108 – Daisy

Rin says: Before we get going I feel like I should comment on Skins US being cancelled. :( And it’s kind of ironic that we’re at this stage of recapping the season, because for me this is when the show actually started to pick up. I think it started some good things in Michelle, and just picked up speed. And like we’ve said from the start, we thought this show did much better when original content was being created, and they stayed away from original storylines. I’m sad that it got such a short life, especially for Bryan and the cast, there was definite potential in this show. I guess the odds were stacked against them from the start, so I feel like they should at least have gotten another season — it was always going to be tough winning over an audience with only 10 episodes. I think of something like The OC, which I kind of despised from the start, it was only after the 14th episode I was completely in love with it, and when that show was good it was good. And even with shows like Buffy (Greatest show of all time), the first season is definitely my least favourite, and the difference between the first and second seasons is momentous.

And I guess it’s all very well for me to say I’m sad that it didn’t work out after beating up the show a helluva lot in past recaps, but I really did want it to succeed. I still get nightmares about things like that cut-fade-to-black scene in Chris, or Betty/Tony/Eura etc., but all in all (especially with the last few eps) I could have easily followed a few more seasons of this show.

Especially since I have this horrible-horrible-horrible-I-don’t-even-want-to-vocalise feelings about the future of Skins UK, I want as much Skins as possible to cling on to. Alas. The world is a cruel place to be a TV show.

Sophy says: They totally could have done an Australian Skins, except Australia already ripped them off with ~Slide, which, by the way, misses the point entirely and is so fucking painful to watch I can’t even.

Anyway. I’ve been kind of less than gung-ho about finishing off this recap, because it was right around when we were starting it that the news of the cancellation came through and just :( There was something so depressing about posting the recap of the strongest episode of the season alongside that news.

We know we’ve given Skins US a hard time generally, and whilst we stand by our criticisms, we’ve always seen the potential too. As Rin says, many of the shows we know and love took longer than 10 episodes to reach their rightful levels of amazing.

Although I’ll have you know that I loved The OC right from the start. RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED FROM. Um. *single tear*

Rin says: You even watched Marissa die. I couldn’t do it.

Sophy says: Marissa’s death wasn’t half as painful to watch as the series finale. Trust me.

Rin says: Now having said that and making peace with the situation, I’m still not going to play nice. Only when it’s warranted, tyvm.

This can be one of those moments, because I did like this little bit of Daisy in the first episode.

Sophy says: Yeah. But I like it better in its true context…


Rin says: When I first watched this it was an instant rolling-of-eyes at ‘Busty Bocadillo’ … and I felt such dread. Please, oh please, let this episode not be filled with crap like this. (I’m glad I was wrong.)

Sophy says: I KNOW RIGHT. Just call it Breasts R Us and be done with it. Stop trying to be quaint, show, it doesn’t work when you’re not British.

In all seriousness though, as much as Skins has always tended to revel in the far-fetched, I did feel that Daisy’s day job was a bridge too far. She’s 16??? No part of me believes that America lets 16 year olds work at Hooters. It got way too upset about this show for me to believe it’s okay with Hooters/16.

Right??? RIGHT???


Rin says: But we still have to get past this part to get to the better part of the episode. God damn you Stanley and Abudd.

But I guess this is where we get out ‘THIS IS DAISY’S PLACE IN THE GROUP’ served of a big-ass silver platter, as Abudd says, ‘That’s what you do, right? You fix everything.’ Yeah. Cause. That’s how I always talk to my friends.


Sophy says: “Whatever, the tips are insane.”

“Yeah I’ve noticed the tits are – “

“The tips. Stan.”

Not gonna like, I smiled at that. There are times in this episode where I feel Camille’s penchant for deadpan delivery works to her advantage and gives her a slightly April-from-Parks-and-Rec vibe. This is one of those times.

PS. Abbud has this issue where he juts his chin out every time he goes for a sentence. I don’t know what that’s about.

AND YES. Dear writers, you have to show us Daisy fixing everything for everyone, before you tell us like it’s a fact we all know and love. Skins UK did a better job of showing Jal to be the one who cares, and since her ep was the third of the series, they only had two episodes to do it in.

Rin says: Now here’s where I’d have preferred the episode have started! With no Stanley’s or Abudd’s in sight! 8-.

I like this whole cut sequence where we get an insight into Daisy’s life without having to be told. We’re just shown, because yes, we’re smart enough to pick up the visual hints! We learn more about Daisy in these few seconds than we have in all episodes prior. And I’m like, ‘Where was this all season?! Ffs.’ She’s the caretaker of the family, the responsible one, selfless, driven and ambitious. I think she’s the first of all Skins kids to have a job in their first season/series, and it’s all going towards her family and college.

Sophy says: Not quite as epic as Freddie’s clean-up in 405, but it’s still good. I like the music going on in the background and Daisy’s understated ‘Shit’ when she walks in. And I totally agree with Rin – this scene? It did the job that last scene was supposed to do. Daisy is the fixer, we got it. If they’d just had a few more scenes like this relating to her friends over the course of the season they wouldn’t have needed that whole exposition scene and Rin wouldn’t have had to suffer.


I also like how in the same montage we’re shown the extent to which music dominates Daisy’s life, via all the paraphernalia – for those with keen eyes, we are shown how music dominates her family’s history too – Valero Trio tickets etc.

Rin says: SISTER! And as later-learned, REAL LIFE SISTER! Cuuuuute. Later on I’ll actually get them confused for each other, but that’s not yet.

And here we get the first clue that there’s something troubling this family as Daisy shouts, ‘What are you doing?’ to which Didi replies, ‘Dad’s working!’ It’s subtle and oh-how-we-love subtle.

Daisy takes on the role of big sister/mother and tells her to do her homework, even checking it over for her — of course all her answers are wrong and Didi flounces.

“Who cares?”
“You care, okay?”

I kind of loved that.

Sophy says: THEY LOOK SO ALIKE I CANNOT. And they are really cute I cannot.

In fact this whole scene was going swimmingly till the mention of Eura…

At which point I was like…


But then it started swimming again when Mini-Daisy started rapping, because as tragic as the rapping was it was sweet how she was just all ‘CHECK THIS OUT’ and Daisy was all attentive and quiet and kind of like a proud mini-mum.

Sophy says: Mr Daisy is here. And he does not like the rapping.

Rin says: Sometimes I rap.

And yes, it is similar to how Leslie Knope raps.

Sophy says: LOL OH MY GOD. This series of caps all together like that? Priceless.

Rin says: Wait. SUBTITLES?….

Rin says: I’m a little frightened. Things are going to get a bit dicey.

Sophy says: HOW. DARE. HE.

Rin says: :O Sneaking off!

That 3rd cap of her going down the hall is one of my favourites of the episode.

Sophy says: Yeah, I love that cap. In fact the whole sequence was really lovely, with Daisy lying in bed looking up, Skins style, with the atmospheric and oh so lonely music playing, and then, how she just hops out of bed, fully clothed, and it’s down the corridor with a furtive backward glance and then BAM! Trumpets.

Rin says: This was really cute, seeing her play her heart out. And I liked that the sax player/owner of the bar (I assume he owns the bar) was an old friend of her parents, making it all the more realistic that she’d actually be allowed in a club this late at night to play.

Sophy says: I don’t know if Camille was actually playing that trumpet, but she did a really nice job of appearing to play it. Well. To me, as a non trumpet expert, she did. ANYWAY. There was a lot of energy to the performance and her little smile at the end was cute and then Mr Sax ruffled her hair and it was just oh. A lot to like.


Sophy says: A REAL GIRL??? I’m glad they’re finally giving Daisy the Jal-aspect of being somewhat more down to earth than the others. I think it’s important for the viewers to have a character who grounds the show with some of the humdrum realities of their own lives – bills, homework, and being sensible. That kind of stuff. In previous episodes Daisy mostly came off as a chesty ditz to me, but in this one? I’m really starting to like her.

ANYWAY. Mr Sax sits down with Daisy and gives her a bit of a pep talk about her audition and her dad. Clearly he’s a long-time family friend, because he knows all about Mr Daisy’s Joyless House approach to parenting, and even suggests he could have a word with him himself. However, he’s a family friend who is very much on the outs – Mr Daisy doesn’t want to associate with anyone from the club anymore. See it turns out he used to play the piano there with his lady wife, before it all went Valero Trio Blues. Mr Sax calls Daisy’s mum a bitch whilst filling us in on the backstory, and Daisy gives him an epic bitchface back for it.

Sophy says: Mr Sax apologizes for the bitch remark, and gets up to leave Daisy to her homework. He stops one last time though, and tells her to talk to her dad – maybe he’ll understand. Daisy doesn’t think so. She tells us just that and then has a casual swig of something neatly alcoholic from a tumblr on the table, and it’s a really great, really nonchalant moment. Homework/booze. I like it.

We cut to her sleeping it all off back at the apartment, when she is unceremoniously wakened by Didi, who puts earbuds in her ear and turns the volume up real loud. It’s kind of funny and kind of touching, given the whole No music! thing.

Rin says: The little scene between the sisters was cute, and I liked how it was just a short transitional scene to build on their relationship. I totally got held down and tickled by my big sister, until I cried. From laughing. Not like, as some torture device.

Sophy says: I HATE BEING TICKLED SO MUCH. It hurts and yet I can’t stop laughing LIKE I’M ENJOYING IT. So wrong. There should be laws.

Rin says: Okay, so after we say ‘No’ to hosting the Emmys, we’ll outlaw tickling.


Rin says: I sort of imagine this whole thing playing out like it would in a mobster film.


Rin says: I really like Daisy’s tee, cause it kind of looks like a cute mole from this angle (his nose is pointing to the left), but it’s a man’s head!

The more you know.

Sophy says: Okay the real reason she was buttering furtively is that it looks like Mr Daisy is cottoning on to the fact that she’s been slipping him some extra cash. Of course, he won’t be happy about that. Joyless House, you guys.

Rin says: BANANAS!!!

I should actually talk a bit about what’s happening right now.

So as mentioned, Mr Daisy finds out that she’s been sneaking cash into the ‘family vault’ and gets cranky about it, telling her she should be saving it all for her college fund. He also starts calling her a liar so Daisy tells him the truth, she’s saving up to go to the Conservatory of Music. And instead of being a loving and supportive parent, encouraging his talented daughter to pursue her passion — he shuts her down. Surprise, surprise. Hell hath no fury like a Mr Daisy scorned.


Okay and about his daughter wanting to be a musician and live a life of poverty and misery and stuff.

Sophy says: Mr Daisy is all that piano ruined everything!! And, as he leaves, Daisy comes back at him with a really nice line: “So what’s the piano for dad? Why is it still here?” It’s simple, strong, to the point, but all she gets for her troubles is “Take your sister to school.”

Rin says: Didi gets all upset, as is the by product of family fighting, so she demands to see her mother.

Daisy is all like ‘Not now. [-( ‘ …for like, a second.

I was also a bit, ooooh yay we get to see their mother! But…

Rin says: Their mother is in the form of a CD now.

It’s kind of sad actually. But sweet that they both still cling to it.


I like that when Didi says their mother is beautiful, Daisy is all “Yeah, like you.” Except for how they look so much alike that it’s almost kind of vain…


No one will ever catch a break. For anything.

Sophy says: SISTERS!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rin says: During this episode I kind of felt like the way I felt watching Cadie’s episode. It was going really well — until the others showed up.

I mean, the couples councelling was a pretty cute setup… UNTIL ABBUD WAS ALL, ‘YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME’ *POUT POUT* .. SHUTUP ABBUD!

Sophy says: I HATE ALL OF THIS. And it stopped being cute way before that, Rin, somewhere around Tea being all ‘I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Really Tea? All that pouty lurking you did at Michelle’s catflap last week begs to differ.

And yes, yes, I know she means she didn’t do anything wrong to Abbud, which I do agree with entirely, but still. Don’t be yelling out unqualified declarations of innocence when you’re a stupid betraying bastard-face and we all know it?

Rin says: The whole, putting everything on the table whilst the subject matter of your little speech is listening in without you knowing?


Sophy says: Laaaaaame.

You really don’t want to know the bullshit that is coming out of Tea’s mouth right now, so we just won’t talk about it. Okay?


“And you’ll blow anything as long as it’s made of brass, right?”

Rin says: Bitch!


Tea laughs at her own stupidity (I’m presuming) in a way that I would under normal circumstances find sort of cute. She apologizes to Daisy and swishes out past Tony, who for some unknown reason says “She’s pretty great, isnt’ she?” I don’t even know what the fuck he’s talking about, or, quite frankly, why he’s even talking at all.

Rin says: For a second I almost felt like this was too harsh on Tea.

For a second.

Sophy says: WAY HARSH, TAI. But fair.

Rin says: Sometimes I wish Tony didn’t exist. Like Betty.

Wait, who?


Because I don’t.

Meanwhile Tony is talking some utterly revolting crap about how Daisy’s pretty great (yeah, that earlier statement was the random intro into this, apparently) and how ~no one’s ever seen that side of her, and thankfully Daisy seems as vomitty about it as I feel.

He then says something about her being all work and no play and recycles Tea’s sad joke about the trumpet, and I guess this is supposed to ~get to Daisy, which let’s face it, if the writers were going to be fair to the character, it absolutely fucking would not, but, you know, whatever flogs the plot onward.

Time to shag Abbud, Daisy. Nearly.

Rin says: GOD I HATE TONY.


“If you bend my horn, I swear I will leave you and never come back.”

Rin says: I loved that line, and that she’s standing up to her dad — ’cause it’s not like she’s some spoilt underachiever. Daisy is a good kid who is striving to do what she wants.. and it’s not like the Conservatory of Music is a breeze. She’s not dropping out of school to be a ~busker ffs. So I’m definitely with Daisy on this one.

Sophy says: Yeah, I liked that line too. And the ‘You’re such an idiot’ as she headed out. ‘It’s no wonder she left’ might have been a bit below the belt though, Daisy. Tsk, tsk.

Ew, now I’m thinking about Daisy being below her dad’s belt and it’s all flashing lights and sirens and Emily Fitch screaming at me that incest is illegal.

Rin says: HAHA OMG. I just. Burst out laughing in shock because you went there. Oh god, so very wrong.

Sophy says: Anyway Papa Joyless is the kind of guy who gets so depressed when he sees his child diligently doing her music practice that he needs a pep talk.

Mr Sax tells him how great Daisy is – how she more focused and more talented than all of them put together, and you know Daisy is pretty great, you guys. I like her. And I like the pretty song that starts playing as we pan to her sitting all along by the water.

Rin says: With very red hair in that light. It’s kind of lovely….until…..

Rin says: OMG :O:O:O:O




..NAOMILY!! :o



Sophy says:

Wow, I think that represents a new low, Rin. Your Naomilism is getting bad. Are you going to be home next Saturday? I might come around. With your entire family. And Dr Phil.

Anyway, so. Abbud shows up and disrupts Daisy’s reverie. They have a pleasingly disjointed little conversation about her trumpet, which could blow away into the water at any moment, happiness and how quickly you can wreck it, her dad and the fact that he won’t even let them have the radio on in case he happens to hear his wife’s voice.

“My family’s just rules and silence,” says Daisy, and it’s a really lovely moment, which, surprisingly, is not ruined when Abbud sits down beside her.

He tells her that his religion is all about rules too, and that his favourite one is ‘Do No Harm’.

“That’s you, Daise,” he says, “you do no harm. That’s why you’re so cool.”

And honestly? It’s really, really, really sweet.

Teens are always telling teens they’re pretty or smart or talented or have really cute shoes or what the fuck ever. It’s rare that they tell each other they’re profoundly, especially good, and really, what better compliment is there in the whole world than that?

Sophy says: Apparently Daisy thinks it was a pretty damned good compliment too, because she promptly asks Abbud if he wants to have sex. With her.

Camille does a really, really nice job on the delivery of “Cos I feel like… I wanna have sex.” It’s thoughtful and understated, and sort of poignant as a result. Kudos.

She seals their deal with a quick kiss and sets some ground-rules – No drama, no emotions, just sex. Abbud replies eagerly that he is an emotional black hole, which is actually pretty funny.

Rin says: Lol look at Daisy’s little scrunched up face :X

She’s obviously glad about the decision to sleep with Abbud.

Sophy says: Yeah she’s all 8-. ;)) :X. Totally.

Rin says: Is it wrong that whenever I see Eura I roll my eyes?

Sophy says: No.

Sophy says: So yeah, Didi has thrown a massive party at the Joyless House, as you do. She’s singing a song about a plumber that would probably be mildly disturbing if I focused too much on the lyrics.

Daisy pulls the plug on the music and Abbud makes himself useful by being all ‘POLICE, THIS IS A RAID, EVERYONE STAY WHERE YOU ARE. STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111’

As if on cue, they all scarper.

Rin says: I’m not sure how the guy who is right next to Abbud in the frame fell for that. How.

Rin says: Rofl. I actually liked that bit when Abbud freaked out when he figured out that he wasn’t going to have sex anymore. And then he just leans against the wall. =))




Congrats, Abbud. You’re one up on Anwar.

I also love how angry Daisy gets with her sister about the shrugging. It can be pretty infuriating. :-??

Rin says: Plus, she looks kind of cute with infuri-face.

Sophy says: No.

Rin says: No.

Sophy says: So Abbud says theyr’e going to call in the cavalry, and the cavalry shows up and it’s a big baby with a black eye, and Daisy’s all ‘Can I swap him for a frightened guy with a rock?’ and I don’t blame her at all, even though Xander was a real douchebag in that episode.


Anyway all Daisy’s stupid, useless friends and Michelle show up and proceed to bicker without charm or humour. Daisy yells at them to shut up and says they’re going to help her clean up. Good. I’d rather watch them clean than try, pitifully, to entertain me.

Rin says: I LOVE that she calls them out on all their shit. They should all be glad they haven’t been replaced by now. If it was me I’d be holding auditions for new friends (which would leave me friendless…but still?).

Rin says: It’s terrifying that Stan fits the swap more than Michelle does.

Sophy says: SO UPSETTING.

Rin says: One cap for Chris per episode is almost one cap too many.

Sophy says: OH MY GOD, THAT DOUCHEBAG. I HATE HIM SO MUCH. And it’s worth noting that he calls himself monkeyman, within, like, two seconds of showing up.

Rin says:

Sophy says: Did you black out? :(

Anyway, so like… the piano’s fucked. Funnily enough.

Sophy says: Mr Daisy comes home and pulls a CD player out from the back of a dark kitchen cupboard, like a defeated chocaholic going for the emergency stash. He puts on Mrs Daisy’s CD and her jazzy tunes slither and smoke through the house, as Daisy lies upstairs, eyes wide open again.

Rin says: Rofl, emergency stash.

Sophy says: This whole sequence is really nicely shot. The music ties in really well with the whole city-on-crack, and the silence of Daisy, and her dad and his drink and his financial woes.

Rin says: Agreed, the shots of the city were really pretty — all yellows and blacks.

Sophy says: OH GOD IT WAS SO GREAT TO SEE CADIE. But so depressing to see Stan/Cadie. Because it doesn’t make sense, okay, show? Stop messing around with it.

Anyway, she’s playing basketball with Warren, and there’s just something about the whole scene that reminds me of Sesame street. I DON’T KNOW. I KEEP HEARING ‘COOOME AND PLAY’ IN MY HEAD WHEN I LOOK AT THE CAPS. AND EXPECTING BIGBIRD TO WADDLE UP TO CADIE AND POKE HER NOSE WITH HIS BEAK???

Meanwhile, in the world outside my head, Stan is intimidated by Warren’s physical perfection and suggests they leave. Daisy tells him to just “be normal”. I’m not sure he can.

Rin says: CADIE. You are still the best thing about Skins US, and always will be. On the Skins US tombstone it reads something similiar to that.

‘She saved the world. A lot.’


And world-saving.

Sophy says: Stan goes to play basketball with Warren, because that’s what idiots do. Daisy and Cadie have a chat about how bad things happen, but they make you realize what’s good. Daisy quickly turns the conversation into a manipulation, drawing Cadie’s attention to the fact that she probably doesn’t have that much in common with Warren, seeing as he’s not all “deep” and shit. And I don’t really get it; where has it ever been suggested, even remotely, that Stan is a deep thinker? Huh?

If I’m going to go out with a dumb-ass, I’d at least pick the hot one who’s nice to me???



Sophy says: Yes. I would also choose the one who didn’t penis/bear.

Daisy’s manipulation works on Cadie, though, despite the fact that I’m convinced she’s too sharp to fall for it. But then I would have thought she’d be too sharp to get so hung up on someone like Stan in the first place, so. Shows what I know.

Rin says: Hahah oh my god. The ‘WOO GO WARREN’ was pretty awesome.


Sophy says: I’m going to ignore the context and appreciate Britne’s adorable little perplexed face.

Rin says: They’re both having adorable little faces here. :-? At least there’s that.

Rin says: Awk. Ward.

Sophy says: HAHAHAH OH MAN.

I actually really like the way this whole scene is done. Abbud’s overexcited cliche-talk about 45 minutes being enough time for lots of times comes off quite well, and the awkward way they kiss as they tumble into the apartment is kind of adorabale. Also, the song playing in the background, ‘Carousel’ by Ravens And Chimes, sets the tone really well – it has a kind of rushed-yet-gentle, exhiliated quality to it – it kind of sounds like liberation, which I think is what this sex-mission is all about for Daisy.

And you know, that’s a pretty interesting and original theme. Virginity-loss as an empowering experience has been done to death, where the virginity loser is male, but generally first-time no-strings sex is represented as a regretful, foolish thing for a teenage girl to engage in. Kudos to Skins US for breaking the mould on that. Daisy knows what she wants and what she’s doing, and she’s not going to be made to suffer for it.

Sophy says: Yeah, so, Mr Daisy is standing in the dark, mourning his dead piano. He asks Daisy how it happened, and she lies, quietly and sweetly, telling him she had a couple of friends over and it got out of hand.

Mr Daisy tells her he’ll take the money she’d been saving for her audition now, which, fair enough, from his perspective. Abbud doesn’t agree with me, because he’s too stupid to understand things like perspective, apparently.

Rin says: Daisy taking responsibility for the piano is just another reason Daisy quickly climbed the ranks of people I actually like in this show.

Rin says: Abbud telling Mr Daisy to grow up?



Too far, show. Way, way too far.

Sophy says: So Daisy’s dad goes out, and Abbud sneaks back in. He tries to take Daisy’s money from her, because he really wants her to go to the audition instead of giving it to her dad, and it’s kind of lovely, to be honest.

Oh and, sex ensues. Naturally.

It appears to be mind-changing sex, too, because Daisy shows up at the audition the next day, ready to rock.

Rin says: HER LITTLE SMILE AFTER HE LEAVES SCREAMING ABOUT THE SEX. So cute it actually got me to ship Daisy/Abbud a bit.

Now we’ll never know. :(


Sophy says: Daisy’s socks are so awesome. This is how Skins should look.

And to be honest I do ship Daisy/Abbud a bit – or I would have if the show had gone on. There was definite potential there.

Believe me, I never thought I would be putting the word ‘potential’ and the name ‘Abbud’ that close together, but there it is – he made quite the turnaround in this episode.

Rin says: Mr Sax is playing the role of Mr Daisy by being the nervous parent. He’s blabbering on until Daisy tells him to ‘Quit it.’ Which, awww, they’re cute. Needs moar.

Sophy says: He’s so much better than her actual dad.

(Except when her actual dad is using the power of subtitles to abuse Tea.)

Rin says: Just before Daisy is about to play the Mozart, the guy in charge reminds her that she’ll have to pay the deposit before she leaves. And way to hammer it home! It’s now or never. Your future or your family?

Mr Daisy shows up and it’s too little too late, but MR SAX is still there!

Sophy says: SUCK IT, MR DAISY.

Also that shot of the two of them is really, really pretty.

Rin says: I’m not sorry?

Sophy says: … nor should you be.

Rin says: Mr Daisy has a bit of a break down as he’s filled with regret over how he’s handled the whole situation. Lucky for him, Mr Sax is here to set him straight and make him realise what a lucky guy he is. It’s a pretty sweet moment and gives you the hope that things are about to turn around for this family.

Sophy says: I like that when Mr Daisy shows up, there’s a moment where you’re not sure whether he’s there to drag her out of the room or support her – and perhaps there’s a moment where he’s not sure either.

I like the way they used the audition music to colour the scene – and they don’t stop at that. They actually use it as a thematic tool in a way that is really quite lovely.

Mr Daisy asks what Mr Sax is still doing there if Daisy is “long gone”. He says he’s “listening to the music – it’s wonderful isn’t it,” and the actor’s delivery is just perfect.

The exchange continues, as follows, and it’s some of the nicest writing on the show, and some of the nicest acting too:

“Some kid, come a long way for this – god, she’s sure got a nice tone.”

“Yeah, she’s good.”

“And so I figure we sit here a while, then you and me are gonna go and get drunk.”

“I don’t know what I’ve got, do I?”

“You’re a lucky guy, postman. Kids like that? You’d better believe it.”



Rin says: That shot of Didi sitting in the halls. Yeah. I THOUGHT THAT WAS DAISY.

Sophy says: Careful, Didi, Katie Fitch is watching you. (And everyone, always.)

“What did you do?”
“Well, I couldn’t afford the Brennerman. So, I got you the Luber.”
“A Luber, that’s a mighty fine instrument.”

Rin says: The girls are waiting for their dad to come home, and as it turns out, Daisy spent her savings on a new piano for her father. And for some reason I really love the detail of her not being able to afford the Brennerman, so she got the next best thing. It’s not about always having the best, but making do with what you can.

Sophy says: AWWWWWW HONESTLY. I love this. And I totally agree with Rin. I love that the whole message of this episode seemed to be that nothing is perfect for long, and sometimes things, opportunities, people… they’re not replaceable, not really. But you learn to be joyful about the things you do have, to cherish the people who stay close enough to touch. And I was very impressed with how that theme was even mirrored in the Cadie plot with the talk of how when bad things happen it should draw you closer to what’s good.

“But I need the money for the rent.”
“(Bleep) the rent, Dad.”


But it’s these kind of moments in an episode that make you appreciate a well constructed script. How everything that came before makes more sense because of how they fall together in the end.

Sophy says: OH SKINS US. You needed to let your writers go their own way. As evidenced. This episode took the bare bones of Jal’s S1 episode – music, estranged mother, strained relationship with father – and created a new narrative out of it. And it worked. I mean, I’m not going to lie, I still love the Jal episode more, but that’s neither here nor there, because in this case, we weren’t getting any scene-for-scene copy action, which meant I wasn’t constantly triggered to make comparisons. I could just enjoy the show for what it is. And I did enjoy it.

Needed moar. :(



Rin says: That is a great way to end the episode. On a hopeful note that this family is turning a new leaf and letting go of the disruption their mum caused when she left. Their situation with the money/rent etc. may not change anytime soon, but it’s going to be easier to go through those hardships as a family united, as opposed to one that is not. Plus it’s also just a great final shot, with them having their backs to each other as they start to play. Rebuilding what they’ve lost.

Overall I found myself rather pleasantly surprised at how much I didn’t hate that episode, and how I actually quite liked it! I kind of let out a sigh of relief because finally finally finally we were seeing some real progress, which meant real potential for the next episodes and — at the time — the next season.

Sophy says: When I first finished this episode I was just sitting there, somewhat stunned at the fact that I had actually had a good time with this show that didn’t involve (much) malicious cackling. Which is not to say that Skins US had been a wholly unpleasant journey up to that point – the Mrs Cadie/Stan scene in Stan’s episode remains the stand-out writing for the series, in my opinion, and the first half of Cadie’s episode was the closest the show has ever come to getting that real Skins feeling going. But the thing is that I liked this episode and I liked it all the way through. I mean, okay, there were some bumpy patches, mostly involving Tony and Tea and Stan and Chris oh my god, but overall I felt that this episode was real in a way in which most of the others haven’t been. Sure, it was predictable in places, but it had genuine heart and was well-crafted enough that I couldn’t see the lines. It was all colouring-in?

And Camille really surprised me with her acting. She was much better on centre stage than she has been as a bit player, and I think she could have a good future ahead of her. And hey, even Abbud was kind of loveable in this ep, which. ????!?!?!?!?!!!

OH AND THE SISTERS WERE SUPER CUTE. So cute they incurred KFF’s wrath!!

Skins US, you really were on your way with this ep. RIP :(


Sophy says: AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA OMG. And for the record…


Rin says: It’s like he found some way to harness the destructive power of the ukulele and imbue his hair with it. Frightening.

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  1. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Aw, I forgot how much I loved Daisy’s episode overall. Great recap. Oh Mrs. Thomas. I will forever love how you guys have created magical characters in Sophia and Mrs. Thomas and Mandeh. And jean shorts.

    And I will totally understand if you guys don’t recap the next episode, because holy crap was that shit painful or what, like what the fuck, I was watching it through my fingers the whole time. But I’m sure you guys will make it hilarious and less painful.

    And omg excited for your Glee recap…let must just say…QUINN.

  2. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    “And to answer your question, yes we will finish S5 of gen 3.. and YES OF COURSE we will get to 402.

    And yes we’re doing the new season of Glee.

    And yes we’re doing The Fades.”

    You guys are my heroes!!! If I lived in Australia I would buy 50 million pairs of jean shorts and sort through your trash nightly…..

    Er…….. I appreciate what you do here….

    In all seriousness though, this was the first episode of US Skins where I actually felt intrigued by the storyline and wanted to know more about Daisy and her family/runaway mom. The acting was spotty in parts, but definitely not as cringeworthy as previous episodes. I still hate pretty much every male character on the show, though. And Betty. But in some ways, she is SOOO bad you almost have to love her…like in the same way really bad horror movies are sort of fantastic?? Everytime I think of your “Stanely” recap and her building that sandcastle in the middle of a beach party I burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

    That’s more than Chris ever gave me… *tips hat to Bland-hog*

  3. BooBoo
    BooBoo at · Reply

    Great recap! This was definitely one of the more intruiging episodes of the series imo.
    Definitely agree about Eura being eyeroll worthy. Instead of a wise, independent, mysterious beauty, she comes across as a social retard, tbh.

    I hope I’m not being too naggy but could you possibly give us like…a release date for the Grace cap? Your caps are one of the best things keeping us going through this Skins drought. Which seems to be especially dry this year. Thanks and keep it up!

  4. Summer
    Summer at · Reply

    Agreed on all fronts. I remember after this episode I was like… Wait. That was good? I laughed at something Abbud said? I ship Abbud/Daisy?

    And now it’s gone. Which is a shame, because I thought this episode was really good.

    I’m glad to hear you liked Tina’s episode too, Rin! Because I was dreading it like mad and then I watched it and was like… That. Was. Good?

    1. Summer
      Summer at · Reply

      Also, on that switcharoo of Stanley and Michelle, for the first 30 seconds of laughing at it, I thought you just switched their faces, and not their entire heads, because THAT’S HOW SIMILAR THEIR HAIR IS.

  5. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Absolutely loved this! I mean, I didn’t like Daisy’s episode very much, but her sister was awesome and I kind of liked Daisy/Abbud. It’s nice that they did something new and cute.

  6. Elaine
    Elaine at · Reply

    I stopped watching Skins US after the Abbud episode (due to all the Chris/Blandy/Tea/badCanadajokes going on) but after reading this recap I’m considering finishing the rest of the series. Is it worth it?

  7. Vidya
    Vidya at · Reply

    “…from the tumblr on the table” Oh rophy. Never change. Truly the emperors of the internet.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  8. Brooooke
    Brooooke at · Reply

    I def agree that this is where the series picked up. I liked this EP best.

    Its so annoying, all thse knew posts from you guys, right as my internet goes down!!!

  9. whaaat
    whaaat at · Reply

    you guys didn’t insert a ‘spot the eura’ this time.

  10. Christina
    Christina at · Reply

    God, I’ve missed your recaps. Your Skins recaps that is.
    I’ve missed your writing, I’ve missed your humor.
    I’m glad you’re back in my life <3

    Daisy's episode is by far my favorite Skins us episode. She's the only character I don't hate. Cadie and (sometimes) Michelle are bearable characters, But I like Daisy.
    The rest of the lot are just shit.

  11. Ray
    Ray at · Reply

    Do you guys think you’ll finish the recaps for this series? I’m missing your Skins ones a lot…

  12. Iscariot
    Iscariot at · Reply

    What’s the name of this show? What’s Csmille’s full name?

  13. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    So that’s it. (Hopefully just for now) need moar Skins recaps!

    Kind of random, but it always bothered me how Jal cursed in her audition. I know it’s Skins and they curse a lot and it works, but not at an audition. Like you wouldn’t in a job interview. You’re meant to basically kiss their ass so they’ll pick you. Maybe that was the point, that Jal is Jal, even during an audition (she doesn’t compromise! She’s clarinet!) But I still find it a little hard to believe she still got in despite cursing.

    Anyway…I’ll be sure to read some mmfd and The Fades recaps! Maybe some Glee too. Have a nice day!!

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