Effy — Part 1

Rin says: I have to say this. Effy/Kaya is gorgeous. Now I’ve told you, okay? Now you know. WHOA, A ‘NOW I’VE TOLD YOU’ RIGHT OFF THE BAT!!!~!

Sophy says: Right off the… oh Rin. I see what you did there, setting the tone.
And yes… I may or may not definitely have a hugely inappropriate crush on her. Someone should just make me a football jersey that says Peado already :(

Rin says: Foster got his certificate August 19897. What the fuck IS HE??? Creepy photos of family are creepy. His office is a rather beautiful set though.

Sophy says: lol stupid certificate gag is stupid. I guess it’s supposed to tip off those with keen eyes that he’s all kinds of dodgy, but honestly… if you were faking your certificate you would notice that. Like… as in… it’s more plausible that there was a printing error and the certificate is perfectly legit. About as fail as the cock gag on JJ’s confectionary store.

Rin says: I honestly just think it’s a Skins mistake and they like.. ran out of ink to print off a new one. LOL I DUNNO.

Sophy says: ANYHOO. Rin and I are trying to figure out whether that’s his daughter in the photos or whether he needs a peado-jersey too. Possibly the latter – after all, my bf thought it was obvious that he’d been molesting Eff all along and wiping her memory of it. Which… ew.

Rin says: FARRR, what is this hell hole. Those paintings on the wall are not going to make anyone less crazy. ‘Healthy Anger Expression’ ….you may come in handy.

Rin says: In the first cap you can see some girl going kung fu dragon on the seats in the back. That’s when you know an extra is over-acting.

Sophy says: YELLOW FLOWER CAP. Omg. Skins, never stop being absurdly pretty k thx.

Sophy says: lol wtf is Effy reading. I figured it was just part of her general desire to regress to childhood, but apparently it’s some ohsoclever ~foreshadowing, according to a blurb Rin found about the book. Whatever, JB, foreshadow all you like… doesn’t make this shit any less fail.

Rin says: I’m pretty sure the cover is a fake and it is in fact gay porn. Effy is just taking advantage of the spare time she has to continue her quest in being the gayest.

Rin says: I’m such a sucker for half blurred face shots. *GOBBLES IT UP*

ALSO, I made 153 caps of the following scene.. starting from when you can see Naomi in the reflection. It was hard to wittle that down to only 17 caps.

Sophy says: Sometimes you remind me so much of Sophia.

Rin says: NO EFFY. Stop trying to force yourself to do gay story… THAT’S SO EDELSTEIN OF YOU. >:(

Sophy says: I know, she is being a total Edelstein :(

Rin says: *admires the fact that you can’t see the camera in the windows reflection*

Rin says: …oh

Rin says: …my

Rin says: …gaaaaawwwwdddddddddd


Sophy says: Effy and Anthea hugging is just the prettiest thing. Anthea was kind of awesome in this episode. I almost want to forgive her RIGHT OFF THE BAT for raising the bar in terms of the whole ‘adults are dickwads on Skins’ thing this gen.

Rin says: I swear, we all should have known something was not right with the man when he started dancing/drumming to Phil Collins. WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.

Sophy says: Okay, that’s it. Anthea Stonem got rid of all the shit in Effy’s life, and replaced it with Angel-Katie in her cupboard. I TAKE IT ALL BACK ANTHEA. YOU WIN AT PARENTING. AND GENERAL LIFE.

Rin says: Anthea > Gina at this point.

Rin says: JB might have suck ass most of the time during this episode, but ‘come here you silly giraffe’ will forever be in my heart.

Rin says: Honestly, when I first saw this… I didn’t even notice the change. Sophy, you are just that good.

Rin says: I love this location as Freds house, srsly. It’s just.. quaint.

Rin says: Just like naomily, I die for the height difference guys. I just do. Big guys (aka NAOMS) with tiny girls (aka EMS) just work so well for me.

Rin says: Srsly. All of this moon stuff. No other thought should be running through your mind.

Sophy says: ROFLOFLOFL. Effy tried to go all out to impress Naomi. Sad, Effy. Just… sad.


Sophy says: aw x a million. I love the way Effy smiles at Panda’s verbal assault on her. <3

Rin says: …why didn’t she change clothes?

Sophy says: I SWEAR. Nobody does cute hand-holding like Skins. Nobody.

Also… HI LILY.


… I like the way they hold hands.

Sophy says: ALSO. Effy in the badge-jacket turns me on…

Rin says: That’s right. Back on to Kaya. And do you know HOW UNCOMFORTABLE IT MAKES ME TO HEAR YOU SAY THAT?? *shudders*

Sophy says: lol. I love how for Thomas, expulsion is the solution. For Effy it’s THREE FAKE As. Well… she is cuter.

Rin says: That was what normal viewers may see during that scene.

This is what I saw.

Sophy says: Seriously, Rin. If you are Sophia give me a sign.

Rin says: DNW FOSTER. DNW. *gets some holy water*

Rin says: I have no idea what they’re doing in there, but it looks like Katie is drunkenly shooting pool and Emily goes to grab her away. Whilst everyone looks on and laughs. Except Effy. Effy is a straight up pool player and does not condone this type of shenadigans.

Sophy says: Naomi is so pleased with herself. She’s like, waving her results around and yelling, ‘YOU HEAR THAT EFF? THREE As. THREE REAL As. Guess there’s two things I shit all over you at…’

Rin says: I have no words for how adorable the Trinity are in this scene. All of them. I JUST WANT TO LOCK THEM UP AND WATCH THEM FOREVER :)

Sophy says: The levels of cute in the first two caps are almost unbearable. And lol Freds, don’t look so lulzy and jovial. You’re about to dumped by Effy, AGAIN.

Rin says: Katie. Just keep being you. Always.


Sophy says: JJ… fuck off and stop looking freakishly like my boyfriend.

Rin says: BAHAHAH *dies* No seriously guys, it’s becoming a problem for her. I hear she tried to smother him after JJs ep because of the ukuleles. AND ALSO, JJ DOES NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. FAIL SKINS FAIL.

Part II

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  1. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    “after all, my bf thought it was obvious that he’d been molesting Eff all along and wiping her memory of it. Which… ew.”

    Yeah, I still think that. :S

  2. buttercup
    buttercup at · Reply

    i never thought that about john foster and effy…and now i am super weirded out and that’s ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT…ew-ness…

    and katie in the closet = lols…

    and major lols at: “Sophy says: Seriously, Rin. If you are Sophia give me a sign.” – i feel like the signs are there…perhaps in the amount of naomi screen caps…just saying :)

    you two are hilarious!

  3. Cait
    Cait at · Reply

    i do agree that creepy john foster was creepy from the start, and that he was doing SOMETHING to effy.

  4. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    …why have I never noticed the guy in the Superman cape walking behind Naomi in the pub scene? WHY HAS THIS ESCAPED MY ATTENTION FOR SO LONG?

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