Franky — Part 1

Omg you guys. It’s a new generation of Skins. It’s the first generation that Rophy have ever had the pleasure of ushering in.

Ushering in 5, 4, 3, 2…

Rin says: TITLES!!!!!!!! So gorgeous as per usual. And yes, pants dropped already.

Sophy says: Naked legs, absolutely. And in terms of the music, I find that as with the US titles, the lack of ding ding ding, ding, ding! cleaves at my heart, but I still love this new mix a lot – very lush, somewhat waterfallish.

Rin says: As long as you don’t start chasing it.



Rin says: I just…the colours and the contrast. They reel me in every time.

Sophy says: Seriously, Alo’s outfit is just a triumph of wardrobe. A fucking triumph. The colours with his hair and skin, which, in turn, with the red and yellow and deep sea green on the cars. Stunning.

Sophy says: Oh my god so. Somewhere around the Franky/Grace out-door-afternoon-booze-party mark I was ready to pass out.

Rin says: Mini just kisses everyone, doesn’t she?

Their little beer party outside is just, the cutest thing. And how Franky is crouched on the chair instead of just plain sitting. I just love the little quirks.


Rin says: The shot of them all laying on the bed, smoking a joint reminds me so fondly of S4 titles.

Sophy says: The actual show needed more of that action. Those titles could be such teases.

Also, the shot of Mini’s feet kills me. And the little cut-out birds on the group scene are immediately making me think of the final titles shot of Franky with arms outstretched.

Sophy says: Look! Kids on a rooftop! Nothing says Skins like.

Rin says: I love that shot of Franky wearing that hat. It’s so cuuuuuute and fun and, oh this gen. They’re already really growing on me.

Also, that top right cap makes me really want to ship Mini/Franky.

Rin says: Franky’s episode! Love her standing in the breeze with her arms outstretched. Soaringggggg.

Sophy says: SHE’S A BIRD! SHE’S A PLANE! No, I think she’s just a bird. Airplanes are rather bulky and she is a small thing.

I love that she’s at the beach – I’m thinking the very same beach Grace and the boys take her to at the end of this episode. I find the sense of freedom and exhilaration in this image very fitting, because Franky may be a deeply wounded person, but she still has a certain vitality about her. She creates. She’s a creator. And she has the strength of heart to reach out to those around her even when it’s terrifying – even when it seems hopeless.

And that is why I love her. That and everything else about her also.

Rin says: Here we go, you guys. Our new generation. /approaches with mild trepidation

Sophy says: I had so much trepidation. Not quite as much as with US Skins but still. I had to keep reminding myself that I never thought I’d love again after gen 1. “You are fickle, Sophy!” was my soothing chant.

Rin says: FRANKY. EYES. FRANKY EYES. This opening shot takes me right back to 101 with Tony’s eyes, lying in bed, awake before their alarm even goes off.

Sophy says: Oh this is SO TONY. And to think, she does a little homage to Freds’ gen opener in a few minutes too. Such reverence, Franky! I’m impressed.

Rin says: And once again, the music of Skins is already amazing. It pairs the footage of Franky perfectly, and it feels like we’re already learning things about Franky purely through the music.

Sophy says: The song is ‘Be Brave’ by The Strange Boys, and it’s wonderfully fitting for this strange girl, with its vintage feel, and its mix of angst and attitude.

And hey, wait a minute. WAIT JUST A FUCKING MINUTE.


I’m going to go ahead and take that as a reference.

And really, could the sentiment be more perfect for Franky, as she heads off to school for the first day of her new start? It’s perfect, and yet, seeing as the vocal style makes the lyrics near indecipherable, it’s not obvious. You have to look for the Oh snap, but it’s there if you do. And that’s what’s so brilliant about Skins and its music – it’s captivating but never distracting. It lifts the scene up, rather than bogging it down.

I notice this in particular in comparison to shows like The Vampire Diaries, where at least twice per episode there’s a waily voice moaning about you know, love, if the characters are in love, or doors, if the characters are standing near one, and you know, “She cries alone” if someone female is crying alone. Seriously, I shudder to think what the VD music department would do if the writers threw ‘Elena eats a banana’ into a romantic scene. There aren’t that many fruit-based love songs out there that I know of.

Rin says: BE BRAVE. Can’t. Escape. Crushing. Nostalgia.

Skins music is always fantastic, and I’m so glad they kept on Kyle Lynd. He did some amazing stuff for S4 and if this episode was anything to go by, we better ready up our playlists to include a whole new batch of Skins music.

Sophy says: Hi Kyle! Hope you are enjoying your Ropher awards. Well deserved. :)

Rin says: Okay, those headphones are amazing. WTB.

Sophy says: They are large and in charge. My friend used to have a pair of those around his neck at all times except when they were on his ears. I used to laugh at him, Rin, just FYI.

Rin says: You also used to have friends, Sophy, just FYI.

It’s not so much the largeness of the headphones that I love, it’s the cording. And the size of these babies have nothing on Cadie’s. It’s a trendy headphones war and I don’t want to be caught in the middle. :((

Rin says: I love that she covers her reflection with her jacket, and how it comes to play later in the episode. Really nice touch.

Sophy says: Yes omg! And her mirror is amazing too, with the black squares and the reflection of the Vertigo poster. Oh Skins, you and your mood-setting, I can’t even!!!!!!!!

Rin says: OMFG a little crafty set with a wooden doll and everything. Oh Franky, I think we’re going to get along just fine.

Sophy says: I like that she talks to her doll. It makes me feel so normal.

Rin says: :O :O DADS. I love how Skins never feels like it’s ‘presenting’ you with things. Like, OH LOOK, HERE’S TWO GAY DADS. HUH? HUH?? :D It’s just seamless. She has two dads, and they make nothing of it.

Sophy says: Serrano and reblochon sandwich! I love the gay dads, Geoff and Jeff. As Rin says they were introduced without any fanfare to them at all, and the actors and characters continue to be note perfect throughout the episode. They’re sweetly comical, but not overdone to the point where you can’t take them seriously. And they are both so damned familiar and oh hey wait, the elder is freaking John Sessions, and the younger was on The Bill, so.

Omg. I can’t believe my dream to be on The Bill is officially dead. :-.

Rin says: lol omfg, the older one wearing a tshirt under the wifebeater. I love the dads already, they seem so sweet and caring.

Sophy says: Yes, yes, yes. And really, that’s quite a departure for Skins, isn’t it?

Rin says: LOL omg. Cam/Mitch, you’ll always be my favourite gay dads ♥ ! But yes, Franky’s parents >>> Rachel’s non-existing ones.

Sophy says: SUCK IT GLEE. Rachel, I still love you.

Rin says: OH BRISTOL. It’s so nice to have you in my life again. I’ve missed you, have you lost weight??? :((

Sophy says: Is Freddie’s shed round one of those slim leafy corners??? :((

Rin says: The map drawn onto her hands, and how she holds them together to get the full picture. Just, omfg Skins. Like. Yes. YOU MAY STAY FOREVER IN MY LIFE, I’LL ALLOW IT. :(( There is always just something that they do, and it’s always little, but I adore them for it. So much. And look what’s written above the map, ‘Fuck it!’ …Skins. /shakes head and weeps gently. AND the letters written on her fingertips, I puzzled over them for a little bit until I realised, if she intertwined her fingers it’d spell Franky!


Sophy says: OH FRANKY. Kindred. I find the hand-map adorable and not just because I identify with it.

And seriously, Fuck it just made my heart seize up like nobody’s business. Amazing how such a banal and oft-used phrase has come to be irrevocably associated with one particular character for me.

Sophy says: So Franky gets bullied by some kids who are all ‘Oh my god’ and loudly asking each other whether that’s a “batty or a lezzer,” batty being British slang for a male homosexual, and lezzer, well, you probably got that one.

Rin says: What is up with Bristol and their child gangs? SERIOUSLY? I’m starting to think I never want to visit Bristol because I would get bullied by people 10 years younger than me.

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAAHH ME TOO. Although the whole of the human race is a minimum of 10 years younger than me, so.

I loved that this was such a throw-back to Gay-Jay and his tormentors in series 3. Too bad Franky didn’t have a lollipop handy. But she did okay with her fist. Or her shoulder. Or her cheek. Whatever it was.

“You just got dropped by a batty lezzer!” exclaims one of the gang of homophobic children. “Come on boys, let’s get ‘er,” says the other. Annnnnd they’re off.

Rin says: OMG GRANNY SCOOTER. LOL. Man that thing has some serious horse power. Vrmm Vrmm.


Normally this kind of thing pisses me off, but it’s Skins, and sometimes Skins just does ridiculous with such understated panache that I can’t help with go with it. I mean, this is absurd. I recognize that. And yet, I’m buying it, and I think a lot of that is to do with the awkward and sincere way Dakota is selling it.

Rin says: The way this was shot/edited strongly reminded me of Tony and Sid in the little red car, with the coffin on top. Oh lordy.

Sophy says: Yes, yes! I mean, I know they’re similar scenes, but still, I was wondering why this reminded me so much of that scene in particular – must be something in the way it was shot. And also Alo and Rich making me think of our original BFFs.

Rin says: I spy Alo and Rich in the infamous van! It’s a lot bigger than I had envisioned, I approve. Maybe they’ll get the gang together and solve mysteries in it.

Sophy says: Omg, Alo totally already reminds me of Shaggy. I can’t wait for Cook to show up in a balaclava.

Rin says: She rides all the way into Roundview on her scooter… wait, I think I’ve seen something like this before.

Rin says: Next time gadget!!!! Next time!!!!!!!!!

Sophy says: Never give up, Franky!

Rin says: Omfg Franky <33 Let’s hope you crash into things more often.

Sophy says: Maybe it will be her ~thing.

Rin says: I got giddy with excitement as I saw a bunch of our generation standing in a group together. Because of all the promo, it made me feel like I was seeing some long lost relatives or something.. like I had known of these guys for years but only now I’ve had the chance to meet them. I like how they’re all together too, like it’s already clearly established that they’re all friends.

Sophy says: I love Mini’s nailpolish. And her teary flustered hand flapping.

And yes, group shot <3 All of their faces are perfect too, especially Grace’s.


Rin says: Guh, poor Franky. No one wants to crash a granny scooter into a bicycle rank on their first day at a new school. No one!

Sophy says: Or, you know, no one wants to crash a granny scooter into a bicycle rank ever. Except maybe those jackasses from Jackass.

Rin says: This is Mini, she’ll be taking care of all your HBIC needs for this generation.

Sophy says: Gosh, I love Mini. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Freya plays the role with such vigor and nuance. Both her first line and its delivery were utterly perfect.

“Has the circus come to town, or what?”

It’s right up there with the brilliance of “Welcome to the OC, bitch.”

There is not a trace of irony in my fingers as I type that. Don’t start with me.

Rin says: Leave now..AND NEVER COME BACK!!!

Sophy says: ATTA GIRL MINI. Start as you mean to go on.

Rin says: DOUG! Oh if there was ever a staple of Skins, it’s you. Francesca Fitzgerald. I like your full name Franky, I approve.

Sophy says: OH DOUG. I feel as though I haven’t seen you in years, seeing as how you spent basically all of gen 2 being over the top and cringe-worthy. But now, here you are, quite your old self again!

Sophy says: I loved his little “contribution” and the fact that he immediately began humming the tune.

Franky, my dear, I don’t give a damn!

OH DOUG. And not a fart or a megaphone in sight.

Rin says: I loved that line. So much. Like, I wish I had a friend called Franky so I could use it on them the next time I see them.

Sophy says: I’LL MAKE YOU A FRIEND CALLED FRANKY. Out of pipecleaners.

Rin says: The shirt is officially this generation’s Friends reference.

Sophy says: GET IT, ANISTON.

Rin says: I have to say I adore Doug in this scene. He’s wittier than normal, and not so in the face as he sometimes is. I love that he’s humming the ‘relax’ song all throughout as well, so chirpy too.

Sophy says: This is the Doug I love. Cute and ridiculous, but not to the point where I want to throw up.

Rin says: I can totally relate to not having your ‘kit’ (we just call them sports/PE uniforms, okay?) when you’re at a new school. One time I was in a 100m hurdles race (stfu) at the athletics carnival (at a new school) and I didn’t have my proper uniform and I felt like the biggest loser in all the lands. 8-.

Sophy says: I was always forgetting my PE uniform. And this one time in grade 5 I showed up in my uniform on a free dress day, omg it was so humiliating. I skipped assembly and hid in the music rooms, which might have been fine except I got distracted and started messing around on the piano and totally missed the whole of first period.

My teacher made me stand in front of the class and apologize to my peers. In my uniform of course. I cried.

Rin says: Okay, your experience was way more traumatic.

Sophy says: Um so. Why is that girl in the extremely straight underwear trying to be Naomi? There is only one platinum goddess, bitch!

Rin says: What a nice way to welcome Franky into a new school. Hey Franky, meet everybody in their underwear and oh! Strip off too, won’t you?

Sophy says: AHAHAHAHAH. Seriously, this is the school Emily wanted to go to in 301. Except not because there’s no Naomi as Sophia has so bitterly found.

I really do love that PE is Franky’s first period at her new school, talk about a baptism of fire. NAKED GIRL FIRE.

Sophy says: I kind of want to cough and splutter just looking at that. And I love the symbolism of it; how even before Mini knows Franky is there, she’s already on the attack.

Rin says: “Are you in fancy dress or is that, like, an actual choice?” Omfg Mini, you’re so harsh, but I can’t help but love it?

Sophy says: I loved this line so much. It could have come off as such an ‘I’m the bitch’ cliche with the wrong delivery, but apparently there is no such thing as wrong delivery in this episode. Freya was perfect; fhe way she approached Franky with that kind of faux politeness, a smile that could have been friendly and might have been mocking.

Excuse me, she says. And then she asks her question so nicely that it’s nails on a chalkboard.

Rin says: Her bike pant-like undies =)) What even Franky. It’s okay, I still love you.

Sophy says: I love her more for her bike pant-like undies.

Rin says: I love that she calls Franky a stud, like, I love how the dialogue is playing off her appearance and persona, but it’s still not coming off as overly malicious.

Sophy says: The thing with Mini is that she’s cutting and playful at the same time; you never quite know what she’s going for. Still, from Franky’s perspective, I think that had to hurt.

Rin says: You never know. She could have strutted right out of those change rooms with a smirk on her face.




Sophy says: He’s a slippery little bastard, that JJ. Poor Soph :(

Rin says: Okay I am in love with this song already. It’s Jay Jay Pistolet – Bags of Gold.

Sophy says: LOVE LOVE LOVE. The second I saw this scene and heard this song I went straight to a neighbouring county of that magical land I went to when I first bought Tigermilk by Belle and Sebastian. I never want to leave. 8-.

Rin says: When we were talking about this scene, Sophy referred to it as ‘lezzer gold.’

I couldn’t get this image out of my head.

Sophy says: You never get that image out of your head. That precise image is a mural on your brain-walls.

Rin says: Franky and Mini are playing the same position opposite each other. I think that sets the tone for the rest of the episode, Mini sees Franky as some sort of competition. Later we see that Gracie and Liv are playing Right Field and Left Field, the two positions on either side of Mini.

Sophy says: Oh absolutely. I think it’s interesting that for all Franky’s ~loser set-up, for all her fear and vulnerability, Mini senses very early on that she’s strong. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and Mini is damn well going to reckon. RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

Rin says: The goalie running for her life =))

Sophy says: OH MY GOD I laughed so hard at that. There was just something about her poor little scream and her ‘WHY WHY WHY’ face. Brilliant.

Rin says: Having Frankie stand out against everyone else as the only one without a proper uniform is a nice touch. <3

Sophy says: Very nice. This episode is full of nice touches.  IT’S LIKE ONE GIANT CARESS.

Rin says: MUD WRESTLING. Oh dear god =)) There hasn’t been such a gay hockey scene since Blair and Serena straddled each other on the field. Oh, Bleighton…good times.

Sophy says: Gossip Girl needs to return to its roots. Its Bleighton infested roots. And see again, this could have been such an eye-roller of a cliche, but Freya played it with such conviction that my eyes stayed firmly in place throughout.

Rin says: Oh hi Blood. Nice to see you’re still running things around here. I haven’t known a principle to coach a hockey team before, but okay. Have at it you perve.

Sophy says: LMFAO. He was so naff and pointless in s4, but I liked him in this little scene.

Rin says: BRUV. Oh Mini, you grow more amazing by the second.

Sophy says: Oh my God, Bruv was totally epic. In a horrible, cruel sort of way. And I also adore, adore, adore the lingering shot of Franky’s adorable little face with the mud on it as the refrain echoes Bags of Gooooohhhlld… and we go to our first commercial break and I am in fucking love already, I’m not even going to try and deny it.

Rin says: Did we get any proper cafeteria scenes in gen 2? Maybe that’s why I was strongly reminded of gen 1 and Sid/Cassie during this scene, because there wasn’t one in gen 2. Now I just really want a scene where Naomi and Emily sat next to each other, sipping each others milk.

Wow. That..may have not come out as innocently as I intended.

Sophy says: I think Freddie and Effy were in a cafeteria at one point – their little scene with the chips and I bet it liked you more? But yes, it still felt like more of a gen 1 thing, which kind of laced it with nostalgia for me. Same with the scene in the shopping mall. That sent me right back to Jal’s episode in series 1, and I realized it’s because we never saw the inside of a mall in gen 2. I mean really. NEVER. The closest we got was Katie in the wedding shop.

I think it’s interesting how each gen has a different kind of feel visually, in terms of the locations. This gen feels… big, somehow. I know this sounds crazy, what with all the woodland sexytimes and stuff going on in gen 2, but somehow this feels bigger visually. I think it might just be the amount of extras? I don’t know… It just feels more like we’re in the real world, rather than an insular, rather surreal little world.

And lol omg Rin, that is the most vile visual. Like. It’s almost single-handedly ruining Naomily for me. I can’t.

Rin says: This is totally one of those moments that is responsible for that person saying they pictured I’d look ‘dirtier’ in real life. Isn’t it? :( It came from a totally innocent place though :((

And the Freffy scene doesn’t count because they were just in the common room area, eating chips. NO CAFETERIA. [-( You just know it came down to hiring the ukulele orchestra or a cafeteria scene. YOU JUST KNOW IT.


Sophy says: Alo and Rich ask Franky what’s got her down. “Just some nightmare girl,” she says with a heavy mix of resentment and simple sadness.

Also Alo refers to her as ‘short stuff’, which, I just die from cute.

Rin says: I like Alo and Rich. They seem like they’re of the non-fuckwit variety. I like that.

Sophy says: I like them so very much! They’re more subtle than JJ and Cook, so far anyway. And I get more of a genuine buddy feeling between them than with Cook and Freds. Not that that means they’re > Cook/Freds, because that was a whole different kettle of angsty, transference-riddled, homoerotic fish. I loved those fish. But these fish are good too, and a little easier to digest.


I love that we get a little nod to the poor screaming goalie, whose abject hysteria in the hockey scene was apparently well founded.

And really THESE KIDS. They’re so fabulously natural. They even pulled off the in-unison ‘She’s fucked’ in a way that made me smile – which is no mean feat.

Rin says: Oh I figured out what the ‘She’s fucked’ reminds me of, the WEASLEY TWINS! Although it must be completely the accents and how they meshed together cause well.. HP kids don’t swear.

Sophy says: Anyway, Franky is fucked because the nightmare girl is Mini, and as it happens the moniker is apt, because she has a serious rep for making people’s dreams come true the bad way. As if on cue, she shows up with her henchgirls, Grace and Liv, and politely asks Alo and Rich to move along.

Okay not politely.

Rin says: COWSHIT AND BULLSHIT. AHHHHHHHAHAH. Okay, Mini is going to have a lot of epic one liners isn’t she?

Sophy says: OH MY GOD HER DELIVERY. The absolute gusto with which she says “Fuck off now!” I can’t even get over how good she is. She doesn’t pull any punches, you know? Those words are hers and she is damn well saying them like… HARD.

Rin says: Those dicks are death =)) =))

Sophy says: AVOID. And here we go with the classic size-up scene.

Rin says: Gracie is soon becoming my favourite. JFC she’s so adorable.

Sophy says: “Before like Oxford? Or past life before? Cos I had a dream two Sundays ago that I was a slave actually working on a plantation in – “

“Shut up, Grace.”

She’s so funny. And there’s just this tenderness to her as well that I love.

Rin says: Yes, with that ‘HELLO’ from Grace, she has secured a place in my heart for forever.


Rin says: Badass. Franky badass. Oh my god, the dialogue in this ep is so good already. I want to eat it all up.

Sophy says: The dialogue is amazing. So many little throwaway lines that I scurried to pick up and treasure forever. And again, major kudos to Freya for her delivery, and to the way the line was set up by Grace finishing her sentence.

“You know you’re pretty fucking…”


“Yes you are.”

Anyway, Mini quizzes Franky a bit, and Franky is immediately defensive, in a whole ‘just kill me now’ kind of way. But Mini’s not going to kill her now. Instead, she asks Franky to hang out with them after college. Franky, whether rightly or wrongly, senses that this play-date may simply be stage one in the Murder Franky plan – an opportunity to measure for knife-length or some such. She nervously declines the invitation, and Mini is fabulous again, coming out with one of the best lines of the episode.

“Not alternative enough for you?”

I swear to God, I laughed and laughed and laughed, and immediately decided I wanted a poster of Mini on my wall because she is my personal hero. Um, minus the extreme, petty cruelty and stuff later. lol.

But really, this is a very interesting line as well as being funny and totally reminiscent of Katie Fucking Fitch and her disdain for goths. It shows just how much Mini is not understanding Franky – because it’s not about being “alternative”. It’s not fancy dress and it’s not a choice either – not really. It’s who she is, not who she’s trying to be…

…or… is it?

Because wait a minute… what’s the difference between who we are and who we’re trying to be? Are we not the sum of our choices, regardless of the motivation behind them? Is there a ‘me’ beyond this thought, this feeling, this movement, this moment…?

When I realized fifteen minutes had passed and I was still sitting here, cursor hovering next to that last question mark, I gasped. Because wait a minute. Whilst recapping a whole other scene I found myself trying to answer the big question on the whiteboard.

Does choice define identity?

Skins, Skins, Skins! You are wonderful because you make me think. You are TV that matters, let no one say otherwise.

Rin says: I can’t stop gushing over Gracie. She is the best thing in this universe.

Sophy says: OH MY GOD SHE IS SO ADORABLE. “See you later” made me giggle, and “Don’t be gay, Gracie” made me snort. This is one of those ‘don’t consume liquids’ episodes, not so much because it’s a laugh out loud type thing, but because it’s full of these little moments that kind of sneak up on you out of nowhere.

It’s like. BOO! I’m Skins. Being cute and funny.

Rin says: OH GOD :(( I’m right there with you Mini.

Sophy says: Seriously, Gracie, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE GAY.

Rin says: :(( In the bathrooms.

Looking at all the hate she’s had in the past and then making the executive decision to try and get a new start. Be brave Franky.

Sophy says: This part really got to me. It’s so simple isn’t it? It’s such a cliche. The sad little new girl sitting on her own looking at cruel messages, in the toilet no less. But it works. It’s real. And again, a lot of that is down to delivery. The small-but-determined way Franky says ‘New start’ to her doll? It hits exactly the right emotional note.

Rin says: Speaking of notes, I’m addicted to the song that starts here. Freelance Whales – Generator ^ 2nd Floor.

Sophy says: THIS SONG I CAN’T EVEN. The second I heard it I was like ‘MUST. PLAY. ON A LOOP. NOW.’

I experienced that a lot in this episode. My Skins playlist put on so much weight so quickly. SUCH A BINGE. 8-.

Rin says: I hope this teacher sticks around. Hopefully he doesn’t kiss any students though.

Sophy says: I love this teacher so enormously. I loved that he asked her if she had proof of her stomach ache and that by proof he meant “stool photos”. That’s the kind of toilet humour that works, as opposed to say, sleep-farting.



Fucking hell. Sometimes Skins just gets things so right that I don’t even know what to do with myself. TOO MUCH! I love how they setup that premise for the rest of Franky’s episode as she’s in the process of exploring that exact thing.

Sophy says: Absolutely amazing. Though I did find myself doing a double take because what what what? What happened to ‘Explore the patriarchal and/or colonialist themes in the assigned text.’ Seriously, how old are these kids supposed to be? There was no way I was getting these kinds of questions until uni, and I went to the best school for English lit in my state.

My state is a hole though.

Rin says: Yeah, there’s like one school for all levels of education. Pre-school right through to university.

Rin says: I adored this, how she framed her ‘subjects’ between her fingers. Making them appear smaller to her than they are, reducing the challenge she’s setting up for herself. She wants a fresh start and this is the only way she knows how to do it, by putting herself out there. Even when Mini was a hugely intimidating bitch.


Sophy says: OH MY GOD. THE FRAMING. AND THE RUNNING. Honestly, it’s all these little details that make Skins so special. The beauty of Skins is that it’s never boring – there’s always something happening that’s special, even in the quieter moments, perhaps especially in the quieter moments.

And omg I love this. Franky’s efforts to believe the best of people, to hope that things can really just be what they seem to be. New start. She’s trying, and it makes me smile and wrings out my insides at the same time.

Rin says: GRACIE :(( :(( There’s just not an evil bone in Gracie’s body, is there?


No but. I love her in ways I can’t even. I just. I can’t. Omg.

Rin says: They all take a bunch of drugs, and hey, that kind of looks like MDMA in that little packet there. As long as they’re not put into brownies I think it’s safe to say there will be no girl-on-girl kissage.

Sophy says: Hm. True. Although I don’t think it was the brownies in that case. More their loins.

Mini doesn’t seem terribly enthusiastic about the powder. “It’s leftovers,” says Liv, “It’d be rude not to,” and I’m still puzzling over the logic of that line. But I suppose it’s just the tail end of a conversation, a little bit of their lives that happened before the cameras showed up.

I adore Mini’s face during this scene. There’s something very unnerving about her expression as she watches them all. I absolutely had the sense that her mind was ticking away while this was going on.

Rin says: I loved the frolicking in the mall, and how Skins always manages to create a new world for each generation.



Rin says: GRACIE DANCING!!!!

Liv joins her and then they coax Franky to join them and it’s adorable. I love it whenever people aren’t afraid of looking stupid.

Sophy says: Well to be fair they are high. Though I suspect Gracie is permanently high. HIGH ON LIFE. OH GRACIE.

GRACIE. I can’t. I just. I CAN’T RIN.My heart expands tis grown a bulge in’t. :-.

Rin says: Mini feels threatened and it’s like it has been gradually building since the start of the episode. It’s intriguing and it makes me want to know more about Mini, where she comes from and why she’s so apprehensive. Like I’m hoping it’s more than just the queen-bee syndrome.

Sophy says: I’m utterly convinced that it is more than just the queen-bee syndrome. Skins characters almost always start out wearing a cliche-mask, and it’s almost never the truth of who they are. As manipulative as I’m sure it was intended to be, there was still a real sadness to the way Mini slipped away here instead of joining in the gay abandon.

I mean gay like happy. Don’t get too excited.

Rin says: Throwing fries at the people below. <3333

PEEK-A-BOO MINI-MOO!! Oh my god Gracie, stop being so damn adorable.

Sophy says: SHE CAN’T TURN IT OFF IT’S WHO SHE IS. Also I really love Mini and her chip-throwing. It totally reminds me of Cassie, even though it’s totally different.

Rin says: Mini invites Franky to her party tomorrow and Franky’s little faceeee. You can see the acceptance she feels written all over it.

And I’m loving Franky’s storyline, because it is new. It is something we haven’t seen tackled by Skins before. Being that new girl at a school where everybody has already had a chance to get to know each other and form friendships. It’s an incredibly scary experience, and I hated it so fucking much, especially when you’re not the loud outgoing type.

I think Skins captured it really well with Franky. That need to just feel like you’re fitting in and that people like you. And at that age it’s pretty end-of-the-world type stuff.

Sophy says: One of my absolute favourite moments, largely due to Dakota’s beautiful, beautiful face and her beautiful, beautiful stammer. You can really feel the hope mixed in with the fear and it’s just kind of lovely and devastating.

I’ve been the new kid too many times, and I used to be the shy kid too, so I totally, totally get this. I get this in the way where it gets me – grabs at my heartstrings and kind of yanks me around wherever it pleases. And you know, a party or not-a-party isn’t the end of the world, but it is the end of the world. These kinds of experiences are time-sized pieces of who you are, of who you will later be. They’re things you still feel – always – centuries down the track. Trust me, I would know.

Rin says: Mini decides they have to get new clothes for Franky because she can’t go to her party looking like that, no offence.

Sophy says: See again, the line could have been banal but nooo. This is Skins, so it’s a magically delivered “We need the situation sorted out first.”

Rin says: Franky’s never worn make up before :(( I’m not exactly an everyday makeup sort of person either Franky .:D.

Sophy says: I have makeup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Again, Dakota breaks my heart in this scene when she awkwardly admits she didn’t have girlfriends back in Oxford, and then tries to explain that she did have a friend! A best friend who was a guy and “went young offender.”

And of course Grace is all “That is so cool” BECAUSE SHE’S GRACE.


Rin says: ……

Sophy says: Omg. You made a puddle. A puddle of tears.

Sophy says: I love the fact that once they’ve realized Franky’s never worn makeup, Grace’s first move is to quietly lean over and draw lipstick on her lips IN THE MIRROR. IT JUST. IT ACTUALLY ALMOST MADE MY HEART STOP IT WAS SO AMAZING.

And then Mini, being Mini wants to interfere… but Franky flinches when she dives in with gloss, and in the end its Liv who gets to play dress-ups first. Mini sees this. She files it quietly away under ‘Do not want’.


Sophy says: Oh my freaking god. I just. Her delivery of ‘Totally fuck me sideways eyes!’ I may never ever recover from it. Amazing.

Rin says: Omfg =)) The singlet under the dress =)) =)) Oh Franky. You remind me so much of one of my friends right now.

Sophy says: She’s so painfully self-conscious that I can feel it. I may never have worn wifebeaters and bike shorts under my clothes, but I know exactly how she feels right now. Exactly.

Rin says: “Punky butterfly.” Seriously, this dialogue. :X

Sophy says: IT’S PERFECTION. It’s just… delightful and fizzy. And just. Above and beyond. It’s Skins dialogue at its best, that’s what it is.

Rin says: Okay, Liv stole some make up for Franky, and then made her an accomplice.

Stealing is wrong kids.

Sophy says: BAHAHAHAHA. I loved that Liv gave her the eye makeup though. It was cute. We don’t learn much about Liv in this episode, but I get a good vibe off her. She may not quite be Gracie level fabulous just yet but I do like her.

Rin says: Okay, this exact moment, when Gracie runs out of the store with the alarm going off and she just SCREAMS and runs. This was when I mentally checked myself and thought, ‘I’m having too much fun. I’m enjoying this too much. I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this!!!’

I just never expected this to happen so early on, considering my ties with previous gens, and how this was going to be a completely fresh start. Gen 1 – Gen 2 had Effy/Stonems and Pandora. There was still that solid link, but gen 3? Completely new, and I was prepared to watch it sitting back with my arms folded ready to dislike it whenever they gave me the signal. But no. I was falling in love with everything, and it was happening before I could even tell.

That’s why Skins is one of my favourite shows. I can’t not love it, no matter how hard I try.

Sophy says: YES SEE THAT’S IT EXACTLY. IT’S LIKE YOU JUST MARRIED THE NAIL AND THE HEAD. The thing about this episode it that it was fun. As in I was having fun watching it. There were actual smiles on my face and I believe my head collided with my hands a few times and oh oh oh! I just felt so…

More on that at the end of the recap.

Rin says: After the chase scene, we see that Gracie stole some stuff for Franky too, and dear lord these kids ;))

Mini saw that both of them stole stuff for Franky, and that they both clearly like the girl, and she feels like Franky is taking them from her.

Sophy says: Mini has issues. I like it.

Rin says: As they’re walking back, Franky tries to subtly leave them be so they don’t see where she lives or who her parents are.

Oh Franky, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Sophy says: Seriously, nothing to be ashamed of. Your dads are hilarious and sweet. Don’t listen to that nasty asian baby.

Rin says: WHAT? I DIDN’T SAY… ohhhh, you mean Lily from Modern Family. Continue.

Rin says: She tells them she’s adopted, and Gracie once again proves she’s the best one, ‘Oh! Like Annie!’

Sophy says: Grace says she loves Annie, and Franky says she can’t stand the bitch. And I love this – I love that Franky’s fear and discomfort is making her rude. And I love that we get just a little hint of the misplaced self-loathing that goes on inside her. Because Grace, in her own dotty way is basically saying ‘I like you, it’s okay,’ and Franky is saying ‘I don’t like myself, it never will be.’

Rin says: The dads come out onto the street and make sure that the girls aren’t troubling Franky. Which, awwwwww. But also kind of a crawl-into-a-hole moment for Franky. I love how the dads are apprehensive of the girls though, protective dads <33

Sophy says: I completely understand their apprehension. Bullying is an incredibly tricky thing for parents to handle. You don’t intervene, your kid gets fucked up. You intervene… your kid gets fucked up.

Annnnd the wedding shot Mini thinks is “twisted” and I think is adorable beyond belief takes us to page 2…

Part 2

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  1. Whitney
    Whitney at · Reply

    TLC reference? solid

    1. Paige
      Paige at · Reply

      Yes! I agree!

  2. M
    M at · Reply

    sophy: please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.

    : )

    1. tapette
      tapette at · Reply

      Or perhaps in the case of Skins, ‘Don’t go chasing Baltimore, please stick to the well crafted British series you’re used to’

  3. SkepticEddie
    SkepticEddie at · Reply

    Such a great beginning to a gen!!!
    And I’m glad someone else noticed the Freds homage. There were a lot of subtle little references in this episode, whether intentional or unintentional.
    GRACIE IS FABULOUS! I’m already falling in love with her. Good vibes just ROLL off Liv and Mini is really interesting. I love her angry face in the cafeteria when she tells the boys to fuck off. It’s so frightening. :P
    AND FRANKY AND I HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!!! The gender bending and the extreme self-consciousness and the vintage-y clothing! The difference is, though, that I kept the self-consciousness mostly hidden with personality and smarts. It was weird. *I* was weird. In fact, I was so weird, that by the time I got to high school, everyone was so used to me just being weird and out there that no one batted an eyelid when I got a girlfriend. I didn’t even bother coming out. I think Franky is like meek little inner me, but at the same time, she’s angry angsty me who shouted at teachers in my head but never actually had the guts to do it out loud.

    1. SkepticEddie
      SkepticEddie at · Reply

      PS. Franky and her mirror remind me of Heather Hogan getting ready to go to a party (this happens again later in the episode).
      PPS. I loved Doug’s little Gone with the Wind reference. It was so subtle I didn’t get it until I saw it written down. I definitely prefer subtle Doug.

  4. a reply
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    some of the images aren’t working for me, on more than one browser.

  5. Julia
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    Nice recap! I love this generation too and this episode was fabulous. But I’m surprised you guys haven’t been pointing out the rather (at least to me) obvious crush Mini has on Franky, the little ways she touches her and looks at her and the things she says that have that very gay connotation but are subtle enough to keep you guessing.

  6. a reply
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    nevermind, it just took 6 million years to load. sorry about that.

  7. digga
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    Sometimes you don’t know how much you missed something, until all the feel good feelings start zipping out from your insides just because that something has come back.
    Skins is doing that to me right now.
    I’ve never forgot my PE uniform ( I loved PE – a good fun bludge), but once I showed up at school on a pupil free day… it was a good half hour before I started thinking “…umm…”.

  8. bridget
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    I’m so glad they played that song when Doug gave her the ‘Franky says relax’ shirt. At the time when those came out, half the people wearing them had no idea what the shirt even meant… which only makes it funnier in the context of the show with what the lyrics to that song are. lol

  9. TheRealTRXD
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    Absolutely loved this generations starter, Franky is a fantastic character, nothing less from Skins!

    She reminds me so much of Cassie in a weird way, I mean she is totally different, but they are both that same kind of odd/realistic mix. They are both extremely weird in their own ways, although Frankie’s personality is actually normal and lovely, but her dress sense and the way she presents herself is odd enough to stand out in almost any crowd, but at the same time they are totally believable as modern people because the stuff they go through are
    heightened versions of what everyone feels.

    Also, she is gorgeous with messed up hair and that white top, but I still sort of prefer her boy look, just because I know thats who she is :)

  10. Satiie
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    Amazing recap as usual :) . And I won’t lie, I was feeling a bit…. ”eeh” about the first ep (I’m not crazy, I swear!) but this pretty much changed my whole view of it.

    And btw Rin,

  11. buttermequeasy
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    Positive: Good recap as usual! :)
    Negative: I feel like the Sophia joke is seriously being overused. I mean, you reference her in pretty much every episode review you do. :/ When you guys aren’t trying so, so hard to be funny, you do better.

    All in all, keep it up.

    1. dig
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      Ever since she went scuba diving and safari hunting, I can’t live without her.
      There is no such thing as too much of a good thing – just ask vegemite on toast.

  12. Robs
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    I have read and re-read and re-read again all your recaps (yes, even the marathon 306) and Rophy never fails to bring the insightful funny. You both are just…Effulgent!

    I’m a late-comer obsessive Skins fan but I’ve made up the hours by now, I think. I started US Skins with as open a mind as I could manage and after two eps I almost got to the point where I thought it maybe, possibly, might not suck…until 11p (PST) January 27th, when ‘Franky’ came up on a … questionable…website. (What can I say, I live in the states. I have to work for my addiction) I couldn’t believe how outright entertaining this was. I laughed, I winced, I cheered, and I was totally engaged. Then I saw your recap up so quickly and I cheered again, since I knew you’d find stuff I missed and likely make me snort in laughter as well.

    Now I’ve seen the ep twice and I’m re-reading the recap and I was wondering if anyone else thought Matty was Nick the first time they saw the shooting scene? That confused the heck out of me the first time. I guess there’s a major height difference between the two, but since the only other person in the scene was pixie sized, it was hard to tell. Maybe if Mandeh was around, just for size comparison…

    Thanks for the fabulous job you both do.

  13. Brit B
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    Oh. My. God. When I was eleven my friends and I filmed ourselves doing a dance and singing along just dressed up in little costumes belting out DON’T GO CHASIN’ WATERFALLS. Rophy just earned a special place in my heart forever.

    So did this episode, FYI. Just…amazing. The flawlessness. I fell in love with this tv show all over again.

    PS: I will never, ever get over the fact that Grace is lying on top of Franky in the bed shot in the credits. Never. They’re just all LOL DON’T MIND US. JUST SNUGGLED OVER HERE. NOTHING TO SEE.

    I ship my ship, okay? It is an adorable ship.

  14. bridget
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    You ever hear someone say that a smile can be the most threatening of things? I didn’t get it so much, but Mini definitely epitomizes that statement. There’s something both inviting and terrifying about her… which is why I’m hooked.

    Ah, mud wrestling. Afterword, it looked like they were wearing war paint. I was waiting for Franky to yell, “She may take my life, but she’ll never take… my freedom!”

    On a side note… it’s strange you mentioned the Weasley twins. I was watching “Pollyanna” the other day – (don’t look at me like that) – when a line in the movie hit me like a ton of bricks.

    “He doesn’t look like a Fred,” a seemingly innocent Pollyanna says to Nancy, the maid, “… He looks more like a George!”
    *contented sigh*

  15. Danielle
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    Next time Gadget! Next time! I loved that show when I was a kid. lol!!

    I thought Mini was a nasty piece of work. Not sure whether I will be liking her anytime soon. Even after her episode…time will tell…

    Franky is awesome though. She’s brave to be who she is in a teenage environment. I wasn’t sure what the stuff in her bedroom was, but at the end when they showed the little photo movie thingy… I thought that was a fantastic touch that only Skins can provide! Very creative. Loved it!

  16. Effybean
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    before I even go any further (tho I’ve read this recap before and LOVED IT)


    I’m blonde and she’s brunette. IDK how much further it goes but she also got all of the Cherokee looks and the tiny while I got the OMG I’M A GIANT GERMAN GIANT looks, but thats a different story….?

  17. ohwowlovely
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    Ahh, Skins magic is back after reading about Skins Fire.

    One thing I love about Skins is all the layers that make you have to watch and rewatch to catch them all and their brilliance. Blatantly missing in Skins Fire.

    Freya is amazing as Mini. And Grace is too adorable for words.

    I also got the tlc reference.

    And I love love love that Gracie is a dancer and musicals and just love!!

  18. ohwowlovely
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    And BE BRAVE and FUCK IT!! *dies* actually those two sayings put together sounds a little naughty…”I was brave and fucked the dead girl!”

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