Katie and Emily — Part 4

Katie, I can’t stand this. I’m a person. I’m not you.

Sophy says: What are you trying to say, Emily? Katie’s not a person??? Rude.

Rin says: lol get off your high horse Emileh.

Sophy says: I love how Katie looks so weary and sheepish. And I love that Emily pulls her strap up. Or is she pulling it up? Frankly, I’m astonished at her hypocrisy. ILLEGAL!!!

Rin says: /shakes head. Upsetting. But yes omg, such an adorably loving act from sister to sister.

Although at this point, one of the students shouts, ‘Kiss her!’ and JFC. What IS IT with you English and your Incest. It’s just hand in hand isn’t it?

Rin says: Emily takes off her dress in front of everyone and before I can say, ‘WHOA Emily, it’s not that kind of ball!’ it appears she’s wearing some more clothes underneath. Shoot.

She takes off her shoes as well which makes for the cutest shot later on. And then ta-da, we have twins, but individualist twins.

Sophy says: LOOK AT HER LITTLE FACE. Oh God, so cute. And the way she’s holding up the shoe just makes me think she’s about to say “Katie, I just don’t like shoes, okay?” and then Rin will run up and be all ‘OMFG RIN/EMILY OTP!!!!!’

And oh gosh, I just got the symbolism of that. At the bus-stop she’s shoeless because she’s too broken up to even bother to find them before running away from Naomi. But at the end of this episode? She’s shoeless by choice – and Naomi is by her side by choice also. Love.


You have to understand, Katie. I love you, and I’ll never really leave you. But I can’t fix this.

Sophy says: LOOK AT HER LITTLE SCRATCHES. What? They’re cute.

Rin says: Since there was no Tony/Effy this gen, there could have been a real lack of that sibling dynamic. Luckily I think Katie and Emily, and the Fitch’s, filled that gap which I so loved from gen 1. Especially in S4, I came to love them even more. Do I need to remind you?

Carol, how the fuck did you upload a 12.8mb gif to tinypic?

We need to recap that recap. Badly.

Sophy says: Agreed. I think my whole commentary on that scene was just keyboard mashing. Lazy.

I like girls. No, I like a girl. No.. I love her. Ok? I love.. her.

Rin says: The crowd gasps and one bystander even shouts, ‘I knew it!’ and I’m like, please. What gave them away? The kissing in the halls or the stolen glances from day one?

So this is it. The moment when it’s finally said out loud. It’s not just about girls, it’s about a girl. And it’s not like, it’s love. And sometimes I like to think that that was always the case. Their biggest fears were never about liking girls and everything that comes with that, it was about one person, Naomi, and one person, Emily, and their shared love. In my head, Emily follows shortly after Naomi on account of the whole, ‘I think I was 12’ deal. They didn’t know they were gay at 12, but they knew of a girl at school who, for whatever reason, they loved.

“You know when you’ve just met someone but straight away you feel as if they’re going to be your friend? Who knows why? Past life, physiognomy.”

And that feeling. That was what they each held on to and couldn’t understand for 3 years of silence, until Naomi plucked up the courage to talk to Emily. Which may have been something along the lines of, ‘May I borrow a pen? Mine’s run out of ink.’

And then everything that happened from then on just proves that you had been right in that first moment.

A random house party, a slightly intoxicated chaste kiss in the garden. And before you knew that it had happened, you knew that you had wanted it to.

Oh christ, same fucking form.
Don’t go.
I want to kiss you now.
You liked that.
Pub quizzes.
You make me feel like a better person. Less alone, less lonely.
If I said no, would I regret it?
Wriggling in tents and picking leaves out of hair.
I love you too.
I know.

Sophy says: Oh… oh. It’s like a poem, isn’t it? So much of this show and this ship is like a poem that sometimes I just can’t take it.

And gosh honestly. Kat is just such perfection in this scene. The way she says that last her, and the look on her face… it’s like this mixture of resignation and determination and sadness and hope and silent pleading and guhhhh.

Rin says: DUCK FACE NAOMI! Quack..quack..quack.

Glasvegas – It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry starts to play and dear lord, could there be a better song for this moment? No. The answer is no.

Sophy says: The song choice is almost cruel in retrospect. But then in extra retrospect it’s… still cruel. But deliciously so. Because Naomi and Emily get their happy ending when all is said and done, so yeah, the irony of the title hurts, knowing what’s going to happen over the summer, but it doesn’t hurt in the way that would make me want to hunt the Skins music head down and pelt him or her with CHE awards.

And meanwhile can we just take a moment to revel in the yearning that’s going on here. Emily is practically begging Naomi with her eyes – please, please, please let this be the moment.

Rin says: Emily lets out one final, ‘Okay?’ and Katie responds with an affirming ‘Okay.’

And how long has Naomi had her arm stuck out like that for? Nerd.

Sophy says: THE HAND. Naomi’s reaching out and there’s no catflap in this room full of people, and I think right now Pandora is so jealous she’s about to start crying. Aw.

Rin says: Ann-Hog.

Sophy says: Oh God. We need a poll at some point. Some kind of Ann-Hog/Mandeh face-off.

Rin says: As Emily goes to claim her prize, the other students start to SLOW CLAP. And Jesus, I do love a good slow clap. =D.

Sophy says: I love this school. They’re all like ‘Lesbians! Hells yeah!!!’

Rin says: That’s because it’s the school that Bryan Elsley built. They have a portrait of him in the principal’s office.

Rin says: As they exit, we get this shot of Panda where she’s basically holding on by a thread. Naomi and Emily got their happy ending (for now :smug: ), so what about her?

Sophy says: What about her indeed. Bitches are going to steal her cheating plotline next year, the least they could do is share their happily ever after masquerade…

Rin says: Oh and, you don’t really think we’d go a whole recap without one of these, did you??


Sophy says: Rinscope? What would I do without you. I like how you got that random asian in there too.

Rin says: omg, you always make everything so racial. MAYBE HE’S THE NORMAL ONE AND EVERYONE ELSE IS WHITE AND RANDOM.

Sophy says: SEE? THIS RIGHT HERE? HAPPY LESBIANS PUT EVERYONE IN A LOVIN’ MOOD. Thomas is all ‘omg Naomily OTP’ and immediately moseys on over to Pandora to make up. All he has to do is say her name and smile like that – like he used to – and she knows this is it – he’s going to give her her chance. So she says “Please, can we start again?” and then she starts to stutter about promises, and before she can get onto the evils of surfing and turfing or even work in the word ‘whizzer’, he says “Hello. I am Thomas. So glad to meet you.”


Oh these two. They are such a major coulda, shoulda, woulda for me. :-.

Rin says: How did you get ice cream in hell? Or maybe that’s what they do. Give out free ice cream to only have you see it melt right in front of you again and again and again. Bastards.

Rin says: I hate Effy. There, I said it.

Sophy says: If Tegan were here right now, Rin, she’d be saying “Not as much as me, dude. Not as much as me.”

Some party.

Rin says: NAOMTRANCE!!!!!!! Or is it a naomxit? Either way, it’s one of the best ones.

And guh! The height difference has never been more adorable with Emily barefoot and Naomi in heels.

Their playful dialogue makes me swoon. Emily repeating Naomi’s earlier use of ‘eventful’ and they’re both just so happy walking out of the Love Ball, hand in hand, just as it should be.

Sophy says: I think Emily took her dress off so she wouldn’t clash with Naomi’s tartan. And also in preparation for sexytime.

Rin says: They totally went behind the middle school and tried to get each other pregnant. Lol noone told them.

Fingers don’t ejaculate.

Sophy says: Oh God. Way to top everything gross I’ve said ever.

I love you too.
I know.


It’s too much.

Sophy says: You see I love how simple this is. How pure and uncluttered and just freezeframe, Naomily OTPage.

And I love that this is such a mirror of the last scene of that other finale that we’ll be recapping next – these two, walking away from a catfight and a catflap and off into the new world they’ve made for themselves, the way Cook/Freddie/Effy will sail away – home, maybe – into a future that’s uncertain, but better, they hope.

And of course it’s not better, not for any of them. There’s a world of misery waiting round the corner, and Emily, darling, if you think your heart got broken at any point this year, I’m more sorry than I can say… but you aint seen nothing yet. And Naomi? If you think you’re scared now, I’ve got one word for you: Rooftop.

But can we just please forget about that now and bask?

I just wanna bask.

Rin says: OMG CHOSEN :(( :((

Also, look at the little smirk on Emily’s face! She can only be thinking one thing.

Bestiality. Not a fan.

Sophy says: Oh jesus christ. NAOMI PLEASE STOP WADDLING :((


Also, that’s totally how they should have walked out of the Love Ball.

Sophy says: I would have stood up and applauded even taller and louder. These girls. Supercalla.

Rin says: I like how Naomi and Emily are both kind of roughed up…it looks like they went patrolling with Buffy.

Also, I didn’t get this macro at first. Which made me really unhappy and told me that I really have to rewatch Buffy.

Sophy says: YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. And I love that there are so many ‘He who laughs last’ caps of Cook to choose from. He never lets me down. ♥

Sophy says: You know how people are always complaining that there’s no Naomily in this episode? Rophy is here for you, whingers! Just. You. Wait.

Meanwhile my pants have left the building.

Rin says: YOUR PANTS CAME OFF? This is new territory.

Sophy says: My pants are always coming off. I just don’t feel the need to tell all and sundry about it, unlike some people.

Rin says: Gawd Effy, if Freddie/Katie bothered you that much, why did you take a picture of them with you? Silly.

Sophy says: We all know which half she’s going to keep. Just sayin’.

Rin says: And she put it in her wallet to bring out at dinner parties to show people her ‘only one.’

Rin says: Okay, with the winking eye, he kind of looks like the face on the trophy.

I actually can’t stop staring now.

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Winking-Bryan is the best Naomily Stan ever.

And you know what? I almost want Jamie to actually, for real work lightning into gen 3. Just because.

Well, Rophites. What a delicious hour of television this was. As a final thought, I’ll leave you with an excerpt from my notes for this episode that I think it sums things up nicely…




Rophy says: Amen.

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  1. Snicky
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    best … recap …. ever …. <3

  2. Katja
    Katja at · Reply


    So it’s like 5 AM in cali and i can tell i’m gonna feel ill tomorrow (though fortunately I don’t have anything i have to do at least), but AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS EPISODE OMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    I’m so in love with it I’m buzzed like crazy and want to type it all out here but I for real need to sleep so I will flail my love for this ep/FANTASTIC recap tomorrow



  3. MK1709
    MK1709 at · Reply

    *sighs* I love you guys. The Buffy all over the recap, the Tegan and the Naomily love… Perfection!

  4. Miranda
    Miranda at · Reply

    YES. I had a four hour gap in between lectures and then I came across this Jesus-approved masterpiece.
    This episode was my favourite of S3 and there were so many things I managed to miss (Naomi molesting her cheek tenderly in the cafe like in her episode etc.) LOL at the constant lightning references, I could totally see BE slapping JB on the back of the head when he was first told about this.

    Lily always waddles when she walks, why doesn’t anyone notice? It’s endearing ♥
    I will never not associate Naomi standing at the bottom of the steps with Carrie, yet it’s hot.. err.

    BRB saving Mosemily, printing Mosemily and sticking Mosemily on every bible I find in the book shop.


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      MOLESTING HER CHEEK TENDERLY. Oh Miranda. I lol’d.

  5. Miranda
    Miranda at · Reply

    PS. Making Mosemily into an icon on eljay with full credit ( if permitted by Rophy) because I can’t get over how perfect the image is.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Sure thing. Enjoy! :)

  6. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    Ruffles have ridges. His face. lolool


    I KNOW



    You do realize of course that nothing can ever top supercalla. And not only is it supercalla BUT IT TIES INTO TORTOISE. I can’t even.

    1. Angie
      Angie at · Reply

      Oh yeah, and BE! Always and forever.

      Amazing macro is amazing.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHAH. Oh Cook. Nobody does laughter caps like him.


  7. Aya
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    I can’t even put words together coherently, so I’ll leave you two with a <3. Fucking incredible. The wait was sad, but ultimately worth it. Keep it up, you two

    1. Sophy
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      aw, thank you darlin’.

  8. spacedog
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    What a wonderful recap of the the S3 finale!!! …. wait…. hmmm.

    ANYWAY. The Buffy goodness in this recap automatically makes it one of my favs. Plus all the Emileh and Naomi. That too.

    “I love you too.” – “I know.” will always make my heart swell and burst and explode everywhere. It’s gross, really.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHHA. “That’s sweet… or taken literally, incredibly gross.”

  9. Megan
    Megan at · Reply

    Yeah so I tried to read this during my workstudy in the library and I can only imagine what a paranoid idiot I looked like trying to read this without anyone seeing.

    This was definitely worth the wait. Loved Buffy bits…especially the Cook has fangirls/Harmony has minions thing. In one recap you managed to combine my favorite movie (IM&Y), my favorite show (BtVS), and my favorite characters ever (Naomily).

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      IMAY, Buffy, Naomily. These are all Rophy staples. Isn’t it nice having such good taste?

  10. Liz
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    This was so fucking awesome! Seriously in a day that has mostly consisted of coughing up a lung this just made everything better. Total love for this! Thanks for making my day!

  11. Mely
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    BEST. RECAP. EVER. So much Lulz! that was wicked!!!!! I really laughed out loud for ages, until my mate came in the room checking if I was okay..I was just laughing hysterically (my stomach still hurts!) The Lalalalaleaving from naoms, the illega/incest macros, OMG FREDDS FAC WHEN HE SAID KAITE WAS RIDICULOUS LMFAO!!!
    Oh don’t change Rophy, you’re THE BEST.

  12. SkepticEddie
    SkepticEddie at · Reply

    That was worth every second I spent waiting. So so so perfect. <3 Just…nnnnnnnggggggggggg. Insight, and lols: the Rophy equation.

    I love the way Naomi's outfit is the only one that works at the Love Ball. She's always been the odd one out, the one who dresses herself on the go as she leaves her room to escape smelly hobo feet, but when she goes to get her girl, when she's finally being brave and being herself, the only one of them doing so at the time she arrives, she is the most together.

    Unrelated note, is there anyone who can send me "Coin Laundry?" I never got to read it while it was up.

  13. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    Best. Recap. EVER.

    Srsly I’ve seen this episode like 10 times and now I wanna watch it again cause I never paid any attention to all the little things like Naomi touching her face after katie telling her about JJ and the whole Bus stop/shoeless thing blew my mind too.
    AND I FUCKING HATE JJ! He needs to get his gross little peen away from emily! And Lara was too fucking hot for him too.

    Love you guys, I’m off to find rin’s youtube channel so I can watch the naomily videos you were talking about.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      lmfao, JJ should have known his place. But noooo, he had to go and be pervy on Emily in this episode. And you know, have his own failpisode in s4. BAH.

  14. Nikki Page
    Nikki Page at · Reply

    I lied

    NOW my life is complete…

    You just gave me the best excuse ever to watch the whole damn thing again. As if I needed one

    Thank you

  15. darkauthor26
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    I would have liked lightning to have been worked into this gen, to be honest. Freddie dying from lightning would have been more plausible than a mad psychiatrist with a baseball bat!

    I love this recap. It makes me want to watch this episode all over again. But I have too many things I need to catch up on! ;_;

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      True. But I do think lightning AND the mad shrink would have been a bit much. I’m glad BE put his foot down.

  16. maharajohn
    maharajohn at · Reply

    the DUCK macro at the end. the best thing on the world wide web(bed feet).

    and surely in the Skins/JJ world, tortoises are carbon-neutral transport in Mary ‘Bobbins’ instead.

  17. lobster
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    OMG this was SO worth the wait. It had just everything I love in it: tegan and sara, naomily AND imay??!. what more could I ask for? :) I love you rophy, this made my day :D or, you know, my life? :D

  18. abnabber
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    This was an awesome recap. I laughed so much! You guys are the best! I’m trying to pick out my favorite thing, but the whole thing is my favorite. Thanks for this!

  19. Jactance
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    YES! Tegan and Sara reference + general awesomeness = i think i want to marry both of you

  20. Ana Oliveira
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    You’re back. Thank God!

    And you haven’t lost your gift, I was afraid that that might’ve happened.

    Actually my favourite part of this episode might be the way Naoms says “foursome”. I die inside forever everytime I hear it and it gets me everytime lol

    Rophy made this episode even more special. You are Rock Stars! Never change :)

  21. A.
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    It has been said before, but indeed: best recap ever. Also, loved the Buffy cameo!
    Thanks, and please never ever stop giving pop culture this special treatment. :)

  22. Farah
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    Oh christ, same fucking form.
    Don’t go.
    I want to kiss you now.
    You liked that.
    Pub quizzes.
    You make me feel like a better person. Less alone, less lonely.
    If I said no, would I regret it?
    Wriggling in tents and picking leaves out of hair.
    I love you too.
    I know.

    Oh, Rin. That was beautiful.

    Put the whole thing into perspective for me. The EPIC-NESS of it all!

    P.S. We should have more BRITTORA on these recaps. It’s fuckin’ A!

  23. Lasso
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    Oh girls, how you were missed!. To spend three months without jeanshorts and wannabe the gayest Effy should be illegal like incest.

    AMAZING recap, loved every bit. Mosemily and Mrs. Thomas never fail to be awesome. And that insight of Naomi’s hand touching her face where she had Emily’s name imprinted was BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT *brb dying foreverrr*. Only Naomi can pull off such sweetness. I like to think she probably does things like this all the time, trying to revive any memory that brings her back to Emily.

    :D The wait was worth every second.

    1. Lasso
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      oops! I’m sorry, I meant every second of the wait was worth it. :)

  24. lobstersforlife
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    i decided that if i start with the applauding and general squealing brought upon by this recap i shall never sleep tonight and you will soon enough be bored by it.

    as it is.

    I shall copy this text i sent to my friend earlier.

    “I saw ‘Brittora’ and it took me a whole minute to figure it out, then I guess Panda’s vacant and dazzled gaze does reminds me of Brit. who knows, maybe Brittany will end up at Harvard too. Wouldn’t surprise me.”

  25. Kelly
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    Will you be recapping US skins when it comes out this January? I love your recaps by the way! It makes my day :)

  26. Blah
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    The first page of this one had me loling merrily along at your genius and then when I thought it couldn’t get better there were oodles of Buffy references and even an Arrested Development one. If only all recaps were like this.
    Seriously, you’re going to have to top oodles of Buffy and Arrested Development in the next one.


  27. okelay
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    this is quite possibly the best thing ever
    I want to watch this episode again and again and again and ARRGHHH HOW AR ETHEY SO ADORABLE¿

  28. Sam
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    OMFG!!!! I LOVE your recaps, you just have a genius sense of humor an overwhelming insight of Naomi and Emily’s relationship <3 you're helping me become a full time shipper :D

  29. Kittehgirl
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    OH ROPHYDOES.MYLIFECOMPLETE!! I love your SKINS recaps. I have a big question that I just have to get off out my gay chest. How come you haven’t recap 402?? JESUS WHY WHY WHY???
    O_O I just want, yearn… crave for it, I’d love to see Emily’s recap because there’s just so much to say about it and god knows your insightful view can enlighten me so much. Thanks for sharing your marvelous sense of humor, you’ve given me so many LOLs that you definitely deserve a “MONTGOMERY BURNS AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN THE FIELD OF EXCELLENCE” god bless you both

  30. ruthio
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    BEST.RECAP.EVER. wait…no…all skins recaps are best ever. i’m so glad you offered us treats with your *guess who’s showing up in the next ep despite skins being all resolving with this eppppp*

    i thought my buffy muscles had atrophied…but when i saw the fangirls macro…i was all BUFFY IS AT THEIR PARTY!!!!s5 buffy!!! from when she’s laughing about harmony!from…oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fangril/minion/xander-ruffles <3

    i just looked up ruffles and it was wierd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCzV4MgWkkg
    like a dog pretending to be a child cos he learned to talk or summink


    1. ruthio
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      ZOMG i just read that 1st sentence…*skins includes H!A! recaps…and all of the three of you’s other recaps

  31. ohwowlovely
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    Does someone really shout “kiss her!” In the first scene? I never noticed that, omg. The Welsh are meant to be even worse for that kind of thing, well stereotypically anyway. Now I just thought of Sketch.

    It totally should be *that* kind of ball, naked ball please! Or whoa you’re naked bitch ball!

  32. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Naomi with her outstretched arm reminded me of Carrie. Or Poltergeist. Something creepy anyway.

    I didn’t actually like her dress though (take it off!) And I did kind of like the twins dresses, but I’m weird anyway. I want Katie’s feather necklace. Like that actual one that has been *there*

    I’m gonna be arrested and have to wear a paedo jersey forever. If I suddenly disappear you’ll know why. Though I shouldn’t put that idea in your heads in case you already want to get rid of me. Now thinking of Naomi putting ideas in Emily’s head.

    But they should have totally left the ball Mary Poppins style. I agree you two should rewrite the whole show! (I think it’s a safe bet to say JJ wouldn’t be included in your version)

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