Tea — Part 1

Rin says: The credits are pretty….BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT.

Why are they using clips from the show instead of filming especially for the credits? D: I mean, I know s1 of UK didn’t do it, but I’ve grown accustomed to having special credits and and. :(((((( I would have loved them to have done it for these kids too.

Sophy says: loolol, I can’t focus on anything other than than this:

Rin says: That last cap there is really quite pretty. It kind of looks like it could be when ~Eura gets drugged up and Tony (and I guess Stanley?) goes to save her. I’m purely speculating because of the colourful lighting.

Also curse the MTV logo to hell as it covers Cadie’s face.

Sophy says: I KNOW RIGHT. I was so angry before the episode had even started. How dare you, logo. HOW. DARE. YOU.

But oh, those yellows, reds, and blues. The colours in these credits really are divine.

Also, nice lipstick Stanley. It goes really well with your hair, you girl.



Rin says: And here we go, with Tea Marvelli.

Sophy says: Marvelli. Marvelous.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that I don’t mind the theme song. It’s not quite up there with the magic of ding ding ding, ding, ding! but it did have a nice mood.

I asked Rin if she wanted to add anything about the song. This was her response: ‘No. =; I choose to ignore it. =;


Rin says: Whatevs. How dare you Betty. How dare you look over your shoulder.

Sophy says: Yeah, um, Betty, this was not the best way to get on our good side. It’s sort of like Tea wearing those jean shorts without sending Sophia a thank you note. We feel you should have written some kind of love letter to Naomily before stealing their moves.

Rin says: Tea leaves Betty a note with, ‘Northern Soul’ on it and I guess it’s some kind of place to meet up or something or something. After class the gang hassle Stanley about his drug problem and Michelle jumps on his back which is kinda cute.

Sophy says: Loving Tea’s eyebrow-raise. Not loving Betty’s bland expression of blandness.

And yes, the jumping and squeeing is cute, but I can never ship two people with such similar hair. Sorry Stanley/Michelle, you are dead in the water for me.

Rin says: BETTY STINKS =; =; =; I’d wear my badge every day.


Rin says: Tea rides the bus home and as soon as she steps in through the front door her mother is scolding her for something or rather. IDK. It shows she doesn’t have the best relationship with her mother, that is all.

Sophy says: It’s okay, her trademark soul music is drowning it out nicely.

Rin says: Tea takes pills prettily, much like we saw Cadie do in the previous episode.

Sophy says: It’s true, Parents’ Television Council. Skins totally makes me want to take drugs. It just looks so pretty???

Relax, I’ll use a strepsil.

Really love Tea’s little pill purse, it has a whole Alice in Wonderland vibe to it.

Eat me. I wonder if she’ll ever say that :)

Rin says: Tea has a tattoo! (Or is it Sofia’s?) At any rate, it’s a reference to EE Cummings, and with them focusing in on it like that, I take it we’re to believe that Tea is into poetry and the like. Fair enough.

Sophy says: Huh. See I’d be saying a teenage girl who had that tattoo was a bit too cool to exist. I’ll have so much egg on my face if it’s Sofia’s. Watch me refuse to back down and try to convince everyone she’s a figment of their imagination.

Also it seems like the kind of tattoo someone would get if they a) had been deeply in love with someone, or b) had lost a family member. Based on this episode I’d say Tea had never been close to deeply in love with someone, and, well, she seems to have plenty of siblings to go around and a live mother and father so. I don’t know. I’ll be interested to see if we ever get the heads up on its origin.

That third cap is gorgeous, but I’m not sure how I feel about this scene as a whole. It does seem a smidge exploitative. I mean, it’s similar to Katie’s dressing montage in 404, but that seemed to have more of a point to it than this does. Personally, knowing the grief they were going to get re: ~child pornography, I might have axed the bra shot.

Rin says: The first thought I had when seeing how she tied her shoelaces was wondering how many kids will now tie their hi-tops like that.

She kisses her dad goodbye on the cheek, unlike Tea/Mum. We have a daddy’s girl ladies and gentlemen.

Oh and, what is that I spy? Striped brief cut underwear?!

Sophy says: Gosh. I mean really. DEAD GIVEAWAY. How do her parents not know? Does her mother not launder her underthings????!!!

Rin says: LONG PUFFY JACKET!!! Who wants to bet that it’s the same jacket the cast uses on set during down time.

The second cap is so adorbs! Her little innocent smile, oh Tea. I’d let you in illegally too.

Sophy says: I will never not think of Bleighton when I see a puffy jacket like that. They’re feeding each other in my head right now. It’s a good time.

hahaah! Oh the ridiculously not-her-ID. I think that bouncer knows where it’s at. Come on, she doesn’t want to be the one to deprive the other lesbians of that. 8-.

Rin says: True. She’s totally like, lesbian-catnip.

Rin says: This club, lol. WHY SO FUNK-KEHHH. I loved Tea’s dancing, so so cute.

And you guys. A big world of no to Betty. I AM NOT FEELING IT. There isn’t even chemistry. The entire time I felt like it was an Ann-Hog situation. HER? REALLY?

The hair/dress combo is pretty awful. Like…..whoa.

Sophy says: That dress/hair situation just seems cruel. It’s Naomi and the nappy-dress all over again.

Except Naomi is Naomi. And Betty is bland, sorry Betty :(

The other lesbians are unimpressed. They are all her, really? too, Rin.

Except they are just jealous and bitter, whereas you are rational and fair.

Rin says: Loved the filming/editing of that little sequence against the red wall, so pretty <3

Sophy says: The way they tripped along that red wall… absolutely gorgeous. Probably my favourite shot of the episode.

Rin says: They have sex.


Sophy says: Really.

Rin says: I know I’m just being picky but, I wish the sheets weren’t red/pinky. I JUST DO, OKAY?!

Sophy says: Rational and fair. 8-.

Rin says: Tea’s little face is so cute. She also says, ‘chew things over’ and lol. Okay. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. Sophy said something similar the other day…it was kind of horrific.

Sophy says: CHEW THINGS OVER OMG. Tea and I are clearly soul-mates.

Sophy says: Betty is dragged into the kitchen, because she’s Eddie Spaghetti’s daughter, and hey, I think we may have ourselves a mob family, everybody. Tea’s home life seems pretty loud and chaotic. No peace.

Rin says: Bananas. Everywhere.

Betty’s face never changes.


Rin says: Her brother (??) opens the door and it’s Daisy, who he refers to as the lesbian. Everyone looks at judges her and wow, if they really go to school together everyday, you’d think Daisy would just wait outside.

Oh the mother also tells off her son (??) for using the word LESBIAN because it UPSETS NANA. The ~plot thickens.

Sophy says: NANA IS CLEARLY A HOMOPHOBIC OLD BAG. LET’S GET HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Although, to be fair “The L Word” does upset Rophy quite a bit too.

Rin says: Betty’s a rude bitch, as she asks why Daisy’s there.. CAN’T TEA HAVE FRIENDS NOW? WTF?

Daisy says something about her breasts not looking like breasts of a dyke, and what? I don’t get it.

Sophy says: Betty is even bland whilst being a bitch. Impressive, in a way.

And really, Daisy, I can’t even. Just. Stop. Stop talking. Forever.


Rin says: Omg, I. BEST. EVER SOPHY. BEST EVER. Mrs Thomas, be forever judging please.


Rin says: Betty scurries away, but not before Tea tries to kiss her, to which Betty shakes her head and then continues to scurry. All tails between legs and what not.

Tea calls her on that, ‘Scaredy cat.’

Sophy says: Tea’s mouth is so cute when she says that. It just makes cute shapes around those words. I don’t even know.

Rin says: I like Tea’s good relationship with her dad. And totally get the doing things to make your parents happy deal.

Abudd is a moron. Are they seriously only going to have him stare at Tea’s breast for two episodes? Cause that’s all he’s done. I didn’t include that cap because I opted for cute Tea instead. :) You can all thank me later.

Sophy says: I hate Abbud. He has the easiest job in the world and he’s failing at it. I’m remembering Anwar with an unnatural fondness.

CUTE TEA. So much better. And yeah, Tea and her dad are sweet. I think there is potential there and hope to see more of them before the gen is out.

Rin says: CADIE. YOU WERE MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE EPISODE. Hands down. Just. Look at her. She’s wonderful.

The massive headphones pushing down on her mane of curly hair. ♥ I even really love her faded salmon polo top. She looks perfect.

Sophy says: OH GOSH. This scene was hands down the best of the episode, and a lot of that is thanks to Britne, who is without a doubt the strongest actor on the show. Her facial expressions. I can’t even. And I love that she makes Tony wait while she enjoys a good bit of her song.


Rin says: Tony tries to talk to her and she makes him wait. Cadie > Tony on the bamf ladder, okay?

I love that she pretty much doesn’t really know who Tony is, and doesn’t buy into any of that Tony is God shit. She’s just all :-j :-j about him.

Sophy says: Seriously, Cadie is absolutely the BAMF of this show. Tony, Tea and Michelle all need to get in line.

I swear, she’s the only one consistently reacting appropriately to Tony. Everyone else keeps trying to pretend he’s Tony Stonem, when really, Snyder and Stonem are night and day.

“Yeah, I got some new meds to help with that.”
“Oh, remembering?”
” Huh?”
“The meds.”

Rin says: I loved that quick exchange. It was really well played on both :O parts.

Sophy says: haha yes! I often think strong performances draw out strong performances in others, and these two really worked well together during this scene.

I also adored Cadie’s response when asked if she remembers Stanley. ‘Sure, I do, he’s got a lot of drugs.’ Great line, perfectly delivered.

Rin says: Okay yes, like, a quarter of the page is just Cadie caps. Whatchu gonna do about it?!

I just found myself preferring to look at her face rather than everybody elses. Hence, the imbalance of caps. Britne has such an expressive face, and so many nuances, so I felt captivated to capture them all. She’s earning herself a spot in the MORE-CAPS-THAN-EVERYBODY-ELSE arena, whom she shares with the likes of Naomi, Emily and Effy.

Sophy says: She’s magnificent. I am dying for her episode, the recap for which will undoubtedly be 3 pages long.

Rin says: Tony wants Cadie to lie about sleeping with Stanley, and it’s a little cowards-way-out for Tony Stonem, so we’re seeing a shift. I’m glad they’re shifting it though, cause… yeah. You can’t do Stonem kid, and it’s better for you not to try.

Sophy says: Yeah, this was very much not Stonem. One of the many indicators in this episode that they’re heading towards an entirely different character.

Rin says: Cadie says she’ll do it because it’s sweet and she likes that. AND IT’S THAT SIMPLE, OKAY?

I loved loved loved this. It was definitely my favourite scene of the entire episode. Cadie continues to be my favourite so far, leagues ahead of the others. I think a big part of that is the way Britne is playing her, it’s convincing. You can tell that she’s had conversations about who Cadie is and who in her mind, she believes Cadie to be.

Sophy says: OH GOSH. THE WAY SHE SAID THAT. I CAN’T. She’s so wonderful. So far she’s the only actor who’s taking the lines and making them hers. It’s lovely to watch.

Rin says: I’d buy her a juice box and pop it for her every day just to sit with her :(( :((


Also, Tony’s lingering look here was interesting. I’m probably jumping the gun a little – or a lot – but I wouldn’t mind seeing something develop between these two. It might have to be unrequited though, because Cadie is a bit too awesome for him and, you know, everyone else.

Rin says: All of her faces are amazing. *collects them all*

Sophy says: Seriously, the chocolate on his face, I can’t. I would say No too Cadie.

Rin says: It’s stupid how much chocolate he has on his face, and that he knows it’s there. No, you’re not a baby. Stupid.

Sophy says: I feel sort of guilty for hating the chocolate on the face given how much I complained about the lack of gravy-stain in the cafeteria scene in the first episode but… this just doesn’t work the same way that did. I don’t. Like. What. I don’t even understand how you can get that much chocolate on your face via the means of normal human consumption. And like. He knows it’s there? And he… I don’t even know. He thinks it’s cute? I don’t. What.

It’s nearly worth it to see Tea wiping it off him like mummy bear. Nearly worth it. Not quite.

Rin says: Something about how Tea made a bet and she has to flash her boobies because Stanley did it with Cadie four fingers, I mean times. YEAH STUPID.

Sophy says: Yeah no, I didn’t like any of this. Juvenile and dull.

Rin says: This was probably my most hated part of the episode. These guys are supposed to be 17, right? Not 10. All of them gawking..YEEUUCK.

Sophy says: I can’t. What is this? I just. I don’t understand how this happened. I expect this from the Anwar character, maybe, but Chris? ‘Tongues’? Really? :(

Also, I had to go back and check, and then make Rin go back and check, but the answer is yes. Yes, Chris does say ‘Breasties are the best.’ He really, really does.

Rin says: OMFG. That almost gives you a free pass to Rophyland Chris. Almost. Your quotation was a bit paraphrased, was it not????

Sophy says: I’m sure he was just trying to avoid using copywrighted material. :-j FREE PASS CHRIS, I TAKE IT ALL BACK. Just try not to say any more stupid stuff stupidly.

Rin says: OH SID. Seeing you is like a breath of really fresh air.


Rin says: I hate Betty.

Sophy says: Fair.

I like Michelle’s gaudy argyle business.

Rin says: God this scene with Le Dong was so boring. It just went on and on and on. Luckily for you I cut it down to 3 caps.

Sophy says: The problem with Le Dong is that he isn’t funny. Like, at all. He’s not scary either. So he’s just not memorable. I mean really, I didn’t even realize who it was until a couple of seconds after he’d said his name and the ‘Oooh spooky’ music kicked in. That’s how much I care.

Similarly, lame teacher was mostly just lame-lame, not funny-lame. And I’m not sure what they were trying to do with that scene really. Some might say it’s designed to placate the puritanical hordes of America, but I’d say it was more antagonistic.

Also, FREE PASS REVOKED, CHRIS. ‘French!’ What is that? It was just. I don’t know. I think it was supposed to be cute, but it just didn’t work for me.

Although I will admit I enjoyed lame teacher’s horrendous french pronunciation of très incroyable. One of his few funny-lame moments.

Rin says: Tony was so bad in this scene… ‘FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!’ ‘No. I really did. Alright, now pull it together!’ … Ick.

Sophy says: I didn’t like the slap. Because the way the scene came across, Stanley is absolutely right – it wasn’t necessary. If Tony Stonem had done it, I would buy it as some kind of rascallish because-he-can act of dominance, but Tony Snyder isn’t that guy so… it didn’t gel for me.

Rin says: I think I’m really interested in Tea/Michelle just because it’s a completely new dynamic. I’d really like to see that further explored.

Please someone explain why Tea says, ‘Life sucks.’ Like. Randomly.

Sophy says: I find it amusing that Le Dong is just following them around aimlessly while they talk about him. I also like the Tea/Michelle chemistry, but I had issues with this scene. First of all, this was one of the clearest examples of the danger of trying to squash new Tony inside old Tony’s shell. When Michelle says ‘He’s Tony, he’s always right,’ it rings absolutely false, because, well, this Tony just isn’t that guy.

Still, Rachel did a nice job with the delivery, particularly the lightness of ‘Kind of annoying’. I look forward to getting to know her Michelle better.

And Rin, I’m afraid I cannot explain why Tea said ‘Life sucks’ randomly. All I know is that I really, really, really wish she hadn’t.

Rin says: I don’t think I can not laugh whenever Betty is on screen.

It’s just. Such an uneven pairing. And you’re all going to tell me that that was kind of the point of the episode, and especially this scene where it’s all spelled out for us, but, Tea actively showed interest in this girl. With whom she has zero chemistry, so Tea before you go on about how is it too much to ask to find someone interesting, at least try. Like. If you’ve looked everywhere and Betty was the best you could come up with, LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE.


Sophy says: Honestly, there is just no chemistry between these two. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two actresses with less spark between them. It makes me appreciate Naomily all the more as if that is even possible.

Whilst I liked seeing a bit of Tea’s aggressive, cold side in this scene, I really, really, passionately hated Blandy’s response to it. I have a very low tolerance for mirrored dialogue. It can be wonderful when done right, but it has to be done right – absolutely right – or it’s like the cheese plane crashed into your episode. This was a cheese-crash, for sure. I think it was the whispering that tipped it over the edge. I just. No. No.

Rin says: I’d like to think it would usually take more than someone like Betty calling her a ‘scaredy-cat’ to bring her down so hard.

Sophy says: Honestly, I didn’t buy that she would care. That’s one of my problems with this episode actually – I don’t quite connect to Tea’s emotional experience. Having said that, I did like that the noise-house is on full blast while Tea half-tries to be heard. Her low monotonous tone was nicely done.

Rin says: I did love Tea’s worn face throughout this scene. And her screaming <3

And the random pregnant lady looks like she’s raising the roof.

Sophy says: Yes, I loved her face in this scene too.

By the way does Sofia remind anyone enormously of Shiri Appleby? I keep flashing back to Roswell. It’s sort of comforting. <3

Sophy says: aw, Nana. She really hates presidents.

Rin says: …….uh.

Sophy says: omg. I want that on my wall. I’d masturbate to it every night.

Rin says: I honestly wish I never made that macro so I wouldn’t have had to read that from you.

Sophy says: PRUDE!!!!!!!!!!

Rin says: BLACK SWAN IN 3…2….

Sophy says: Seriously, this creeped me out so much. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but to my mind, Audrey Hepburn is about the least sexual thing on earth. I’d get more turned on by a rock.

Also I found this whole concept a little weak, and I think it’s part of what made it difficult for me to connect to Tea. She’s complaining about how nobody’s interesting, and yet her ideal is a movie star? I may be wrong, it’s not like I’ve read any biographies or whatever, but I don’t think Audrey Hepburn is supposed to have been the most brilliantly fascinating person on the planet. Does Tea really mean beautiful when she says interesting? I don’t know. It all felt a little shallow and incoherent.

Rin says: :(( :(( So upsetting.

Sophy says: This is my nightmare. As in I have actually had nightmares about this.

Rin says: How very Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind of you.

Rin says: And then it’s even more upsetting when she climbs in.

WRONG ROOM NANA! WRONG ROOM. I did like that from Tea.

Sophy says: I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE JUST GETS IN THE BED. I MEAN I SUPPOSE I CAN BECAUSE SHE HAS DEMENTIA BUT STILL. I JUST. I desperately wanted Tea to get up, go to the bathroom and at least wash her hands. PLEASE.

But instead she bares her soul, like so…

“Something’s wrong with me, Nana. I want the sex. The girls I sleep with bore me. They’re catty… clingy… I don’t know. It never feels enough. Is it too much to ask for someone to be interesting? I just want to feel equal.”

I actually really liked Sofia’s delivery here, particularly those first two sentences. It had this weary yet matter-of-fact tone to it, and I truly bought her boredom and general disillusionment, aforementioned beautiful/interesting conundrum notwithstanding. Not sure about the minimalist piano accompaniment going on though. It felt a little too big for these boots.

Rin says: I did feel ridiculously wary of her left hand.

Agreed. This moment was a nice little insight into the inner-workings of Tea. I kind of wish we got a continuation of this later on, but oh well.

Part 2

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  1. harto
    harto at · Reply

    I cannot begin to explain how much I agree with everything said above. So much doesn’t make any sense to me. Structurally. Also, Betty is BLANDER than ANN. Because at least Ann was like At this point, I would chose Ann over Betty. (Did you know her middle name is PAUL? I learned that at an AD-themed pub quiz last week!).

    Here are random notes I typed when reading:

    – Why would Tea try to kiss her in front of her house?! Isn’t she in the closet to her fam?

    – Mrs. Thomas forever.

    – “And really, Daisy, I can’t even. Just. Stop. Stop talking. Forever.” x 10000000

    – “It makes me appreciate Naomily all the more as if that is even possible.” I swear to God watching this episode thrust me into such a staggering haze of boredom and apathy, that I immediately went and starting re-reading series 3 RophyCaps of glory. I’m currently on 306. **beams w/ fan girl adoration**

    – YES TO CADIE. I met Britne at the SkinsParty. Nice, sweet, TALL, good girl. She’s rockin’ some wicked hair right now.

    Onto page 2!

  2. uber
    uber at · Reply

    haha, when I read your warning about ‘you won’t like this if you loved HH’s” I was like “bet I like both <3" (which is admittedly not "loving" Heather's, so *shrug*) so far so good and wow at this recap being two pages.

    "I often think strong performances draw out strong performances in others"
    Yup. Cadie needs to be in every scene, basically. guh which episode is hers again? Britne is so obviously so many levels above anyone else in this show I really want to see her in other projects

  3. isa
    isa at · Reply

    I don’t think she just says “life sucks,” I’m pretty sure she says “*her* life sucks.” And that fits in really well with the next bit of the scene with Betty because she’s just condemned the whole Tony/Michelle dynamic and projects it onto Betty with the whole “I don’t want a relationship.” 15 minutes earlier she wanted to kiss her goodbye in front of her house, and all of a sudden she doesn’t want a relationship? Why the turnaround? It reads more like self-affirmation than anything else.

    Yeah Tea, “her life sucks” but most of the time, so does yours.

    1. MK1709
      MK1709 at · Reply

      Pretty sure she said “My life suck” too.

  4. spiritualtoenail
    spiritualtoenail at · Reply

    i think the converse were my favorite character in this episode. first the tie. then the dance-scooting.

    you guys got it right on the nose with boring bland betty. at first i was like tehe they did a great job of getting caps where betty looks the blandest. then i realized you weren’t trying. :\

    also, i loved sophia still with the gloved hand and the cig. genius. and sophy… who wouldn’t? 8->

    tea at the kitchen table was great. sofia’s doing well with her body-acting (*ahem* if you will), and all in all, i liked the episode a lot. good not great, i’d say. shows promise.

  5. CA
    CA at · Reply

    OMG – it’s SHIRI APPELBY!! You have no idea how long I spent trying to figure out what other actress she reminded me of – and I knew it was someone I knew of relatively well (yes, during the winter haitus I was one of the 5 people watching Life Unexpected [yes, I regret it]). It dawned on me when she smiled at the “history grope” line – she has the exact same smile. I think it’s in the canines. Anyways, thanks for figuring it out!

  6. diggablu
    diggablu at · Reply

    If my nana walked in on me giving myself a service, then jumped in bed with me and told me about some woman she was in love with, I would have a deadly serious WTF freakout.
    I get that it was suppose to be all beautiful moment and shit, but mostly I was just disturbed. Time and a place people, time and a place.

    1. diggablu
      diggablu at · Reply

      ok, yeah so nana didn’t come out in this bed scene, but nevertheless…

  7. M
    M at · Reply

    is blandy the new mandeh?


  8. Kim
    Kim at · Reply

    Totally agree about Egg- I mean Betty! She sucks! Tea needs someone who matches up to her! lol

  9. Georgia
    Georgia at · Reply

    The only way you could possibly have made Rophy better was with AD references.
    Thankyou! Amazing!
    Completely agree with you, had high expectations, fell short. Really didn’t get a connection with Tea.

  10. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    It was a thousand times better than the first one. Tea is f*cking hot and even though all the stuff that her grandma’ said was really random, it made me cry a bit cos I could relate to that a lot. It was pretty sad.. and also, I don’t like Tea/Betty. Tea/Tony had f*cking sparks flying! I didn’t even buy it when she said he wasn’t good, they have REALLY good chemistry. Even Tea/Michelle had better chemistry. The acting was pretty shit too.

    I wrote this in a forum before reading your re-cap.
    I’ll write another comment after I read it :P

  11. jordan
    jordan at · Reply

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who saw the Michelle/Tea thing. Yes, I’m totally shipping it. They’re just about the only characters I can stand besides Cadie.

  12. Nicola R
    Nicola R at · Reply

    I like it, I mean I really like it… I’m trying here guys, i REALLY am…

    Its cool, its hot (well Tea is) and although the acting is pretty sh*t… Its watchable

    But… Its. Not. Naomily.

    There, I said it. I confess. Time to dig out the black armband again. I’ve been spoiled for life.

    There was this girl, and she was wonderful, and doughnuts (note the english spelling..) and leaves in her hair, and magical shrinking trainers… and blowbacks, and… oh fuck it. I give up !

  13. erika
    erika at · Reply

    Remind me which “nappy dress”of Naomi’s your refering to? As a massive Gen2 and naomily fan im quite embarrassed that i dont know what your talking about *blushes*

    Tony Snyder < Tony Stonem

  14. NrSq3d333
    NrSq3d333 at · Reply

    Does Tara and Willow have red bed sheets too when they wake up after the

  15. NrSq3d333
    NrSq3d333 at · Reply

    whole night of make up sex?

  16. Middling
    Middling at · Reply

    It IS her tattoo! “@natashamariell @willowtweet It’s my tattoo, got it for my mom :)” from http://twitter.com/sblackdelia What a bloody coolio.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  17. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Tea and Michelle would look so cute together.

    Roswell reference, omg you have such good taste!

    I’d actually completely forgotten the Mad Twatter rip off was even in this series. Fail.

  18. LastFrance
    LastFrance at · Reply

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