JJ — Part 2

Rin says: Gross.

Sophy says: AHAHAHAHHA RIN. Thank you for this. See Cook. You’re not the only one who gets pissed on. There there.

Rin says: I’m not complaining, but, was it necessary to have Cook naked this many times? HE’S NOT A PIECE OF MEAT, LUCY. He has an incredible amount of depth which every episode prior to this one has spent building up. You kind of chose to ignore all of that development, huh? Laura noticing that JJ flirts with old ladies is one of the better parts of the episode.

Sophy says: Throwing naked Cook into as many scenes as possible was about the classiest thing Lucy did with this episode.

Okay, okay, OKAY. Ngl, the you flirt with old ladies part was sweet. Oh Lara… if only you hadn’t gone down with this shitty-arse ship.


Rin says: This went on for 10 minutes, and I was pretty confused as to why they were showing all of this naomily from old episodes, but you know what? Who am I to complain?


Sophy says: I guess they really do have budget issues if they have to resort to using old footage… sheesh. Idk, it was kind of random and messed with Naomily’s storyline but… yeah. Not a fool. Not complaining.

Rin says: That’s Laura checking on the babeh. Cause you know, she really is a good parent. She’s only kept it locked up in the room while she’s been having sex for two days.

Yeah, awesome.

Sophy says: *golfclap for Lara* Hope you used a condom this time, lol. Wouldn’t want anymore Lara’s Baby action, would we??

Rin says: Had to be done….had to be done…

Sophy says: HAHAHA epic. You did such a good job. *hugs*

Rin says: I am almost at a loss as to what I should say about this scene. You might be surprised to hear this and you may not have previously noticed, but I’m hugely biased towards naomily. Now you know. Watching this scene was difficult for me, for two reasons. The first being that naomily are still in the same position they were months ago. Nothing has changed. Instead of working towards making their situation better, they seem to be splashing about in the unhealthiest environment for their relationship. This to me, seems out of character of both naomi and emily. These girls are smart and clever, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me to have them both so defeated. The main reason being that this is supposed to be, what, about 7 months after episode 2? It’s far fetched and I don’t like it.

REASON NUMBER TWO: With all that being said, I still can’t help but feel for these two characters simply because the acting from Lily and Kat was superb. Besides laughing at a stoned Naomi, and her asking how old ‘it’ is, I just felt sadness for them. The looks on Naoms face when she just looks at Emily are crazy good, CRAZY PANTS GOOD, in conveying how hurt she is but at the same time the patheticness she has been reduced to because she’s too afraid (STILL FUCKING SCARED NAOMI) to go against anything Emily does or says, due to the guilt. It’s kind of fucked. Naomi you need to wake up and fight for your girl.

RANT AND A HALF which probably makes no sense whatsoever. /shrugs. I’ve kind of just noticed that Emily seems to be over her self-medicating phase (hopefully) and instead might be trying to get a rise out of Naomi from this whole Mandy thing. I just hope Skins makes sense of this mess, and with just two episodes to go it’s going to be pretty hard to make it seem not rushed/forced, but I’m hoping they do a good job of it anyway. Anyway, more sadfaces to follow.


Yay, Meg!

Sophy says: IA. This just doesn’t feel like Emily to me. I was even a little bit hmm at the response they chose for her in Katie’s ep, and this… idk… to me, Emily is smarter than this. IMO she would have moved out by now and either moved on, or started working on the relationship in a constructive way. This epic stagnation is a little hard to buy. Also, where the fuck is Naomi’s mother? Idk we shall see… I’m still hoping they’re going to pull something out of the bag that will blow me away and make sense of all of this. C’MON SKINS. I KNOW YOU HAVE IT IN YOU.

And seriously, we’re meant to believe that it’s been months and Naomily are still in a black pit of despair over cheating, but Freddie, JJ and especially Cook are all ‘lol’ and ‘eh’ and ‘never mind the fact that Effy went crazy, tried to kill herself and got institutionalized’? None of the secondary characterization in this episode sits right with me in this episode. Except Thomas. Which is why Thomas wins.

BUT YEAH. Acting is superb as always. Even the smallest slur from Emily, such as the ‘tell me about it’ when Naomi calls herself a tit, is like a knife in the gut. Which is because they were special. And Kat and Lily are special actresses <3

Rin says: Laura, let’s not be passing out too much judgement, mmmk? YES I REALISE HOW ABSURD I AM TRYING TO DEFEND NAOMI LIGHTING UP WITH A BABY IN THE ROOM.


Sophy says: Oh so THAT’S who you are, Lara. Makes sense.


Sophy says: LOOK AT HER FACE OMG :((

Rin says: Yes, I realise that’s a lot of caps to go without some commentary, but WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? This is a six seater table.
Although, I want to quickly add that Lily and Kat always seem to ace whatever is thrown at them…great writing or not, they make it work.

Rin says: All of these caps of Emily (was she soliloquising??) have a special place in my heart. That hair.

Sophy says: Oh Kat, you break my heart, even when I’m pissed at the storyline. NEVER CHANGE.


Sophy says: LOLLLL PEEPSHOW. And omg BRANDEH BEEEBEHHH <3 now THAT was funny, Skins. Okay? Now you know.

Rin says: Cook is such a nice friend to you JJ, and what the fuck do you do? Tell him to fuck off, cause you have a ‘girlfriend.’ Jfc. And just so you know, Katie Fucking Fitch did it better.

Sophy says: IKR. Last week Freddie was dealing with a psychotic, suicidal actual girlfriend, with shades of epic trauma about his dead mum, and he still managed to feed and house the Cookie Monster. Seriously. No leaves for you, JJ.

Katie Fucking Fitch Does It Better needs to be on one of our teeshirts.

Rin says: Speaking of. Could have done with some of her in the episode, just saying.

Rin says: Hmm, if you hadn’t spent the rest of your parenting life behind a newspaper, we might’ve cared more about you..caring.

Sophy says: OMG IT’S TERTIUS LYDGATE <3 100 Ophy points to you if you get that.

Rin says: THE MAN IN THE MIRROR COST US EPISODE 9, I’M SURE OF IT. ffs, skins. ffs.

Sophy says: Stop. Fueling my rage.

Rin says: Would have been a totally different recap had this actually taken place.

Sophy says: I would have been in BEWILDERED AWE.

Rin says: Fuck. I can’t even. Look. That voice? Are you fucking kidding me. The whole thing is just digusting to me. I’m not even going to try and be nice about it, I hated this more than anything Skins has ever done. This is the real reason Chris died. AND THE CLOSING OF THE WINDOW? AND PEOPLE BEING UPSET? ARE YOU. LIKE. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN TRY THAT SKINS. WHY?! I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU WANT HER TO DO? CLIMB OUT OF THE WINDOW? Anyone who thought that she wasn’t going to come down through the door, I swear to god. I will punch Albert in the face if you thought otherwise.


Sophy says: I feel like… really upset. Just… thinking about this. Did they REALLY have to sneak some singing into gen 2??? At least Bailey had an okay voice and hey THAT whole sequence was awesome and ironic and bizarre and brilliant. Not lifted straight out of teen romantic comedy x. Christ.

Also, the ukulele playing villagers might top the granny race in season 3 for trying too hard to be omgsobritishandquirky FAIL.

I’m seriously upset right now.


Also, I have to concur Rin. Emily’s reaction to this whole debacle would have been much more realistic. As would, say, for example, this:

Note to Stephenie: this was not a plausible or healthy response to getting dumped. Eddie C leaving was not enough. You needed JJ and fucking ukuleles, okay? NOW YOU KNOW.

Rin says: Annnndd there goes episode 10.


Rin says: Lawl. JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY WITH THEIR RESULTS EFFY. You don’t have to be such a party pooper, I mean.. look at Katie. She’s stoked. You’re breaking her spirit right now with your judgement.

Sophy says: That was Kaya’s face after she saw this episode. The others were just happy it was over. Ollie threw the party. They still didn’t forgive him.

Lucy Kirkwood was not invited.

Rin says: I just. They should get married and then write some slash fiction together or something. They deserve each other.

Rin says: And because I’ve literally become angry again from doing that last bit of the recap, I’m going to insert this gem Sophy made. Nevernudes unite.

Sophy says: SOPHIA/TOBIAS FTW. Although… I’m worried about Portia being in close proximity to old Soph. Just sayin’.

Okay. I’m out. I think the following will speak for me JUST. FINE.













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  1. rj9
    rj9 at · Reply

    This is awesome. Love the Sophia, Mandy bit. Just laughed and laughed. When Skins ended, it felt like all the life in me has been sucked. And I’ve been medicating myself with fanfics. But this is way better! Love it when Sophia sneaks into the caps. Great! Awesome! Brilliant!

  2. shley
    shley at · Reply

    omg if they added a never nude storyline to gen 2 in this episode i would have peed myself.

  3. Kim
    Kim at · Reply

    Man, JJ really ruined everything, but after reading this, I’m not as bitter anymore. I may even go back and watch this episode again.

    *Freddie Head Shake*

    Wait, what am I talking about? No I won’t.

  4. Raíssa
    Raíssa at · Reply

    dei trela.. kkkkkkkkk =D

  5. Jen
    Jen at · Reply

    Brilliant recap, as always!

    And although I agree with the complete ridiculousness of the ukulele sequence, it does mean that the Ukele Orchestra of Great Britain were in Skins. Which just makes me happy.

  6. Fork
    Fork at · Reply

    Wait, what? When did that Naomily montage happen? I MUST KNOW.

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