Katie and Emily — Part 2

Sophy says: Emily is out on the street crying, which as you may remember from JJ’s episode, is something she does with tremendous style. A miserable little refrain of ‘Run away, run away, run away…’ echoes as we watch her trying to hold herself together – pressing her lips tight, crossing her arms around her body, shaking with the cold, outside and in.

Rin says: Gotta say I really love the song that plays at the end of the scene in Naoms bedroom to now (Andre Herman Dune – Smalltown Boy), oh Skins. Always getting it right with the music.

Sophy says: Omg that first cap. She’s crying like a photoshoot.

Rin says: Oh man, why does she always cry so beautifully? She never goes into the Ugly Cry, just always pretty pretty pretty, but still heartbreaking. And if you know Rophy, it is a rare occasion that we don’t fall head over heels over crying/running eyeliner.

Sophy says: Oh hey, look, it’s Thomas! What’s he doing here? Maybe he just likes bus stops.

On a serious and rather cute note, I like to think it is about the bus stop – that he’s sad and thoughtful and just as lost as Emily is. And he’s looking for ways to work out what she means to him – the girl he met at a bus stop just like this one, a broken heart ago.

Rin says: That’d be cute. And awesome.

Sophy says: He says “Hi Emily,” and Emily turns around hurriedly, muttering something about being okay. He asks, in a very sweet, grave way, where her shoes are, and she says the “Hello,” that should have come first, follows it with an awkward smile, and then “I couldn’t find them.”

Emily’s head is a mess, and the jumbled dialogue written for her reflects that perfectly – as does Kat’s faintly schizophrenic delivery.

Rin says: The way she breaks into a smile to try and seem perfectly fine, oh god, I die.

Sophy says: Thomas, being pretty much the most beautiful human being on the planet, and at this stage still one of my favourite Skins characters ever, tells Emily she can wear his shoes, and he bends down and takes them off, even as she objects. “I don’t mind bare feet,” he says, “It’s easier to run.”

And yeah, I know we’re heralding Thomas and the Impossible Athletic Scholarship here, but I think it’s metaphorical too. Because running is what Thomas has been doing ever since he half-knew what Pandora was up to – trying to pretend it wasn’t happening, then once he couldn’t do that anymore, trying to ignore it – all of it. He’s absolutely running, every day, and I think he knows it now, and I think he knows it has to stop. And now that I think about it, I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get to experience Thomas’ turning point in as up close and personal a way as we experience Naomi’s. Although. I suppose there never really was a genuine turning point, since 401 shows us a Thomas who is more cynical than one would ever have thought he could be, and far less done with punishment than his final scene in this episode would have us believe.

Rin says: Yeah, I agree. By the end of the episode he’s smiling and looking completely ready to start again. And it’s completely within his character to give second chances, and I guess that’s the kind of Thomas I wanted to see more of in S4.

Sophy says: They tried to get him back there in 404… and that scene with Katie was wonderful… but it wasn’t enough. If they had to cut Pandora’s episode, I really wish they had had JJ’s episode center around his fledgling friendship with Thomas. With a side of Panda. I’m almost sure I wouldn’t have hated it.

Rin says: :) Don’t fight it.

Sophy says: Fucking hell. You’re trying to break up Naomily now?


Rin says: 8-. I’ll run outside on Christmas morning, excitedly waiting for a package from Sophy.

Sophy says: Next Thomas gives Emily his jacket – no, scratch that “a jacket”. Apparently he is back to his early adorableness of trying to wear everything he owns. When Emily objects he points out that he has three coats, and he drapes one around her, says “Now, all fixed up, yes?”

Emily shakes her head a little, because no, it’s really not all fixed up, no matter how welcome this kindness is.

And okay wait a sec, wait a sec. Those shoes fit her way too well.

Rin says: THE GIVING OF SHOES. So sweet and cute. And I should have put a cap in of her putting on the shoes cause her feet are way smaller than the shoes. I think her feet go up to where the laces stop.


Sophy says: What do you do if someone you love lets you down? Emily asks, “Really fucks you over?”

It might seem like kind of a random question to ask, but it’s not – of course it’s not. Thomas knows exactly how she feels and she knows it.

Rin says: I love how the conversation becomes about the both of them. And oh Emily, I wish I could tell you that this was the worst of it, I really do.

Sophy says: “You must try to stop loving them,” Thomas says. And that’s exactly what he’s been doing since that night in the woods, and again, Emily knows it. So she asks: “Is that possible?”

And Thomas smiles. The most magic little smile, all to himself, all about the girl. And he says “I don’t think so.”

And I can’t bear that this isn’t the turning point. I can’t bear the places this boy will go after this episode is done – the very next time we see him. It’s not that I mind the idea that wishing doesn’t make things so, that sometimes all the good will in the world isn’t enough… it’s just that Thomas’ storyline was so much bigger than the screentime it was squashed into. And so we lost him in series four. He disappeared inside his story, and by the end of the gen half-happy endings meant nothing, because we didn’t know who he was anymore.

Sadness :(

PS. Merv was amazing in this scene. Fact.

Rin says: The way he says that accompanied with the smile, has such a ‘we’re all in this together 8-. screwed by love 8-.’ air about it which I adore.

Sophy says: Emily tips her head back. That was not what she wanted to hear and it was absolutely what she expected to hear, and she knows – what she already knew even if she wishes she didn’t. There’s no solution to this problem. There’s nothing she can do to make it go away. The only thing she can do is keep fighting. Keep hoping. Keep holding on.

She takes a deep breath and tells Thomas she’s gay.

Rin says: Her proper coming out to Thomas, instead of that slip she had way back in 303. Oh those days, when life was so much simpler.

Sophy says: “It’s fine,” he says, with splendid nonchalance. And then he suggests they call a taxi. “I don’t think this bus is going to come soon,” he says, “And besides, my feet are extremely cold.”

Rin says: OH GOD. HIS RESPONSE IS THE BEST THING EVER. So much better than say, this one.


Sophy says: Emily rests her head on his shoulder and cries. And we get the shot of their feet which is just…


This scene is just completely and utterly delightful. And somewhat reminiscent of a scene in series 2 between Cassie and Chris, which has led me to judge it harshly in the past. Because this dialogue? It is not “Do you know what hurts the most about a broken heart? Not being able to remember how you felt before.” It is not “You lay waste to the world, and everything in it.” But see what I needed to get through my head is that it’s not supposed to be. Thomas isn’t Cassie, and neither is Emily. And if every character talked the way she did when they felt like it, it would be false and pretentious and frankly laughable. The dialogue in this scene is simple and sweet and perfect for these two kids. It is what it is and what it is is just right.

Rin says: THEIR FEET TOGETHER! Ahhhhhh. And Thomosoobaleelamba has given Emily a lot more than just a jacket and his shoes.

Sophy says: But not as much as JJ. For which I am forever grateful.

Sophy says: HERE WE GO, YOU GUYS. IT’S TIME FOR THE FULL FITCH FAMILY EXPERIENCE. Introducing Rob Fitch, gym owner and haver of enormous white teeth. He’s rabbiting on about his day at work, telling the assembled company about someone called Ken who exercises to the point of vomitting. He rattles off some lolarious motivational slogans such as “No pain, no drain, no gain” – no drain?? What is that??? I mean, I’m sure he just means drain in the sense of exhaustion and is throwing it in to make the expression ~his, but… I can’t help thinking of like, pussy abscesses. With sweat. It’s not pleasant, you guys :((

Meanwhile, isn’t Katie’s dressing gown just the worst thing ever apart from pussy abscesses??? Yeah that’s right. I may be a gownophile, but I still have standards, okay.

Rin says: I know you mean pus-y but seriously. Just please. Stop. Saying. It.

I love Rrrrrrob. Rrrrrob. I’m rolling my R’s here.

Sophy says: GODDAMN PORNOGRAPHIC SLANG. First it ruins baby cats for everyone, now it muscles in on pus’ territory.

Sophy says: You already know James Fitch. But he’s about to go from awesome to Awesome, so watch out. Dinner is artichoke and beetroot soup, apparently. James and Katie are not thrilled by this and trade matching disgusted glances. Wait, not quite matching. James’ disgusted look is sort of angry. Whereas Katie’s contains some fear.

Rin says: How the hell do you only have soup for dinner? Surely there are laws about this kind of thing.

Sophy says: LITTLE TOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rin says: I seriously think something happened to me after Skins. Like, I can’t remember anything else from other shows any more. Only Skins.

Sophy says: Skins’ love made you a TV virgin again.

Sophy says: Mr Fitch thinks the soup is tops though, and that “Babe” “feeds [them] like champions”. He tries to make “Katikins” play along with his slogan game – “Don’t get fit, get Fitch, right?”

Suddenly, James gets to the heart of the matter with “I want fish and chips. This tastes like bollocky wankshit.”

Katie splutters artichoke and beetroot.

Rin says: I am pretty fond of both beetroot and artichoke, but together in a soup. I just don’t know.

I think one day Naomi walked past Rob’s gym and took the slogan a little too literally though. Rob should use her as a spokeswoman omg.

Sophy says: “Babe” turns out to be Mrs Fitch AKA Jenna, who is too appalled for words.

“What?” James asks, “They say bollocky wankshite all the time at Gordon MacPherson’s house. Mrs MacPherson says as long as swearing is used in context, it’s fucking A.”


Rin says: Bristol parenting at its finest again. What mother teaches that to their son’s friends? [-(

Seriously Bristol, with your out-of-control parenting and Mandehs, I’m reconsidering my desire to visit.

Sophy says: Katie struggles to keep her giggles subdued. Rob informs his son that “we’re not Macpherson, we’re Fitch” and sentences him to “ten reps on the naughty bar.”

Rin says: Ten reps on the naughty bar! Yes Rob! Punishment!

Can you tell that I’m into discipline? And that I’m totally going to raise dysfunctional children who will be more afraid of me than comfortable with me. 8-.

Sophy says: I WILL BE THEIR COOL AUNTIE THAT THEY LOVE MORE THAN YOU!!!! No wait. I’ll be their cool Great Dinosaur that they love more than you.

Sophy says: OMGOMGOMG *squeals like a sheltered teen at a Beatles concert* Here it is, you guys! The James Fitch moment and my personal most quotable Skins quotable.


Rin says: When you watch the scene, you can see him actually doing the reps! What a tough little fella.

Sophy says: HAHHAH OMG. “Come on, kid! Put some burn into it.”

Rin says: You can do it James!! Just believe.

Sophy says: Saved by the Emily! The very much a hot mess, Emily. Although it sort of makes me lol how her shirt is all off her shoulder and her strap is falling down. Overdoing it, stylist, overdoing it.

Rin says: HAhaha OH SURE. You go through what Emily has just been through and then come back to me and say you had time to fix up your clothing. =;

Sophy says: Jenna is worried, in a wonderfully stiff and overbearing way. She says it looks like Emily’s been “fighting”. She asks if it’s a boy that’s upset her.

Interesting choice of words. ‘Is it a boy IS IT IS IT PLEASE TELL ME IT’S A BOY!!!!’ I’m thinking Jenna might have noticed the lesbian wallpaper too, even if she’d rather pretend she hadn’t.

Rin says: LESBIAN WALLPAPER. lolol. Reminds me of when I wanted that massive Diva poster but I was like, ‘No I shouldn’t get it… I WOULDN’T EVEN BE ABLE TO USE IT! :((‘


Sophy says: Katie senses danger and tries to shut the conversation down by saying Emily doesn’t want to talk about it, but Jenna is insistent, she is all ‘BOYS BOYS BOYS’ and Emily is all ‘YOU’VE GOT THE LYRICS WRONG *SHIMMMYYYYYY*’


Sophy says: Daddy pipes up with “It’s a girl you’ve been fighting with? That’s not very ladylike.”

Rin says: Oh Emily. I love this Emily.

Sophy says: Emily shoots back, bold as a shiny brass lesbian “No, dad. I’ve been making love to a girl.”

Yeah, you heard her, bitches.

Rin says: MAKING MONKEY?!?! :O



Rin says: Imagine the roof of your mouth is a cathedral…

Sophy says: Ffffff.

Sophy says: After a moment’s requisite shocked silence, Katie hastily tells Emily she’s “such a liar” and implores everybody not to listen to her.

Rin says: OH SHUTUP KATIE. Go ahead Emily, I want to hear all about this girl you’ve been making love to. 8-.

Her name’s Naomi. She’s rather beautiful. So I was nailing her.

Sophy says: Oh EMILY. There’s something about the triumphant, unashamed bluntness of it all. And ‘She’s rather beautiful’… GAH, just the way she says it.


Rin says: ‘She’s rather beautiful,’ may be one of my favourite moments in this episode. She says it with no fear whatsoever, and with full conviction. Despite Naomi being the reason she’s all messed up right now.

As for the nailing bit, well. That’s just Skins.

Sophy says: “Sorry?” Jenna asks, and I think that’s pretty much Rob’s cue to make it stop. Now. So he takes Katie’s bait, shakes his head and says things like “Nice one” and “Had me going there” and “You’re funny.”

Rin says: Emily’s profile is glorious.

Sophy says: Emily is not pleased. She is all ‘BITCH, RESPECT MY AWESOME COMING OUT SPEECH.’ But to no avail. Rob makes his escape, informing everyone that he has something intriguing called ‘Mambo Badminton’ in the morning.

Rin says: Poor Emily. This is not the time to be all badminton > Kids.

Although badminton is pretty damn fun.

Sophy says: MAMBO badminton, Rin. Think about it.

Sophy says: James rounds things off delightfully for us with “Gordon Macpherson says you call them dykes, because you have to stick your finger in them.”


Also, I bet Emily feels so frustrated right now. Like that kid in the story – the boy who stuck his finger in the duck.

Rin says: That’s immediately what I think about every time. The boy who stuck his finger in the duck.

Sophy says:

Sophy says: Katie and Emily hash it out upstairs with very pretty lighting. Katie seems to think Emily should be grateful she managed to convince Jenna that she was only joking, and oh, Katie, darling, do you honestly not get it or are you being wilfully stupid right now?

Katie thinks Emily’s jealous – or Katie is pretending to think Emily’s jealous – of her boys and her hot body, apparently. And yeah, I’m pretty sure Emily could have plenty of the former if she wanted them, and okay so she might not be your cup-size, but she already has the latter covered, thank you very much KFF.

We then get quite a bizarre and near comical rapid-fire abuse session, the highlights of which are “You’re not gay. You’re just stupid.” from Katie, and “Nobody hits me over the head with a rock, loser.” from Emily.

And okay, what are these girls, five suddenly?

(Maybe that’s the point.)

Rin says: ‘I LOOK BETTER IN CLOTHES THAN YOU.’ What does that even mean. I’m pretty sure it’s some roundabout insult to herself.

Sophy says: Emily tries to reach out. “Katie,” she says. “Look at me. I’m still Emily.”

Katie flounces off to sleep, Emily follows suit without the flounce. She listens to Katie crying and wonders how the hell the two of them are going to get to be their own people.

Rin says: We get a lot of back this episode, for which I am grateful.

And ‘flounce’ is such a terrific word.

Sophy says: Yikes. Katie I know you’re frustrated with this shit, but I’m not sure goading Emily is the way to go.

Rin says: Emily’s face when she says ‘omg put your tongue away!’ .. it gives me such joy.

Sophy says: I love the way the house is looming. Just to show us how damned scary this is for Naomi.

Rin says: I love that shot too <3

But also, that is not the same house from 306. THAT CAT FLAP IS AN IMPOSTER!

Sophy says: I love the fact that they were careful enough to make sure Other Fitch House had a catflap too.

It is however, the same house they use in 402. Which for some reason, made me ‘awwww’ like a bitch. I don’t have many screencaps from 402, so this gif will have to do.

I guess it’s just another, ‘Skins families move house all the time :-j’ sort of deal.

Sophy says: Maybe Rob was already on the run.

Rin says: Naomi tries to knock, hesitates then takes a step back to look up at the house once more.

Sophy says: Oh the trepidation on her pretty, pretty face.

Rin says: :(( :(( :(( LUSTY BUTTON!


Rin says: She decides she has to knock, but before she can Jenna rushes out all in a huffy.

Sophy says: Jenna’s fake smile is the best. No wait, this fake smile is the best.

But Jenna’s close.

Rin says: AND LOOK AT THAT SMILE. I don’t care, I would suggest Naomi marry my daughter immediately if she smiled like that.

Sophy says: Omg that would be so creepy. Then you’d be all in love with your step-daughter. IT WOULD BE SO WRONG.

Jenna is actually pretty nice to Naomi until she’s informed that she’s, well, Naomi. As in that rather beautiful girl her daughter is nailing.

Rin says: WHATEVS JENNA. You should have known immediately upon seeing her that this was Naomi. ‘OMG THIS RATHER BEAUTIFUL GIRL MUST BE NAOMI!!! X-(

Sophy says: A second ago she was rushing out, watch-checking and all, but now it seems Jenna has time to invite Naomi in for a little chat. Uh-oh.

Rin says: Should have made a run for it.

Sophy says: Poor Naomi. She can’t escape the memory, not even via the means of time travel.

Rin says: This is the kind of stuff horror movies are made of. Jesus.

Sophy says: Yeah, anyway, we lied. That’s not how the little chat goes. In reality there’s much less Sophia-smiling going on…

Sophy says: Jenna doesn’t beat around the bush. No sooner has she commanded Naomi to sit down than she is launching into Emily’s impressionable… And I really can’t imagine how uncomfortable Naomi feels right now. Especially knowing that apparently Emily is in the house, upstairs, asleep, and blissfully unaware that her mum is in full sabotage mode.

Rin says: I would start clanking mugs on the kitchen bench, hoping to wake Emily up.

But aw, it’s so lovely that Naomi even came to the Fitch’s at all. She’s trying.

Sophy says: Naomi plays dumb: “I don’t know what we’re talking about here,” she says with a nervous and unconvincing smile.

Rin says: I’m convinced. *eyes glaze over*

Sophy says: “Yes you do,” Jenna insists.

She says she doesn’t want Naomi putting ideas into Emily’s head and oh Jenna, if you only knew the ideas Naomi puts into Emily’s head like 24 hours a day. :smug:

Seriously though, this whole thing is pretty ironic, because Emily has been the one in active pursuit. Naomi is hardly some temptress who’s been luring Emily towards rainbows, all ‘Come see my pot of gold’. But then wait. Emily’s not that either. She wants Naomi, sure, and she’s going to do what she can to get her. But this is not a game of corruption or even of seduction for that matter. Oh they’re both seduced by one another, absolutely, but that’s not something either of them has to work for. Wanting each other is the part that just happened. Just like that, before either of them could think of trying not to.

It’s the rest that’s hard work. And Jenna, sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s your daughter who’s been doing most of that up to now.

Rin says: Just another round of ‘Let’s see how much Jenna really doesn’t know about her daughters!’

Rin says: Omg, I’ve never been more attracted to Naomi.

Sophy says: I know right. There are so many ideas in my head right now.

Rin says: I’ve always loved origami.

Sophy says: lol, omg that face. If I were Naomi I’d be checking for horse heads when I pulled back the covers that night.

Rin says: That just seems cuddly :X


Sophy says: So basically what’s going on in this scene is that Jenna is telling Naomi that Emily’s impressionable, that she’s the younger twin, that she’s always in Katie’s shadow… this is all set up to insinuate that any dalliance she may be having with Naomi is all about rebellion, that she’s NOT GAY, that this is a phase, this is a game – one she will grow out of playing. Now we all know Jenna couldn’t be more wrong. But Naomi doesn’t. She doesn’t trust anything at this point, that’s exactly the problem. Faith isn’t something Naomi does. She wouldn’t believe you were God if you went around smiting jerks and regrowing legs on beggars right in front of her. And it’s the same with Emily – not just because she’s Jesus, um. All the smiles and sweetness and sexytime in the world can’t seem to convince Naomi that love is real, that she is really worthy of it, and that it is really hers to keep as long as she wants it.

And so when Jenna says these things to her – it’s a phase, it’s a game, Emily is not gay… she’s really pushing Naomi’s buttons in the worst possible way. It’s just too easy for Naomi to believe it, despite all the evidence to the contrary. It’s too easy for her to be terrified. It’s too easy for her to retreat.

And that’s why it’s such a big deal that, okay, she may leave the house after this little conversation, because who the hell wouldn’t, but she doesn’t give up. She doesn’t run away. The phone-calls Emily won’t answer are probably the bravest phone-calls Naomi Campbell has ever made.

Rin says: It’s so spot on when you say Naomi will never believe she’s worthy of love. Especially from someone she has loved from the get-go. And omg brave phone calls makes me love Naomi all that much more.

Sophy says: You tell her, Naomi. You tell her and you cross it out good.

Rin says: Anyone would crumble under such an interrogation.

I’m not gay!

Rin says: The way she delivers that line makes me laugh out loud every single time. She’s so disgusted!


Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Oh Naomi. Seriously, at least take the blazer off before you say shit like that.

Rin says: Jenna tells Naomi that Katie and Emily are more alike than she knows, to which Naomi responds with a mischievous, ‘You sure about that?’ and I have the biggest, most stupid smile on my face at the moment. Naomi makes me so giddy as a schoolgirl, it’s embarrassing.

Sophy says: This is interesting actually. As I said above, Jenna is really tapping into Naomi’s insecurities here. But she’s also tapping into something else – Naomi’s Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me. Naomi is terrified of giving her power away to Emily. But she’s more likely to do that than to give it to some creepy bitch who’s staring at her and telling her she’s not “normal.”

And honestly, I love Jenna as a character, I really do. And she does redeem herself quite a lot in series four. And heck, I even understand where she’s coming from with this freak-out – she’s why organizations like PFLAG exist, and that’s fine, I get it. But I cringe, I mean I really, really cringe at “They’re the apple of their father’s eye. He loves them, like fierce, you know? Just the way they are. Normal, happy twins.


Rin says: ‘like fierce’ :X

But yeah, normal happy twins is disgusting.

Sophy says: Also what the hell is Jenna trying to do with the whole speech about how Rob loves them like fierce? IS SHE SERIOUSLY IMPLYING THAT ROB WILL BEAT NAOMI UP. Because that is just… so wrong it’s hilarious.

Sophy says: As a parting shot, Jenna tells Naomi she wants her to “disappear”. And I tell Jenna I want MY FIST TO DISAPPEAR IN HER FACE.

Rin says: I just pictured you punching her in the mouth and like.. the both of you just standing there with your fist hidden in her mouth.

Sophy says: I love that top cap of Katie. The lime green of the lamp or whatever it is looks pretty with her fake bruises.

Rin says: Their room makes me feel more okay with how my room looks. And then I remember that I’m 23 and they’re 17. :-.

Rin says: TWIN SPEAK. I love twin speak so much.

Sophy says: I love this. It’s utterly amazing. Basically Katie has fallen asleep in tears, because she’s losing control – of Emily, this just-barely-little sister she sees as a part of herself. And so in the morning when she wakes, she’s clutching at straws. She’s clawing at old habits. “Why are you talking twin?” Emily asks. “We don’t do that anymore,” she says. And hey, that’s exactly the reason, right there.

Rin says: It’s just one of the sweetest out-of-nowhere type things that Skins does so well. And one of the things I really hoped they’d put into S4 and they did!

Sophy says: Katie appeals to Emily’s softer side. She says she’s sorry, and demands that Emily say it too.

Rin says: Demanding she says sorry too. So Katie.

Sophy says: Emily falls into line – for now. And then Katie’s up and about, getting dressed, because they’re going out, because she’s “sick of this fucking house,” and I love the quick transition from the sweet sorries in a childhood language, right into this fucking house.

Rin says: I can’t remember if they actually used the Prescott version of twin speak, but I remember them saying they used to have one when they were little.

Sophy says: I love it. I sort of feel like Rophy ought to have a twin language even though we’re not twins. Well. Not biological twins.

Sophy says: Katie says they’re going shopping for Love Ball dresses, because they’re going together, dates be damned, and Emily plays that game where she says no, she doesn’t want to.

Katie has a better hand, of course. “Please,” she says. “I need you, okay?”

And Emily’s toast.

Rin says: I can’t believe Katie saying they’re going to go together escaped from your macro radar.

And everyone always comments about how Emily went to sleep with wet hair and woke up with perfectly straight, well groomed hair. To which I say, yeah okay.. maybe for NORMAL people this doesn’t happen. But Emily  WALKS ON WATER, I SAW IT.

Sophy says: James bursts in with “I WANT MY PACKED LUNCH” followed by “WHOA! YOU’RE NAKED, BITCH!” and honestly this kid needs to be in everything ever.

Rin says: MUMBA JAMBA JIM JAMS sounds so cute for ‘Kick the shit out of him.’ And you know what’s a nice touch? The clothes Katie has in her hands are the clothes she’ll be wearing in the next scene! See, sometimes they do get continuity right!

Sophy says: Oh look, it’s Pandora, loitering sadly with a………………… Rin…………… RIN……………

Sophy says: AND THIS IS THE GREAT MIND THAT GOES TO HARVARD? Please. She probably needed to touch the stove seventeen times before she figured out it was hot. [-(

Rin says: It’s hard to love someone when they just disappoint you, time and time again.

Sophy says: Katie and Emily just happen to be passing by, because Bristol is the size of a postage stamp. They say hi, and Pandora asks if Katie’s feeling better. She says she is, and Pandora seems relieved – in a distracted, mopey way.

Rin says: I can’t tear my eyes away.

Sophy says: Katie asks rather pointedly if Pandora’s heard from Effy, and Pandora immediately and ineffectually commences defending her friend. “I’m sure she didn’t mean…” she tries to say, but Katie interupts with “Oh, I think she meant it, don’t you?”

Personally I think Katie knows she didn’t. She was there, after all. She has to have been aware that Effy wasn’t in her right mind when she attacked her. But she’s not ready to take the high-road yet, and that’s okay. That makes sense. Katie’s life is a mess right now, and she’s not about to relinquish her right to be the victim, not when it’s just about the only thing she has.

Rin says: It makes it all the better when they eventually become the magnificent scrapey/shakey trio!!! Sigh, if only we could pick and choose the best bits from s3 and 4, we’d have one of the most epic series of TV ever on our hands.

Sophy says: Pandora’s life is a mess too. She’s fragile right now and wracked with guilt, and the harshness of Katie’s tone startles her into apologizing for Effy’s mistake. Emily gently tells her that it’s not her fault, because Emily is awesome like that. But hey, wait, Katie is going to bring her awesome out in a moment too.

Pandora says she’s taking a dress back – a dress for the Love Ball that she bought in case Thomas forgave her. And oh, Pandora, you’re so simple-complicated you break my heart. It’s times like these I feel really bitter about the lack of Panda in s4. I really believe she could have been one of the most memorable characters of the gen if she hadn’t been traded for ukuleles.

Anyway, the point is that Pandora is miserable and lonely and Katie doesn’t think twice. She tells Pandora that she and Emily don’t have dates, but they’re still going. “So keep your dress and we’ll go together, okay? Just the girls, right?”

Rin says: And we get that glimpse of Katie we’ve all come to adore. Helping a bouncing Panda in through the window.

Sophy says: “Go girls!”

That’s the consensus. And I’m a little appalled that Emily isn’t shimmying right now.

Rin says: I am having the funniest visual of this turning into a musical with Emily belting out a showstopper all about tits and fanny, with a roaring chorus of Go Girls! — shimmying and can-can included.

Wait…am I thinking musical or cabaret show? WHATEVS.

Sophy says: Pandora starts to leave, turns around and says earnestly “I’m never doing surf and turf with boys again. It just fucks everything up, doesn’t it?”

Um, no Pandora. It’s not so much the surfing and turfing as the cheating and lying that’s the problem. But oh well, one step at a time.

Rin says: Pandora fail.

Katie’s little shrug is the cutest thing. Oh Katie. Here’s hoping they find you a strapping young lad for you in the movie.

Sophy says: OR A STRAPPING EFFY. *cough*

Sophy says: This is what you get for that sass earlier, Katie.

Rin says: She should just keep her distance, really.

Sophy says: The girls go shopping for really gross dresses, except that burgundy one on Katie, which I actually sort of like.

The track playing over this montage makes me want to claw my ears off. It’s that fucking atrocious. This is from my notes for this episode:

Girls talk shit, we don’t care, we’ll take off our underwear! Dear lord this song is a disgrace – WANNA GET FUCKED UP! GIMME MY ALCOHOL, LET’S GET FUCKED UP!

I think you can guess which part is me.

Rin says: I don’t understand any of these outfits. I blame Bristol again.

Rin says: Emily. Stop it. Just stop. Or you know, never stop?

Sophy says: She’ll never stop. We’ll plunder the earth till there’s no more metal for the CHE awards, and then we’ll just have to venture into space.

Rin says: Rophy does space.

Sophy says: Oh shit, Emily’s seen something. She doesn’t look quite freaked out enough for it to be a Horizon-Sophia, but I’ve still got a bad feeling about this…



Sophy says: Yeah so it wasn’t Effy, it was the Fredster, which is probably worse. Really, out of all the vintage (?) stores in Bristol, he had to walk into Katie’s???

Katie is adorably miserable/flustered. “Christ,” she says to Emily, “Is he coming over?”

Rin says: It’s not even just Freddie. IT’S JJ TOO. /facepalm

Sophy says: “No, he’s not that stupid,” Emily assures her, and then, well…

Rin says: MTE Katie.

Sophy says: Turns out he is that stupid! I like to think that if he hadn’t been attacked by bats, he would have made it to Harvard too.

Rin says: He’d try to ride those bats all the way to Boston.

Sophy says: Good times.

Freddie opens with an ingenious “Hi Katie,” follows up with an inspired “I just wanted to see how you were.”

JJ stands there looking like a quivering idiot, and I’m pretty sure he’s thinking about Emily’s boobs right now, and I want to smack him in the chops so badly my computer screen is cowering.

“Hi Emily,” he says. My fingers make fists.

Rin says: I have a feeling that it’s not just Pandora who should introduce themselves as being useless.

Sophy says: I love how Katie can go from panicked humiliation to ‘lol, bitch, please!’ in .05 seconds. “Oh!” she says “Now you want to see how I am. Thanks, that’s well compassionate.”

Rin says: Both their dresses are the worst!

I don’t express how much I love that this is a British show nearly quite enough. Saying ‘well compassionate’ is just cute. IT’S CUTEEE.

Sophy says: Freddie serves up some lameness along the lines of “I don’t know what to say. I fucked up.”

Rin says: Emily is bored of your stupidity Freddie.

Sophy says: Katie pulls out all the stops. “No, Freddie,” she says, “You fucked Emily when you were meant to be fucking me. Oh yeah, after she hit me with a rock!”


And I find this interesting – the fact that Freddie has told her everything, even the things he could so easily have kept to himself. I do like that. That’s pretty damn brave and pretty damn real.

Rin says: BAHAH OMG. BEST TYPO EVER. “You fucked Emily when you were meant to be fucking me.

Someone has been making too many Katie/Emily macros.


Part 3

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  1. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    Sophy says: Katie pulls out all the stops. “No, Freddie,” she says, “You fucked Emily when you were meant to be fucking me. Oh yeah, after she hit me with a rock!”

    haha best typo ever !!!!!!!!!!!
    And don’t be insulted: “Someone has been making too many Katie/Emily macros” is actually something to be proud of !

  2. MK1709
    MK1709 at · Reply

    The Thomas scene actually had me screaming to the screen that “Everyone should have a friend like that!” when I first saw it. And then they fucked it all up with series 4…

    Emily coming out to her family is probably the best coming out in tv history. Enough said about that.

    Naomi… I just love her.

    And Katie is Katie and I love her too.

  3. digga
    digga at · Reply

    I stared/laughed/dumb smiled at that bloopers gif for waaay too long.

  4. Ruth
    Ruth at · Reply

    I love how their mum gives the speech about Katie being the twin in charge, when it really doesn’t seem like that to me. It’s more like Emily chooses to stand back and let Katie throw her weight around because Katie is so terrified all the time.
    Also, the shop they go in is about 30 seconds from my friend’s house in Bristol!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Very true. Katie may be bossy, but Emily has a world of strength. At the end of the day, Emily is the strong one this series. Although next series I think Katie becomes genuinely fierce in a way she isn’t yet.

  5. hannah
    hannah at · Reply

    HAHAHAHA the way James delivers the ” Mrs MacPherson says as long as swearing is used in context, it’s fucking A.” with the little proud tilt of his head is HILARIOUS

  6. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    Hahaha. The ‘put your tongue away’ macro is amazing.

    ‘Wanting each other is the part that just happened. Just like that, before either of them could think of trying not to.’ Beautiful. :'(

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  7. buttercup
    buttercup at · Reply

    this is hilarious as usual, but i just wanted to comment on the talk naomi has with jenna. in addition to the stuff you guys wrote, I’ve also always thought that it served as a bit of a wake-up call to naomi, because i feel like on some level she thinks it’s easier for emily to come out than it is for her and that emily wouldn’t be risking as much as she would. like she says in their fight in naomi’s room, emily is sure, and she always seems so brave about the two of them, and i don’t think it’s until this moment with jenna that naomi truely understands what it would mean for emily to come out to her family, and how hard it must have been for her hiding her true self. it’s a throwback to her talk with her mum in 306, where without even having to speak about it directly, naomi realises that her mum knows her better than she thought and loves her unconditionally, actually encourages her. and then there’s her talk with jenna, who is proving how little she knows about her daughter and going out of her way to discourage their relationship. i’ve always thought that was a big turning point for naomi, because she looks out of herself and her own fears for a minute and realises how much emily is risking for her, and how much emily must love her…

    but that might just be me…

    yay for this recap…it’s been well worth the wait!


    1. Katja
      Katja at · Reply

      I think that’s a great point and I’m not sure I ever really appreciated this before. But it does really highlight the difference where Naomi’s fighting an inner battle while Emily’s struggle is with everyone around her (including Naomi). Naomily in general but I think this episode in particular is incredibly deep and layered – so bloody well-written I feel like there’s always more to catch, and the performances are incredibly nuanced and subtle and just unnnfff. Naomi/Emily/Katie-Jenna is a triangle done so so right I can’t even express –

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      This is an excellent point, buttercup. WAY TO ENRICH THE RECAP!!

  8. Kay
    Kay at · Reply

    The paperbag naomi is hiliarr!
    ‘I’ve always loved origami.’ – very funny :)
    love the mean girl quip too!

  9. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    Oh god, the twin speak. It’s utter, utter perfection.

    One day I’ll break the language fully, but even the tiny snippets we get are laced with subtlety. Check the names; Emily becomes Emsy, James becomes Jim-Jams (I’ll never be convinced that the literal translation of “bumba wamba jim-jams” isn’t “kick the shit out of him” so much as “kick James’ arse”; close enough, but I really don’t think “bumba” -> “bum” -> “arse” is too much of a stretch, nor “wamba” -> “wam” -> “wham” – an onomatopoeic strike). Katie? Translates as Katie. Their child tongue provides the others with infantile parodies of their names while Katie retains the superiority, the name she’s destined to continue to carry into adulthood.

    1. Katja
      Katja at · Reply

      “Katie? Translates as Katie. Their child tongue provides the others with infantile parodies of their names while Katie retains the superiority, the name she’s destined to continue to carry into adulthood.”

      IKNOWRIGHT? I always loved that hardcore. (I’m a linguistics major, so I analyzed that shit like crazy too :P Not as much fun as I had tracing the psycholinguistics behind “do you love my girlfriend” though, because that lent insight into Meg as an actress. Also slips illustrating linguistic units and hierarchies and omg I’m such a nerd halp!)

      …it’s kinda terrible, though. When she said that I literally (the first time, too. like I paused it and everything) and went “that’s ‘kick James’ ass’ not ‘kick the shit out of him'” >.< Because I'd been speaking FitchTwin all my life, obviously, and not just heard it for the first time 90 seconds before. But if you translate the other way, say from a script into Twin, that's exactly how you'd translate "kick the shit out of him" into twin. And I don't doubt Katie meant 'kick the shit out of him'

  10. Atlas
    Atlas at · Reply

    If your daughter married Naomi, Naomi would be your daughter-in-law not your step daughter. And if you were in love with your daughter-in-law that would be……INCEST!!!!!!!!11 However, if your daughter-in-law was Naomi, it’d be perfectly understandable….:)

  11. Kittehgirl
    Kittehgirl at · Reply

    OMG Atlas that reasoning is scarily accurate

  12. emily
    emily at · Reply

    I absolutely Adore Andre Herman Dunes cover of ‘SMalltown Boy’, by Bronski Beats.

    And I love how they use it in this scene, because the song is about a boy who is rejected and thrown out by his family for being gay, and having to deal with the lonliness and being bullied both by society and his own family.

    It’s a perfect song for Emily, and Emily’s journy, because Naomi’s mum my love her no matter what, but Emily’s mum isn’t like that.

    Naomi may be fighting an internal battle with herself, but Emily is fighting one against her family, the people she loves so much.

    Your mum is supposed to protect and defend you, not through you out of your house, and say that you’re not normal.

    I don’t know, but I just think this song is absolutely perfect in this scene. Well done, Skins :)

  13. emily
    emily at · Reply

    Wow, there were a lot more spelling mistakes than I expected :S

  14. jamie
    jamie at · Reply

    i think what’s wonderful, and perhaps often overlooked, about naomi’s interaction with jenna is that it made her realize how strong and courageous emily is to want to be public with her despite the obstacles she deals with at home. and perhaps however upsetting and negative naomi’s talk with jenna was, she may have walked away inspired to be as brave as emily.

  15. Ylva
    Ylva at · Reply

    a thousand times lol at that blooper! :D

    and I totally agree with ya’ll that while Jennas’s words echoes Naomi’s fears it also makes her ralize that this isn’t easy for Emily either but that she’s fighing just the same. And maybee also that her being “sure” is not so much about being at ease about her sexuality as much as its about the certainty of her love for Naomi.

    wizzer recap so far as allways! next page here we go!

  16. Gins
    Gins at · Reply

    You know what I don’t understand? I don’t understand why you guys don’t write the series. You guys would create the most perfect show of all time. If I had a million dollars I would give it all to you to produce a show that got rid of all the things you hated in Skins and created more of the things you craved and knew deserved to have their own time. urguhugrhuhg. I’m never going to forgive the universe if that doesn’t happen at some point or another. YOUR SHOW WOULD BE FLAWLESS!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      OH GINS. Been loving all your comments. You’re a champ.

  17. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    “You fucked Emily” omg I thought I was going to have to rewatch it all (yet again) as I’d missed that! Not that I want to see that, actually no, prob best not to rewatch if that was true. Funny typos are the funniest though, some of mine are just incredible, if I do say so myself.

    That line about “regrowing legs on beggars” made me laugh so much. I’m not even sure why, just funny!

    I never noticed how “I look better in clothes than you do” was actually an insult to herself, omg. I finally have a talent/good point, I look better in clothes than, well basically everyone. Yay go me!!

    The macro with Naomi calling Jen gay cracked me up. It also reminded me of the time that my own mother said the rockstar I’m in love with looks gay, and I instantly replied, “no you look gay” lol. Actually she was right, he does, but that’s not the point. Incidently, he also has a twin. I think I like the twin-thing. A lot.

    I’ve used the “whoa you’re naked bitch” quote too but NOT with my mother (eww) and it wasn’t even true but someone said they’d sent pics that went missing or something, and I said she had sent them to me and then “whoa you’re naked bitch!” Oh Skins, how I love you.

  18. WoodrowSmall
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