Liv — Part 1

Sophy says: Olivia! That’s her name. And is that Effy Stonem’s favourite brawling shirt there in the background?

Rin says: Um, I have no idea what a brawling shirt is.

I LOVE that first cap, a lot. The angle and the colours, lovely.

Sophy says: THIS IS A BRAWLING SHIRT. Can also be used for bar-fights and general shenanigans.

Sophy says: It’s a beautiful day – no really, this is Skins, the day is super pretty – and we open to Miss Olivia having sex with somebody in Alo’s van. My head just about explodes for a second because she’s totally having it off with Alo, right? My fancy ship is totally suddenly for no apparent reason happening RIGHT?

Rin says: My brain almost exploded too. It went from, WHAT THE HELL ALO/LIV IS ALREADY COMING TRUE??? to YEAH OKAY 8-. in a nanosecond. I don’t care if it didn’t make sense. It was happening.

Sophy says: It was happening but it was never happening :(

Sophy says: 8-)

Mini calls mid-shag, and Nick is all Sorry Liv, and lies into the phone about his whereabouts and loving her. Once he’s done with his unlikely and somewhat offensive pop-tart cover story, Liv tells him this is never happening again. Nick is all I’ve memorized this tune, love. Think I have the sheet music.

He points out that she called him, tells her that she loves it ~more than she knows. Liv splits without another word, which, good decision, darling. Try to keep making those. Yes? No?

It’s no, isn’t it.


Rin says: :-.

Also, I’m guessing the only reason Alo isn’t home is because he’s staying over at his BFF’s again. And yes I called it his home because in my mind he lives out of his van because his family lives on a farm or whatever. Right?

Sophy says: Right.

Sophy says: Liv walks home with a brisk and pretty sadness, and oh god, okay, why is this scummy apartment block so gorgeous in the morning light???

Rin says: Considering the past apartments that have been on the show (I’m thinking of THOMAS) I think this is a perfectly nice block of apartments.


Sophy says: Meet Mrs Liv, AKA Detective Inspector Sally Johnson from The Bill, omgggg *makes grabby hands*

The DI is now a hippie, but not the warm, fuzzy, huggy kind, like Gina. She’s actually rather unsettlingly cold. More on that later, but for now I’ll say that it’s rather fitting that crystals are her obsession. Cold, hard, inanimate. So much easier for her to relate to than her warm, squishy, free-will-having children, I think.

Mrs Liv greets her daughter with a little distracted berating about how she comes home every night looking like a zombie, and, well, Mrs Liv, it’s well and truly morning actually, but I guess you’re too busy looking for that hunk of rock you love so much to notice that.

Liv could barely get a word in if she was trying, as her mum motors off that she’s not to say there’s nothing wrong, her whole aura is telling her otherwise, she is not fine, she is out of control, and where the hell is the amethyst?

“If I show up at the Eternal Circle without my own crystals, I’ll look like a bloody day-tripper!”

It’s hilarious. Especially because Mrs Liv’s delivery is utterly genuine.

Rin says: I will never ever understand your love of The Bill. It’s just…so strange. Considering your stance on EVERY OTHER TV SHOW. Then again you keep forcing yourself to watch Gossip Girl, so I really don’t know your limits any more.

Anyway, I LOVE THE MUM. Even if she’s terribly neglecty with her starcallers or whatever they are.

Sophy says: How DARE you use ‘The Bill’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ in the same sentence. =;=;=;=;;=;=;

I miss Poll. And PC Tony Stamp. :(

Sophy says: Mrs Liv asks Liv suddenly if she’s hidden the amethyst. Laya is perfectly incredulous with “Why would I do that?” Mrs Liv is perfectly deadpan with “I don’t know, Olivia. I don’t know why any of you do any of the things that you do.”

Liv finds the damn amethyst, which was right where her mum was looking a moment ago of course, because she is made of anxiety and all she can ever see is out of control. Liv hands it over, and ‘You’re welcome’ and ‘Thank you’ are round the wrong way.

Rin says: I love that you’re all disapproving on Liv’s behalf with, ‘the damn amethyst =;=;=;=;=; ‘

Sophy says: LOL THAT CAP OF MRS LIV. Priceless. I love that she played the role so subtly – somehow it made the hammy moments like this all the more hilarious.

Also can we just take a moment to gaze upon Laya’s prettiness in that second cap. We’re taking a moment…

Rin says: … and we’re done.

Sophy says: “Maude, breakfast!” Liv calls out. She puts a bowl of cereal out on the counter, and presently a gorgeous and somewhat shaggy little sister appears. With a copy of Infinite Jest. Someone’s a smarty pants!

Mrs Liv says this retreat she’s going on could be a real breakthrough for her, and uses the word ‘healing’ while she’s at it, which right now seems like a bit of throwaway new-age foolish nonsensery, but maybe it isn’t, not quite. Maybe it’ll get a little heavier, when we get a chance to put it in context.

Mrs Liv tells Maude her hair looks insane, which again is all the funnier for the deadpan delivery. She’s worried her daughter might have been up all night reading again, and really, if that is the least of your worries, Mrs Liv… (it’s not.)

Rin says: Oh my god I had a good belly laugh at Mrs Liv telling Maude her hair looks insane..just, the timing was perfect! And her hair is freakin’ awesome! I wish my hair did that (on command).

Sophy says: If my hair did things of its own free will I’d be afraid of it. I’d probably shave it all off. And my eyebrows too.

Sophy says: Nobody says anything and Mrs Liv quickly resorts to childish with “Fine. Be that way then.”


“So I’m leaving on a sour note, am I?” she asks. Liv says a No that comes with an ellipsis, and Mrs Liv huffs, fabulously petulant, “No? Well that’s how it feels.”

She rushes off out the door with her rocks, reminding Liv as she goes that she’s trusting her with the house, which… she seems to trust her with the nourishment of her youngest child already, so it’s probably not that big of a deal.

Rin says: For now let’s file Mrs Liv under ‘bad’ in the Skins parents cabinet.

Sophy says: Bad… but brilliant. 8-.

Sophy says: “I liked it better when she was into aliens,” quips Maude. Liv is less witty and more floppy.

Rin says: FLOPPY LIV :X

I have to say I do like her purple highlights. <3 I think last episode they were red.

Sophy says: LOOK, IT’S THE AWESOME FOURSOME. Liv’s not as happy to see them as I would be.

Alo is all “Houdini! What happened to you at the party last night?” and it’s rather adorable that he so totally noticed and cared because he has a massive crush on her and someday she’s going to deflower him and they’re going to be my OTP forever.

I love how they all look fresh as a daisy and Liv is just a wreck. A pretty wreck, but a wreck nonetheless.

Anyway, Liv asks what they’re all doing at her place, and it turns out Mini ordered them forth for an undisclosed reason, and they all obeyed without question because that’s just their way? If I ever have friends again, I want them to be these guys. But only if I’m the Mini.

Rin says: Lol, someone is totally going to come at your for the Alo/Liv thing. But not me 8-. They’d be super fun to watch.

YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED FRIENDS AGAIN. EVER. It’s you and me. It’s always gonna be you and me.

Sophy says: …. I’ll just let it burn :-.

Sophy says: Hi-de-hi! There she is!

Mini shows up with Nick and tells everyone to head inside, which, okay, that’s kind of Liv’s job Mini, but I’m getting the feeling that’s the whole point.

They all obey Mini like the mindless automatons awesome friends that they are, and in the hubbub Alo drops off an explanation for that confusing opening sequence – “I think someone broke into my van last night.”


Rin says: Or at least leave a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Sophy says: And mints on the pillow.

Sophy says: Mini-Moo has clearly been brushing up on her acting skills, because she manages to deliver a relatively convincing fake apology to Liv, pretending that she was so wasted/starved that she doesn’t remember anything that happened other than that she went off on Liv.

“Can we be friends again? Just like, forget the whole thing?” Mini asks, and she’s all apologetic and coy and Freya’s hands are fabulous in this scene. And hey, isn’t this reminiscent of Let’s blank today out? Someone got a plan and it’s a big sheet of butcher’s paper with DENIAL written on it.

Rin says: Totally agree about Freya’s hands. She’s got actors hands to go with her actors head and body! …Er.

Sophy says: Liv says yes, she says she’d like that, but oh you won’t, Liv darling, Mini will make quite sure of that.

But for now the Minulator is all ‘Yay!’ and clasped hands and big smiles, and oh god, Nick’s face as he looks on is just brilliant.

The question is though, is it as brilliant as Rich’s face in the next cap? Studies will be done, but we will never know for sure.

Rin says: I’m going to have to give this round to Rich. But then, in Nick’s episode he pretty much wins.them.all. So, he’s not really losing right now.

Also, I’m kind in love with Alo’s outfit. He should wear it always.

Sophy says: Agreed. His coat is the best.

Sophy says: Mini thanks everyone for “joining [her] here,” says “This is really difficult,” then launches into a speech about what a bitch she’s been and how she wants to be “awesome mates” now, just as Franky did when she first showed up. And it’s interesting, because having watched this scene, this episode, several times, and having thought and thought, and peered and prodded… I am still not sure whether she’s sincere or not, or rather, to what extent she is sincere.

Obviously she’s fucking with Liv in this episode, but there is a lot going on in Freya’s delivery and expression here that makes me wonder if that’s a sideshow. I mean look at her face. I cannot look at that and conclude that none of this change of heart is real.

Love Alo’s puzzled look, loling at Franky’s attempt to retreat into her enormous blazer. WHAT A TORTOISE. Seriously, I’m not sure what Dakota was trying to do in this scene. I love her – I mean I really love her, but the sad-face/head-down thing was laid on a little thick, I think.

Unless it was meant to be funny???

Rin says: I’m still left wondering whether or not Mini’s sincere, and every time I watch this bit I can only think that she is genuinely sorry for the way she’s been acting. She just doesn’t mean it towards Liv. And I’m pretty sure this Liv/Mini battle will be the main event come finale time. OH how I wish they’d make up 8-.

Sophy says: SAD TORTOISE!

Also I love the little detail here of Rich having his arm around Grace and then sort of awkwardly removing it.


I love that Grace is looking all 1950s too. And I totally just pulled that reference out of nowhere, I have no idea if that’s how women dressed in the 1950s, but it seemed appropriate.

Sophy says: Probably my favourite part of Mini’s speech is when she puts her bad behaviour down to how they’re “all so cool and alternative, and when [she’s] with them [she] feels a bit like Nicola Roberts… she’s the plain one in Girls Aloud.”

I love it for a) Freya’s sweetly hilarious delivery, b) the lols, and c) the throwback to ‘Not alternative enough for you?’ not to mention all those other references to Mini having difficulty with anything that is not of the mainstream. We speculated back in ep 1 as to whether Mini’s homophobic hating on Franky was evidence of a repressed attraction to her, and I’m more and more convinced that Mini is attracted to Franky – whether that attraction is sexual or not is still up for debate. I do feel she has a special connection to Franky, but I also think she’s honest here when she says she’s attracted to all of them and frightened of it because it makes her so jealous – of their creativity, of their spirit, of their freedom.

And I need – I need Mini to get her own – her own creativity, her own spirit, her own freedom… whatever it is that will sustain her and make her life a little more beautiful. Whatever, whoever… column A, column B.

Rin says: “Franky, uh, you were right, we could all be awesome mates. I want that now.”

Um. Excuse me while I go die.

Being able to admit that you were wrong is the first step to marriage.


Sophy says: As you can see, Rin is somewhat less circumspect than I am in this matter.


Rin says: Well…

Slogan maker never lies.

Sophy says: Omfg, I just put ‘Rophy’ in and you are right it is so truthful.

“Nothing takes the place of Rophy.”

Wise words.


Sophy says: Mini asks if they can “find it in their hearts” to give her, Liv and Nick a second chance, and Franky goes first with the yes, okay, as long as all the shit is in the past, which of course it’s not… but Franky is not the issue anymore. Mini has Liv-er fish to fry.

Liver fish. Dear lord.


Also, it’s not capped, but Nick does the most adorably lame little thumbs up. I can’t.


Jesus, Mini’s smile at Franky is ridiculous.

Second step towards marriage.



Sophy says: “Friends again!” sings Grace, and Alo harmonizes with “Peace in our time!”

Rich is a curmudgeonly baritone: “This is actually happening, is it? Brilliant.”

Rin says: HAHA Rich’s reluctance is the best. I love Rich. I love that he hasn’t softened or whatever because he’s now all in ~love.

Sophy says: What kind of a guy softens when he’s in love?????



Rin says: =)) THOSE BITCHES =))

Sophy says: Mini calls for a group hug, and Rich is reluctantly muscled into it.

Rin says: You can never say no to a good group hug. It’s always adorably lame.

Sophy says: Somehow Liv, Nick and Franky wind up on the outside, and Franks swaps a smile with Liv before witnessing Nick’s Wink of Doom.

I love Liv’s response to it, I really, really do.

Rin says: Franky/Liv!! I can get behind that.

I’m getting behind everything :-. CURSE THIS GEN! I’m never usually so open with my shipping choices, I’m usually one ship OR NOTHING!!! But Skins is changing my ways and I’m frightened.

Sophy says: I know right! I’ve seen a fair bit of hate for some of the ships already and I just can’t understand it… I’m in that blissful stage where I’m just shipping everything all over the place like some kind of shippy shipping SHIPYARD OF LOVE.

Of course my loyalties may solidify sometime. At which point I may become rather frightening. Watch this space.

Sophy says: Mini is not resting on her speech-laurels in this friends-again endeavour – she has also brought a peace offering in the form of a large bag of weed which she snagged through her mum’s Hell’s Angel boyfriend. And omg, biker boyfriend is totally how I had my first smoke. Err.. not mine, my friend’s mum’s. We were staying over at her house doing the 40 Hour Famine and yeah… weed and excessive amounts of barley sugar. It was a mess.

Alo grabs the bag and holds it up, delivers perfectly a line Anwar would definitely have said, but also would definitely have said in the most annoying and unfunny way possible.

“No one leaves till this bag is empty!”

Rin says: 40 hour famine and weed sounds clever. Are you sure you didn’t get the munchies and just go INSANE?

Alo practically looks in love with the bag. Rich may be a bit jealous of the bag.

Sophy says: It’s times like these I wish the Rinscope had sound and an ability to focus on things other than Emily Fitch or Naomi Campbell. I’d ask it politely to zoom in on Rich and Grace there and tell me all the cute, awkward things they’re saying to each other. 8-.

I adore the way they are standing. And both of their outfits.

MEANWHILE OMFGGGGGGG, IT’S MAUDE! This gen’s answer to James Fitch, who is not quite as pee-your-pants hilarious, but equally fabulous in her own subtle way. She’s suspicious of the green stuff, and Alo is having difficulty fobbing her off with claims that it is merely tobacco. Or heroin.

Rin says: The rinscope is not something that can be used for your every whim! It’s precious and a gift and and.. [-(

HAHA Alo telling her that Franky was smoking heroin was classic. <3

And here, because we can’t talk about little James without letting him have an appearance now can we?

So my dream is that we’ll have Maude back one day and she’ll bring home her friend, and it’ll be James. YOU HEAR THAT JB? DO YOU?!!


Sophy says: Oh my god, it would be the best gen ever. IT’S ALREADY THE BEST GEN EVER IN MY HEAD.


Rin says: That’s disgusting.

Sophy says: “What’s it like being ginger?” was amazing, and I think part of the reason it worked so well was that it was so nonchalantly thrown in just as we cut away to the next scene.

Rin says: Which Franky is completely aware of. I love that Franky knows almost everything that’s going on behind the scenes, she’s definitely the right person for it.

And I just like that it gives us more Franky.

Sophy says: Franky is totally what I thought Matty was going to be. Way to surprise me, show.

Sophy says: Nick sidles up to Liv and they have an uncomfortably hushed conversation about whether or not Mini actually knows what happened between them. Mini herself interrupts them, asks what they’re “whispering about,” and Liv shoots back that Nick is “having trouble making friends.”

Mini has some helpful advice: “Oh sweetie! Just smile and nod if you’re having trouble!” And omg, I want to see her be condescending with Nick more often. It’s the best.

Rin says: It’s amazing how un-sheary I feel towards Mini.

I’m becoming a better person every day.

..but just to be safe. Don’t tell Naomi, okay?

Sophy says: Juliet doesn’t even have any fucking freckles. I swear, if LOST wasn’t already thoroughly invalid on so many other levels…

Rin says: Urgh. Juliet. Urgh.

Sophy says: Mini gets her passive-aggressive on, pouring Liv’s mum’s expensive booze into the punch, and telling her how much sex she and Nick are having these days and how silly she was to be so uptight about it.


Rin says: LOL THE WAY SHE SAYS, ‘So gooood,’ after the carpet burn bit. =)) =)) Oh Mini.

“You were wrong, by the way. He does love me.”
“It’s reached a whole new level.”

And of course it hasn’t, not really, but Mini has now made it her mission to fuck with Liv any which way that she can.

Sophy says: Yep, just because you’ve got him saying it now, doesn’t make it any less untrue than it was last week, Mins. And Liv knows that better than anyone – no really, I think she understands the lack of real love between Mini and Nick better than either of them do.

Sophy says: “What’s going on here?” Liv asks, because okay, clearly Mini remembers more than she’s letting on. Mini won’t give her a real reply. All she gets is an order for sherry and a lightly menacing “Everyone’s having such a good time. It really would be a shame if you spoiled it.”

Liv storms out under the guise of collecting said sherry, grabs Maude and drags her along with her.

Rin says: Ahah I love how she just grabs Maude, which I was kind of happy about. Please no youngens hanging around drugs and alcohol?

Sophy says: Yes, no narcotics until they’re at least sixteen, please.

Sophy says: “Who needs fresh air? It’s all over the place. I want to party.”


Veronica Mars would approve.


That dome place looks so fucking cool. I’d go in it. But if my sister left me in there all night I’d throw my bowl on the floor too. I DON’T CARE IF I’M 23, I’D DO IT!!

Sophy says: Maude knows Liv is going to go and see their sister and she wants to come too. Liv bribes her to stay behind with sci-fi and fore-head kisses.

“Do I love you?”
“Indeed you do.”

Seriously. Deserves a CHE to call its own.

Rin says: So many CHEs. I just love how she had no other choice but to claim defeat after Liv played the love card. I really really hope this isn’t the last we see of Maude.

Sophy says: AHAAHAHAHAH LIV’S FACE. ‘EY EY EY’. Whatever, Maude, I would have been doing this 8-.


You know kids these days. They’re way too cool.

Sophy says: And to think that’s exactly what Maude calls Liv on at the end of the ep. HYPOCRITE!


Skins is a dangerous show, it’s true.

I love the blue-green light on Liv’s skin and the pink chairs and the pink jacket and oh. 8-.

Rin says: Oh my god I was just reading this and when you said you wanted to go to prison I burst out laughing so hard my mum yelled at me. 8-.

Skins always manages to find beauty in what should probably be the must mundane settings — we’ll see more of this later on in the carpark. Fasten your draw strings.

Sophy says: It’s big sister Bella, and she’s beautiful. This is a damn fine family all around actually, and I love how Bella and Maude look so alike, whereas Liv, the middle child, looks more like a mix of them and her mother.

Rin says: Bella seriously looks like she’s part of some new model campaign for prison. IDEK.

Sophy says: BAHAHAHA. SHE CUT OFF THE GIRL’S HAIR. I totally thought she was supposed to have knifed her for a moment there and I was all ‘Oh Skins, stop the violence.’ But no. She just cut off her hair.

I’m willing to bet there was a single tear running down Rin’s cheek as she snapped her shears in applause.


Rin says: Snippy snippy. :)

Sophy says: After some ice-breaking lols, Bella asks why Liv didn’t bring Maude along. Liv says their mum wouldn’t like it, and Bella is all kinds of disdainful. “Still trying to keep mum happy?” she asks. And okay, this is our second clue that sexcapades notwithstanding Liv is The Good Daughter, at least insofar as Bella is The One Who Is In Jail.

Liv tries to take care of Maude. She tries to keep her mum happy. She tries to love her somewhat challenging best friend, and boy has she screwed that one up and over. She is a person pulled in a whole lot of directions and completely overwhelmed by it all; right now she desperately needs someone to just listen and understand – help her understand.

She confesses to Bella about Nick, tells her she feels guilty and angry at the same time, tells her Mini’s pretending not to know and it’s making her crazy. Bella is no help. She tells her to just play along with the denial. “Everyone’s a winner. Keep it simple.”

That’s not something Liv can do though; Liv has always struck me as a very open and honest person, very straight-up, very real. As early as 102 she stood somewhat apart from her two friends Mini and Grace, who are both, in their own very different ways, living works of fiction.

And see the thing is that Mini is good at the secrets and lies, she is good at the games… Liv is not.

She tries to explain that but Bella cuts her off quite harshly, saying “If I can survive a place like this, you can say you didn’t fuck some boy.”

And okay, maybe the situation seems trivial from where she’s sitting, and I can see how it might, but it’s not trivial to Liv. It’s not about the mistake made, it’s about the sickness of dishonesty, the way it’s eroding a friendship that, for all its flaws, is very important to her, the way it’s eroding her sense of who she is.

Rin says: The way it’s completely eating Liv up inside is one of the reasons I can’t hate her for what she did to Mini.

Sophy says: We don’t tell each other our secrets, Liv will say at the end of the episode, and that’s the whole point. That’s the whole problem – the secrets, the things unsaid, the inability to communicate. That’s what made her fuck Nick in the first place, and that’s what makes her storm out of the prison now and scream like Marissa Cooper.

Rin says: OMFG MARISSA <333 I’ll never watch you die 8-.

Liv also brought some magazines for her big sis and awww, it’s lovely of her. Especially the sudoku book!

Sophy says: lol.

Sophy says: Omg, Mini can even be passive-aggressive via the means of text. Impressive!

Rin says: I’m pretty sure the fashion show was in October, but it’s okay! I’m still impressed with their realistic use of phones and Mini’s texting abilities.

Sophy says: At least no one’s scuba’d into a shot or anything. Yet.

Also I’d like to take a moment to say how much I fucking adore the song that starts right around here – ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ by The National. There’s something just a smidge Echo and the Bunnymenish about it that I really love.

Stand up straight at the foot of your love…




Sophy says: Liv asks Matty if she’s met him before, and it’s a nice little indication that she must have caught sight of him at the fashion show party and stored him away somewhere in her subconscious. Matty thinks she’s hitting on him and tells her she’ll have to do better than that. She’s all ‘Ffs I wasn’t 8-) ‘. It’s all rather charmingly rude.

Rin says: I don’t blame her, Matty isn’t exactly a face you forget.

And I love that we get the glimpse of Matty nursing his sore hand from punching Nick. Ahhhh the details they put it that we’ll only understand once we rewatch, which this show makes so easy.

Sophy says: Totally, I haven’t rewatched a show with such pleasure since Buffy.

Sophy says: But lo! Here comes the hobo matchmaker. He rams straight into Liv as she stands up and sends her tumbling into Matty’s arms and okay, I adore the look on her face as she stares at him. In her shock she’s unusually vulnerable and her expression kind of betrays everything about what she’s missing and what they’re going to be. I look at that screencap and all I can think is ‘Take care of my heart, won’t you please.’

Rin says: I almost thought they’d end up accidentally kissing, and then when Xander asked later how that’s possible and if she tripped and fell onto his lips Liv could answer defiantly with, ‘Yes.’

Sophy says: AND THEN COULD SHE PUNCH HIM? God I hated Xander sometimes and that was one of those times omg.

Sophy says: The hobo matchmaker swaps them his drugs for Liv’s cigarette, and tells them they make a lovely couple. He says he can’t run forever, quotes something deep about trees and soil, and then the police are on him. They thank Liv for her help in the matter and Matty slinks away with the goods.

Rin says: Hehe, Bobbies, hehe.

Sophy says: Bobbies :(((((((

Sophy says: Lol. Looks like Naoms is having a bad hair day. I can’t imagine they did this on purpose… and I’m not sure if that makes it less awesome or more awesome.

Rin says: Definitely not on purpose, otherwise they would have, you know, GOTTEN A GIRL INSTEAD OF A GUY???? That didn’t stop me from completely freaking out though.

And I’m still waiting for my gen 2 reference. *holds out hands*

Sophy says: Matty and Liv have a little squabble as to who hobomatch actually gave the drugs to, and duh kids, he totally gave it to the two of you to bring you together because he’s your fairy fucking godmother, okay?

Neither of them is exactly sure what the crystals are, but they’re both very interested in consuming them regardless.

Rin says: Matty seriously needs to wash his hands.

Sophy says: Matty’s supposed to be leaving town, but Liv convinces him to stick around and do the drugs with her.

“I hate this town too. Let’s get fucked, burn it to the ground, dance on the embers, and then you can get on your coach.”

You lay waste to the world and everything in it.

Rin says: Guh, I love the dance on the embers line. Glorioussss.

Sophy says: I love, love, love the way Matty is sitting forward with his coat splayed behind, the way Liv is slouched with her foot up on the bench. Plus this totally reminds me of Chris/Jal – because of the bench and the water, not because Liv is a Jal rip-off. In motion Laya doesn’t actually look much like Larissa, and the characters are entirely different.

Rin says: Yes, it reminded me of the FUCK IT! moment with Chris/Jal too. And yes, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Liv/Laya is not Jal/Larissa.

Sophy says: “We stole this day,” says Liv, “It doesn’t count, so we can do what we want,” and I think that’s kind of the heart of the whole matter right there. Liv tries hard to be what other people need her to be, and it’s gotten to the point where she’s not her anymore. She’s not like Grace, who is comfortable in a thousand pairs of shoes… she’s not an actress, and right now she’s so tired of trying to be.

And so today she wants to steal time. Just be. And who better to do that with than a complete stranger, who knows nothing about the mess your life is in and will neither expect nor need anything from you?

Rin says: I feel like I need a David Brent gif to explain how I feel about Matty/Liv and what you just said.

You know! When he interlocks his fingers.


This will have to do.

Sophy says: Liv lays down the ground rules for the stolen day as follows:

“Keep it simple. No future, no names, no touching. This is not a hook-up. I’ve got interpersonal issues. And syphilis. The reason I chose you is cos you’re little, and I do karate. This is, like, a one-day-only deal. And if I see you on the street tomorrow, I am going to blank you, so don’t get weepy about it.”

Matty is much amused by the rapid fire bossy, and so am I. Especially “The reason I chose you is cos you’re little, and I do karate.” Probably one of my favourite quotes of the show so far.

Rin says: You’re little and I do karate is the best. THE BEST. I want to find some kids to say that to.

The entire premise for this episode was great, stealing time with a complete stranger — and even though Liv set rules, there are none, not really. The rules actually make it easier for them to live like there aren’t any.

Sophy says: Bombs away. Liv looks so pleased with herself, it’s adorable.

Rin says: They’re both kind of adorable in these caps.

Sophy says: And now they play the waiting game.

Rin says: The quick cut to this scene where they were just lazing about was gold. Makes a nice change from when we usually see them take a busload of pills and then they’re instantly high!

Sophy says: Except the waiting game sucks, so they decide to play hungry hungry hippos rob a convenience store instead.

This scene… it is just wonderful. Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum are exquisite and just the whole choreography of their theft is divinely on-our-way-to-trippy. I mean, look at Liv, holding up the snickers or whatever it is. I just. LOOK AT HER.

Rin says: They’re so cheeky with their shoplifting!


“It’s not Frodo, is it? That’s valuable.”
“Which kid, you idiot?!”


Rin says: It’s an orange. Why would he steal an onion. 8-) That’s like going into a toy store and stealing a fucking calculator.

Sophy says: Omg. ‘You wouldn’t steal a calculator.

Sophy says: Once the Tweedles are suitably distracted by the Hobbit crisis, Liv hurries out of the store and Matty follows, except… he just holds up a can of beer and says “I’m stealing this.” And oh my god, I just about died at the weary “Just go,” he gets for his troubles.

Rin says: HIS FACE WHEN HE SAYS IT. Oh lord.

Sophy says: When he threw the chips up and popped them I’m pretty sure my face was just like this :D in pure delight.

The song that starts here is Craft Spells – Party Talk and fff I love it.

Rin  says: IT WAS SO GOOD. He like..SPUN and everything. Skills.

And I wish I didn’t have such a stupid moral compass because stealing looks so fun. :-.

Sophy says: Jesus, again, the way they are standing in that second cap, the way he’s littler than her and his massive coat only emphasizes it, the complete contrast of their styles, the pink of her jacket and the muted green of the trees reflected in the windows behind them. Ngggghhhh.

Rin says: I love the movement of the first cap, and how, idk, girly and in love Liv looks? I think we’re starting to see a couple formminngggg.

Sophy says: Mini calls and Liv doesn’t answer it. Matty asks who it was and she says “My husband,” which is giddy and wonderful enough, but immediately gets trumped by Matty’s “Really? Fuck hiiim.” There’s just something about the way he says it that is just… oh… marvelous?

Liv starts putting on a pair of rubber gloves, which is kind of puzzling and totally reminds me of Kath Day-Knight smoking her surreptitious cigarettes over the sink. She remarks that Matty is pretty good at the whole shoplifting thing, and he says he stole everything he’s wearing.

Except his watch. His brother gave him that. But everything else was nicked. I can just picture Ed Hime writing that line and snickering to himself about his big reveal later in the ep.

Rin says: Ed Hime would totally be giggling like a girl.

Just like I’m sure he did when he made us feel sorry for Naomi after Emily was accusing her of cheating and we were just so so so sure Naomi would never do such a thing.

Apparently I’m not over it.

(LOL JK. I love 402 completely.)

Sophy says: I’m going to have to quote some of the dialogue here because I just adore it:

“My sister took me shoplifting once. She had this special coat with massive pockets.”
“Yeah? Can I have her number?”
“Have you no shame?”

I just… it’s so cute and funny and well-delivered by both of them and guh. And I also love how we get these tiny throwaway references to the big family dramas of their lives in this conversation. The dialogue is so wonderfully light – nothing is pushed too hard or too fast, it just kind of rolls along, teasing and intriguing.

Rin says: These two have such amazing chemistry it makes me wonder if they think about these sorts of things when they’re auditioning/casting. Like you’d have to think they tested together to make sure Liv/Matty would work..but then I remember how I don’t think Lily and Kat ever tested together, so. :-??

Sophy says: Liv tells Matty he isn’t real, he’s like a Charles Dickens character named Teddy Sextramp. She’s delighted by this, and I can understand why. As much as the secrets and lies are wrecking her, not-real is just what she wants right now – another kind of not-real. Because everything not-real in real life is too confusing, and I think on some level this ridiculous day, this ridiculous boy are the only things that make sense.

Rin says: It was at this point in capping that I had to stop and just share that second cap with Sophy because god damnit, Seb just has a face that I am kind of fascinated with.

AND CHARLES DICKENS!!! I mean, I’ve never read a Dickens novel, but I love that Liv has.

Sophy says: NOT EVEN FOR SCHOOL???? We had to read Oliver Twist in year 9. Except I didn’t read it, actually, so there you go.

Sophy says: Shafted. Seriously.

Rin says: You can be my Teddy Sextramp, Alo .:D.

Sophy says: Laya’s delivery of the ‘coming up’ monologue is fantastic and oh gosh, just“Teddy Sextramp, who I met with drug dealers and police, and we go shoplifting, and who said it was okay to look at strangers that way? Cos it’s too much, Teddy. And yes, I would say yes. I’m coming up.”


And I just want to take this opportunity to say that what makes Matty’s Damon Salvatoresque ‘eye thing’ awesome rather than silly is the fact that Liv comments on it, just as their height difference becomes adorable the minute she calls him little.

Rin says: Fffff her delivery is so fucking perfect. ALL OF THIS CAST IS SO FUCKING PERFECT.

Sophy says: They check out each other’s eyes and tongues and then decide to wander off for an insanely beautiful walk.

Rin says: Love the first 2 caps, if not for the crispness of them alone.

AND SERIOUSLY, the walk they go on is just…wonderfully atmospheric and completely explanatory of the state they’re both in.

Rin says: Um, the colour and the blurred focus and and.. it gets so cold when you’re not wearing pants. :(

Sophy says: Guhhhhh. And really, could the Simon and Garfunkel be any more perfect for this?

my life seems unreal, my crime an illusion
a scene badly written in which I must play
yet I know as I gaze at my young love beside me
the morning is just a few hours away

Sophy says: This whole sequence reminds me so much of Race You To The Bottom. “‘Wine is like water held together by sunlight’. And that’s what we are. We’re beautiful and glamorous and warm and life-giving and could fall apart at any second.” God I love that movie. Skins US? That’s how you do the sexually incompatible couple story, okay?

Rin says: AAAhaha, look at you ragging on Skins US in the middle of a UK recap. Sneaky.

That is a good movie though, you should all watch it. Sophy made me, and now I am making you.

Sophy says: Sorry Rin. I promise not to do it again in this recap.

Sophy says: To the costume emporium! Where else???

Look at how cute they are, spinning around and smiling… this reminds me so much of the ‘I mostly do’ unseen from series 1 of Skins, which may be one of my favourite Skins moments, including the ones that actually made it into the show.

Rin says: I am never going into another fucking costume emporium ever again.

Thanks for the life lesson Skins :X

Sophy says: Jesus Christ this Angelina Ballerina business is creepy. I was half expecting them to whip off the mouse hat and find like, an actual head of an actual little girl under there.

(That part’s probably just me though. When I get up to go to the toilet in the night I sometimes worry about tripping over buckets of body parts in the darkness.



But enough of my creepiness.

“I made the whiskers myself.”


Rin says: I just imagine the Skins department trying to think of the creepiest thing possible and they came up with this, and then I cried myself to sleep.


I had to get out of full screen for this part. I’VE NEVER HAD TO DO THAT WITH A SKINS EPISODE BEFORE.

Sophy says: The creepy costume emporium owner whose name may or may not actually be “Nimmo” and I am very much hoping it is. Um. He picks out outfits for them to try on. And I find it rather hilarious that he has a big-arse black coat “for the lady.”

I also love how impressed Matty is with THE MOST DISGUSTING THREE-PIECE SUIT IN THE WORLD.

Rin says: How is that a costume. Like….WHAT FANCY DRESS WOULD YOU EVER WEAR THAT TOO? Unless the theme was boring old men with no sense of fashion?

Sophy says: Look at his face! “Sharp.”

Meanwhile Liv is getting rather dopily changed in the back room and somehow I just love that she is sitting down doing it.

Rin says: AND SHE SEEMS SO PLEASED. I think they purposely got her to sit down cross legged because it makes her seem even younger, which makes what’s about to happen even creepier.

Sophy says: “I wouldn’t normally, but you seem so accommodating.”

Upsetting. And I can only imagine what this is doing to Liv’s guilt-addled mind. I mean, the guy is basically calling her a slut, and she’s probably already experiencing all kinds of self-loathing in that regard for getting her “whore hands” on Nick. This is kind of just about the worst possible thing that could be happening and the worst possible “reason” for it to happen.


I just. I want to puke right now.



Sophy says: Matty arrives in the nick of time and clocks Nimmo with the fire extinguisher.


Liv also has a go at Nimmo, which damn straight, clocking him right across the face.

Sophy says: Matty fumbles around for the surveillance tape and cleans out the register, but just when they’re good to go… some bitch turns up wanting to return her costume. I love how instead of just seeing the sign saying ‘closed’ and, you know, coming back later, she keeps knocking on the door and peering in.

“Hello, is anyone there? I need to return my costume.”

For some reason it totally reminds me of “I’d like to buy a book please!” in Black Books.


Rin says: I love that Liv is already looking at her hand, already feeling the sting.


One of the tapes is named ‘BEST TITS’ =)) SO WRONG =))

But ALSO, one of the tapes is named Sophie……and is it completely wrong that now I feel left out? It is, isn’t it.

Sophy says: Omg 8-. There I am. 8-. With Kat. 8-. And just a few spots down from ‘Sluts’.

Sophy says: I love these shots… the intimacy of them. And to me, these caps kind of explain why this whole scene is in the episode, beyond just for shock! horror! value. Liv is attacked… Matty saves her. Not only does he save her in the moment, but he knows what to do. He gets the tape, he gets the cash, he gets them the fuck out of there. To me this episode is kind of all about what’s going on in this scene – Liv is letting herself just be, letting someone else take the responsibility, letting someone look out for her. I think it’s incredibly liberating for her to have someone take care of her… and I find the whole thing rather beautiful.

Whatever okay? I’m not that much of a feminist. Deal with it.

Rin says: Definitely. Especially when she’s the one who has to be mum at home.


Rin says: SEE. JUST. Carparks should not be that pretty. They’re concrete conglomerates made for no other purpose than to house cars. They’re not supposed to make you want to move in and live there forever.

Sophy says: I love that they just dance around wreaking havoc and then there is only quiet, and the evidence of their havoc all around them and in their hands. I also think it’s brilliant that they’re just resting in their grooves in the wall – separate, but side by side. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it just seems so poetic to me.

Rin says: I adore the shot of just Matty’s hand sticking out from the grooves. Brilliant direction. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the creativity of the Skins team. I can’t claim to know anything about filmmaking, but from the few attempts I have had, a lot of direction is being able to adapt to your surroundings and think on the spot. The script probably doesn’t say film matty’s hand sticking out of the groove, so I love that they continue to deliver such interesting shots time and time again.

I love how both of them now have hurting hands and how it resembles the bigger picture — that it’s a reminder of reality. So of course the best thing to get rid of that nagging reminder is more drugs!

Sophy says: What do you mean you can’t claim to know anything about filmmaking??? I’ve seen the short. You can’t lie to me.

Sophy says: Liv asks if there’s any more left in the crystal baggie and Matty offers her his finger… There’s a nice little throwback to the first episode with “table manners” and then they suck each other’s fingers in a way that makes me :*)

Rin says: I’m thinking of how dirty Matty’s hands are.

AND NO I don’t mean dirrrrrty. I mean dirty as in dirt. DIRT HANDS!

Sophy says: Liv looks at her hand and says “It’s starting to hurt,” and I think it’s kind of wonderful how you don’t quite know whether she means she’s physically hurting from the altercation with Nimmo or emotionally hurting because she’s coming down. Matty seems to know what the problem is though; she’s worried about what they did. He tells her his hand kills from when he punched his brother brother BROTHER EVERYBODY, but his BROTHER was fine – “and the Perve will be too.”

He tells her they did nothing wrong – and anyway, they were never there. But reality is catching up with Liv again, and she insists that they go check.

Rin says: And doesn’t she just look like a little kid in that second cap?

By the way, just before Liv goes to put Matty’s finger in her mouth, he moves his finger to the side and says, ‘The rules,’ referring back to the start of their day when Liv laid down all their particular the ‘No touching,’ and definitely the ‘Keep it simple.’ It’s far too late for any of the rules now.


Rin says: It puts a rose in every cheek. :*)

Part 2

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  1. Beth
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    Okay, I just want everyone to know that the pattern on Liv’s black and white top is merely similar, and not identical, to the pattern on Naomi’s black and white tights from the Cadet Locker scene. I’ve reached this conclusion by comparing the caps in this recap with the cap of the tights in your recap for 4.08 (where they’re on the drying rack), because I still can’t bring myself to pop in the DVD and rewatch 4.02 (out of fear that I’ll spend the rest of the weekend in the fetal position, or, rocking back and forth). I’m not sure that this investigation has been the highest and best use of my time today, but it didn’t feel like I had any choice but to do it. Now I’ve told you, okay? Now you know.

    Oh wait….I’m supposed to be commenting about THIS recap and THIS episode! Well, I loved both, of course! The only thing I found disturbing was the fact that Liv was out committing misdemeanors and then felonies so soon after visiting her sister in, you know, PRISON. Seriously, I don’t care how pretty Skins makes it look, I’m confident that a UK women’s prison is someplace you do NOT want to be ….. unless perhaps it’s one in which Helen Stewart from Bad Girls is the wing governor, but really, Liv’s quite a bit too young for Helen, isn’t she?

    Anyway, thanks for another brilliant recap effort, ladies!

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    As I pointed out to @hhoagie the hard stuff is marmite!! Oh and I take it the Umbrella ella ella is a Coronation Street reference?

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    loving it , and laughing here from south america – that´s fucking far ! love your recaps !!! they make me laught every day , even if something bad happend they cheer me up ! that´s awesome ! looking forward to read the next one already !

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    I wonder if you also noticed that Mini has a purple streak in her hair, I believe – just like Liv (you can see it from cap 29 and on). Her attempt at being alternative, at not being ~boring, at being Liv.. being what Nick wants.

    Skins makes my head explode.

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    Totally shipping Mini and Franky and shipping Alo as a matchmaker. I can so see Alo becoming a professional matchmaker. Love this gen so much.

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    OMG that slogan maker site is just HILARIOUS!!! Had myself a lil intermission to check it out, here are some of my results:

    With a name like anat ,it has to be good. (the first one, so true :)
    Anat makes you better. (obviously)
    Be young, have fun, taste Anat. (pervs!)
    Only a good anat is fit to eat. (WHat?! lolz forever!)
    Have a bit of anat when you’re tired. (i don’t think they know it’s a name haha)
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    Sunny, magic, anat.
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    Going back to reading now. Was a great episode..

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    Anybody notice how Liv travels 3 hours back in time between getting the text of Mini, and getting the phone call off Mini. Surely they would have learnt after 3O9!!!

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    I was so confused before this episode as to why they had cast characters who looked so ridiculously alike. BUT IT’S BECAUSE THEY’RE BROTHERS! When we finally found it out. I was just like, holy shit. And it all came together!

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    The Naomi reference was on purpose.
    Great recap as usual! :)

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    Woah, woah, woah. Normally I agree with your (hilarious) recaps 100%, but the Naomily reference being an unintentional thing!? Really!? Of COURSE it was on purpose. I’d go as far as saying there’s never been a more purposeful, carefully-selected extras duo in the history of television :)
    Two people. One tall, one short. One with cropped blond hair, one with that unique, hard-to-replicate pinkish hair. C’MON! They’re feeding Naomily fans. It’s a taste of what became of them.
    My thoughts at least.

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    OK YOU GUYS SWAYED ME AS PROMISED! I think the darkness had me having bad flashbacks to season 4 and bats and whatnot, and I think I was all loved up from Franky’s and Rich’s episodes. (While Mini’s didn’t end on a high note I just love Freya so much, omg, have you guys seen the clips of her ‘bad acting’ trying out for the play in Grace’s episode, I NEARLY DID. SHE IS SO MAGICAL.) But the darkness in this worked somehow. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME SEE THE LIGHT(or the dark I guess) ROPHY. *hearts; I think Nimmo was probably the thing that made me run screaming a bit.

    And I have decided I liked Nick’s episode as well. He does bad things but he is just such an EARNEST DORK I can’t even hate him.

  12. Laura
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    who else thinks that Franky and Mini are going to hookup? Lemme make my case: 1) the fact that Mini was so mean to Franky in the beginning is partly because she is attracted to her and the feelings manifested as bitchy-ness 2) Liv said “I could tell you stories about Mini that would surprise you” 3) Mini put off losing her virginity because she’s not comfortable with her sexuality 4) Mini tries and fails at connect with Nick 5) finally… come on wouldn’t that be so shocking and awesome!! so… skins

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    Before I got to the end of the last macro, I thought the stuff of Matty’s hands might have been a reference to how dirty they are.
    Seriously though, I don’t think Matty’s ever heard of soap. Eugh.

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