Everyone — Part 3

Rin says: Cigarette made me lol. (Sophy have you quit yet, omg I’m gonna get in so much trouble :) ) NEEDS MOAR NAOMILY. I am also going to get in trouble for this… Merv’s arms look nice in that last cap. OMFG I FEEL SICK AND DIRTY.

Sophy says: LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL. LOL. AND LOL. AND LOL LOL. AND LOL. I knew there was a reason I loved that trainer-guy so much.


Sophy says: God, Freddie’s shed/garden is beautiful. Beautiful. I want to live there, with quaint breakfast cereals and old episodes of The Bill and a rocking chair.

Rin says: Effy did not get a proper send off.

Sophy says: She really, really, REALLY FUCKING didn’t.

Rin says: PANDA’S GOING TO HARVARD. NO CONGRATULATIONS??? Sheesh. This is also Kaya’s last REAL scene. *plays her off*

Sophy says: I just don’t get why she lied. That’s just stupid-shorts.

Rin says: Using the old ‘rinscope’ again.

Sophy says: eheheh gotta love the rinscope, it cuts right to the chase.


Sophy says: These caps are so fucking beautiful.

Rin says: omafargo. She thought it was Freddie and you could see the little smile turn into disappointment and KAREN :((:(((:((

Sophy says: I loved the way this was played. Unfortunately what came next was the biggest piece of FAIL in the whole episode.

Rin says: A whole world of NO. Except yes to how Effy/Pandora are sitting.

Sophy says: WHAT/ WHATL/ I JUST. WHAT/?? This would still be cheesy as fuck even if it made ANY kind of sense. I’m just… in awe of the fail. AWE. And lol wut, Karen is all ‘Five minutes ago I was, quite justifiably, flipping the fuck out because I think something happened to my brother. NAO LET’S HAVE A PARTY LOL LOL DANCE DANCE.’ Awe. Awe. AWE. Also, Cook and JJ back up dancing? NOT cute. NOT funny. Embarrassing and ridiculous in the context of this show.

I was already disgusted enough with this scene (AS YOU CAN SEE) before my bf pointed something else out: this totally flies in the face of Karen’s whole lovely speech about how she doesn’t fit in and her bond with Freddie is special because he doesn’t mind what she likes… apparently she and her Kylie fit in just great with Cook and the gang now. No need for Freds, so nevermind that he’s missing and all. lol. *tears hair out*

Rin says: I dunno, I felt like I had to include this crazy blurry cap because you can see the previous attempts at sending the message, i.e. the previous takes of the scene. /geek AND GAWD, even on the phone it’s TRINITY + Merv. *rolls eyes*

Rin says: We never saw Emily wear those clothes. WHY DIDN’T WE SEE HER WEAR THAT CHECK PURPLE TOP?! D:

Sophy says: Rin? I think you should write a stiff letter.

Rin says: ……….

Sophy says: *anticipates the need for smelling salts*

Rin says: That’s one cool skull ring, nice Naomi. No, I’m not trying to not be awkward amongst all the nudity. What are you talking about?


Sophy says: *fetches smelling salts*

Rin says: All of these were 100% necessary.


Rin says: Yeah, that’s right.


Sophy says: *administers salts*

Rin says: Okay, we’ve all gawked so now we can talk about the scene. It’s so beautiful I could cry — Naomi stripping (oic) down to her core, the very basis of what she wants, craves, needs…loves. She’s in the fetal position, being reborn… it reminds me of that scene in s3 ep9 when they’re all going to the Loveball and there’s a shot of nekkid Naomi lying on her bed. Then she turns up at the ball. It’s pretty much the same thing, she’s Naomi… she’s never going to die not knowing. Live fast, die young. Except this time, it really is all or nothing.

Sophy says: Yeah, that’s like… unbelievably fucking stunning. I think even non-Lily-fans would have to agree. And Rin? Love your insight. Love it.

Rin says: YAY KEFFY LOLSSSS. Some of the best kind. I hate when I go all srs bsns. :(


Rin says: TWINS I’LL MISS YOU SFM. I love the cap of them so much, Emily looking at Katie. I just.. they’re going to be alright :(( :(( AND KATS HAIR IN THE LIGHT I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Sophy says: Katie wins at getting the fuck over things. Emily’s hair wins at hair.

Rin says: Katie I love it when you dress-up. Although I’m not entirely sure when it is that you don’t dress-up. Meg/Klariza/Ollie’s last scene….

*prepares self mentally for the next scene*


Rin says: WE AGREE EMS. WE STRONGLY AGREE. That is why we both felt it was necessary to do the following. You can thank us with money and/or trophies.

Sophy says: Seriously Rin. I didn’t think you’d actually do it. You never cease to amaze me.

Rin says: Emily senses Naomi. Like how a slayer senses a vampire. Exactly like that.

Sophy says: They are totally the new Buffy/Angel. I dare anyone to challenge this extremely profound and accurate insight.

Rin says: Ah, I can take you seriously again. OKAY, don’t look at it too closely and I suggest you move a metre further back than usual. And look at Ems, all ready to put up a fight. Oh bb, YOU’RE WALLS ARE GONNA COME-A TUMBER-LING DAAHHHNNN!

Rin says: Should I be talking about the speech or just more about the hair?

Sophy says: I think we should just bask in the hair. BRB BASKING.

Rin says: GOA. Cause that’s right Mandy, NAOMS WAS ALWAYS GONNA TAKE HER EMS TO MAKE LOVE ON BEACHES. But not before she screwed that girl sophia! ….wut.

Rin says: So maybe I couldn’t be bothered to do that back of Naomi, what do you want me to do? Six seater table.

Sophy says: lol, Mama Fitch, thank you for the answer for everything <3

Rin says: Hands over cryfaces, I adore them. I’m just like that.

Sophy says: Srs, you guys, sometimes she steals candy from babies and then when they cry she presses their poor little hands over their eyes. It’s disturbing.

Rin says: It’s not that I wanted the sophia-esque hair to die a fiery death… I get the sentiments, Naomi wanted to make an effort. Which is all fine and dandy but SRSLY, it’s such an odd length that is just looks like one of those JUDGE WIGS. Or ‘Ramen.’ It also looked YELLOW instead of Lily’s beautiful blondey-white hair. For me, it was more distracting and took away from the performance — it was not a good example of hairography.

Sophy says: Agreed… I mean, I think it was kind of brilliant, in that we’ve seen Naomi with totally unkempt, limp hair ever since that shit went down in 4.02, and that now, finally, she’s picking herself up and dusting herself off and styling herself up… but did it have to be THAT STYLE. Why not lovely Lily-braids ftlog!

Rin says: I don’t have much to say about the speech that hasn’t already been said. Those who I was chatting to whilst watching the livestream know that I actually wasn’t affected by it at all. Not in ANY way – I wasn’t happy, sad, grateful, or even simply pleased. I’m pretty sure the placement of it, the lack of a buildup and the shitty livestream all accounted for this (and the hair). I was way too frantic watching the finale the first time round, so everything seemed to fly by and frankly, I didn’t even have time to worry about Naomily or get into that mindset, so when it came time for the EPIC MOMENT I just couldn’t focus and wasn’t feeling it. I’m upset that I couldn’t feel it, really upset. I wanted to be a complete wreck, I enjoy it when a tv show can move me that much. It took me days to get over Emily’s episode, and that to me just screams a job well done from Skins. It’s no secret that Naomily is THE reason I am so involved in this fandom and why I love it so much, so yes I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t enjoy this moment as much as those who watched the leaked clip beforehand. The speech does better on its own that it does within the ep. BUT this is really a minor thing in the grande scheme of things, I’m not going to whinge (didn’t I just do a whole lot of that?) because Naomily got the best ending by far and we’re lucky that the naomily fanbase is so large that there really wasn’t a possibility for them ending it any other way. And that Elsley was HBIC on all naomily fronts.

Sophy says: Alright. I’m not gonna lie here. I wasn’t impressed. I think Lily nailed it. I think Kat did an incredible job communicating the extent to which Emily was moved without being able to use a single damn word. I think Elsley tried to fix the neglected mess that Naomily became this season… but it was too little too late, and if it wasn’t for the fact (or should I say the hope) that the issue will be revisisted in some form in the movie, I’d feel cheated as a Naomily shipper. Not as cheated as I felt as a Freffy shipper EL OH EL. But yeah. Whilst the speech was very sweet, and whilst I did decide, after long deliberation, that I liked the massive retcon in terms of Naomi knowing she was in love with Emily probably even before Emily knew she was in love with her… it just wasn’t original enough. I was excited when the breakup happened in 4.02, because I was sure we were in for something unique and memorable with Naomily to bring their paths back together… but in the end it was just a speech. And as much as I love to hate to sound the gen 1 horn, I really have to: it was just a rehash of Chris’s speech to Jal in his season two episode. I’m scared, I’d rather fuck my life up than be vulnerable, I’ll push you away before you can leave me… the sentiment worked perfectly in the Chris/Jal scene, but I think that has something to do with the fact that it was a fix for sort-of-not-quite-really-cheating which caused a half an episode rift between them. Not a fix for months and months of epic misery over a complete betrayl of trust and general loss of emotional innocence. And even Jal’s response… she didn’t just gaily (lol GAY-LY) throw herself back into Chris’s arms – she forgave him, sure, but she did so strugglingly and quietly, with tears of indignation and confusion about what the hell to do with her own secret. It wasn’t a ~season finale moment. And I think that’s why it worked better.

Also, wtf was up with Naomi saying she’d die for Emily? A bit on the nose given the whole thing where “that girl, Sophia” offed herself over you… I jest. Mostly. I was definitely disappointed at the lack of attention paid to Sophia and Naomi’s guilt over everything that happened – that whole side of the 4.02 debacle. It wasn’t all about the fact that she ruined things with Emily. Or it shouldn’t have been.

NEVERTHELESS. I do appreciate elements of it – notably the fact that Naomi is laying herself completely emotionally bare in front of everyone, in front of people who couldn’t all even fairly be called her friends. She’s laying it all on the line for her woman, finally, and that is a beautiful thing.

Rin says: *puts you in my pocket*

Sophy says: That last cap is my favourite. Nobody does pressing their lips together with emotion like Kat Prescott. Now I’ve told you.

Rin says: If that top right cap doesn’t SCREAM love to you, then get out of my sight. THAT TEAR IS JUST…the most perfect thing.

Sophy says: Agreed. Kat is just wonderful at the emotional scenes.

Rin says: The tear just stays there, being all perfect. I love the resting foreheads and the desperation and ok.. I like the hair from this side. :)

Sophy says: Yeah, it’s a lovely mirror of the ‘I can’t stand it’ kiss, which I guess is what this whole thing has been about. Not being able to stand the loov. Oh hi Effy/Freddie/Cook parallel. I do love it when the relationships overlap and illuminate one another. I really do.

Rin says: …and then they went outside and rolled.

Rin says: brb.

Sophy says: Rolling is what they do best <3 I did love the Naomily reunion, even if I felt it could have been better… maybe with some rolling? But it was beautiful and at least I got SOMETHING I wanted out of this fucking trainwreck. One complaint: I wanted the grand, stunning, saturated Skins cinematography for this moment. I got shed. Pls to be doing better in the movie.

Rin says: HAHA I adore Cook emptying the rest of the glass onto his back. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Sophy says: I LOVE YOU EFFY AND PANDA OMFG. Even though Effy’s apparent good-health and cheer is fucking ridiculous.

Rin says: Ok I included that cap of Katie’s leg because it reminded me of this:

That is all.

Sophy says: Unffff, I love patterned tights, I love them, I love them I do.

Rin says: Whilst totally inappropriate..Skins partying is cute.

Sophy says: I would have loved this so hard if I hadn’t been nervously noting how little time was left and how little had been resolved/still quivering with rage at the Kylie-dancing.

Rin says: I call invasion of privacy.

Sophy says: lol, this scene does feel a tad Rinscope-ish.

Rin says: I love this sofia kiss so much. It’s so relaxed and happy and reminds me of why I shipped Naomily in the first place.

Sophy says: To me this little moment was worth more than the entire speech/throwing themselves into each other’s arms part of this ep. If the grand gesture at the eleventh hour was a little bit cheesecake, then this was pure lemon sorbet – small and subtle, a sweet, refreshing slice of the pre-abject-woe Naomily we loved so dearly. I’m not sure I completely bought Naomi’s speech and Emily’s reaction to it as a satisfactory resolution to their broken relationship… but this right here, this makes me think they have a shot.

Rin says: It’s happening. It’s not over. PACK YOUR BAGS.

Sophy says: *packs bags*

Rin says: DNW Cook peeing. DW Cook throwing rocks at Freddies window. :( I also had a moment where I got really scared that Dr. Foster would just show up in the window…for some reason. I don’t know. He’s just that creepy.

Sophy says: I have trouble concentrating at this point. I just see ‘Knob’ above Freddie’s head and I go into some kind of rage black-out. I can’t remember if it was there before, and okay if it’s always been there I guess that’s a little less fail, but still… UGH. Do we really need that, at this point? Maybe it would help if the line pointing to Cook was a little less almost-invisible-by-comparison, ditto whatever is written about JJ. Idk, as a Freddie fan it just kind of felt like the writers decided to have a joke at my expense. Well… most of the episode felt that way actually. DNW.


Sophy says: lol poor plotting is poor.

Rin says: Thomas/Panda.. I don’t mind you.

Sophy says: ngl, I still love Thomas/Panda. Even if their story sucked monkey balls.

Rin says: That’s a wrap for Lily and Kat. *BURSTS INTO TEARS*

Sophy says: AWWWWW. Except it’s not. Cos they’re going to roll all over the movie. :)

Rin says: They’re cute when they’re not having sex. I love the blue nail polish and the hand over his.. it’s nice. BUT I DON’T CARE, THOMAS GOT HARVARD MIXED UP WITH SOME OTHER UNIVERSITY BECAUSE JFC. HONESTLY.

Sophy says: Lisa is a wonderful actress. The underusing of her was criminal. Now I’ve told you.

Rin says: Why. Just why.

Rin says: Jack you’re amazing in this scene. You are amazing. Even if I don’t whole-heartedly agree with it.


Rin says: It weirds me out how..weird he looks. Idk. What did they do? I’M MANNNDEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Sophy says: There are ways in which I loved the fuck out of this. And ways in which I hated the fuck out of it. Jack, never change. You’re brilliant and will go far. I can’t say any more about any of this, I’m supposed to be in a rage blackout right now BAI.

Rin says: End credits. There’s an odd number of cast (obviously) and I couldn’t change the order of them.. so MERV IS BY HIMSELF.

Sophy says: lol well he wants to be anyway, apparently, so he can gtfo.

Rin says: Things that made this episode awesome.

Sophy says: Or, if you’re me, they’re things that made this episode bearable.



Rin says: Lily always wins.


Rin says: *starts dialing* Hahah srsly, look how happy they are. <3

Sophy says: Seriously. I mean this macro. I was thinking the other day about Merv and how he doesn’t want to be in the movie and how much that sucked, because I wanted Panda and was worried that they would be a two-for-one… and then I thought. WHY NOT JUST REPLACE HIM. I wouldn’t mind at all. I don’t think I’ve ever said that about a character I liked before, but it’s true in this case – I’d be more than happy to see someone else playing Thomas in the movie. Especially if he didn’t act like a douche, so I didn’t have to compartmentalize at all times. MERV, I SAY ALL THIS WITH LOVE. You were great as Thomas. You just need to get better at twitter.

Rin says: We can only pray.


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  1. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    I LOVED THE HAIR DAMMIT. But then I seem to be the only person on the planet who loved the LockerKiss!Hair too, so eh. It’s also the logical conclusion of the hair progression all through the season; watch it get straighter and straighter as shit gets worse and worse. Curls = happytimes, straight = S3 misery. It’s a simple equation.

    And yeah, I liked the yellow too. Because it was lit so it looked almost gold. And it glowed. And yeah, I suspect I’d think Lily would look good in a bin bag.

    1. SkepticEddie
      SkepticEddie at · Reply

      I don’t know how I feel about the Ramen!hair, but I do love the LockerKiss!hair. I think the locker scene may be my favorite Naomily scene. It’s definitely the hottest, to me. It’s so POWERFUL, the scene that always leaves me rolling around on the floor, writhing and screaming, “NAOMILY IS A FORCE OF NATURE!!!!!!!” But yeah, I love the hair. It’s so adorbs and cutely school-girl-ish, with the two bobby pins (I USED TO DO THAT TO MY HAIR!!! SO MUCH IN COMMON!!!!), which is a great contrast to the desperate action of the scene.

  2. anat
    anat at · Reply

    OMFG this was HILAaaaaRIOUS!!!!
    loved all your add-ons, specially the ending bit (lucky i wasn’t drinking anything, might’ve ruined my comp) they made this epi so much more bearable :)
    so happy i found your lil corner (thanks to HH from afterellen), this page is now bookmarked to my fav toolbar so i’ll be following u – mwahhaHAHAa ;))

    thx for the lols :-D

  3. buttercup
    buttercup at · Reply

    i didn’t realise effy didn’t get a proper send off until you mentioned it… >:( now i’m annoyed…skins fail…

    the hair stuff is just…*hands over bags of money and gold trophies*

    “Sophy says: Srs, you guys, sometimes she steals candy from babies and then when they cry she presses their poor little hands over their eyes. It’s disturbing.” – i don’t even…epic lols

  4. Aly
    Aly at · Reply

    I really hope they do make a Skins movie, that would be amazing! I was lucky enough to meet Kat and Lily and “pocket-sized” doesnt even describe them, they are tiny! Unfortunately Kat’s hair is brown, I did not get to see that amazing shiny red hair :(

  5. jhmswt
    jhmswt at · Reply

    Im sorry but, this is the best recap i’ve ever seen, EVER!
    I was in a foul mood, but reading this made me cry with laughter.
    You win at life.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You really don’t need to apologize for showing us love. If we had the time and dedication we’d forge little medals for people who show us love and mail them all over the world.

      So happy the lols brightened your day! :)

  6. magick1027
    magick1027 at · Reply

    Seriously, you guys are brilliant. Your recaps are genius! I love them, Bravo!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thank you! :)

  7. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    I’m full of cold and just spent the whole morning reading through all these Skins recaps. Much laughs had, much laughs that degenerated into sneezing and coughing. But it was worth it :D
    Proper funny guys, looking forward to the retro caps.

  8. Juanita
    Juanita at · Reply

    I loved this recap. Lol Thomas/Merv hate Can’t wait to see the movie soon.
    Really crappy to end the series this way.

  9. Rebecca
    Rebecca at · Reply

    That was by far, the funniest thing I’ve read about Naomily/Skins today. :p Especially the last pictures with Merv/Lisa and Lily/Kat. The comments cracked me up.

  10. Sabrina
    Sabrina at · Reply

    Hy, Thank you so much from Italy :) I join you in the prayer: it’s such a good cause! You made me laugh a lot even if Giant not-Naomi eating babies might be in my nightmares for the next few days: let’s hope She’ll have the Freaks’ punishment. The stunt double makes it even :P
    About Naomi’s speech, I think you’re right: much of its meaning it’s about Naomi doing it in front of everyone, like when She confessed her betrayal during the BBQ. She’s not afraid to show her vulnerability anymore and told her side of the story: all she’s being doing since she was 12 has always been b/c of Emily. She didn’t cheat on her b/c She didn’t love her but b/c She felt She loved her too much. Probably Emily already knew all that and She was moved mainly by the thought of Naomi buying and keeping those tickets to Goa for months, like in all they’ve been through, N. never gave up the hope, shared her dream and treasured it.

  11. Weevil
    Weevil at · Reply

    I am new to here but I love this site and the LOLs so much its killing me. Just so much. So, thank you. Its just amazing across the board I can’t even say how often I laugh out loud at the random Sophias through out. The caps are so perfect.

    I totally agree with the analysis of Naomi/Emily by the end. I didn’t have a problem with their story line in theory. I thought “Emily” was one of the best episodes of the Gen2. I think Naomi saying “you don’t own me I do what I want” by fucking Sophia only to have her wake up the next day saying “fuck, you so own me. Let me buy you some goggles please don’t do that thing where you can read me like a book and figure this out” was totally in character. I missed adorable sweet Emily of series 3 but having been crushed can wreak havoc on a person. And, no offense to any other actors who are really pretty great across the board, these two were the only ones who could really pull of a convincing “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe?” plot line. But there just wasn’t enough screen time or evidence that they still liked each other enough to make the end work completely.

    And really they got the best arc and conclusion of this series. Although I do think the upside of the Kylie dancing (which was terrible) was that Cook does have rhythm.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thanks for the comment Weevil, glad you’re enjoying the site!

      And yeah 402 is amazing. Painful, but amazing. We can’t wait till we recap it!

  12. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    Just noticed something. In the cap where Naomi reaches down off the bed to grab Emily’s shirt so she could cuddle with it (WHY I WAS NOTICING ANYTHING OTHER THAN NAOMI IDEK) I was admiring how super!clean everything was now and saw these little signs hanging up in the background. They say “…and they lived happily ever after”.

    Happyforeshadowing!Skins happily foreshadows. Fifteen gold stars, Skins prop department. Fifteen gold stars and a Naomily montage.

    1. SkepticEddie
      SkepticEddie at · Reply

      HOMIGOSH! I love you, Brit B. THANK YOU for pointing that out…because, you know, I was a little preoccupied with Naomi’s nekkid back. Props for detail-attention-paying-to.

  13. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    I love you guys. So much. This recap is fantastic. But I have to be honest and say that I loved Naomi’s speech. I cried. A lot. I thought it was perfect, even though it was a whole “tidy-resolution-in-the-eleventh-hour” type thing. I thought Lily’s acting prevailed over the inadequacy of the writing. It made me remember just how much I care about Naomily, which I felt got lost somehow in the overwhelming disappointing-ness of this season. Honestly, it made me hope for them, in a way that another ending probably couldn’t have. /rant.

  14. SkpeticEddie
    SkpeticEddie at · Reply

    As much as I love Effy all done up fit and mysterious with her smokey eye make-up and incredible eyeliner…I really really love casual, slightly unkempt, flannel Effy, with her hair all curly and her innocent face. She makes me want to snuggle up with her on my couch and just cuddle all day.

    Also, I was hit by a very reassuring realization. The underwear I was worried was Mandeh’s has the same green striped, but has the green stripes outlined in tiny pinstripes of orange and blue, details which Mandeh’s undies do not possess *knocks on wood.* AND, to make my life A HUNDRED times better…I HAVE NAOMI’S PURPLE BRA FROM THE ARMY-SUPPLY-CLOSET-ROLLING SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much in common.

    I really love Lily’s delivery of the reconciliation speech. It’s so genuine. She has to sniffle between every sentence and her voice breaks…I just want to SQUEEEEEEEEEZE her! She and Kat are so win at acting. Srsly.

  15. SkepticEddie
    SkepticEddie at · Reply

    One last thing, because I talk too much.

    PRAYING AND PRAYING AND PRAYING TO HIGHER BEING EFFY STONEM THAT NAOMILY ROLLS ALL OVER THE MOVIE WITH TONGUE!!!! And I hope they do more adorbs things like the cute matching giggle-hand-flails in the supplycloset!rolling scene. And I hope they carry over the continuity of the beautiful Naomi’s-hands-on-Emily’s-back-holding-her-close-during-rolling that occurs in both the bouncycastle!rolling and the supplycloset!rolling. It’s so heartstring tugging. Not dragon heartstrings, though, because that would make Naoms unhappy.

  16. Eline
    Eline at · Reply

    I can’t believe you weren’t moved by Naomi’s speech! Omg I cried like a baby
    And I kept on crying till the end of the end of the episode
    And then I cried some more because it’s all over! :(
    I really hope Naomily’s in the movie, I just NEED them..
    Ugh :’)

    And I didn’t realise Effy didn’t have a proper ending.. That’s so weird..
    And I didn’t see Naomi’s undies in her “naked” scene either Ö
    But damn.. WHY did Freddie have to die? It was like out of NOWHERE that this happened. It left me screaming “WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK? I mean.. NO, WHAT!!” for 5 minutes, and then I watched the last ep immediatly.
    I mean comon’

    I need mooooaaaaar Naomily to cheer me up :’)

  17. M4NU3L4
    M4NU3L4 at · Reply


  18. Katja
    Katja at · Reply

    I adore your recaps like I adore Naomi’s expressions – they make me laugh and they make me happy :) Now I’ve told you.

    So I just discovered Skins about I dunno, 3 weeks ago (I got obsessed and watched it all in 2 or 3 sittings, and have since rewatched it over and over so I just have no clue when it was that Naomily wasn’t part of my life. Six-seater table). I would gush and gush about how perfect the story of Naomily is but of course you already know and I have basically an essay I need to get off my chest since I realized something yesterday-

    There was lots of fail in Series 4. There was pure unadulterated awesome in 4.02 and 4.04 and really 4.03 as well even if Cook breaking out of prison (wtf?) ended up cheapening it. It’s still Skins and thus can’t go entirely without awesome. And I think the biggest fail was .. well ok, I need to establish some stuff first:

    The story of Series 3 was structured with The Triangle as the main plotline with Naomily’s story as the B plot. Naomily’s relationship, though, got very nearly equal screen-time as the A plot and Naomily was meaningfully developed even in episodes like Thomas where they get about 4 minutes of spotlight. In fact, Naomily’s relationship experiences a significant change in 6/10 episodes. By my count, that’s one less than the Freffook triangle, which has no significant change in eps 3, 6, or 9.

    Then, in Series 4, the story’s structure treated Naomily as the A plot (and I saw either BE or JB say as much in an interview) with Sophia (well, everything she represents) as the central conflict. Seriously Sophia’s death drives major plotlines for the first 3 episodes. But then Naomily was completely ignored or given only one scene in 4 out of 8 episodes. And 2-3 in 2 others. That’s an A plot with LESS THAN 30% of the screen-time. Wut.

    How does that even.. Who DOES that??? No fucking wonder it became a jumbled nonsensical mess with writers writing against the story they were given to work within. That’s beyond disorganized and I just really wish Naomily could have had half the development they were given in Series 3.

    And honestly, they had good stories to tell in series 4, and if it had just been organized properly, I think it would’ve been great. Especially since JJ doesn’t get an episode when you organize it properly ^.^

    1. Katja
      Katja at · Reply

      K, I’m super verbose – I don’t know anyone who’s seen Skins :( need to say stuff somewhere

      Other Main Reason Series 4 Fails:

      By my estimates, I think Emily gets the 3rd most screentime in series 3. And she’s being fucking awesome in every. single. scene. She’s the fan favorite and it’s easy to see why. Also, Emily Fitch has the magical power to make every episode she plays an important role in a well-written and excellent episode cf: Series 3 eps 4, 6, 7, 9 and eps 2 and 4 of Series 4. No episode in which Emily has even a scene of driving the action is less than great, because Emily Fitch is a ward against fail that extends beyond her time on screen. And she only drives action in 2 out of 8 episodes in series 4. She has all of about 6 lines in the finale. One is “what?”. Another is “No.” (I only just noticed this on my like 6th time watching the ep, because Kat Prescott is amazing and doesn’t need lines. She’s actually responsible for communicating quite a lot throughout the episode – with 6 1-2 sentence lines to work with. ..Imagine what she could do with lines! oh we used to give her them? …wait why’d we stop?)

      The most popular character. It’s like they went “oh crap, this character became way more popular than the others! We better stop using her, stop letting her be awesome when we do, and actually that won’t be enough so we better make her a brat as well.” Not that I disagree with the “brat” part because that was actually good character development. But Jesus I miss awesome Emily so fucking much. Couldn’t she have distracted herself after Katie’s episode by getting involved with other characters’ stories? I guess Katie Fucking Fitch had to have a chance to do *something* better than Ems. But still.

      I would add a caveat about being biased because Emily is my hero and who I want to be when I grow up please. But in the case of Emily Fitch, I’m not convinced that counts as bias. (..I might have to count the fact that I can’t think of a character I admire the way I admire Emily as bias.)

      1. Katja
        Katja at · Reply

        Characters who say less than Emily in the Series 4 finale: JJ, MANDEHHHH, the baby, Sophia, Freds

        I’m not sure about Arcia. I didn’t pay attention. I’m pretty sure she said more words, though. Actually… JJ may have said more, too. Em’s lines are all pretty short.

        In the episode that resolved her main storyline for the series.

  19. Katja
    Katja at · Reply

    Holy Christ. No guys, I don’t believe this.

    Ems 31 words. Mandy 92

    This is before the dance/grope scene, in which Mandy has as much to say as Ems says in the rest of the episode

    Mandy gets 3 TIMES the dialogue that Emily gets. IN THE RESOLUTION EPISODE FOR HER SEASON-LONG-STORY.
    After Em’s been the focus of about 3 whole scenes outside her own episode. The most popular character from the season before.

    Lara got half an episode.


    [Yes. I had to go back and count because I realized “wait no, Mandy has a bunch of lines in that scene with Em” And I started feeling kinda ill. I was mostly just “Meh” on this episode when I first saw it. Now that I’ve realized this I’m having rage-sickness thinking about the injustice to one of television’s truly great characters]

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha oh Katja. We feel you on this issue, we really really do. Emily had better get a whole lot of talk-time in the movie, that’s all I’m saying.

      (And welcome to Skins fandom! And to rophydoes!)

      1. Katja
        Katja at · Reply

        hahaha, thanks :) And thank you guys for your dedication to Naomily so us newbs have such great resources <3

        PS where's twinnie recap D:
        I want some moar!
        /Oliver Twist

  20. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    oh crap, I stared SO hard & SO much at the naked Naomi-cap last couple of months that I discovered she’s wearing underwear … spoils the magic :(

  21. uber
    uber at · Reply

    lol omg the first 4 panels of this http://www.rophydoes.com/images/skins/408/theend.jpg were my gran’s EXACT reaction. Oh Rophy <3

    1. Mia
      Mia at · Reply

      Your gran? omg that’s awesome. My mom watched skins and misfits and she is sooo very pissed about series 4’s ending. I try to tell her that it’s ok cause they’re gonna make a movie and we’ll probably find out what happened but she doesn’t buy it. I was flailing the other day when I saw the series 5 trailer and I showed it to my mom and she was like.. WTF?! So, we’re not gonna find out what happened to Cook!? That’s BS! and I was like.. Mom, calm yo tits.. but she didn’t.

      1. uber
        uber at · Reply

        bahahaha your mom is love <3

  22. Ollie
    Ollie at · Reply

    “Sophy says: They are totally the new Buffy/Angel. I dare anyone to challenge this extremely profound and accurate insight.”


    Naomily were epic, adorable, awesome soulmates. Bangel were cheesy, dull, lame infatuated teenagers.

    Now I’ve told you, okay. Now you know.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      lmao, yes, because Angel was such a teenager.

      1. Ollie
        Ollie at · Reply


        Well, emotionally anyway. While he was in his early 20s when he was turned, he was little but an irresponsible, womanising, uncaring, hedonistic drunk with no understanding of love or affection, and who acted up solely to rebel against his father. Does he act anything unlike a particularly immature teen?

        Then he gets turned into a soulless monster, a persona that remains for a hundred years. Naturally, during this time, there is no emotional growth, if not for the simple fact that he is essentially a different being. And so when his human soul is restored, he can only revert to the emotionally stunted individual he was before, only now racked with guilt. He spends the next 100 years completely ostracised from society, with barely any human interaction of any kind. There is of course no emotional development of any kind suring this time. And so when we reach the Angel who meets Whistler, he is still, emotionally, a teenager – a teenager who is tortured with guilt over a century of unthinkable violence – but still a teenager.

        And so when Angel sees Buffy, he is a teenager falling in love for the first time. He has no idea or concept of what love is – after 20-something years of apathy and scorn from his father, followed by a century of literally being unable to love and then a century of interacting with nobody but sewer rats, he is severely emotionally and socially stunted. Angel may be 240 years old, but he hasn’t yet grown into an adult. He doesn’t really grow up, in my opinion, until the latter end of S3. That’s what makes Buffy/Angel a teenage romance, and it’s why I referred to Angel as a teenager.

        Well, that and it just made the original statement flow better. ;)

    2. uber
      uber at · Reply

      A++++++++++ ! yay this comment! Agreed

  23. Lanu
    Lanu at · Reply

    Oh she IS wearing underwear… hadn’t noticed that…

  24. Sphaeralcea
    Sphaeralcea at · Reply


    Thank you for the best round of laughs I’ve had all year (thus far … gotta leave room for more Rophy-mazeness!!!)

  25. loveless27
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    hahaha.. Lily always wins!

    NAOMILY forever :)

  26. Caitlin
    Caitlin at · Reply

    If you watch towards the end of the episode when Panda and Thomas are talking about college while sitting against the mirror-wall thing, you can see Naomi and Emily dancing cutely. You have to watch it closely to see it and it’s very short. I thought it was cute. There’s a vid on youtube…lol, I feel like a creeper for knwoing this. It at 5:16-5:27:


  27. valeria
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    GUYYYYYSSSS! when are you putting up the other recaps??
    i seriously come back everyday, just to see if they’re up but no </3

  28. Bekah
    Bekah at · Reply

    Love, love, love you guys. Thank you so much for the hours of entertainment!

    Marathoned Seasons 3-4 last month, and have been consumed with Naomily ever since. Your recaps are the most brilliantly funny things I’ve ever read.

    Oh– and Emily does wear the checked purple shirt! 3.09, when she and Katie are shopping for Loveball dresses. She’s wearing a jean jacket over it, but the purple plaid is there!

    Thanks again for these recaps. Can’t wait for 4.02!

  29. Effybean
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    this is like, my third re-read of your Skins recaps and I’m still LOL all over the place

    But, but…
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Foster was never in a shot without SophiaHair.

    Now I’ve told you. Now you know.

  30. Patricia
    Patricia at · Reply

    I just came here to say

    THERE IS A GOD! I was ans still am (obviously) disappointed with the end in general. Because, srsly they did not gave Naomi her own episode. And the cheating should not have been only about how emily was hurt (that too, but not just), it should’ve been focused on why that happened. Why did Naomi did it and how does she feel about all that.

    I waited so long for them to be toghether again, and that that speech. It was great but WHY WHY WHY! We almost didn’t see them in series 4 and now..IS THAT ALL THERE IS ????

    Who the hell writes this sh*t endings ? And although it’s a six seater table they should’ve made room for some more NAOMILY!!

    Now I’ve told you ok ? NOW YOU KNOW

  31. Christina
    Christina at · Reply

    Maybe I’m missing something obvious (if so, I’m sorry), but why does Naomi say she bought tickets to Goa when Emily tells her mum they’re going to Mexico? Isn’t Goa in India?

  32. Peggy
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    I lieltarly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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