Franky — Part 2

Rin says: They all go inside and have cupcakes/muffins, because why not.

Sophy says: When in doubt, have cupcakes/muffins. Skins is making me think again!

Mini cheerfully tells the Mr Franky responsible for the cupcakes that they’re “sex” because she’s hilarious like that.

She takes the blame for making Franky late back from college, saying that she took her out to buy something to wear to her party, and the dads are all OMFG OUR CHILD HAS FRIENDS AND IS GOING TO A PARTY WHY WHY WHY WHAT WHAT WHAT SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE. Well, not in so many words or in so many caps, but you get the idea.

We also get some potentially important info here – Geoff and Jeff have only had Franky for two years, and whilst that’s clearly long enough for her to have bonded quite nicely with them, it also leaves a lot of mystery re: basically the whole of her life. Intriguing.

Sophy says: I love the fact that Franky just stands up and leaves the room for no good reason other than the fact that her anxiety is making her rude again. See Franky isn’t a bad-tempered or unfriendly person naturally. It’s just that this whole situation is so overwhelming and impossible to her, and that strange, ineffable sense of impending doom? Yeah, she’s getting it as much as we are.

Dad the Elder follows her upstairs, and leaves Dad the Younger to Mini’s well-mannered mercies. She tries the old pretend-you-kn0w-the-secret-already thing with him re: that grief back in Oxford, but she doesn’t get terribly far with it. Young Dad, as sweet as he may be, seems to share some of Franky’s anxiety and wariness, and to that I say ‘Gold star, Young dad’! He rushes off to check on dinner/figure out what to say next and then

Rin says: When the Fitzgeralds have left, Mini snoops around and takes a look at the computer history. AS YOU DO.

What she finds is a ‘facebook’ group page which is basically a page for mocking Franky and christ. Is that what kids get up to these days? Thank god I didn’t have Facebook when I was in high school.

Also one of the comments is ‘Window licker’ =)) =)) WHAT =)) GAY AS A WINDOW?

Sophy says: Oh god, this is just horrendous. When I was a kid some other kids took a picture of me in my bathing suit at the top of the flying fox looking terrified and they put it in the school paper as part of a funny caption contest. I was a small devastatingly humiliated thing. This looks like that times a million.

And meanwhile, I’m taking that gold star away from you Young Dad, or whoever it was who can’t fucking clear their history.

Rin says: The pictures are so fucking horrible and oh god Franky, you poor little thing.

Sophy says: I can’t even. It’s so vile :(

There should be some kind of award for the way Grace said ‘Mini… that’s naughty!’ It was just… transcendent.

I also love that when Grace tells Mini this isn’t fair, Mini just goes ‘Yeah, but look at that one!’ It made me laugh so much. And then I felt guilty. 8-.

Rin says: Older dad checks on Franky and calls her bluff when she says she’s using the toilet because he hasn’t heard any, ‘lavatorial what have yous’ and OH GOD, I sincerely hope the rest of Skins stays that way. I think we’ve all had our fair share of lavatorial what have yous on Skins. Yes?

Sophy says: OH CHRIST. SEE AGAIN WITH THE TOILET HUMOUR THAT WORKS. I giggled at this and my heart kind of clenched at it too, because it was so sweet. CLEVER CLOGGS.

And allow me to answer your question in macro form…

Sophy says: I think Naomi says it all.

Rin says: Naomi always says it all. Now I’m just going to stare for a while. And by ‘a while’ I mean all day. 8-.

Rin says: When they go back down Franky hears younger dad telling off the girls for looking at the pictures of Franky. Franky waits for a minute and then barges in with a good ol, ‘WHAT THE FUCK?’

Sophy says: This is so masterfully executed – the way she hesitates at the door as if she’s steadying herself, getting ready to charge in and be outraged instead of afraid.

Rin says: She yells at them and makes them promise that they won’t tell anyone and it’s so desperate and full of hurt and Franky :(( :((

Sophy says: I love how she reverts from fist-shakey to just plain shakey in .02 seconds. And oh, their faces are so innocent, even Mini’s – I believed her for a second there, when she said ever so sincerely that she promised not to tell. And in fact, I still sort of do. I love that with Mini it’s never quite clear where her schemes begin and end. I think at this point it’s possible she was indeed going to keep it to herself – or at least that she didn’t have any grand plans to put posters up all over the school.

Rin says: The girls leave as Franky sits on the stairs and lets out a ‘dicksplash.’ 8-.

Sophy says: haha! I love the way Geoff yells out that only he can call Jeff that. Or is it the other way around? Seriously, writers, the matching names are cute, but awfully inconvenient for someone with the early signs of dementia.

Rin says: Matching names, same bed. <3 Older dad then yells up the stairs at Franky saying, ‘No person is an island.’

Which, okay.

Sophy says: hahahahah OH MY GOD. That movie. So gorgeous. That macro. So gorgeous.

Rin says: Franky gets a text message and it’s from Grace. BECAUSE GRACE IS THE BEST, IF YOU DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW. There are so many X’s, it’s adorbs.

Sophy says: I almost squealed at this part. I mean. Who sends someone a text message just saying they’re awesome? Well, who apart from me and Rin to each other???

Oh I don’t know, there’s just something about this that is so young – possibly all the x’s and exclamation points and ‘tomoz’ and whatnot. So young and so unbearably sweet.

Rin says: Lol omg, I wonder if people will think you’re just being funny or telling the truth. Then again that’s half the fun.

Rin says: The first cap is one of my favourites, the way she’s leaning into the frame, from the perspective of the little world she’s created.

I also love her little singlet. Cute.

Sophy says: Yes, her compromise outfit is adorable. She can come to my party in it any time.

Rin says: SHE’S MAKING A STOP MOTION. Like, if there’s one way you want to make me love you, it’s good stop motion. So thank you Skins for that.

Has anyone seen my pants?

Sophy says: I think Jamie Brittain organized this. He knew about Rin’s trouble with pants and was like ‘Aha! I’ll get her good.

Rin says: I love how they use this as a way for us to get into Franky’s head and her past.

Sophy says: This is the epitome of show-don’t-tell and it is fucking dazzling.

Rin says: As she watches her little wooden doll become hunted, she realises she doesn’t want to be that anymore. That she can change it if she tries. So she puts on the makeup, and she uses her reflection on the monitor as it overlaps the wooden doll face and dsoagjmpaoesrmgpaw. Skins. :-j

Sophy says: Oh oh oh. Skins. The doll, the mirror, the makeup. IDENTITYGASM.


Sophy says: Oh my gosh this episode. That little tiny moment is so perfect. The fact that she says it, the way she says it too. And the way Dad the Younger responds? My heart. He tenderly smooshes her makeup into a smokey heaven Effy Stonem would approve of, and tells her about that time when he was young and trying to make a compromise with the world.

Rin says: DADS :(( Fixing makeup. :((

One of the things I really loved about this moment was Franky SMILING, like, proper smiling. She must have had a shit time growing up, and it’s nice to see glimpses of Franky getting along with her dads, and that maybe her home situation has drastically improved by being adopted by these two. At least there’s one part of her life that isn’t completely screwed up.

Sophy says: I love everything about this scene. So I’m going to go ahead and quote.

“You’ve just been a bit overzealous, that’s all. Here, let me… When I was your age I bought myself a Sergio Tacchini tracksuit and a sovereign ring for every finger.”

“You wore sovereigns?”

“I even had a playboy one. Didn’t get any more shit off the estate after that, but I developed so much testosterone I didn’t know what to do. So I joined the TA.”

Dad the older chimes in lovingly with…

“And when our eyes met across the assault course, he just couldn’t deny me.”

… and it’s glorious. Glorious. Really, not a whisker out of place.

This is what Skins is all about – the smooth-strong overlap of a central theme, and a restrained poignancy hiding in smiles.

Rin says: She walks through school feeling less sure of herself than she should, having put on all that makeup to try and fit in. BUT IT ISN’T RIGHT :(( Well, we get to that part later.

Sophy says: Everyone’s doing that thing where they’re like Fresh meat. Alo is nice and inappropriately WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK about her transformation. Settle down, Alo. It’s not like she just stapled a cement mixer to her clit.


Rin says: We see Nick with all of his jock buddies, and why have we never seen jocks at Roundview prior to this moment? ;))

Sophy says: I’M SO EXCITED FOR JOCKS. OMG. RUGGER JOCKS. NEW TERRITORY. I really like the way Nick smiles at her as she walks past. It’s less predatory than it might have been, and it makes me wonder if Nick is more than just a bitchy jock who does his bitchy girlfriend’s bitchy bidding. And oh of course he is. Skins characters are always more than just.

Rin says: Franky makes her way over to Mini and crew and they love the new Franky. Liv wants her to fuck her and Gracie adds even more gold with, ‘Pretty please with sugar on top.’ =))


Rin says: GANG RAPED BY CLOWNS. Oh Mini. Way to tact.

Sophy says: Yeah, that was… not the nicest thing to say, especially in the context of the epic sexual harassment bordering on assault Franky received back in Oxford. And there was something in the way Mini said it, something in her eyes that meant Oh my God, like, remember that fraping you got?

Sophy says: And that’s why Franky responds so violently – that’s where “Do I look like a bulimic fucking barbie?” comes from.

She senses the threat, and again, it makes her rude. There is so much going on in this conversation that has nothing to do with the actual words said. It’s wonderful.

Franky apologizes immediately and Mini is all :-j but she is nowhere near as convincing about it as the little yellow guy.

She slinks off to whisper in her jock boyfriend’s ear, and I think we can all guess it’s not a sweet nothings moment.

Rin says: This teacher =)) Original punk Charlotte Fucking Bronte =)) JANE EYRE :X:X:X

Sophy says: He is HILARIOUS.

Sophy says:
Just the way he says “No. This! Is my mum. Sandwiched between Dickens and Nabokov.” Absolutely amazing.

And really. This is my ID. Guh.

Rin says: I love this part of the episode so much. Dakota’s delivery is so good, how she fumbles her way through her speech and doesn’t look up at anybody.

Sophy says: Dakota is truly wonderful in this scene. Oh what am I saying, she’s wonderful in all of her scenes. But this… I loved that this was real. That it struggled out of her the way it did. She starts with ‘fuck’, quickly apologizes, the teacher says ‘No. Fuck is good. Fuck is poetic expression for the unsayable soul,’ and she doesn’t seem too convinced, but a second later she sighs out ‘fucking’ anyway. Oh this writing.

And really, it has to be said and it’s best to say these things in gif form so…

It’s okay Skins US. We still have the ring on our finger. JUST TREAT US RIGHT, OKAY? Okay.

Rin says: “I’m not over the moon at being me in the first place.”


Sophy says: I adored the way she said she wasn’t over the moon about being her in the first place. Adored.

And omfg.

Rin says: Will Effy ever stop? She doesn’t even go here anymore ftlog.

Rin says: GRACIE =)) YES WE CAN =)) =))


Rin says: If Gracie ran, I’d totally move to America and register to vote especially. Also in my mind, they’re both just telling each other how much they rock. YES Gracie is that awesome, shes got the president all head in hands over her.


Sophy says: Here comes Nick! He says rugger practice overran “and shit” but I think he might be fibbing. I THINK HE MIGHT BE UP TO SOMETHING.

He and the teacher have an amusing little exchange re: soap and shower gel, and Mini looks like someone just told her she’s going to puppy-cancer prison.

Rin says: Mini, look as remorseful as you want. I don’t give a fuck, what you’re about to do is downright cruel.

Sophy says: It’s really really awful. Funny caption x a million.

Rin says: SERIOUSLYYYYYY. I don’t care what your deal is, this is kind of unforgivable. Even though I know I’ll be forgiving you by the next episode :-. . And I still love Alo and Rich.

Sophy says: I still love Mini. :-? I mean I hate her. But I also love her. :-? But yeah, this was just so wrong and so premeditated which makes it even more wrong.

Alo manages to be sweet whilst telling the unvarnished truth.

“What’s the big joke?”

“You… Franks…”

She turns around and sees the pictures all over the walls… and bolts, hurling some well-deserved ‘Fuck yous’ into the crowd.

Grace and Liv give Mini some equally well-deserved ‘Oh my god you didn’t.’ looks and Mini tries to shrug it off, seems to be faintly trying to pretend it wasn’t down to her. But it’s too late. The bitch is out of the bag.

Rin says: My comment when this scene starts was, ‘Holy shit amazing.’

Sophy says: It just has so much energy. Dakota is brilliant once again, managing to infuse the scene with such passionate rage whilst also giving it a certain sweetness – an almost-sense-of-humour. On top of that it’s absolutely beautifully lit and shot and paced and just… everything is coming together. Magic.

Rin says: I didn’t have many expectations for Dakota before watching this. But she pretty much blew that indifference out of the water, she is so damn good. Especially in this scene. Break downs are always in danger of becoming too over the top, but she plays it perfect here. Just the right amount of anguish 8-.

Sophy says: I had no expectations. I know she’s acted before, but I’d never seen her in anything so it was neither here nor there for me. I was blown away. Absolutely blown afreakingway. I believed every second of her hurt, every little bit of her anger and every little bit of her goodness too.

Rin says: Prior to this, I was ALWAYS looking out for Matty. Seriously. As every second passed I was getting more and more excited for his scene, cause you just knew they were saving it. And HNNNG.

With all that build up, this was in no way a let down for the introduction of Matty. He’s everything I wanted him to be and I AM SO EXCITED for the rest of the season, and seeing how he comes into play with all the other characters.

Sophy says: I adore him. I think he’s one of those love or hate characters, and I can safely say that it’s love for me. Whilst I think the writing in this scene was perfection, I do think that some of the lines are right at the edge of believability and as such are incredibly difficult to pull off without sounding silly or false. Matty came off neither as silly nor as false, and a lot of that is down to Sebastian. He didn’t feel like an ordinary kid trying to be extraordinary. He just was extraordinary. These kinds of characters are the writing and acting equivalent of a soufflé – the Tonys, the Cassies, the Effys, the Cooks, the Pandoras, the JJs, the Mattys – people on the fringes of real. Kudos to Skins for so often getting them so damn right.

Rin says: Matty is mysterious and enigmatic and there’s just this aura about him, his presence. Seb and Dakota, yes and more please.

Sophy says: After watching the episode I said to Rin: “I think Matty is going to be one of those characters that I just violently ship with whoever is in the scene with him at the time.” She wholeheartedly concurred.

I loved the way he walked up to the gun and said Bang. There was something incredibly potent about the combination of her utter distress and his utter calm.

Rin says: GLORIOUS FUCKING HEAD FUCK THING. I just want to hug Sean Buckley for that one.

Sophy says: Absolutely breathtaking. And the way she demurs when he says she’s beautiful, all the pain and all the doubt that tumbles out of her. I just. OH FRANKY. OH MATTY. LOVE.

Rin says: I totally get what Sebastian means when he describes Matty as being this character who affects everyone’s lives without knowing it. Right now he’s giving strength and reassurance to Franky, without even really meaning to. He’s just telling it how he sees it and he doesn’t know what it means to Franky in this moment.

Sophy says: Bullets for bitches. I swear, everything Matty said was incredible.


4 minutes. That’s how long it takes for me to fall in love with a character.

Sophy says:

Rin says: Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Manip my head onto anything and I love it, but in this context and and and IMAY.. :(( it’s so beautiful Sophy. As soon as our eyes….

Sophy says: I thought you might like it 8-.


Sophy says: Please. You could kiss her for breathing.

Rin says: And this is why I continue to gush over Grace. She doesn’t care about all of that appearance bullshit. She likes Franky and likes hanging out with her, and that’s all that should matter, even if no one else thinks so.

Sophy says: I love that Grace just shows up in her room, it’s so Cassie of her. 8-.

And yeah, the fact that she’s coming to apologize, to try to patch things up even if she’s not the one who really can or should have to? There’s a lovely continuity to Grace in this episode. She’s always patching – interrupting tense moments with a silly story, taking Franky by the hand, running up to Mini when she’s all alone, sending the text after they leave Franky’s house… now this. She’s a beautifully constructed character and a beautiful person.

Also I really love her posh voice. The way she says “Frankeh”. Aw.

Rin says: Franky takes a moment to think about what she should do, even consulting her wooden doll. And this is when Franky becomes a heroine and we cheer for her. SHOW THOSE FUCKERS, we screamed as we rallied behind her. She should probably get dressed first… :-?


Rin says: See it came back! The jacket covering the mirror is taken off as Franky is ready to face herself and JUST BE. She gives herself a little pep talk and she’s ready!

Sophy says: ;gjlsdkgjldkgj. The attention to detail in this episode. It’s just fucking dazzling.

Sophy says: haha! Burning the dress! Go Franky Badass!

Rin says: Um that street? Pantless.

Rin says: Oh Alo and Rich. Those two and their antics :-j

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAH THEY’RE SO LAME AND ADORABLE. I love how easily the bouncer sends them packing. For some reason in this scene they really reminded me of Darren Lamb and Barry from Eastenders – which they should take as a compliment of the highest order.

Rin says: LOL at Alo saying he’d go gay for Franky.

Sophy says: The funny thing with Alo is that he seems to be so innately good-natured that he can get away with saying almost anything – or at least that’s the vibe I’m getting so far. Because if we just look at the words on their own, that was not a nice thing to say, but Alo has such a niceness about him that you completely buy that it’s a slip of the tongue, a pure blockhead moment, and the only censure he needs is Rich to tell him “She’s a girl, you dick.”

Also he wins all my love forever and ever for saying what he says next.

“You alright, littlun?”


Rin says: Littlun is so cute. Sophy, add ‘littlun’ to the list of fake friends you have to make me out of Pipecleaners.

The bouncer tells Franky she’ll “look like a nun at a brothel in there.” That’s me at every night out!

Sophy says: Franky ignores the nun/brothel talk and strides into the party, head held high, ready to face her fear, ready to refuse to back down and disappear.

Rin says: MINI. HAS. A. BRAID.


Two strikes.

Sophy says: I can’t believe you’re letting her get away with this. You must really like this bitch.

And okay wait a minute WHAT is going on with Nick and his rugger mates. What are they. Why. How. I don’t. Something must be done about this.


Sophy says: I don’t even. What. Just.

So anyway. Franky faces up to Mini. She says she won’t leave – “I don’t want to. No. I’m staying. I’m not going anywhere.”

She stutters a little, but it’s still impressive. A little too impressive for Mini, who is about to launch into a tirade of abuse when Franky just cuts to the chase and does it for her.

“Cuntless, dyke-like, nobody, stutter-fucker, spacko, lameo, shit-headed wanker-magnet, oliver twisted, thimble-titted, loser loner fugly bastard!

It’s absolutely breathtaking. My breath was took. For real. Can I just say how resentful this makes me of all the accolades Glee received for its homophobic bullying storyline? I love Chris Colfer as much as the next person, but I can recognize that I would not even have been feeling a twinge of emotion if it weren’t for his face. The story itself was – sorry is – such utter shit. Completely awkward, heavy-handed, after school special shit.

This, Glee, is how you do a homophobic bullying storyline – that is if you want it to be real, resonant and genuinely inspiring.

And I think it’s kind of brilliant that they managed to say so much about homophobia without actually giving us the least hint as to whether Franky is actually even gay or not. The silence on that issue is deafening. DEAFENINGLY GENIUS.

Rin says: Franky you are awesome. Your plethora of insults is awesome. Glee, no cookies for you. And I agree, the ambiguity of sexuality is awesomely played. They’re still young.

Rin says: “I think you’re great. A billion miles better than this… this bollocks place. And I really feel that we could be mates. Fucking awesome mates.”

Just. The way she opens herself up to them, puts it all out there. There hasn’t been a braver person since Emily Fitch. Fer srs.

And I love how her speeches aren’t perfect or profound, they’re just the straight-up truth about what she wants. What she feels.

Sophy says: And oh my goodness, her bravery and truth is just beautiful. Beautiful. “Fucking awesome mates.” I can’t even. The way she puts herself out there despite everything… My heart was absolutely going to break if it weren’t for a certain little black-haired girl and her two bottles of champagne, and I think Franky’s might have too, and I think absolutely she knew it, but she wasn’t going to run away or hide. She wasn’t even going to take refuge in pretending she doesn’t give a shit.


Rin says: Omg, I’d read this every night. Can we make up our own commandments too? If so, may I suggest Sundays be Pie Day? No church, just bake and eat pies. American dessert pies, that is.

Sophy says: Pie motion, seconded. Annnnd passed.

Rin says: Liv. Spineless. 8-)


Rin says: The impression I’m getting off Mini is that she sees a bit of herself in Franky, and I’m not totally sure why I feel that way. It’s not like I’m secretly hoping Mini’s gay or something, cause I’m really not. Just the way Mini looks at Franky, there’s resentment mixed with a little bit of self-loathing and it’s an interesting cocktail. Needs moar.

By the way, Frankenstein is the best nickname ever. I mean… it would be if used in an endearing way.

Sophy says: I completely agree with you – the expression on her face right after she gets all up in Franky’s business and yells ‘Now get the fuck out of my party!’ is pure panic. I’m really excited to find out all the places that is coming from. On the whole gay front, I do think it’s interesting that when Franky leaves, Mini mumbles something about how “lezzers” are like “shit on her fucking stilettos”. That’s some quality homophobia you’ve got going on there, Mins. Not going to make any assumptions at this point, but I can’t help but idly wonder if someone’s worried her own sexuality might destroy her image – the identity she’s trying to choose, if you will.



Rin says: JFC!! All she wanted to do was bop along! You dont know Franky, she might have just quietly gone home after the song was over. Then again….the chart has never been wrong thus far. :(

Sophy says: “Where the fuck is grace?” Mini asks, and oh! Oh! I KNOW WHERE, I KNOW WHERE!

Rin says: GRACIE! With two bottles of champagne! She should always be holding champagne.

Sophy says: Grace/champagne bottles is without a doubt one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life.

Rin says: KIDNAPPING. I LOVE THIS SO HARD. Even though I fucking hate clowns and that mask is creeping me out.

Sophy says: I’m not sure the clown mask was the most sensitive choice given the whole ‘gang-raped by clowns’ remark but oh well. Beggars can’t be chooses.

I also love that Franky drops the gun in the mailbox – she’s all Send this useless hurt elsewhere.

Rin says: Pretty beach. And having a beach in Skins will never not remind me of S2 Skins.

Sophy says: I know right! It took me right back. And I love the sense of freedom the sight of the ocean lends to this next scene.

Rin says: WELCOME TO BRISTOL! The welcome that Franky should have had in the first place, and the lights! OH GOD THE LIGHTS!

Sophy says: This is my favourite place. It’s so simple but so heartfelt.

Rin says: CHEERS! You fuckers. Omg so cute. I love this foursome. Be foursome forever, mmkay?


Rin says: When they started jumping into the pool the only thing I could think of was Heather Hogan and her whole spiel about water and baptism etc. We had Naomi and Emily ‘jump in’ and Effy too, and all the gen 1 kids, Tony in s2… it is a bit of a theme isn’t it?

Sophy says: It sure is, and it’s a damn fitting one.

See this is Franky’s initiation. This is an initiation for the four of them. This is where it all really starts.

And oh my god, the song that starts playing. British Sea Power – Waving Flags. It is all youth and nostalgia. Played alone it can make me tear and gear up and pine for my past and flush at the future. In conjunction for this scene, which is all about endings and beginnings, all about the Fuck You Alls and the New Starts… it’s almost overwhelmingly in its emotional power.

Rin says: Franky peels back layer after layer and you don’t need me to really spell out the metaphor for that here, do you?

Sophy says: I love the fact that she doesn’t strip down as much as she could though. Because she doesn’t have to, you know? With these kids it’s enough to be herself, even if being herself means hiding some.

Rin says: She dives in and hello, amazingly cute and lovely friendships are formed.

Sophy says: Right. Friendships are formed and genitals are seen. OH ALO. Of course you’re completely naked. That’s just who he is, after all. Absolute, unabashed honesty. What you see is what you get.

Rin says: They splash about and play and have fun and JUST BE.

Sophy says: Grace spits water at Franky because she is adorable.

Rin says: The last shot is Franky laughing and JFC it couldn’t end more perfectly.

I loved loved loved this episode. It was fucking amazing, and it did one hell of a job introducing all the characters (except for maybe Nick who I’m sure we’ll see more of later). I have to say, I had a blast watching this episode and found myself already becoming really invested in these kids. I loved that they could get me to feel for them so early on, and seriously Skins. You’re getting good at that.

And I don’t say this lightly, believe me, but this was far and beyond the best gen opener out of the 3 that we’ve had. I was completely engaged throughout the entire episode, surprised even myself by how much I was laughing and just enjoying the episode. It had great pacing too, which is something Skins struggles with here and there. Overall just, big fucking gold star from me. I find myself willing the week to just fly by so I can have my next episode.

Sophy says: Oh that laugh, the way it bubbles up out of her in time with the surge in the music and that’s it, we’re done, that’s all we need. Absolute perfection.

And alright, okay, this is how I feel.

*deep hyperventilatey breath*

This episode was basically perfect in my eyes.

I am an extremely nitpicky person. Many is the time someone has rolled their eyes at me and remarked that I’m incapable of just enjoying things without pulling them apart and jamming my finger into their wounds and stuff.

Um. So I pulled this apart, over and over, and I just came up with wonderful every time.

Plot, dialogue, music, style, pacing, acting, everything worked, and it worked together. That’s why this one of those episodes you almost have difficulty talking about. Because… what’s the phrase? It’s like dancing about architecture? The reason this episode works is the same reason there’s no point in reading poetry that’s been “translated”. The only way to really tell someone why this is so good is to make them watch it – there’s nothing I can do to condense it, there are no words that will put it better than it puts itself.

The bottom line is that I love these kids already. The only ones I don’t feel particularly connected to are Liv and Nick and I’m sure that’s a matter of ‘not yet’, seeing as how they were on the backburner somewhat in this episode. I love Grace. I love Mini. I love Rich and Alo. I love Matty.

I love Franky dearly and I honestly didn’t expect to. When I saw the promo pics for her character I found myself scoffing at her outfit and thinking ‘Oh geez, here comes Awkward Hipster.’ I expected her to be something of an insufferable cliche. I expected her to be what Mini wants to pretend she is.

But she’s not. She’s not that at all. I’m not quite sure exactly what she is, but then neither is she, so we’re even. All I know is that she’s 100% genuine and I’m 100% in her corner.

Genuine. I think that’s the word – the one that means all of how I feel about this gen so far. See, initially,at least, gen 2 came off as far less real to me than gen 1 did. Pandora, JJ and Cook, love them or hate them, were all larger than lifers. The twins, too, were pretty in your face, identical-but-not-the-same anime dolls that they were. Naomi, even, with her shocking blonde hair and her icy blue eyes, and Freddie, a vision of lean, tanned gorgeous, riding into town on his white horse skateboard. And then there was Effy, who had grown up into something utterly stunning and Mysterious, note the capital M.

It was all a bit too slick and not quite real enough. And of course, those characters had depth – serious plummetty depth. In true Skins style, they were all cliches and hey, wait, absolutely not cliches. But that didn’t quite get across in the first episode the way it does here. In fact, that didn’t quite get across in the first episode of gen 1 the way it does here.

This episode… it wasn’t about buying drugs and crashing parties. It wasn’t about naughty checklists and sex in the school nurse’s office. It was about friendship and bravery and…

Oh. It had heart.

Rin and I didn’t think we’d feel this way. Really we didn’t. I’m a gen 1 stan, Rin’s a gen 2 stan – whilst we were putting on a brave face, we were prepared to be sulky and resentful for at least the first three eps. And yet.

It’s not over till somebody gets beaten to death by an errant bat, but I can’t help but be optimistic when they open the gen with an episode I’d happily rank in my top ten Skins episodes of all time.

And I just want to write a quick love letter to Sean Buckley. Dear Sean Buckley, I’ve loved you from the moment I saw your first episode. I think it was 405.

And now I’d like to write a quick thank you note to everyone who was in the writers’ room when this third set of fresh and delicious characters were created. There. Done.

So I guess it’s safe to say Rophy loved this episode, like fierce.

However, I have heard that the reviews have been mixed…

Sophy says: I guess Mandeh just isn’t as enamored of the whole not-telling thing as I am. :(

Rin says: Sneer. And sneer.

Rin says: NEXT TIME. RICH!!!! I’m glad that they chose to do someone on the other side, seeing as we had a lot of mini and crew last ep, so focusing on Rich seems like a good idea. BALANCE!

Can’t wait to see what it’s about 8-. And I have to say he wasn’t one of the characters I was most excited about going into this, but after having such a good first ep…well, I feel like they can’t go wrong. (Watch out self, remember how you felt during eps 2-5 of s4??)

Sophy says: My hopes are so high. I’m not even going to try to pull them down.

So excited for Rich’s episode. I think it could be a really interesting follow up to Franky’s seeing as how he’s the other unusually dressed character – the other person engaging in some kind of outwardly visible quest for identity. Skins, is the whiteboard question going to be with us for the rest of the series? Please say yes.


Sophy says: sf;lkdjklsdfj. I defy anyone to watch that promo and not be bouncing in their seat.


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  1. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply


    you GEN 2 references are the best !!! cracks me up !

  2. whiplash-girlchild
    whiplash-girlchild at · Reply

    Loved it so much. The episode. The re-cap. Oh, life. To quoth Rophy, “Needs more.” Always, ever. “Needs moar.” :D

  3. bridget
    bridget at · Reply

    Anyone know what Franky’s necklace says? (The one she wears the day she has makeup on at college.)

  4. abcmouse
    abcmouse at · Reply

    Re: The rugger group dance in the club. They being ruggers, they are imitating the NZ All Black’s hallmark pre-game ceremonial dance. Ex:

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAH OH! Nice one abcmouse! Thanks for that.

  5. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    Reading these things makes me happy to know I’m not the only one who is ambiguous about Mini and her bitchiness. The most interesting thing about Mini, to me, is how scared she is of Franky. I said this to my friend the only day and she goes “Are you JOKING?! Franky should be scared of Mini not the other way around” and I broke it down for her.

    Mini is firmly established as the HBIC with the two LOL BESTIES 4 LYFE! and the fit rugby boyfriend (how much money do you want to bet he’s captain?) and the swanky parties. But watch her face. Seriously, in every scene with Franky just watch her face. Freya is really very good at showing emotions. Mini is not a bitch to Franky for no reason. Mini is scared of Franky. Mini needs two things: control and image. She can control Liv and Grace because she has done for years. She can obviously control Nick and get him to do anything she wants. She can even control Rich and Alo to an extent by not allowing them into her party and calling them names (“Cowshit and bullshit, fuck off now”). But she can’t control Franky. And THAT is terrifying, to Mini.

    And in Rich’s episode too! When she finds Franky and Alo and Rich with Grace, she gets very defensively snarky. Maybe because she doesn’t want to see Grace hang out with them and maybe because she’s just used to their little Unholy Trio being the way it is, but probably because she hates being in the same room with Franky. She feels herself losing control. Losing her image. And when says “I can’t tell you who to hang out with” and Franky says “No, you can’t”? Mini went from just snarky to sweetly venomous so fast it made me dizzy. So yes, Mini is afraid of Franky. (I had my friend convinced before I even got into Rich’s episode, and that’s BEFORE I started getting into how I’m almost positive Mini is gay which I’m not even going to get into right now cause I’ve already been rambling for, like, two paragraphs.)

    TL; DR

  6. Hallie
    Hallie at · Reply

    so i adore heather hogan’s skins recaps over at afterellen, and since she can’t stop talking about you guys i figured i should check it out. SO GLAD. i laughed so much! you have the same magic she does. skins is good by itself, but with you it’s amazing, transcendent Story. thank you thank you!

  7. Monica
    Monica at · Reply

    I loved this. All of this. :)

  8. Priscilla
    Priscilla at · Reply

    I don’t know how I don’t know when but I’m soooo glad I came across this awesome recap! I was quite apprehensive when I had a first look at the gen 3 characters, many interesting but I wasn’t too sure how they would play out. I wasn’t the biggest fan of gen 2, everything was kind of unreal like you said and so I was afraid gen 3 would continue on like that. How pleasantly surprised was I after watching the first ep! The cast brought out elements of the first gen that I dearly missed and reading your recap just brought me back thr over and over. Going to read the next few recaps now!! Looking forward to more awesomeness from the show and your recaps

  9. sach1
    sach1 at · Reply

    OMG, Franky’s house is Naomi’s House in season 4. The structure (stairs, sala, Franky’s room where Emily cried and Katie hugged her)
    The 1st time I saw the place…it was complete Nostalgia. Now that I saw the scene more via pics the more I felt sentimental. awww.

    Btw I love Frankie and Grace, they are so adorable..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    1. Ylva
      Ylva at · Reply

      well it certainly reminded me of Naomi’s house when Grace sat waiting for Franky in her room, like Emily for Naomi in 306, in that same honest, brave, supportive way they both have!

  10. jane
    jane at · Reply

    hey, loving the breakdown of Skins, you analyse it really well. I am also loving this gen a lot more than I thought, i think even more than 2nd gen :O

    just a quick note – rugby boiiis do act like that – that dancing routine thing? spot on. puke-worthy, and spot on.

  11. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    I agree with you guys. This has been the best opening episode, for me. It’s not just introducing them and their characters and their escapades. I mean, don’t get me wrong. “I’m Pandora, I’m useless.” is great. And the checklist? Pretty darn funny. But this episode, it was like a poem. It was beautiful all over, scenery, characters, music, it was like the movie you go see in the theater and just sit in your seat, astounded once it’s over. And Skins has had times like this before. (Hello, catflap scene. Lake scene. Trampoline scene). But as a generation opener? And for the FULL hour? Stunning.

    On a side note, when Franky is undressing to jump in the pool, she’s wearing striped brief-type underwear. I think the Skins people read Rophy, and I think Mandeh should have had a better look, because hey, the underwear doesn’t lie

  12. Ylva
    Ylva at · Reply

    wow!!! this was by far the best gen opener, I agree with you that the characters felt more real from the start, and the comical balance was so much better than the ridiqulous over-the -top toilet-based humour thats been soo frequent in earlier seasons. I remember just feeling blah about the guys smoking spliff and being douchebags and the teachers being ridiqulous morons in the gen 2 opener, allthough I look back at it fondly now …
    I approached this ep very suspisiously, since gen 2 was pretty much the TV highlight of my life thanks mainly to certain adorable girls, but since there were rophy recaps to be read I couldn´t resist any more. and honestly new skins, I´ve loved you from the first time I saw you! I think it was the credits. and it just kept on being magnificent! I just adooore Franky! and Grace, obvously. and Liv cause she reminded me of Jal somehow, just her face. And the van-boys are so adorbs. I do hate Minni so far, but the character seems so well written and interesting that I’m sure I’ll end up liking her, much like Cook.
    Keep it up skins!
    obvously, the recap was as brilliant as allways!

  13. Abbey
    Abbey at · Reply

    You never fail to make me laugh. I’ve seen all the recaps of Skins so far except for this one, and I finally learned how to post comments… Anyway, I’m about to watch your Glee recaps after this to get more Rophy, because I wasn’t a big fan of Glee anyway, but as long as I get more laughs :). Hope you’re recapping season 7!

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