Katie — Part 2

Rin says: This is when it became increasingly hard for me to choose caps for this recap, because I can’t help but make a screencap every time Naomi (and Emily) is onscreen. It’s physically impossible.

Katie/Naomi interaction was on the top of my list of ‘must haves’ this season. I just love how they always feel like they have to one up each other, and that Katie had the nerve to ask Naomi if she knew what a shower was. Um, Katie I love you BB, but…Naomi > You at this point. ‘Oh, that was careless,’ has got to be one of my favourite line deliveries.

Sophy says: lol, so 528 of the original amount of caps you made came from this half of the episode AMIRITE?

Rin says: This is true. :( I have 19 caps of the kiss alone.

Rin says: Naomi’s face, ‘bitch whatchu say?!!’ (and omfargo I die for the soft curls around her face)

Sophy says: Lily looks almost hotter when she’s done up as a grandma.

Rin says: Katie plays the Emily card, which I’m sure will come in handy when they’re inlaws, and Naomi knows resistance is futile. And then we get a cute mention of a past life, no lesbian digs? That I can’t promise. Brb dying and shipping naomi/katie. LOLWUT?!

Sophy says: I GET IN TROUBLE FOR SHIPPING COOK/NAOMI. Meanwhile you’re the one hooking her up with Emily’s FLESH AND BLOOD omg =;

Rin says: AT LEAST I’M NOT TRYING TO CHANGE WHO SHE IS. She’s a big lesbian. You want to make her straight. You are looking at the same screencap as me, right?

Rin says: Yes, it’s lame how they Jenna falls asleep within 5 seconds – a little tooo convenient. But it’s worth it for this image. THE GARIBALDIS are on Jennas skirt. Hahaha omg, lols BE HAD! And Katies little legs all bunched up, adorable. And then the mystery of where-the-fuck-is-emily is solved. She returns home after being out all night and still looks hot. I want to live in tv land. She throws down the laws of her house, stay out of her way and don’t invite any vampires in lol.

Rin says: I can’t even. This is …it’s utterly horrible. This was so unexpected and it’s A NAOMILY KISS, but omg it’s painful to watch. Even the caps are painful. I don’t believe naomily have so much as touched since ep2, and for Emily to use Naomi like this to piss off her mum is like torture. I can’t even fully appreciate the hotness of how grabby and forceful Emily is. Naomi actually has to push Emily off, this is no time to bring a child into the world.

Sophy says: LMAO. Classy joke, Rin. Real classy. On a serious note though… omg… this kiss? It had the same effect on me as if Emily had walked up and punched Naomi in the stomach. It was hideous. It was perfection.

Rin says: Brittany returns! I assume he took all of his ‘numbers’ when they hurriedly left their house because he was sure he would run into Naomi. Insight, the boy has it. This one guy decides to have fun by throwing a glass of water…

Sophy says: I don’t even know what you’re on about. Sad underedumacated newb is sad.



Rin says: Ngghhh. Effy/Naomi/Katie – DO WANT. As long as Effy doesn’t try and get too close to Naomi. I could get used to Emily calling Naomi ‘darling,’ just saying. Naomi maybe disagrees.

Sophy says: Just a bit. She’s about to thrax you with her eyes, Rin.

Rin says: And I would let her. OH, how I would let her.

Rin says: Effy takes a nap. So Naomi takes off her gay hi-tops to take a dip in the pool, all the while watching Emily dance with the luckiest extra to have lived. We all hate her, mmk?

Sophy says: Emily and the extra need to stop being all shiny and pretty. It’s confusing. All interlopers in the Naomily relationship should sport hilarious facial expressions along these lines…

… and, you know, wind up dead?

Rin says: There is never a time, when Sophia is not going to be funny.

Rin says:

Thomas: WANT MY MEAT?!

Katie: ……………………..

Sophy says: You just know Kaya Effy is dying to answer for her. With her fists.

Rin says: A picture that sums up Freffy perfectly. Effy looks on adoringly, Freddie makes a face. I AM SO SICK OF THIS EXTRA BEING ALL OVER EMILY. JUST GO AWAY. Side note: Kat plays an extremely good fucked up person.

Sophy says: Yeah… she could go away. or she could… you know… wind up dead?

Rin says: LOOK AT HER FACE IN THE FIRST ONE, lololol. OMG back to the luckiest extra on earth. JUST FUCK OFF AND DIE. Naomi (AND JJ WTF GTFO) looks incredibly hurt and upset. SO YOU SHOULD, taste yer own sophia medicineeeee. I also don’t think Lily had to stretch very far to convey jealousy/betrayal. Just saying.

Sophy says: I love it when you want JJ to gtfo. It makes me feel validated. 8->

Rin says: Emily’s face > Your face. THE TACKLING INTO THE PADDLING POOL. Who the fuck writes these things? Genius. I adore the way Naomi’s legs are up in the air and her head is getting shoved into the side of the pool. It looks funny okay! IDC, I’m just like that.

Rin says: The cackle from Emily? Oh my word. That shit is scary. And I would show a cap of the infamous boob graze that Emily does, but I think smellysue is already upset with the amount of caps I’ve included. FUCK YOU RIGHT BACK Emily says, whilst pushing Naomi in the back. The irony is not lost on me. It may be lost on Naomi. Little bit.


Also… you’re being about as classy as Emily is rn. I love it.

Rin says: I FUCKED THE DEAD GIRL. Perhaps work on your phrasing a little…it sounded like you had your way with her after she had jumped off the balcony, idk. I just realised Emily must have gotten those earrings whilst she was on vacation in Paris in the ~novel. Nice. Meg also slaps Kat a real one, pay back for all the non-stage fighting Kat usually does.

Sophy says: Omg. I snorted. At the necrophilia bit.

THE NOVEL IS GAY. And not in the way where there are lots of lovely Naomily sex scenes. In the way where it sucks and I’d write you better sex scenes if I wouldn’t feel incredibly awkward about it.

Rin says: And that’s why the Skins novel has to be the one to keep me warm at night, ISN’T IT.

Rin says: This shit just got real. I don’t think Emily deserved the slap because she is going through some pretty terrible stuff and deserves a bit of time to be a selfish bitch, but I guess Katie thought otherwise. It was necessary that Emily receive a wake up call from Katie though as she’s the only one with real license to do so. The growl noise she makes is amazing too, what is that?

Sophy says: The slap was a bit rough, but then, Katie is going through a lot too and we saw earlier when she punched the bridesmaid that she sometimes like to resort to physical violence in times of stress, lol. I LOVED the growl. It was amazing. And both their faces are amazing in these caps. Guh.

Rin says: Naomi wants to help Emily, wants to comfort her, but she still hasn’t earned that right. She knows it, so she lets her leave – cryface and all. And it’s the saddest thing in the world. Yes, sadder than babies and cancer, or babies with cancer.


Rin says: I love this, not just because I’m shallow and like the nakedness, but it’s just such a lovely moment. And this is when I will start to overuse the word ‘lovely’ because everything really gets lovely from now on. I love the undressing, the reference to the bath comment Katie made earlier to her dad, just how she finally gets a moment to herself. It’s peaceful. OH AND, we totally get to see that Meg has a tattoo – you can see it in the middle cap below her left armpit, the black line. I think it’s a word. Further analysis needed.

eta. FALSE ALARM. It does seem like it’s just a birth mark.

Sophy says: Feel free to start saying ‘lovely’ all the time. And I’ll start calling you Cassie. Wow. <3

Rin says: Thomas redeems himself. Despite Merv and his episode. It really seemed like the Thomas we all knew and loved in series 3 has returned. Katie is happy to see him return too. The disgusted face he pulls as he’s thrown into the tub and confronted with NAKED!Katie is full of lols. Like it’s the worst thing in the world, oh please.

Sophy says: heeehehehehehe I love this. The way the irresponsible, small side of Katie comes out again now that she has some peace. Love.

Rin says: You are a beautiful, magnificent woman. Followed by that hug? Brb, dying of sweetness. Skins is doing so much better this series in developing actual friendships, it’s making everything a lot more enjoyable. Thomas is like the Fitch-fairy. Srsly.

Sophy says: THIS. Is Thomas. Finally I get some PROPER THOMAS. And really… Meg’s face as he says the gorgeous line? It’s all small, sad, bittersweet, flattered, comforted, completely… unf. Loved it. Loved that it pulled a Cook/Naomi and didn’t turn out to be about reckless abandon and sex, sex, sex. It’s just a shame it took so long for these platonic ties to start to form between characters. It seems like it’ll all be over before it really started :(

Rin says: Katie in nothing but towels is now one of my favourite Katies ever. I love how she just looks on at James with a ‘right…’ face and then leaves. And srsly, this boy. Look at HIS LEGS. HAhahahha. He’s so good. THE CHALK BOARD. I don’t even know what to say. I love little details in tv shows, and Skins does them so well. This combined with my love for Ross/Rachel? Mind blown. I love you Skins, I love you.

Sophy says: HAHAHAH HIS LEGS remind me of Katie’s legs when she’s being carried away in the club. I’m not even a Friends fan, but I love the fact that someone decided they needed a reference in both gen 1 and gen 2. Heeheheheh.

Rin says: Keen eyes can spot the Lily and Kat picture on display in the bookcase.. what a bonus! :) Fetal position Emily, you are the littlest thing. I just want to put you in my pocket. It’s sad to see her like this, but at the same time I just want to sit back and appreciate how beautiful of a crier Kat is. I don’t know you guys, it’s just…the hand up to her face, the slightly open mouth and the other hand tucked away.

Sophy says: All I can really say to this is: OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD.

Rin says: And then.. like. Katie going to grab her hand and Emily not willing to give it, but Katie persists and it’s so lovely. This will go down as one of my favourite Skins moments, ever. I don’t care, I love it so fucking much and I’m not apologising for it. It’s simple and beautiful and it’s everything that I wanted from the twins relationship this series. The portrayal of actual sibling love is like my drug, I can’t help it. And then the awkward position of the hugging whilst lying down, and how Emily reaches out with her other hand to hold on to Katie. She needed this, they both did.

Sophy says: OHMYGOD?

Rin says: More twin hand holding please. DO WANT. I also really love how they both appear to be wearing pyjama type clothes. I love the stripped back-ness. Lovely. MEG in that light is lovely.



Rin says: This is where Meg brought it. She fucking brought it and owned it. I love love LOVE that she got her own episode, because she deserved the chance and Katie got some much needed development. I believe my very own smellysue was not a bonafied Katie fan pre-ep4 but has been successfully converted. I myself was more a Katie fan because of Meg, but now I consider myself a real fan. Oh, those tears. Although I do have to admit, during this scene she looks down a lot and all I can think is that she’s got a sheet of paper below the screen that she’s reading from.

Sophy says: Pff, Meg brought it from start to finish as far as I’m concerned. You are quite right, Rinanakins, I had almost no connection to Katie up until this point and by the end of the ep I adored her. All she needed was some screentime and a decent storyline. Presto.

LOL I think she’s just looking down because she’s feeling scared and shy and trying to gather herself. STOP RUINING THE SCENE FOR ME :((.

Rin says: The rest of the family come in, and I think that Emily must have borrowed those 3 quarter pants from Naomi, but Naomi wears them as shorts. Rob and Jenna share the most tongue that we’ve seen all series and it’s awkward. It was nice to see Emily be able to let go and have a bit of fun too.

Sophy says: Okay. I loved this. A lot. But it’s where the ep loses the plus on its A for me. Because it was just a little bit too cute and easy as far as the parents are concerned. But if I take my cynical hat off *takes off* omfg I love it <3 I love hats. So handy. And heady. Yeah.

Rin says: KATIE I LOVE YOUR DISGUSTED FACE, A LOT. Ok, the pizza thing? I’m sorry but if that’s not the cutest thing you have ever seen then you can just leave and never call. Honestly, HOW do you write/direct these things? It’s too much. TOO MUCH! LOOK AT EMS FACE FTLOG. And James has both his sisters back to carry him. Cute.

Sophy says: awwww. James is a filthy little fucker <3

Rin says: When they stop sucking each others faces off, they have this really lovely moment where they just lean against each other and hold each other. I think that’s the truly intimate moment where we see the love. And then they look on at their children and I start to cry. Ffs. Three episodes in a row you want to make me cry. Motherfuckers. And they sit around in their empty house, having vegan pizza and vegan sodas and it’s just all so LOVELY.

Sophy says: I am CRAZY about that cap of Rob looking at his family over his wife’s shoulder. Absolutely amazing work with the acting and direction and camera work, Skins.

Ahh, Fitch Family. If the rumors are true and we’re not seeing you again in all your glory? I will miss you. GODSPEED.

Rin says: The one reason to watch next week. Nggghhh.

Sophy says: I like this. Also, Freddie will be shaking his head and walking away in the next frame. MARK. MY. WORDS.

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  1. LovelessAndLess
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    Woah no comments? Then I just must comment on this pure amazingness. I’m sad you haven’t posted all the episodes in series 4=[. This episode is so well done and I love the lobster bit though I didn’t remember it after watching it the first time. I don’t remember the friends quote from the first generation?=[. Please please post more recaps. Sorry but I have to say I love how giant Katie’s head seems when she’s hugging Emily with that big towel on her head though it is so sweet. Skins do love benches…

  2. Sarah
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  3. Lazyboo
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    Sigh. Thank you Rophy, for your awesomeness. I LOLd and I cried through this ep, and your recap. Katie Fitch makes my heart hurt, she’s so beautiful.
    I’m really glad that they gave the twins separate eps in S4, because Katie had so much to give as a character. I was always fascinated by her in S3, but I really fell in love with her in this ep.
    I <3 Naomily, but you know they have each other (eventually), and it makes me sad that Katie has no one. One day I'm going to think up some really nice hot guy for Katie, who can treat her like the princess she is, and maybe even fanfic it. Maybe. I don't get the Keffy thing – Effy is too damaged to treat Katie properly.
    Ahem. Anyway. Please keep up your awesome.

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    I LOVE YOUR SITE. You really need to do recaps of Gen 1. <'3

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    you guys are hilarious! i love your recaps :)

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    I seriously thought Katie was going to go into prostitution. You know, in the scene where she was getting dressed after her mum found all the repo notices. Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s mind works this way…-Yeah? Okay, I’m alone here then…

    1. lobstersforlife
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      unfortunately, you weren’t alone in thinking that. I had that split second of momentary insanity when I first watched it, then I shook my head and came back to the rational world. lol

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    you guys are still recaping the earlier episodes of season 4, right? please say yes!!!!!! <3

  8. Sophie
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    I went to a shop today and saw a leopard print lamp and my first thought was that Katie would have bought it.
    I would not have though this if it wasn’t for you, Rophy.
    You have enlightened me so much on the love story that is Katie/Leopard print. ;D

  9. Kiara
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    Love this episode!!

    Will you guys recap the 1st generation of Skins?

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    This would’ve been the perfect episode to go on about the imaginary relationship you guys have between Katie and Effy. Also there’s a girl by the pool in the bbq scene that I thought would’ve been perfect to use as Sophia’s body.

    I also just wanted to say that reading these skins recap is actually more fun than watching the show. I laugh so hard reading them especially when you guys make all those corny references and extra side-panels thingy.

  11. Ana
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    Oh, and ps. I wanted to ask how you guys do this?

    I tried doing it while watching an episode of Breaking Bad and my friend just thought it was useless and I think he thought I was rather weird and will probably never ask me to watch another episode of tv with him.

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