101 – Tony

Rin says: So here’s the deal. This is one of the episodes that is almost a carbon-copy of the original UK version, so we’re not exactly going to tell you the plot. You already know what’s going on, we’ve seen it before. We’re also not going to compare a whole lot to the original version, because seriously, you can’t. And quite frankly I’m a little fed up with people and all of their comparisons, and how this is better or this is better and that is better. I’m a lot happier sitting back and letting each branch of this franchise (as it has become) have their own little twig. And yeah okay, sometimes the twigs need pruning, but as a whole it’s fucking beautiful and a whole lot prettier than those weeds that no matter how often you try to get rid of them, they keep coming back i.e. most shows that shouldn’t still be on the air. Tree metaphors is just how I roll.

Sophy says: Seriously, if you’ve seen the original you know how this goes. And if you haven’t seen the original we don’t feel you deserve our help.

And Rin? Prepare to be fed up with me. The comparisons, I will be making them.

Rin says: I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Eura? Is it short for something? I mean, I googled it and google told me it’s a nickname for ‘Eureka’ ……and the webpage was titled, ‘Female Nicknames from Times Past,’ and let’s go ahead and wonder what kind of person makes a website for that.

Sophy says: Okay, so. Honey what is this, what’s going on here, what’s happening?

Effy may have looked like a scruffy little tramp in this scene, but she didn’t look like she’d just suffered a bad night of badness possibly involving crying her eyes out and sleeping in a ditch. Seriously, what happened to Eura that ended her up in this bedraggled and miserable mess? Did Naomi Campbell tell her she only liked boys apart from her or something???

Seriously, she’s barefoot in the snow.

I do find the difference interesting though and am hoping it’s a sign of things to come, in a whole Eura equals not Effy way. Effy’s first appearance on our screens was all about how in control that 14 year old little minx was. Eura’s first appearance seems to be all about the opposite.

Also, snow. I like.

Rin says: Meet Tony Snyder. I don’t know about you, but Snyder just makes me think of this guy:

And who wants to be thinking of that guy? At any rate, this is our guy. The guy the group revolves around, and the guy who wouldn’t have it any other way. And another thing, who thought that the world needed spider linen? WHO? Because I refuse to believe anyone could sleep peacefully under those covers, my skin would crawl all night long.

Sophy says: OMFG SNYDER. I wish they’d cast him as their Madison Twatter character. I could have seriously gotten behind that.

The spider linen isn’t a patch on the naked man and lady in terms of comic effect, particularly in the final scene of this episode, but I respect that they wanted to do something different, and I do think that spiders might just be the next best thing.

I wasn’t terrifically keen on Tony’s work-out routine, with its Anwar-esque ninja moves. I loved that in the original Tony’s workout seemed so methodical – almost mechanical. It was a neat little introduction to the way Tony manages his life – and the lives of those around him.

Having said that, I suspect, and indeed hope that they’re going to take another course with Tony’s character in this version. This kid is never going to measure up to Nicholas Hoult as the cold, machinating centre of all things, and I think it would be unfair to make him try. Based on Newman’s performance in this episode I wonder whether what we’ll be seeing is an altogether gentler, less god-like Tony. From what I’ve heard, Tea is supposed to share a bit of his power anyway, and that could create a really interesting new dynamic to help set the show apart from the original.

Rin says: This is gross on behalf of both parties. Thankfully Eura stops more perversion from ensuing by catching Tony’s attention. I’m interested to see if I get as attached to this sibling relationship as I have in the past.

Sophy says: At least we didn’t actually have to see the boobs in this version.

Rin says: It’s Naomily all over again :(( :((

Rin says: Mr Snyder. I’m going to have to say a world of no to how over the top he was. Here’s hoping he gets toned down a little as the season continues. (We’re saying ‘season’ now because it’s American, right?)

And I didn’t catch this the first time round, but hey, there’s something cool in the background of Eura’s room. I want to know what it is and what it says. Now. Someone, ENHANCE!!!

Sophy says: I can’t handle this swapping between season and series. I already said season several times in our Vlog when discussing UK Skins and was heartily embarrassed but too lazy to refilm.

I think part of the problem with this scene is that they chose to make the dad’s ravings inaudible in this version. In the original you can clearly hear Mr Stonem yelling ‘Every fucking morning!’ and telling Tony to ‘get the damn thing fixed’. That’s kind of the joke right there – that on some level he actually believes this is an accident, despite the fact that it’s a daily ritual for Tony and Effy. And then there’s the fact that in the original he just stood there, yelling uselessly – he didn’t even come into the room to try and deal with it himself. I remember giggling at his sad-angry hopelessness, which is not something that really came across here.

Maybe they should have asked Harry Enfield if he could do an American accent… partner.

Eura, stop dabbing mournfully at your panda-eyes. JUST WIPE IT OFF. Your whole look there is a little too Jenny Humphrey for comfort, okay?

Rin says: Jesus, what did I just say about the dad? Stop it. I DO NOT NEED TO SEE YOUR ASS CRACK. I just don’t.

Sophy says: Whatever, I bet you were fine with Harry Enfield’s ass crack. Stan.

Know Your Rodents, huh? Do I detect a creep-crawly theme, Tony?

I sort of feel they lost an opportunity for comedy here with Eura. The whole business with crackwhore!Effy sneaking in in the morning was made all the more hilarious by the extreme contrast with her breakfast table look of pulled back hair, no makeup and a private girls’ school outfit. Eura just looks like… a teen?

Rin says: We’re about to meet the rest of the cast! Well, not Stanley yet. He’s still sleeping in his own pile of filth, which really is disgusting.

Sophy says: See how pointless not!Anthea was? She didn’t even merit a cap.

Also, Eura, stop waving your cutlery around. The knife thing is taken. More on that later.

Also. WHAT, NO ASIAN FANNY FUN? Looks like you’re not as popular states-side, Rin :(

Rin says: Wow, rude. Bootlace my eyes up so I don’t have to witness such an atrocity.

Rin says: SNOW. If there’s one thing Australians find magical, it’s snow. This is Daisy and her trumpet. Say hi.

Sophy says: Especially Australians who live in the hole where there are no mountains.

HI DAISY. Okay, sure, it looks like your’e all kinds of posh, but the crown might be going a bit far.

Rin says: And here’s Michelle, aka Nips, who is being recruited by Tony to help him rid Stanley of his virginity. He gets interrupted by CHRIS. And god almighty, I have had about 5 conference calls my entire life and they confused the hell out of me. So thinking about the logistics of a call with so many people involved stresses me out. Phones stress me out.

Sophy says: Not as much as me dude. Not as much as me.

Rin says: Chris says he’s busy, and Tony being Tony knows he means he’s busy with ‘Overbite,’ as he so fondly put it. And dear lord yes, that is an overbite.

Sophy says: Damn. Is that fake? I hope that’s fake.

Rin says: Why is he in a tent inside a room with a mural of wolves though? That’s the confusing part.

Sophy says: It makes you think, doesn’t it?

Rin says: I do like the look of this new Michelle. She’s also the only character to have exactly the same name as the original. I guess they ran out of different last names.

Sophy says: New Michelle is cute. And I like her spa-bath. How old is she? Can I say I like her in her spa-bath?

Rin says: It doesn’t matter how old she is when you’re in the picture. IT’S NEVER OKAY FOR YOU.

Sophy says: :-.

Rin says: Abbud. /shrugs

Sophy says: Okay so like. This guy has the easiest task in the world re: me liking him. All he has to do is annoy me less than Anwar.

I don’t get why he answered the phone though. It was just vibrating quietly there, quite happy to be ignored till prayers were done. I guess you could say it’s silly that in the original Anwar didn’t put it on silent, but I’d trade a bit of silliness for a plausible reason to answer it at such a comically inopportune moment. And besides, Anwar was a fucking moron, okay? I would say he is more than capable of such an oversight.

Rin says: Stanley finally wakes up, and hello hair! Lots of it. But before you can say more about him…

TEA!!!!!!!!!!!! The only, let’s say ‘really original’ character that we’ve got for this generation. I generally stayed away from the mania surrounding Tea and all of her lesbiany glory, just because I wanted the chance to meet her without having any presumptions. I have to say, she was a delight. What 17-year old has a bluetooth earpiece? I only ever see them on shows like 24.

Sophy says: Tea. You are so cute. You might even be the second cutest human ever someday. Keep at it!

Rin says: What? You thought we weren’t going to introduce them to each other? And would you look at that! Sophia has given Sofia the highest honour. Wow, can a person really change?

Sophy says: I gotta say, that was pretty damn generous of Sophia. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Rin says: LOOK AT HER GO YOU GUYS. She’s just. She’s so cute. Unfortunately I don’t think she’ll walk around all day in her Cheerios uniform :(

Sophy says: Notice how the number of caps increased dramatically during this scene. Oh Rin.

But yes, she is very very cute. I love the fact that she carries on this whole conversation via her headset whilst cheerleading. It’s so multi-task.

Also can I just say that the random old woman on the bus saying ‘Lucky Stanley’? No.

Please don’t do that again, show.

Rin says: I don’t know. I’ll save your worry for when I start rinscoping Tea. When that day comes..batten down the hatches.

Rin says: SHE’S FLEXING AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID. Oh Tea. Although, I’m not entirely sure why those girls have their hands all over her breasts. Actually, I think I’ve worked it out.

Oh Ms. C. Distilling wisdom even from across the great ocean.

Sophy says: HAHAAHAHAHHDHDHSH. Oh and she is so cute with her arms flung out and her gleeful smile. This was one of my favourite parts of the episode, for sure, and hey, guess what, coincidentally it was something new.

Rin says: Stanley’s finally awake, making cute little faces. And here’s a drinking game, drink whenever you can spot his right eye.

Don’t lie. You were both disturbed and comforted by the same commercial cuts.

They’re finally in class and I can’t believe they were all doing activities before getting to school. I was always getting out of bed as late as possible, only leaving time to change and to grab whatever books I thought I needed as I ran out the door to chase down my bus. Actually…that behaviour kind of continued all through uni.

Sophy says: But you can never see his right eye! Party pooper.

Rin, you sleep too much. It’s a problem.

Rin says: So it seems like they’re going to follow the Chris/Angie storyline — although maybe they’ll surprise us and not carry it all the way through. We’ll see won’t we!

I’m quite looking forward to how the Tea/Tony relationship will pan out.

Sophy says: US Angie is a bit… eh. Her crying was just a smidge too much and so I had difficulty buying her as a real character in her scene with Chris rather than one of those ~lolzy adults you don’t think twice about between scenes.

It didn’t help that Chris offered to say the PE teacher had touched him up in front of the class rather than waiting till everyone-but-Daisy was gone. It came off more as a joke than as a silly-but-sweet moment between the two of them.

But as Rin says, maybe what I’m reading as a lack of chemistry is simply the seed of a different story.

Rin says: Okay seriously, I’ve said this about 5 times by now, on all the different forms of social media, so I’m sorry for repeating myself, but! I had never gotten the ~lesbian vibe off Tea during all the promo etc. (EVEN WHEN SHE WAS KISSING GIRLS) until NOW. Just. WOW. Her hair and her outfit scream GAY GAY GAY. Like, she should be shimmying and screaming that at the top of her lungs.

Sophy says: Tea should shimmy at all times.

Or at least once?

Also NUTBUSH LOL OMG. Dave of Jade and Dave fame will love that.

And yeah, I agree Rin, even in the cheerleading scene I didnt’ get a particularly gay vibe from Tea but BOY. THOSE BOOTS. THAT HAIR. THOSE…

Rin says: Oh Tea, you’re new so I can forgive you for making such a crucial error. But with Sophia it’s all about building trust, not abusing it.

Sophy says: She should have at least sent a thank you note before wearing them out like that. Rude.

Rin says: Abbud does something stupid, which probably won’t be the first time, and Tea disapproves. Stanley thinks he’s going to have sex with Michelle, which. Well, you’re right, but not tonight.

Sophy says: But IS HE RIGHT? Maybe Stanley won’t be so lucky. I worry for him, Rin, I really do.

Rin says: Michelle walks in all slinky and slow-mo-y and it’s kinda hot.

Ladies and gents, Tony has kindly provided us with the first ever HEAD-IN-HANDS IN MTV SKINS!! Let’s all show him our appreciation by reciprocating said pose.

Omg, he literally looks 5 years old. I love it.


I love Michelle’s face when she’s walking towards them. There’s something so sweet-sad about her expression.

And lol, I see they went in for the obnoxious kissing but drew the line at teenage hand on teenage peen. Fair enough. *pats MTV’s head*

One thing I found disappointing about this scene in comparison to the original was the lack of BIG-ARSE GRAVY SMEAR ON SID’S FACE THE WHOLE TIME HE’S TALKING TO MICHELLE AND TONY. I found that hilarious and gross and endearing and just plain fucking wonderful and am sad to see they shied away from it. I think Stanley is generally a bit of a cleaner, cuter, more attractive version of Sid, what with the lack of actual masturbing to not!Asian Fanny Fun, no burping, no gravy-stains, and of course, not a morning ciggie in sight. Fair enough. *pats MTV’s head*

Rin says: Le Dong? ………. I wish they just stuck with Mad Twatter.

And perhaps Cadie would like to talk shop with this man?

They could run a business that sells phallic food and plants.



Hiding in vegetable racks. 8-. Scaring the children. 8-.

Mad Twatter was so much better, but to be fair, I can’t really think of a great US alternative so… I can’t really blame them for coming up with lame when I came up with nothing?

Rin says: Cadie is kind of gorgeous. I love how her hair frames her face. And I kind of love the whole knife motif, it’s creepy and interesting, without being ~OHLOOKATMEANDMYKNIVES. And the way the knives dissect (oooooh) the frames with their faces for their first meet? Aw, Skins.

If I could allow myself to have a US Skins icon, it would be of the 2nd or 4th cap.

Sophy says: OH CADIE. Honestly, not!Cassie was the last character I expected to fall in love with, but there it is. Over there. Cadie, and me adoring her. I think it’s mostly down to Britne’s beautiful face and all the things going on in her beautiful eyes, and okay maybe it’s a little bit about that red dress and the snow too moreonthatlater.

I absolutely loved the knives hanging, and I thought Britne’s delivery was spot on in this scene. Having said that, I felt the veggie-sculptures were a bit over the top, as was the hamster anecdote and ‘stew’. Cassie’s food-arranging was unsettling and extreme, but it still made some kind of recognizable sense in the context of her character. It was sort of abnormally normal, if you will. But this stuff… I don’t know.

I think it’s mostly just the veggie-sculptures that bug me. I’m not fond of completely random whimsy, unless, you know, it’s my completely random whimsy.

All that aside, I am intrigued. I love that they’re making Cadie someone quite different from Cassie, and I can’t wait to find out more about her.

‘That’s because I am crazy, didn’t they tell you?’


Rin says: lol jesus. Sophia, you’re fucking scary. You didn’t even ask if she knew Naomi.

Sophy says: Fucking hell. And Cadie didn’t even get the jean shorts first.

Rin says: I hated the song. I’m sorry, but I did. It was awkward.

Sophy says: I think they should have replaced this with an original scene. Ironic King of Show Choir is an incredibly difficult thing to pull off and Nicholas Hoult managed it, because he’s Nicholas Hoult and he just does magetic so very well. You believe that lame looks cool on him. This guy? It doesn’t quite work. There was something too earnest about the way he sang, too down-to-earth. I don’t know how to put my finger on it. I think he just doesn’t have that same steeliness to him that Hoult does – that hardness in his eyes, that smile that is anything but nice.

I guess what I mean is I like this kid too much and I don’t fear him enough – not for this.

In conclusion, I don’t think this new Tony was really suited to this old scene.

Rin says: I didn’t like Tabitha in her scene here. It was so — what-words-can-we-use-to-make-her-seem-on-par-with-Abigail. But to be fair, it was kind of stars-aligny with Abigail.

I don’t like ‘Mambo.’ No to mambo. It brings back bad memories.

Sophy says: STARS-ALIGNY IS RIGHT. She was an absolute dream. This girl is just kind of… a cute bubbly blonde? She’s not funny, bottom line.

Also, you know what I said earlier about Stanley being a cleaned-up Sid? Um. In every way but the creepy as fuck footage of her changing. Seriously, too far. Yes, Sid was a gross pervy little fucker who was zooming in on her boobs, but that was as far as it went, and he also spent a good deal of time looking at cute photos of her poking her tongue out and such, whilst smiling wistfully.

And somehow the relative innocence of the photos he was looking at made it all the more creepy and hilarious when the old man peeped over his shoulder.

I will say that Stanley looks completely adorable standing there in that impossibly white street though. He’s so small! And his backpack is so big! And his feet are so cutely parallel. 8-.

Rin says: Meh. I thought it was stupid that the guards tackled the dude instead of Tony. But who cares.

Sophy says: This was absolutely idiotic. I don’t even know what they were thinking with this. No. No, no, no. No. And no.

Also I thought it was interesting that here again, when he’s telling Michelle he’ll do her later with the vibrator, Newman’s Tony is so different from Hoult’s. Whereas Hoult was creepily matter-of-fact, Newman is all flirty/sexy/cute about it. This and old head-in-hands earlier lead me to think there might be more genuine mutual affection between this Tony and this Michelle than there was at this point in the original.

Rin says: RIVER MOUNTAINS HIGH. Now, that either reminds you of a Tina Turner song or Mountview. Take your pick.

Le Dong. Still upsetting, and not in the good way.


Rin says: The kids are smoking it up in the teachers bathroom, and it’s one of those added-in scenes that I can appreciate. It doesn’t take much more than a scene like this to build a sense of friendship amongst the group. The way they’re all cooped up into the one cubicle reminds me of this:

:(((((((((( :(((( And MEG FACE. Now I need to take a break for a minute.

Sophy says: Yes, I liked this little scene! I was disappointed that they’d axed the group scene on the grass when Tony arrives at college but then this came along and soothed the savage beast.

They really missed an opportunity with the prostitute though. I don’t know why they didn’t include the whole ‘Accidental Threesome’ aspect because that was one of the few parts of the original episode that actually made me EL OH EL.

Rin says: I kind of love the angle of the shot with Tony and Tea. Maybe it’s because of Tea’s profile, it’s highly probable.

Sophy says: Her profile is even cuter when it shimmies.

Rin says: I loved the repetitive spraying of the spray. Spraying of the spray. Yep, that’s why they don’t pay me the big bucks.

TEA’S FACE. I CAN’T. LOOK. AT. HER. Oh crap. I think it’s happening and I’m fully conscious of it. I think I’d rather be unconscious, I don’t know.

Sophy says: Oh Rin. Do you feel like you’re riding in the ambulance with me after I tried to kill myself?

Rin says: Pretty standard stuff. 4 ounces of weed, IOU. Stanley’s a moron. Whatevs.

Sophy says: OH GOSH. The cracking sound when he squeezed his balls was so lame.

And Madison Le Dong was just generally lacklustre. He was just an unpleasant gangster type, and didn’t seem half as scary as Madison Twatter, or half as scary as Cadie for that matter. There was a lot more tension in the original scene, and you could really feel that Sid was getting in over his head, whereas in this scene I kept wondering why Stanley didn’t simply say a firm no thanks and leave.


Rin says: THE CHEESE PUFFS. They set that up so nicely. I just.. I giggled when she just popped up munching on the things. It was adorable and I love the quirk. It also leads me to believe that Britne is going to be able to pull off some great comical scenes.

Tabitha. What..is…that…dress.


And that dress Tabitha is wearing… I got so scared when she was dancing in it later. I had to look away.

Rin says: I might have swooned over Michelle wearing a hoodie.

Sophy says: She does look all kinds of adorable in it. But I was a little disappointed that Tony and Michelle didn’t match in this scene the way they did in the original.

And um. Tabitha’s introductions did not work. There was far too much in the way of repetition and rhyming, to the point where it was completely unbelievable. In the original the only name Abigail repeated was ‘Sara’, which left it right on the edge of ludicrous. And that’s when these things make me laugh – when they’re ridiculous and just plausible at the very same time.

Rin says: The party takes a turn into lame-ville, and despite it all, Michelle gets on with it. Because she’s Michelle. It’s like a verb. And boy, does she Michelle in style.

Sophy says: I wish they’d included a US version of the lame DJ. Because omfg. 8-.

Tony’s face is so cute in that first cap!

Rin says: I told you he was cute sometimes.

Rin says: Stanley watches on because he’s hopelessly in love with her, and always has been. There’s also a 30-something year old man creepily staring at him from behind.

Sophy says: aw, Stanley. You know, I think part of your problem might be that your haircut is way too similar to hers. Chop some of it off and you might have a shot.

Rin says: Cadie pops a pill and looks stunning whilst doing so. Meanwhile the others arrive after the lezzarama was a bust. And I have to question who out of Daisy and Tea is the bigger lesbian. Because the way Daisy is dressed is like she was presenting herself as an open buffet.

Sophy says: OMG I had the same thought. Cadie takes pills so pretty. 8-. I could watch her take a busload. 8-.

Sartorially at least, Daisy sure isn’t Jal.

Also this is the part that really bugged me. The kids are sauntering off to the lame party of lame and being kind of whingey about it, which is all well and good, but what on earth was up with the whole ‘People live here?!’ ‘Not our kind of people.’ deal. For a start, Daisy, you have a fucking crown, so don’t even. And even if it made sense I still wouldn’t like the whole ~wrong side of the tracks is the right side vibe. Tabitha and her friends aren’t lame because they’re wealthy. They’re just lame.

Hopefully this Robin Hood rubbish was a one-off.

Rin says: Yeah. Okay. You got me. Vibrant red dress against a sea of black? That’s just.. it’s never not going to get me. Skins US, you’re using it against me, you bastards.

Sophy says: OH MY GOSH SO PRETTY. I never would have thought anything on this earth could make me be okay with them redoing this scene. It turns out all you need is a red dress and some snow and I’m yours?

Rin says: You know when I first heard about the remake, my biggest concern was how they were going to handle Cassie, and consequently Sid/Cassie. I think one of their smartest moves was to not try and recreate Cassie in the slightest. Britne plays Cadie so differently that it works pretty wonderfully. This scene surprised me, because it was one of the mirrored scenes where I didn’t actually feel like it was being mirrored.

Sophy says: I loved this, quite a bit. Not as much as I loved the original, but then I made an oath a long time ago that I would never love anything as much as that. So.

Britne plays this beautifully. She has a very different energy from Hannah, which I appreciate, and I loved that the scene was at night… I don’t know. For whatever reason I don’t feel the way I expected to feel about it. I expected to feel irritated and sort of… put-upon. But I don’t. I like this. It’s as pretty as its predecessor in its own special way and that is why I commanded  Rin to make this…

And also, anything that reminds me of this…

… is a very, very good thing.


Rin says: As the others enter the party they start to cause a ruckus, it’s kind of their M-O. And aw, look at Michelle, so happy to see Tea!


Um. What. It was just a joke. I don’t ship it or anything. Yet.

Rin says: Cadie has taken a busload of pills and proceeds to pass out. Stanley gets BLEEPED. And I just want to take a second to comment on the bleeps. I hate it. Obviously it’s not the show’s fault, but MTV’s, and christ it’s ironic. It’s ironic because if you’ve seen any of the promo MTV has put out, the fact that fuck gets bleeped is kind of ridiculous. I’ve also probably never watched a scripted show that has bleeps in it that weren’t intentional. It’s distracting and takes you out of the moment — which is really unfortunate. I wish MTV weren’t such bleeping bleepers.

Sophy says: I hate the bleeping. I don’t see the point. Once you’ve bleeped everyone knows what was said, or can easily imagine. Seriously, bleeping is just like telling your kid not to smoke because it’s baaaaaaad…ass.

Also I hate to think how Cookie would fare if he went to say, visit Panda and Thomas in the US… no one would hear a word he said :(

Rin says: This is kind of when I fell for Tabitha. I laughed out loud when she started shouting, ‘TOO URBAN! TOO URBAN!’ That’s just, the most ridiculous and genius thing. I can’t even. I died.


Stanley carries Cadie in like a plump gazelle and I’m impressed. Who knew Stanley had it in him?


Although to be honest it wasn’t very well choreographed, seeing as how all that poor guy was trying to do was prevent obnoxious, naked Chris from manhandling poor blondie and bam.

Unless they want Tea to come across as a Cook?

And yeah, seriously, as slender as Britne is, my first thought when I saw Daniel carrying her was ‘But… there’s more of her than there is of him.’


Rin says: I loved this scene too, Stanley talking to Michelle while she’s trying to fight off some random. It wasn’t pushed to the point of ridiculousness, it stayed within the realm of Skins. And hey, it’s things like that that make me believe Skins US is gonna be just fine.

It’s also things like how Michelle checked that Cadie was still breathing. All class.

Sophy says: Michelle is nothing if not tender.

I also lol’d when she said “I usually take her to the hospital.” What, sometimes you don’t take the unconscious girl to the hospital, Michelle? All class.

Rin says: Tell me how it was possible for Tony to see over the dashboard. Cmon, tell me.

Sophy says: AHAHAHAHAH AWWWWW. He needs a special car-seat.

And lol omg…

Rin says: They’re so cute all buckled up.

Sophy says: Cute as buckled buttons.

Rin says: I love Cadie. And I love that I can love her without feeling like I’m betraying Cassie because they’re so different.

I loved the whole bit of her not being able to pee while they’re all looking. And sure it was the same joke used with Anwar, but it still made me giggle.

Sophy says: LOOK AT CADIE’S LITTLE LAUGH. And I agree, I think that’s why I’m so cool with loving her, redone trampoline scene and all. She sufficiently different from Cassie that I can just…………. collect them all! 8-.

Women peeing in bushes is funnier. Because you see it less often. Because woman are more civilized than men.


Rin says: Mrs Thomas, I promise to never not have you in my life. Nothing gets past her, does it?


Rin says: I’m finding Tea adorable again. And I can’t stop pronouncing her name like the hot drink. Hopefully as more episodes go by I’ll be able to fix that :((

Sophy says: WHO’S GOT SKINS.

Chris’s delivery of that line was a little bit O rly. But still.

WHO’S GOT SKINS :(( WE DO :((((((((((( THANK YOU LORD :(((

Rin says: ‘Lord?’ Is that what you’re calling BE now?

Rin says: Tea’s faces.

Sophy says: lol omg. Seriously…



Love that shot of them all walking together. They make a pretty rainbow.

Sophy says: Oh gosh Cadie running down to the water in that dress. Too pretty, needs to be giffed.

And also, ‘You’re alive. That’s cool. I guess.’ I loved it, and I can promise you I would have hated it with the wrong delivery. Kudos to Britne. I think that’s becoming a bit of a theme isn’t it?

Rin says: Britne should have all the kudos in the world! I’d say, ‘Hey Britne, would you like a kudo?’ and she’d reply, ‘No thanks. I’m full. :D

Rin says: Fine, I’ll fix it.

That’s just how it should end, okay?

Sophy says: STANLEY ALREADY SORT OF LOOKS LIKE A GIRL WITHOUT THE VAG. But it’s better with the vag, so thanks.

Rin says: The preview for upcoming Skins looked good. I am pretty damn excited.

Sophy says: Pretty people are pretty. Want.

Rin says: Tea’s episode is next, and is written by one of the PTB, Bryan Elsley. I think it caused Heather to propose to him for the umpteenth time, so yeah. I need Tea’s episode like yesterday.

Sophy says: Ffffff. The fact that it’s an original ep about an original character and it’s written by the original Bryan Elsley? I am so looking forward to next week.

Rin says: Interested to see what extent they’ll copy the Michelle/Sid storyline.

Sophy says: Judging by that last cap, it looks like they get where they’re going a lot quicker this time around. Ooh-er.

So. The original 101 still holds pride of place, no question about it, mostly because this was comparatively lacking in humour. So many missed opportunities with that! eg. What’s with leaving out Denuta? That’s what makes the car thing funny.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, as in the whole experience wasn’t nearly as shitty as I expected it to be. (Yeah, I thought the worst, but it’s only because I was protecting myself, okay? Low hopes, never give your heart away, all that.)

Early favourite is Cadie, Cadie, Cadie. I also loved what little we saw of Tea, and anticipate that she will work the same second episode magic on me that Cassie did. Not that fond of new Tony so far, but I think that’s mostly because of the inevitable comparisons to Hoult. I probably shouldn’t be judging till he’s had some actual scenes of his own. I wasn’t impressed by Chris either, but then I must remind myself that I wasn’t too excited about UK Chris in the first episode either, so. Here’s to not jumping the gun.

Rin says: Needs moar. Excited for moar. Wants moar. Skins moar.

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  1. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Wait, you’re doing THIS? Like, before you tackle GenerationI? (It’s because of Tea, right?) Wow, that’s just… you’ll still do GenI, right?

    Totally agree with you on Cadie being the most adorable thing ever. Cadie and Tea’s faces that is. Though the one thing I can’t ever ever ever get behind is Cadie/Stanley. They look like babysitter and kid to me! New Tony/New Michelle work (unless for the part where new Tony is just fail casting). They don’t really have chemistry, but they’re both so adorably cute, so maybe that’ll change.

    The casting for any adult character feels way off. I was sort of dreading their Twatter mustache and it being the most ridic thing. Here, I have to check like five times that this is not Tony’s dad. Because most dad’s look random and alike in American TV. It’s sad, but it’s true. Anthea-nothing and her performance felt more vanilla than all of this put together. And the teacher, OMG they didn’t even try to make her look like ANY teacher. She’s just… Tabitha, 5 years older. Couldn’t they at least have made her a 30 – year old woman, and one that looks less like a sorority girl and more like a woman with a serious job?

    I guess my frustration comes from the fact that I watched this. Every single minute of it. And heard a new delivery of almost an entire script that was mostly yawn (Except for Tea, Cadie, Daisy, Abbud. They are just too cute!) and a bit painful. As if it was too hard to come up with a few lines on their own. Two scenes. Two new scenes, that’s all.

    I’m still crazy excited for Tea’s episode, though. Does that make any sense?

  2. Sanni
    Sanni at · Reply

    The beginning was beautiful, with Animal Collective playing and Eura walking in the snow. I loved that there was snow. Maybe it’s because, idk, for you it must be magic but for me it’s so familiar. Eura looked too much like a hot mess, though.

    After that, it just went mostly downhill. The original pilot isn’t the best Skins episode, but this was just…For most part, I didn’t really feel anything. Tea is pretty hot, Daisy seems promising, and I’m so glad Cadie isn’t a bad Cassie copy. I don’t really have much to say about the boys.

    I was entertained by your recap though, even if I wasn’t by the episode. Are you planning to recap Gen 3 too when it airs?

    1. Sanni
      Sanni at · Reply

      Whoops, sorry, came here from LJ’s skinsfans community, so I didn’t see the recapping plan from your front page. GOING TO RECAP THE RETRO ONES = GEN 1? I LOVE YOU IF IT’S SO (okay I love you anyway)

    2. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      Same here. Came from lj, didn’t read the intro. Sorry!

  3. sam
    sam at · Reply

    Woah, after reading ur recap I’ve somewhat changed my mind from the ‘it was disappointing’ to ‘hmmm, maybe it’s not that bad’.
    I love Tea already (just like I thought I would), I’m really warming up to Cadie, and u guys r totes right, Britne is uber pretty! Should be a model, that girl.
    Stanley was downright annoying. I was bored of him from the get-go, eurgh, Sid>>>>Stanley for me.
    Didn’t see much of Daisy but I think I’m gonna really like her, judging from the promos and Camille’s twitter, lol. I’m neutral about Tony at this point, we’ll see

  4. ZOMG
    ZOMG at · Reply

    ROPHY! You gave words to what I was feeling about that episode! I watched it and felt … almost indifferent (apart from that scene where Tea punches that guy at the party – so many shades of awesome!) I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but you both summed it up beautifully, especially Sophy – in your comment about Tony being slightly softer to the point of liking him too much and not fearing him enough. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different. Can’t wait until the skins team takes this baby and veers it into new territory. I think having the carbon-copy episodes makes it difficult for the actors to own their characters, and people are inevitably going to compare. But with new plot-lines, there is more leeway for the writers to write for the actors and play to their strengths and weaknesses etc. Good job all!

  5. Federica
    Federica at · Reply

    lmfao at Tea and Freddie gif!
    I kinda ship Michelle/Stanley this generation,sigh.
    So happy to see you doing this! It was a huge surprise.

  6. anne
    anne at · Reply

    I’m still not sure about this. I think I’m waiting for a few more episodes to make up my mind. But your recaps are so good that I think, no, I know that I’ll watch the entire season (or series?) and read your recaps after. The Producers of Skins US should be thanking you guys. I’m just saying. :P

    “Don’t lie. You were both disturbed and comforted by the same commercial cuts” & “omgimissthemlikefuck.jpg”: :(( I know! Me too!

    I think that after watching this episode I’m even more looking forward to watching UK Skins (I can’t believe we now have to specify)! And Tea’s episode, ok.

  7. Cameron Frye
    Cameron Frye at · Reply

    Haven´t had a chance to watch the episode yet but I´ve seen bits (not to be confused with nips) and pieces and I must say I am Liking what I see.
    Your recap is brilliant as always.
    Looking forward to Skins 5, actually.

  8. Aya
    Aya at · Reply

    Not going to lie, Cadie did not impress me. Could be partly because she’s trying to steal a name from Katie Fucking Fitch, but also, her acting… it didn’t impress me; I thought it was subpar and her deliveries were… I don’t know, it felt as though she wasn’t committed to the character. I didn’t *feel* them.

    Other than that, I agree with you all 100% — and I think I might actually be liking the New Michelle and thank-the-FSM-Not-Anwar better than their old versions, and am definitely in love with Tea. (Still pronounced like the hot beverage in my head, too, you’re not alone there)

    Nice to hear that you all are going to be doing a lot of Skins again! Makes me very, very happy =D

  9. asir
    asir at · Reply

    I think nostalgia might be the main reason for people hating this version but, you know, we have to let go. I’m feeling the love. It will take some time before the boys grow on me (and out of those 6 year old voices) but we’ll get there. I just hope the writers do improve the slang. Not really subversive. Or cute. But yeah, I liked it. Thank you for the recap and as always, THE LOLS.

  10. tapette
    tapette at · Reply

    The adult characters came off as hamfisted and Tony is more unbearable than ever. Still, Tea may surprise me. She is cute. Chris has a strange Casey Affleck affect to him, but he may also surprise me.
    People keep commenting on the snow/lack of clothes. Skins exaggerates but there’s some truth to this portrayal, though yes, the barefoot Eura would have gotten frostbite before long. There are plenty of kids in say, Montreal, who refuse to wear proper winter clothing for fear of being unfashionable. The weird thing is that the Skins US kids don’t shiver at all. When I think back to my teen years wearing Chuck Taylors and flimsy jackets through Canadian winters all I remember is shivering all the damn time.
    It will be worth watching this show if only so I can access more Sophia macros.

  11. Maddy
    Maddy at · Reply

    Tea is amazing, and the queen of everything. You will be shipping Tea/Michelle, IT’S HAPPENING.

    Also, I am pleased to see that you have introduced Tea to Sophia so early on. I still love that you have made Sophia into the person she truly is today. With her knife.

    With you on the Robin Hood thing, it’s so…HUMPHREY of them. Like, fuck off, Dan and Little J. Yeah, you have chips on your shoulders, get over it.

  12. Holly
    Holly at · Reply

    I’m so glad you’re doing US recaps :’)

    Pretty much agree with everything. Love, love, love Tea & Michelle. (and yeah, Michelle/hoodie – otp)

    I wasn’t entirely impressed with the show overall but it has a lot of potential, it will definitely improve once they start introducing original material. I’m all kinds of excited for that.

    Bring on Tea’s ep. Can.not.wait.

    btw the thing in Eura’s room – http://i56.tinypic.com/2z68byv.png from Effy’s speech right? Nice throw… back?/forward? idk

    1. folkpants
      folkpants at · Reply

      Effy’s speech on the wall? That’s bleeping awesome!

      And I think the Stanley nut cracking sound was actually the gold lame vinyl couch he was squirming on. Mad’s decor was by far the most fabulous/heinous thing about the new drug czar. He really does need a comic ‘stache.

  13. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    I hated Mr. Snyder sooo fucking much! He yelled “I WANT TO TAKE A DUMP!” like a billion times, I mean… what is this skins? Are you really gonna start this early with the poop jokes? And he was sooo over the top, I can’t even. Jim and Anthea are the people who made tony and effy what they were and this douche of a dad and the next to non- existant mom.. NO! just no! ok, skins? Now I’ve told you.
    In a single episode Abbud made me not like him even more than I already don’t like Anwar, a lot of things like the whole tony’s dad/le dong/eura’s zombie walk and wardrobe/stanley’s acting/new angie’s crying/seemed very very forced and forcing lols is not cool, you hear that MTV?! Trying too hard… you’re doing it.

    What I did love was that bathroom scene, it’s all so “actual real friendship-y” and the lysol spraying was just plain cool.
    And I’m just gonna go ahead and say it… Tea is fucking hot as hell but she is no CHE. I also loved the fight scene.
    Britne and Sofia’s performances were good, new michelle was ok, new tony was meh, Abbud was NO!, Stanley was NO!, Asian jal seems less boring than original Jal but NO to her trumpet. A whole world of no to new tony’s ninja workout. No no no! to chris asking for skins (horrible delivery btw) instead of Maxxie (should’ve been tea?). Also, new Tony looks a lot like Dan humphrey and Eura looks like Jenny… ew, no.
    Everytime you guys talk about Britne, I imagine James Fitch.
    And finally a gigantic FUCK NO! to the bleeping! I mean, who the fuck is making this shit? Disney!? wtf? NO! At the first bleep I heard, I was like.. WHY WHY WHY!?

    I’m really looking forward to the next episodes not sucking as hard because there is some salvagable material in there.

  14. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    Also, at some point.. New tony said something like “Gosh golly” And he wasn’t being sarcastic. WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY?!

  15. Allison
    Allison at · Reply

    Is it bad that the only thing I could think of while watching this, as a native Torontonian, is “HOLY FUCKING HELL IT’S TORONTO IN WINTER PUT ON A COAT!!!”

    I don’t know where the show is supposed to be set, but the fact that its filmed in Toronto, and so OBVIOUSLY looks like Toronto (oh my god the bus!!!) drew me out a little.

    Initially reactions: Dislike Eura, Effy was so much cooler, so much more together. Tony is good, but not TONY, not Hoult. He’s a very different Tony, that’s for sure. He seems, nicer. A little less cold, less manipulative, less totally in control. More easygoing. Loved Daisy! But that might be because I loved Jal. But she’s just different enough. Abbud was just as annoying as Anwar, if not more so. Everything he said about lesbians? Gross. Chris was good, but I liked the original better. Michelle, I think it was the actress, she just wasn’t that great. She’s beautiful and he and Tony had chemistry, but the actress just wasn’t nailing it. Cadie, i actually really disliked. Cassie was so likeable, so open and friendly. The Cadie is so closed off, so col, so unapproachable, She’s just MORE weird than Cassie, and I don’t think Cassie/Sid (or Cadie/Stanley) can work if Cadie isn’t the one making each move. Sid trumps Stan is every possible way. Stanley is just waaaay more gross. Sid was cute in a ineffectually puppydog kind of way. Stan is the puppydog that humps your leg and pees all over you. Gross. And Tea. Ohhhh Tea. Maybe its just because she’s the only new character, but man do I love her something fierce. She makes up for the absence of Tony’s utter control, she fills that power vacuum. I can’t WAIT for her episode or to see how her and Tony play off each other.

    Gotta say, the episode wasn’t great, but the original parts had a flash of genius that could go somewhere awesome. If they stay away from duplicating the original too much, Skins US could be pretty good. I agree with you guys, the cheerleading scene, the pot smoking in the bathroom scene, those were my favourite parts too.

    1. Erica
      Erica at · Reply

      I’m also from Toronto and I couldn’t help but thinking all the same things. The older TTC buses.. haha.

      I think it’s a little bit distracting to watch the show when you’re so familiar with the setting, especially when it’s supposed to be so American and we’re so used to this show being something foreign. But, nevertheless, I actually enjoyed the episode.

  16. Michelle
    Michelle at · Reply

    So far I adore Cadie, think Michelle is super fine, and in love with Tea. :) For some reason, the guy characters aren’t that great to me…yet. And I so agree with their choice of Tony. I fell in love with the dick that was Tony in the first episode and thought he was just the coolest guy on Earth, but with the Tony in Skins US, it’s just not the same. He’s not cool at all and left me falling flat. Disappointed, but I’m just waiting to see for what’s to come.

    And the music in this episode was AMAZING. <3 Yay, Skins Music.

  17. heather anne hogan
    heather anne hogan at · Reply

    I am crying like the first time we met. I love you guys sfm.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We love you right back :((

  18. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    I feel like maybe I should have just skipped this pilot. I didn’t think it was beyond terrible or anything, I just, really stupid small things were just very not right. The way Tony climbs down the pipe and then spits his toothpaste out is so perfect and so very Tony for me, new Tony’s attempt was bleh. Also Effy. The whole reason I didn’t throw a tantrum about gen 1 leaving for gen 2 was because Effy was this magnificent mysterious dark unstable flame, replacement Eura is a trashy 30 year old hooker who I do not care about.
    I was all “Well once it becomes it’s own thing I will appreciate it and love it, but for now not so much” thinking that I just don’t care, but then that scene where they walk home all wet, ummm for some reason that made me cry. Yeah, go figure. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT CARE ABOUT SKINS!!!

    Also, it’s really dark. I miss bright Bristol.


    Also I am very shallow, but not one US cast member is as attractive as their UK original.

  19. Han
    Han at · Reply

    somehow, katie bleeping fitch just wouldn’t be the same.

  20. whiplash-girlchild
    whiplash-girlchild at · Reply

    @Rebeccapedia – “Not one cast member is attractive as the original?””Not one cast member is attractive as the original?””Not one cast member is attractive as the original?” (Imagine the font is steadily getting bigger and a voice is getting louder in your head.)

    Now, wth? You ARE kidding right? One word for you, TEA. D*mn. What is wrong with people? It’s not like the UK hasn’t copied US shows from time to time. (also, censorship is for the lulz.) US definitely has differing censorship standards. I think we kind of have to deal with it. Also, they are supposed to be different characters all together – not carbon copies of the originals. I like Eura by the way, so sue me. I also adore Effy. There is room in my heart for both.

    @Everyone else – People, I am shouting “You must chill! You must chill!” while you beat me about the head and neck with your laundry baskets filled with haters from overseas. I’m giving US Skins a chance and damn it, I liked it. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

    1. Rebeccapedia
      Rebeccapedia at · Reply

      Just to be a pedantic twat, Tea is basically new, although she’s replaced Maxie she seems to be getting an entirely different storyline, so technically, TECHNICALLY, I still win. Plus attractiveness is completely subjective, maybe once I’ve seen a few episodes of them my view will change. I did make it clear that I’m still going to give it a chance, I just wish I’d skipped the pilot, I mean, come on, it’s Skins, it’s not possible to dislike it. I was all ready to love it off the bat, but I don’t, and that’s fine, I have no doubt it will still win me over.
      Don’t be mad at me! :( I’m not a hater, I’m really glad you liked it, and I do want that to happen for me too. (I realise how hypocritical it is to say be nice to me when I opened this reply with yes I’m basically a cunt, but eh… ) Also, if you’ve ever read any of the ridiculous rambley crap I write in the comments here you’ll know I am not a fan of this “Chill out and tone your enthusiasm down, whatever, it’s only TV” crap. If you love it I would genuinely love to read a nine page ramble on every detail that excited and intrigued you, and it IS rude of me to make a snap judgement on Eura, but I did, and it’s in no way set in stone, it’s just my silly opinion. I HATED Cook in season three, like more than any character I’ve ever hated before, I thought he was just so annoying and gross, but then by the end of season 4 he was my very favourite gen 2-er. :)

  21. whiplash-girlchild
    whiplash-girlchild at · Reply


    I’m just basically tired of people trashing it before it even gets started. You are entitled to your opinions. I just happen to be more cautiously optomistic then most people online. Eura didn’t even get a chance to speak a single line. I can’t hate on her character based on the “nothing” I know about it. I did see the preliminary cast interviews by Digital Spy and the girl who plays her is well concious of how much people love Effy and how she doesn’t want to play Eura anything like Kaya played Effy. So, we just don’t know where things will go/could go. Give it a chance, is all I’m saying. Sorry if you thought I seemed unkind, that was not my intent. Peace.


    1. Cinders
      Cinders at · Reply

      to be fair, Effy wasn’t exactly verbose in series 1…

      1. whiplash-girlchild
        whiplash-girlchild at · Reply

        Not trying to be pedantic or anything, but yeah. That “was” my point. How can you hate a character that doesn’t even speak?

  22. lolo
    lolo at · Reply

    very sad you chose to recap this before the UK version.

  23. Yogi
    Yogi at · Reply

    This may not be the most pressing issue, but has anyone seen any signs that the MTV version has Kenneth?

  24. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    Miles behind, but I finally got round to watching this yesterday and… erk.

    Allison’s already pointed out that Cadie was a too weird Cassie, and she’s right. Go back and look at that trampolining GIF again and what do you see? Cassie smiling. Like a loon. I don’t recall Cadie smiling once this episode. And the thing with Cassie is that she looks so bright most of the time that when she goes dark it’s terrifying. Cadie’s just all dark all the time and it comes across as emo.

    I’m very worried about what’s going to happen with Abbud. About the only thing Anwar ever had in the original was his friendship with Maxxie, and somehow I don’t think Abbud/Tea is remotely going to exist.

    And let’s talk swearing. Let’s talk about “*bleep* off out of my house you miserable Scottish *bleep*”. I’ve seen it argued that the main reason the USA has such strict standards about swearing is that most Americans simply can’t swear properly (and nobody swears like Peter Capaldi – although given that the US parents *are* just nobodies it may work out). But they knew the show was going to be bleeped and they left the swearing in anyway. Couldn’t they just rewrite around it or something? All the bleeping does is suggest that MTV is scared, a network too cowardly to take on a show as amazingly brave as Skins – and this was always my worst fear about Skins crossing the pond.

  25. Izzy
    Izzy at · Reply
  26. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    I’m here now. (That’s the best I’ve got Cassie…)

    Um. Not much to comment. I liked Tea best too. Probably because she was newer too. And cute. Though after watching the whole series, I still can’t get used to Tea not being pronounced like the hot drink.

    My favourite part? The Rent cap you included! What a pleasant lovely surprise! :-)

    And trust Sophia to worm her way even onto the US version…lol.

  27. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Oh, I’m not too mad about Cadie, but I loved that “You’re alive. That’s good. I guess” lol.

    And no offence to the actor, but he is NOT Tony. Nick was believable in the part, he had the prescence required, this guy, just, no. I don’t blame him but whoever cast him.

    I don’t know any of this cast’s names because I don’t care, so I was a bit confused about Sofia/Sophia, but now I understand. Throw in Sophy from Rophy and imagine my wtf moment lol.

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