Katie — Part 1

Rin says: That makes both the Fitches being nearly naked in their opening scenes. And ngl, I know we should be looking at the boobs (IDK?) but I can’t help but notice her immaculate manicure.

Sophy says: Oh shut up. Even I’m looking at the boobs and I’m in a committed heterosexual relationship. You. Are totally looking at the boobs.

Personally I like how she is giving them a good cup. It shows moxy. And meanwhile, does anyone else think there’s something really hot about the way the undone bra just stays there, all undone and precarious, while she pulls her knickers up?

Committed heterosexual relationship.

Rin says: PEARLS. Katie believes in them, and so should you. I also love how she has a leopard print power suit. I’m sorry, where do you even buy things like this?

Sophy says: I wear pearls. But in a non ironic way. Can we still pretend I’m hip?

Rin says: There’s a box with Emily’s name on it. One can only assume it’s full of fannies, which seems to have grown substantially since naomily have become a couple. Coincidence? I think not.

Sophy says: They had a photo session and when the clock struck midnight Naomi was all ‘jfc Emily, how many angles do you need?????/’

Rin says: If there’s one thing that makes Skins special, it’s how insanely good the ‘smaller’ roles are. I’ve also realised how ridiculously immune to crudeness I have become when I don’t even flinch at the ‘cum in his pants’ line provided by the lovely bride. Oh Skins, how you’ve changed me. The mothers accent I don’t think really exists in the world, and if it does, what the actual fuck? BRANDEH BABEH. Katie’s excitement for sluts and studs is so adorable, it hurts.

Sophy says: BRANDEH BAEBEH WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS SKINS HAS EVER PRODUCED. Also, aw, Katie. Sluts and studs was a way better theme. But on the plus side, at least you wound up being the only one who looked hot.

Rin says: This scene was so done well. And I totally didn’t see it coming, it was a nice surprise…well…not for Katie I guess. “There are pills for that right?” – reminded me of when she thinks you can snort twister, I love that Katie.

Sophy says: This scene was beautiful… I thought Megan did a really good job selling the cluelessness and the subsequent realization that What, never? She didn’t push for laughs, and as such the scene felt natural and ultimately soh velly poignant :(

Rin says: Oh Sam, just think, if you didn’t dance like a moron you still might be able to tap that. Instead, you got a broken heart AND toe. What do you do, with the left over you?

Sophy says: HAHHAAHH SHUT UP =;=;=; GODDESS ==;=; Wait. That’s me too.

I thought this was brilliant, and probably one of my favourite Katie moments from this ep and the whole series. And the whole reason why it was so awesome is that Sam really wasn’t a bad guy. They set that up well by having him helping her dad out in the beginning. I was thinking ‘aww, technically you’re way too fug for a Fitch girl, but you’re not a bad sort.’ And then bam. “You’re dumped. Fuck off.” The seeming ease with which she got rid of him was just… magic. It was hilarious, it was fierce, it was sad and a little unfair and can I just say again hilarious? That’s Skins. It’s moments like these that make this season so damn good.

Rin says: OMG I KNOW YOU FROM THE S4 PROMO CLIP. I love how you can still see lots of red in Katies hair. The purple-y colour is gorgeous and suits Megs rahhhnd face better. I love that she has an iPhone, moreso because I hate when they use fake phones and they look really fake. Also, I think I’m starting a fanclub for Katies nails..SERIOUSLY. I’ve never seen such perfect nails before.

Sophy says: lol wtf is up with you and nails. Isn’t that like… a girl thing? :)

I adored this. More than anything I adored the way Katie said, in her little snotty, lovable voice, ‘Bitch’, when Emily didn’t answer. Once again, she didn’t play it for laughs, which is what makes it so effective. Subtlety, turns out Megan Prescott is good at it.

Rin says: Benches. Skins loves them.

Sophy says: I love Skins loving benches.

Rin says: Srsly, does Cassie have to be in everything you do?

Sophy: Yes.

Rin says: Finding all of those notices under the couch cushion was amazing. But I half expected Freddies dead mother to be under there…

Sophy says: LMFAO. WTF. COLD. What happened to you, man?

Rin says: GOD. The way Rob runs. I think that’s one of the funniest things I have ever seen during a ~srs bsns moment. I laughed out so loud, but then felt immediately like I was going to be sent to hell for doing so. I think one of the things that really reeled people into actually liking Katie was the way she looked after James. Your heart can’t run from the sweet sweet taste of sibling love.

Sophy says: Okay, not to be too much of a gen one whiner and piner, but… I’m a huge gen one whiner and piner, okay? Okay. Anyway, this moment when Rob just legs it, reminded me so much of one of my favourite comedic moments from season one, where Sid’s dad bursts into his room a second after the sound on the tv goes on. Both times I actually snorted in amusement.

On a srs bsns note, I love the incongruity of Katie’s earrings in this cap. The ridiculous oversized old lady pearl and the youthful piercing further up. It’s quite a good way of looking at her personality in this episode; one moment she’s the girl who’s holding everyone together, the next she’s beating up the client’s bff. She’ll spike the brownies with MDMA but she’s never smoked in her life. Interesting.
PS James is a dirty little fucker <3 He seriously needs to grow up like, eight years, by the time filming of season five starts.

Rin says: BRB JIZZING.

Sophy says: You’ve changed, Rin.

Rin says: OH WAIT. STILL JIZZING AND DYING. I can’t even imagine what the collective noise the fandom made when her leaf necklace went right for the money, but I think it was probably along the sounds of ‘NNNGHHHHHH UNFFFFFFF’ or something equally inaudible. Katie makes a good stud.

But if I’m serious for a moment, I absolutely adore the parallel between this getting dressed and the one at the start of the episode. It’s so beautiful and subdued, the insight into just how much stuff Katie uses to hide herself. The last shot where she rests her hands over her stomach? Perfect.

Sophy says: I forced Rin to insert a cap of the kisses on the mirror. Because it was just… lovely.


Rin says: PEADO – nice throwback. Katie it’s ok, we all prefer your boobs over that whores, even if danny doesn’t. The sash on the brides thrown says, ‘ALMOST A VIRGIN’… it’s details like this that make me believe Skins really do care.

Rin says: Oh and the penis straws. Katie’s having none of it.

Rin says: Note: Do not drink whilst pregnant or your babeh will turn out like Brandehhh. Effy says hello to Katie, with her shiny ass.

Rin says: I find Freddie’s bottle cap necklace more interesting than him. Katie/Effy find each other more interesting than him.

Sophy says: So. True. So undeniably true. Effy’s all *giggle giggle lounge lounge (yawn yawn)* until Katie shows up, at which point she’s all *sits up straight make eye contact flirts like a bastard*


Sophy says: LMFAO. Why on earth is Freddie not shaking his head with a mixture of condescension and disgust. At both Katie and his peen. I CALL OOC WRITING.

Rin says: Katie just looks like she’s just been the most humiliated she’s ever been in her life, which let’s face it, it was freddies crotch. She immediately feels the need to make the bitch bleed, thus delivering the line which will probably never die. Ever.

Sophy says: lol, I must be one of the few people in the Skins world who wasn’t crazy about this line. I mean… not that I hate it or anything, and Meg came through on the delivery but… eh. Cliche. Definitely not the greatest line in the ep.

I need someone to make me a gif of Katie flailing her little legs as she’s carried away. Need.

Rin says: At least wipe the blood or something, not just let it dribble down into your mouth? Katie is so SMALL and adorable with her balled up fists, I think she’s probably saying something like, “WHY I OUGHTAAA.”

Sophy says: bahahah oh rin.

Rin says: Effy probably stores everything in her boob. Like her personality.

Sophy says: Effy’s personality. I want it back, writers. NAO. Did love this scene though. Her headband looks silly but I love it anyway?

Rin says: Dr. Fitch is in the house, ‘uh, CANCER???’ But then Effy is looking so hot smoking that Katie can’t resist. What follows is adorable choking and spluttering, reminding me of my favourite Katie ever – potato!alcohol sculling Katie, oh how I’ve missed her. Effy touches and then checks out Katie’s rack.

Rin says: Twice. Then touches her some more.

Rin says: I think we’re all Keffy shippers now, amirite?

Sophy says: jfc Kaya. Stop trying to turn your storyline into a lesbian one with the power of your saucy gaze. And, you know, by trying to fondle Meg’s bosom.

But seriously. I’m feeling the Keffy. They just need to hook Pandora up with Karen and we’re all set for Skins: The Lesbian Years.

Rin says: Gurlllll, you’ve been learning from Miss Jay, because THAT is a walk. Rob you’re so adorable when you’re pathetic.

Sophy says: Her walk was awesome and caterpillar-y. And dude. The hands in this ep are all over the place. Um… I mean… the image… of hand-holding… :)

Rin says: What the fuck? It’s been one night Jenna, pull yourself together ffs. I also think that cup says ‘I’d rather be wearing diamonds.’ Best production crew ever, y/y?

Rin says: My over analysis for James and Katie on the stairs is: James’ broken hand/wrist represents Emily. She should be on that side of him comforting him like Katie is, but she can’t be. She’s broken.

The repo guys are SO upsetting. DO NOT LOOK AT KATIE OMG. :(( I just want to shield Katie from the perverted stares. Rob fog.


Rin says: I can’t believe they soiled the cat flap like that. Sure it’s a different house (damn continuation) but still. CAT FLAP IS SACRED DAMNIT. The Fitch family are so cute whilst being sneaky.

Sophy says: hhaha aww, it’s not soiled! It’s just another instance of cat-flap awesome. GO JAMES, you filthy little fucker! And oh lord, the repo guys… this just went on and on and on and it was so fabulously British.

Rin says: More hand holding. LOVE. Okay don’t lie. When you started thinking ‘omg omg omg Katie’s going to suggest Naomis place,’ you peed a little with excitement.. DIDN’T YOU?! God, this show is pretty.

Sophy says: Sometimes I think I should wear an incontinence pad when watching this show.

Rin says: Well, you are around the age to start.

Part II

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