104 – Cadie

Sophy says: Oh look, a one-pager for an original episode. Looks like someone was angry whilst capping.

Rin says: Let’s not get into this right at the start of the recap. I like to be gentle with our readers.

Sophy says: Maybe we should have set up a fake page 2 to make our readers feel more comfortable. And when they clicked there would just be a picture of Rin on it. With her shears. Brandishing.

Rin says: Cadie is in therapy, or hell, either way the lady in the grey suit looks like she would find souls very tasty.

Cadie tells her that she’s happy…happier. And before I can warn Cadie that happier souls make them tastier, she’s got her eyes on the bananas and Cadie! You’re already my favourite, resist the bananas!

Sophy says: I love the way she asks if she can have one of the bananas. The bananas which are just so very there on their futuristic little hook thingie.

I also think it’s genius how we start off so close to Cadie that we can’t see where the chair ends. It really feels like she’s backed up against a wall, which means that however close we are, she still feels… small. Vulnerable. It’s a neat trick and a great start, in combination with the opening line “Tell me more about this good place you’re in.”

There’s some confusion before Cadie says “Oh yes,” quite absolutely perfectly.

She tells the shrink she’s got some new stuff going on, “some new friends,” and there’s a lovely sweet sadness to the way she says that, as if she knows, deep down that they’re not her friends – either that or with friends like these…

“I think I might be happy.”

It’s a quick question of a statement and the shrink isn’t buying it for a second. “Happier,” Cadie tries, but it’s no good. The shrink tells her this will only work if she’s honest, and isn’t that the fundamental problem with psychiatry right there – it only works if we’re honest, and if we were able to be honest we’d probably have figured shit out ourselves by now.

Even “happier” won’t fly. The shrink reckons Cadie’s exhibiting symptoms of depression, low self-worth, anxiety.

“Those are all different things, right?” Cadie asks earnestly.

The shrink just looks at her, and that’s when we get to the bananas, which…




Omg =;

(PS. I still love you. :*) )

Rin says: All Naomi’s aside, I did find Cadie eating the banana to be ridiculously cute. I half expected her to make nomnomnom sounds whilst eating it.

Sophy says: I adored her banana-eating, can’t deny. And her face in that last cap. Best.

Rin says: When the grey lady started talking about her turkey jerky vagina I got quite upset. No one needs or wants to hear that lady.

Look at Cadie go! Nomnomnom.

Sophy says: Yeah, um. I know the turkey jerky line was meant to be funny and all, but it didn’t really work for me. It actually felt gen 2-ish rather than gen 1-ish in that it was just a bridge too far. Kind of a fart/megaphone moment. However, it was probably the only thing that wasn’t lovely in this scene, so… go scene!

Genitalia aside, the shrink’s advice is actually pretty good – not $200 an hour good, but probably better than anything Cassie ever got out of Abigail’s hard-faced bitch of a mum. This version of that character is quite a bit softer, and she tells Cadie she is young and beautiful. She tells Cadie that this should be the best time of her life, and that she doesn’t need a doctor to tell her to have fun.

“What would your mother say?” she asks.

Cadie – matter of fact with a hint of calcuating – “She’d say I need more drugs.”

We exit this scene to some rather jaunty music which I suspect was actually written to accompany walking under umbrellas, which, thankfully, is what Cadie is doing next.

Rin says: When Cadie gets home, TO HER MANSION, we get to meet her father. Apparently his favourite hobby is making disgusting things out of dead animals. Joyful. Cadie encourages his…whatever the fuck he’s doing on that beaver, by saying ‘it’s really suffering, you know? Awesome.’ And just ew. And apart from the dead animals everywhere, we get our next clue that Cadie’s homelife isn’t exactly as caring as it should be. When Cadie tells her father that she went to see the doctor today, it’s obvious he knows nothing about the doctor or what treatment she’s getting. He tops it off with a, ‘Did she fix you?’

Which okay, yeah, why not? That’s exactly how you should handle a daughter who’s seeing a psychiatrist.

Sophy says: Um, I had trouble focusing on anything else when I heard Cadie’s repsonse. ‘Yeah, she fixed me good.’ Seriously, that construction. Forever tainted.

So yeah. Could Mr Cadie have a creepier hobby? Short of masturbating with soft toys, I’d guess not.

I gotta say, Cadie’s parents are even worse than Cassie’s. Cassie’s were ludicrously self-involved, so much so that they couldn’t see anything that was going on with their daughter and that made it easy for them to live in that world she lived in too, where everything was wow, lovely, because it was more pleasant that way.

Cadie’s parents however seem to be well aware of their daughter’s ongoing difficulties, because unlike Cassie, she makes them aware of them in this very episode. So they know what she’s going through… it’s just that they don’t seem to care?

But okay, wait, Cassie’s parents were probably worse on account of that whole completely disappearing from her life thing they did. Come on Mr and Mrs C. All you have to do is stick around and you win.

Creepy taxidermy habits notwithstanding.

This scene is really well put together. The dad says he doesn’t think the beaver looks scared enough, and scared goes straight to Cadie’s “I saw Dr Moore today”, and as she turns to look up at the birds hanging from the ceiling, we hear the distant batting of wings for the first time in this episode.

And wait, what, just a sec, rewind.

DID YOU SAY MANSION? Quick Daisy! Cadie’s a rich person! SHE’S NOT LIKE US!! Get her!

Sophy says: The dad goes on to say things like how the birds took a long time to dry out and ‘Check out the entry wounds’ because he’s creepy as fuck omg.

Cadie says she can’t see any entry wounds and she looks deeply troubled by it. There’s something wonderfully spooky about the fact that the father, instead of being pleased the entry wounds are so well-hidden, seems just about as worried as she is.


Another nice touch: As Cadie enters each room – the one her father is in and the one her mother is in, she has her arms over her body. Just a little visual cue to let us know whatever relationship she has with these parents of hers, the chances are it’s somewhat fraught.

Rin says: Meanwhile in the kitchen we meet Mrs Cadie, and oh oh oh what’s the bet she’s a terrible parent too. 8-.

She’s on the phone talking about some deal she’s made for a TV show called, ‘Pageant Rematch.’ And can I just say that pageants freak me out? Apparently the family is going to be on TV for it, and she gets on to the subject of Cadie, describing her as ‘a bit kooky and flat chested, but they are going to think she’s beautiful.’ Gee, what a keeper.

Sophy says: Pageants are fucking gross. End of.

Please note the birds twittering in the background.

Rin says: She has pills! Lots and lots of pills, which are all cutely decorated. Nice job props. I was also wondering if some of the names on there were members of the Skins team? I see a ‘Hammerax’

Sophy says: HAHA! Where’s the Elslom?????????

I love Cadie’s little pill-box fortress. And I love her face while she’s arranging them. I also really like the sound of the song playing in this scene, but I’m not sure the BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS aspect of it really sits well with me.

(‘Tropical Birds’ by Miniature Tigers, if you’re wondering.)

Rin says: Cadie has a pretty cool room, complete with a crazy hanging collage, to which she seems to be adding Stanley. Wouldn’t be my first choice.

Sophy says: Nor mine. Even before the events of this episode.

I really like the throwback to the first episode here – both in terms of Cadie’s apparently very genuine penchant for the hanging, and in terms of giving that unpleasant story about the hamster a raison d’etre. And the dad’s thing with knives in this episode backing up her thing with knives in the pilot. Kudos for the continuity.

Cadie’s mum comes in, batting at the crap dangling down everywhere. “It’s beginning to look like a madhouse in here,” she says, and that line could be so groan-worthy, but it actually works, the way the actress delivers it.

Still, as good as this actress is, and I actually think she’s very good, her character is a bit too close to cliche for comfort. The whole ask-then-don’t-listen thing in particular is a bit done-to-death, but then… I don’t know. I did like “Of course I still have my oboe!” as well as the way she simply took the scissors from Cadie when she left the room.

And I loved that Cadie just pulled out a bigger pair.

Rin says: As Cadie watches her parents be happy and loving to each other, we see how disconnected Cadie is. And not just from her own family, but from herself and the world. This is the scene I think of when she later asks her mother, ‘How do you know when something’s real?’ Like she genuinely doesn’t understand what it feels like to connect with another person. And that’s how I like to explain her interest in Stanley to myself. She’s forcing it to happen because she wants to see what it’s all about.

Otherwise I have no explanation for why she’d be in the least bit interested in Stanley.

Sophy says: I like your explanation of Cadie/Stanley, Rin. I’m really hoping they take that route, which… is pretty much what was going on with Cassie/Sid, except that Cassie/Sid also had sweetness and chemistry, however unhealthy it was, whereas Cadie and Stanley… well… let’s just enjoy this part of the episode, shall we?

I do think it’s clever that this is when Stanley calls – right when she’s witnessing her dysfunctional parents somehow being functional with each other.

Because there’s hope for her too now. Maybe. Isn’t there?

Rin says: Stanley’s an asshole as he makes it clear that he only wants Cadie at the party because she has a bunch of pills. Can I just say that Sid definitely has his moments, but they were usually moments of being absolutely clueless, not asshole-ry. So I think it’s pretty clear that we’ve deviated. We’re not in Kansas Skins UK anymore. It breaks my heart to see Cadie so excited over this “date” with Stanley. And she was SO cute too with, ‘My day is great now. Got promoted.” Urgh, just seriously. I hope they stop Cadie/Stanley before it even begins and find someone else who can MATCH Cadie. Match her good.

And it’s times like this that I wish Abbud never existed and that Chris was never supposed to be Chris.

Sophy says: Oh absolutely. Sid could be a douchebag, but he was never this fucking… wanton about it.

I love the vulnerability Britne is bringing out here. And yes, ‘Got promoted’ is completely adorable and heartbreaking.

I hate Abbud and Abbud 2, sorry Chris so much.

Rin says: Another day, another doctor. This one is clearly the ~new age one, with her hippy attire. She’s talking about OCD and how people should just NOT DO IT. We then learn of Cadie’s intense fear of birds, or maybe just pigeons? Anyway, the doctor obviously thinks exposure therapy is the way to go.

Sophy says: lolol, this doctor was such a Molly Shannon. I rather enjoyed her, particularly when she was making croo-croo noises at the pigeon.

She asks Cadie to tell us about the birds and, well, when she does it’s kind of magic.

“Pigeons. They travel in flocks and you never know what they’re gonna do, and they’re filthy and full of disease.

And they’re not scared of me.

They look at me.

I love this. It’s a lot to think about and feel about. It’s a lot in a little, and it works.

Cadie and Molly Shannon reminisce about that time they went to the park to watch the old people feed the pigeons and it really, really didn’t cure her.

“It’s not working Davina, I’m having obsessive thoughts.”
“Come on Cadie tell me Cadie. What are they? Tell me now.”
“I want to stab you.”


Oh Britne, your delivery couldn’t have been more perfect. I just, the quickness of how she says I WANT TO STAB YOU and then her hands covering her mouth. Oh man, so good. SO GOOD AND WHY REST OF EPISODE. WHY DID YOU LET ME DOWN.

Sophy says: THIS WAS SO. LIKE. I CAN’T. I loved this moment. Perfect.

Rin says: Cadie asks for more pills because that’s what Stanley asked for..the blue ones especially. Cause yeah, they work by colours!

Sophy says: I love that she doesn’t even really have to ask – she totally frightened Molly Shannon into offering.


Rin says: We meet a feisty little lady who is trying to trade up some pills with Cadie. And aw omfg, their height difference is adorable. That’s always a good sign.

Sophy says: “Pretty big order,” says the pharmacist. “I’m going travelling,” Cadie lies back.

The feisty little lady is Charlotte or ‘Charlie’. Her hobbies include being more interesting in the space of five seconds than most of the cast have been in four episodes, and trading her meds right under the pharmacist’s nose.

Rin says: She trades for some pills which Cadie adorably points out, ‘Oh, they’re purple!’

Sophy says: Charlie puts on her helmet and Cadie asks if she’s riding home. No, she says, she’s flying home. Which is a bit BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS in and of itself and then, you know, we get a shot of a BIRD BIRD BIRD and okay, overkill, but whatever.

I like Charlie. Why can’t Cadie just be friends with her? Mentally unstable drug dealer > those other jerks.



Sophy says: Cadie sneaks up behind her dad while he’s polishing his knife, and he’s all kinds of skittish apparently, so, probably not the best move. No blood is let, thankfully, but this scene is still pretty painful.

Cadie tells her father her therapists said she needs to spend time with him. He does everything in his power to avoid spending said time. Cadie, however, won’t take no for an answer. She says her therapists said she’s in need of guidance – she gets in the car – “great need,” she says. And they’re off hunting.

I love that second cap, the way we’re seeing Cadie framed in the car window. I also like Mr Cadie’s feathery camouflage jacket.

Rin says: I love and hate that she basically has to force her dad to spend some time with her. Even if it’s doing something that he loves to do.

Rin says: This is the first time Skins US actually felt like Skins in terms of its cinematography. Cause holy god damn that is so gorgeous. Especially the one of Cadie from below, I just can’t. The soles of her shoes matching the leaves is especially wonderful. It’s definitely right up there with the best of them.

Sophy says: Absolutely stunning. For me, this ep as a whole was a definitely step up in the cinematography department. There were several shots that I found beautiful, and just, yeah, Skinsish.


Sophy says: SHE’S SO PROUD OF HERSELF!!! As well she might be. :X

Sophy says: Cadie takes this very inopportune opportunity to strike up a conversation with her father re: being on TV with her mum. He keeps getting more and more irritated and she keeps getting more and more frightened, up there where the air is birdy. Speaking of which, I love the masochistic edge to this scene, the attempt to thrust herself right into what she fears most, the strange way in which she seems to merge with the threat in a moment…

Rin says: I didn’t even know people did this. Suspend themselves from trees for hunting. I imagine it’d be quite fun, I mean, aside from the killing animals aspect.

Sophy says: Cadie does a fair bit of fourth wall breaking in this scene, but it works… I think Effy would be proud.

She looks down, sees a bunny, looks up, sees her father. She aims… and it’s really chilling and quite excellent, and for a split second you think she might actually go through with it, for a split second you feel as though Dad! Dad! Dad! was all leading up this moment…

Rin says: Haha she does quite a bit! The only difference is that she was meant to, as opposed to that Collins kid.

Sophy says: “So your father’s dead.”

VERY CHEEKY. I didn’t fall for it. But I did like it a whole bunch!

Psychiatrist number 3 wants Cadie to tell him the truth, but she’s not in the mood for that today. Instead she tells him, amongst other things, that her father is dead, and that he and her mother met in the circus – he was “one of those trainers who taught bears how to ride unicycles” and she was “the second-fattest woman in the world.”

Shrink 3 isn’t so sure that’s true. Cadie takes that in and moderates adorably, telling him her mum has slimmed down now – she’s probably like the fourth of fifth fattest woman in the world.

“So… she looks better. But I still can’t really get my arms around her.”

“Of course.”

Lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely.

And of course it’s perfect that she has her father offed by an animal and makes her mother fat – it’s so perfect it’s the only thing that will do. Cadie has all the repressed rage and resentment going on that I would have liked Chris to have a smidge of in the last episode – that Chris absolutely had a smidge of in the original.

Speaking of the original show, the story about the circus feels like an homage to Cassie the bearded lady, which…


Anway. The doctor asks about friends, and she says she has some – “and a boyfriend” and oh gosh, the delivery of that last little detail aches. But is the sad sweetness real or it is part of the story? I think that’s the big question – for us as viewers and for Cadie herself.

The doc notes that Cadie takes a lot of drugs, and Cadie agrees – but she’s not sure they’re working – she thinks she needs more, and I love that we have seen a) that she’s rather adept at doctor shopping and b) that the instinct of more pills is something that has been drummed into her by her therapists over the years, as well as by her mother.

This doctor doesn’t think she needs more pills though. He thinks she needs less. Or more accurately, he thinks she needs none.

“Get outta here,” Cadie says, and her anxiety is palpable under the veneer of amusement.

“Everyone’s going to disappoint you, Cadie,” he says. “They won’t mean to. But they will. Drugs won’t change that.”

And okay, his delivery is beautiful. I love this doctor. I love all three of them. Okay, all three of them are, to put it mildly, surrealist representations of real-world therapists, but none of them is wielding a bat thus far, so… works for me.

Rin says: I loved her story and all of the whimsy that came with it. It was so good, especially when she said she still can’t really get her arms around her. Amazing.

And I have to wonder how on earth such good writing like this can take such an immediate left turn to WTF-ville that was Michelle’s party.

Rin says: Cadie takes one of the purple pills and pops it into her mouth, but then decides to not take it and follow the doctors suggestion.

She then starts to touch herself, but wait a minute! This is Skins! No one can masturbate without being walked in on, and right on cue we have Mrs Cadie barging into the room wearing nothing but a bikini.



And hey what? What’s that, that Stanley is sitting on?

Rin says: Naomi knows best. Especially when it comes to leaf collecting.

Sophy says: Meticulous.

Also, I find it interesting that she has Stanley on a leaf. Ties in with the hunting scene and the rustling for sure.

Rin says: Once again I was scarily aware of her right hand and was really hoping her mum wouldn’t grab that hand. THANKFULLY she took the left.

Sophy says: OH MY GOD. I already found it creepy enough that the mum was making her feel her up. Now I find that we were a mere left/right mixup away from even creepier.

Rin says: Cadie asks her mum how do you know if something’s real, and her mum responds that, ‘You can feel it,’ whilst propping up her own breasts. Wow, thanks again mum. Helpful. Her mum continues to blather on about how there isn’t an inch of fat on her body, and picks out something for Cadie to wear while on TV. She asks Cadie to, ‘Smile like you’re pretty,’ and Cadie smiles the most adorable smile. BUT JESUS, like? LIKE you’re pretty? And if they weren’t before, Cadie’s parents are officially in the I SUCK category.

Sophy says: Mrs Cadie, just so you know, your daughter is like, a thousand times for beautiful than you could ever be. Now go die.

(Except don’t, because I rather like you.)

I really liked the dialogue in this scene, particularly this exchange:

“Mom, that’s great, you look amazing.”

“Cadie, you spoke to me, that is so nice.

For all the mum’s unfortunate phrasings, I felt a flimsy kind of sweetness between them here. Which is one of the main reasons I’m dissatisfied by the final mother/daughter scene, but we’ll get to that later.

Rin says: Adored the camera work of Cadie entering the party. Anddddddddd this is the exact turning point for me, where the episode completely fell apart.

Sophy says: OH EPISODE. Why why why :(

Sophy says: Cadie gazes at Stanley, and says “Looks up if you like me,” and he does, which… is probably the only indication we’ve had so far that he likes her.

Funny how this line was so stunning in the original and yet, here, manages to be almost as mockable as “I put my truth on you.”

It’s the delivery, perhaps – this is probably the only line in the episode that Britne doesn’t nail, and I’m thinking it’s because even she feels uncomfortable squishing it into her character’s narrative. But more than anything I think the problem lies in the direction here. The whole thing was so rushed. Cadie needed to look at Stanley quite a bit longer before delivering the line, I think, and perhaps some closeup action could have been involved, idk. Also I’m not sure he should have looked up, because MISLEADING.

Although wait a sec… since Sid didn’t look up and totally did care, maybe the fact that Stan does look up means I’m spot on in thinking that at the end of the day he couldn’t really could a fuck about anything but blue pills and his penis?

Rin says: Yep it failed. I really wish they just DIDN’T use it. Sometimes you’re not paying homage to the original, you’re damaging it. It’s like, everything up to this point was original and lovely, and as soon as they tried to be Skins everything fell down like a house of cards.

The line probably would have been bearable with better timing in the edit. It was incredibly rushed, Cadie says her line in one second, Stan looks up in half a second and then BACK TO CADIE in a wide shot. It probably would have worked better even if they had chosen to go back to the close-up of Cadie. And I’m not just saying that because of the macro that follows….

Rin says: I wish I never spotted it in the first place.


Sophy says: We’re introduced to Michelle’s mother who is a total and utter cliche of a drunken youth-recapturing party mom and quite frankly, one of the things that lets this episode down. I will say that they’ve done well with the physical resemblance between her and Rachel, but that’s about it for the positive column. I know, I know, I’m being harsh. Perhaps it’s because I was so fond of UK Michelle’s mum, and perhaps it’s also because two youth-recapturing moms in bikinis in one ep? Please.

Oh yeah and her boyfriend is a PEDOPHILE.

Everybody, say hi to Mr PEDOPHILE.

Michelle’s mum sets up Mr P by raving on about how beautiful Cadie is, which okay, we concur, but it’s still weird.

I’m not sure if it’s supposed to contrast with Cadie’s own bikini-clad mum’s less than gushing attitude to her? I don’t know. Mrs Michelle really does nothing for me.

Rin says: I’d hope she wouldn’t be doing anything for you. She’s a sad excuse for a mother and no, get out. Banshee.

Rin says: I’d dump all of your so-called friends if I were you Cadie. There is bound to be some people out there who would treat you as a person and less like a trafficking drug mule. Oh and, her little yellow pouch was awesome.

Sophy says: CHARLIE.

She already has mules, probably.

Also, like, why did they rush inside to be all secretive with the drugs ON THE POOL TABLE IN THE LIVING ROOM. Thickies.

And Rin, thank you for not capping that nauseating little ~moment Stanley and Cadie had.


Sophy says: Tony watches Tea making out with a random, and you can’t really see it from that cap, but he really and truly looks like somebody’s disapproving aunty whilst doing it.

Cadie appears, and asks where Stanley is. Tony asks what the blue pills do, which, apparently they intesify emotion.

“Intensify,” says Tony as he watches Tea, a smug smile now plastered on his face, and oh god, it has such horrible ‘Yay roofies’ connotations to it that I just.


Next up, Tony saunters over to the hot tub and asks if Abbud farted and Abbud is all panicky and blah blah bubbles and god, it’s so fucking juvenile. I see Rin chose not to cap it, which… good decision. Seriously.

Rin says: I originally had it in there, but when you’re culling caps what’s the first thing to always go? Abbud.

Rin says: I……I……….I…….

Sophy says: I will. I do not. I can never. I just.

Sophy says: Stanley is alone in Michelle’s room, spouting all sorts of eye-rolly stuff like “Shelley… don’t love him. Love me.”

He drops his spliff on her bed and it burns the cover. “Oh shit…” he says, then “Jeez Michelle.” And GOD, it has this horrid vibe of ‘Look what you made me do’ to it, which in the context of what comes next, I just can’t… I can’t.



Rin says: Seriously, that’s freaking disgusting. I honestly don’t see how we’re supposed to not hate this guy, or not-hate him in the future whenever he gets his ~redemption. Cause I’m just going to keep thinking of the jizzing on Michelle’s bed with her teddy bear.



See I loved it when Sketch did this. Well – I loved it as in I thought it was creepy and tragic and raw and gross and omg BRILLIANT.

But I very much doubt that we’re supposed to be seeing Stanley as a Sketch character and therein lies the problem.

I didn’t hate Sketch. I had a lot of sympathy for her even as I found her rather terrifying. But really, if you wanted me to ship this kid with either Michelle or Cadie, you needed to have him be the kind of person who doesn’t do this. ie. One of those millions of people in the world who are not a fucking pervert with no impulse control or respect for their friend, let alone love for her. Please.

I just.

It’s not funny, it’s not sweet, it’s not excusable.

It’s just NOT.

Rin says: I like Sketch so much more than I like Stanley. I mean, Sketch wasn’t likeable, but her character was at least interesting and the girl who played her wasn’t making me roll my eyes all day long.

Rin says: I want Abbud to leave now and never come back. I didn’t find the girl Tea was with to be funny, as it was so obviously trying-hard-to-be-funny. Same with Michelle’s mum.

Sophy says: Yeah, just… no to this whole scene. Fuck off Abbud. Fuck off random who doesn’t interface with heteronormatives or whatever. I think what bothered me the most though, was how Tea was all :-j :D and ready to engage in horseplay with Abbud after the girl stalks off.

I do like it in that it gives us a bit of continuity on the whole ‘Tea doesn’t really give a shit about any of the girls she makes out with’ front. (Even though that whole aspect of her personality is going to cease to be interesting the minute they have her decide Blandy isn’t boring after all :O :X 8-) .)

But it just bugs me that Tea finds Abbud’s shit cute. Because I don’t buy it. I don’t buy their supposed friendship at all.

Rin says: It makes no sense why they’d be friends. Abbud is a total douche — he’s not funny, he’s not charming, he’s not loveable in any way? They’ve only grouped them together because of Anwar/Maxxie. And that’s it.

Rin says: Condescending Naomi, won’t you stay awhile?

Sophy says: I’ve missed her so.

Rin says: HAAHA OMG I CAN’T EVEN. I thought I was going to die from how much I was laughing on first viewing. I would love to know what they’re trying to do with Eura, because they couldn’t possibly be trying to go anywhere near the same path that Effy took. She’s just so… not anything that I could like.

Sophy says: They need to start showing me how she’s supposed to be different, and fast. Because at the moment is just seems like they’re shooting for Effy and coming up… this.

What are the pigtails about, seriously??? She looked 40 in the first ep and now she looks 8? I don’t understand. I just. I think the writers, directors and costume people need to have a good chat about Eura. I really do.

Rin says: The only impression I get from Eura is that she has no friends. Has no mystery or intrigue. Probably doesn’t actually know how to speak. She’s right up there with her cabbage patch of a brother. She’s like an overgrown baby that Tony has to look after, otherwise she’ll cross the street without looking.

Sophy says: BAHAHAHAHA. Sad but true.

Anyway, Cadie sits down opposite Eura and has a conversation, sorry, monologue with her, and I really like this part of it, both the writing, and Britne’s delivery:

“You don’t speak do you. That’s okay. I did that for four months. It’s… cool, but you do know theyr’e gonna put you in a clinic, right?”

Eura nods and just…


Poor Eleanor. These kids don’t have a whole lot of experience with acting, and they need to protected from like… this.


Rin says: I know right. You’re on MTV. You have the budget.

Rin says: I wish you were right Cadie, I really wish you were. Maybe if we wish hard enough.

Sophy says: IF WISHES WERE HORSES. I wouldn’t have any wishes.

Sophy says: Chris shows up and says “Hey Cadie-shack. Hey totally weird Tony’s sister.”

It’s cute. But unfortunately he’s back to being Abbud 2 in the next breath.

Because see Cadie tells him things with Stan aren’t going too well. And see he says it would probably help if she got out of that dress.

“Look. He obviously likes the goods since he keeps coming back for more.”




Rin says: Poor Cadie. Sometimes it’s just better not knowing.

Sophy says: Seriously. Please be a different show because. Does anyone remember that time Chris was Chris and Cassie was Cassie and oh oh oh.

Anyway, this Chris takes his horrid self away with “Thanks for the drugs, girl,” and Eura nods enigmatically at the bit about Cadie taking her top off, which, okay… we already have a lesbian, Eura. Settle down.

Rin says: We really didn’t appreciate Luke as much as we should have when we had the chance.

Sophy says: WE WILL NEVER FORGET :((

Rin says: Her swimmers look gorgeous on her. I’d think it very hard to wear a SHIMMERY GOLD bikini top and not have it look tacky, but Cadie pulls it off. Like…literally. But more on that later.

The birds-eye view of her in the hot tub is again, very Skinsy. And I love it. This was something that was severely lacking in the previous episodes, the glory shots.

You know, I am a hot tub enthusiast. We totally hot tub like, every day. We call ourselves ‘tubbers.

Sophy says: TUBBERS OMFG :X

I love Cadie’s bathers. And I love the way this scene is edited, with the quick cut to the shot of her in the tub, and the birds in the sky. Very Skins. Very wonderful.

Rin says: WHAT WHAT WHAT. Who could have seen this coming. Peado dad is..PEADO! Seriously, gross. Run Cadie, ALL THE WAY HOME.

She doesn’t of course.

Sophy says: “Don’t mind if an old guy gets in here do ya?”


And the bit with his trunks inflating I just… omg scarred for life.

I’m not sure how I feel about Mr P. As a character he kind of walks this uncomfortable line between played-for-laughs and horrific, which… I’m not actually sure whether that’s clever or stupid?

Rin says: I don’t think anyone has annoyed me more in Skinsland than Stanley in this exact moment. Just come sit down I have to tell you something, um…. TRY NO? You just masturbated on her bed and jizzed on her teddy bear. And like, no other Skins character has sounded more pathetic than you are sounding right now. SO SHUTUP AND DIE ALREADY.

Also, Michelle should have been 10000000 times more outraged than what she was. Kick the son of a bitch out.

Sophy says: If there was ever a time for one Skins character to kick another it was now.

Instead Michelle tells Stanley he’s nice to talk to, which based on what we’ve seen thus far I seriously doubt, but okay.

I like Rachel’s acting in this scene, but the trouble is that I find Stanley so repulsive here and her character’s reaction to him so absurdly sympathetic… I just can’t get with it.

Stan asks Michelle to come sit by him and she dead-pans “No Stan. You jizzed in my bed.”

“Look, just sit down,” he insists. “I have something to tell you. It’s a secret, okay?”

And okay, all in all, just about as creepy as that hottub scene.

Rin says: That’s right Cadie, don’t take that crap from someone who was born in a fucking cabbage.


Rin says: I still can’t with the acting. It was really shoddy in this scene with Tea/Tony.

“It’s real. And you know it too. Why don’t you just give something a chance for once in your life.”
“Go away.”
“Okay. Be lonely.”

“Hey Cades. How are you?”

I mean. Really? REALLLY?!!??!

Sophy says: Seriously, seriously, seriously bad. I think I might have figured out what James’s problem is though. It seems his ability to emote has been sucked into the Stonem/Snyder vortex.

Because, you know, I actually liked him at certain points during Tea’s episode, where he let go and gave in to being Tony Snyder, who is a pouty little lovelorn cutie-pie who thinks he’s all that. The thing i, the studiedly blank, unnaturally still thing worked for Nicholas Hoult – it worked for Tony Stonem – but it doesn’t work for James Newman, or for Tony Snyder.

Bottom line: kid needs to let go. But I don’t really see how he can until the writers put the Stonem character behind them, once and for all.

Meanwhile, Tea felt something. And this storyline could be really compelling, but a) I’m not sure the actors are up to it, and b) Holy rushed. I actually think this episode probably should have been the second one, and Tony’s obsession with Tea shouldn’t have started till now. Because they haven’t done the work on Tony’s side – setting him up as a) a character who would be so intellectually attractive to Tea that it might tempt her to overlook her lack of sexual attraction to him, and b) the ringmaster who can’t handle not getting what he wants for the first time ever.

Because when Cadie says “Tony, were you doing something bad? It’s just… every time I see you you’re doing something bad,” my response is ‘Huh? What? Since when?’ When she says “You can’t keep doing just whatever you want you know. Things can’t always work out for you,” again…


They have not established Tony as that guy at all – I can’t see why Tea would be into him, nor can I see why he would be so obsessed by her.

Anyway Tony stomps off with the most incredibly lame come back along the lines of ‘Focus on your own problems, you’ve got enough eg. how your boyfriend isn’t even your boyfriend, not really, ner ner!”
It’s completely tragic, seriously, Tony is the lamest kid in school, I SWEAR TO GOD.

Rin says: I think at this point we’re starting to sound like a broken record Sophy. :( They’re not going to change the Snyder to not be a Stonem. They’re forcing that square into a circle and the corners just won’t give way :((

Rin says: I did like this little scene between Cadie and Tea because it had some substance. At least there was a hint that one person might actually have a clue about anything. Sofia does leave something to be desired though, as I find her a bit predictable. When she says, ‘We should all be better,” she drops her eyes, shakes her head and pouts a little. It’s just all a little bit too obvious and calculated. I’d love to see her reach her potential as she becomes more comfortable in the role, because Tea is one of the characters that I still like.

Sophy says: I think Sofia has her moments, but she’s lacking that ability to be entirely natural. They all are, really, other than Britne… but often Skins is a learning curve for the actors, so it’ll be interesting to see who’s on top by season 2. I’d say other than Britne, Sofia, Rachel, and Jesse have the most potential as things stand.

Anyway, this was a good scene, even if it feels a bit like a disappointment, because it could have been amazing. I love that Tea apologizes to the wrong person for what she’s done, and apologizes to the right person for somebody else’s fuck up.

I have to give her props for realizing what a shit Stanley is.

Cadie runs away – apparently that harsh reality she’s been trying to ignore all day is a little too much for her.

I wish she’d stayed and talked with Tea, and not just because of what goes down next.

Rin says: HAHAHA. Right on sister! …….I’ll show myself out.

Sophy says: HAHAHAHA OH SOFIA. There’s hope for you yet! DON’T CRY YOUR OPAQUE BLUE TEARS :((

Sophy says: Mr P comes in to try and manipulate Cadie into shutting up about what happened in the hot tub. Cadie sees a pigeon at the window, and the sight of it seems to trigger her to ask him if he wants to get high. And whilst this is a horrible scene it’s also quite clever – because I get the same feeling about it that I got in the treetop scene. Again she’s embracing what she fears – she’s becoming one with the threat.

It’s also quite well set up by the scene with Tea. I think somewhere in the murky depths of Cadie’s mind, she thinking ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.’

Anyway so… she takes her dress off. And like… Mr P says some utterly sickening stuff about her being perky and care-free and ugggggh. I can see why they did this, I really can. I mean, hello Miss Needs-to-spend-more-time-with-her-father. But I just can’t… I actually feel ill. So I’m going to just… stop.

Rin says: Find a seedier guy, OH YOU CAN’T ‘CAUSE HE DOESN’T EXIST.

Sophy says: Seriously. Figment.

Rin says: So. Disturbing.


Rin says: Ohhhh that looking up at the window shot looks so familiar!


Rin says: Hmmmm, remember how I was saying before how Stanley was being the most annoying character right now in Skins history? I think he’s about to top himself.
“This isn’t fun, this is just crazy. This is all just completely insane. You just lose it. How can anyone respect that?”
Wow, what a glorified tosser.

Sophy says: I actually had to rewind about 13 times to make sure he really said that last part right there about respect.
I just… mind… blown? I suppose?

Seriously, throughout this whole scene all I wanted to do was just throw things at the screen when his face was on it and scream BEARSTURBATION!!!!!!!!!
I want to say I love the way Britne delivers “Yeah, I’m fun. I’m a whole fucking load of fun, but what do you care?” but oh god, I’m just like… going into a rage blackout. brb.

“Leave me alone.”
“You always just lose it!”
“You don’t know.”
“And I care when you lose it!”
“You don’t know anything!”
“I care?”

Rin says: UM WHAT? YOU ALWAYS JUST LOSE IT? Sorry but, did we suddenly enter some alternate dimension where Stan and Cadie actually know each other? They’re pushing the relationship way too hard and trying to set them up to be something that they’re not.


Okay, three questions. 1) As Rin says, since when does Stanley know Cadie well enough to know whether she ~always loses it? 2) Since when does he have the right to be so fucking judgmental because general douche-ness and BEARSTURBATION. And 3) Since when has he shown any sign of giving a shit about Cadie AND NO HAPPENING TO LOOK UP DOES NOT COUNT?


And it doesn’t help that Daniels’ delivery of the final ‘I care’ is just atrocious. Or is the direction partly to blame? Or just the fucking script? I don’t even know…

It was altogether too throwaway and too fast to be some kind of epiphanic revealation to himself, and yet I’m gathering that’s what it’s supposed to be?


Rin says: I died a thousand times getting caps from that episode for this. I can’t blame Cadie at all for falling for Dr Cameron. See…all she needed was the right doctor! And boy, is she riiiighhhttttttt. :smug:


A turkey is a bird.

Rin says: Rophy/Jmo/Turkey OT3

Rin says: Oh Britne, you and your gorgeous face. <3 And no offense but we’ve kind of already had the porn explosion Skins US? Now you’re not only copying season 1, you’re after season 4 too? D:

Sophy says: Plus it doesn’t have the awesome two-series-ago set-up that Effy’s collage had. Still, I suppose it makes sense that she would pull all that hanging stuff down in a fit of rage.


I get a little lost with the metaphors in this episode.

Also yes, Britne you are so beautiful it’s ridiculous.

Sophy says: Anyway so, if Stanley’s judge’n’care routine was the most angering scene of the episode, this is probably the most disappointing. It just lacks punch and emotion.

Cadie’s mum bursts into the room, furious because the TV people are here and “This is the one thing I ask of you,” and “Your father and I are ready, organized, happy.”

And “Don’t you wanna be happy?”

I can see what they’re trying to do there, I really can. It was kind of already neon before that final line set it flashing.

But like… ugh. It’s too obvious, too… weak… too… boring?

I was disappointed that the mother was just full-strength cold bitch in this scene, when her daughter was clearly suffering. It’s kind of black and white, and the earlier scene with the flimsy sweetness had led me to hope they weren’t going for black and white with her.

And really, I love watching Cadie take pills I do. I could watch her take a busload, remember? But even I felt that this dragged, and I guess that’s because the longer they drew it out, the closer I got to the edge of my seat, waiting with bated breath for the big finish and well… it never came.

We just got a rather trite “See… I’m happy” and bam. See you next week.

And I’m just left like… well… this?

So that seems bad doesn’t it? It seems like I really hate this episode? Well actually I don’t. There are actually ways in which it’s by far my favourite of the season to date. eg. The way in which the whole first half of it was wonderful and actually new and actually felt like Skins.

I just… we got to the pool party and it started to fall apart. And I think that was mostly down to three things. 1) the presence of the other actors who are not Britne, 2) what I suspect is simply going to be a mischaracterization of Stanley (and to a lesser extent of Chris) rather than a genuine departure in which they’re both FUCKHEADS, and c) It just got… boring.

I think that’s a pacing issue? I’m not really sure. All I know is I was completely engaged and actually rather head in hands for the first half an hour, and then the rest of the ep? I’d liken the experience to leaving your brain on when you fall asleep?

Okay, okay, I’m being harsh again and I really don’t want to be. I want to give kudos to whoever wrote this ep, because at least they gave me something to take away and think about. At least they made me smile. At least they made me sick. At least they made me ~feel something.

It’s a step in the right direction, and having seen this ep, I feel a little better about next week’s.

Anyway. shall we play Sophy ends the episode?

I think we shall.

Okay, we pick up where Cadie makes her comment about how there are too many birds out there and she can’t stand it…

Mrs Cadie rolls her eyes, squeezes them shut, looks about ready to scream, is silent a beat too long.

Cadie sits up and turns to face her, stands up and stares at her.

(with a kind of dulled fear)

(after a long moment, brow furrowed, trying so hard not to just have a tantrum)

She shakes her head finally, steps forward very quickly and puts her arms around her daughter.

We cut to Cadie’s face over her shoulder, her eyes wide. We cut back to Cadie’s perspective as she looks out the window. We see her hands slowly lift, her arms slowly curve… but before she can quite get her arms around her, a pigeon flies straight at the fucking window with a thud.

Cadie jumps out of her mother’s embrace.

(worried, confused)
What is it? What happened?

(apologetic and rather terrified, as though she’s covering up something naughty she just did)
Nothing! It was nothing. Nothing, mom.

Mrs Cadie and Cadie look at each other for a while before things become awkward. Mrs Cadie glances towards the door, then back at her daughter, then back at the door. She moves towards it.

Look, Cadie, if you’re going to come down, make sure…
(sighing, reaching out to touch Cadie’s hair with some degree of affection)
Just… don’t come down.

She smiles, leaves the room, closes the door behind her as quietly as possible.

Cadie stares at the door in silence for a long time.

Then she goes on a rampage in her closet, digging through masses of crap trying to find something. Eventually she pulls out a big box, labeled, say, ‘Cadie 2002’ or something. With like. Stickers on it. And whatnot.

She opens it, but we don’t see what’s inside.

Cut to Cadie walking through the hall and down the stairs – we see all of this from her perspective. When she gets to the living room she stops, and we take in, through her eyes, the TV people, her mum, her dad, all of them turned towards her looking somewhat… bemused, shall we say.

We cut to Cadie’s face, up very close, filling the frame.

(smiling, beginning to cry)
I’m ready for my close-up.

We pan up in silence to see the tattered Native American feathered head-dress she’s squeezed onto her head.



Rin says: Cowboys and Indians make everything better. And I can’t not do this, because I feel like it should have happened. That last visual was just too good to pass up.


Rin says: She has serious selective hearing issues.

Sophy says: She really really does.

Rin says: And this is normally where the preview for NEXT TIME would go, but Skins US doesn’t give us those..or…the version I get doesn’t have them. So. NO DICE! And as if we really need to see a preview of Stanley. SO LET’S JUST HAVE ANOTHER MACRO TO END ON, YES?

Rin says: What a screen hog.

Sophy says: lolol OH DAISY. I find her so cute in this.

First time for everything.

34 Responses

  1. SimplyCW
    SimplyCW at · Reply

    Oh, Rophy. You always explain things so beautifully. I agree with you guys – there was a lot of beautiful build up with the birds/pills/feelings theme for Cadie, but the last half of the episode lost it for me. Broken thematic metaphors are so tragic.

    Can’t wait to see how you feel about Stanley the bear jizzer after his episode.

  2. Lily
    Lily at · Reply

    BEARSTURBATION ahaha. No. Gross. I feel yuck for laughing. Puck me he’s disgusting. Sid was a bit of a douche at times, but primarily because he was seriously impaired in the way of being observant. Lol at Eura’s special little sister status. I mean really.. Effy was sort of brilliant..the fluoro and the piggy tails and the clips I wore in my hair in like, Grade 2.. just, a world of no. Unless special is their perogative of course.

    Skins US just makes me feel… disappointed. And each week I swear I won’t watch the next one coz I’m worried it’ll infiltrate my love for the original Skins, but I can’t help but watch each week. I think I’m curious to see if it gets any beter, because there *are* small gems within the episodes, but I sadly don’t think it will. I can’t even compare how I feel about this cast compared to at the end of Chris’ Season 1 ep.. I just can’t. I feel like a remake could have been brilliant if they’d carved a unique story from the concept of Skins, instead of trying to force a near perfect narrative on a new, dynamically different cast (and audience).

    But I must say, watching Mini’s episode two days later promoted my week immeasurably ♥

  3. Federica
    Federica at · Reply

    To be honest I was just grossed by Stanley masturbating and by that pedo.But when Stanley came in the room and stopped the sex with the pedo I was too glad to bother what the fuck he was saying.If she was actually going to have sex with him,I think I would have really dropped Mtv Skins.

  4. Loui
    Loui at · Reply

    God, Stanley’s ep is incredibly terrible also.
    MTV Skins: no.
    Just, no. Not even for Britne Oldford’s lovely face.

  5. Brooooooke
    Brooooooke at · Reply

    Great recap.

    I completley agree that the episode fell apart when Cadie got to the party, like the first half was ,my favourite thing i’ve seen so far from USS, so I was really dissapointed with the grossness and bad writing of the second half. I love Cadie and I liked her parents too, like in a “worst parents ever” way. I was starting to like Chris last episode, and Cadie-Shack was really cute, but he was a total douch for the rest of it. Aside from Michelle and Tea, and cadie of course, everybody is annoying as hell, and Abbud can go die in a fire. Eura was a complete fail, not sure what they were going for, but weird alien handicapped 10 years old that has to be babysat (why else does she appear every episode) was probably not that. They really should put her out of her misery and remove any trace of the character. As for Michelle and Tea, I see potential. I am excited about Michelle’s episode, only because she hasn’t annoyed me yet and the girl seems like a good actress.

    And Rin, I sure hope your right about the Cadie/Stanley thing, but thats probably too deep for this show.

    I will continue to watch this show however, as painfull as it might get, at the very least so can enjoy these recaps more often. On a side note, I loved Mini’s ep from UK

  6. Sanni
    Sanni at · Reply

    I’ve now went to the point where I don’t bother to watch the episodes for this show, I only read your recaps.

    Britne is so, so, gorgeous. The only reason I could actually watch this.

    “Look up if you like me” and “I care”? I disapprove of taking these lines and shoving them into this show. Homage to the original is nice, but…those scenes were so magical in the original. Cadie is no Cassie, which is a good thing , and Stan is no Sid, which…well, teddy bear masturbation? I’d rather have him be an exact copy of Sid.

    Maybe it would be an interesting angle if that Tony actually would have to look after Eura all the time for some reason. Hmm. But I doubt they’re going for that.

    Can’t wait for your Mini recap, that episode was Skins at its best.

  7. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    Serious question: You guys think they’ll ever cancel this show? (US version, I mean)

  8. sansa
    sansa at · Reply

    Eura’s scene with Cadie fell a little flat, the actress just couldn’t pull it off. But I still think they could do a nice story with her. I like the idea of a girl who just sort of blends into the background.

  9. TheRealTRXD
    TheRealTRXD at · Reply

    Loved the recap again guys! Keep it up no matter how far behind you fall :O

    Also, I know why you don’t like Stanley, cos neither of you have ever been teenage boys =P. Stanley pretty much represents the lazy but good-natured twat in all of us teenage guys that sometimes do arseholey things they shouldn’t.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Nope, that’s Sid. Stanley is quite another matter.

      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis at · Reply

        Couldn’t agree more. Stanley is more useless than Tony will ever be, and that’s saying a lot.

  10. Aya
    Aya at · Reply

    You know, usually, I agree with you guys on everything, but I cannot, absolutely *cannot* stand Britne’s acting (or completely lack thereof) in this or in any episodes. All of her lines fall flat and are un heart-felt, like she’s reading them rather than being them. She can’t settle on a personality, and it’s really cringe-worthy and frustrating to watch. Honestly, Tea and Michelle are the best parts of the show, probably the only reasons why I’m still watching. (Even looking beyond the fact that they need to hook up ASAP.) Love you guys and all (and Naomi = yes!) but I just don’t see eye to eye with you in terms of Cadie.

  11. Juliett
    Juliett at · Reply

    I didn’t even noticed her last name was Campbell, it’s just – not working here,- and the same for the bananas . I mean , you’re in US Skins, supposed to be sort of Cassie character so don’t try to MESS WITH NAOMI FUCKING CAMPBELL yeah ?

    However, I was very disappointed with that episode, especially with the whole Stanley/Drugs/BEARSTURBATION horrible thing, I mean, it wasn’t funny at all or cute, or desperate , it was ..Gross.
    Same with the all -predicatble- Mr Peado storyline, again not funny and like really creepy. I was hoping so much with this episode to put things in favor of Skins US, along with the Tea’s mind blowing one, but no. I think they screwed Britne’ talent so much –
    At least, now and thanks to the non-preview, I don’t have any hope for the next one , maybe it will surprise us but I don’t know why – I really doubt about it.

    And, as usual, thanks for the recap, and for expressing really fairly what I felt during this ep ;) xx

    PS : I now, really can’t wait anymore for the 310, and 401, 402, 403 recap – big hopes on them, please tell me it’s happening ! :(

    Love you, biiiiiig kisses from France :) xx

  12. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    I agree with lots here! Exactly what I thought, this is the first episode that really felt more SKINS-ish. They need more silent, long shots where you can just think about the characters and look at their faces and realise what they are thinking. Which they had in the first part. And it was magical . But then there was the party.

    And agree about the acting. Jesse and Britne I’d say are the most natural, whereas Rachel and Sofia have potential. Hardly any Camille yet so I can’t say there. And I don’t know, I think they ARE deviating with the Snyders, I think Tony is becoming less Stonem, which as you say doesn’t work for him.

    And definitely agree that Skins US girls are better than the guys. The guys just kind of mostly suck.

    I can see how they sort of want Eura to have some kind of presence during the episodes before her own episode, but it seems awkward, there has to be a better way to show her. I mean, in that first episode it shows her coming home from a party, so she DOES have some kind of other people that she hangs out with. But I don’t think they’re going in the Effy direction. The actress, while a pretty girl, is not the knockout that Kaya is, so that kind of character just would not work with her. I think they are making her appear just a lot younger in general, she seems more of a little girl than Effy ever did. And the fact that Chris calls her “weird” is definitely an indication that she isn’t Effy. You’d never hear any of them calling Effy a “weird little sister”. They were almost afraid of Effy. And it doesn’t really seem like Eura WANTS to be tagging along with Tony, she never looks like she’s having a good time. So maybe their parents sort of force her to stay with him, possible because of some earlier thing, or not.

  13. Shiny
    Shiny at · Reply

    You guys really hit on every point I felt about this episode. Despite the lackluster second half it gave me genuine hope for the future of US Skins. I really don’t have much more to say other than Britne really is amazing and I wish they’d wouldn’t keep trying to shoehorn Cadie/Stanley.
    And also the Naomi shaking Stanley off the leaf Macro is definitely going on my “Top Ten Rophy Macros of Win” list.

  14. Lucas
    Lucas at · Reply

    omg i am dying at the ‘we should all be better’ part. genius

  15. uber
    uber at · Reply

    I think this recap is the most I’ve ever agreed with you guys <3 (and I usually agree with you guys quite a lot, so yes. I agree with everything and I agree hard)
    I had like loads of comments when I was reading it, but then I fell asleep right after I finished and can't remember them now :ffsigh: I wish Sophy had written the end, though and I wanted to express my love for Britne's delivery in the first scene when she asked for a banana because I burst out laughing for no reason other than the brilliance of her timing. She's just awesome

    1. uber
      uber at · Reply

      (oh well. Agree with everything except for minding that Cadie’s eating bananas. I mean, I know Naomi’s not as generous as Emily with her CHE graciousness, but I can’t see her giving a fuck over someone stealing her banana eating)

      Awesome recap guys!

  16. H
    H at · Reply

    “…otherwise she’ll cross the street without looking.”

    Can’t believe you went there, yet, so =)) that you did.

    Eura vs Effy? No. I can’t. Really, it’s unfair. Kaya was waay more experienced than whomever this girl is, and oh-it-shoows. Painfully shows. The Stonem family is untouchable, Skins US, untouchable! Do you know what isn’t? Brand! new! characters! Always kind of confused me as to why a show geared towards teens in a specific cultural setting/society would copy specific characters from another society? I mean, I’m not ANGRY like some awful people I’ve seen tweeting up a hate-storm to Heather Hogan, but, still, I put any gen of Skins UK on such a pedestal–the kind that shouldn’t be touched–that it sort of upsets me to see dialogue copied and pasted.

    I was just thinking to myself, I’ve definitely read someone else agree with me SOMEWHERE, but I couldn’t figure out where. Nevermind, it was Rophy in the last recap. Don’t mind me, speaking to choirs again.

  17. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    I liked your recap. Didn’t like the episode, other than the room decoration part, the woods and her little moment with Tea. Her room decoration was really awesome, but then she put Stanley on there, and that’s just… gross. Almost as gross as Michelle’s mum’s boyfriend who creeps me the hell out.
    And why do her parents live in a mansion, again? Was her Mom Miss America at some point and failed to mention that?

    I know you hate Abbud with passions (and yet, if you’ve seen the previews, his own episode will probably feature something worse than just him being as Abbud as possible), but I quite liked his moment with Tea and her weird, weird hook-up. Which – well, she was weird, but an improvement from Blandy and Blandy2 (US!Tony). Though I think this might be because of the actor, who I find cute. I liked Anwar a lot, but Abbud doesn’t seem to live up to that, he’s too random. Maybe that’ll change, but I doubt it.

    Really, after Stanley’s episode I’m not very keen to see anything else of Skins US, even though I still like Cadie and Tea. But they’re going to ruin Tea with shitty sand castles and worst of all, Tony. And I know you think Abbud is the worst, but I’d take ten of him over this boring, annoying, pale, shitty version of Tony.

  18. Jade
    Jade at · Reply

    *commences rant*
    Seriously guys the only reason I’m still watching this show is so I can have context for your recaps. Dave keeps telling me the show isn’t being made for me, and other folk who have watched Skins before, but it’s just so…nothing. I couldn’t care less about any of them and it’s really not something I’m used to with Skins. I’m used to feeling raw and engaged and sucked in to the story and the characters, and with these guys I just feel absolutely nothing. Except rage at when they come off as annoying versions of the originals. When they do original stuff the show seems better, to me when they’re copying storyline or character development is when it’s most noticeable how bland it is.

    And the acting in the Tony/Tea scene was awful…I want so much for Tea to be awesome, because I love to rant about the lack of lesbians on TV, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    Oh and I totally never appreciated Effy the way I should’ve until this new chick is on the scene trying to be Effy and looking weird and awkward, instead of mysterious and all seeing. I will now worship at an Effy shrine for all time to make up for this.

    *concludes rant*

  19. Chloe
    Chloe at · Reply

    What is up with Eura, seriously!? She just seems like this weird, ~special, friendless kid who follows her elder brother around and just kind of sits around looking awkward. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was a whole new character, but it feels like the creators are trying to make her into Effy 2.0 and just failing miserably.
    Anywaaay. Amazing recap as always, you guys never disappoint (:

  20. Molly
    Molly at · Reply

    Cadie is actually a character I’ve had the most problems with. Although I will say that Britne is probably the best actress of the cast – she and Sofia seem to be the only ones with actually feeling when they speak. I thought a lot of things were overdone in this ep. I got tired of being hit over the head with the bird metaphor, the cabinet of pills (I have serious mental illness and the most I’ve ever had at one time is probably six different things), and it bothered me that it’s not clear what’s wrong with Cadie. Is she mentally ill? I thought it was very important in UK that we knew what Cassie had. Not only did Cassie as a person have an amazing character arc, but her disease had an arc that was so well done.

    Also “look up if you like me.” Remember how it came after that stunning sequence of Cassie running her fingers on the rail?

    1. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      The other actors don’t seem to have any real emotion in their faces. I always imagine some producer yelling at them from behind the camera: “No, for *bleeps* sake, I said use your *bleeping* face LESS! And no intonation, let the words speak for themselves! Everyone, look at James, he’s doing it right!”
      Which is also the secret reason they don’t let Eura speak. She sounds too emotional, and that would really screw up the whole blandness of it all. It’s called art, people!

  21. Brooooooke
    Brooooooke at · Reply

    They probably are trying to make Eura appear really perceptive and all-seeing, thats why they basically cut and paste her into random scenes (or maybe they just can’t afford to pay anymore extras). But Kaya made Effy appear all-seeing without trying, while Eura just looks like a creepy stalker.

  22. tapette
    tapette at · Reply

    What kind if psychiatric medication ‘intensifies emotions’? Skins US pulls these pills from some kind of pharmaceutical Wonka land. Psych meds taken by those who don’t need them tend to operate as uppers (ritalin,dexedrine) or downers (ativan, certain antipsychotics). Or they’re like SSRIs which take weeks to kick in so it’s not like you can party with them. They make psych meds look like MDMA.

    It will be a travesty if this show isn’t canceled. People keep saying the actors might improve in further seasons, but Skins US is too mediocre to be renewed long enough for us to see that.

  23. Loui
    Loui at · Reply

    MOAR UK recaps?
    I want to hear your thoughts about Mini & Liv!

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