Rich — Part 1

Sophy says: Oh my gosh. Hello Skins. The way the greens/reds/blues are lighting up in his jacket and even his hair. I can’t. Beauty overload.

ALSO, my first-watch notes at this point read ‘OMSDF SO EXCITED.R ICHHHHHHHHHHHHH’

Just thought you’d all like to know the kind of lather I get into over this show.

Rin says: I just pictured you lathering yourself up with Skins DVDS.

And what other show can make a car tip look so gorgeous? Srsly. Except for maybe junkyard wars 8-.

Sophy says: The opening is genius in that it absolutely tricked me into thinking Rich was at a gig. The music, coupled with the blurred closeup action made me feel like I was watching the menu of a live show DVD, and also, oddly enough, made me flash back to the days when I went camping with my friends in the south of France and wished they would listen to my music but they never would.

So I’d wander off on my own with my earbuds in. And smoke. And wait for something amazing to happen and it never did.

So right from the get-go a blurry screen and a few chords managed to send me straight back to that time when I was Rich in this scene, which… actually makes me suspect witchcraft. *sniffs at episode suspiciously*

Anyway, I think it’s pure genius that it turns out Rich is at a party with his headphones on, listening to his kind of noise-music even as their kind of noise-music fills the room, thank you very much.

Alo finds this less adorable than I do, and demands Rich take his headphones off and be sociable.

Rin says: lol at you sniffing at the episode. And you wonder why you’re a shrew.

I loved the opening sequence. So perfectly suited to Rich.

Sophy says: “I’m Arabella, and this is Sally.” Oh gosh, how is it that I adore Arabella based on that introduction alone? It might have something to do with the way she said ‘Arabella’ and the fact that she’s called Arabella.

Rich isn’t so fond of her, I think, because when she asks what he’s listening to, all she gets is a curt “You wouldn’t like it.”

“Oh we like everything,” she says, and it’s such a small thing but it’s so completely and utterly perfect that I can’t. Because that’s exactly what she would say, and it shows exactly how narrow-minded she really is, because she honestly thinks that the stuff she’s into is basically everything.

I remember once when I was Rich asking someone what kind of music they were into and they said “Everything! Rap, dance, r’n’b… everything!’

This was totally one of those moments and it was perfectly subtly perfect.

Rin says: I guess if there’s one thing Skins never fails to get right, it’s those types of girls. They even have matching hair pieces and necklaces.

Sophy says: Rich decides to take the ladies at their word and give them a taste of his poison. He plugs his ipod into the speakers and says “Now this is music,” and oh my gosh, he’s just so fabulously different-but-the-same as little blonde Arabella right now, and my notes read: “Oh Rich you massive adorable fabulous wonderful WANKER.”

Rin says: I did this once, at a party. It wasn’t even just a house party either, it was at a bar in the city. And then my friends got angry at me 8-.


The girls and well, pretty much everyone in the room, yell at him to turn this shit off, and Rich responds with “Wait, there’s a good bit coming up,” which is magic on its own, but total… witchcraft, when he uses it again on Gracie in the record store.

Rich and Alo get thrown out on their arses. No wait, on their stomachs. It looks painful. Alo is not pleased.

Rin says: I wonder if Alex himself was into metal before getting this role. Either way, he definitely pulls it off with conviction. Colour me impressed.

I love Alo turning his head towards Rich and flat out saying, ‘You dick!’

Sophy says: I doubt it, based on his hipster hair. I think someone’s just done their homework!

Sophy says: Later, at a party for two. Alo sits up in bed, looking very much like the hungry caterpillar in his sleeping bag. “I’m never going to get laid if you keep being such a douche to all the dames we meet,” he says, and the hilarity of the word ‘dames’ coupled with the absolute conviction of Will’s delivery is just… 8-.

Rin says: People should use the word dame more often. Like, not just in reference to Dame Edna.

Sophy says: Rich shoots back an obnoxiously relaxed “All the girls we meet are always arseholes.” Which again… I’m actually giggled. Just like this. ;))

Alo doesn’t care if they’re “one-legged dead hermaphrodites. I need some sex.” And oh my GOD that line. What makes it so funny is how the little detail that they’re, you know, deceased, is sandwiched between having one leg and two sets of genitalia. Like, I want some sex, and by the way, I could go some necrophilia.

Rich, unlike Alo, has very lofty standards. He doesn’t want a bar of any “peroxide-sodden Miley Cyrus Cowelistas,” and guh, the way Alex delivers that line has me thinking of Stephen Merchent again. Those are some big shoes he’s filling. Really, really big shoes. Really.

Also, it took me the longest time to figure out what a Cowelista was. Google was so useless! I had to rely on my brain for the first time since the internet began. I was scared.

And Alo seems to think Rich might be too. He calls him out on his excuses – would he even ask a metalhead girl out if he saw one?

Rich says he would, with a dollop of faux confidence on top in the form of “And she’d say yes.”

And here we have it, gen 3’s variation on the get-your-mate-laid theme. And I have to say, it’s exponentially better than gen 2’s and less upsetting than gen 1’s.

Rin says: Much better. Much much better.

I love the ‘and she’d say yes.’ He’s being so Rophy right now, I can’t even.

And the next part that comes up might be one of my favourite bits of the episode. (Favourite bits may include the entire episode, but that is neither here nor there.)



Sophy says: He says he’s going to find Rich a metalhead girl and partner him up, declares it an easy task as “the college green is swarming with them.”

And that seems to be that. Lights off. Time for bed.

And then. Out of the darkness, comes a wonderfully flippant and childish “She can’t be fat though.”

A beat. “Bollocks.”

Perfect. Perfect. These kids are so good.

Rin says: =)) =)) =))

JUST. The comedic timing in this episode was so fucking good. And unexpected, catching you completely off guard. I loved that. This episode could have gone either way at multiple times…nothing was that predictable.

And can I just say how much I adore Alo/Rich at this point? I mean…just LOOK AT THEM. Alo is all snug next to Rich’s bed, in a space that barely fits him — and it’s just. Friendship. This is what it looks like.

Sophy says: Rich wakes up to his passion in the morning: the metal, always the metal. And he looks pretty damn excited about the day for a minute there.

Watching this scene I couldn’t help but be reminded of how Rophy generally awaken…


Rin says: This ought to blow those ‘couple’ rumours right out the water!

Sophy says: IDK Rin, a lot of husbands and wives slept in separate beds back in my day.

Also……. I AM HYPERVENTILATING. Honestly. I had to get the bag.

Sophy says: Alo has left him a toilet roll note which says ‘Gone Fishin’ and oh Also. NEVER CHANGE. Also, Word, please stop auto-correcting. You need to watch more Skins.

Alo, never change.

Rin says: The drawing of that fish was reminding me of something that happened in Skins. I thought and thought and thought and finally realised I was just thinking of this.

I guess when you believe in something enough. It becomes truth 8-.

Sophy says: We then get a metal montage in which Rich manages to be pasty and skinny in that I-have-never-broken-a-sweat way and wear a shower cap and rub lotion into said pasty skinny body and in doing so cause me to have hearts in my eyes.

Rin says: I don’t even really .. like.. I don’t even moisturise that much. He’s so precious. *pats his head*

And look at him, scrunching up his tshirt because ironed clothes are just not metal enough.

And it totally reminds me of the hipsters of today. Of how hard they try to look like they don’t try hard. But you just know they’re the most princess out of anyone.

Sophy says: Alo calls. We can barely hear what he’s saying over Rich’s passion, but I think we can all guess it’s got something to do with a hot metalhead chick who isn’t fat!

Rin says: I won’t believe it until we see it. [-(

Sophy says: Rich heads off to college, calls his dad “Kevin” as he does, because he’s a contemptuous little lamie like that. His dad calls out “Have a good day then! I love you!” and Rich is all “Yeah, whatever,” and on the one hand, he needs a good slap across the chops but on the other hand I want to use my hands for clapping because it’s so cute and so accurate.

Rin says: ‘Off to college are we?’

‘Yes Kevin, that’s where I go everyday.’

The snarkiness of a teen is so tone perfect.

Rin says: BAAHAHAHAHHA. The way she glides in and then pops up and asks her question. She’s relentless, she is.

Sophy says: And detail-oriented. :-?

Sophy says: WHY ARE WE HOLDING HANDS. I MAY. NEVER. I CAN’T. IT’S SO PERFECT. I CAN’T BREATHE, RIN, I FEEL LIKE I CAN’T BREATHE. That’s a direct quote from my notes, by the way.

I love the fact that Alo has found the metalhead maiden in the library. Because it’s so wonderfully incongruous. And also because it makes me think his first instinct in finding a girlfriend for Rich was like, research, because he like, thinks he’s Giles or something. And then it was just… ‘Oh. Too easy.’




‘Why are we holding hands,’ is definitely another favourite moment. Just that delivery. <333

Sophy says: “I give you, the angel of death,” says Alo, and the music gets on with being a whole other character in this episode, accompanying our first glance at Rich’s ideal woman.

Rin says: I think the only other time we’ve seen a library in the Skins world is during Panda’s unseen for S4. And even then it wasn’t the school’s library. So…who else was shocked to find that Roundview even had one? Add to that the hockeyfield and wow Roundview, you’re becoming a real college!

Sophy says: Rich is all “Yeah baby,” with the little nod and smirk and then the music stops and Alo tells him to go talk to her, and it’s like Cut! to his fantasy. He immediately switches to rabbit/headlights mode, stuttering “N- no…” as his eyes flicker back and forth.

ALEX YOU ARE WONDERFUL. I might just like… copy that so I can paste it at random intervals throughout this recap.

Rin says: Look at Alo watching Rich in that 2nd cap, he knows he’s totally got him with the angel of death. He’s so ‘AHA, totally got you.’ <3

Rin says: AHHAHA. Poor Rich. To be fair, pretty much no one can compare so you’re not alone.

And I HAVE to add-in a little note about how that picture of Sara is from a show they did in Sydney on the 13th of December 2007.

A show which Sophy flew to Sydney for, and it was the first Tegan and Sara concert for the both of us. I won’t remember anything else :((

You can hear us both ‘OH MY GOD’ at 7 seconds in as they start to play.


Sophy says: Alex’s acting in this scene is utterly brilliant. I mean… it was like something out of The Office, it really was. “Oh! Your teeshirt… that’s… haha.” SO HILARIOUSLY AWKWARD. I CAN’T EVEN.

Death-Angel responds to his pathetic attempts to chat her up with some very angry metal, and I find this interesting – metal, his passion, the thing he loves more than anything – the thing that isn’t a thing but him, he insists… It also represents fear and humiliation here. Which… hello, Rich’s teenage self-loathing, nice to meet you!

Rin says: This girl did a bang-up job with her get-to-fook faces. And I think we take advantage of just how right Skins gets its casting, especially with minor roles. We appreciate it Skins, we really really do.

Sophy says: Rich pulls a book off the shelf as a prop, says he’s been looking for it for ages.


Rin says: I can’t not imagine this being anything other than a tip of the hat towards fandom. Incest, it’s illegal. <3

Rin says: I can’t look them in the eye. :(

Sophy says: Poor Katie, seriously. I’m just. I’m sort of starting to hate Emily.

Sophy says: “Anyway um. Bye.” And off he plods. PLODS. I MEAN. EVEN THE WAY HE WALKS IS ADORABLE.

And as if his plodding wasn’t enough, we get a perfect “So – ” “Shut the fuck up Alo,” and a blast of the angry metal over the break.

Rin says: PLODDING 8-.

And yes yes yes! The STFU Alo over the cut was perfect. Which is why it had to be included in cap form. First ever!

Sophy says: Rich is so cute with “You gave me barely any time to prepare. I haven’t even had breakfast.” (Which by the way is a line I’ve used 3 times since watching the episode. THANKS JAMIE.)

Alo is just as cute with his “Bollocks. You’re terrible.

Alo goes through a bunch of silly euphemisms for sexual matters, ending in ‘the tao of titfuckery,’ and it’s a perfect example of how this kind of thing can work, as opposed to say, the way it so absolutely does not work with Tony Snyder on US Skins. See Alo delivers the lines with a self-conscious whimsy. He knows he’s being ridiculous, and he seems to be rather delighting in it. And it’s spontaneous – he’s making his ridiculousness up off the top of his head, rather than trying to pretend that this kind of ridiculousness is common speak.

Rin says: “Which by the way is a line I’ve used 3 times since watching the episode.” I can attest to that.

I totally see what you mean. You can actually see the cogs turning in Alo’s head as he thinks up these ridiculous string of words — which makes it seem entirely plausible making it actually hilarious.

Can I just point out that Alo is wearing a DOG LEASH around his neck? And I’m not even mad at it. Oh Alo. 8-. I also don’t think a single piece of his clothing is intended for males, except for maybe his undies. Even then… *narrows eyes*

Sophy says: Omg he’s totally Franky’s mirror. 8-.

Sophy says: Alo decides that Rich is right – he’s probably not the man for the job. As in the man for this job is a girl – but not like, a girl.

I wonder who they’ll go to for help…


Sophy says: TABLE TENNIS. So fucking cute, I can’t even.

Rin says: FRANKY!!!!!!!!!! I have to say, like, even though it was totally obvious they meant Franky (which it’s supposed to be), I still got over-the-top giddy about it. Like..these were my notes.





So professional. 8-.

Sophy says: Franky says she doesn’t know anything about girls, but there’s not a whiff of ‘Because she’s a bloodsucking fiend gay! Look at her outfit!’ about it. It’s simply because she doesn’t have a mum or a sister, and really, her “experience of girls is mostly being beaten up by them.”

I LAUGHED. I also wished I could reach into the telly and give her a hug.

Rin says: HAhahah I ADORED HER FOR SAYING THAT. And she was so :-. about it. Oh Franky. You’re so special to Rophy, do you know that?

Sophy says: Just as Rich is ready to pack and go home, Franky is all “I know someone who can help.” And her face is so adorable I just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rin says: SHE’S A GIRL WITH A PLAN!! And seriously, her outfit is the best. That little turtle neck and the sweater and and and. I love it so.

Sophy says: Okay, you guys, I’m just going to get my ‘lol Jessica is clearly not an actual ballerina’ feelings off my chest right now, so they don’t ruin that scene later on. GIRL. WHAT IS THAT HAND. WHY AREN’T YOUR KNEES STRAIGHT. SQUARE YOUR SHOULDERS OMG. Okay, I’m through.

I must be really in love with this episode if I’m willing to turn my angry ballerina off.


Also that cap of Franky and Alo needs to be an icon, like now.

Rin says: Putting aside your angry ballerina all in the name of loving Grave :(( :(( YOU’VE GROWN SOPHY, YOU REALLY HAVE :(( .:D.

I myself know nothing of ballet…like while my sister was having classes I played outside on the equipment with my brother. So it totally worked for me. :)

The colours in the ensuing scene are nothing short of gorgeous.

Sophy says: “I can see your vag through that leotard,” says Alo, and Franky just elbows him in the stomach, like bam! I’m sorry but it’s a thousand times more awesome than Tea getting her Cook on with that random. A THOUSAND.

Rin says: GUH IT’S SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED IN SKINS US. Like, it doesn’t even deserve a comparison at this point.

Pinkleotard/milkcoffeeskin/pastellyblueygreenwalls OT3 FOR LIFE.

Sophy says: Franky drags Rich into the room, tells Grace he needs help.

“Hi Rich,” says Grace with an adorable little smile and her hand at her throat. “What can I do for you?

Note the emphasis on you you you. Somebody has a crush.

(I can’t blame her, I totally had a crush on Rich when I was Grace too.)

Rin says: Look at that lining for his jacket! If that was in Project Runway, Heidi, Nina and Michael Korrs would be drooling all over that. And so would I 8-.

I love how Franky walks over to Grace’s side. AND SOPHY JUST. LOOK AT THAT CAP OF THE TWO OF THEM. They’re so adorable. I need them to be best friends, okay? I NEED IT LIKE I NEED OXYGEN.

Sophy says: Mini bursts into the room and papers over her initial shock at seeing not-her-and-Liv in the room, pulling out one of her epic angry-smiles as she asks “What are you doing here?”

Rin says: OH Mini. You can burst into any rooms whenever you like, whenever you please. :X


Sophy says: Franky says she’s talking to Grace, asks if that’s not allowed or something. Mini angries out a chirpy “Oh no, I can’t tell you where you can and can’t be or stop you from talking to Gracie, can I?”

“No you can’t,” Franky replies, and okay, she is all kinds of fierce and wonderful. It looks like having friends has given her something to hold onto – a source of strength. She’s always been brave, sure, but here? Not a stutter in sight – she goes for a little smug-quizzical smile instead.


Rin says: CHARACTER GROWTH. Take note kids, cause this is what it looks like.

Sophy says: Speaking of character growth, I’ll be really interested to see what happens with Mini in the next episode. Because right now, this is the kind of vibe I’m getting…

Rin says: She’s such a lost little puppy! *rubs behind her ears*

Sophy says: Liv repeats the exact same line as Alo said earlier about seeing Grace’s vag through her leotard and before I can scream “OTP!” Alo is laughing, and because I can scream “OTP EVEN MORE!” Liv is looking down her nose at him. I ship it so hard. 8-.

Also, the way Gracie covers herself. Also Mini’s face. Also everything.

Rin says: YES! I made a note of that moment too, because Alo/Liv would be entirely interesting. And then Mini would be left with no one but Nick and I see her becoming such a Godzilla, it’d be awesome. Watch out Tokyo!


Sophy says: You know how I mentioned Mini’s face earlier? The pouty one? It was one of the signs of the Minpocalyse. She’s now following it up with some snappy bitching about how they’re all inbreds, lesbos and nerds, and Rich isn’t having a bar of it, because he doesn’t compromise and omg this line coming up I can’t…

Rin says: Heeehee look at Alo being all indignant.

Sophy says: Mini tells Rich to fuck off back to Vallhalla, and he responds with “Valhalla? Ohhh let me guess. That’s a reference to my taste in music, right?”

And I just… my reaction is pretty much Mini’s. I can’t even. OH RICH. 8-.

Also, Mini and Liv were just wondering if Gracie was still coming for that mocha and it turns out she is. MOCHAS? YES PLEASE!

Rin says: Oh mochas. I used to drink them so frequently when I was their age too. And then I moved on to caramelattes 8-. So delicious.

Sophy says: I think it’s a good look for him :-?

Rin says: I can’t get over the size of him. It’s amazing. And not in the slightest bit creepy like Mandeh was.

Sophy says: Rich walks up a hill to angry. He has a bit of a lie-down to angry too.

Rin says: Wait. That hill. I’ve seen that hill before.

Rin says: Rich photoshopped onto Lena Headey may be my favourite piece of work.

Sophy says: Does it beat Matty photoshopped onto Lena Headey? :-? The eternal question :-?

Sophy says: Trouble is, someone disturbs his angry peace. Oh look! It’s a mysterious stranger in a headscarf and dark glasses. Who could it be?

And this… it’s just wonderful. Because this is the first time but not the last time Rich will see Grace and not-see-Grace in this episode. And okay, on the surface it’s because she’s playing dress-ups… but really it’s because he’s so unnerved by her ability to change; he’s so baffled by the idea that someone wouldn’t need to be version x of themselves all the time the way he does.

Rin says: Of course Grace would fucking do this. ONLY GRACE CAN FUCKING DO THIS! I squeed with utter joy when this happened because I knew we were in for a boatload of amazingly adorable Rich/Grace and I was pee-pants excited.

Sophy says: Grace says she’s going to help Rich, but it’s best she stays undercover, because “Mini will be happy if she doesn’t know about it.” Now that’s interesting. She says Mini will be happy if she doesn’t know. Not Mini will be angry if she does know. I think it says a lot about Grace – it’s not really that she lets her friends walk all over her, as Rich later tells her, it’s more that she knows all about compromise in the name of peace. The way she sees it, she’s doing Mini a favour here – she’s making her happy out of the goodness of her heart, not cowering before her wrath.

She says the last thing she wants to do is upset anyone, and Rich offers her a sarcastic “How valiant of you,” which she takes absolutely at face value. “I know right,” she says, and I get the impression it’s not that she’s dippy, it’s just that she’s decided he’s going to mean it, whether he likes it or not.

Anyway, Rich is an ungrateful little shit and pulls out the old “No offence,” which is absolutely the worst, by the way, and follows it up with “but you kind of represent everything I despise in the world.”


I guess Grace feels the way I do, because instead of crying or storming off, her response is “Don’t be silly Richard. :-j

She then adds that her mum always says opposites attract, and Rich comes back at her with “That’s magnets, we’re people.”

And I can’t. lol omg. And just. I. omg.

OTfuckingP. Already.

Rin says: HEHEHE she full names him. It’s like when Hermione called Ron, ‘Ronald’ for the first time. Which was in Prisoner of Azkaban by the way, and I found it incredibly adorable, and I don’t even ship it.

These two play off each other fabulously. I seriously cannot wait to see how the rest of the series goes.

Sophy says: Grace tells Rich to take her to the girl he likes, and he grudgingly does so – but he’s not going to do any more hand-holding about it!!!!!!!!!!!

Rin says: I love her outfit, the orange and the green and her brown satchel. Except I’m not so sure about the feels a bit too much like when people wear socks and thongs. NO NO NO.

Sophy says: “Wow she’s pretty. Why is she wearing a dog collar?”

I love that Rich doesn’t have an answer beyond “She’s a metalhead.” It speaks volumes. And then a few more volumes are recited when Grace asks what a metalhead is and all he can say is “This is. Me. I’m a metalhead. I like metal music. Why do you think I dress like this?

OH RICH. Your logic. It’s so lovely and round.

Grace says she thought maybe his outfit was a joke, and it’s such a wonderful light-hearted throwback to “Are you in fancy dress or…” Grace isn’t being a bitch though. She’s flirting, on the one hand, and on the other hand, she’s telling it like she sees it. It’s all jokes to her, it’s all dress-ups – and the important thing is that as far as she’s concerned there’s nothing wrong with that; there’s nothing empty about that.

Rich crossly informs Grace that it’s not a joke. “I’m not a clown dressing up silly to make you laugh.”

And well. Let me just say that I’d be willing to bet there will come a time in the not too distant future when he’d be quite happy to do so.

Rin says: Look at her face as she watches him, slowly but surely starting to understand him. And totally accept him for who he is and what he believes in, might I add.

Sophy says: “This is me,” Rich insists, “This is who I am,” and this script is so splendid, I can’t. Because Grace is about to tell him what she is, and hey, it’s anything and everything – it’s whatever the hell she chooses.

“You may not know this about me, Rich,” says Grace, and it’s just such a cute entree en matiere I can’t even, but that’s beside the point. The point is that she says she’s not just a dancer, but an actor as well. Her plan is to be hot metalhead girl for an evening, so that Rich can practice chatting her up.


“FINE!” is Rich’s response, and he’s so damn angry about this having fun business, isn’t he? 8-.

Also, Rin, I’m going to need you to make a gif of Grace running out of the library. Because.

Rin says: I love how she says, ‘you may not know this about me Rich’ as if there’s a chance Rich could possibly know that.

And ask and you shall receive. <3

(p.s. only Sophy may don’t you guys go getting ideas in yer head.)

Sophy says: Grace and Rich are at the local metal store, getting her into character. The store owner has tickets to Napalm Death for Rich, and he is very excited about them. When Grace suggests they go together, he says “If I went with you I wouldn’t wanna go.”

MEAN PATTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it though. Rich is clearly mortified to be seen carousing with someone as non-metal as Grace is, and probably thinks the record store owner is judging him to the core of his metally body. Only the thing is that Rich is an idiot and the record store owner is Toxic Bob, and okay, let me tell you something about Toxic Bob. He’s played by the guy from the Fun Lovin’ Criminals. And also he’s amazing.

Seriously. Amazing.

And on that note, I love how the adults on UK Skins are so much better than the adults on US Skins… even when they’re American.

Rin says: Haha so true.

Toxic Bob is pretty amazing. Like I totally wouldn’t complain if he showed up again later in the series. Just walking past in the background.

Sophy says: I’d squeal out of my seat. And pause it. And gaze.

Sophy says: Toxic Bob asks Rich who this nice young lady is that he’s not taking to the gig, and Grace hurries up to the counter, ready to be introduced.

Can I just give points to Toxic Bob for saying that so cutely? The intonation of the line was just perfect, with the mildly accusatory emphasis on ‘Rich’ at the end. It was all kinds of subtly parental and wonderful. 8-.



Rin says: IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!! Live your dreams, kids! :((((( LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!!! :((((((

Sophy says: I feel so inspired right now.

Sophy says: Rich proceeds to crank up the dick levels to maximum, saying Grace is “just a mate” then correcting himself with “not even a mate. She’s more of an acquaintance.”

Grace ignores his fuckery in a very Hermione Grangeresque way, and simply says “Hello Toxic Bob :)

They shake hands, and then she asks what the fancy pants golden record behind him is. Toxic Bob says it’s the third record of a band hilariously named ‘Misplaced Abortion.’ LIKE. I CAN’T EVEN. MISPLACED ABORTION??? Genius.

Rin says: Grace introducing herself, handshake and all is just love 8-. It’s nice to see such a genuinely nice and well-mannered character on Skins. Makes a change.

Sophy says: Anyway, this record is extremely rare and pretty much supposed to be the most messed up loud and angry stuff on earth. Grace asks Bob if he’s listened to it, and he says matter-of-factly “No, you can’t listen to it. It’s way too heavy, and to a normal human brain it doesn’t make any sense, and to most of us it sounds like silence.”

At which point Gracie wins almost all the best-ever in the world by whispering ‘That makes no sense,’ and Toxic Bob wins the leftovers by whispering back ‘I know.’


Rin says: ANOTHER ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE BIT. JUST, THE WAY SHE WHISPERS AND THE WAY HE MIRRORS. I JUST. PERFECT. So so so perfect. I’m almost prepared to break out the CHE awards…what do you think Sophy?

Also I love how Bristol has one of the rarest records ever. Someone thinks a lot of this town. (DON’T WORRY, :(( I TOTALLY DO TOO :(( )

Sophy says: I think Emily wouldn’t mind donating a CHE here. They kind of just make her cross these days. :(

Sophy says: Rich saunters back into the scene to boo-hoo all over it with “She doesn’t understand, what a surprise,” and it’s so pathetic and so arsehole-ish and so WONDERFUL I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

He continues to be fabulous and tragic, asking if he can play Grace some stuff – something “light” to “ease her in.”

Rin says: I completely lost it during this scene. I think it’s one of the funniest scenes in Skins…the idea to use subtitles were nothing short of genius.

Although I’m totally missing the old Skins-only style of subtitles :(( Did someone lose the custom style or something? :(( Explain yourselves :((

Sophy says: OH MY GOD THIS WHOLE THING. I JUST. I agree with Rin, there’s something about the use of subtitles. And just. Rich repeating his line about how a good bit is coming up and basically holding the headphones on her. And Grace. AND GRACE. My ears are melting. I CAN’T.

Sorry for that whole paragraph. It’s just. My notes were even more hysterical, believe me.

Want proof?




I sound like a five year old telling their mum a story about the best day ever after school.

Rin says: LOOK AT RICH’S FACE AS HE’S HOLDING THE HEADPHONES ON GRACE =)) He’s such like, a total boy.

Also, why are you apologising for that paragraph? THAT’S BASICALLY HOW I SOUND ALL THE TIME…

Sophy says: Bob takes over and plays Grace something less angry at a more reasonable volume. Grace is all adoraby positive about it, even going so far as to ask how much it is, and Toxic Bob says she can have it as a gift, seeing as he feels bad about her passing out and all.

Rin says: I’d totally be giving Grace free gifts too. I mean, look at her. YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO A FACE LIKE THAT.

Sophy says: Rich is not happy, and in retrospect, I can sense a little bit of jealousy in it, especially considering the whole ‘You didn’t really like what Toxic Bob played you, did you?’ later. Metal is his thing – he’s threatened by Grace being a part of it, and he’s even more threatened by Bob being the one to make her a part of it, not him.

Anyway, he sinks to the most immensely childish, petulant and hilarious level with “Free metal? Where’s my free metal? You never give out free metal.” And then.


He gestures towards Grace’s boob and vag area, saying contemptuously “Just because she’s got those, and that.”

And I can’t remember whether I was open-mouthed or giggling hysterically when I first saw this, but it might have been a mix of both.

Rin says: I feel so off-put by you saying ‘vag area’ …like. You’re not Alo or Liv :(( CAN WE JUST SAY CROTCH, CAN WE?!??!?!?!?

I also loved how offended Toxic Bob was on Grace’s behalf. Like if I wasn’t already shipping Rich/Grace and Toxic Bob wasn’t inappropriate aged, I’d be shipping them. :)

Sophy says: Sure. Crotch. Crotch crotch crotch crotch crotch. Crotch!

Sophy says: Grace does not take kindly to having her lady-parts be so rudely treated. She storms out, but not before yelling at Rich “Sod off! You… sod!”

It’s so adorable I could die. I kept just randomly saying it myself all day the day after I watched this, seriously. It made me smile, every time.

Rin says: SOD OFF YOU SOD =)) I love that she got all up in his face (well, chest..) about it too, as she storms off. Storming/Grace <3

Sophy says: Toxic Bob who is fucking amazing in case I didn’t mention that already, gives Rich a word of advice he once gave to the lead singer of Megadeath, so you know it’s gotta be good. And it is.

“Don’t be an asshat and people will like you more.”

OH TOXIC BOB. You’re such an Oprah.


Sophy says: Rich finds Grace sitting outside at a coffee shop. He sits down and Grace proceeds to inform him that he needs to be nicer to her, in just exactly those words.

He goes about his rude business, regardless, and then she looks down sadly and says she bets he couldn’t answer one question about ballet.

Rich’s response? “That’s because ballet is lame and I really couldn’t give a fuck.”

JFC =)) It’s just so vile and stupid and narrow-minded and childish and I don’t even understand why I’m head in hands but I just am?

Rin says: She says the thing about ballet so small-y and sadly and oh oh oh, all she wants is a glimpse that Rich could maybe care about her.

Sophy says: Rich again insists that she couldn’t possibly have liked the CD Toxic Bob played her, and Grace insists that she did, and because she is made of Hermione Granger, she actually backs her statement up with a reasoned argument.

“It had counterpoint and melody, and everything else I like in music. Not that horrible noise you played me, that was just evil.”

EVIL NOISE. Oh Grace. 8-.

Rich is taken aback – whether he’ll acknowledge it or not, he’s a little impressed and a little scared to find that someone non-metal can actually get metal – that it’s counterpoint and melody – that it’s just more music, that’s all.

He keeps up the petulant act long enough for Grace to have enough and be on her way.

Rin says: IT HAD COUNTERPOINT AND MELODY. I adored that she could explain her like in such a logical manner, and it impressed me. I mean, she showed a whole lot more interest in music than anyone has ever shown in GLEE.

Also I love how Rich goes all school-yard on Grace with the defense, “WELL BALLET IS JUST FOR GAYS AND GRANNIES.”

Sophy says: Fool.

Rin says: Agreed.

That street seems incredibly familiar to me, but I can’t put my finger on it :((

Sophy says: Cut to Alo ferrying Rich around in his van. Rich’s metal is playing and Alo switches it off to talk – he’s still on about that angel of death the rest of have of course all completely forgotten about.

Sophy says: Basically Alo goads him into biting the bullet and asking her out by calling him gay – repeatedly and to some kind of a tune. It’s totally non-PC. It’s completely real and completely hilarious.

Rin says: I like how he almost makes a symphony out of his gayagyagyagay. 8-.

Sophy says: Rich totally caves under the pressure of having his manhood hilariously questioned and says he’ll ask her out first thing tomorrow. Alo is pleased, in an affectionate way. Look at his little face! <333

Rin says: Hello Rhubarb Tavern! The new Fishponds! I was also almost convinced by the interior that this was the same pub JJ/Lara went to but it’s not. Which is probably for the best.

Rin says: I love the outfit Grace has on. Purple pants can be such a wonderful thing when worn correctly. <3

Sophy says: Cut to Rich, having a beer and contemplating his life/Napalm Death, because they’re both basically the same thing in his eyes.

And this is when Grace shows up – the second time she shows up and he doesn’t recognise her because she’s being someone else who is absolutely her. And see this is amazing, this is delicious. Just as I hoped, the whiteboard question is absolutely with us. Because Grace… Grace is so fucking open. She’s so alive. She’s so on. She chooses her own identity with an ease and a glee that is gorgeous to watch.

Whereas Rich is like the identity version of a picky eater, Grace is all ‘OMG IDENTITY-SUSHI? I’d like to try the eel, please!’


Rin says: Unagiiiii. *makes gun to head*

Sophy says: She’s all dolled up in her metalhead gear, complete with awesome boofy hair. She introduces herself as ‘Sub, short for Subrosa.’

Rin says: HER BOOFY HAIR IS AWESOME. Grace must be some kind of magical fairy because she had a major wardrobe change and still managed to catch up to Rich.

She introduces herself so matter-of-factly… I LOVE HER. Jessica is so wonderful, especially for being the youngest of the group.

Sophy says: They then skull their beers. Wordless competition, Grace knows what to do.

And they both wipe their mouths the same way. SO CUTE.

Rin says: TEEHEE. Rich. You got beaten by a girl half your size. 8-. I’m slightly competitive so I was fondly tickled by this scene.

Sophy says: She then asks Rich what he does for fun, and he comes up with a list that sounds paltry but is probably actually sort of awesome when you think about it, finishing up with hanging out with his mate Alo.

Grace slyly asks if he has any other friends, and, when pressed, Rich sulkily admits “Well, recently there’s been a couple of other people. This girl Franky, and… others.”

Grace forges fearlessly ahead. “Others?” she asks, eyebrows raised.

The best Rich can manage is “This girl, who’s helping me… I suppose.”

Rin says: She’s pretty much unashamedly fishing for Rich to talk about her. I was ridiculously head in hands over Rich mentioning Franky, and then ~others. Oh Rich, you big softie. :D

Sophy says: He asks “Sub” what music she’s into, and Grace effortlessly rattles off some metal/industrial hipster talk.


Or possibly chatting to Toxic Bob. I like that idea better <3

She even knows what to hate – which apparently is Trent Reznor, who can “suck my cock.”

Rin says: I liked his music in The Social Network. :) :) :)

I can only imagine how clueless I’m making myself look right now.

Sophy says: Having done her bit, Grace steers the conversation the way she’d like it to go. “This girl then,” she asks, “what do you think of her?”

rICH proceeds to give a very narrow account of Grace, not once referring to her adorableness, resourcefulness, her ability to bounce back, and hey, stand up for herself.

He tells her what he sees – the parts he’s comfortable talking about anyway. She’s a doormat. Her friends treat her like shit. And hey, guess what Rich, if you took your blinders off for three seconds you’d see that she’s not the cliche you think she is.

Grace is affronted by his desire to pigeon-hole her as Lacey Chabert. She tells him he doesn’t fucking know her – no one does – nobody knows who she is or what she can do.

“So you’re Grace now,” Rich asks, it’s perfect and whiteboardy when Grace says yes she is Grace, and she’s not going to let him talk to her like that.

This dialogue is just exquisite. Because Rich is wrong about Grace, but he’s also right about Grace – just a little bit. And Grace knows it and in that moment it inspires her not to take crap from him.

Rich is pleased. She shouldn’t let anyone trash talk her – not even him.

Grace says she’s angry, and he’s even more pleased, because angry is like, his favourite ever.

Rin says: I particularly liked the added, ‘what I can do,’ because of the quiet confidence about it. It’s not arrogant, but acknowledgement of ones own abilities. Which is ABSOLUTELY fine. We shouldn’t be afraid to own our talents.

Rin says: They have this effect on each other, that is so realistic and true and so Skins. Where it’s give and take, give and take. Rich drives, almost goads, Grace into acting out. Into doing something crazy and just letting loose. Grace gets to show a side of herself that wouldn’t have come out unless Rich had pushed her to reveal it. And then, while she’s up there the complete reverse happens as Rich watches Grace. His face just SHINES with utter joy as he’s seen for the first time a glimpse of who Grace is and what she can do. Like, it’s something that he doesn’t even get from the metal he loves so much.

Sophy says: Omg I know right. His face just lights up. Like, even metal could be better than it already is, with a little Grace in it.

Sophy says: ‘Killing In The Name Of’ which whoa, blast from the past, is playing in the background, and they wind up singing along, all Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!

And it’s interesting. Grace is interesting. Because it all seems rather calculated, and when they’re standing out on the street later, you can see her watching him, checking to see if her little performance has had the desired effect.



Sophy says: You know, one day we’ll actually go to Bristol and I have a horrible feeling we’ll be rather disappointed.

Rin says: That or extremely embarrassed as we trudge around with our pants around our ankles.

Sophy says: Omg. I want Bristol to be ugly forever.

Sophy says: “So?” she asks.

And Rich is a complete dolt and says he’s going to ask out the Angel of Death first thing tomorrow.

OH GRACIE :(( He is but a boy and a fool :( A fool boy :(

Rin says: God, he’s so much worse than Harry Potter.

Sophy says: Rich, true to form, asks the Napalm Death lead singer for advice. “What would you do? Just ask her out, I suppose.” But who is he really talking about?


Sophy says: His dad asks if he’s talking to him, and Rich shoots off a contemptuous “No Kevin.” It’s delightful, because of course his dad is the one he should and will be talking to, and when he gets to that realisation he won’t have to call him Kevin to make a worn-out point.

Kevin reminds his son that it’s his mother’s birthday tomorrow and gives him money to buy her something. Rich, rather than feeling lucky he can spend his own cash on metal, sullenly points out the irony of giving him the money to buy a present.

Listen mate, I know what it’s like, his dad says. And he does. It’s true.

But Rich doesn’t want to hear it.

And this gen is really interesting so far in that the adults actually seem to be the good guys, if anything.

Rin says: The way he said Kevin made me laugh every single time. It was just so patronising. 8-.

I love all the adults so much so far. It’s delightful. And I also really love that the dad never gets angry or high/mighty towards Rich and his attitude, and it’s not because he’s a pushover of a parent. Nowhere near. He just knows his son, and his son is not a bad guy. He’s just caught a bit of that teenage angst and in time he’ll come around and mature and etc etc.

Sophy says: Kevin tries to tell his son he loves him again, but Rich cuts him off, telling him not to fucking say it.

It’s awful and it made me sad… but as Rin mentioned above, Mr Rich is pretty brilliant with the whole water/duck thing when it comes to his teenage son.

Sophy says: Rich strides into the library and introduces himself to the Angel of Death without missing a beat. “Do you want to come out for a drink with me?” he asks.

“No,” she says.

And okay. ;))

He starts to walk away, then turns back, all indignance. “No actually, why not?” he asks.

And then. And then.

“Because I’m too pretty for you. Because you’re weird looking. Because I can smell your pants from here. But mostly because I would rather rim the shit-smeared arsehole of a dead horse with aids than even consider the possibility of touching your wiry, gangrenous, vile, inadequate, half-circumcized, horrifically smelly, pubescent dick. Okay?”

She basically turns out to be a metal girl straight from the valley. A shallow, tragic bitch, who judges others based on their appearance and won’t give him the time of day because of it. Basically this girl is Mini with a dog collar.

Rich? Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your prejudices shattering into little prejudicey pieces.

Rich? RICH?????????

He’s not answering. I think he’s a bit overwhelmed by that torrent of abuse that just came at him.

Rin says: Of course she’s not the absolute girl of his dreams. But that didn’t make it any less freaking amazing when she bust out the slew of insults.

And the whole theme of this particular plot is brilliant and reminds me of the best thing Gina said.

“The people who make us happiest are never the people we expect. So when you find someone, you’ve got to cherish it.”

Sophy says: Omfg. 8-.

Sophy says: Alex’s acting in this scene is wonderful. ALEX’S ACTING IS WONDERFUL ALWAYS.


Rin says: He really really impressed and surprised me by how good he was. I wasn’t expecting to love Rich as much as I do.

Sophy says: He totters off and runs straight into Grace who is in the most ridiculously hilariously awesome interestingly Franky-esque outfit.

Rin says: I love her. I love her. I love her. I love her. /freddies notebook



Sophy says: Grace attempts to ask Rich to come to her ballet recital, and hands him the flier, which is important you guys. He’s not listening though, says he can’t come because “I’ve got my gig, haven’t I?”

There’s something so rude about the construction of that sentence, and the offhand, resentful delivery. Rich is a complete ass in this scene, moreso even than usual, no denying it, but see who wouldn’t be kind of the worst version of themselves after receiving the kind of gangrenous dick speech he just got from the Angel of Death.

Grace runs off and oh, it’s so cute and sad and I feel all teary because damn that must have been embarrassing and hurtful for her – moreso even than some random bitch shooting off a ridiculous tirade at you that clearly smacks more of their own serious issues than anything to do with you.

Alo witnesses this little exchange and is not impressed. “Van. Now.” he tells Rich, because he is Alo and he is fucking awesome.


Part 2

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  1. Mad
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    AAAAAAA gladyou guys think this gen is as MAGICAL as I do. Alex Arnold is ridiculously good. AND OMG YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, HE IS SO STEPHEN MERCHANT AND THE OFFICE AND GAH. The humour this series, it is goddamn good. I remember someone saying the humour in gen 2 was a little forced sometimes, and while I love so much of gen 2(except for a lot of bits of s4…why JB why) I can see it now while watching gen 3. RICH AND GRACE AND ALO AND EVERYONE ARE SO PERFECT. The acting is just really good.

    Basically all your reactions are mine. SO MUCH LOVE. TO EVERYTHING.

  2. Snicky / ixke
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    oh god … The Incest macro with the twins … EPIC ! Katie’s face … just … oh now I won’t stop laughing all day long! :D

  3. Nemesis
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    Aww, I’ve been looking forward to this!
    “Why are we holding hands” has got to be the best thing ever! It’s like he’s asking me to jump into my computer screen yelling “Because it’s Skins, dumbass! There’s a cuteness-contest going on and you’re competing with previous generations that include CASSIE! Just shut up and go with it!”
    Also I love his dad more than Frankie’s dads. And they got married in military uniforms, which is like if a band wanted to compete with… I don’t know, the Rolling Stones, and they turn out to be the Beatles, so they win, because they’re the Beatles. You can’t beat that.
    And can we just agree that Alo/Rich have won the gayest awards already? Because it’s not like Tea was even competing, and Naoms has left Bristol, so it still counts. This whole “gaygaygaygaygay” thing was like… I’m pretty sure I’ve gone to school with these guys. Only WAY less adorable versions of them.
    Grace should get free music, free everything from everyone! Because she’s Grace! Remember when Cassie got money from a NY cab criver after he drove her around for miles and it made sense? Because she was Cassie, and yes, Grace is that awesome! And the only thing that could make me love Rich even more than being such a REAL metal head (my roomate is one of them and he agrees, so I’m safe with that statement) than waking up to “Bodies”, singing with it, being Alo’s friend and being RICH in general, is the way his face lights up when he looks at Grace. It’s like he looks when he hears especially good music, only happier and shinier. It’s like that Mal/Inara smile in Serenity, that’s how OTP those two crazy kids are!

  4. Buckbeak
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    I can’t read the whole recap right now, but guys, THE LAST MACRO HAHAHAHHAHA so many LOLz What a way to start off my day ;)

  5. digga
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    The first few seconds I saw Frankie in this ep I thought she was fencing, (it was the outfit) but no, ping pong. Frankie should definitely fence I think.
    Also, big evil Mini smiles are brilliant. Its like the madder she is the more wattage gets amped into that smile. Done so, so well.
    So do you guys know that you are the embodiment of awesome? WHO THE FUCK ELSE WOULD TURN GRACE IN TO SUSHI!?! WHO ELSE HAS MINDS THAT GO THERE?

  6. anne
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    You’re making me love this episode even more. And it’s not even over. I didn’t know it was possible. Ooh Rophy… 8-> You mad my day! Thanks! :D

  7. TheRealTRXD
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    I love this episode and I love that you love this episode because you love everything that I love we can love together LETS MAKE LOVE!

    As for that street that you recognize, I’m pretty sure thats either the one Katie and Emily were walking down to go shopping or the one Tony and Sid were driving down with Chris’s coffin at the end of Gen 1 :)

    Srsly, call me.

  8. harto
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    BRILLIANT. You guys make my day. I always get so excited when you post! I’m love, love, loving this gen of UK Skins as well. For the most part, I just like the pretend that US Skins doesn’t exist.

    Too many lolz to mention here, but I need to know not to drink things when reading your recaps. First spit-take of this recap was definitely Mini’s perfect “Why don’t you love me? :(”

    You guys are magnificent. Please never change.

  9. Ruth
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    epic recapping guys. just epic.
    I love that even though Rich is so absolutely sure that Grace is useless and a waste of space and could never teach HIM anything about how to live HIS life – when it comes down to asking out the Angel of Death it is all completely Grace; the polite intro she did with Toxic Bob (moar TB soon please), the questions repeated exactly, “what music do you like?”, “what do you do for fun”…
    It’s the classic case of he doesn’t realise that she is exactly right and can teach him a lot… AND THAT’S WHAT MAKES IS SO PERFECT AND SO OTP, OTP, OTP 4EVA!

  10. vOlknoir
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    havent finished reading this but yeah i didnt think i would like rich so much he’s cool and i think they made a good job on this ep. i think the actress that plays grace could do a bit better tho, i love the character dont get me wrong, i just hope she does better in future episodes. as for alo, well u didnt mention this and im a bit surprised that u didnt, but the word gay is not an insult and alo singing it or whatever wasnt cool at all. we dont need that. i understand that this season is all about introducing new character therefore this episode seems a bit isolated from the rest of the gang, let’s hope today’s ep includes more of the characters.

    so far im loving ur recap, macros and adorable comments.

  11. blondie
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    The thing I loved about this episode is how much of a journey Rich went through in such a short time. By being so narrow-minded and stubborn about his metal identity, he actually couldn’t see how hypocritical he was being. Here’s Grace – lovely, sweet, intelligent Gracie – trying to share his world and share hers with him, and he shuts her down at every turn. And yet the stuff she’s trying to share with him is HER identity – just like Rich. You don’t see Grace going around saying “I’m ballet. This is who I am. F*ck off otherwise”. She doesn’t need to. Yet he gives out to anyone and everyone who tries to connect to him.

    And more deliciously, he put the Angel of Death up on such a pedestal – a pedestal he felt HE deserved to be on too – yet she cut him down to size mega quick. Basically, she was just a nastier and more stubborn version of him – it was his front staring him in the face. That’s why I loved how he warmed up so much towards the end…he clearly realised it too. He realized he didn’t need to be such a prick – that people could understand his metal life yet like him at the same time.

    Glad to see Rophy are enjoying Gen 3 as much as I am. Can’t wait for your Mini recap :)

  12. Jess
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    I live in Bristol (Fishponds to be precise) and I don’t think you’d be too disappointed if you visited it, although skins do use it to it’s greatest!!

  13. foreverxkisses
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    Bow-ties are cool.
    So are fezzes.

  14. Rachel
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    The thing I got from this recap, is that you don’t ship Ron and Hermione. THE SHAME

  15. w.
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    Isn’t that the street that Freds was skating down in the opening sequence of Series 3?

  16. Soof
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    Your wish is my command:
    Nothing too fancy, but oh well.

    Great recap. I adore gen 3 so far. <3

  17. J
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    I don’t know the actual street name but in Bristol we call it the triangle (because it forms a triangle with Queens Road and another street). It leads onto Park Street, one of the main streets in Bristol and the street that Freddie was skateboarding down, as well as the one that Katie and Emily were shopping on. I think the streets around there are used a lot in filming, though I don’t know if the triangle in particular has been used before, but that could be why it seems familiar?

    Loved the recap. You should definitely come to Bristol, it is just the right side of scuzzy.

  18. polymorph80
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    blast of the angry metal over the break

    Oh, Skins. When Napalm Death eventually decide to go their separate ways, every article reporting it will begin “Napalm Death, the band who infamously entered the Guinness Book Of Records with the world’s shortest song, the 1.316 second ‘You Suffer’…”. Yep, this has to be the only show in the world that could make something that short still have relevance to the plot (the lyrics – “you suffer, but why?” – sum the situation up perfectly).

  19. Sophie
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    I might be imagining it, but isn’t that road one of the roads that they go down in gen 1 when they have Chris’ coffin on the roof?

  20. ohwowlovely
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    OMG this is one of my fav episodes ever, so much love, bear with me, I may get a bit crazy (er)!!

    I love – the metal soundtrack! The ballet! The acting! (Grace being an actor)

    Because as much as I love my musicals and ballet and acting and theatre (and even studied it all in college) I’m also a bit of a metalhead. So I loved this all so much.

    I am the love child of Grace and Rich!! Now I’ve told you. Now you know.

    Grace is all shades of adorable and cute and fantastic, and Rich is so sarcastic and I love it (I am defintely their love child, I’m convinced!)

    So I’m listening to the Skins series 5 playlist on spotify, and just as I got to the Killing in The Name Of scene, like literally the same second, that song started playing!! Freaky, but good freaky. (And o/t slightly but one of my rockstar’s band members was singing that song on their youtube tv show just a week ago. Have I mentioned yet that I’m willing to marry the whole band…)

    Ahem, anyway. Gen 1 throwbacks I noticed (or made up in my head) Grace-sod off you sod/Sod you sidding idiot!

    Angel of death’s horse arse insult/you horse fuckerer! (Yeah I know Abagial says horse fucker but I like when Michelle says Horse fuckerer it Unseen Skins) yes I’m easily amused.

    The I love her I love her I love her made me think of Cassie shouting at Sid in his room. Michelle, my girl…

    I probably had more to say, but should stop now. Though one last thing, I feel kind of sad looking back at nice Franky before they ruined her in the series that I know you two do not speak of.

    Skins writers, why do you do these things? *shakes head and points bread*

    Oh I’m kind of turned off ever going to Bristol in case I meet Mandeh.

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