Tea — Part 2

“Who does it hurt?”
“Who does it hurt?”

Rin says: I liked Tea’s little shrug with her eyes closed as she said that. And I do like that they’re creating this strong bond between these two. Especially because Mr Marvelli >>>>>> Snyders to infinity.

Le Dong 8-) WHY IS HE STILL HERE. Why did he choose to follow TEA of all people. How does he find out that she’s a lesbian?

Sophy says: I enjoyed this little scene. Tea and her dad have a nice natural chemistry. In fact, Tea’s dad might be the only adult I’ve liked so far. Way to go, Tea’s dad!

HAHAHAHA I KNOW RIGHT. When he called her a dyke at the end of the episode I was like. What? How did you know? And why are you here? How did you not just follow Stanley instead of Tea.


Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHAH SHE’S SO CUTE. THAT SMILE. I love how she really does look about as shiny and bright as that apple. Perfect.

Rin says: Seriously. So adorbs.

Sophy says: She’s all dolled up with her hetero-hair. Ready for her fake-date.

Rin says: I won’t lie. I was amused that it turned out to be Tony. And at first I seriously didn’t recognise who he was with. I was wondering why he was sitting with some random woman.

They were bleeped again here, weren’t they? I just hope they eventually write out the swearing.

Sophy says: I heard the swearing wasn’t bleeped in Canada. Oh Caaaanada.

Rin says: They could be brother and sister. Moreso than Tony/Eura. I’d like it if their relationship became more like that, but it seems like Tony’s going to pine over Tea for a while. So, I dunno :-s I just love girl/guy close friendships ala Veronica/Wallace where they don’t ever have to get romantic…but, well. They already went there so that is kind of a squashed fantasy.

Sophy says: You’re right, Tea and Tony do rather look alike. They both have those sort of naturally smokey, hooded eyes.

Also, I seriously don’t get this deal. They pay their kids to socialize? What could that possibly be achieving? I need to watch more gangster movies.

Rin says: I’m really not seeing anything I like from Eura so far. I’m getting more of a ‘~special-younger-sister’ rather than a ‘all-knowing, all-seeing’ vibe off her. And just, no. That never happened with Effy.

Sophy says: Effy definitely had a much stronger vibe than Eura does. Eura seems fragile and sort of… like she has a bad cold and wants to be left alone to sniffle in peace? That’s just my take.

I absoltuely adore the way Tea is sitting. I also absoltuely adore Tea’s outfit.

Rin says: Tony/Effy was one of my most favourite things about Skins, IN GENERAL. Just so you know, US Skins. Just. So. You. Know.

Srsly, Tony/Tea. No height difference, no hair contrast. You got nothing.

Sophy says: Yeah, I don’t feel much of a connection between them just yet. Although I did sort of laugh at the implication that Tony and Eura’s primary form of communication is cash.

Anyway, he sends her on her not-so-merry way, and then cheerfully informs Tea that she is not a dog. Tea cheerfully agrees with him. He offers to buy her a drink and off they go to…

Sophy says: The playground. Of course. Nothing says ‘We are underage’ like a merry-go-round.

Rin says: Loved the direction of this scene. Sure it might be a little literal, but it worked well for its purpose.

Gurgling vodka just after you’ve thrown up? Loved it.

Sophy says: I really liked the way this was shot too. And I loved that Tea just hurled, then gargled.

Rin says: Dishevelled Tea, kind of loving you.

Sophy says: I am also enjoying her dishevelled-ness.

So Tea sets about quizzing Tony, asking him why he’s with Michelle. His answer: “Because she’s hot… no, she’s the hottest. And the cleverest. And her nipples make me laugh, so she’s mine. Ha!” It’s probably my favourite Tony moment so far. I find James is rather hit-and-miss in the acting department, but this really worked for me. I liked this cute, cheeky side of Tony Snyder. I can see myself enjoying the character once he properly comes into his own.

Tony says it’s her turn to tell him something, and she goes the whole ‘I’m a lesbian get over it’ route. She says it’s tedious and Tony agrees. He wants to hear something he doesn’t already know…

Rin says: Wow. I find myself torn. On the one hand I’m kind of siding with Sophia, but on the other..can we really blame Tea?

Sophy says: She must feel so cheated, being a lesbian in the wrong gen. Alas.

Rin says: Okay, now they’re just looking like twins.


Can you imagine the fury?

Sophy says: Tony manages to extract something of interest from Tea, and I really, really like this part, I do. She tells him how her dad gave up everything to be with her mum, because he loved her. “I can’t imagine feeling that way about anyone,” she says, and I totally understand what she’s getting at it. I totally get how she feels about that. I like that her apathy isn’t just apathy, it’s sort of a fear, a fear of not being normal – of not being able to connect to people the way you’re supposed to – to life the way you’re supposed to. Whilst she didn’t quite work for me as a whole in this episode, I do think Tea has the potential to grow into a memorable character.

Sophy says: Tea says maybe she has a screw missing, and it’s slightly jarring because isn’t the expression ‘have a screw loose’? It seems like she’s said something a little bit off, just so that Tony can be cute with ‘Maybe it just needs tightening’ and I don’t know… lazy. Tea is amused though, and it’s sort of sweet.

Unfortunately Tony pisses all over this scene with some obnoxious bullshit about how “mysterious” she is and how she’s “met her match.” That last part? It would be bad enough on its own, but given the fact that it’s a reptition cheese-crash again? I can’t even. And it’s even worse this time, because Tea never said anything about people not being able to match her to him. So I’m supposed to believe he just ~coincidentally came out with that? Yuck.

Oh scene. You had such potential.

Moving on.

Rin says: They break into that lesbian club, because they’re gonna get jiggy with it. Is that expression dated?

Sophy says: Yes. But Tony just called Tea ‘Missie-mop’ earlier, so you’re golden.

Rin says: When I first saw this scene I was about ready to pounce with rage. Were they going to have some kind of lame dance off? But then Tea started shuffling and and…it was really cute. :*)

Sophy says: Oh my gosh, her dancing was so adorable. I kept expecting to hate it and but the hate never came because it was way too cute.

Rin says: I like her spinny move. 8-.

And yes, whenever you add fairy lights to a room it makes it a million times more attractive.

Sophy says: Instant pretty. Just add fairy lights.

Rin says: Oh god. Sofia looks SO YOUNG HERE. SO YOUNG. And it’s kind of … creeping me out. She looks like she could be 12 or 13, and I want to take back any gawking I might have previously done.


Sophy says: She is reminding me so much of Monica Bellucci in that scene in L’Appartement in these caps.

And yeah, Sofia is major peado-bear material. As in sometimes she’s just so baby-faced that you realize how young she is and No, no, no, ack, ack, ack. I mean, I’m not going to deny she’s beautiful. She will undoubtedly grow into a fiendishly attractive woman. But for now she’s still very much a child – to me at least. I’m going to have such a hard time watching the internet perve over her.

Rin says: I loved Tony’s dancing. He should be able to dance, being Tony and all. And this was most satisfactory.

…..I can’t even reference gen 2 without getting sad. :(

Sophy says: I loved Tony’s dancing. I sort of wish they’d had him dance instead of sing in the first episode, because this, he is good at. And it’s so freaking cute.

Having said that, I did keep feeling Tea needed another partner in this scene…

Rin says: I love that first cap, A LOT A LOT. The lighting is gorgeous.

Oh wow, who could have seen this coming? :O

Sophy says: Anyone who saw the promos?

Rin says: Incest :(( :((

Sophy says: ILLEGAL :((

I love Tea’s slightly horrified face after she’s kissed him. Still not sure why he’s quite so facepalm about it all though.

And gosh, the colours in this scene, so beautiful. I love the yellow on the painted wall. Exquisite.

Rin says: The 4th cap makes me giggle. It’s like Tea is looking straight at us.

Sophy says: lolol, this just looks so uncomfortable.

Rin says: Thank god she laughed. Thank god they stopped it. Thank god it was something unexpected.

Sophy says: Her laughter was so cute. You’d think Tony would be sort of pissed, but no. I think it’s because her laughter was too cute to resist. He was compelled to laugh too.

Rin says: Aw, they were really cute here.

Tea, why are you holding your shoes? I was under the impression most people only walk around bare foot if their feet are too sore from wearing heels.

Sophy says: Another scene in which we’re seeing such a different Tony. Stonem would never have been that bashful in the same situation. I loved the way Sofia delivered ‘They must be really stupid then’ re: the girls who like Tony’s attentions. It made me giggle. It even made Tony giggle. Irresistible.

Rin says: Tea gets accosted by Le Dong and honestly Tea, you should have run for it. Don’t talk to strange looking men, nor let them get close enough to grab you.

Where’s the PTC when you need them?

I guess papa Marvelli will just have to kill him for you.

No really.

Sophy says: Le Dong, you are so boring. I’m so glad you were dispatched in this episode.

I like Papa Marvelli, just standing there, all ‘Bitch I don’t even need to move to out-intimidate you.’

Rin says: I love Tea’s pyjama top. It’s appropriately daggy. Don’t you hate it when you see fake pyjamas? That’s just the worst.

Sophy says: So Tea goes in to sleep with her nana because she’s scared, which is sort of sweet but… I don’t know. I didn’t get the impression she was really scared of Le Dong, and I guess we’re supposed to deduce that she’s really scared because of what happened with Betty earlier and what happened with Tony tonight but… I just. Don’t. This is one of the instances where Tea just didn’t quite connect up for me emotionally.

Sophy says: Nana gets her lucid on and reveals that she is a lesbian, who lost her lover to cruel prejudice back in the day. Tea cries and tells her she loves her.

And I don’ t know. I just found this a little too clever and a little too sentimental. It just didn’t quite feel like something Skins would normally do, though I’ll acknowledge it was well done. Nana’s delivery was lovely, especially the part where she says they called lesbians ‘Lavender’. “It’s a sweet flower. How can a flower hurt anyone?” she asks. And oh Nana Marvelli, I don’t know. I just don’t know.

I suppose life really does suck sometimes.

Rin says: I get it. I do. I see the parallels and the social commentary, and all of that was fine and dandy. The actress playing the nana, in particular, was exceptional. But. I felt it was a bit ‘too little too late,’ and a bit too obvious. Here’s the sweet little old lady and here’s her epic tale of lost love. Now is your cue to cry.

I was just too aware and completely conscious that these were people inside my screen, whereas usually I’m right in there with them. Never realising how they’re affecting me until I feel a tinge in my chest.

It didn’t work for me, and that’s fine.

Rin says: What a lousy group of friends these guys are. If I saw one of my friends sitting by themselves in the cafeteria, I wouldn’t just leave them there! Rude.

T’s JACKET <33333 *gives her an apple*

Sophy says: It seems odd that Tea and Tony are all ~brooding stares at fifty paces, considering that they were giggling when we left them.

I adore Tea’s jacket. Adore.

Rin says: See! Michelle knows what friendships about. Look at her being a good friend :) Friend. :) Friend. :) Friend. :)

Oh and, I like that she’s wearing the same jacket from 101. Cause Skins is a show where characters actually have a realistic wardrobe. <3

Sophy says: Oh Michelle! Your little face is so cute. And yes. I enjoy this friend business. Needs moar.

Michelle asks Tea how her fake-date was, and seems genuinely concerned for her, which is rather refreshing and lovely.

Rin says: MTE Michelle. My thoughts exactly.

She was trying to eat!

Sophy says: Yeah, I would not choose to be that particular shade of green. But to be fair, neither did Michelle.

Rin says: Wow Tea. Michelle isn’t just some piece of meat, her eyes are about 4 inches higher.


Sophy says: Yeah, so. Blandy, who by the way had a boyfriend or whatever I don’t really care, comes up to Tea and lays one on her in front of everybody.

Rin says: Bring back Michelle vomit gif.

Sophy says: Blandy steps back and comes out with “I put my truth on you,” and I just about had to leave the room because the room could not contain the amount of No emanating from my body.

Seriously. Hannah Murray might have been able to make that line work. But I doubt it.

Rin says: Oh god yes, when Betty said that I cringed.

MICHELLE/HOTDOG. Most interesting ship so far. If it’s not endgame, I’m gonna be so mad.

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHAH THAT CAP IS THE CUTEST. Michelle/hotdog forevs.

Rin says: Betty has such fucking nerve to question Mrs Thomas. Let’s hope there’s a balcony and some MDMA in her future.

Sophy says: Omg Rin. Too far.

Also… AWAY.

Rin says: Daisy looks really valley girl in that cap. Like, totally.

Sophy says: Whatever, Daisy. Rich people aren’t like us. Lesbians don’t have breasts.

You have an uphill battle with me, fool girl.

Rin says: I loved Michelle putting those douches in their place. That’s more like it.

Sophy says: It totally reminded me of something Veronica Mars would do.

Rin says: I can see it. I’d like it.

Sophy says: It is really hard to look at those two caps and not ship it. At least on a BFF level.

Michelle > Daisy and Abbud. Upgrade now, Tea.

Rin says: Oh America and your gun-free/drug-free school zone sign. You’d think it’d be implied, but alas.

Sophy says: Maybe they should have put signs up at the MTV Skins party.

Rin says: It turns out Marvelous Marvelli (he should be a magician) has conjured up the penis and it’s all very mob-like.

‘Kike’ wasn’t actually something I was familiar with, and I had to look it up after rewatching. But okay, dyke, kike. I see.

I mean, I would have liked to have seen what would have happened if there wasn’t a ~mixup, but perhaps that’s for later down the track.

Sophy says: I actually loved the mixup. Very clever, very believable, and sort of heartbreaking. I’m glad Tea’s sexuality is still a secret from her father, whether via the means of hearing difficulties or denial or both. I think that’s going to be a big issue for Tea, in a way that it wasn’t for Naomi or Emily, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Sophy says: Anyway, Papa Marvelli is all ‘Oh no you didn’t, my daughter is precious, etc, etc’. The implication is that he’s going to have the guy killed or at the very least badly beaten. But Tea doesn’t want that. She kisses her dad on the cheek for the second time this episode, tells him she loves him, and leaves.

Rin says: They’re going to send the penis to the bottom of the lake, see? Attach cinder blocks to his legs so he’ll sink, see??

Sophy says: lolol THE PENIS. Omg.

Rin says: Here’s what I don’t get, why is Tea in her nana’s room and why is Tony in Eura’s room? Baffling.

Sophy says: Baffling… sort of interesting too. There’s no way that wasn’t done for a reason and I mean, okay, we know the reason Tea is in her Nana’s room is so we can see the lavender at the end, but Tony being in Eura’s room? That’s interesting. I don’t quite know what to make of it yet, but I’m hoping that once the series is done I can come back to this recap and fanwank it to new heights.

Rin says: Tony is breaking way too early. But I guess this is just another way that Snyder =/= Stonem.

Sophy says: Yeah, this is just… Tony came off as more of a Sid than anything else in this episode. Sort of the loveable loser you know? 100% not Stonem, that’s for sure.

I don’t mind that they’re taking that route with the character, in fact I welcome it. But I’ve gotta say, I almost had to leave the room again when Tony echoed the freaking echo with “I matched you. I matched you good.”

I’m getting agitated just thinking about that whiney tone in his voice.

Rin says: I’d hang up on Betty too.


Sophy says: I must say, I was pleased when Tea hung up. I really don’t want her storyline to be ‘Just embrace the ordinary girl and see that she’s really interesting underneath’ because that would be so didactic and so trite and so not Skins.

I have faith that that’s not where they’re going with Tea. But I’m not naive enough to hope we’ve seen the last of Blandy.

Rin says: SPIN FOR ME TEA, SPIN! 8-.

Overall I was quite disappointed with this episode. It’s partly my fault because I went into the episode really excited, after hearing great things about it, and I had pretty high expectations. Plus it was written by BE himself, and no I can’t expect him to create 42 minutes of pure magic with just a flick of the wrist, but I do. He is fabulous and has more than proven that when Skins is good, it’s one of the best TV shows out there. Easy.

I just felt like the mark was missed with this one. It’s like it hovered at around 50% for most of the episode, and there were times when it jumped up but never really quite got there. You could always see where they were going, rather than feeling it. I found myself waiting for large portions of this episode, waiting for something to happening, waiting for something to grab me. And if I’m honest, the only scene that did was Cadies. Unfortunately, one 3 minute scene shouldn’t be the highlight of an episode.

I didn’t find out as much about Tea as I would have liked. If I was supposed to feel for her, I didn’t. And it’s not like we have the ‘it’s only the second episode’ excuse because I fondly remember falling in love with Cassie, and she was the 2nd episode of season 1. When Cassie took that big bite out of the burger I exhaled a breath I didn’t even know I was holding. It should have been easier for me to relate to Tea rather than Cassie, but it wasn’t.. and I guess therein lies the difference.

I really want to like US Skins, I do, and I was hoping this episode would show me the potential of what US Skins can be. After 3 and 4, I really hope to see something special. I want them to surprise me and find myself ashamed of ever doubting the inherit brilliance of Skins.

Sophy says: This episode left me cold – or rather luke-warm. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy parts of it, it’s just that it felt messy and fitful in ways that Bryan’s episodes never do. Well, that’s what I said to Rin, and she threw ‘Excuse me, 408’ right back in my face. But see that was different. 408 was a hell of a corner to be painted into and I can see how it might have been well nigh impossible to produce a good generation finale in those circumstances. But here… it’s all fresh. It’s a brand new start. And yet it lacked vitality, as well as cohesion.

I agree that Cadie’s scene was the best scene in the episode, but then my problem is that Cadie’s scene shouldn’t actually have been in it. On its own there it felt so throwaway and so entirely disconnected from Tea’s story. I suppose what I mean is, I found myself thinking that if you completely snipped that scene out, it would change nothing with regard to the main storyline. I don’t remember ever feeling that way during an episode of Skins.

The best episodes of Skins are like poems; nothing is accidental, all roads lead straight to your heart. This episode was just a story.

Oh it wasn’t a bad story – don’t get me wrong. This stuff is still in a whole other league from any of the other teen dramas on US television right now. But, I suppose Rin is right – our hopes were high, and that’s why it’s so disappointing that this episode wasn’t to US Skins what Cassie’s first episode was to UK Skins.

But we can wait. We have to wait.

Skins and Rophy are kind of TV married. It’s a whole for better or worse deal.

Rin says: That owl is so cool!!

The next episode is going to be a hard one to sit through. Chris is so special and one of the most love characters of gen 1… but I’m going to approach it as I have been with the previous 2, with an open mind.

But just seeing the gold fish was almost too much.

Sophy says: :((

I have a feeling Mrs Thomas may haunt you in the next recap Chris.


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  1. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    Oh gosh, Mrs. Thomas. You should just get rid of Blandy permanently. I mean, really? HER? I totally agree with Rophy on that one.

    I did like Tea’s episode though. I’ve seen her compared to Naomily, and I’ve seen the Minky storyline compared to Naomily too. Because apparently all lesbians are the same and must have the same storylines and characteristics. Anyway…. Rant over.

    But I do like Tea. She is a lesbian like Naomi and Emily and possibly Mini and Franky, but she has a completely different storyline and purpose. I mean, you guys said it first. Naomily wasn’t about them being lesbians. You don’t even think about it till later because they’re just so AMAZING in their parts and it’s such a great story. But I hope they take Tea in a different direction. I mean, this is US Skins. And one of the huge problems in the US right now is the how many people are against the LGBT movement and homophobia. I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but I do know what its like here, especially in the south. I live in TX, and I see how bad it is. Maybe not the bullying, but just how much disgust kids have for gays and how much it’s used as an insult. So I really hope they follow that with Tea. Maybe it’ll make a difference.

  2. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    I also wondered why Tea didn’t just run from that man, le dong whatever.

    I still dont know what kike is meant to be.

    Michelle/hotdog forever lol.

    Not much else to say.

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