Liv — Part 2

Rin says: They return to the scene of the crime, still in bear form (as opposed to tree or moonkin form), to scope it out. Turns out the police are on site and have found the extinguisher Matty used to bash in the shopkeepers head. Which is one head bashing that I’m really not against, for once. Scared of being spotted, they flee the scene for a second time.

Sophy says: OMG SERIOUSLY BEAR/BEAR FOREVER. And I am so glad Stanley is not on this show, I really am. STAY AWAY, STAN.

“He’s dead.”
“Perves don’t die. He’ll be back.”

Rin says: There’s just something about that exchange that I love.

Sophy says: I knowwww. The dialogue in this ep is beautiful.

Rin says: Liv asks Matty if she can come with him to the countryside, and Matty is taken aback, but pretty excited at the prospect of running away together.

Sophy says: HE’S CRAZY-EYE EXCITED. It’s okay Matty, I love your crazy eyes. I really, really do.

Also, that second cap of Laya is breathtaking. My breath. TIS TOOK.

Rin says: Liv calls for a refuel, probably to make the decision she just made to run away go down a lot smoother.

Sophy says: Everything goes down smoother with a little vegemite.

“Let’s go first thing tomorrow. We’re not done with tonight yet.”

Rin says: Omg that shot of them just fitting into frame, in their bear suits, is ridiculously cute. And I’m also not sure if I’ll get over how little Matty is.

Sophy says: That first cap is the cutest thing ever. It’s totally mummy bear and baby bear. I can’t. Rophy have always found taller guy/shorter girl adorable (and, you know taller girl/shorter girl too 8-.) but I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve been awwing over the reverse.

That second cap reminds me so much of that street in Misfits that Ye Olde Power Swap Shoppe is on. (Yes, yes, I’ve been watching Misfits. I think it’s cute but rubbish. Now you know.)

“Whatever we do, it’s you and me.”
“You and me. Always.”
“This is real. Right?”
“This is real.”

Rin says: Any other circumstance and this scene might have come across as a bit cheesy, but given their state and the delivery from both Laya and Sebastian, it works. I also like the contrast of this moment and the one before when Liv told Matty he wasn’t real.

Omg the old woman inside the party. I don’t even…genius. Like, they were thinking of ways to make this creepy party even creepier and someone went, ‘I know, an old lady!’ and it totally works. I am creeped.


Guhhhh, the dialogue. Because this whole episode is about Liv trying to run from what’s real and inevitably being pulled back to it by her very nature as much as by circumstance. “Fuck that guy. We’ll just go,” she says, and her face is all It’s not that easy.

I really don’t find Matty/Liv cheesy in the slightest, which, as Rin points out, is largely because they’re high… but it’s also because they’re both in a state of complete distress and neither of them feels they have anyone to turn to but each other. It’s complete escapism at this point… but by the end of the episode it will be more. It will be real – maybe.

Rin says: They enter the party jumpingly, and it’s so cute. I mean, look at Matty’s face. JUST LOOK.

It must not have been their scene though (See: old lady) because soon enough they’re walking down the halls looking for somewhere a little more private.

Sophy says: HAHAHAH I love Sebastian’s faces. And I love the way this whole thing was shot. The entire episode has a really Alice in Wonderland feel to it, what with the whole ‘Eat me’ aspect of the drugs, tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum, animal costumes, and just the general trippiness and sense of unease throughout.

Rin says: Yay, using your mobile phone as a flashlight! Who hasn’t done that?

They finally make it to the roof and immediately start to go at it like…bears?

Sophy says: I’ve used a torch as a flashlight?

Rin says: There are numerous really pretty shots during this scene, like the first one with the fiery light behind them. <3

And hello Matty bum! Is this the second of the series we’ve had? The first being Alo? By the time this gen is up I predict we’d have seen all of the guys bums, it’s the Skins way!

Sophy says: Not quite as racy as how Tony got his groove back, but still… must have been pretty scary for these kids, new to all this as they are.

Somehow it looks a bit off logistically though… like he’s too far over and it… um… I’m just going to stop.

Rin says: After their night of canoodling, Liv wakes up alone, wrapped in a blanket on the sofa. And I’m thinking, oh god, please let Matty still be around. AND HE WAS. Standing really cutely by the edge in nothing but his briefs, and again I think, HE’S SO LITTLE!

Sophy says: Beautiful cap of Laya is beautiful. I love the expression on her face.

Rin says: I think the thing I love most about this is that it’s not even an exaggeration.

Sophy says: That’s what you’d find on a VHS tape at the Rophy house. A VHS tape labeled ‘The Best Day Ever.’

Rin says: Normally I would talk about how beautiful that first cap is, but that weird dome roof is creeping me out with its…spots/clusters. And I have that thing. So. I can’t look at it for too long otherwise I might rip off all of my skin.


Liv walks over to Matty and she has to basically become half her size so he can get his arm over her shoulder and it’s adorbs!!

Sophy says: Oh my god, the way she like, bends down to get his arm around her. I DIES.

And wait a minute, you have that thing too? What is it, an epidemic???!

I’m perfectly fine with clusters, I think. I’ll eat all the caviar when we’re rich, okay?

Rin says: We get back to Liv’s and the party is still going, not quite. Franky seems to be the only one awake and continuing to smoke, until she passes out because look at her. If I was a barman I would tell her she’s had enough with my judgemental eyes as I slowly take away her glass.

Sophy says: And when Naomi came in you’d flick a lighter uselessly and say “Rough day? Wanna talk about it?” And then Buffy would drink all the beer.

And hey I just realized – Grace, Mini, and Franks have now all officially fainted. When is it gonna be Liv’s turn? Huh? HUH?

Rin says: Yeah, that sounds like me. I’d just be cool and collected around Naomi Campbell. That’s totally a Rin move.

Rin says: Franky collapsing wakes up Alo, and without skipping a beat he takes Franky’s spliff and wakes up Rich and Grace.

“Rich…RICHARD! You fell asleep you fucking amateur.”

I love these two sfm. And I’m talking about Alo/Rich at the moment.

Sophy says: haha! I love them also. Dearly. And I love the little chain reaction. And I love how comfy Grace looks.

Rin says: Grace notices that Franky’s ‘gone’ and says she’s a lightweight, just as Liv and Matty get home with such gleeful happy faces and aw aw aw. This is not my first Skins episode, I know this can’t last! They’ll be dragged through hell and back again, and even then they’ll only last if one of them fucks the dead girl. Maybe they should both give it a go, increase their chances?

Sophy says: Omg the gayest race is old news. The new thing is trying to fuck the dead girl. They’ll all be clamouring this gen.

My Alo/Liv heart kind of skips a beat when he says “Olivia!” with such clear enthusiasm. My Matty/Liv heart is all ‘bitch please’ when “That’s my name.” “It’s lovely.” comes along.

Sophy says: BAAHAHAHAHAH ohmygod. What’s the bet Mini was waiting by the window and ordered Nick under the covers the moment she saw Liv approaching.

Her fake sex noises are fabulous.

And lol poor Freya re: her dad seeing the script. “Nick is munching Mini.” =)) A little tact next time, okay Ed Hime????

Rin says: If there’s one thing you don’t want to read with your dad, it’s probably a Skins script. So kids, now you know.

Sophy says: Liv is all “That’s my bed” and I’m all, Liv, just be glad they left your stuffed animals out of this.

It’s kind of brilliant how Mini answers with “And I’m in it with my boyfriend.” Get it? GET IT?

Rin says: I just love how non-phased all of them are. Kids these days, so jaded.

Sophy says: Matty introduces himself, and, um, TRUTH BOOM.

Rin says: I love how cute they were about learning each others names. JUST LOOK AT LIV’S LITTLE FACE. Beaming.

Sophy says: I said I didn’t know this song because I’m old and Rin said it was an old song and I said I was older.

Rin says: HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW? It’s so upsetting when we don’t get each other. I start questioning life and stuff.

ALSO, Mini’s not impressed with Nick.. THIS IS NO TIME TO MAKE JOKES.

Sophy says: Nice to see Mini’s wearing her HBIC earrings again!

Rin says: OMFG leafy earrings <3 I hadn’t even noticed! Nice catch.

Sophy says: So Nick and Matty are brothers. And how exactly did we not all know this? I mean, look at them. I’m not going to say they’re practically twins or anything, but there is a lot of similarity going on there. I squealed at this reveal, because if there are a lot of things Skins does well one of them is sibling relationships. Tony and Effy, Freds and Karen, the Fitches… now the Levan brothers. I CANNOT WAIT.

Rin says: I was completely surprised and then laughed my head off, because of course! Skins you sneaky bastards, I love you. So so so excited for this brand new dynamic in the group, can’t wait to see all the angst it’ll bring. SIBLING ANGST IS THE BEST KIND.

And at this moment I also thought of all the Matty/Nick slashers. Don’t worry guys, you’ll always have fanfic.

Sophy says: But just remember… illegal.

Sophy says: Liv is less than chuffed about the brothers thing. Perhaps in part because she’s just realized she fucked them both without showering between.

Rin says: ….okay, ew.

Sophy says: Illegal, Liv.

Sophy says: Nick pretty much starts flipping out, telling Liv not to trust Matty, that he’s a psycho, not to believe what he says… Matty is all ‘Why do you care? Oh.‘ and the cat is officially out of the bag.

I couldn’t help wondering at how easily Matty came to that conclusion though. I’m just going to go ahead with my wild conspiracy theory because why not: I keep thinking that since Matty saw Nick at the fashion party he mostly likely had to have seen Liv with him… I’m wondering if he’s been well aware of their relationship and hooking up with Liv was a way of worming his way back into Nick’s life? Yes, yes, I’ve seen the next ep by now, and judging by his characterization in that it would appear ‘psycho Matty’ is nothing but smoke and mirrors – it would appear we’re to believe he simply didn’t notice Liv/doesn’t remember her… but I wondered. I really did. I still do, just a little bit.

Rin says: He aint heavyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, he’s my brotherrrrrrr.

Sophy says: Oh Mini. How much longer can you keep it up?

Rin says: I really hope not too fucking long. She deserves so much fucking better, for real. Someone who really loves her and can you know, make her happy, make her dance. Someone who’s name starts with an F.

Sophy says: Liv orders everybody out of her house now, which frankly is what she should have done from the start. Not that anyone but Mini did anything wrong, but it’s clear the whole thing was designed to make Liv feel cornered in her own home.

Matty tries to talk to her, to tell her that all of this doesn’t matter, that things with them are what’s real… but it’s not going to work, not with her life caving in on her from upstairs.

Sophy says: Liv tells Matty she doesn’t know him and she doesn’t trust him, and she says it with such firmness and yet with such regret.

Rin says: As the others leave, Mini and Liv exchange a look, and part of the reason Liv is letting Matty go is because she wants a chance with Mini. She wants to salvage whatever friendship they have, and right now that means Matty has got to move.

Sophy says: She tells Matty to get the fuck out of her house – “and the rest of you. Out!” They all tumble out the door and Liv heads upstairs to sit quietly and be miserable.


Rin says: Racist.

Sophy says: Liv thinks she’s alone BUT SHE’S NOT.

Look who we all forgot about! 8-.

Rin says: I laughed so fucking hard. I almost couldn’t take it.

Sophy says: Seriously, everything about that gif is magical, from the way she pops up, to Liv flipping out, to Franky looking up at her. MAGICAL. 8-.

Sophy says: I really love how Franky actually looks and behaves like she’s just been passed out on the floor.

Liv tells Franky the party’s over, Franky asks her what’s going on with her and Mini.

Rin says: I love that Franky cares, she really does. She wants Mini/Liv to be friends, and she also seems to be vouching for Mini at this point. Which I pretty much adore because even though Mini treated Franky like shit, she’s managed to put that behind them. At the moment everything is all come and dance and that’s the only Mini she sees. The one that counts.

“All that hate and blame is… toxic.”
“Yeah? Or are you just a bit too fucking sensitive?”

Sophy says: AAAAAHAHAAHHAAHHAAHA. Best line of the episode? It has some competition but it’s pretty fucking awesome. I also love that Liv basically treats Franky just the same way her sister treated her. She’s dismissive, hard, and all about putting up and shutting up. She’s trying to wall herself off again after having made herself so vulnerable with Matty.

This kind of dialogue is utterly brilliant, because whilst it’s all about Liv lying to herself, it also kind of prevents anyone from being all 8-) at Franky’s stoned wise man advice, because someone has already done it for them.


Sophy says: Franky leaves, but not before handing Liv a VHS tape she watched earlier. I wonder if Liv will have a watch too.

Rin says: I can just imagine a stoned Franky looking for something to do, snooping around and seeing this tape labelled ‘me & mini-moo 2007’ (I think it says the very least it says mini) and hey, who could resist? I know I couldn’t.

“Ready? Goooood afternoon. This is the news. Today, it has been revealed that geography teacher Mr Beale has no penis… but Liv fancies him anyway.”

Sophy says: Oh my god, I can’t even with this. I JUST. CANNOT. EVEN. I’m not surprised it made Liv cry. It almost made me cry, because doesn’t it just send you right back to when you and your best friend were the kind of aimless, giddy doofuses who could be amused by this shit for hours and hours and never realize just how lame it was or just how awesome?

Rin says: You mean right back to us now?

And Mini is so adorable with her tie around her head.

Also the song here is Oliver Girdler – Fall Into Faith and it’s a freaking masterful pairing as it has just the right amount of nostalgia to make this scene a tear-jerker without becoming too obvious. It also has a pretty awesome guitar solo halfway through, which is always nice.

Sophy says: “I don’t care,” Liv says to herself, and “I don’t care,” and “I don’t care.” Much like Dakota, Laya pulls off the whole talking to herself aspect extremely well. It didn’t take me out of the story at all – in fact, it drew me right in.

Rin says: She really was spectacular in this scene, and like we’ve said in the past, I really like how episode after episode is managing to show us just how good these kids are. We’re getting a huge range from each of them and I’m just like some sort of momma bear when they perform their socks off.

“Good afternoon. Today it was revealed that Kirsty, Kelly and Marilyn are all slags. It has also been revealed that Sam is a fat slag, Dionne is a dozy slag,and Miss Page is a total fucking slut.”

Sophy says: Oh Olivia :( I absolutely adore their BFF news monologues, because they are so realistically childish and bitchy and un-PC. I love that Skins, once again, doesn’t shy away from depicting kids as they actually are, rather than trying to pretty them up into Good People.

Rin says: I like how they just give up on the whole 7 dwarfs references and flat-out call Miss Page a total fucking slut.

It’s so cute they made a cardboard TV, very cool.

Sophy says: Liv watches as younger Mini pounces on her younger self in delight, and she can’t take it anymore. She presses pause, wills herself not to cry.

Rin says: I have to say that this entire scene made my heart swell, it was just so precious. Again I won’t comment on the shoes on the bed, but unlike the heartless Sophy, I did shed a few tears during this scene. There is just something so disarming about having broken friendships when things used to be so much simpler and it was so easy to just be happy. When all you ever needed was each other. I can 100% relate to Liv, not with any of the cheating, but on the friendship stuff for sure. The only difference is, is that I would never subject myself to the videos.

Sophy says: I would. Sometimes I read old letters just especially to cry. See, I can turn on the waterworks too.

Sophy says: The radio pops up with news of the costume shop owner, who is actually called Nimmo, which is awesome, but it’s only his last name, which is slightly less awesome. His first name is Stanley. Creepers unite!

Anyway Nimmo is okay… and has also been charged with possession of indecent material.


Rin says: I hope Nimmo gets beaten up in prison. =;

Sophy says: Liv looks back at the still frame of her and Mini, and it’s as though now that she doesn’t have to worry about the Perve anymore she is finally forced focus on what’s really breaking her heart… and the battle against tears is lost. :(

Rin says: OH LIV. But also I loooveee how big her tears are, cause they make the crying really pretty.



Sophy says: Uh oh. Look who’s home. And apparently she had to walk all the way. After, you know, SPENDING THE WHOLE NIGHT IN THE MOVIE THEATRE. CHRIST.

Rin says: SO WRONG. Poor Maude! I guess it’s lucky that she’s pretty smart, but still.

Sophy says: Maude is not happy, and who could blame her. Liv tries to apologize and fixes her some more breakfast because the last meal she had was breakfast oh my god, but little sister isn’t having a bar of it. Or a bowl of it. Whatever.

I’m just going to go ahead and quote the dialogue here, because it’s glorious and pretty much speaks for itself…

“You’re a crap shit.”
“Doesn’t sound right when you swear.”
“It doesn’t sound right when you try to be cool. You’re not cool. And I am swearing now, because you let me down. So deal with that, fuckteeth.”


Rin says: LITTLE SWEARING SIBLINGS <333 They’re adorbs in Skins, okay? And not at all like little shits.

I’m not so sure she needed to smash the bowl and all, but I guess she’s a bit sleep deprived and cranky.

Rin says: :O

Sophy says: Sad. And wonderful.


Sophy says: If you really can’t answer that question yourself, then I’m afraid there is little hope for you, Rin. *pats*

Sophy says: Maude chucks her bowl on the floor with a cool “Eat that, sister!” and storms out of the room. Liv then goes out to see Bella, which… not sure if it was the best idea to leave your little sister alone again. But okay. Desperate times. I get it. You look too damn miserable for me to be mad at you.

Rin says: =)) Leaving her alone again =))

Sophy says: Liv wants to talk about Bella and her mum and whatever it was that happened between them that Bella is so bitter about and Mrs Liv so needing to ‘heal’ from. She’s identified the rift between them and the silence surrounding it as the source of all her problems – “if we can’t talk about that we can’t talk about anything.”

The trouble is that as far as Bella’s concerned talking about that will ruin them. She wants to play the same game Mini does – pretend, pretend, pretend. But Liv is a real girl as much as she’s been trying not to be.

Rin says: I kind of love the viewpoint in the first cap, from the opposing table but with the arms of the person sitting down in view. Very nice.

Sophy says: Not being Bella Swan. It just makes you appreciate life more, you know?

Rin says: I really have to wonder where we’ll draw the line at manipping heads.

I hope we never.

Sophy says: Bella tells Liv to “keep it simple” ie. repress your feelings, please. She says that their mum is a psycho control freak who drove their dad away and deserved “what [she]did to her,” but what that actually was is left shrouded in mystery.

Bella’s not interested in giving us the details. “I hate her, and she hates me,” she says, “so what is there to talk about?”

And Liv gets right to the point with “Me and Maude?”

I feel this. I know this. I know what it’s like to be the other child, caught in the storm of a parent and an older sibling. It can make you feel like like you don’t matter – it can make you feel like you’re not a person at all.

And I think Liv is afraid… afraid that she’s starting to buy into the cycle – to treat Maude the way her mother treats her, all disconnected platitudes and palpable neglect. She’s afraid that she’s starting to let her own drama break the mother-daughter bond those two sisters have cobbled together – out of necessity, but out of love, too. Because for all Liv’s fuckery in this episode, she does love Maude. Indeed she does.


Also, is it wrong that I kind of want that white prison garb? It just looks so comfortable.


Sophy says: Bella doesn’t get it. And as her sister leaves she calls out a rather odd and awkward little sentence.

“You’re never gonna be me.”

I’m still puzzled as to where that came from – that’s not to say I think it’s bad writing – far from it. It’s just that it could mean so many things. It means you’re never going to end up in here, you’re never going to be the bad apple, you’re never going to matter as much as I did, you’re never going to get your mother’s attention let alone dominate her life like I have… but maybe it could be all about what I was talking about a moment ago – Liv’s fear of turning her and Maude into Bella and mum.

Liv runs off, but when she says “Yeah, I know,” it has a certain peace to it.

Rin says: The way I took it is the latter, that she’s never going to be the centre of attention in the Malones.

And ya know, Bella, you’re really not that hot, I mean you are, but YOU’RE IN PRISON. Let’s just let a little of that air out of your head, shall we?

Sophy says: Liv heads straight to the station, and it’s exactly the same pattern as yesterday… but this time she knows what she’s looking for.

She finds Matty as easily as she did the first time, but the conversation is more awkward if anything. She tells him the costume shop guy is okay, and he says he knows, but he’s leaving anyway – he always was and nothing has changed.

Rin says: Oh really Matty? NOTHING? That sounds like provocation if I’ve ever heard it.

Sophy says: Bitch is totally fishing, through this whole scene.

Sophy says: Liv disagrees. “Everything’s changed,” she insists, but Matty is not having it. “No, we just got wasted,” he says, then, acid-cruel “Nice fucking you.”

And ouch. Because the way I think of it, this is probably the first time in Liv’s life that it wasn’t just about that. The first time she’s trying to make it into something more… When I was watching their whole day together, I was struck by just how long it took them to tumble into bed. It was almost an afterthought, the sideshow to their fabulous circus.

Rin says: Skins and its constant reinterpretation of hand holding. Never stop.

Sophy says: Liv reaches out even though he’s doing everything he can to tell her not to… “Watch yourself,” he says sharply as her hand touches his, “you don’t trust me remember.”

“I’ll break your fingers.”
“No you won’t.”

Sophy says: Oh my gosh, “I’ll break your fingers” really freaked me out. Yet another reason I’m a bit disappointed that it seems that ‘psycho Matty’ isn’t a real thing. Sebastian has a fabulous ability to be creepy and lovely in the same breath. I mean… it can’t just be dropped can it? The guy isn’t the monster Nick was painting him as but he’s not entirely sound either. Is he? IS HE???? ANSWER ME, SHOW. 

But regardless of what the future holds for Matty and his mental health, this is brilliant, it really is. Because he’s threatening to hurt her, but it’s a test, see. When she says No you won’t, she’s proving she trusts him…

But it’s still not enough. He breaks away, and she asks him to stay, because she can’t do this on her own. And I think that’s really how Liv feels a lot of the time – completely alone. Up to now she hasn’t had a boyfriend, just guys she fucks, Mini has been monumentally self-absorbed, she’s obviously not particularly close to Grace, any bond she might have had with Nick has been well and truly screwed up, her mum is absent – physically now, emotionally all the time – her big sister is in jail and wouldn’t be listening even if she wasn’t… the only person she has is Maude, and Maude is a responsibility, so as much as she makes it better she also makes it worse.

That’s why she’s so attached to Matty – he’s a person made and met just for her – or so it seems at the moment.

Rin says: This was so creepy, but despite it Liv doesn’t back down. She’s going to fight for Matty, because even though their situation has gotten a lot messier, she knows what she felt. And to her it’s worth it.

Sophy says: “Matty Sextramp!” Oh gosh, just the way she calls that out, the mixture of fantasy and reality, because it’s all colliding isn’t it.

Matty tells her to keep his bottle of vodka and share it with someone she trusts. And I’m not sure if that’s when Liv gets the idea or if it was already percolating in her brain while they were sitting on the bench. I like to think that consciously at least, it’s just at this moment that it hits her, and in her desperation she is reckless, wild, absolute abandon.

Rin says: You sounded just like this lovely Temper Trap song just then 8-.

Sophy says: She downs the bottle of vodka as Matty looks on with a mixture of horror and awe. “That’ll kill you,” he says, and she knows it might, but she doesn’t stop.

“That’ll kill you…”
“I’m sorry. I trust you.”

Sophy says: THIS. THIS. I CAN’T. This may be one of the most genius things Skins has ever done. The idea of apologizing by drinking a bottle of vodka? Of showing you trust someone by putting your life in their hands right there, right then? It’s insane. I mean it’s insane. But it’s so fucking real. This scene just felt 100% real and raw to me and honestly my heart skips a beat just thinking about it.

Rin says: I adored this too, because it’s just so… DIFFERENT. And a genius stroke of writing.

Sophy says: Matty gets her to safety – gets her puking and drinking water. It might have been better to take her to the hospital and all, but that would have robbed us of the intimacy of this scene.

I’m sure people are saying Matty/Liv is rushed and unrealistic but I don’t agree. Because see unrealistic does not always follow from rushed, and life is a funny thing – it can be so slow for so long, then lurch ahead at breakneck speed when everything falls into place as it has done here for these two.

I believe that they’d bond over what they’ve been through. I believe that they’d bond over feeling they have nobody else. Is that horribly unromantic? Most would say so, but I wouldn’t. Let’s face it, 99% of couples are not made up of person a and person a’s ideal match. It isn’t about finding your soulmate – it’s about finding someone who needs the same thing you do in that moment – or rather, the corresponding thing. Matty needs to belong and Liv needs to belong-to. And to me it’s aching and true.

Rin says: I’m right there with you (surprise, surprise?). I don’t see how anyone could not see how these two have bonded. Maybe my vision has become impaired because of how far my head is up series 5 arse, but I genuinely felt how much these two gelled and connected as the day went on.

Sophy says: Yeah. And also. THEY’RE KIDS. Oh kids. *gazes adoringly*

Rin says: So creepy. That is not okay.

Sophy says: See? SEE? He takes care of her.

Rin says: There’s nothing more that says ‘I care about you’ than looking after you in your most vomitty state.

Sophy says: Which, oh my gosh, I just realized this is totally what Liv did for Mini in the last ep. :(

Sophy says: When Liv wakes up Matty asks how she feels and she replies, in true Skins style, “Like a fox ate my brain and shat it back into my head.”

And oh OH! Is it THIS fox???

Cos right now it sort of looks like they should be a threesome.

Rin says: What. The. Fuck. Is. That. I’m actually scared.

And now you’re going to tell me off for not yet watching Mighty Boosh. Sigh.


Rin says: Really not.

Sophy says: Matty goes to kiss Liv and she objects, saying she stinks. He says he can handle it. And see, just the use of that particular phrase – I can handle it. Matty can handle things – he can be her solid ground.


Sophy says: I don’t kiss people who’ve puked until they’ve brushed their teeth twice. Matty clearly loves Liv more than I have ever or will ever love anybody. 

I absolutely adore the way Liv asks “Did I disgrace myself?” I absolutely adore the way Matty says no.

Rin says: No comment.

Sophy says: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I want to know how they made that vomit. It’s suspiciously authentic. Which… EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Rin has issues with clusters, I have issues with vomit. Which I guess… comprises clusters. So neither of us was really happy with this.

Liv feels the way that I do about the vomit, and loudly. Matty shushes her, because, see, they broke into someone’s house.



And I think the way Sebastian delivers “Mine.” is an absolute fucking dream.

Rin says: I can’t be any happier than when the writing just all ties up beautifully like this in structure.

Sophy says: No harm done. :-j

Rin says: Everyone relax. :-j

Sophy says: Nick bursts in because he thought he heard burglars, which, well, he did actually, it’s just that they’re related to him and his pants.

Rin says: I was utterly convinced it was a baseball bat the first time watching and I thought it was just cruel. But it was sweet of them to use a cricket bat. ;))


Sophy says: So thoughtful 8-.

Sophy says: Liv leaves, and as she does Matty apologizes to Nick for going mental and punching him, pleads with him to talk to his dad so he can come home.

Looks like someone won’t be catching that coach to anywhere-but-here after all.

Rin says: He has a reason to stay and work at it now. 8-.

Sophy says: Right. Time for the most heartbreaking scene of the show so far.


Rin says: These two make a seriously gorgeous pair of BFFs in the sunlight.

Sophy says: They really really do :((

“Do you remember how we became friends?

I’d been crying all morning and you came over to me.

I thought you were going to give me a tissue, like everyone else who knew what happened. But instead, you gave me these… in the middle of winter.

I felt so cool with you. And we were so much better than all those nice boys and girls, like we knew a secret they didn’t.

But we don’t tell each other our secrets… do we?”

Sophy says: I can’t even stand how wonderful and beautiful and touching and real that monologue is. This is exactly how you do it, exactly, precisely and ineffably how you create the feeling of a whole shared history between these two without ever having to show it or pin it down or plan it out. And I love that the secret of her mother and her sister and just exactly went down remains secret – she knows, Mini knows, we don’t. That’s as it should be.

Rin says: I…yeah. I’m completely fine with never knowing what went down in Liv’s family, would it really make a difference if we knew? Because we already feel it through Liv, and that’s what counts. And I love that Liv/Mini must have always had this dynamic where Mini was always #1, cause she’s Mini, but Liv was perfectly happy being #2 because she felt cool and what that really means is that she felt safe. I love the whole idea of a softer Mini too… soft and all Franky loving.

LOLWUT. I’ll never stop.

Also the whole glasses thing totally reminded me of Big Daddy. One day Liv will be in court testifying for Bella, and she’ll be all nervous, and then Mini (acting as Liv’s lawyer) will approach the bench and discreetly hand Liv the glasses, giving Liv the confidence to testify to full effect.

Sophy says: Liv is sorry – she is really, really, clearly and truly sorry. She wants Mini to let her try and explain what happened “so we’d have a chance.”

Mini doesn’t want that. She’s not ready for truth boom, so however obvious it all is, she wants it to remain unsaid between them. So she changes the subject, she moves them to a place she’s comfortable in, and isn’t her face horribly, horribly calculating and hard? Especially compared to the vulnerability and brokenness of Liv.

“Nick told me you drank a bottle of vodka to apologise to his brother.”

Rin says: We all saw where this was going and we all thought, noooooo, not even Mini could be that fucking cruel. Especially after we had all fallen in love with her after her episode, but I love that they’re prepared to go here with her. I love that Skins is constantly pushing these characters no matter how extreme it might be. This is totally something Mini McGuinness would do.

Sophy says: Liv asks what she can do to make it okay. “Just tell me, I’ll do it,” she says, “Anything,” she urges, and Mini moves, finally, as one of her pieces falls neatly into place.

Rin says: She should be doing a Mr Burns excellennttt right about now.

Sophy says: Mini puts the half bottle of vodka on the table, and ironically it’s at that moment that her expression begins to soften and become one of hurt rather than calculation.

Rin says: I like how Mini’s in her exercise clothes. She was probably at the gym when Liv called and then popped right on over to the bottle shop to get supplies.

Sophy says: Liv thinks Mini is joking. She’s not. She says she’ll do it if she’s really sorry, no matter how fucked up her stomach is.

“Can’t we just talk?” Liv asks, and oh man… no. The last thing in the world Mini wants to do is talk about it. But she lies. She says she’ll be ready to get real and start mending after Liv has drunk the vodka.

Rin says: Christ this is painful. And I like just how much Liv’s ‘I’ll do it, anything,’ is tested. Cause so rarely is that phrase actually tested (see: Naomily) and this was a pretty ballsy way to do so.

Sophy says: So Liv drinks the stuff… or as much of it as she physically can…

Rin says: I feel so sorry for Laya right about now. I can only imagine how many bottles of ‘vodka’ she would of had to scull — all while wearing that ONE OUTFIT.

Sophy says: And the talking they were going to do after? It turns out it’s just Mini saying “I hope you die puking on your kidneys, bitch,” and walking away. I absolutely love the subtlety of Freya’s performance here, particularly the way she touches Liv’s arm with what seems for a moment like it might be tenderness.

Rin says: I thought they were going to make up! But alas, for a moment I must have let my mind wonder and forget that I was watching Skins. Of course they don’t make up! The more angst they go through, the more shit they go through, the better the eventual resolution will be!  ( theory……) I can’t wait to see how these two tear at each other until it all comes to a head in the finale. At least that’s how it’s going to play out in my books.

Sophy says: Um so. Yeah. This that was one of the most brutal scenes in Skins, I think. I mean, I’d list it alongside that little scene in 108 in terms of hard-to-watch. But I think it is sheer genius.

Rin says: I’m pretty sure that moment in 108 was when I knew that Skins and I were soulmates. The fact that they never shy away from these more brutal scenes makes it all the better and that’s what sets it apart from other shows. It’s not the ~controversial sex, drugs and partying, it’s the moments like these that show us what teenagers are capable of. And they never apologise for it, because it’s about the story and these characters, not how it’s going to affect society and the ~dangers of shaping perceptions through media. If you’re thinking about that then I think your motives are ill-directed, which is how I like to explain the many failures of Glee. They’re always about completely shoving the message in your face, and I know Glee is supposed to be a bit fun, but it’s not supposed to be a bunch of crap either.

Sophy says: And yet, Glee, for all its attempts at after school special, manages to offend me far more often than Skins ever has.

And oh that’s it for Mini/Liv in this episode. AND I AM SAD. I AM SAD ABOUT MY FRECKLI HURTING AND HATING. I swear they’d better get back on that Freckleship before the gen is out. And oh, of course…


Rin says: THAT’S THE BEST DARN FRECKLESHIP I’VE SEEN IN THIS UNIVERSE AND THE NEXT. I mean, it has different coloured freckles, ffs. It’s our attention to detail that shows we care.

Sophy says: It has different coloured Freckles because Liv and Mini do 8-.

Sophy says: Gosh. From this angle the apartment blocks don’t look scummy at all. They look positively pristine.




I love that Liv drinks out of the tap. And Laya does a fantastic job of being seriously wrecked.

Sophy says: Liv heads home, and okay I have ONLY JUST FIGURED OUT WHAT THE FUCK THAT IS IN THE BIN. All this time I’ve thought it was one of those grease-stained pinky brown paper bags that prawn crackers come in, and I was like ‘Okay, Mrs Liv must like Chinese food???’


Makes so much more sense now :)

Rin says: HAHAHA OH JESUS CHRIST. So I’ve been reading through all your insight and just head in hands-ing, and it’s moments like these that really bring you back home to me.


Sophy says: Liv heads up to her room, and her mum is sitting in it, quietly and coldly. “Look at the state of you, again,” she says, and okay, this time she really does have a point. Liv tries to talk to her. “Mum it’s been horrible,” she says miserably, “Mini hates me, I don’t know what to do.”

Her mother shows how terrifyingly disconnected and lacking in empathy she is with her response: “It’s all a party to you, isn’t it?”

Rin says: The fact that she comes outright clean with her problems just goes to show how desperate she is. She can’t lose Mini but she has no idea how to get her back.

Sophy says: Liv asks how the retreat was and Mrs Liv says it was pointless. “It’s all pointless, Liv.” She has a moment of self-knowledge when she says she does know her hobbies are ridiculous, and a moment of extreme disconnectedness and unintentional cruelty again with “But I can’t just jet away like your dad, so what can I do?”

Next they talk about Maude and the violence she inflicted on the floor with her cereal bowl. Mrs Liv talks about sending her away somewhere, because she is brilliant and scary and the worst mother ever in a marvelously subtle and believable way.

Liv senses danger. She says Maude’s fine. She says she threw the bowl.

And the final line of the episode is perfect, perfect, perfect:

“Why would you do that?”

That’s just what Liv asked her so incredulously at the start of the episode. That’s just what she’s been asking herself the entire episode.

Rin says: Omafargo.

Brilliant. Celebrated, distinguished, eminent, excellent, exceptional, glorious, illustrious, magnificent, prominent, splendid, superb.

Sophy says: Liv goes to the movie theatre, which apparently Maude still hasn’t had enough of, since she’s there again…

Rin says: Okay, now it’s just becoming obsessive.

Sophy says: Seriously. Anyway, the two sisters look at each other and know that everything is not okay, but they have each other – despite everything – they still do, they always will.

I think this quiet final scene shows us the most important thing Liv has learned about herself this episode – her sister matters. Which means she matters. And she’s not going ot let that all-important bond between them break.

Or at least I hope she’s not. Only time will tell.

And show? I demand to see Maude again before the gen is up. K thx.

OKAY. I loved this episode. So far it’s 4 for 4 as far as I’m concerned. I think the vodka-drinking bit was absolute genius the first time and absolute geniuser the second time around. I think all the dialogue was utter fucking heaven. I think it was visually stunning. I think it was all kinds of whiteboardy, which omg. I think Maude, Bella and Mrs Liv were all incredible. I think Mini/Liv was stunning. I think Laya and Sebastian had chemistry like all the beakers in the world and a bunsen burner on top.

And perhaps the best thing about it was the fact that Matty was brought down to earth with a bang. I was expecting him to be the onlooker to the group, randomly appearing in each episode to offer cryptic words of advice which… probably could have worked because Sebastian is fabulous… but still had the potential to get extremely cornballs very quickly. But no. He’s Nick’s brother. He’s just a boy. And now he just wants to go home.

Also, Laya? Gold star. You are wonderful, and Liv is wonderful. For all the wrong she does, I still believe she’s right, at the core. She wasn’t exactly redeemed, but she was entirely understood. And from what I understand, I can’t help but love her.

Good luck with that next week, Nick.

Rin says: You don’t even want to know how hard my heart ached when I had to get the footage to make that gif.

Sophy says: I wouldn’t have popcorn. I would be so excited I’d choke and/or vomit if I tried to eat anything.

Rin says: Isn’t that how you described how one of your daschunds eats when he’s overexcited?

Sophy says: He eats like he wants to die. It’s insane.


Fuck Alo’s episode looks insanely gorgeous. Farms/Sunrise 8-.

Sophy says: I was hyperventilating during this promo. Like. Actually hyperventilating. OH MY GOD. ALO. FARM. NICK/BOA. I CAN’T.

Rin says: OMFG LOOK AT THE GIRLS, ALL TOGETHER AGAIN. Having fun! Make sure you notice Franky to the left <3 …of Mini. :)

AND LOOK AT THEM IN COSTUME! FFFFFFFFUCK. A school play or something? Fancy dress? I DUNNO BUT I WANT IT.

….Alo rubbing his nipples not so much.







Rin says: MATTY PLAYS THE PIANO!! Remember .. o..I’m remembering from Nick’s ep. But. Um. IDC. HE SAYS HE WANTS TO FOCUS ON HIS MUSICCC. So excited to see if we’ll hear him play.


Rin says: So they have the same orange light as each other, is Matty looking at Liv or Franky or.. ?! I DON’T KNOW. MY HEART IS GOING A MILLION MILES AN HOUR.









Rin says: Suck it.

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    I waited 2 weeks for this and now I can’t read it all cause I have tutoring right now. Timing. Why you so mean?
    It is awesome, this, you guys.

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    I love how your recaps fuck up my day <3. Cause here I am, 2 hours later, swooning over Skins. While I actually should be in class right now.. hm. But whatever, I'll never be as smart as Maude anyway.

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    Oh god, is there enough room in my heart to love Gen 3 anymore than I already do?!? I’m seriously worried!

    I loved this episode so much, I love the subtlety of Liv’s background story, we don’t need to know exactly what happened with her family when she was little, the details don’t matter, we already see Liv’s outcome of it. Why couldn’t Maude have been 14? =( She would have been a great lead in to gen 4! (which btw is definitely happening and I won’t accept any kind of doubt about it).

    I like Matty and Nick as brothers now, even though at first I was shipping them so when I watched this I was all “OMG IT HAPPENED BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED” about it. Interested to learn more about Matty in general. I know you were talking about “just how mental Matty is” but I gotta say I don’t think he is crazy. I mean, Effy and Cassie both seemed like they weren’t stable or secure, they had to confront their demons and come out the other side to be regular people, but I just don’t feel that from Matty, he is unusual, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with him, its just how he is =) So yeah, I don’t see him in the psyc unit next series.

    Frankies favourite book is ‘Cather in the Rye’, how’s THAT for foreshadowing!

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    Made of brilliance! The sparkling Bella Swan in prison might have been one of the best things I’ve ever seen. And I totally want to see the complete video tape of Mini/Liv, because it’s so adorable I can’t even… Btw, from what I’ve read so far of the Matty/Nick shippers the fact that they’re brothers only makes their fans ship them more. It’s a little scary how devoted they are. It’s almost like all those Minky shippers. Srsly, they could see two seasons of Mini being in love with boys and Franky being in love with Matty or whoever and still be like “Shut up! They’re perfect for each other! There was a radio interview that basically said that Franky is the gayest, so there you go!” (On a sidenote, those Matty/Nick fanatics might be Supernatural fans. It’s just a feeling.)

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    I just woke up – i´m from a far far away land , and that is South America , and here it´s midday and we´re on holidays –

    and I must say I can not think

    of anything better to read when u wake up that this , so u can keep smiling all day long! u guys are hilarious!!!!

    I didn´t even liked this episode that much, but here i´m reading the recap , and of course laughing!

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    See U !

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    Crack Fox creeps me the fuck out! It’s the exact same thing I thought of when I heard that line.

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    Be still my heart.. A WoW reference amidst a Skins recap? Oh Rophy ♥
    That Franky/Liv pop up gif made me laugh and laugh and laugh, never stop!

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    “I’m just so smart and deep and generically special.” LMAO I can’t even… of course you are, Tea, of COURSE. *pats head*

    Apart from the appearance of US!Tony, this is made of perfection.

    Also, glittering Bella Swan with a misplaced head. Best thing ever!

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    Argh yay!!!
    I think I checked for this recap a few hundred times before it actually appeared.
    I really want to know what you guys think of the last two eps! And, as a little Minky-shipper, if you see hope in Alo’s ep like I do…
    Guys, it has happened. I’ve fallen for this gen. The way it refuses to pander to fans, the way its ships and other relationships are played so close to its chest, the subtlety, the individual integrity and believability of all the characters, Franky’s little face, everything. LOVE.
    Apart from the obvious flaw that it does not contain Naomily, I think it better than Gen 2 so far. It needs a fucking hot, heartbreaking, thrilling canon ship to pull me along , perhaps. But then, for me, Gen 1 didn’t have one. (Controversial, I know.)
    Needs MOAR.

    1. Ylva
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      well, dito all of that!
      if it weren’t for Naomily, that can never ever be matched, this would be my favourite gen! (so far at least, haven’t watched s.6 yet, not sure I want to… )

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    Yay! Thank you for another awesome recap! I so loved this episode, the way it all pulled together, all the dialogue, all the little symbols – like the gloves! You see Liv later picking up rubbish, trying to clean it all up cause all she can see is mess. The teddy-bear costumes, how they both just want to inhabit that child-world again, to have that kind of safety and security. Franky and Matty, mirroring one another always, both gazing out the window, both drifting. SO MANY LAYERS! It goes on and on and on!

    And then this incredible trailer! It’s like cycling to the top of the story arc and you see this glittering scene and straight in front of you is the most exhilerating descent. Oh Skins <3 You do not feel like a 5-season year old show.

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    Also I’m in love with you two and want to have yer babehs. Brandeh babehs? idk idk. Marry me. We can threesome a shotgun wedding FML style. Or something.

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        nyaaaaagggghhhh lotus pods, pomegranate seeds while still inside the fruit, mushrooms that sprout up together…makes me want to scratch my skin off! yeeuugh

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    I love Liv’s earrings; she totally stole them from Jem and the Holograms. Synergy is just a touch away and Mini could be one of the Misfits. Alo is a big step up from Anwar and as a likable ginger he brings up warm Weasley associations.

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    So the entire time I watched this episode, my roommate kept saying “I have Liv” over and over. Therefore, she got me to hate her too (not hate, but right now she’s not my favorite character of the generation). But apparently I ruined JJ for my roommate, so she’s paying me back (her words, not mine)

    I did enjoy the recap though! Still didn’t get me on board with Liv. Super excited for you to recap Nick’s episode. He was super smiley and that made me super smiley! I like smileys. :D

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    James Fitch and Maude Malone for Gen 4! This has to happen, without it my life will not be complete. I don’t even care that she’s the wrong age, they can just up her age by a few years while she’s offscreen, c’mon it happens on TV all the time and I will happily suspend my disbelief.

  18. lobstersforlife
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    Anyone else noted that the other tapes in the costume emporium also said ‘Karen’ and ‘Lara’ ? Not too fussed about Lara, still foaming over that JJ episode, but for a second I was seriously scared for Karen. Not that it ever happened – the Skins team is just cruel that way.
    Brilliant recap as always! I’m dying all over Minky every. fucking. time. This gen – I can’t even! Dx
    Idk how they do it. It’s like. Every time I think “that’s it, this series is not getting better than this” they go and fucking do it it’s actually bloody upsetting. Like, I am actually mad once I finish the episode. Why. Why. Why. My heart is too SMALL! Dx
    Anyho, I love your gifs. I believe I actually stared at head-popping-franky gif for about half an hour. Then my friend got here to hang out with me and we both stared at it some more. I can’t even. I love you guys, keep up the good work and your heads firmly up that gen 3 arse. Yes, I went there. It’s a very nice place.

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    I apologize in advance for possibly be annoying.

    “Rin says: I just love how non-phased all of them are. Kids these days, so jaded”

    You mean fazed? Faze as in bothered is spelled, well, f-a-z-e.

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    omfg I LOVED this episode! it was so beautiful (not least visually!) and painful and surreal and real and sweet and dark and creepy and amazing! so well written and shot.
    Liv is now officially my favourite gen 3 character! Franky is very close as runners-up but Liv just feals more real, which I think makes her more relatable. God my heart just ached for her in this ep. And Laya fucking nailed it, I think she is awesome! and she’s gorgeous!

    I’m glad you liked it too :)
    the Bella Swan macro was hilarious, and Liv’s content smile at her! omg golden.

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