Everyone — Part 1

Rin says: Fuckery. That’s what previously happened.

Rin says: My first reaction was FFFFFFFFFFFFFF where’s my mostly Naomi intro with the crew in the back. But then they were so cute and Skins-y and just.. I’m gonna miss them so much. Until the movie.

Sophy says: I was capping this before, and seriously… the Luke/Kat hug is so cute! *sniff* I’m gonna miss Luke. No striked out movie caveat for me :(

Rin says: I can’t help it..my like for Thomas was ruined by Merv. And the fact that he got some of the most beautiful shots for his running scenes, but omfg…NOONE CARES ABOUT YOUR RUNNING. Not now, not ever.

Sophy says: I still love Thomas… just. I have to work very hard at compartmentalizing. TBH, I kind of liked his scenes in this ep, as minimal and generally irrelevant as they were. Although I did think his ‘running for whitie’ line was kind of heavy-handed and OOC, even with the racial issues raised in his s4 ep.

Rin says: Karen 8->>>>>> (These are yahoo emoticons if you haven’t experienced them before) Also, this kind of shows how much Cook really got around, don’t even try to argue that he wasn’t the golden child of this generation. I’m not saying that it’s a good or bad thing.

Sophy says: lol that’s Rin for you, she’s all about equal opportunity and giving everyone what they need. Cook is too, apparently! Also… KAREN. *insert further dreamy emoticons here*


Sophy says: Bracing myself for the next caps…


Sophy says: I know right.

Rin says: EMILY. WHAT IS THIS? I can’t … I don’t even know you. Srsly, look at that. Get out of that bed immediately.. I can’t even believe you allowed that to sleep where Naoms does. It’s digusting is what is it.

Sophy says: “THAT.” AHAHAHA.

Rin says: She really is pocket-sized omg.

Sophy says: And you are matchbox-sized! I love my mall people <3

Rin says: AWKWARDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. It’s cute and gross at the same time..cute cause it’s Emily but then OMFGSOGROSS IMAGINE WHAT COULD BE.. yuck.

Sophy says: lol I just… I think… this is made gross by the fact that I feel as though Mandy might not be entirely clean down there. *rocks back and forth*


Sophy says: SO CUTE I DON’T EVEN.

Rin says: Looks cool, but that’s about it.

Sophy says: Ngl, I am a little miffed that Thomas’s running got prettier cinematography than Naomily’s reunion. Miffed.

Rin says: Trainer guy is kinda cool, but whatevs. I don’t really care.

Sophy says: Trainer guy made me lol. He was vintage Skins comedy, unlike that BULLSHIT fart/snore/shit joke stuff going on in this ep. Seriously, Elsley, since when did you resort to toilet humour?

Rin says: I love that her hair extension matches her underwear. That’s all I’m looking at, I swear.

Sophy says: lol ur gay. *stares*

Rin says: GUH, I love this so much. Putting on Freds shirt…. it’s just such a lovely display of sibling love. Although I would feel a bit awkward about any of my siblings sitting on my bed in their underwear. DNW. Well if I was dead, I wouldn’t mind.

Sophy says: I absolutely adored this scene. I was never much of a fan of Karen in s3, despite how desperately pretty she looked with that hood on and mascara down her face… but she won me over in 4.05. I felt like we finally saw the reciprocal love from her to Freddie, rather than just him making an effort for her. And I felt like we finally saw that she’s not just shallow, and that the loss of her mother is something that haunts her too. I LOVE that she cares about her brother this much, and her delivery of ‘I’m wearing your favourite tee’ was perfect.

Rin says: Aw Karen, you really made me like you this season. I hope you’re in the movie, well actually you better be. ffs.

Sophy says: She’s so fucking pretty… and her eyeliner is delicious. Delicious.

Rin says: KATIE OMFG YOU’RE WHERE I THINK YOU ARE AND I LOVE YOU. This is amazing, she stayed overnight with Effy to keep her company and make sure she was safe and and and… wow.

Sophy says: Keffy. It’s happening. *writes to Jack Thorne*

Rin says: Such a relief!!!!

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHHA OMG <3 And their faces. So adorbs. I just. Love.

Rin says: Smellysue, I’m not even sure what to think. The use of a Foster quote creeps me out, Effy on Tony’s special toilet creeps me out.. Panda’s face makes me lol. IDK. It’s just a macro of confusion.

Sophy says: LOL RIN YOU ARE SO INNOCENT. And lol Effy you taught Panda everything she knows. Ace.

Also, this reminds me of one of the failiest bits of fail in this finale and this gen in general… WHERE WAS MY EFFY PLAYING TO THE AUDIENCE MOMENT. WHERE. UGH.

Rin says: I love this scene sfm. JUST LOOK AT PANDA and the other patients AND nurses bopping after her. It’s such a ridiculous scene, but it’s Panda so it just works fabulously. And we get incredibly cute smiles from Keffy…especially from Meg. Such a megface.

Rin says: PandaPOPS in through the window. ZIINGGGGGGGGGGGG :D

Sophy says: Yeah, this whole segment was just ridiculous and amazing. I LOVED that the nurses didn’t just get off their fucking bouncy balls and run after Panda. Epic.


Sophy says: Serious, Ems, don’t. I’m scared.

Rin says: nnngggghhhhh. That hair. I need you in the movie.. I do, I do!

Sophy says: So fucking pretty. And the contrast with the pastels in the curtains just makes it prettier.

Rin says: Oh Emily, I almost wanted you to grab a blanket and try to hide under it Sid-style. I also like you pant-less. I’m just saying. OH. NOT PANTS IN THE BRITISH WAY. That’s for Naomi’s eyes only! /blush

Sophy says:I like the backs of Kat’s thighs. Yeah, I said it. Those thighs plus her Evi arms tell me she’s been working out. Oh god, I’m such a fucking pedo-perve. /wrist.

Rin says: Rooftop jean shorts – but the acceptable length. Plus it’s Naomi/Lily..she can literally wear a giant pink marshmellow and still look hot.SHE HAS EGGS (which sounds adorably cute and domesticated) and HEAT! I’m pretty sure it’s a euphemism.

Sophy says: Lily always has heat. SCORCHING HOT HEAT.

Rin says: I’m crying along with the both of you. You so much as whisper the words ‘stalker’ or ‘jean shorts’ and it’s just like inviting a vampire into your house.

Sophy says: LMAOOOO, RIN. Vampires. Genius.

Rin says: Sophy, I feel like this is the prettiest ship I have ever shipped. Jack/Kate is pretty high up there..but I don’t know. The damn hair and everything just reels me in. Errrrytime.

Sophy says: The hair does kind of put every other ship in history at a disadvantage.

Rin says: SRSLY, all I want to do is braid their hair. 24/7


Rin says: I literally had no idea what was going on during this scene. I was so confused as to why anyone would want to look at Mandy naked. I .. WHAT IS GOING ON NAOMI?

Sophy says: Naomi is one brave woman, that’s all I’ll say.


Rin says: I will never get over the cuteness and the dorky sexyness of it all. DORKY SEXYNESS.

Sophy says: This was adorbs. And also faintly menacing. Like a challenge, almost a threat… idk how to explain what I mean. But it was perfectly delivered, managing to strike the balance between flirtation and ‘this is fucked up and we both know it and you’d better fucking stop it soon’ perfectly.

Also Emily’s face for E in that macro? Pure gold.

Rin says: Naomi when are you ever not grabbing a quick perve at Emily’s boobs? Srsly. And that second cap is so pretty I die. I just pass out and go quietly.

Sophy says: I’m convinced that the director did not tell Lily to do that. Neither this time, nor, say, this time:

Rin says: LILYFACE. And look as she’s leaving..ANOTHER QUICK PERVE. Gawd. Control yourself. But I guess all that talk about cooking eggs got her going.

Sophy says: Jfc, the woman’s insatiable.

Rin says: Emily is just as confused as the rest of us. WHY DID SHE LOOK AT MANDY NAKED? EWwwwwwwwwww

Sophy says: Get off your high horse Emily. You slept in the same bed with “that” while it was naked.

Rin says: I’m confused about that instrument but I want it. Effy doesn’t look like she wants anything. Except for Naomi, probably.

Sophy says: LOL, you would want it. I should buy it for you and get you a tamagotchi while I’m at it.

Rin says: Katie I’m really going to fucking miss you. If you’re not in the movie, IDEK.

Sophy says: She’d better fucking be in the movie. In Effy’s bed in the movie, more specifically.

Rin says: Katie watching Panda singing like ‘is this really fucking happening? I’m Katie Fucking Fitch.. why is this happening around me?’ — well the old Katie would be like that.


Rin says: THIS NEW KATIE HOWEVER.. she’s simply the best. Better than all the rest. Better than anyone. Anyone I’ve ever met.

Sophy says: New Katie is the wind beneath my wings.

Rin says: SCRAPEY. It’s hard for me to put into words just how much I love Katie for starting to play along with Panda. Katie is ALL about not looking stupid and silly (so it always confused me why she wore so much leopard print), yet she disregards that all in the name of trying to cheer up Effy and making an awkard situation less awkard.

Sophy says: Rin? I agree. So hard.

Rin says: I may/maynothave watched this scene over and over just for the Katie expressions.

Sophy says: OH EFFY. Your friendship with Panda is one of the greatest things ever and should not have been ignored so much.

Rin says: They’re all so cute on the bed, and it makes me want to see them play live. I WOULD PAY. It then pans around to the fucking worst mofo ever, Dr Foster. I srsly hate you, you creepy fucker. WELL, you’re not even just creepy anymore, you’re a murdering bastard.

Sophy says: Okay, so can I just say, when I first watched this ep, I said to Rin after this scene, that even if the whole rest of the ep sucked, I would love it, for Pandora’s song alone. I had to renege on that, but… I still think it’s one of the most amazing little scenes in all of Skins. <3

Also, if Foster had been paying attention, he would have offed Katie before he got to Cook. I’m just sayin’.

Rin says: OIC you Naomi sextights and Emily’s sweet disposition undies. I actually really love the touch of getting to see clothes they have previously worn around the house, things that other shows usually gloss over. I also get the imagery of Naomi wondering around the house trying to seduce Emily in those tights — praying that the mere sight of them will provoke muscle memory. IDK IDK.


Rin says: Cook, you own clothes. Right?

Sophy says: Poor Cookie, the writers won’t let him wear clothes anymore. They figure if he’s naked, people will forgive their fail more readily. They are probably right.

Rin says: Yay fake Effy. Didn’t see THAT one coming.

Sophy says: The entire ‘fake!Effy which Cook doesn’t recognize as fake!Effy then does leading to him realizing that he still wants Effy’ thing was so fucking lame. And not just because he was pretty clear about still wanting Effy an episode ago. It’s such a hackneyed cliche that I can’t even remember which US sitcoms I’ve seen it in and when. No points, Elsley, no points.


Rin says: Lily plays this insanely well. She didn’t get much opportunity this season to play the comedy side of things due to the cesspool of depression etc. so I had kind of forgotten just how good she is at comedy. SHE’S AMAZING. Her utter disbelief that such a ridiculous name exists is gold, and then trying to pronounce it without cracking up. Lily, please find more comedic roles (you could still play a crazy person).

Rin says: “IT’S PRETTY.” No it’s not Naomi. You’re pretty. The name Arcia, is not.

Sophy says: The Arse-ier joke with the diarrhea going on was lame. But Lily made it good. Her delivery was high-larious.

Rin says: EFFY SRSLY FUCK. It’s not even funny anymore. Naomi is never going to be yours okay? Just sign off and move on.

Sophy says: lol, she just can’t let it go, can she?

On a srs bsns note, I can’t believe we got more of a goodbye between Effy and Foster than Effy and Freddie. Holy fuck I got gipped. Sigh.

Rin says: I’m so confused by that towel length.

Rin says: *sneer sneer*


Rin says: I’m terrified for Emily. I can’t even believe she looked twice at this bohemoth in the first place.. I guess it’s slim pickings in Bristol. (no offence bristolians)

Sophy says: Rin sent this to me at work. I had to cover my whole face with my hands to hide the lols. It was hard, because my hands are small and my face is normal-sized.

Also, IA. Is Mandy supposed to be the only other lesbian in Bristol or something? Because that’s the only way I can explain her presence.

Rin says: I honestly feel like crying right now. She’s so foul. Although I die everytime when Mandy just kisses Emily.. JUST.. WHAT? STOP IT. SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KISS HER.

Sophy says: Emily just can’t believe anymore. First the Holocaust, now this. It’s too much.

Rin says: My favourite song from this episode plays here. (Panda Su – Eric Is Dead) I tried to work out what the stickers were on the back of the Moped, but no such luck. I CAN DECIPHER A SMILEY FACE.

Sophy says: OH KAREN. You look so cute and mall. Your pants are stupid. I love you.

Rin says: Karen’s speech was so epic. It just went on and on and tbh kind of reminded me of me. NOT HER LIST, GOD NO. Just how it’s easy to list all of the things you love off the top of your head.

Sophy says: Karen’s speech was the cutest.

Rin says: HEHE SHE’S SO CUTE. The thomas/karen moment was cute too, but whatevs. YOU’RE NOT INTERFERING WITH COOK/KAREN THOMMO SO JUST QUIT WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD.

Sophy says: I loved Thomas here, tbh. I thought his ‘like a dog’ line was adorbs. And I think he was sweet to Karen, the way he’s always sweet omg I love you Thomas WHY SO FAIL MERV.

Having said that… if he tried to interfere with Cook/Karen, I would beat him to death with… yeah.

Rin says: Oh Katie, sly as a fox. Really.

Rin says: My heart both fluttered and sunk at the sight of a wrecked Naomi. Fluttered because well, SHE’S AN UTTER JOY TO WATCH and sunk because really..she’s still numbing her pain with drugs and alcohol and there’s only so much of the episode left omg.

Rin says: There’s something about the way that she’s holding 3 bottles and a martini glass that I simply adore. SERVE ME NAOMI, OH WON’T YOU SERVE ME?

Sophy says: OH NAOMI. Lily was so hilarious and sad and brilliant in this whole scene.

Rin says: Mandy fuck you, take your attitude and castrate yourself with it. NAOMI IT’S HALF-ELEVEN…I DON’T MIND! SERVE ME.. oh

Sophy says: Rin, are you insinuating that Mandy, despite dressing like a woman, in fact has a penis? Just wondering.

Rin says: Arcia being gross and trashy. THE SCOOBY GANG being awkard and misfitting. Wtf is Thomas taking up half the couch in his sweaty clothes? Gross. Naomi in the background ftw.

Sophy says: Merv did that. The director wasn’t on his game. Thomas would never be so inconsiderate and fail.

Rin says: For. The. Win. I also might really want that OOPS PAPERCUT jumper.. MY BIRTHDAY IS JULY 1st for those playing at home.

Rin says: COOK has an OMG WHAT? YOU LOOK LIKE EFFY WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING moment. Cmon Cook, you’re stupid but not that stupid.

Sophy says: lol.

Rin says: I’m not even going to pretend I’m not laughing so hard right now at MANNDDEEHHH. Which was Sophy’s idea… Rophy collaboration wins.


part II

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  1. buttercup
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    “lol I just… I think… this is made gross by the fact that I feel as though Mandy might not be entirely clean down there. *rocks back and forth*” – both freakin hilarious and ew…i don’t know much about the hygiene habits of giants but from looking at her i think you might be right…

    the giant mandy/little emily pic is epic lol

    “Sophy says: Emily just can’t believe anymore. First the Holocaust, now this. It’s too much.” – so inappropriate…so very very funny… :P

  2. Raíssa
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    kkkkkkkkkk xD
    muito bom.. super criativo!!!

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    loool, epic “I eat babehs” Loooool.
    Laughing my head offf!!

  4. antirophy
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    racistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heightism is as bad as homophobia
    and your love for “small” people is like a fetish you know, you are gross

    1. heather anne hogan
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      You know what’s gross? Spewing vitriol on someone else’s wall of carefully-tended words. And by “gross” I mean it makes you a dick. Fuck off and go play with someone your own age. I’m guessing from your misuse of grammar and punctuation that you’re ten, maybe eleven years old. Am I right? There are plenty of places where someone of your maturity level can interact with others. Try Nickelodeon.com, for starters.

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        White knighting, you’re doin’ it right HH.

        1. SkepticEddie
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          White knighting, Heather Anne Hoagan learned it from the best, which is to say Naomily. After rolling, white knighting is probably their most prominent talent.

          On an (un)related side-note: Heather Anne Hogan, I adore you for spelling your middle name the same way I spell mine (as well as for being, you know, clever…and in so many other ways TOTALLY AWESOME!)

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    I love that quote at the very end, Rophy IS greater than the sum of his parts, I just know I’d be so confused by this if I hadn’t seen Chicago. Lily’s so good in this=)

  7. Dj
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    When I first saw that photoshop of Foster with Sophia’s hair I think I was in complete shock, because stared at it for a good minute and then just when I figured it was time to scroll down I burst out in laughter! It was the strangest thing!

    I also laughed everything time with the whole Mandy thing!! Hahah!

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