Everyone — Part 2

Rin says: SHIPPING IT. SHIPPING IT HARD. I want this in the movie.

Sophy says: Seriously, I ship it. I’m not even kidding. That “You’ve got me wrong” and the “Show me”. Amazing. I would love the movie if it had Karookie in it. Love.

Rin says: Hahaha I love his innocent little face, it works so well. Karookie hatesex, it’s happening.

Sophy says: HAHAHAH HIS FACE WAS JUST IRRESISTIBLE. And Karen’s so frustrated and annoyed… yet TURNED ON OMG.


Sophy says: Baby bones, everywhere. And copies of ‘Jugs’.

Rin says: A couple issues. I do not believe for a second that Freddie was going insane, which I have read in passing, because of this book. Are you kidding me? If that’s a sign of insanity then I’m way past that. Lock me up right now. No I don’t have books full of love declartions, but I can definitely relate to the sentiment. And I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more time on these recaps than he did writing in that book. Second issue: I missed it at first because of the quality of the livestream so I didn’t know Cook says “So do I Freds, so do I.” And that is the reason for the break down. WHAT THE FUCK? Not hearing that dialogue I was like ‘omfg I LOVE THIS’ because I thought it was about Cook realising that he had let Freddie down by not trying harder to find him. That a part of him probably wanted Freddie out of the picture. Then I rewatched and heard the dialogue and proceeded to rage. I liked my version better.

Sophy says: If I get too srs bsns, this rophycap will never be posted. So I’ll just say… Cook’s response to the book was… disappointing. To say the least.

As for the book, I kind of liked it, especially as an echo of Effy’s repeated ‘I love you… I love you… I love you…’ from the last episode. Personally, I don’t think it’s a sign of actual insanity so much as a response to extreme stress and anxiety. We saw in 4.05 that he uses the physical act of writing as a coping mechanism – the effy forever acrostic immediately sprang to mind when I saw the book. My interpretation is not that he sat down one night and flipped out and wrote the book while frothing at the mouth. I think it was something he wrote in every day while Effy was in the institution and refusing to let him see her. I see it as a daily ritual which he used to cope with anxiety/to remind himself that he needed to hold on and keep hoping. The larger ‘I love her’ and ‘John Foster wants to hurt her’ would be a response to the final ditching of him/concern about Foster in 4.07.

Rin says: Not really sure why they had Emily see Cook, was there supposed to be more meaning behind that or was it just like a logistics thing? IDK.

Sophy says: lol maybe it’s to show how disconnected she is or something. Because he’s like… falling to his knees weeping and she appears to have no opinion on it.

Rin says: Naomi is dancing with herself. With the record selection and the mirror’s reflection. Actually was this when Take On Me was playing? LOVE IT.

Rin says: Oh Naoms. Pretty ♥

Sophy says:I love that cap. I love the wall behind her with her blonde hair and the black jumper. Perfection.

Rin says: Thommo. I’m finding it harder and harder to come up with comments for you. JJ/Albert…srsly noone cares anymore. You got your entire episode that had nothing to do with anything so get out instead of wasting more screentime.

Sophy says: Despite Merv’s fuckery… I’d rather watch Thomas run a marathon than spend another minute with JJ and the fucking baby. Gtfo, you’re both pointless.

Rin says: Naomi’s hair = unnnfffff. Mandy’s hair = *breaks down into sobs* OK, so that’s more a reflection on how I feel about their characters than their actual hair.

Sophy says: Hair matters. Mandy’s is gross, because it grew out of Mandy’s head.

Rin says: Katie smiling at the baby is such a nice little touch and is my favourite type of Skins, funny considering how it always aims to be over the top.

Sophy says: KATIE SMILING AT THE BABY IS AMAZING. Everyone on this show, to greater or lesser extents, whines about the bad shit in their lives instead of making effort to get over it and be positive and made of win. EXCEPT KATIE. SHE IS AMAZING. FOREVER.

Rin says: Katie, you’re very cool. VERY VERY COOL.


Rin says: No matter how hard you stare out that window Emily, what happens next is always going to haunt you for the rest of your life. Like it does to me.

Sophy says: Sometimes I wake up screaming.

Rin says: I feel bad that the amazingly hilarious cap of Naomi has to reside next to….that. All I see is I’M MANNDDEEHHHH though and I can’t help but burst into laughter. I also really like that I am meticulous about getting caps that are in focus, open-eyed and not mid-talking — but when it came to Mandy I purposely tried to get the worst caps possible. IDK, she’s just better like that.

Sophy says: And that, Rinana, is one of the many reasons why I love you.

Rin says: The smug ‘whatcha gonna do about it’ look from Naomi? Killer. See Emily, you’re being killed.

Sophy says: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Lily’s faces in this ep are for the win.


Sophy says: IT WOOS ME, RIN. Yeah I went there.

Rin says: I feel sick. Physically sick. WHY DID YOU DO IT NAOMI?? WHY? I KNOW MANDY’S EXCUSE, BUT WHAT IS YOURS? *sobs* …omg I keep scrolling past this and I see it and start to gag. I’m serious.

Sophy says: … I didn’t really notice that when watching. I never want to see that cap again. Ever.

Rin says: Oh Ems. That look up is just…my heart. And Naomi, lolol, “What?!?! JUST A PASSING GROPE IS ALL.”

Rin says: Oh hai Emily’s upper upper leg. WAHT?! (*Waits for all the RIN UR GAY comments*) Blame it on Emily not wearing any pants, I’ve seen her wear them before. I know she has some.

Sophy says: RINURGAY.

Rin says: Naoms, you’re hopeless. Though I really like this bit, no not the fucking bit that follows, just the bit where she’s yelling after Emily. It shows that she has been trying to speak to her and that she does want to fix things but is still a big coward about it. And Lily looks really pretty.

Rin says: Lily is so happy when they call in Kat as the stunt double, srsly. She actually looks like a boy in high school salivating over the hottest girl in class. AND THEN SO CONTENT AT THE END, OH LORD. Be less obvious, jesus.

Sophy says: LMFAO, you just know Lilykat have this shit written into their contracts.

Rin says: Knowing that it is Kat’s hand that is doing the groping has really helped me in coping with that screencap, it really has. SOPHIA/FREDS working against Mandy is a beautiful thing. Sophia with her smile and Freddie with his bread pointing. Ah, good times.

Sophy says: Freds will never forget what Soph did for him in the Rophycap ending of 4.07. Also, Lily’s expression in that final cap is amazing.

Rin says: Probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life. No, really.

Sophy says: We figured we were getting to grips with what makes Mandy tick so… it was time.

Rin says: Rophy getting inspired by Rophy…my favourite. Mandy being bored and resorting to thinking about Keiko is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life, Sophy. I APPLAUD YOU. It’s like.. so revolting and SO MANDY, I can’t even deal with the realism right now.

Sophy says: I think we nail Mandy, Rin. Not in that way, though. *crosses self*

Rin says: I’m a bit freaked out that Naomi didn’t slap her one right after the FONDLE, but I guess she was just in shock at the sheer ABSURDITY of it. Srsly, who does that? Fucking Mandy and her warped ideas on romance.

Sophy says: Clearly she thinks molestation is equivalent to flowers and candy.


Rin says: Soph help me out, why does Naomi pull an angry face? Is she angry at herself? Angry at Mandy? Angry at Ems? E. All of the above? I’m sick of people saying all Emily did this season was cry, fuck off <– that’s my argument. It’s not her fault she got her heart torn apart and the one true thing she believed in betrayed her. Let her cry and be happy that Kat is at least the best/prettiest crier of the cast.

Sophy says: I think she’s still just trying to process the horror. It’s tough.

I have to agree with the people who say all Ems did was cry, but only in the sense that she was underused and I would have liked to have seen more from her after her ep. Still… best crier ever. So I’m not complaining.

Rin says: IDK what that is. It’s the first thing I did and the first thing I thought of.

Sophy says: It’s always the first thing you think of.

Rin says: I THOUGHT MANDY LEFT OMG. But I guess she has some sort of cleavage-radar. :(

Sophy says: lol no one is safe. If Thomas put on a few pounds, he’d be in trouble.

Rin says: Tbh I wasn’t completely off-put by the hidden grades thing. Yes it’s ridic that she got straight A’s but I wouldn’t be writing her off as a completely useless moron. I’m unsure why she would hide such a thing, as if taking more subjects was a big deal, but oh well. I don’t hate the storyline, is all.

Sophy says: It was ridic, but I didn’t hate it. Probably because so much about the end of this season was fail that I would take what I could get.

Rin says: Bit off-topic, but I have always loved how the Skins subtitles look. *shrugs*

Rin says: Why am I not surprised?

Sophy says: ahahahahah.


Sophy says: AHAHHAHA.

Rin says: It’s only taken 5 more episodes to see them sharing a bed again, with Naomi mostly naked and Emily wearing a tshirt. Talk about an awkward situation. Also, I’m pretty sure Emily senses that Naomi is awake and watching her because she just turns to face her without checking to see if she’s awake.

Rin says: Emily’s only “I love you,” for the series and it’s rejected. Poor Emsy. She’s not lying, Naomi knows that, but she’s not exactly fighting for them either.

Sophy says: I LOVE the ‘Don’t lie’. The delivery was amazing and sent my heart straight to my throat. Plus I think what it meant was, Naomi feels rejected, big-time, for obvious reasons, and she’s fishing. She wants Emily to do the job Emily used to do and step up and make Naomily happen, tell it like it is, lay her cards on the table, wear her heart on her sleeve… She wants her to say ‘WHAT I’M NOT LYING, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT’S KILLING ME.’ What Naomi doesn’t quite realize yet, is that it’s her turn to be that person. It’s her turn to make a stand and fight for her woman. <3

Rin says: This is probably one of my favourite moments and I’m not exactly sure why. It’s soft and gentle (albeit in a brutal manner..lolwut?), and it’s probably the only time when my heart actually hurt (over naomily in this ep) because just thinking about them not making it through this was horrible. Even though I knew for certain they would reunite, they managed to put that panic within me that there was always that possibility of it going the other way. The way Lily delivered the lines was absolutely spot on..and the talking into the door and and and the black tshirt and. idk. BONUS LILYBACK too.

Sophy says: Even though I know Naomi was the initial wrong-doer, I still think Emily has behaved like an absolute idiot for a lot of this season, and she needed to be told. I was glad to see Naomi stand up to her finally, because nobody should be a doormat, whether they’ve done wrong in the past or not. I also think, on a subtle level, she was trying to put an end not just to her misery, but to Emily’s. She knows this isn’t good for either of them and it has to change. Whether it breaks her heart or not.

Rin says: STUPID SKINS IS STUPID. Why does Cook say, “All back at Naomi Campbells” …when were you all there the first time? Is there supposed to be some sort of irony that I’m just not getting? And um.. he notices that BIG WARNING SIGN and then dismisses it immediately. WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING? Freds is missing and you’re just like, *shrugs* Urgh. Why not take this chance to make Cook awesome? Instead you make Katie fart. Or what we’re to assume was Katie, when in reality Rophy knows that it was Mandy from outside. Yes, she is that disgusting.

Sophy says: It was Mandy. Period. And that ‘Back at Naomi Campbell’s line is unforgivably stupid writing. Unless I’m missing something someone can explain to me…

Rin says: HOLY FUCK WHY IS SHE SO LARGE AND HAPPY :(( :(( :(( Sometimes I wish the actress knew of the great gift she gave this fandom, I really do.


Rin says: Yes that’s a good Panda, take away Naomi’s special grass.

Rin says: I really can’t help but laugh at Katie’s overreaction. Why is she already up against the wall in full-blown panic? I dont know.. it’s just..WHOA that is a really weird shadow to the right of her. Um, yeah, Katie in her nightie is cute though.

Rin says: Very cute, and a nice little nod back to their ~relationship back in S3. I like.

Sophy says: This was adorbs. I loved that Cook went there, even in the midst of all the chaos, and Panda’s chuffed little ‘ta’ was magic.

Rin says: DYING EVERYWHERE OVER THE PRETTY. JFC is is pretty. That straight hair is just..so beautiful. WHY WHY WHY. *goes into dread-mode*

Rin says: Cook escaping out the window down the side of the building was pretty hot. And awesome. Though even I know that police officers can’t be that stupid. All 18 of them, srsly, overkill. GUH NAOMI, GUH.

Sophy says: I loved Naomi’s expressionlessness throughout this. It somehow made the whole thing feel less FUCKING RIDICULOUS and more real.

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  1. buttercup
    buttercup at · Reply

    the mandeh eating babies nom nom nom is made of win…

    “when in reality Rophy knows that it was Mandy from outside. Yes, she is that disgusting.” – word. i think i can smell her from here…

  2. SkepticEddie
    SkepticEddie at · Reply

    Sophy: Spock salutes you for your well-reasoned logic: Mandeh’s hair is gross because it grew out of Mandeh’s head. You are one of Starfleet’s most valued officers.

    Rin: Can we talk about Emily’s adorbs pantsless outfit? I LOVE IT!!!!! Her stripey sweater! Her amazing cabled socks! So cute. Also, I noticed that while Katie has baby seal nose, Emily has baby seal teeth. There’s a really good view of them when she’s crying. Kat Prescott crying…so amazing…

    Rophy, thank you so much for the stunt double macro. It really helped my rid myself of some terrible nightmares. Also, I think you might want to save the Lilyback cap in case you ever need to make a macro of Naoms taking OFF her shirt. Because that’s a highly preferable happenstance.

    Finally, the Naomily wake-up scene in conjunction with the Sophy quote “Sometimes I wake up screaming,” all I can think is, “I wake up exhausted, it’s not morning. It’s back to sleep to re-dream me. We’re alone and we’re happy, but there you are, angry with me…”

  3. Karen
    Karen at · Reply

    i was loling so much in my psychology lecture class at those mandy macros! worst part was the teacher was lecturing about suicide.

    i swear, if naomily is the cure for homophobia, then i genuinely believe rophy is the cure for suicidal thoughts!

    thank you for giving me the gift of never ending lols! :D

  4. Brook
    Brook at · Reply

    I feel like Merv is upset that his story line was sort of discontinued in season 4. I really don’t blame him for being pissed because I am too. IMO, they could have added an episode to this season, preferrably Panda? Naomi would have been a sweet addition, also.

    1. Suzy
      Suzy at · Reply

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    2. kredit kostenlos zahlen
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      If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enlightenment.

    3. wizard
      wizard at · Reply

      so this puddle in my chair that slightly resembles me, might need to go get some after that performance. Yeah he was hot very hot. damn business trips…bob’s out of town!

  5. Jake
    Jake at · Reply

    I think when Cook says “we all ended up at Naomi Campbell’s” i think it is because in the first episode of gen 2 Cook takes the piss out of her so i think it is just meant to be an ironic thing

  6. Christina
    Christina at · Reply

    The reason Cook says, “we’re all back at Naomi Campbell’s” is because that’s where the barbecue in Katie’s episode was, isn’t it?

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