watched then it is absolutely her. But let’s be honest, if we’re going by time spent staring, Rin’s was most definitely Dianna Agron. And I’m not counting all the staring that has been done in 2012.

Heather says: I marathoned all the seasons of Mad Men and Community this year. There was scarcely a time when Alison Brie WASN’T on my TV. Runner-up goes to Alex Kingston due to multiple rewatchings of all her Doctor Who episodes.

“It’s really nice that you guys missed me. Say, you all didn’t happen to do a bunch of drugs, did you?”
The year’s best fandom.

Heather says: Hands down: Rophy Fandom. Remember our Great Skins Rewatch? Some of the best days of my whole year!


My favourite fandom of 2011 is the lesbian fandom. As in fangirls who are lesbians. Or lesbian-adjacent. I can’t even remember why I picked you guys now. You must have done something particularly amazing the day we were putting the awards together. I REMAIN CONFIDENT IN MY CHOICE.

Rin says: Okay, let’s remember that this is last year, and I didn’t have a tumblr! But last year I did spend quite a bit of time tumbling the achele and faberry tags, just for the sake of looking at all the pretties other people were making. And ever since I have never come across another tag that has photosets as beautiful as the ones in the faberry tag. Honestly, it’s always just overflowing with gorgeous, thoughtful things. I love it there.

Now..if people would just stop posting their omegle chats and rp posts, we’ll see how we go for Ropher Awards 2012.

“That’s right! I’m back, and I’m a bloody animal!”
The greatest comeback.

Rin says: This was the perfect opportunity for SMG….. Am I going to keep harping on about that? YES I AM. BECAUSE JFC. WASTED! But this category definitely goes to Jennifer Morrison. And Once Upon A Time. Because stick that in your fucking pipe House. Stick that into your pipe.

She is utterly amazing in the role of Emma, and how proud am I that she can hold her own in a leading role without ever stumbling? The show has also gone from strength to strength and they’re doing some really great things with fairytales and the like. Very much looking forward to season 2!

Sophy says: A THOUSAND TIMES YES. And now I’ve gone to a place where I’m wondering whether JMO would still have won if Ringer had been awesome. It’s confusing. Let’s face it, Rin and I would have just split them between us.

Once Upon A Time has been an absolute delight and Jennifer has done superb work as Emma. The material is worthy of her and she elevates the material. Best of both. And I’m so pleased to see that the show is popular enough that the TV gods won’t be ripping it away from us any time soon. Go OUAT!

Heather says: So say well all. (On both counts.)

“Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead!”
How were we living before we found this?

Sophy says: This was probably the most straight-forward choice of them all. Parks And Recreation. There is no other choice. Honestly, this is one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen, and it has only gone from strength to strength. Parks literally never had an episode that lets me down. I always laugh. I always squeal in delight. And I wholeheartedly adore every single character – even you, Jerry!

Rin says: Parks And Recreation. I can’t believe I went without it for so long, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. Leslie Knope, 2012.

And agreed. There is never a time when I don’t feel like Parks and Rec don’t put up a quality episode of television. There are always at least 5 laugh out loud moments in every episode, and I adore them for it. I don’t mean to take away from anything Amy has done in the past, but what she has shown in Parks and Rec is in a league of its own. Leslie Knope is the role she was born to play.

Heather says: Friday Night Lights. Seriously. I don’t even deserve TV that good.

“Check. No more butt monkey.”
Put a fork in it; it’s done.

Heather says: If I say 30 Rock am I going to get flogged?

Rin says: I kind of objected to this for a bit, but after this latest season, I can’t pretend that it’s anywhere near as great as it was when it first started. It’s a shame really, but I think you’re right.

Rin says: New Girl can honestly go away forever and never come back and let’s all pretend it never happened?

Sophy says: New Girl doesn’t count, because it should stop, sure, but it also should never have started in the first place.

Sophy says: I’m going to go with Modern Family. Jeer at me all you like, you two. I stopped watching early in the second season and could never motivate myself to get back into it. I feel that unlike Parks, for instance, which has a perfect balance going on, Modern Family veered swiftly into self-conscious, syrupy-sweet territory, and wound up completely lacking in momentum or bite.


Rin says: I still love Modern Family. I DO. I DON’T CARE.

Sophy says: I DIDN’T CARE FIRST.

Except… just looking at the award is making me feel guilty. Rin would get a picture of the ones I loved the most.

“Oh that’s the sound she makes when she’s speechless with geeker joy.”
The best thing that happened to Ropher.

Heather says: Carrying Rin around on my shoulders in New York City.

Sophy says: Rophystock :)

Rin says: Both. I can’t choose and you can’t make me.

When I’m 80 and looking back on my life, I’m sure these photos will make resurface and I’ll have a single tear/creamy cheek moment.

“Peas in a pod. Bonded peas.”
And this is why Ropher are soulmates.

Sophy says: bahahahahaahahahahahahha. Because Heather holidays with us ♥

Heather says: Um, because Sophy sleeps in my bed?

Rin says: Oh my god.

Sophy says: GOOD TIMES.

“Wow! They should film that story and show it every Christmas.”
The best macro Rophy made.

Heather says: BOBBING SOPHIA, OMG.

“My heart expands, tis grown a bulge in it.”
The best sentence Heather Hogan wrote.

Sophy says: BRB weeping to death.

Rin says: “I like Dianna Agron.”

HAHA Okay. This might say more about me than Heather’s beautiful writing. But you can’t make me choose. Everything Heather writes is the way I wish the rest of the internet was.

“And then Dawn said we were a cute triangle!”
The Second-Cutest Human Ever Award.

Rin says: Let’s try and pretend I had a moment where I actually had to think about this.

I didn’t.

There was no other choice. There may never be another choice. :-.

Heather says: Two way tie: Maggie Smith as Dowager Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey is the most adorable thing in my life. “Good heavens, what am I sitting on!” And Grandma Saracen from Friday Night Lights. “I didn’t want to go to the market now. I’m missing Oprah. They’re doing live makeovers. Maybe you could learn something.”

Sophy says: Ginnifer Goodwin. She’s ridiculous.

Rin says: Anyone dressing up as Harry Potter is the best ever in my books.

Sophy says: Oh, Nina, you were on the shortlist…


“The wedding. What wedding?”
Best Future Husband.

Rin says: Ron Swanson. No explanation required.

Heather says: “It’s never too early to learn that the government is a greedy piglet that suckles on the taxpayers teet until they have sore, chapped nipples. Um, I’m gonna need a different metaphor to give this nine year old.”

Sophy says: Blaine Anderson. ALL HIS LAME FACES MAKE ME SO HAPPY.

My husband is gay, sure, but my wife isn’t! It balances?

“My wedding! I’m getting married, can you believe it?!”
Best Future Wife.

Heather says: Alex Kingston.

Sophy says: She is the best one.

Rin says: :-.

“Me sharpening my pencil, me reading, writing, falling asleep on a big pile of books…”
The Hermione Granger award for reminding Ropher of Hermione Granger.

Ropher says: Arya Stark.

Hermione would be proud.

“That’ll put marzipan in your pie-plate, bingo!”
The Rin will cry if you don’t get a trophy award for being loved by Rin.

Rin says: Bandwagon. Honestly you guys, give it a go. You will not be disappointed. JUST LOOK AT THAT CAP!! THEY TALK ABOUT BUFFY AND RENT TOGETHER. HOW IS THAT NOT THE GREATEST THING THE EARTH HAS SEEN?

Sophy says: Let the record show that Sophy will also cry if you don’t love this.

“That’s disturbing. You’re emotionally scarred and will end up badly.”
The Sophy has feelings too award.

Sophy says: Gervais/Merchant. A terrifying Liam Neeson. Carrie from Cast-Offs. Willow from Willow. I was never not going to love this.

“When I look into the future all I see is…”
What we want from 2012.

Rin says: No graphic could express how much we want from 2012…so there isn’t one. The Fades series 2. OUAT episodes with Emma Caulfield, Emilie De Ravin and Amy Acker. Like, wow. Also GOT episodes with HANNAH MURRAY FFS. And just. There are so many guest stars everywhere in everything. Cannot wait. AND SHERLOCK SERIES 3, CAUSE GOD ALMIGHTY (but I kind of can’t talk about that because that happened this year for me?).

Heather says: A banner year for Peggy Olson on Mad Men, a fourth season pickup for Community, Matthew and Mary not to marry other people on Downton Abbey, Parks and Recreation to continue its amazing trajectory, Lily Loveless on a show I can actually watch with my cowardice still in tact, The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises to be as good as their trailers, Bryan Elsley’s UK Skins episodes to kick so much ass that people stop being such jackasses to him about US Skins, and Sophia and Mandeh to make guest appearances in all Rophy recaps ever. And world peace.

Sophy says: I’m going to say I still want The Fades series 2. You can’t stop me from wanting. Somebody needs to save it – just like somebody needs to save Upstairs Downstairs, but that’s a whole other story we’ll be saving for the 2012 Rophers. I want The Vampire Diaries to start airing all year around twice a week. I want Luther to come back and bring both Alice and Jenny. I want Gossip Girl to redeem itself by having Chuck and Blair actually die in a car crash. I want Quinndependence. I want Rachel Berry to become a star. I want to recap Skins 402. I want to group hug with each and every Rophite.

“Sassy eggs.”
And the winner of the gayest race for 2011 is…

Heather says: Mini McGuinness. And Effy – but at what cost?

Sophy says: Sigh. I bet she’ll try again, too. She has a worrying amount of faith in herself.

And pfff, Mini would never win the gayest race. I vetoed her immediately on grounds of being way too obviously gay to even enter. The 2011 version, that is.

Sophy says: ET phone homo.

Rin says: What can we say that we haven’t already said in the past? I bet for next year she won’t even be a contender for this category because she’s going to college and we all know that’s where all the ~self-discovery happens. And she has metro passes. And you can get gay married in New York. And I know of a girl in New York who thinks Quinn is the prettiest girl she’s ever met.


Thank you and goodnight.

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    this makes me so happy i can’t even explain how much!!!

    Thank you for reminding me why Heather Hogan’s writing helps me see deeper and wider and makes me a better person, or atleast try to be. (‘The best sentence Heather Hogan wrote’)

    YES, this IS all: “Oh my god, you know how most people are made of bones and muscles and water and blood and stuff? Mary and Matthew are just made of chemistry. That’s all. ”

    I am going to watch ‘Melancholia’.
    I’m not jeering, but i still love Modern Family too.
    (btw, does rophy/ropher watch much anime?)

    RON SWANSON for King of the world! Nothing less. …if there’s nothing more…

    Finally, Ropher gets the award for ‘best coming-together-of-awesome-people ever’. EVER.

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      aw, glad you liked them NiQky! And what a lovely award :(( *clutches it*

  2. 1nineeight3
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    Every single award is giving me so many idunnowhatthefuckitis emotions that I. Can’t. Even.

    I’m swelling from all these feelings I have about all these shows, these characters, these people that my head is spinning, literally. Like I’m going to burst into many tiny tiny pieces of confetti with all your tiny tiny faces on them.

    So much love guys, so so so much love. BEST PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET AWARD to rin, sophy and heather!

    My head is still spinning, I need to go sort this out. *bawl*

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      BEST PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET? Rin will beg to differ, since Dianna Agron has a tumblr and all. But thank you ♥

  3. kthrace
    kthrace at · Reply


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  4. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    This is all very overwhelmingly amazing. I think I want to watch more TV? Such a baby ropherite.

    Strong agreement on Ringer btw. Sigh.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thanks Ned! And yeah, Ringer is a big…. sigh.

  5. Viscosity
    Viscosity at · Reply

    2011 I was Ropherless. Grim.

    Parks and Recreation. Never. Disappoints. Like if I were thrown onto a desert island with one tv cast, it would be theirs.

    The Fades. I loved it hard, not sure I’ll ever be over that one.
    …excuse me while I go sob in the corner. Fucken.

    I want to adopt Arya Stark and I don’t even like kids.

    -blablabla you guys are amazing iloveyouforevermore-

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      THank you thank you! And 2011 was Viscosity free for us! 2012 for the win!

  6. Erik
    Erik at · Reply

    Definitely should’ve ended Harry Potter at that golden trio cap :(

    Rin & Sophy have you watched Friday Night Lights?! the first season is one of the most perfect seasons of TV I’ve seen. Listen to Heather =D

    Anyway, I love your blog (and I hope you’ll have time someday to recap gen 1 of Skins!)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      FNL is on my to-watch list! I’ll get to it eventually, promise. And I’d love to get to those gen 1 recaps too.

  7. heather anne hogan
    heather anne hogan at · Reply

    That photo of the Dowager Countess and Grandma Saracen is going in my wallet.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      1. heather anne hogan
        heather anne hogan at · Reply

        That one is painted on my wall as a mural!

  8. Four Oh Two
    Four Oh Two at · Reply

    Sophy says: I want to recap Skins 402.

    Yes, Sophy, a thousand times, yes.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      OH FOUR OH TWO. Cutest.

  9. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    FINALLY someone who didn’t think Bridesmaids is the best thing since sliced bread. It was NOT funny! It was diarrhea jokes, and Kristin Wiig is just funny when she’s doing impersonations of people, otherwise she’s like a bland Tina-Fey-Wannabe. I couldn’t even enjoy Maya in this movie and I love her in everything. This movie was just… poop jokes, no jokes, Kristen making faces, boredom. I laughed two times. Literally. And that was because of that car thing and Jon Hamm. The whole “women can be funny too because of this movie” was double-offensive since this had about as much class as an American Pie movie. It was just the worst.

    Also, I’m baffled how Rizzoli and Isles are still pretending they’re straight. Everyone knows! And it’s so obvious… which is actually what I enjoy most about the show – that it#s so gay and that it’s never gonna happen. I like that. It’s not a will-they-won’t-they, they always won’t, but they’re still the gayest. Sorry, Effy.

    Amy Pohler wins best future wife. Also best gay penguin minister. She wins all the awards. Because she’s the cutest.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      It’s my dream to someday marry gay penguins! And yeah, I know – I hate the way people pretend women weren’t funny before Bridesmaids. Please.

  10. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    Ahh too many things…

    Deathly Hallows Part 2-All my creys!! I literally just cried through pretty much the entire movie. :'(

    Bridesmaids-Not funny at all. So overrated. But yay for Chris O’Dowd!

    Melancholia-I was so so excited to see this film and ended up being slightly disappointed (I think it needs a couple of watches) but it was the most beautiful thing ever. Especially the opening sequence with the music and the Kirsten Dunst and *froths at the mouth*

    Finally, THE FAAAAAAAAAAAAADESSSSS…I’m going to be like the ghost in The Woman in Black wandering around forever saying “Never forgive, never forgive…”

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      ELYSSE. You are making me want to try to write that essay explaining why Melancholia is the most brilliant thing since the stove. Which would mean I’d have to watch it again. Which MIGHT DESTROY ME.


      1. Elysse
        Elysse at · Reply

        I think I wanted to like it so much that it just ended up not being what I thought it was? I went in thinking that it was going to be the best movie ever, but it was just nothing like I assumed it would be, which is more my fault than the film’s. It really just needs a rewatch for me I think. But I would love to read said essay if you ever write it!

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          Aw, yeah. It might be one of those things you have to be in the mood for. And it might be something you have to connect to personally to really go nuts over. I’m still not sure. Do watch it again sometime though! If I ever write my essay I’ll post it on rophydoes :)

  11. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    The gif of Dianna Agron it’s just the cuttest thing ever.

    Well, until we see her again and does something corky, or speaks, or smiles, or just existing…
    I’m rambling; anyway, I had fun reading, as always, and… you guys can Quinn me if you want, I wont mind.=)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      CORKY? I’m just picturing her, bobbing up and down in water.

  12. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Haha! “Heather says: Half of the fun of Avengers was watching Pepper Potts and thinking about how much you guys hate Gwyneth.” Yes! I was sitting there, Pepper Potts comes on screen for the first time and all I could think was, ‘Gwyneth is wearing jean shorts! What will Rophy think?’

    I love all three of you and love to read what you write. You always make me think so much deeper about the shows and movies I am watching so thank you. Oh, and my Netflix queue thanks you as well. Purely because of you guys I have added Sherlock, Upstairs, Downstairs, The Fades and Downton Abbey just in the last two days. I have no idea when I’ll have time to watch them, but I will!

    Ropher takes all the awards.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Aw, Tammy! You should get some kind of ‘Most Studious Ropherite’ award. Hope you enjoy them all! Yes, even Downton Abbey. I may have had a violent response to the writing in S2, but it’s still a fun ride – and would be worth watching for Michelle Dockery alone, to be honest.

  13. dani
    dani at · Reply

    “Frankly I find it unrealistic that anyone who’s been with Quinn and then isn’t with Quinn anymore can find the strength to ever get out of bed again.” truest.words.ever

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Rin was so pleased with that statement.

  14. Elaine
    Elaine at · Reply

    Such good choices! I just had to comment to say how much I agree about The Adjustment Bureau. I saw it with a group of people who all liked it and I was so confused! I kept waiting for something interesting or profound to happen (or for Morgan Freeman to show up as God) but it was very underwhelming.

    Also, all of your writing about Skins season 5 and Franky/Mini is very depressing now that season 6 happened. I want to remember what being in minkyland feels like.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Season 6 cast us out of Minkyland :( So cruel :-.

  15. Annie H
    Annie H at · Reply


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      QUINN WON’T KNOW WHY FABERRY IS HER LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mac
    Mac at · Reply

    Bandwagon is the cutest/funniest thing I’ve been introduced to in a long time. Thank you Rophy for rekindling my love for Tracie Thoms and Emma Caufield.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      hooray! Glad you like it. It really is adorable. :D

  17. Jasmine
    Jasmine at · Reply

    Have only read bits of Rophy posts in the past but I followed a link from HH’s Twitter and I can now proudly say I STAN ROPHER SO HARD OMG.

    I love you guys and this post is flawless.

    Forever laughing at Bobbing Sophia!

  18. Beatrice
    Beatrice at · Reply

    Hey, lookie, I’m there, in a top of my top favorite things..
    Ok, maybe it sounds a bit odd coming from me…

    Oh, Minky…

    I love how Dianna Agron and mentions of her are just everywhere (as it should be).

    I stopped watching Gossip Girl a long while ago, but bow I kind of hate the lack of Leighton Meester in my life. Please get on a good show so I can stare at your face again.

    The Fades… *sigh*

  19. Hakima
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