Alo — Part 1

Rin says: I really wish I knew how to make her stop.

Sophy says: Effy, Effy, Effy. Open your eyes.

Rin says: I kind of want to replace that witches hat with a boombox.

Sophy says: He is totally ready to serenade someone, 80s style.

Sophy says: ;SDFKMS;DLKGJ IT’S RAGS :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Rin says: RAGS!!!!!!!! :((((((((((((((((((((

Sophy says: Okay, so like. I really don’t get this. Why, oh why is he pissing into a cup? Is there no toilet in the house? Are all the doors padlocked? Since we just saw him outside during the montage, I just cannot understand this in any other terms except ‘Because it’s funny’. Which. It’s not, okay show? It’s just not.

Rin says: As soon as I saw this I thought of Ricky Gervais, and that story he tells of how he used to pee in the sink when he lived in a tiny apartment with his girlfriend. I love Alo’s watch :-? Even though you can’t see the face :-?

Sophy says: TINY APARTMENT I CAN UNDERSTAND. Although, it’s still gross. I’m going to assume there wasn’t a functioning toilet? Wait don’t answer that. I don’t want to know.

Rin says: So very very wrong.

Sophy says: Horribly wrong.

Sophy says: Okay, I’m just trying to ignore the mug of steaming urine aspect in order to enjoy Baby!Will. So cute.

Rin says: I wish I had a cup like this. Not of me. Of Aloysuis. :)

Pee excluded :-j

Sophy says: I love this part, with the morning light on fast forward. It seems to highlight just how much of a lump Alo is, lying there, completely still and oblivious, eyes closed, ears blocked, as the world worries along.

Rin says: Yes! Loved this sequence to show the passing time. And how cute is his pillow cover?

Sophy says: So cute! And I’ll take this opportunity to say how lovely the song is that plays in this scene. It’s ‘Furr’ by Blitzen Trapper and it has a lovely, gentle reflective mood to it. When I was only seventeen…

Rin says: So crude. So right. So Rophy.

Sophy says: Possibly the best worst Rophy manip ever.

Sophy says: lol, look at his posters. Drinking games? Southpark? It’s all so deliciously typical.

I also find it somewhat hilarious that he turns and looks excitedly up at that red cross on the wall. Is that supposed to be an x marking the spot for his birthday? Only there’s no calendar? Oh Alo. I wouldn’t put that kind of adorable tomfoolery past you.

Rin says: Isn’t the X on the wall some kind of mechanism that stops his alarm? ‘Cause he presses it and it goes off…

Sophy says: Oh. Right. *facepalm*


Sophy says: *covering eyes*

Rin says: D:

BUT IF WE DIVERT OUR EYES TO THE TOP LEFT AND HIS ‘THAT’S HOW I ROLL’ POSTCARD. I love that. *Adds that to the list, right under Aloysius mug*

Sophy says: *covering ears*

Rin says: Lol, I can’t. Bananas.

Sophy says: Is it over yet :((

Rin says: No :(( .. Well technically it is.

Sophy says: Piggybank bong! How very symbolic. Good little boys are saving their pennies or working hard so they’ll someday be making some. Alo has corrupted his piggybank. It’s now a symbol of debauchery. Woo!

Rin says: Always surprised at how many different novelty bongs Skins can showcase.

“What is it?”
“It’s your birthday present, Alo. It’s a spade.”

Sophy says: Oh my god, Alo eating his banana in front of the ‘I wonder if it’s a broomstick, Harry?’ gift is just fabulous. The expression on Will Merrick’s face is marvelously comic, and just the way he is munching, and the fact that he’s just been watching the banana-porn. I cannot.

Rin says: Hahah yes, the way he says, ‘Oh banana’ as he’s taking his hit and it cuts to him eating the banana. Oh Skins. Just really now, what is the obsession???



Sophy says: I like the way her sexy dance still has a certain menace to it.

Sophy says: Mrs Alo says he’s not going out tonight, because his “da” needs help on the farm. Alo’s all “But me and Rich are doing stuff!” and she’s all “I don’t give a monkey’s.”

She neatly sign-posts the danger for us, fretting that anything could happen to her husband, out there all alone, every single day.

Alo doesn’t notice, and to be fair, neither did I on first viewing. “Ma! It’s my birthday!” he says and Will’s delivery is absolutely hysterical and adorable.

Rin says: “Doing stuff” eh?? :smug:


Sophy says: Mrs Alo doesn’t care about his birthday or his “poxy little friends”. She says he needs to try harder, he’s not being fair, and I wouldn’t say she was exactly being fair either, because fuck up or not, it’s still his birthday, and she’s giving him spade? Seriously? A SPADE???

If Alo is as appalled by this gift as I am, he tries not to show it. He goes up and kisses her on the cheek, says “Cheers for me spade, Mum,” and it is so cute.

Rin says: CHEERS FOR ME SPADE MUM IS THE CUTEST EVER. EVER. And just reiterates how gay for his parents Alo is. I LOVE IT.

Sophy says: Okay, I take it all back. Mrs Alo can give her son as many spades as she wants. HE LETS HER WASH HIS CUM-STAINED SOCKS. HE. LET’S. HER. WASH. HIS. CUM-STAINED. SOCKS.

Rin says: Vomiting ensues.

Sophy says: So Alo’s mum gave him a spade, Alo’s dad gives him a tractor. It’s all very farm-centric, isn’t it? The tractor, however, is marginally cooler than the spade, and Alo seems quite keen to take it for a spin.

Rin says: I love how both presents are ‘wrapped’ even though it’s perfectly easy to tell what it is. It’s just cute.

And Mrs Alo, everyone knows the size of the present is in direct correlation to how much you love your child. [-( Mr Alo > Mrs Alo.

Sophy says: See this is the thing about Alo. He’s so indomitably cheerful. He’s so apt to make the best of things and put a smile on his face, just because. But the trouble is, the lemonade he makes with the lemons life gives him usually involve, well, slacking off. The piggybank becomes a bong, the tractor becomes a dodgem car… it’s all a mark of profound immaturity, which is interesting, because there are ways in which Alo is actually quite mature for his age. But that’s usually the case isn’t it? Children don’t grow up all at once. There is no magical threashold from childhood to adulthood. Adolescence is kind of a staggered path, and whilst Alo may be ahead of, say, Rich in not letting his fear make him a dick, he’s behind in some of the simpler ways. Duty, plans, getting things done? He’s really not interested, thank you very much. Not yet.

Rin says: I like that this scene is both fun/funny (cause Alo is a big dancing dork), but also shows how he’s oblivious to how his actions have consequences. On one side of the coin we’re head in hands over how cute Alo is, but on the flip side we’re also thinking about that poor field and what the damage might mean to his father — the extra work he’s caused him. And again that’s why Skins is so brilliant with its characters, not making them completely loveable by having flaws, real actual flaws. <3

Sophy says: Absolutely. What makes Skins characters so great is that they are always flawed – some more than others, sure, but has there ever been a character who simply doesn’t have a bad side?

Even Emily Fitch didn’t handle things that well in series 4, and she’s Moses/Jesus.

“I’m not at the pub, Alo. I’m… at your surprise party.”
“Yeah. Happy birthday… you ungrateful cunt.”

Sophy says: Rich calls to tell Alo to get his butt over to his surprise party, which, kind of ruined the surprise there, Rich, but desperate times, I guess. I love the way Rich opens the conversation by asking like some cross old woman if he’s been “ultra-wanking again”. It just underlines how well these two know each other.

And also. “Ultra-wanking”.


Rin says: The kitchen is strongly reminding me of Pandora’s kitchen that I even had to check to make sure it wasn’t the same. It’s not, but awwww, MDMA brownies 8-.

I kind of wish Rich would always wear an apron.

Also I love that Mini is hanging out in the kitchen with Grace, ’cause things aren’t quite repaired with Liv and she doesn’t really have many other options in terms of friends. It’s sad she’s so alone at this point, but also necessary in order for her to grow up and restablish her friendships, and also create new ones.



Sophy says: The dialogue in this scene is completely brilliant. Alo says he doesn’t think he’ll be able to make it, seeing as “Mumgabe’s doing her nut,” and Grace and Rich tell him he has to show up, because “if there was ever a rock-solid, iron-clad, balls-in chance of [him] getting laid, then this is definitely it.”

Oh irony. You’re the one who’s going to be doing the laying, Rich, not Alo.

Rin says: Oh look! Red/Yellow balloons behind Rich’s head!!!



Sophy says:

And this is how everyone knows it was an act when you were all cool about this.

“Tell him he’s scheduled to entertain the young debutante.”
“Liv’s got you a practice girl.”
“Like, a real one? Does she look good?”

Sophy says: DEAR LORD. THAT POOR EXTRA. Imagine being hired to play the “retinal” girl on Skins? I sort of hope she’s just crossing her eyes and pulling a funny face. At least that way she was hired for her comedic skill and not just for her, um, offputting looks.

Can I just say that I love that Liv got him a “practice girl”? And like, what is she a Madam now? She needs to get some better whores…


The scene ends on an adorable note, with Grace telling Rich to tell Alo he’s “done the vol-au-vents”. “‘Yeah, I’ve done fucking vol-au-vents,” says Rich in his adorable disgruntled dead-pan way, “So finish up and get your shit together.”

Get your shit together. Interesting choice of words.

Rin says: I can’t with that poor extra. Like…how do you even begin to cast for a role like that. :(

Sophy says: Deserved it. And I don’t mean getting to sleep with Emily Fitch.

Rin says: I’m impressed that Alo could cause such damage without needing to blur.

Sophy says: Only Bluronaom may blur.

Sophy says: So Alo has totally fucked up the engine on the tractor with his joyride, and he takes advantage of the diversion to sneak a pass out of his dad and run off to join his friends.

Rin says: I love that Mr Alo and Dewi just come running out of nowhere. Like they were always just waiting offscreen till Alo fucked up.

Sophy says: I cannot. That second cap may be one of the most hilarious things I have ever, ever seen. EVER.

Rin says: Ahhhhahahahahahahahahaha. And just how, she’s wearing leopard print and Alo still has his pig shirt on.

And when Alo gets woken up he says, ‘My balls!’ which is nicely echoed later in the finale :X

Sophy says: Oh dear. “Virgin” huh? I guess he passed on retinal girl. :(

Mrs Alo is not impressed with his new facial tattoos or his party hat. She asks where he went last night, and in typical teenage style, he has a quick go at a lie, before admitting he was in town with his friends.

“I had to,” he says, “Rich did vol-au-vents.” And Mrs Alo clearly never went to a dinner party in the 70’s because she’s all “I don’t care what drugs your friends were taking!”

Rin says: I don’t know if I could ever talk to my child in a serious manner when he has cocks drawn all over his face.


Unfortunately he has no Cassie to give him a kiss while he’s sleeping. :(

“These arrived for you in the post this morning. Your projected grades. There’s an application form for Nandos stapled to them.”

Sophy says: She opens his mail? All class.

I laughed so hard at the Nandos application, and at Alo’s indignant “Oh, this is just victimisation!”

Rin says: NANDOS!! I love their peri peri chips. And I’d like them even better if I had been served by Alo.

Sophy says: Mrs Alo doesn’t think it’s victimization. She thinks it’s the final straw. She tells Alo he’s going to leave college and work at the farm instead. He’s all ‘WTFOMFGBBQNOOOOOO!’

Rin says: A parent pulling their child out of school. Is it opposite day or…?

Sophy says: Alo and his mum go to school for their meeting with Blood re: him and college breaking up, and Rich is there waiting, gazing across the carpack like some kind of handsome metal prince. Actually, he’s kind of reminding me of someone right now…

Rin says: It’s just careless that he’s outside in the sun. Now everyone knows.

Sophy says: This is worse than that time Mini caught him in his Viking outfit. Much, much worse.

Sophy says: Mrs Alo passes by with a haughty “Not today thank you, Richard!” and Richard responds with a classic.

Rin says: loool oh Rich.

“So, here on the form, where it says “reason for leaving”, I’ll just put “simpleton.” Okay?”

Sophy says: Oh God. How is Blood so awesome this series? Simpleton. I can’t. I’m just picturing him actually writing it on the form in neat block letters and I cannot. I JUST CANNOT.

I also squealed a bit when he referred to Alo as “useless”. Oh Panda Pops. I will never not miss you. And I think ‘useless’ was a bit of a Sid word too, but if I open that box of nostalgia we’ll be here forever and I’ll just be wailing and gnashing my teeth and crouching all over the place.

Rin says: Blood is so so much better this series than the last. Last series I thought he was just OTT and kind of redundant, but this time around he’s full of win and completely necessary? Even if he didn’t turn out to be Grace’s dad. Oops spoiler, lols.

Sophy says: Mrs Alo says she doesn’t know what else to do, and Blood helpfully says he has a friend who runs a medical testing facility and gives away free x-boxes for new admissions, and oh my god, as he says it, Alo pops his little infantalized head through the door with a very interested “Old x-box or x-box 360?”

Rin says: Medical testing =)) Always reminds me of The Sims.

Rin says: It’s weird how it almost looks fine.

Sophy says: If you think that looks fine you need bigger glasses.



Seriously, I’d been waiting for this, and since we were five episodes in I was beginning to think it would never come and then bam, Asian Fanny Fun on a string. It was a whole single tear/creamy cheek situation.

Rin says: HAHAHA NOSTALGIC FANNY BOX. Emily’s dream. My heart totally skipped a beat when I saw this, which to an outsider may just be a little disturbing…BUT I DON’T CARE. ASIAN FANNY FUN FOREVER :((

Sophy says: I absolutely loved this moment, because it gave us a new combination of the gang, hanging out and getting up to no good. I also love the little details they throw in that set up a friendship between Alo and Liv. “Olivia!”, the practice girl, and now when we pan up, it’s her holding the string. And honestly, how adorable is the smile on her face?

Rin says: I love that Franky is carrying a SACK. TO KIDNAP ALO IN. I wish we’d seen her try :X

It’s also reminding me a bit of Freddie/Cook. Aw.

Rin says: As Matty informs Alo that they’re ‘doing a kidnap on you’ Alo is more than pleased. In fact everyone is pleased at this point. You can tell by the way their mouths are slightly open and turned upwards.

Sophy says: Matty’s smile is the most hilarious and brilliant thing. I can’t.

“Where are we going? Rich?”
“Um… we’ve only planned this far.”

Rin says: HEHE this was so cute. How they’d only thought of ‘kidnap Alo’ and that was it. So very Skins-kids, and their only solution is the pub. RICH’S AGREED SMILY IS THE BEST TOO.

Sophy says: BEST BEST BEST.

“I know they’re being shitty, but I can’t just wreck the farm. It’s all they’ve got, and I…”
“You know…”
“No, what?”
“I love them and stuff.”
“Haha. You’re gay for your parents.”

Sophy says: Oh my god, I laughed so hard at Rich’s completely dry and completely ridiculous “Haha you’re gay for your parents”. But that’s not even my favourite part about that little exchange. To be honest, as gay-for-his-parents as it sounds, my heart kind of skipped a beat when Alo said he loved them and stuff. I was like… OH OH OH. This I can relate to. This unflagging, at-the-end-of-the-day love he has for his parents, no matter how much of a little shit he is or how much they piss him off. Parent/child relationships on Skins are generally so fraught, and Alo’s is no exception. But the fact that he openly, if shyly, admits that he wouldn’t want to hurt them because he loves them. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a teen on Skins show that kind of good-hearted appreciation towards their parents prior to any kind of life-changing crisis.

I was a bit dazzled by Will’s delivery too.

Rin says: Yesssss. Makes for such a nice change, because Skins has covered a lot of bases over the past years but haven’t really delved into parent appreciation coming from the kid. I thought it was so very very sweet and I just want to ruffle his ginger hair.

Rin says: Does she have no boundaries? Honestly. And it doesn’t help that she’s also wearing the wink-shirt.

Sophy says: It’s like she thinks incest is cute or something.

Sophy says: So, like, Grace dancing with the elderly stripper is just about the best thing ever, and not just because it’s such a self-insert moment for me.

I CANNOT. It’s just another one of those little moments that shows us exactly who Grace is: completely curious and delighting, completely unafraid and without judgment.

We need a gif of this, please.

Rin says: Gracie is the best thing in the known universe. Honestly.

Something about the stripper woman’s face too.. like, Grace charmed the stripper.


I love how Mini basically drags her away. DON’T BE GAY, GRACIE. It’s my thing.

Rin says: As Mini takes her place next to Franky (and Alo! ..ooOOohH) and asks what they’re doing in this ‘shit hole’ and :O MINI! YOU TAKE THAT BACK! Fishponds is a sacred venue in the land of Skins, okay?! Frankie gets her caught up on current events, including a lovely, “Alo fancies his parents.” HEHEHE. See, Frankie totally has a great sense of humour :)


Rin says: Matty offers some advice, saying how Alo has to do something or else they’ll just make him miserable. Liv gives a further encouraging, ‘You’ve got to stick it to the man, bruv.’ And I’m thinking Mini did a better ‘bruv’ in 501, but still :X

I like that Matty can offer some advice, especially because of what went down in the Levan household in the prior episode. I don’t think he’s exactly suggesting smashing up the house ala Nick, but I think he has the right sentiment. You can’t let things build up, otherwise it always manifests into something much uglier, like confiscated pets and ruined farms.

Sophy says: Matty’s “You’re a person, Alo, not a cow,” kind of makes me lol in the context of well… good thing Alo isn’t a cow.

Sophy says: Not gonna lie, as great a moment as it was, I’m kind of glad Grace dancing happened when the elderly stripper still had her bra on.

Rin says: I love the SERIOUS MUM juxtaposed against the NAKED STRIPPER in the back. So fucking perfect, and also, this is the kind of stuff where I think, ‘Only in Bristol.’ Seriously, Skins should be on the tourism board. :)

Sophy says: Oh Alo, grabbing Rich and hugging him like you’re going off to war. Their bromance is the best.


Sophy says: Mrs Alo bundles her wayward son into the car and presents him with a list she’s made for him.

“You should have this lot finished by bath-time.”

I can’t. I feel like I’m watching an Enid Blyton book. Is there treacle pudding for supper, Mrs A?

Rin says: FISHPONDS TAVERN :(( JUST :(( A-A-A. :(( :((

Sophy says: :(((

Rin says: Rags is such a cute fucking dog. And ‘Rags’ is such a cute fucking name for a cute fucking dog.

And why is there just this massive pile of rubbish? Country folk.

Sophy says: It looks comfy. I bet small animals live in it.

Like this guy.

Rin says: I DON’T. IT’S A HOME AND FASHION MAGAZINE. IT’S NOT EVEN PORN. Why are boys so gross :)

Sophy says: I don’t know, Rin :( I guess we just have to be grateful nobody’s teddy bear was involved :(

Sophy says: He puts the sock back on. I have no words for this. No words. Only fear.

Rin says: It’s weird how we can love such a disgusting person.

Rin says: Alo’s really starting to lose it.. he’s even picking on poor old Dewi! But really.. what the hell did Dewi say?

Sophy says: Even the subtitles aren’t much help with that.

Rin says: You know Skins is really started to shake all myths about weather over there. It always looks so BEAUTIFUL. Not gloomy and rainy.

I loved this little unstoppable-force/immovable-object plot between Alo and Mr Alo. Pretty straightforward, but nonetheless cute and meaningful.

Sophy says: I bet London has palm trees.

Rin says: Mr Alo tells Alo to leave the rock because it’s always been there and it doesn’t move. Alo’s pretty determined though and he uses all of his might to try and push it over. And I know exactly how that feels. Putting every little bit of strength you have left, trying your fucking hardest, and still not having things go your way. It’s frustrating as hell and completely sobering — we’re not always as invincible as we’d like to believe, or to be.

Sophy says: This is why I never try. /Effy.


Rin says: I hope Alo doesn’t cut himself on the rock and send us all to hell :-?


Rin says: Alo’s busy slacking off again so of course his parents are all over him like a rash. Things get really heated and it ends with things like, ‘Everything that boy touches turns to shit,’ and ‘You’re a disgrace, Aloysius Creevey. You’re a disgrace to me and you’re a disgrace to this family.’ And oh gosh. I can’t imagine many more things that a child least wants to hear from their parents. And it’s written all over Alo’s face, this shock that his mother would go as far to say things like that. He always figured things weren’t great, but were they really this bad?

And although I’m not exactly with the mum on this one, I can see where she’s coming from. I’m really upset with the way she treats her husband, considering his condition, but I also think a lot of the rage comes from being afraid of her husbands health. That one day he’s going to no longer be here which means she’s left alone with an entire farm, and as it stands Alo isn’t exactly someone she can rely on. So yeah, I get where all of it is coming from.

Still. Sad face for Alo. :(

Sophy says: I understand where she’s coming from, but the problem, as Alo will later tell her, is that she doesn’t make Alo understand where she’s coming from. She tried to protect him from the truth about his dad’s condition, so he didn’t know there was anything serious to grow up about. Sure, his dad is overworked, but I’m pretty sure Alo was still in that familiar state of childhood where your parent is inherently bigger and better, more capable, and entirely invincible. Dad is superman – not just a man – not just a man who really needs your help.

The thing is, Mrs Alo expects her son to be grown up and responsible, and yet at the same time she tends to infantlize him. Dear Mrs Alo, if you want him to face up to reality, then don’t hide reality from him. And, for that matter, don’t wash his cum-socks.

Regardless, verbal abuse is not the answer. It only makes you believe what you’re told on some level – yeah, I’m useless, I’m shit, no matter how hard I try I’ll never shift that rock, so why bother? In my experience, telling someone they’re hopeless isn’t going to motivate them.

Rin says: Alo turns to his father but he’s had enough too and stands by his wife. Maybe he’s also thinking about who’s going to help out if his health takes a turn for the worse.

Sophy says: His dad agrees with his mum, but he’s way less harsh about it. He says he needs to sort himself out, which is 100% true, but he doesn’t feel the need to get his own frustrations and fears out with words like disgrace and everything you touch. Points to Mr Alo, who, when you think about it, must have a really tough time with a son this lazy and a wife this high-strung. No wonder he’s poorly!

Rin says: And I can understand Alo and his feverishness to not feel this bomb that his parents have just dropped on him.

Sophy says: I totally understand it. I think it’s a stretch that he would be so stupid as to drop the spliff, but Will’s panic and hurt just about makes me buy it.

Rin says: Oh Alo. Never drop your spliff next to flammable gas. That has to be rule number one. No?

Sophy says: Seriously.

Rin says: You’ve got to KaBOOM! your life!!!

(Look at me with a whole new show to reference :) )

Sophy says: Holy rabbitpants! Kind of puts your ‘Truth, boom’ to shame, doesn’t it Effy?

Rin says: Talk about upsetting. :)

Sophy says: Yeah, this was deeply upsetting. I know some people saw it as a comic moment, but I just can’t. I CAN’T. It’s almost funny in that nightmarish, disbelieving way you laugh at a joke that’s in seriously poor taste. But ugh. I don’t think Alo found it particularly hilarious. I think he probably filed it away under ‘Worst moment of my life’, which… soon to be dethroned…

Rin says: This has sort of happened to me before. I mean, no DOGS were taken, thank fuck, but yeah. This happens.

Sophy says: This hasn’t happened to me. It probably should have.

“Look, I don’t care about the van, all right? The computer, the telly, whatever. Just not Rags, alright? Yeah? ALRIGHT, DAD? Please?”

Sophy says: Ugh, this scene absolutely broke my heart. The way he sees his mother take the dog’s bed, and naively asks where he’s going to sleep. And then he realizes… there’s no special rule for Rags. He’s not going to be treated any differently from a piece of crap poster or a porn-resevoir of a computer. She’s taking his dog.

And so he runs to plead with his dad, who has always been the soft touch… but he’s too exhausted, too damn worn out and too much in shock about the cow to say a word.

I LOVE HOW ALO IS ALL ‘I’LL DO ANYTHING’. :(( Alo/Rags are totally the Naomily of this gen :((

Rin says: Omg you’re so right :(( They totally are :(( Alo needs to write a note and stick it on Rag’s bed :((

Sophy says: Okay I sort of wanted to turn it off and never watch again at this point. BECAUSE. THEY ACTUALLY TOOK THE DOG. THE DOG. YOU CAN’T. YOU JUST. YOU CAN’T TAKE A BOY’S DOG. YOU JUST FUCKING CAN’T. I CANNOT.

I know we’re supposed to see grey areas here, and understand how okay, Alo’s mum is a hard-ass bitch, but he’s a fuck up, and who knows which came first, the chicken or the egg… but this was a bridge too far for me. I can understand her taking everything from him. But not the dog. That’s not a punishment. That’s not teaching. That’s just cruelty, plain and simple.

But then I guess for a character like Alo, you really needed these parents to do something so extreme, so completely unfair and disproportionate, for him to react in the way he does now. He’s just too naturally cheerful to pull the shit he pulls now without a damn good reason for doing it.

Rin says: Yeah, I totally agree that taking the dog was a step too far. Too fucking far. A dog isn’t a possession, it’s a living creature with a heart and mind of its own. So yeah, I think the mum had a rage blackout or something when she thought that one up.

But yeah, I can still see where the mum is coming from. He did just blow up Bessie.

Sophy says: YES BUT SEE. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. A BAD ACCIDENT. BUT STILL AN ACCIDENT. AND LIKE. I totally get taking everything else, especially because they’re doing it to sell it and put the proceeds towards the damages, which makes perfect sense and is fair enough. BUT. NOT. THE. DOG. I. CANNOT. AND. NEVER. WILL.

Rin says: Nothing left to do except burn it to the ground and dance on the embers?

Sophy says: Omg Rin, stop teasing me.

OTP 8-.

Rin says: There are so many points throughout this episode where I absolutely adored Will and his face. That top right cap is one of them. So perfect.

I also loved how he held the note up to his head to scrunch it up, and then drop it. In any other context it could have come across as a bit cheesy and OTT, but this worked wonderfully. Mostly due to Will, I guess. :)


Rin says: What delicious water bombs. … Wait. Not the condom-y part. The milk..yeah, nevermind.

Sophy says: Sorry, but all I got from that is that you want to drink milk out of a condom. Which makes me think of teats. And now I’m just seeing this:

I hope you know you brought the above on yourself, Rin.

Rin says: I hate you. It took everything in me to not trash the entire blog.

Sophy says: :)

Rin says: I love that he setup a whole apparatus to fill the condoms. He’s not messing around.

Sophy says: It’s all remarkably organised, isn’t it? Seriously Alo, if you put that much effort and thought into your farm duties, you’d probably be having vol-au-vents and a brew by now.

Rin says: Not only does this make me laugh, it makes me frightened because I’m starting to find Blandy a bit cute.


Rin says: I LOVED THIS SEQUENCE OF EVENTS SFM. How they’re all looking at the note, then all looking up. Awesome direction :X



I’m convinced Matty is on stilts.

Rin says: Who knew flour could look so amazing?

And oh my god, this would be so much fun. Well, I think I’d probably just rather plain water than eggs and flour, but you know. They have actual STACKS OF HAY to hide behind! <3

This must have been such a fun (and messy) day to shoot.

Sophy says: This does look like so much fun! Was there BTS from this? If I’d been there I would have taken my big camera and just been snapping all day. It has so much potential for great photos.

Sophy says: LOL OH GRACIE. Look at her outfit. It’s so royal and equestrian.

Rin says: Hahahaha YES. Royal and equestrian.

“And everyone smells of horses!” :(( Better not jump the gun. :)

Rin says: The light on them is the best. THE BEST.

Sophy says: They’re just such… kids. And I love the way that Grace can fit in with anything, even if she really, really doesn’t look the part. She doesn’t give a damn if she gets messy or looks silly. And I think she’s actually allowed Rich to let go a bit on that front too.

Strange – she’s sort of made him older and younger at the same time.


And the flour in Grace’s hair and on her skin looks great. :X

Sophy says: Funny how flour is white. Racist.

They are the absolute cutest of cute. And I want her gloves.

“I love you quite a bit, Rich.”

Rin says: The way she says it, the words and the delivery. Spectacular.

Sophy says: Oh my gosh, yes. Both the line and the way she delivered it. Absolutely magical.

Sophy says: THAT’S RIGHT. IT’S SHAG-TIME, RICHARD. See where not being an asshat gets you?

You really should write Toxic Bob a thank you note or something.

Rin says: Include a picture :X

Rin says: I don’t. I.


Sophy says: I don’t think this is what Rich was hoping for when Grace said “threesome” :(

Part 2

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  1. anamewhatsinaname
    anamewhatsinaname at · Reply

    ugh you have no idea how i much needed this (=something to cheer me up) right now.also i was just thinking yesterday about how i miss your recaps so this is awesome
    thx a lot! gonna read it in a bit :)

  2. Ollie
    Ollie at · Reply

    An update! I love it! :D :D

    What I love the most though is the fact that I just realised me and Alo have two of the same posters! My life is now complete.

  3. Lucinda
    Lucinda at · Reply

    hahaha love how crackfox popped up. mighty boosh + skins = wonderful things

  4. Jonesy
    Jonesy at · Reply

    What show is the “better whores” gif from, out of curiosity?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      The Crimson Petal And The White (It’s tremendous :) )

      1. zeta
        zeta at · Reply

        omg yes it’s amazingness. i was so happy seeing it in the recap.

  5. uber
    uber at · Reply

    omg commenting right the fuck now without finishing the page because
    “Sophy says: Possibly the best worst Rophy manip ever.”
    yes. AHHHHH <3333

  6. EmilyB
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    I saw this and it screamed Rich/Grace :) Thought you would enjoy.

  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    LMAO your Edward Cullen mockery is perfection!

  8. Patsy
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    Don’t even begin to understand how happy this makes me.

  9. ohwowlovely
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    Hi, I’m back! I was away all week with no internet.

    So much to say, Rophy, you’re gay for your parents! The way he says that line, so funny (and your appearance of Effy saying she’s already tried it, just lol omg)

    I don’t know if this is any help, but I live in the country and we burn some of our rubbish, maybe that explains the rubbish pile? I’m not sure we’re actually meant to though…

    But, I’m still actually traumitised over them taking Rags. I don’t care what someone has done, ok it was bad but as you said it was an accident, but you do NOT take someone’s fucking pet. That is just cruel. Unless they’re harming or neglecting them, you just do NOT do that. That scene was just horrible. I completely agree with you on it. In fact it was the first thing I even thought of when Alo’s episode recap came up. I’m still horrified.

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