Nick — Part 2

“He’s not picky.”
“I am! A bit. Well, not really.”

Rin says: Nick suggests that Alo and Franky hook up, and whoa whoa whoa! Nick, no! That just might be the one person I’m not shipping Franky with. In a sex way. It’s so completely absurd and everyone knows it, but that doesn’t stop Matty from being amused by the thought and egging Franky on.

Sophy says: Oh man, Nick has a horrible habit of saying things exactly the wrong way. I cringed at the way he made Franky seem like some kind of fundamentally undesirable last resort for Alo. That’s kind of why she’s looking the way she is in that last cap – that and the stark contrast with his brother’s attitude to her in episode one…

I get the impression that Matty was probably the first guy in Franky’s life to ever tell her point blank that she’s beautiful – not a “needs must” type of a girl, but a beautiful one.

And I think right now she’s really feeling the cruel irony of finding him again and finding out he’s now taken.

Rin says: After Matty suggests Franky go for it, Franky shoots him a look and OH MY GOD. Franky. Dakota. WHOEVER. Just, amazing. Really. I love her hand and her posture and just everything about it.

And the light on Matty in his cap is freaking glorious.

Sophy says: That look Franky gave him was incredible. And just… the whole shot. Her expression, the angle of her head, her hand… guh.

I love that Matty pushes, just to see what her reaction will be. And I think he gets exactly what he’s trying not to want from her.

Rin says: Nick seems very pleased by the idea and points out that they’d all be couples and could swing and shit, and =)) Gross =)) And in more ways than one, because on the one hand he’s joking, but on the other not really because he has a thing for Liv and actually still wants to have sex with her.

Liv is rightly skeeved by it all and excuses herself to the bar, to which Nick embarrassingly jumps up at the opportunity to help her out. And even worse, when Mini points out that he still has a full pint, he quickly downs it in one go just so he can have an excuse to go to the bar too. Oh Nick.

Sophy says: There was something really aggressive about that gesture. I mean, sure, Nick is pretty clueless and that’s what gives him 90% of his trouble socially… but he can’t be that clueless. Skulling the pint was most definitely a thinly veiled ‘Fuck you’ to Mini. Well, Nick, you’re going to get one RIGHT BACK. WITH NO VEIL AT ALL. Throw it ‘oer my face!

Rin says: I wanted to include that cap of Mini just to show you how good Freya, (or possibly even the directors) are because that is attention to detail. The fact that she has her arm over her stomach speaks a lot for how insync Freya is with her character, because that little idiosyncrasy is something that is inherently Mini. It’s subtle and its small, but I appreciate those kinds of things because characters aren’t defined by one big thing, one shiny moment, it’s all the little things that make them human, make them real.

Sophy says: Totally wonderful.

Sophy says: So Nick goes up to try and start a conversation with Liv about her being with Matty and what that means for “us”, and it’s just painful, and honestly I kind of love the way Liv cuts straight through his bullshit and tells it like it is. Because Liv gets herself into a bit of a mess throughout the series – multiple messes, actually – but at the end of the day, straight-forward is who she is.

Nick is back in his less-than-noble mode and is painting Matty as a psycho again to Liv. She sees through it and asks him outright if he has a problem with the two of them being together. And that’s when he gets onto “us” and she is all BAM! there is no “us” and there never has been.

“Come on, we had good times.”
“We fucked… twice. And I wasn’t even fucking you. I was fucking Mini.”

I giggled so much. Behind my hands.

Rin says: HAHAHA I giggled too. It was so perfect. Like you can really only say that with completely platonic ships, and no one bats an eyelid.

Sophy says: Liv turns the conversation around to what matters – she reminds him that Mini knows what happened between them but she’s still with him. She thinks that’s fucked up… Nick doesn’t. Or won’t. He trots out his “better than ever” lie, and Liv flounces off with “If that’s what you think, then you two deserve each other.”

And they do in some ways. Because in some ways they are so similar – with their need to win, with their deep loneliness, with their capacity for denial. Mini and Nick are very much parallel characters, and that’s probably why they can’t work as a romance. They’re too alike. They’re too inclined to feed each other’s weaknesses.

Rin says: And the whole wrong hole thing is probably really hard to get over.

Rin says: Nick orders a plentitude of shots for himself and Matty and they go at it, shot after shot.

Nick is such a third wheel at the moment, even though his gorgeous girlfriend is sitting right opposite him.

Rin says: OMG FREYA EYE :X

They continue to take shot after shot and Nick has a really long and obvious perve at Liv’s chest. Which everyone notices, especially Mini. And oh Mini :((

Sophy says: That closeup of Freya’s eyes is insane. And I just love this whole sequence – how it’s all fun and games and totally not fun and games.

Rin says: Whoever could you be calling Mini???! Actually, I had no idea when I first watched it :-j


Sophy says: OH MY GOSH THEY ARE SO ADORABLE. People complain that we didn’t see enough of Matty and Liv, but to be honest I don’t think we needed to.  Time is tight in a 10 episode series of Skins, it’s even tighter with just 8. I’m quite able to extrapolate from their behaviour in Liv’s episode and imagine the cute little conversations they are having right here that are making them laugh so cutely.

Yeah, I had no clue. I didn’t anticipate her move at all.

Rin says: Every time I look at that second cap I snort. I just. There is something so ridiculously funny about it. Something to do with the way Freya is trying to sexy-dance with Rider while staring down Nick with a, ‘Oh yeah, that’s right, two can play this game’ face.


The cap is hilarious. Just. Yes. It’s the contrast of the dancing with the srs bsns face. And I love that this dancing is completely ugly and manipulative and gross… we’re not up to letting go yet. That dancing will be different.

Rin says: No it’s not right Nick, but I really don’t think you’re in any position to say so.

Sophy says: God he is so sweaty and wrecked.

Rin says: YES YES YES! We’re starting to see the real Nick come out as Rider pushes him to his limits, calling Matty a freak and other unpleasantries. He thumps him on the nose and it feels like something that has been a long time coming.

Sophy says: Rider was dissing his brother and calling Liv a slut and getting his grubby hands all over Mini and it was all too much. I love that Matty tries to stop Nick from reacting and I love that he snaps anyway… I love that he swaps passive aggression for, you know, aggressive aggression. Because okay, violence is not the answer, etc, etc, but if anyone deserved a good thump right then it was Rider.

Rin says: Franky and Liv in red. They look good in red.

Sophy says: Pretty, pretty, pretty.

“Don’t….suddenly act like you care.”
“I do!”
“If you cared then why did you fuck my best friend?”
“Fuck you! Fuck you Nick.”

Rin says: I LOVED this exchange. Mini finally standing up to Nick and not putting up with his shit any longer. Not bothering with any more games because it’s just gone too far now, there’s no salvaging any of what they had, which really wasn’t much in the first place.

I loooove the way Sean delivers ‘I do!’ and ‘Mins..’ because it feels like he does care about Mini, and never meant to hurt her — but he’s just kind of a dick?

By the way, I’m dying for a Mini/Nick scene next series that ties up their relationship/history. I think it could be super sweet and super cute. And super fantastic.

Sophy says: FUCK YOU! NO VEIL!

This moment was such a relief for me, because just watching Mini try to pretend everything was okay when it was all fucked was exhausting. I can only imagine how it would feel to her. And just… finally she’s being real. Finally she’s breaking through. Most of the other characters experienced turning points within their episodes – as in they got to their lowest ebb and we experienced their rebirth… not so with Mini. She was in the ashes at the end of her episode. This is her rising.

I think Nick does care about Mini… it’s just that he’s not a full grown man yet. He doesn’t know how to manage the different sides of his personality and Mini gets caught up in the mess that is who-he-isn’t-quite-yet. I very much want at least one scene between Mini and Nick in the second series, because I think it would be really interesting to see how they interact once they’ve both grown up a whole lot.

Rin says: This is the scene from the trailer that I just knew I was going to love. I make no effort to hide my affections for Skins and its siblings, or even siblings on tv in general, I love them. And as soon as it was revealed that these two were brothers I was intrigued by what their dynamic and would be. Would I love them as much as I love Tony/Effy and the Fitch twins? The answer? They’re well on their way.

If we put things into perspective, it seems like Nick has had to be the ‘bigger’ brother, the better son, for quite some time now while Matty runs off and does his rebel-thang. But in this little rugby moment we see Matty start to take back some of that responsibility.

“Fancy throwing a ball?”
“Won’t your friends be missing you?”
“Come on. I can still beat you.”

It makes me conjure up images of a younger Matty and Nick, playing on the very same pitch they’re on now (how else would Matty know where to find him?), and Matty beating Nick time and time again. And that also being the reason Nick got into rugby in the first place and why he strived to be the best.

Sophy says: OH CHRIST THE VAMPIRE DIARIES DID THIS TOO. But see there it was shoe-horned in because it’s something good old American vampire brothers should do to work out their issues. Whereas here, again, it’s completely organic. It makes sense that Nick would go to the pitch. He knows that he’s fucked everything up because he’s gotten himself pissed, and the sensible thing to do would be to go home, drink a bottle of water, and go to bed, but he’s drunk, so instead he decides to bash his head against a brick wall for a while.

And oh I love that Matty follows him. Good brother :X

(Matty totally beat Nick over and over again at rugby until that day when he stopped growing and Nick was all Sucker!!!!!)

Rin says: Oh my god, he’s so cute with Nick. And I think it’s really moments like this that grounded Matty as a character, he’s just another one of these kids. I think Skins were a bit misguided in trying to market Matty as the ‘mysterious’ one — it put that into peoples minds that he’s supposed to be this mystical wizard-type character when he’s not. Not really. He walks. He talks. He shops. He sneezes.

He’s a member of this gen who does and wants the same thing as everybody else. He’s just a little different. Literally and metaphorically. 8-.

Sophy says: I haven’t seen Matty as particularly ~mysterious since we got to know him some more in the last episode. I think Franky still sees him as mysterious, but that’s another matter.



Rin says: Now if you’ll excuse him, he has to go save the world. A lot.

“Everything’s been fucking easy for you isn’t it? I’ve worked my arse off, I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do and you just… you walk back in like nothing happened and fuck up my life again!”
“I’m not the one fucking you up Nick!”

Rin says: Oh angst. I love you, never leave me?

I love that Nick is busy misguiding his blame onto Matty, whilst also pointing out the reason he’s feeling so miserable right now when he says, “I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do.”

Sophy says: Oh my gosh, this was such a tingly parallel to I’m not trying to ruin your life – Could’ve fooled me.

Also, can we take a moment to bask in the song choice for this scene? Kyle Lynd freely admits to having an ear-crush on The National, and we can safely say we have no problem with that.

“You’ve had a bad night because you chose to have one or is that my fault too is it?”


Sophy says: Oh my gosh this was so painful. And it was more painful on repeated viewings actually, when I took the time to really absorb the coldness of it. I also love, love, love the way Sean delivered “I’ve had a bad night.”

And I love the matter-of-factness with which Mr Levan says that his client has died, the way he shoves any hint of guilt or grief under his hate on the authorities for questioning him about his motivational techniques that might be better described as abuse.

“Blame culture, that’s what’s wrong with this country.”

Oh Mr L. I don’t know what’s wrong with the country, but I know what’s wrong with this family, and it’s you.

“Dad, I need..”
“Fucks sake Nick! Grow up.”

Rin says: His face after Mr Moustache leaves is heartbreaking.

Sophy says: When you rewatch, knowing what comes later… this is the moment that you look at his face and wonder how long it’s been since his mother has held him and told him everything was going to be okay. :(

Rin says: If I wasn’t already sold on Sean (I was) this would have absolutely done it for me. I was floored by his performance during this scene, it was 100% real and I felt every little bit of frustration and despair. The build up was lovely and paced really well, I loved his breathing, the way he tightened his grip on the golf club. Guh. Glorious headfuck scene.

Sophy says: This is some of the best acting in the series. In fact it’s some of the best acting in the show. There was nothing false about him. He was completely lost in his character’s despair and that’s why the scene left me hovering above my chair in a state of cat-like readiness.

Rin says: The music for the build up was so freaking good, as its luminous and actually… dangerous. And as he lets out a scream and takes his first swing it abruptly stops so all we hear is the chaos Nick is causing.


Sophy says: His screams were amazing. Just. Wow.

Rin says: Cook/Sponge 4eva.

Sophy says: and eva and eva.

Rin says: When Matty finally gets home (it takes him longer because of his little legs), he tells Nick to go — because he doesn’t want Nick to get in trouble, because he knows exactly what Nick’s going through and knows he needs to just get away from it all.

Sophy says: Oh gosh I love this so much. That Nick comes home and does the exact same thing his psycho/misunderstood brother did a few weeks ago. And that Matty is there and sees it and understands and doesn’t judge and just tells him to go – get away from the destruction and the shit that will be raining down when his dad gets home. He’ll take care of it. Cos that’s what brothers do for each other. :((

Rin says: Nick makes a run for it and I feel like the last time we saw a Bristol street at night was when Cook went after Foster. I could be wrong though.

Sophy says: Oh Nick. :(

Rin says: HAHAAH. This is never a good idea. And I’ve totally done this to get into my own house after forgetting my keys. That and driving my car up really close and hopping on the boot. Creative.

I love it when he loses his shoe :X:X

Sophy says: This scene was so brilliant. Like. It managed to be really funny and really upsetting at the same time. And yes, it’s the best when he loses his shoe. Little details like that make it feel real.


He’s lucky he didn’t break his back.

Whenever I think of someone breaking their back from falling, I think of Orlando Bloom. Is that wrong? Signs I used to be a massive Orli fangirl

Sophy says: Take note, US Skins – that’s about the limit on how far you can fall and hop back up again. Kay? Kay.

I love Orlando Bloom. Because of Extras. 8-. Maggie/Orlando forevs. 8-.

Rin says: Liv finally comes out onto the balcony after hearing all the ruckus Nick is making. Nick starts coming out with all this, ‘You’re the only one who understands me!’ “I need you Liv!’ and ohhhh drunken Nick. You’re a mess.

Liv shuts him down immediately, which I adore her for. “No you don’t Nick. I don’t know what you need, but it’s not me.”

Sophy says: SEE. AGAIN. NO BULLSHIT. I love that about her so much.

Oh Nick, I think it should be pretty clear by now that she doesn’t understand you. And how could she? You haven’t really been making much sense.

Perhaps you should have offered to drink that bottle of vodka for her :(

Rin says: She tells him to go home, and her top with a flame heart is cute. And her pink socks!

Sophy says: I loved Laya’s acting in this scene. The way she made her hand gestures small, like she was trying to be quiet with them. Adorable.

Rin says: Um, this whole sequence is thoroughly upsetting.

Thoroughly upsetting.

I’m going to need to get my eyes cleaned, and I’m sending you the bill Bussetil.

Sophy says: This kind of broke my heart. Someone has some real mummy issues :(

Rin says: So now we’re back at the sex mother’s place and ew ew ew. Please hurry up and get it over with.

She’s not even a smart sex mother, like, she gives him cocaine and sex for free. YOUR POOR PHOTOGRAPHED CHILDREN.

Sophy says: THE SEX MOTHER =)) OMG =)) Oh Rin. .:D.

Rin says: Don’t pretend you weren’t all saying it too.

Sophy says: I wasn’t. I was saying she should guest star on Covert Affairs as part of the mole family from episode 2.

Rin says: She tells Nick she wants to feel something, and I guess that’s pretty much where Nick is at this point too.

So they go to the bedroom to feel stuff.


Sophy says: I absolutely love that he introduces himself as Matty… because that’s who he’s really becoming isn’t it? The Bad Brother. That’s him now. What he hasn’t quite yet realized is that the dichotomy his father has sold him doesn’t exist. He is who he is. Matty is who he is. No amount of bullying is going to change that.

Rin says: It’s all just so SKEEVY. I can’t.

Sophy says: Yeah I really can’t either.

Rin says: Sometimes it’s really hard to admit you’re wrong. I’m proud of you Mrs Thomas.

Sophy says: Always read the fine print. :(

Rin says: I wonder who’s photos they used. Scarred.

I love how by the end of it Nick is basically just laying there, not doing a thing except covering his face.

Sophy says: I can so totally feel his panic – because okay he was looking for a mother, but this is a little bit too much mother for comfort.

Rin says: There’s nothing I can say.

Sophy says: Rin is messed up.


A world of yes to Franky/Nick friendship.


Rin says: Apparently Franky lives just down the road from this FUCKING AWESOME PLAYGROUND. Would you look at that climbing thing to the left? Fffff, I want to play on that.


So they’re on the swings and it’s beautiful and reminiscent of Mini heading to the playground after she found herself lost and not knowing what to do. Nick offers Franky a swig of his vodka (cause you just know that’s what it is) which she turns down, probably because of the she’s-also-been-out-partying-all-night thing.

Sophy says: The swing-set parallel is ace. Because both of them are having difficulty growing up and letting go of what they’ve doubltess always thought they were supposed to be – always, as in, since they were very small.

“I think I managed to fuck just about everything up. You know that I’m…that, that, people think I’m a dick. And sometimes you know, I am. Sometimes I do things I know I shouldn’t and I do them anyway cause…fuck. Wh-Why do I do them?”

Rin says: And this is the turning point for Nick and it’s kind of amazing. He owns up to all the bullshit he’s put out in the past and it really feels like he’s going to stop. That’s he’s going to change.

I love that we get a shot of Franky after he says, ‘people think I’m a dick,’ and how she looks guilty because she’s one of those people, but she doesn’t do what 99% of people would do, which would be to lie and say, ‘No, no one thinks you’re a dick! You’re cool man.’ Instead she listens and lets Nick finish.

Sophy says: Once again, Sean’s delivery is outstanding. I find it so impressive how he manages both comedy and angst with such conviction.

“You’re not complete dick.”

Rin says: And she says the completely right thing to say and oh god I wish I had good writers for me cause I don’t think I ever say the right things.

And both of their smiles during this are so precious and awwwwwwww. Nick/Franky friendship forever please.

Sophy says: They both look so worn-out… and in my personal canon Franky has been wandering around alone for the past couple of hours as the sun comes up, feeling cheated and miserable and pining like a motherfucker.

I love that Franky knows just what to say… but also doesn’t. For me what makes this scene work so well is its ordinariness. The dialogue is kept down to earth and subtle – this is not about Stoned Wise One Franky coming in and dispensing life-changing advice… this is just a girl offering a bit of random kindness to someone who’s feeling lost. When she asks what he’s going to do now, it’s not because she has any idea what he should do. And when she walks away, that’s that… what he does next isn’t hers, it’s his. He owns it.

Nick’s episode isn’t really about friendship… the friends part of his journey is still to come. Right now he’s about sorting himself out and that starts with family – standing by his brother and standing up to his dad.

But still – here it is, a tiny seed. The first real kindness he’s received from anyone in the gang. And I love Franky so much for giving it to him.

Rin says: Franky asks Nick what he’s going to do next, but he’s not exactly sure so she leaves him to it.

There’s another very nice walk-scene which I couldn’t cap so I just had to gif it. :)

Sophy says: Beautiful. There’s so much energy and feeling in the way this is shot.

Rin says: Remember at the start when I said more on that later? This is the later: When Nick tells his coach that he hates rugby, it didn’t exactly make sense to me, because it’s pretty clear that he loves it. Until I thought about it more and I can 100% relate to how Nick was feeling when he decided to stop everything that was making him unhappy. When he’s listing all the things he hates, he’s just listing all the things that people expect and label him to be. The perfect son, perfect captain, perfect jock. The asshole who does the things that he knows he shouldn’t. They’re all just a part of this person he doesn’t want to be, but hasn’t really considered prior to this moment that he can change that. That he doesn’t have to live up to the expectations put upon him, and even though it’s scary to perhaps lose all the things, it’s always going to be much healthier in the end ’cause it means you get closer to just being.

And that’s why Nick is scrambling for the rest of the series, why he just hovers. He doesn’t know who he is yet — but on the plus, he’s not such an asshole, which makes him free to make friendships that will end up changing him for the better.

Also, I die for the way he says, ‘But I don’t hate you coach, and I wanted you to know that.’ It’s the sweetest thing.

Sophy says: To me quitting rugby was kind of like saying ‘Okay, I’ve got an allergy to something and I’m just going to cut everything out before I start adding things back in’. The boy needs a break from every kind of pressure. He needs his time to just-be.

The delivery of “And Rider. I fucking hate Rider,” was totally perfect and amazing.

And this dialogue I can’t… I felt this, really a lot:

“I hate too much at the moment, coach, and I need to… I need to stop.”

And yes. The ‘I don’t hate you coach’ qualification was lovely.

Sophy says: Coach asks what Nick is going to do now and he says he’s going to get his brother and they’re going to run away, which… wow. Isn’t that just exactly the conclusion Matty came to?

Coach tries to reason with him, telling him that “seeing an injustice” is “the easy part. What you do next is the hard part. It defines a man.” and it totally reminds me of The big moments are gonna come. You can’t help that. It’s what you do afterwards that counts. That’s when you find out who you are.

I absolutely love that Nick doesn’t understand right away. I love that what he says next is “I can’t be happy in that house!” Because it’s completely human of him – the instinct is retreat.

But Coach won’t let it go. He shows Nick a photo of Nelson Mandela, explains to him that in order to reach true happiness we sometimes have to suffer – we have to be brave – we have to fight when it would be easier to lay down our arms.


I love the complete contrast of the coaches advice to his fathers on what ‘defines a man,’ and how it’s not all about masculinity, strength and power, it’s what you do with what you’re given. And it’s not something you can only learn through a book.

Sophy says: Coach goads Nick into getting fire in his belly, calls him a coward so that he fires back a “Fuck you…” and as Nick leaves Coach gives us a smile that tells us everything we need to know about what he was setting out to achieve there.


Rin says: “Luck boys.”

Christ, I could have kissed him for that.

He looks positively Matty-sized in that second cap!

Sophy says: I love that he wasn’t a prick to the team, even after being called a bottler. He stood up for himself. He did what he wanted to do. But he was still nice about it.

Sophy says: I adore the way he marches into the house, telling Matty to put his bag down. I adore the confirmation that Matty really was willing to take the fall and to take all the consequences that flowed from it for him. It’s unlikely that his father would have chucked the Good Brother out, even after such a transgression, whereas there was no way Matty would be able to get away with it… I love that we clearly saw how much Matty wanted to come home. And we clearly saw that he was willing to sacrifice that to protect Nick from harm.

Rin says: Matty willing to take the fall for Nick was the best :((

Sophy says: I love that Matty just stands back quietly as his little brother takes the floor. It’s like… he’s watching him grow up right before his eyes… watching him take the kind of calm, authoritative stand for them that he was never able to take on his own.

Rin says: While Mr Moustache is busy ranting and raving Nick cuts through his crap with a sturdy, ‘Shut up.’ And this is when you know shits about to get real.

“He’s got to you. I know you, Nick, and you wouldn’t have done shit if it wasn’t for him.”
“No! I wouldn’t have done shit if it wasn’t for you.”

Sophy says: Catharsis! We have it! Nick has finally figured out who the real villain of the piece is and there’s no going back to the way things were. The guy playing Mr L does a really nice job here – you can see the realization on his face – things have just changed.

Rin says: Sean continues to be amazing and restrained, where his performance is wholly believable. Every word is a struggle.

“None of this would have happened if you’d just… Fuck! Stop being a cunt.”

Sophy says: I loved that Nick was so wonderfully inarticulate and then so wonderfully blunt. Anything smoother wouldn’t have been real, anything less extreme wouldn’t have had enough impact. Perfect.

Rin says: Yes, the dialogue was spot-on in the realm of Nick. It’s completely the situation where he wouldn’t know what to say, and all he can do is use poetic expression.

“So, what, you… you’re ganging up on me now, are you?”
“Yeah. Yes, we are.”

Sophy says: I love that Nick is legitimately exhausted from that slim exchange. It takes a hell of a lot to stand up to someone like his father, especially when you’ve spent a really, really long time bowing down. I love that Matty doesn’t say a word – he’s not much of a talker, really, and this is his brother’s moment. This is Nick’s big moment.

Rin says: I like that all Nick’s father can do is walk away, that he knows he’s been ‘defeated’ at this point, and also maybe even accepting it. I get the sense that maybe there is a glimmer of hope for him, that he could possibly change. I like to think that anyway. FOR MY BOYS :((

Sophy says: Burn it to the ground, dance on the embers?

Rin says: I love the ambiguity. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO?????

And lol-mygod, Freds and his mop-head. Ohhh so young.

Sophy says: It was kind of hard to watch this without flashing back to Freddie and Cook, as evidenced by the above macro, but yeah… lack of cuddles notwithstanding, this was a nice ending to the episode. Nice. And peaceful.

Rin says: OMFG YOU HAVE TO GO FURTHER :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Sophy says: I love that the dad isn’t trying to stop them – he isn’t even daring to come outside lest he be thrust onto the pyre with all of his crap. It’s funny how power can shift in an instant, with the smallest push at the right time. Whether he likes it or not, this version of life is over for Mr Levan… and I’d like to take another look at him in series 6 if we can and see how he’s changed as a result.

Rin says: Ah yes! Would love to get a glimpse of that. See if my hopes turn out to be true.

Probably not. 8-.

And I adore adore adore the way they’re looking at each other here. You just know they’re going to be there for each other, no matter what. (eta. AHAHA. I only just read what Sophy says after this. We’re such soulmates :-j )

Rin says: Okay so I was pretty blown away with Sean in this episode, and by just how much of a turnaround they managed to pull-off with Nick’s character. Like, it’s damn impressive? But I guess that’s what happens when you have such amazing writing, direction and acting.

The one thing I didn’t think they could get me to do was find Nick adorable, but oh my god you guys. Sometimes he’s just… his little face!!!

Sophy says: I honestly didn’t think they’d be able to make me love Nick. Understand him? Yes. Like him as a character? Maybe. Love him like I do? That’s a surprise.

I think I’ve said most of what I needed to throughout the recap but to sum up…

– I love that this episode was all about identity again. I can’t take how whiteboardy everything is. I just can’t.

– I love that it gave us the beginnings of a little friendship between Nick and Franky, because that kind of thing is what gen 2 lacked somewhat – the idea that some kind of connection was made between even the unlikeliest of friends.

– I loved the way the brothers were written, as people who despite their flaws and despite really difficult circumstances at home and in their love lives, would come through for each other no matter what.

– I loved the parallels between Nick and Liv and Nick and Mini, two girls who mean two very different things to him… both of whom he needs to get away from to start becoming himself.


– This episode was funny and sad at the same time – I mean, often actually at the same time – and that is my favourite, thank you very much.

– Terrific actors for the terrific characters of Daddy Levan and Coach Pooter.

– Sean.

5 for 5, Skins.



Sophy says: WITCHCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Rin says: Srsly. Potions.



And christ almighty, I could keep that first screencap in my wallet and when strangers ask me why I have no pants on, I could show them it and they’d give a curt nod and no other words would need to be said.

Sophy says: IT’S ALO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I KNOW RIGHT, I flipped out when I first saw this trailer because that first shot is too beautiful for my brain or belt to handle.





Sophy says: They’ve made their bed.

Rin says: NOW BE ILLEGAL IN IT. Or not.

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  1. Loui
    Loui at · Reply

    I love you guys.

  2. Jane
    Jane at · Reply

    awesome recap guys :] I literally laughed out loud in some bits and now my mum is giving me strange looks…

    Sean was incredible, although in a couple of scenes I thought he was acted of the screen a bit by Seb, which makes me look forwards to Matty’s ep S6 (it will happen, i will make it happen).

    I’ve had this thought though, since the first time I watched the episode, that maybe Nick’s smashing up of the kitchen wasn’t the first time, maybe it had happened before and Matty had taken the blame for it that time as well, and Nick had brushed off his attack of frustration/anger and run away from it like Coach Pooter told him not to do in the scene in this episode…

    Just a thought.

    1. anat
      anat at · Reply

      omg i just wrote a whole thingy about this very thing! i thought i was the only one who thought this but NAY! :D
      But yeah, it is suspicouse that Matty would apologize so much at Liv’s episode, but maybe he did it cuz of the punching of Nick and not the rest they blamed him for..
      They really will have to show us this “Dark/crazy” Matty they keep talking about in the next season, cuz for now it seems he wouldn’t hurt a puppy.. Unless my theory is correct and it really wasn’t him all this time but his lil brother who he’s been protecting.

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        I guess the thing is… I don’t think Matty smashing his dad’s place up and (I’d assume in the heat of things) punching Nick and wanting to run away necessarily makes him any more dark or crazy than Nick’s meltdown/wanting to run away makes him dark or crazy… but I’ll get more into what I think about Matty and his arc when we recap the series finale. Thanks for the comments as always anat <3

  3. Babar
    Babar at · Reply

    A fine pair of tusks if ever I have seen them despite the lack of a trunk, Ryder getting floored, the liberal use of the royal colour purple, Liv’s perpetual earring, a happy looking Nelson Mandela to whom a good friend and confidante Sooty says:

    Champagne Recap as always

    From the desk of Babar
    (dictated not read)

  4. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    I needed this. Like I really REALLY needed something like this to come out of today and then I checked and lo and behold here is the Nick recap. Rophy comes through again. <3

  5. Ellie
    Ellie at · Reply

    Loved this recap! A little disappointed you didn’t root on Nick as the gayest.

    But maybe you’re saving that for later.

    I’ll ship Nick/Alo until the day I die.

    Can’t wait to see the Alo one! I think it was my favourite of the whole series. I’m biased, though.

  6. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Thank you so much for doing this! Can’t wait for the next recaps… of Real!Skins and Glee, that is. SkinsUS I can’t even pretend to care about anymore.

  7. Broooook
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    Man my mum happened to come look at my screen right as I was up to the cap with the sex-mums boobs hanging out. She was like, What are you doing, and i told her I was reading skins recaps by a couple of funny australian girls who do recaps via screencaps.Since she doesn’t know what Skins, or screencaps are, it sounded like a totally ham-fisted excuse, now she probably thinks I look at pictures of naked older woman to get my jollies…damn you Ropy!

    Loved this episode. Thought the music and acting in particular, were spectacular. Just when I think Skins has given me a 2D character, they go and flip my expectations on their head again. The awkward sex, the lame jokes with with the rugby mates, the general dorky ness of Nick…LOVE IT ALL!

    Can’t wait for the rest of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Pinky
    Pinky at · Reply

    This was so great. Nick’s episode was my favorite and I thank you for taking the time to point out exactly why. Even when people hated Nick, I understood where he was coming from and this episode just solidified that. Sean was shockingly good. Thanks again for the fantastic recap.

  9. diggablu
    diggablu at · Reply

    I think my favourite thing about Skins is how they present characters I can’t even stand (Mini, Nick, Rich) and then somehow, (HOW! HOW DO THEY DO IT!) get me to fall in love with them. All the way in love. Every fucking time. Bastards.

  10. diggablu
    diggablu at · Reply

    I think my favourite thing about Skins is how they present characters I can’t even stand (Mini, Nick, Rich), and then somehow (HOW! HOW DO THEY DO IT!) get me to fall in love with them. All the way in love. Every fucking time. Bastards.

  11. Lara
    Lara at · Reply

    Did you know that Coach Pooter and Jenna Fitch are old friends?

    1. anne
      anne at · Reply

      OMG Brilliant! Thanks to you I just spent an hour laughing out loud like an idiot watching videos from these two, after spending an hour laughing out loud reading this amazing recap. What a good way of ending this horrible day. I so needed that. Thank you!

      1. Lara
        Lara at · Reply

        All in a days work my friend.

  12. soapbox
    soapbox at · Reply

    I’m very pleased about how much love you gave the scene with Nick freaking out in the kitchen before he goes ballistic with the golf club. That scene is perfect. For anyone who has felt that feeling of despair and anger and desire to inflict something on the world where it feels like everything is happening to you and you have no control over anything. OMG <3 this episode.

  13. Lotte
    Lotte at · Reply

    I’ve read all your Skins recaps over the last couple of days and I’m now completely addicted. I think I love you both.

    “It takes him longer because because of his little legs” made me lol irl :-)

  14. folkpants
    folkpants at · Reply

    I loved the scene with Nick and Franky in the playground. I didn’t see it coming so it was such a nice surprise. I think in a way, by admitting he is a complete dick all the time, Nick was apologizing to Franky. It was Nick who put up the photos of Franky in 501 at Mini’s request. And I don’t think Nick is a bad person, but that he just really lets being an asshole get the better of him sometimes. I like how he admits that and recognizes it and sees it as a reason for doing something like what he did to Franky. And my admitting it to her, sort of says “I’m sorry.” And because Franky is so totally awesome- she hasn’t totally carried the grudge against Nick all this time, but allows and excepts the apology with a nice acknowledgement that he isn’t a dick 100% of the time. By being there, Franky allowed Nick his turning point and justified it. I hope we see a little more of their new friendship later on.

    Franky seems to pop up in a lot of these face-the-truth moments of other characters. Franky with Mini outside the dance/party sharing a smoke in 503, Franky with Liv on the couch in 504 and bringing to attention the video of Mini and Liv and reminding Liv of the once beautiful friendship they had. It’s interesting that as the episodes progress, this power seems to shift from Franky to Alo.

    I can’t wait to see/hear what you both have to say about the rest of the series. As always, LOVE the recaps. Thanks for being so loyal to fandom.

  15. anamewhatsinaname
    anamewhatsinaname at · Reply

    i can’t believe you guys ship matty/franky. they’re just like freffy. no real interaction just staring contests. which apparently means they’re in love~
    only they’re 100x worse than freffy. seb doesn’t seem to be that good of an actir either or at least he hasn’t shown any real skill yet. he’s got like one face and that’s it. also franky and matty making out etc. looks awkward as fuck. i just can’t

    omg moustache lol…CAN’T UNSEE

    “Rin says: I wanted to include that cap of Mini just to show you how good Freya, (or possibly even the directors) are because that is attention to detail. The fact that she has her arm over her stomach speaks a lot for how insync Freya is with her character, because that little idiosyncrasy is something that is inherently Mini. It’s subtle and its small, but I appreciate those kinds of things because characters aren’t defined by one big thing, one shiny moment, it’s all the little things that make them human, make them real.”

    MTE. so beautiful

  16. julie
    julie at · Reply

    omg ! i loved the perfect censure on the nipps whit the creepy sophia´s smile , it was awesome! hahaha… and also i woul like to see how get develops the gay-race of the season , who will ever get to be the gayest? i think nick has a lot of possiblities of wining it , – don´t get frighted but actualy when ai was watching the ep, i almost get to think that he actually was gay , ´cause there really gay moments on this ep , the bad sex between boyfriend and girlfrind , a dressing room full of hot naked boys… it´s just … i mean …. Gay- and loved totally the Incest is Illegal , it seems that it´s like a manual from Roundview college already!!!!!! and love u guys you are fucking hilarious :D :D

  17. Federica
    Federica at · Reply

    I totally agree with you about everything basically.Especially on Matty,to be honest.
    I cannot wait to read your rant about Matty,Sophy =)
    These caps made me love Nick/Mini awkward intercations once again.I miss them :'( I know they’re wrong,but their faces!I cannot handle a full season without their pretty faces in the same frame eheheh.

    Thanks a lot!

  18. blondie
    blondie at · Reply

    This episode was amazing. This…this is where I fully embraced this cast. Sean’s acting was flooring. I was literally speechless during that destruction scene, and distinctly remember going “oh shit” when he caught sight of the golf clubs. Especially after his dad (ironically) warned Matty off of them earlier in the episode.

    I really hope we get a better look into Nick’s life in Series 6 – because as you said, he was kind of floundering throughout the rest of the series, only to kind of redeem himself at the end by standing up to Blood. The character development in this series has been fascinating to watch. We may have only gotten 8 episodes, but the transition each character has made from episode to episode has been a pleasure to watch.

  19. Silvia
    Silvia at · Reply

    Fantastic (and hilarious) analysis as always. I really love some of the moments you pinpointed and the adorakableness of Nick.

    though awwww, the Vampire Diaries hate kind of killed some of my love for this recap (because I think that show really found its story and its voice halfway through S1, and it’s now a legit great series that I love as much as Skins).

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      OH NO NO NOT HATE. Oh well, okay it was hate. But only on the early episodes, which I pretty much think were awful. It has grown into a great show though and I love it like fierce! ♥

  20. Atlas
    Atlas at · Reply

    I Hate Nick. And Matty. And this episode. HATE. In fact now that I’ve seen the entire series I can honestly say that the only character I care anything for is Mini. Sorry but I had to vent cos I’m so disappointed with this series I can’t even, as you would say.
    It’s not like real Skins (but I can’t put my finger on why). :(

  21. Jess
    Jess at · Reply

    I fell in love with Nick a bit in this episode. Skins really do turn characters into real people with their own problems making them human!

    Freya <3!

  22. Ollie
    Ollie at · Reply

    Yay, a new Skins Rophycap! :D Thank you, this has helped me through the day while being bedridden with tonsilitis.

    Nick is adorable. Like, head-in-hands adorable. I kinda just want to tickle him behind the ears.

  23. patsy
    patsy at · Reply

    omg you guys, i was getting grumpier every day since there were no recaps…. but now it’s like rewatching the ep with just the right amount of time that has been passing by since it aired. so, i guess, thanks for keeping me waiting? :)
    you’re also spot on about everything, as usual. how do you do it? turning my exact thoughts into beautiful sentences? i keep on wondering. thanks again :)

  24. locuraSarcastic
    locuraSarcastic at · Reply

    OMFG I hate that I have a mayor test tomorrow and I can´t read this recap…no, wait I´ll read this recap and I´ll fail my exam ´cause Skins is too amazing to miss. So it´s pretty much your fault if end up like Tommo in 407.

  25. locurasarcastic
    locurasarcastic at · Reply

    ok, now I´ve read it and all I can say is that I like Nick a lot, I mean I used to hate him, especially after the akward sex scene with Minia nd the cheating …. but this ep showed me another side of Nick and I was amazed.
    I´m so very fucking excited about this gen.
    AND once again THANK U ROPHY because you really made my week and I got to practice my english.
    *building a rophy altar next to my skins and Heather Hogan´s altar*

  26. uber
    uber at · Reply

    Love <3

    Magnificent recap guys. GAH Nick's speech when he quits rugby was my favoritest! it was so amazing and ESPECIALLY because it's obvious that he doesn't hate rugby and "I hate a lot of things right now and I need to not. But I don't hate you coach" just love love love. and Sean is amazing. He and Freya and Alex have consistently blown me away with their absolute amazingness. Oh and Will too <3

    (not that the rest don't have their moments and I think Laya's pretty good too, I just don't find Seb, Dakota and Jessica as consistent/amazing as their castmates. I think everyone's turned in some great moments though <3 GUH the rugby pitch SKINS SIBLINGS FOREVER IN MY LIFE PLEASE)

    also I appreciate this macro so so much. ILUGUYS *head in hands*

  27. Lily
    Lily at · Reply

    Christ this season was amazing! I *feel* everything that the characters go through.. and I mean, I held such a vehement hatrid for Nick after Mini’s episode, and now I kind of adore him. ESPECIALLY in context of the glorious Nick/Alo bromance in the last ep :) And Mini, oh Mini.. I’m so glad she got her catharsis. You’re right; watching her try to grin and bear it and pretend everything was okay was just so exhausting! Can’t wait for the Mini/Alo goodness of the next ep ♥

  28. volknoir
    volknoir at · Reply

    lovely recap! i agree w you, when it comes to nick i didnt know i would love him so much after mini’s ep, but when i saw his i was marvel at the writing and direction of his character. this ep had amazing music, cinematography and directing, srsly this guy is spot on, who would have thought he’d be a comedian!?

    btw my wife identified completely with his character, ( no she’s not a prick LOL) she even cried ( im not proud of it but i am since i introduced her to the world of skins hehe) when Nick tells Matty he has it easy, she lived a similar situation with her sister. she would be the best younger daughter, be in every team at school, get good grades, behave and live the tension and stress from her parents every time her sister would runaway from home, only to move aside whenever her sister would come back like a prodigal son. yup yup, nick made my wife cry. amazing how a tv show can help huh. =)

    anyway, yes great recap, and also great vlog nice to put a face to you guys.
    greetings from Mex

  29. Jaelle
    Jaelle at · Reply

    “Roflll, he’s such a dork. And I must say, this recent golf motif is quite alright with me.”

    Golf motif? *___*
    In this day I’m obsessed with Tegan and Sara and I’ve been watching all the video and the concerts on you tube… Can I just say that Sara is so much better at “golfing”? Mr. Levan, you should learn from the best lol
    ( at 7.06)
    Great recap, as always! I *love* Mini, she’s definitely the gayest!
    Oh, how I love the “incest motif”, best thing eva loool

  30. supervixen
    supervixen at · Reply

    It’s amazing how I wasn’t interested in Nick’s character but this episode made me love him. More Nick and Fanky is needed for sure.
    And the illegal caps, genius :D

  31. Vanle
    Vanle at · Reply

    Mrs. Thomas. I can’t even.

  32. anat
    anat at · Reply

    Amazing recap as always girrrls <3

    Just wanted to add a theory i had watching this epi, I actually thought while watching Nick's transition from forcefully joyful (yet innocent enough) to angry-head-fuck that he has some kind of control-violence issues, and that it was actually HIM all this time who was the trouble maker and Matty the one covering up for him in the past.. I'm not so sure about it anymore but here's my evidence:
    Exhibit A: After the unsuccessful introduction of "his" gang and the embarrassing realization that his brother's obviously getting these guys more than he does, u could really feel the tension and aggression building in him until he got to the changing room and put on his "motivational-leader-face" again.
    B: The drug abuse and pretending to be Matty with the mom, the first time i saw it i really thought it was something he might have done before, therefore getting Matty in trouble for stuff he didn't do..
    C: Actually smashing the place down to lil pieces, seems like a nervous breakdown and the kind of "crazy" behavior they were blaming Matty for all this time, while Matty really seems like a much more relaxed mature guy, who might be a rebel to his dad's ways, but not a violent one.. And
    D: Matty's instant reaction to seeing what happened, not being surprised at all, instantly taking the blame and covering up for him – perhaps not the first time it happened..?

    That's just my crazy theory.. But it works your way too :p

    P.S- I also loved that Matty kicked his ass in rugby when Nick's supposed to be this athlete star (according to the conversation with Blood), it was a nice touch adding to the history and dynamics of this family.

  33. sophy
    sophy at · Reply

    i looooove Skins!

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