Katie and Emily — Part 3

Rin says: HAHA I wish Emily could be disapproving forever.

Sophy says: Katie flounces, Freds looks stupid, JJ looks stupider and talks some crap about his polyester suit and unwelcome feline frottage, and Emily is just SERIOUSLY, BOTH YOU OF, NO.

Sophy says: Freddie is just standing there like a big dolt, and Emily cuts through JJ’s babbling with a gently incredulous “Do I really have to tell you what to do now?”

Sophy says: Freds gets the message and trots off to find Katie, and Emily is all ‘OH SHIT WHAT HAVE I DONE, I’M ALONE WITH JJ, WHY WHY WHY.’

Okay, so it doesn’t go exactly like that. But JJ does let slip that he let slip to Freddie that Emily let him slip it in. Ew. I just sacrificed my dignity to get the word ‘slip’ into the sentence three times. WHO AM I.

Rin says: I don’t really want to sit with you at the lunch table any more…

Sophy says: Omg no more Gryffinclaw table??? :(

Sophy says: Meanwhile Freddie and Katie are holed up in the changing room, and he’s telling her he wants to make things right. Katie tells him he can’t. “Look at the state of me,” she says, “You humiliated me,” she says. Pack your bags, Freddie, you’re going on a guilt-trip.

Rin says: I don’t think telling him to ‘pack his bag’ is good advice. :-s

Sophy says: Well apparently Freddie just ignores all our good advice, so whatevs. Meanwhile it’s creeping me out a bit that Katie’s in her undies. Did he not knock??? Perve.


Rin says: Luke really challenges Meg for the best faces ever.


Sophy says: “Effy doesn’t even want you,” Katie says, as though she’d like it if she could convince him of that and have it matter. But it doesn’t matter – even as he bows his head and concedes it – “No” – it doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t change how he feels.

Katie pushes. “No,” she says, “cos otherwise she’d be here and not with Cook.”

Freddie doesn’t say anything; I’m pretty sure he knows – hopes – it’s not that simple.

Katie says, plaintively, showing just a hint that maybe a part of her would have liked the relationship to be something real after all, “There’s nothing I can do to make you want me more than her, is there?”

Freddie says he’s sorry and that means no.

And that’s when we get to the business end of things. Now that Katie’s got him properly guilted she says he’s going to take her to the Love Ball and let everyone see him looking like he likes it. “You fucking owe me, Freddie!” she says, and I gotta say, this is the least he can do. I’d be asking for a turkey sandwich too if I were her.

Then we have a really bad piece of writing in which Freddie decides to mention that Emily and JJ slept together, because even though it’s a big secret and all, he assumed that Katie would know so figured he’d just toss it into the conversation for shits and giggles.

Okay, no. This makes Jonah Oops I advanced the plot! Jones look subtle.

Rin says: Far out, Freddie and JJ. Dumb and Dumber.

Sophy says: Omg… I’m getting a visual…

Rin says:


Rin says: Weren’t these two here contest winners or something? I don’t know, but they played douchery pretty well.

Sophy says: Samantha and Trevor? Sorry, you really weren’t bad, but this dynamic duo pwns you:

Rin says: ‘Go frisk yourselves!’ haahha and srsly, Katie is tiny next to Freds.

Katie confronts Emily about JJ and Emily tries to justify it by saying she just wanted a tumble and so did he. Christ. If that’s your criteria Emily, you’d be tumbling forever.

Sophy says: They do have the kind of height difference that makes me ship. Oh Fratie. So tempting.


Except I think she says ‘rumble’ but whatevs.

Rin says: Sometimes I still feel the bruise :-.

Rin says: Katie is mostly upset that Emily slept with JJ because he was a geek and Katie does not approve. And whoa Katie, that’s harsh. Let’s not pigeon hole JJ and geeks, okay?? I like to think I’m a cool geek tyvm. [-(


Emily says she’s allowed to sleep with someone, and Katie says JJ’s “not someone, he’s a mong!” And yikes, Katie, I really want to appreciate your anti-JJ stance, but I’m not sure I can condone that statement. It’s a bit vile.

Rin says: Now there’s a religion I could get behind. I love how pensive Jesus is as well, he’s seriously considering how KFF would handle the situation. Would Katie turn water into wine? WOULD SHE???

Sophy says: Maybe. If you have enough knee-power.

Rin says: I love how psycho and possessive Katie is. It reminds me of this person I know.

It’s sad though, that Emily can’t go to the one person she probably should be able to go to, for help and comfort.

Sophy says: You mean she reminds you of you? Yeah, I see it.

But yeah, I love the crazy too. A lot of people hated Katie for this, and I can see why, but at the same time… the girl is having some kind of identity crisis. And yeah, it’s not like she doesn’t pull herself together pretty hardcore next series.

Rin says: Fri 10 Jul? Um, the Love Ball was 10 days ago…..

Emily finds a quiet spot to try and digest everything that’s happened. It’s not long till her thoughts are interrupted by Naomi calling. She lets it ring for a while before finally rejecting the call. Nah-uh Naomi. It’s not going to be that easy.

Sophy says: It’s time for Naomi to do some of the hard work. Emily wants some damsel-time, k thx. And I just keep looking at the words ‘accept’ and ‘reject’ at the bottom of the screen and ow, ow. Stop being so unintentionally clever, Mr Telephone.


Rin says: Jenna walks into the room all hoity toity, as per usual, just as Naomi calls a second time and Emily rejects it again. Jenna tries to tell Emily to be nicer to her sister and that Emily is being insensitive.

“Noone has hurt you like that.”

And it just goes to show how much Jenna has overlooked Emily, probably all her life, and golly-gee Jenna. Let’s just sidle you in with Anthea and the others as worst parents ever?

Sophy says: I love the way she says that – “No one has hurt you like that”. It’s as though she actually knows Emily’s heart has taken a beating. And there we have it again, the Jenna-irony. I’m going to assume she’s referring to the rock incident, since, judging by the way she acts with Freddie later I’d say she doesn’t know about the cheating. But still… “she’s been hurt”… it sounds emotional. And let’s face it, Katie’s emotional scars over the whole Freddie thing are nothing compared to the ones Naomi has been carving into Emily’s heart.

Rin says: Emily gives in and tells her mother what she wants to hear. And for the moment Emily’s force is contained.

Sophy says: Jenna, get out of that soft Touched By An Angel lighting. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO IT.

Rin says: Chilling.

Sophy says: I just………………………………….. I just………………… no I can’t write words.

Rin says: Naomi is sitting in her exam, clearly distracted, and looking dayuummm faahnnnn in her green jumper and gold necklace duo. Also I’m not sure what happened after episode 3 (did they have a strong word with the makeup dept?) because it has all greatly improved. LOOK AT HER IN THAT SECOND CAP. Just look 8-.

She gets out her phone in the middle of the exam and for the second time in this episode, she can’t stand it. She gets up and leaves.

It’s okay though. You know she totally aced the exam anyway.

Sophy says: I LOVE the green baggy jumper/gold chain look. It’s one of my Naomi favourites.

NAOMI/FOREST GREEN, SHIPPING IT. And not just because of secluded-glade-sexytimes.

Naomi and Cassie should totally have an exam-off. Just how much angsting can they do before they start writing and just how much will they still win by?

Rin says: Panda and Thomas exchange a look that says, ‘Maybe we should just leave too? We’re going to get scholarships to Harvard no matter how hard we fuck up. ‘

Sophy says: I honestly think this is genius. This mirror. It saddens me that all Thomas/Pandora really gets is a reflection, but only because they don’t get their due in series 4. In and of itself, in this episode, I love that they are Naomily’s shadow, echoing everything that’s going on in the A plot. Beautifully constructed.

Rin says: Oh JB. Don’t worry, you have a brand new gen and plenty of lightning to go around.

Sophy says: ROFL. He’ll be like ‘SCREW YOU DAD, YOU CAN’T STOP ME NOW! *vanquishes*’


This reminds me of 306, Naomi calling up Emily, blue light reflecting off her skin. Naomi pleads with Emily not to hang up and that she needs to speak to her. It’s not quite as romantic as ‘Can we go somewhere? Anywhere,’ but it works. Emily agrees to meet for coffee.

Sophy says: It’s not as romantic, but it is a whole lot more brave. And a whole lot less selfish. This phone-call isn’t about Naomi wanting to escape, this phone-call is about Naomi facing her fear – for her own sake, sure, but also for Emily’s.

Rin says: Is it possible to say ‘I am in love with…’ too many times during a recap? Well, I don’t care! I don’t want to limit my love!! I am in love with that first cap and her ensemble of clothes. Especially how she moseys on with her too-long sleeves.

And yes jean shorts. I love Naomi in jean shorts.

Sophy says: I’m pretty sure one leg of the jeans is rolled up further than the other. Which I love.

Rin says: Naomi spots Emily from the window and pops into the cafe and calls her name all soft and cute and lip smacketly.

Sophy says: “Smacketly.” Rophy’s twin speak! IT BEGINS!!!

Rin says: And ta-da! It’s Katie Fitch! Oh these twins! Constantly keeping us guessing and on our toes.

The contrast between Emily and Katie is reiterated here. Emily will pretend to be Katie to help her. Katie will pretend to be Emily to hurt her.

And still, I’m just never going to hate Katie because we know what she becomes. It’s like she’s this ugly gross spiny caterpillar that nobody likes that much, but soon enough she’s going to grow into a beautiful butterfly that doesn’t mingle with goths.

Sophy says: I can’t decide whether this reminds me of ‘Parent Trap’ or ‘L’appartement.’

I adore that this mirrors the start of the episode with Emily posing as Katie – can I say again how beautifully constructed this episode is? Seriously. Also, I sort of agree with Rin on the irony of the different motivations the girls have in trading identities, except… I think on some level Katie honestly believes she’s acting in Emily’s best interests here. Sad, but true.

I can’t believe you just called Meg Prescott ugly. I hate you.

Rin says: Naomi scoffs at the switcharoo and is probably a little pissed off at herself for being blindsided by Katie Fitch. Katie on the other hand is absolutely thrilled.

Sophy says: Katie really worked hard on this costume. The straightened hair, the denim jacket. And a freaking PLAID SHIRT. That’s really going the extra gay mile, especially since by the time Naomi could see it the jig would be up. I guess Katie’s just a method actress.

What’s that? GTFO NAOMI/KATIE SHIPPERS. I’m not making that macro.

Leave her alone, she’s mine.
She can’t help what she is, Katie. Neither can I.
Yeah? Seems like she could help it when she was fucking JJ.

Rin says: Neither. Can. I.

Finally finally finally! Naomi is ready to face up to her feelings, despite what they could mean.

Sophy says: Thank God Emily wasn’t around to hear Katie says “she’s mine.” She might have called the incest police.

And yeah this is pretty breathtaking. Just the sudden, unashamed honesty from Naomi. It really shows you how much thinking she’s been doing.

And oh Katie. That bomb you just dropped? Not going to explode the way you want it to.

Apparently he’s quite keen actually, you know, after she saw to him good and proper.
It’s not true.
You hurt her, now she doesn’t want you.

Rin says: JFC, that first cap. Katie throws a complete curve ball (I hate sports metaphors) Naomi’s way and it takes her by surprise.

And poor Naomi, she’s just admitted to Katie that she’s gay, that she’s in love, and Katie will have none of it. She says what she knows will hurt Naomi the most in this moment, Emily slept with somebody else. And goes further to inject doubt into Naomi’s mind about Emily, saying JJ is quite keen.

The hurt on Naomi’s face is enough to satisfy Katie — her work here is done. Naomi will stay away from Emily.

But Katie. You’ve underestimated Naomi and Emily, and what they share.

Sophy says: I HATE SPORTS METAPHORS :(( :-.

“After she saw to him good and proper.” Ew, ew.

I love the irony of this. Katie, this plan was so bad I have to wonder if you wanted it to backfire. I mean, have you not seen a romantic comedy? Jealousy isn’t a deterrent. It’s bait.

Why are you so horrible?
I love her more than you ever can. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have dresses to buy for the ball. You won’t be there, because if you are…

Rin says: Look at her little grumpy pout! Oh I could just eat her up!



So the ~dangerous look that Katie gives Naomi before she leaves is kind of hilarious.

Sophy says: Katie still needs to work on fierce. She’s not quite there yet. She’s not quite here yet…

Rin says: Are you guys ready for the magic? Are you?

Whether or not it was intentional is pretty irrelevant, because the way it comes out is brilliant. Remember that in this cap, it’s a reflection so it’s the same hand touching the same area, and gosh, it’s a beautiful thing. I love to wax on about how this was a subconscious move on Naomi’s part — touching the place where Emily’s name was tattooed across her cheek. The moment when she realised she could have Emily and all of the above if she wanted. And now as everything seems to crumble she touches the exact spot with the same tenderness.

Sophy says: There is no way that is not intentional. NO. WAY. If it really is an accident WHICH I REFUSE TO BELIEVE then it’s the best accident in the history of the world. Like, it’s better than that time US Naval Engineer Richard James accidentally knocked a torsion spring off his work table and INVENTED THE SLINKY.

Rin says: The hockey masks. The blood splatter. Our return to smile proudly.

I can’t choose.


Rin says: No. No. No.

I hate those scarves so fucking much. Why did they do this? WHY WHY WHY!

Sophy says: Yeah, I am saying a lot of no to these outfits. They are just bad in that “I wish I was a hipster” way.

Also, JJ is worried that Emily’s parents are going to know where his hands have been and… I’m a bit upset Emily let JJ touch her. I was sort of hoping it would be a hands-free penis insertion.

Rin says: ROB FITCH. It’s times like these that I’m so glad they decided to bring the Fitches back in S4, cause they really are something special. They may be my favourite television family. Whoa.

Rob says something along the lines of, ‘If they’re not still virgins by tomorrow, I’ll hunt you down like dogs.’ And oops Rob, you’re a little bit late.

Sophy says: If only people in the telly could hear you. I’d be screaming at Rob “BITCHES ALREADY DEFLOWERED YOUR BBS. I’LL GET THE BATS!!!”

Rin says: Emily is sulking, she doesn’t want to go to the Love Ball! She has no love! It’d just be a ball.

And she doesn’t want to bounce it.

Sophy says: OH EMILY. A girl after Rophy’s own heart.

Apparently Emily took her mum’s advice pretty seriously, because she’s actually considering going to the ball even after that screaming match. When she says she doesn’t want to go, Katie says “I said Katie shum” like that’s all it takes. And maybe it is, because we all know Emily is going to cave.

Just to help her along, Katie uses the exact same tactic she used on Freddie:

Did she ring you again?


No. Because she doesn’t want to go with you and I do.

Right down to the echo of No. This writing. I love it.

Rin says: Katie takes Emily’s box and Emily protests. Not her fannies!!

Katie asks if it makes her happy and Emily says no. I guess once you’ve had Naomi, nothing is ever the same again.

Sophy says: “It’s a box of fannies. Is it making you happy?” Something about that line and the way Meg delivers it… I crack up just thinking about it. It’s like Emily’s an addict, and the first of the twelve steps is cleaning up her environment so it’s fanny-free. But in all seriousness, the way Katie is here reminds me again that this isn’t entirely selfish on her part. Okay so the altruism and the selfisness mesh pretty nicely for her, but still… I do think that the ‘You hurt her’ in the conversation with Naomi and the ‘Is it making you happy?’ here point to some level of genuine concern for Emily’s well-being in all this. She’s misguided, of course, but I do think she believes she’s protecting Emily from harm. And can you blame her really, when she has a mother who says things like Normal, happy twins.


Rin says: She puts the box and Emily back into the closet.

When I was first watching this, I had this whole idea that the box didn’t really have porn in it, but like, mementos of Naomi. I couldn’t picture Emily straight-up having a porn stash, but okay. It is what it is.

Sophy says: It’s porn, Rin. She’s a lusty button. Deal with it.

Rin says: Rob: Fighting the good fight.

Sophy says: There’s a reason he’s the cool parent.

Rin says: Hahha omg, Luke’s little face here is adorable. Rob is sitting so upright it makes me lol.

Sophy says: Rob and Jenna think this is a good opportunity to get to know their daughters’ dates. “Isn’t that nice?”

No, Rob and Jenna, it’s not nice. Not when one of them is JJ.

Sophy says: JJ is ready to share some anecdotes including the one about the time their daughter stopped by his place for a pity-fuck. Freddie does his best to avert the crisis and his best pretty much sucks, so JJ is at “pyjamas and she made me do it,” and “it was all totally safe so don’t worry,” by the time Emily and Katie show up.


Rin says: lol what the fuckkkkkkkk. Same jewellery and everything.

Sophy says: Luckily Rob and Jenna are too dazzled by their matching little girls to process JJ’s babble.

THE FEATHER NECKLACE FROM 404. I love it when shows reuse clothing/accessories. It makes the characters’ lives feel real.

Rin says: Nice spot!

What. You can see the necklace really clearly.

Sophy says: Yeah… you can… see the necklace… really… yeah.

Sophy says: I can’t decide whether Freddie and JJ are dazzled or creeped out. Probably a column A/column B situation.

Rin says: Yeah, I could never really tell whether JJ/Freddie approved or didn’t. Whatevs, I still hate their outfits. And Rob looks like the wind changed and his face was frozen like that forever.

Sophy says: Next up. Love Ball. GUESS WHO SHOWS UP…

Rin says: She just strips on command. Naomi you have quite the hold over our little Ems.

Sophy says: Of course she strips. Sacred duty, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Rin says: Oh Skins. A bit of fail here as they try and disguise the end scene… but we’re Skins fans. We don’t miss these things! Look, you can see Naomi and Emily coming out of the entrance! Oh well.

Can’t you see how excited Emily is that she’s going to be spending the Love Ball with JJ? She’s thrilled.

Sophy says: HAHAHA OMG. I can totally see Ems in her black slinky bsns. Not quite up there with the camera in 306 for magic-ruining, but still.

Her facial expression reminds me completely of Buffy’s when she’s looking at wizard-Giles. I’m not even kidding. For your consideration…

Rin says: And you see that back…

Does Naomi always lay on her bed naked whilst making big decisions? If that’s the case, I hope she has to make a tonne of big decisions in the movie. 8-.

I guess they were trying to lead us astray, Cinderella will not be going to the ball! Also Panda’s little necktie thing, and wearing Thomas’ necklace underneath? Aw Panda. <3

Sophy says: OH PANDA. And I agree. I think a lot of naked angsting is in order for the movie. Or you know, naked frolicking. Either way…

I must say Pandora, you are a vision.
Thanks Doug!
Where’s your bow?
Here, silly.
No, your… beau. Your boyfriend. Your escort.
No, I tried escorting, I didn’t like it. So I’m getting myself to a nunnery.

Rin says: Into every generation, a ~funny dancing scene is born.

Sophy says: I think I could have done without it. Doug doesn’t do much for me in gen 2, I sort of feel like he’s underused and overdone at the same time. DON’T ASK ME TO EXPLAIN IT. And I really wish they’d just left Harriet where she was, back in her amazing scene with Cassie at the end of series 2.

HOWEVER. I adore the dialogue between Pandora and Doug. Particularly the reference to Hamlet, tying in with her confusion over the ghost and Voldemort and exactly who was responsible in 305.

Rin says: Drinking his own urine. Does it ever stop?

Sophy says: Seriously. He thought it would be ROMANTIC??? What is that. I don’t even.

Sophy says: Freds asks JJ where he got the booze, and he says it’s his dad’s “potato moonshine”. (I say “Of course,” and “How nauseatingly cute.”) As Freddie takes a swig JJ casually adds that they “use it for weedkiller mostly” and Freddie spits it out like whoa, because I guess he’s fond of the weeds in his tummy.

Not as gross as urine, but still. Fail, JJ.

Rin says: I want to distill JJ’s face.

Rin says: YES! One of my favourite Katie moments! Spitting out the alcohol all disgusted and swearing, and then immediately trying to force more down. ‘Cause hey, alcohol is alcohol.

Sophy says: TURN IT INTO WINE, KFF. You know you want to.

Meanwhile JJ, please stop TAINTING YOUR EPISODE by saying how you’d quite like to shag Emily tonight if she’d let you.


(PS she’s not going to let you. Ever.)

Sophy says: JJ decides he hates his weeds enough to break his no-drinking rule.

They walk over to the girls, and Freddie proceeds to be painfully lame by saying “Ladies. Welcome to the Love Ball.” JJ tops it though. I mean he really tops it.

“Yes, love is all around, hopefully.”


Where’s the projectile vomitting emoticon when I need it???



Rin says: This is kind of cool, extra wide angle! Their nice little foursome is broken up by the fiercest looking HBIC this Love Ball ever did see.


Rin says: Now she’s told you. Now you know.

Sophy says: K THX BYE.

Rin says: Naomi turns up looking hawtttttt, and if they were in a gossip mag, all of them except for Naomi would be in the ‘What were they thinking?!?!’ section.

Emily is happy to see Naomi, for a second, until she realises that something is very very wrong with this picture. Naomi is pissed… more so than usual.

Sophy says: Naomi’s outfit is the only one that works. And boy does it work.

Oh how sweet. Out on a foursome. Look at you, JJ. Suave! Well it should be fun.

Sophy says: Oh Naomi. She’s a woman on a mission. Mission Make everyone feel extremely uncomfortable in their pants. And I love that everyone is pretty much silent while she speaks, except that of course JJ has to answer the question she asks next, because he’s JJ. 8-)

Rin says: 8-)

Rin says: Naomi says Emily is great in the sack, isn’t that right JJ? And the girl is bringin’ it. Naomi Campbell doesn’t just lay back and take it.

Unless it’s like this.

This she doesn’t mind.

Sophy says: SHE TAKES THAT LIKE A MAN. No wait.

JJ mumbles an ~inadvertent admission and there it is, confirmed. It is true. Emily did sleep with him. Naomi is not happy about it. And okay, I’m not really sure she has a leg to stand on in terms of being pissed about what actually happened, but I can understand her being hurt that Emily didn’t tell her.

Sophy says: OH EMS. All she wanted was a little hope. :(

Rin says: Look at her! SO LOST! Effy just mind your own fucking episode.

Naomi, I wanted to tell you.
But you didn’t, did you hun?


Sophy says: It’s like she’s trying to tell Emily off and engage in foreplay at the same time?

So.. if you’ll excuse me.

Rin says: She says with a vindictive sniff.

Sophy says: I wish I could sniff vindictively. I’m going to start practicing.

Rin says: And oh my gosh that cap of Emily is amazing as she watches Naomi waddle up the stairs.

Sophy says: Waddle?


Rin says: YES. WADDLE. (I’d like to thank Scull for making the original comparison <3)

Sophy says:
Brain. Making associations. I have to shut this down. NOW.

Moving on.

Sophy says: Emily turns around, all small and forlorn and Katie thinks… who knows exactly what Katie thinks right now.

Rin says: She sees Emily scurry away and it’s all very simple for Katie — Naomi shows up, Emily gets sad — which shines a light on how Katie has been interpreting this whole ordeal. Apart from that one time she saw them be happy in the jumping castle, every other time Katie has only witnessed Emily as a mess. I’m sure in 306 Katie would have heard Emily crying herself to sleep, in 307 she rescued Emily from herself and in 309 Emily hasn’t exactly been a ray of sunshine. So it’s understandable from Katie’s perspective, she feels like it’s her duty to protect her. So hi Naomi’s face, meet Katie’s fist.

Sophy says: I think you’re right, I really do. If Naomi were being a more chivalrous lesbian, Katie wouldn’t be quite so violent about things.

Rin says: JJ is stupid and guesses there won’t be any shagging afterall. Oh STFU JJ.

Naomi/Katie — it’s happening!!


As we transition into the catfight, Freds offers some words of wisdom. “They’re girls,” he says, “they always kiss and make up.”


(Sadly we don’t either. I wish this episode had an epilogue.)

Rin says: Yep, it’s in THESE situations that an epilogue is welcomed. Unlike say, Deathly Hallows. BUT THAT’S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE.

She’s my sister! You’re just a slut.
Takes one to know one, doesn’t it.
Oh go fuck yourself, Naomi.

Rin says: Katie slaps Naomi across the face and OUCH?!

The insults aren’t exactly stellar, are they? Emily shows up in time to hear the best part.

Sophy says: Katie proves us somewhat right on the whole protecting Emily thing by telling Naomi “That’s for fucking her up!” “That wasn’t me,” Naomi insists, implying that Katie’s the one making Emily miserable. And hey, guess what girls, you’re both right. Happy?

Meanwhile, I think my favourite non-stellar insult is “You’re just a mad fucking cow, aren’t you Katie?”

Mad fucking cow. lol. I sort of wish Katie had mooed afterwards.


Rin says: Only thing to do is jump over the moon.

You didn’t need to blab about JJ, you just loved doing it, didn’t you Katiekins.
She deserved it!
What did I deserve, Katie?

Sophy says: I adore the way Emily says that – “What did I deserve, Katie?”

Rin says: I agree, the small interjection is simply delicious.

Rin says: Katie yells at Emily to please not walk away…so she doesn’t. She stops and turns and RUNS at Katie, pushing her with all her little might.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a twin girl fight on our hands.

Sophy says: *makes popcorn*


I may herald myself too often.


But yeah, that cap. All I can think of is your vid. And the fact that Naomi is gorgeous and amazing and totally having an epiphany right now. I sort of get the feeling she’s calling herself on everything – calling all of them on everything. If we could step inside her mind right now I bet she’d be thinking something like ‘Why is this situation so completely ridiculous. Why are we all so completely ridiculous?

Rin says: Why did you do that to her? Why :((

Sophy says: I’m a horrible person? Mandeh is bigger than all of us?

Literally and figuratively?

Rin says: Doug/Harriet are having their moment which of course of course of course is ruined by Katie and Emily barging in. Fists flailing.

Sophy says: Bler, dnw the pointless Doug/Harriet. HI BRITTORA.

Rin says: It’s getting pretty out of hand so Doug swoops in to try and break things up, only to be greeted by Emily’s fist! And if you’ve seen the behind the scenes for this ep, you know that Kat hit him for realsies. And from Meg’s stories about how Kat was really pulling her hair and throwing her about — I think it’s about time Kat learns how to stage fight.

Sophy says: Just like Meg had to learn to stage make out. *facepalm*

Rin says: BAHAHA Oh Meg. You do not kiss with tongue unless required. Poor little lamb.


Sophy says: SO NOT.

Rin says: This is so disturbing. I cannot unsee that gif of Emily bopping up and down.

Sophy says: Yeah thanks for those nightmares, Jade.

Rin says: Emily stops herself just as she’s readying the ~killing blow. Instead she gets up and helps her sister up too.

Sophy says: This is Emily’s Why are we so ridiculous moment. She’s had enough. She’s taking charge and ending this once and for all.

Part 4

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    It’s scary how well they fit into Dumb and Dumber.

    WWKFFD. LOLOLOL pensive Jesus forever, man.

    Wind changing. <3 /marypoppins

  5. bridget
    bridget at · Reply

    Is it weird that I never noticed before that Katie isn’t dressed in the dressing room scene?

    That “Dumb and Dumber” poster is actually quite terrifying. Why?… Why?

    I actually really liked the scene between Katie and Naomi in the cafe. It may have been a bit indirect and vague, but did Naomi just come out for the first time to some non-Emily entity, and it was to… Katie? I also adore that even though Naomi hasn’t even admitted it to Emily or herself but Katie, in a way, points out that Naomi loves Emily. “I love her more than you ever can.” Katie knows that Naomi loves Emily. Even she can see it, see how important Naomi and Emily are to each other.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yeah, I think Katie knows this isn’t just a game for Naomi – that’s why she’s such a threat, I guess.

  6. blondie
    blondie at · Reply

    Oh Rophy…I never never NEVER even thought about the Emily-imprint throwback in that cafe! The fact that you made me realize made me love Naomi even more in this episode. Before I just thought she was struggling not to cry, maybe keeping her hands near her eyes in case she needed to wipe at them or something, but…swoon…I am so full of the Naomlove right now.

  7. spacedog
    spacedog at · Reply

    I’m at work reading this (shhhhhh) and I had to bite my fist to stop myself from laughing at the Naomi/Carrie macro.

    And then I looked like an idiot, biting my fist, staring at a Skins macro with 4 people standing around behind me. :( :( :(

  8. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    It doesn’t get more brilliant than Pandora’s Brittany reference! Awesome!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  9. KB
    KB at · Reply

    I just had to point this out. In the top cap of the drinking urine macro it looks like Freddie is breathing fire!

    Awesome recap! =D
    SO many lols!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha, how right you are!

  10. nadea
    nadea at · Reply

    so very cruel

  11. S.
    S. at · Reply

    I’ve never commented here before, but I’ve read all of Heather Hogan’s and all of your Skins recaps. The thing was, up until two days ago I had never watched a single episode. But now I’ve seen up to this episode! It is a pretty good show on its own. But it’s even better with your recaps, so thank you.

    One of the things that your recaps made me do was pay more attention to the music–because when the music team gets it right, they get it really right. Like in the scene with Katie and Naomi at the cafe, when Katie’s attempting to lay down the law, there’s “Red Yellow and Blue” by the Born Ruffians playing very gently in the background. And that song is so short, but the lyrics essentially are Katie at this point.

    If I started my own country/For the flag, what colours would I use?/Such a myriad to choose from/I would pick red, yellow, and blue/Red for the blood I’d spill to own it/Yellow, for the sun would shine my way/And although I’m leader of this country/Blue because I’d still have sad days

    I thought that was pretty much perfect. Katie’s all about the propaganda, all about creating her own perfect life and world–she’s starting her own country, where everybody loves her and she gets all the things she wants. And part of that country has to be Emily. So she’s got to spill some of Emily’s blood, and a lot of Naomi’s blood. Nothing’s quite working out for her at the moment, though–the adoring boyfriend was always in love with someone else, she’s all banged up–but dammit if she isn’t going to keep Emily. Because, of course, why wouldn’t the sun shine on Katie Fucking Fitch?

    Long comment is long. In short: Skins music team is good, your recaps are better.

  12. Caitlin
    Caitlin at · Reply

    Wow, I’m glad I’m not the only one that loved Naomi’s green sweater-look! I think it’s her best! :D

  13. Ylva
    Ylva at · Reply

    holy shit this stuff is addictive! You’re messing with my head Rophy! I just caught myself being well annoyed by the fact that i have to close my laptop to go to a friggin Ryan Adams concert!! I love Ryan Adams! It’s just, you and Naomily has totally ruined me for other enjoyments. nothing will ever meassure up. ever!
    so, I’ll be back tonight…

  14. Ylva
    Ylva at · Reply

    oh, and I looove how the face touching mirrors the Emily tatoo scene!!! so beatiful, thanks for pointing that out!

  15. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    So many things to mention, where to start!

    Naomi would be savage as Carrie! A more hotter version of Carrie, obviously. (Is more hotter correct grammar? I don’t think so, but who even knows at 5am?)

    Twin speak, cutest thing ever!!

    “You have to ask me” wtf? “She’s mine”oh, now I see how it is…no further comment. *cough*illegal*cough* actually that’s one thing Skins never did. There was a stonecest ship thing. Ok, I think it’s time for a change of subject.

    Well I’m slightly too horrified at the memory of the stonecest ship thing to remember the rest of my comments. And now I’m remembering seeing the trailer for Tony 0206 (I think) and actually thinking that Beth was Effy at first and Skins had actually gone there and, no. Please let me forget. Think of Mandeh instead!! Drastic measures!

  16. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    But Fitch twins catfight and Naomi touching her cheek!! I like to think it was Lily who did that. I mean obviously it was Lily who did it, but you know, Lily who thought of it.

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