Katie and Emily — Part 1

Rin says: I’m so excited that I’m putting on some of Sophy’s Depends in anticipation.

Super Plus Absorbency :D

Sophy says:

It’s lucky you edited this in after I’d started. Otherwise this recap may never have happened.

I mean I’M ALL FOR MOCKING MY ADVANCED YEARS. REALLY. BUT. Sometimes it goes too far. =((

Rin says: You brought it upon yourself Katie. Emily is not your girlfriend, okay? She’s your sister. YOUR TWIN BABY SISTER.

Sophy says: Rin, stop siding with Emily. The slip wasn’t freudian, for the love of god.

Rin says: Now, if you know Rophy, you know we don’t like Gaga. Yes, we’re putting it out there. We feel comfortable enough with you all now to get that important fact out there. And I know you’re judging us, but come on. We’re just not into her, okay? Deal with it.

Having said that, ‘Beautiful Dirty Rich’ opening this episode with Katie Fitch’s bad self is brilliant. So brilliant.

Sophy says: Rin? No. I refuse to participate in this relaxation of the No-to-Gaga rule.


Rin says: /raises eyebrow

Sophy says:


Rin says:


Rin says: Leopard print, black skirt and suspenders. Um, hello. :smug: And look at Katie’s ID! She signed it with a heart. So Katie, So Fitch.

Sophy says: So very Katie, so very Fitch. And could she have been any more enthusiastic about her photo??? It’s a nice touch. I think KFF absolutely would defy the teenaged-photo-angst cliche.

Rin says: It’s examination period, and Katie is looking..well, beat up. And.. not so much like Katie. Weird. But Doug doesn’t seem to mind, in fact… he seems to like it a lot. Gaping mouth a lot, which is probably wholly inappropriate.

Sophy says: Yeah it’s weird how she doesn’t really look like Katie. Isn’t it. :-?


Rin says: JJ says hello to Katie. Katie … has boobs. And says hi and runs off. So Katie :-j

Sophy says: Classic lemon :-j Um… Katie :-j

Rin says: I will never ever ever get over that last frame. I won’t. [-(

Sophy says: Poor Mosemily. The price of fame.

Rin says: She’s all nervous, I guess she doesn’t think she’s too clever, and girls are gossiping and laughing at her. Rude bitches. YOU RESPECT KATIE FUCKING FITCH OR SHE’S GOING TO PUT HER FIST THROUGH YOUR FACE.

Sophy says: Yeah, I wouldn’t have thought Katie would be this nervous about an exam. Weird. :-?

Rin says: Doug is armed with a hammer and a massive pipe. Oh Doug, never change.

Katie puts her head back in preparation, and lol, that looks like something her sister might do.

Sophy says: It does a bit, doesn’t it? Oh well, I suppose they are twins.

Doug, what the fuck are you even doing? Stop being so fucking whimsical. IGNORE RIN. I AUTHORIZE YOU TO CHANGE.


sidenote: I’ve never liked writing capital ‘I’s with serifs. It just looks ugly 99% of the time.

Sophy says: 8-)

sidenote: I concur.


Sophy says: ALRIGHT FINE. “Haha Doug.” Happy?

Rin says: God he’s disgusting.

Sophy says: Absolutely foul.

Rin says: Oh my goodness JJ, you absolute perve. The examination isn’t on Katie’s chest. Although it should be.

Sophy says: Why is he staring at Katie’s chest? Like, he thinks just because he managed to screw one twin the other is fair ogling game? I’m appalled.

Rin says: …JJ hands Katie a note and it says. Wait. What. WHAT.


Emily Fitch! You sly minx! This whole time!

Okay, the charade is over. When I was rewatching I thought back to when I first watched this episode and wondered if I was fooled by the whole switch-a-roo. To be honest, I can’t remember. I’d like to think that I knew the moment we saw her calf’s, but I just don’t know.

Sophy says: :O :O :O

I honestly can’t remember whether I knew either. I like to think I did, because their faces are pretty different, especially in series three when Meg is a little chubbier than Kat. But I can’t say for sure. Still, I’m pretty certain that if I’d been friends with them for months, I’d be able to tell the difference. And I wouldn’t need to eyeball their racks to do it.

How does that even work, anyway? Why does the sight of her clothed breasts tip JJ off? They had sex, okay, but it seemed like a somewhat under-the-covers deal and just… I don’t get it. It’s dumb. And gross. I want it to go away.

Rin says: Emily scrunches up the note in a huffy and gets back to business. Which begs the question, why is Emily sitting the exam for Katie?

Sophy says: Omg. Sophy of Rophy pet peeve. Raises the question, Rin, raises. To beg the question is to reach a conclusion based on a faulty assumption, usually one so closely related to the conclusion that the argument is circular.

I nearly cried when Hugh Laurie used that incorrectly on House. No really. Feel free to judge me.

Rin says: Jeremy’s Iron?

Rin says: And we’re met face to face with the real Katie Fitch. Sitting at home in her pyjamas, looking a lot worse than fake Katie.

Sophy says: Yikes. Effy really went to town with that rock.

Rin says: Jenna asks Katie to ‘go do playstation with James’ and I can’t help but love Jenna for phrasing it like that. Katie is having none of it and is obviously not in the best of places right now. Being bludgeoned with a rock will do that to a person.

Sophy says: DO PLAYSTATION. So adorbs. It reminds me of how my mum always asks me to get her her internet when she accidentally closes firefox.

Sophy says: Katie is pretty damned miserable, and her mum just makes everything worse by revealing that she called the school and told them she wouldn’t be able to sit her exam today. MOTHERS. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO RUIN THE CHEATING AND LYING.

Katie goes into a funk, saying the exam doesn’t matter, because she’s rubbish at history anyway. “I’m rubbish at everything,” she says sullenly. “Not like Emily.” And oooh, twin-angst, coming up.

Jenna gives her a hug and says, with comforting menace “I hope they lock that Stonem girl up when they find her.”

Rin says: Ahuh, Doug is holding a Love Ball in the Main Hall on Tuesday 30th June. 30th June is Naomily day! And also my brother’s birthday. Maybe next year I’ll give him presents that have a red/yellow theme.


Draw hearts all over the card too! It’s okay, he’ll just think you love him!

Rin says: Emily is getting stuff out of Katie’s locker for her. And when she closes the door…WHOA STALKER MUCH? We see a …florally… Naomi coolly leaning against the lockers. Waiting for her. She isn’t fooled for a second.

And this is about the time I turn into a giggling mess.

Sophy says: Seriously, that second cap looks like something out of a musical. I keep expecting Rachel Berry to –

Omg. Lockers. Now all I can see is the GQ photoshoot and… I don’t even know what emoticon to use.

I love the fact that Naomi knows it’s Emily, right away, without words, without needing to check the tits. Although she does a lot of that later, so. Lol.

Rin says: Emily can’t help but smile at Naomi. And their awesome coordinated outfits.

Sophy says: How could she possibly help smiling at her when the look she’s getting is 100% ‘You, me, bed.’


Rin says: You can’t blame her when they’re just on ~display like that.

Sophy says: That is one impressive shimmy.

Rin says: Naomi congratulates Emily on a nice job with the make up and reaches out to poke her face. 8-) Naomi. Any chance to touch her, isn’t it?


What? Everybody was thinking it.

Rin says: OH MY GOD. YOU TWO. YOU’RE KILLING ME. Emily, take your CHEs.

Sophy says: I think she should give one to Naomi for that first cap. Like, you know how when ballerinas get bouquets of roses at the end of shows, and they pull one out and give it to the guy? Like that.

Rin says: And there we go. Her gaze goes straight to Emily’s chest, their default position.

Sophy says: It’s cute when Naomi does it. SORRY JJ, DOUBLE STANDARD, LOOK IT UP.

Naomi says she wishes she had someone to pass her exams for her. She says that as long as Emily’s all dolled up in Katie-gear she hopes she’ll dump Freddie for her. Emily informs her that there’s no need for that – “Oh, that’s over. Katie knows it.”

Sophy says: “Yeah,” says Naomi. “It was an eventful barbecue.” And then she adds “Adultery makes a party go with such a swing!” and oh Elsley. Did you foreshadow on purpose? Because now I’m thinking of Sophia and the eventful barbecue in series four and oh, you’re just mean, aren’t you? AREN’T YOU.

Emily says it’s not funny. “Effy hurt her,” she says, and I love how Freddie is pretty much just irrelevant in her eyes.

Rin says: Oh gosh! That’s perfect. Eventful BBQs/Adultery foreverrrr.

I mean. In a cool linkage kind of way.

You should dress up more often.
They’re Katies.
Yeah well, you look nice! From the neck down.

Rin says: I almost can’t stand how outright flirtatious Naomi is being. Saying she looks nice from the neck down? Like wow, why don’t you just say, ‘I LOVE YOUR BOOBS, I WANT TO BATHE IN THEM OH MY GOODNESS!!!’

Sophy says: I KNOW RIGHT. She’s like BREAST-BATH, NAO PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rin says: Naomily. Luce/Rachel. Red and blonde. Potato. Potarto.

Sophy says: When Emily says she likes lilies she means the actual flowers, obviously. She’s not creepy like Rin with her bunches of Lily Loveless heads. [-X

Rin says: And Emily’s bashful, you guys. She’s fucking bashful and adorable.

Sophy says: HAHAHAH SHE LOOKS SO LIKE… PLEASED WITH HERSELF. “I made Naomi randy :D :D” Later she’ll stick a gold star in her diary.

Rin says: Oh please Naomi, like that has ever stopped you before.

Does lake sex ring any bells?!?

Sophy says: Or that time in the car right under Panda’s nose. Or when they joined Fredward and Beffy in the meadow.


Rin says: I’m a little bit in love with both of these caps.

Sophy says: Fair enough. They are sort of daring you to be.

Rin says: After their cute exchange regarding Naomi/EmilysBody, Naomi gets all serious business. She tells Emily that she might go to Cyprus for the summer, by herself, and that she needs to do some thinking, by herself.

What the fuck Naomi?

Sophy says: “By myself”. She says it twice and Emily’s heart is sinking.

“About what?” she asks.

Sophy says: Oh Emily :( She’s so hurt right now, so disappointed, so damn lonely. Because Naomi can just turn it on and off, can’t she? Or it seems like she can from where Emily’s standing. A second ago they were flirting like their lives depended on it and then… and then there’s “do some thinking” and “by myself”. And there’s worse to come.

Rin says: ‘Flirting like their lives depended on it…’ all I see is some crazy Naomily fan (let’s just say it’s me for now) pointing a gun at the both of them screaming, ‘FLIRT!!! FLIRT OR I’LL KNEECAP YOU!!!’ and my mouth would be frothing.

Let’s just be friends, okay?
We say that, don’t we?

Rin says: There’s just something in the way Emily says that, how it makes sense and doesn’t make sense all in the one. How she knows that they can never just be friends because there is way too much between them, even though not that much has actually happened. It was always there, it was always them. If they can’t be together there’s no point. It reminds me of Spike’s speech to Buffy and Angel in Lover’s Walk.

“You’re not friends. You’ll never be friends. You’ll be in love till it kills you both. You’ll fight, and you’ll shag, and you’ll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you’ll never be friends. Love isn’t brains, children, it’s blood…blood screaming inside you to work its will.”



“Let’s just be friends, okay?” Could Naomi have said anything worse?

Alright, yes, maybe. “I ran over your family and they’re all dead” might be worse, for example.

But still.

I’ll miss you.

Rin says: Emily watches Naomi go and not wanting to end on a sour note, she says the most truthful thing that pops into her head. She’s not trying to woo her, just honestly stating that she’ll miss her blondie, ill-fitting pants and all.

Sophy says: lol, oh Emily. She’s so exasperated. And I get why. Because Naomi can turn the flirting off all she likes, it’s still obvious. It’s obvious that time alone and thinking is not what she wants, because even the generic blow-off ‘Have a good summer’ – “what you write when you have nothing to say” – was delivered in an incongruously seductive way, and so as far as Emily’s concerned… Cyprus? “By myself”? WHY WHY WHY?

Emily sighs. She says she’ll miss her, because at least that way Naomi can’t spend the summer pretending this doesn’t matter to her.

Rin says: Naomi stops, hangs her head and turns around…

Sophy says: This feels like a really bad moment to pipe up about clothes, but honestly, is she wearing pyjamas under that floral jacket? Those pants. I just. WHAT.


Rin says: She practically runs and pounces onto Emily.

Sophy says: SD;LFKJS;DLFJ. I love a good locker slam kiss. Although sometimes I worry that it hurts.

I can’t stand it. I can’t.
It’s okay. It’s okay.

Rin says: The desperation. I can’t stand it either Naoms.


And I seriously, seriously adore this quote, I can’t stand it. I adore it in and of itself, because it’s simple and entirely honest and it just aches with emotion. And I adore it because it harks right back to “She loves you. But she can’t stand it. She can’t stand the love.

Ah, parallel romances. Skins does them so well.

Rin says: Um.

Sophy says:  :-.

Rin says: Have you guys ever noticed Naomi’s left hand on Emily’s cheek?



Rin says: Always so selfless. And of course Freddie is too stupid to take the advice seriously.


Rin says: lol, I love how Freddie is all :D:D:D and then Naomily blow him off and he’s all confused.

Sophy says: Yeah, because Girl You Cheated On While She Was Unconscious was likely to want to chill. 8-)


Rin says: Is anyone else confused as to why there is just a picture of Effy taped up on the outside of the lockers? Maybe it’s a British thing…I wouldn’t be surprised. :-j Crazy. :-j

Sophy says: That weirded me out so much when I was rewatching. But I love the fact that it’s the next thing he looks at – like loving Effy and feeling like shit about Katie are going to go hand in hand forever. Longing and Guilt. Best friends for life.

Rin says: Cause lightning would be too extreme.

But psychotic psychiatrist with a bat is plausible?



Rin says: That picture of Luke and Meg is so friggen adorable.

Sophy says: Seriously, that one photo is more convincing of coupledom than all their scenes together combined.

Rin says: Katie and her perfect nails. I can’t unsee it.

Sophy says: This reminds me so much of Cordy in ‘The Wish’. EXCEPT CORDY HAD FLAMES. WHERE ARE YOUR FLAMES KFF?

Rin says: And why isn’t she in hospital! Gawd, C- for effort.

Rin says: lol Katie, what more do you need? Emily might as well have a ‘Some people are gay, get over it!’ sticker on her wall.

And that Blondie poster just reminds me of Sophia and this.

Sophy says: I CAN’T STAND MADONNA. Yeah, I said it.

And ohhh Rin.

Rin says: lol, oh this box. Seriously.

Sophy says: James bursts in and informs Katie that the box she’s examining is secret. She tells him to “fuck off, worm,” and he yells back “Dinner’s ready, bitch!”

Bad move. Katie grabs him by the ear and is all “Excuuuuse meeee?” James says someone called Gordon Macpherson says “bitch” all the time, and now he says it too. Katie is having none of that. “You don’t say it to me,” she tells him, and she probably shouldn’t tell him to fuck off or call him a worm, but whatever, I like a girl with self-respect.

James says “Okay, I’m sorry,” and it’s sort of sweet even though I’m thinking he might not have said it if he’d had his ear to himself.

Fannies! It’s full of fannies.

Sophy says: Katie demands James tell her what’s in the box, and he resists, briefly, before announcing it with all the earnest glee in the world.

Rin says: The way James says, ‘Fannies! It’s full of fannies!’ gets me every time. God he’s such a little perve. I just want to ruffle his hair.

Rin says: How do you think they got home? Did Naomi ride her bike whilst Emily sat on the handlebars?


Oh oh oh and the song! THE SONG!!! Passion Pit – Sleepyhead. I love this song so much, it’s been my ringtone for ages and every time my phone rings, this is what I see. In my head, obviously, otherwise I’d have some ‘splainin to do.

Sophy says: Or, you know, the naked lesbians at the supermarket would have some ‘splainin to do.

You okay?

Rin says: HER SMILE. HER SMILEEEEE. Like. Fuck.

Sophy says: I’m so in love with that first cap. Emily’s face and Naomi’s eyelash curling and the hand on her arm because she’s letting herself reach out. a;ldkfjdlk.

Rin says: Naomi talks about how this is her room and noone is allowed in here, except guys who put their smelly socks in her mouth and special lady friends, evidently.

Sophy says: Things have ~changed, Rin. I think when Gina met the lusty button she knew Naomi was going to be needing her privacy from now on.

Also GOD THE COLOURS IN THIS SCENE. The pinks and yellows are just gorgeous and completely working with the red and blonde of their hair. Amazing.

Rin says: Emily tells Naomi how she does everything with Katie. And by everything she means they used to ‘take a dump together until they were 9,’ which you know, may be a little too much information. I guess she felt close to Naomi after having sex with her and stuff.

Sophy says: DNW fecal pillow talk.

And yet, Emily Fitch? Still cute.

Rin says: I don’t know. I’m getting a little worried about Naomi and the path she has chosen.

I think she’s been hanging out with this person a little too much.


I think I’m going to change all her dialogue in that episode to ‘Bare breasts for all’. And when she hits Thomas, it’s because he just spoke ill of bare breasts.

Rin says: Naoms laughs at Emily’s story and she looks so happy it’s ridiculous. Emily goes on to say that there’s no point in keeping secrets from Katie because it’s probably impossible to anyway, and Naomi asks, ‘What about this one?’ And you just know that this conversation has taken a turn into srs bsns.

Sophy says: So happy and so gorgeous. This is the loveliest Naomi has looked so far this series, and it’s appropriate really because doesn’t love light you up? It makes sense that she’s at her most beautiful here in the afterglow, the ghosts of lipsticked kisses all over her mouth.

Rin says: Emily takes a moment to caress Naomi’s waist and I die everywhere.

Sophy says: OH GOD I AM DYING RIGHT WITH YOU. The gentle sensuality of it guhhh. And meanwhile the pink that’s going on there. Just gorgeous.

Naomi, I wanna tell people.
That you’re gay?
I wanna tell people about us. Come to the college ball with me. Like we’re…together.
I don’t want to do that.
Why not?
Em, it’s nobody’s business.

Rin says: The inevitable conversation between a outed gay person and a ‘straight’ person who are together.

Sophy says: Yeah. “It’s nobody’s business” isn’t going to cut it, Naomi. If Emily won the Nobel Prize would you tell her to shut up about it because it’s nobody’s business? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what this feels like for her. You’re the Nobel Prize, okay? She wants to shout it from the –

Oh man, I just went to the 402 place. *huddles*

Why? Who cares what other people…
Emily. I’m not like you. I’m not sure, like you are.
What aren’t you sure of?
Can’t things ever be complicated?
Fine. You like boys too?
Maybe. Maybe I only like boys apart from you.

Rin says: If only Mosemily was real. Life would be so much easier for Naomi.

Sophy says: OH GOD. That line – “Maybe I only like boys apart from you.” It’s such utter perfection because it’s two things at once. It’s both impossibly sweet and impossibly cruel. It’s ‘you’re special.’ It’s ‘you’re a glitch.’ And we all know which one of those statements is closest to the truth – even Emily knows, I think – but that doesn’t stop it hurting. Because it doesn’t matter how much love there is going on if Naomi isn’t going to let herself be in it. And that double-edged line? It’s half a promise and half a threat.

Well that’s fucking great! You’re so in touch with yourself, aren’t you? Come to the ball with me.

Rin says: I’m giggling a little because I copied and pasted this quotation and the exclamation after the first sentence makes it sound like Emily is really happy, ‘Well that’s fucking great!!! 8-. :D:D’

Naomi does a little shake of her head and smiles to herself, as if she considers for just a moment to just give in to Emily, to love — to be brave. And it’s one of my favourite little moments.

Sophy says: I think in that moment Naomi is just so overwhelmed by the good old-fashioned romance of it – being invited to the dance by the girl you’re madly in love with. It’s just so nice that she can’t help enjoying it – only for a second, only with a little smile Emily can’t see.

Rin says: Emily gets out of bed and starts to get dressed.

Don’t do that.
No, you don’t do that. I’m not your fucking experiment! (I’m all about experiments me)

Sophy says: lol, “Don’t do that.” Naomi wants to ban Emily’s clothes from this room for life.

Rin says: That would be Classic Naomi.

Sophy says: Emily says she tired. She’s so sick and tired of it. And when I look at Naomi’s face I can’t help thinking This is what you were afraid of isn’t it? That she’d get sick of you, one way or another.

What we fear, we create.

Rin says: Emily starts raging about not being able to find her shoes and it’s kind of adorable.

Sophy says: And kind of wonderful in its setting-up glory.

Rin says: I can’t. The guilt on Naomi’s face.. she knows how badly she’s just hurt Emily and that she has the power to make it all better, but she just can’t. It’s sad and once again I have to include several caps to showcase the subtleties in Lily’s expressions.

Or she’s just nice to look at.

Either way.

Sophy says: I think you need the caps, because she’s feeling so many things and it really shows. She feels guilty as fuck, of course. She feels scared – of what she’s just done and what the consequences might be. Of what she wants to do and what the consequences of that might be too. She feels stupid. She feels small. But I think she also feels hurt, however unreasonable that may be – because in her mind, right now, this is Emily giving up on her. This is Emily proving her right by walking away.

Woundedness is a default for Naomi. And I think that’s what really stops her scrambling out of bed, pulling on the nearest shirt and pants and running out into the street after her girl.

Still holding hands through a cat flap, aren’t we?

Rin says: Oh god, the throwback! AMAZING. It has to be one of my favourite pieces of dialogue because the reference caught me completely off-guard and left me a little heart-clutchy.


Have fun in Cyprus.

Rin says: Usually my response to this scene is, ‘OH FFS NAOMI,’ but now thinking about it a little more I can understand her hesitation. I feel like they’re both at fault here, Emily shouldn’t be pushing so hard and Naomi shouldn’t be so reserved.

It’s a big ask from Emily, and to Naomi it’s not just the gay thing. She’s terrified of the way Emily makes her feel and how today it’ll be love balls, and tomorrow it’ll be living together and Mexico. And it’s all just too real. Naomi wants nothing more than to spend time with Emily, but the more she lets these things happen — the more it’ll break her. And Naomi practically invented self-preservation.

Sophy says: The gay thing is so trivial. That look on her face in that last cap? That has nothing to do with the gay thing. That’s pure, abject terror. It’s primal. That’s the kind of fear some people never cut through, and honestly, I often think how lucky Naomi is that she found an Emily. Because only an Emily will do for a Naomi, I think.

Part 2

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  1. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    “Rin says: Emily takes a moment to caress Naomi’s waist and I die everywhere.

    Sophy says: OH GOD I AM DYING RIGHT WITH YOU. The gentle sensuality of it guhhh. And meanwhile the pink that’s going on there. Just gorgeous.”

    I was just jealous at this point. Jealous that Kat could touch Lily like that and I couldn’t haha..

    OH and did anyone ever thought about how that lipstick got all wiped around their faces?
    Did they actually had to do that with kisses or did some make up person do it?
    I’d like to live in the phantasy of the fist option!

  2. MK1709
    MK1709 at · Reply

    I think everyone was clutching their hearts there at the end. I love that scene so freaking much that I’m almost over the whole taking 3! months to write the recap.

    And the acting in that scene. Lily in that scene… Breaks my heart, every goddamn time. Not in a rooftop manner, which left me actually crying my eyes out. (It was horrible, HORRIBLE!) But in a ffs just work it out! You love each other!

    Anyways… next page.

  3. digga
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    Heaps good to have you back doing what I love you for the most, because you do it the best.
    One thing…”How do you think they got home? Did Naomi ride her bike whilst Emily sat on the handlebars?”
    I WANT THAT MACRO!..um…please, of course.

  4. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    “We are not a codfish.” /marypoppins <3


    I think I like Lilies. Emily might as well have a ‘Some people are gay, get over it!’ sticker on her wall. ILU SFM.

    Because only an Emily will do for a Naomi, I think. :'(((((((((( :'(((((((((

  5. blondie
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    “I often think how lucky Naomi is that she found an Emily. Because only an Emily will do for a Naomi, I think.”

    Oh. My heart. That is all.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You know it’s true.

  6. UtterlyPuzzlified
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    I was so excited when I saw the tweet, but then sad because I had to do adult people stuff so I couldn’t read it, then got excited when I started reading it
    Fake Katie did fool me until she took off the glasses and spoke
    I personally don’t think that Emily was pushing to hard I think she was being normal about it mostly because she didn’t know all those things Naomi was feeling. She did know that she was scared but so was she of her sister knowing, she lied about the whole first kiss thing because she was scared, and now shes ready to face that fear for her. Also, she waited for Naomi (I mean 2 whole episodes is a long time). Emily I think knows Naomi and kind of knows thats its not about the gay thing. So I think Emily was doing the right thing.
    I like how you guys get the little things from the show and make me notice somethings I never realized was there :)
    Superb job!

  7. Kelly
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    I love love love that you made an Imagine Me And You reference AND a pun on Lily’s name all in one macro. Also, the “incest is illegal,” reference. I die.

    The locker kiss is quite possibly my favorite Naomily moment. Naomi just casually throws out that she’s going to spend then entire summer away from Emily in an entirely different country, like it’s no big deal.. and then she can’t even make it down the hallway without missing her. The beauty and just the realness of it kills me.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Naomi just casually throws out that she’s going to spend then entire summer away from Emily in an entirely different country, like it’s no big deal.. and then she can’t even make it down the hallway without missing her

      Beautifully put! ♥

  8. Nikki Page
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    My life is complete. End of…

  9. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    The moment I twigged it wasn’t Katie is when JJ says “hello” to her and the surprise is so much that she can’t suppress that throatiness in her voice. That’s when JJ twigs too; there’s that little knowing nod and a smile that screams “ohhhhh, I get it”. The later staring is raw opportunism.

    And I know this almost certainly makes me a terrible Naomily shipper… but I really can’t stand Sleepyhead. I bought the Passion Pit album as a makeweight in a 2 for £10 deal in HMV, and there is far better stuff on the album (Moth’s Wings is awesome).

    Emily at the end there is what she’s always been about – sheer bravery. I never imagined her as having a tough time (internally, at least) coming to terms with being gay; she’s fought through everything that represents, and through Katie, and found Naomi waiting for her. Naomi’s not that person. She’s scared – she’s always scared. And somehow, I think there’s a part of Emily that doesn’t get that (yet). I mean, I can do maths. I’ve got a degree in it. And my brain can break it down into irrefutable logical steps, a direct and explicable line from problem to solution. And because it comes so readily to me, I have a monumentally hard time with people who don’t get it. What’s the problem? I can do it, I can see how it’s done, there’s no grey areas or fuzz in the process, why can’t you do it? And Emily’s in the same boat here. She fought, she managed it easily enough, what’s stopping Naomi? And the problem is that if you can’t work out why somebody can’t do something, there’s that nagging feeling that the reason they can’t is simply that they don’t want to.

    This probably makes me a prick. But yeah, I always thought Emily was pushing just a little too hard here; Naomi told her she can’t stand it, she can’t, and Emily is one minute assuring her it’s okay and the next making clear that it isn’t.

    1. Katja
      Katja at · Reply

      “And somehow, I think there’s a part of Emily that doesn’t get that (yet). I mean, I can do maths. I’ve got a degree in it. And my brain can break it down into irrefutable logical steps, a direct and explicable line from problem to solution. And because it comes so readily to me, I have a monumentally hard time with people who don’t get it. What’s the problem? I can do it, I can see how it’s done, there’s no grey areas or fuzz in the process, why can’t you do it? And Emily’s in the same boat here. She fought, she managed it easily enough, what’s stopping Naomi? And the problem is that if you can’t work out why somebody can’t do something, there’s that nagging feeling that the reason they can’t is simply that they don’t want to.”

      OMG I explained this scene to myself with this EXACT same analogy the second time I watched it.

      I’m not sure it’s fair to say Emily’s pushing too hard – I think she’s standing up for her own needs because Naomi’s honestly been all over the map and that’s not really fair to Emily. I really feel for Naomi in this scene because she’s already looking about to burst into tears just from “fucking great, you’re so in touch with yourself” – Because man it *hurts* admitting being unsure of herself and EMILY of all people instead of understanding is taking offense…
      I personally can’t fault either of them in this scene. With both of them so close to hurt, Emily’s not really wrong to save the conversation for another time. It’s rejecting all Naomi’s calls later that’s pretty harsh.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I totally see what you mean. I can’t blame Emily for pushing, personally, because I think she showed a lot of patience and the whole ‘Maybe I only like boys apart from you’ bit was kind of the final straw. But yeah, it can be hard for people who are strong/brave to understand people who aren’t. I guess that harks back to ‘But it’s not that simple, is it. Being with someone.’ ‘Isn’t it?’ Emily asks… she really doesn’t see why not.

      1. Katja
        Katja at · Reply

        “Maybe I only like boys apart from you” also came out within the *worst* possible context, really. “I’m not.. sure – like you are.” “What aren’t you sure of?”


        That’s what Emily was gonna hear from ANY answer that didn’t include “not you – You I’m sure of.” Cuz seriously, if she’d given an answer that included that, “I’m not sure” was gonna get trumped as an objection to Love Ball. So the dual meanings that go with “only like boys apart from you” just make the whole not being sure issue more hurtful. More personal.

      2. polymorph80
        polymorph80 at · Reply

        “I guess that harks back to ‘But it’s not that simple, is it. Being with someone.’ ‘Isn’t it?’ Emily asks… she really doesn’t see why not.”

        This this this this this. In many ways, this whole sequence in the bed is the exact anti-catflap; it terrifies me how much “it’s not that simple” matches up against “can’t things ever be complicated”. It’s Naomi closing down against Naomi opening up, it’s Emily pushing hard against Emily pressing gently, it’s holding hands through a catflap against “still holding hands through a catflap”.

        But yeah. For Emily, it really is simple; she loves Naomi, Naomi loves her, why can’t they just love each other and be happy? And this is Naomi, who’s spent her entire life fighting – politics, injustice, protests, school elections, hippie communes – why is this fight so much harder? Partly because the fight’s against herself this time, of course, but mostly because Emily’s *not* fighting her. Emily’s fighting *for* her. Naomi’s always been a me-against-the-world type, and suddenly she’s faced with someone she can’t – and doesn’t want to – fight. It’s small wonder she can’t cope.

  10. Satiie
    Satiie at · Reply

    What does DNW stand for ? THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES ITS DRIVING ME NUTZZ . lols but yeaah that was hilarious , I’m loving Mrs. Thomas & the breast staring contest Naomily’s got going on there (:

  11. tapette
    tapette at · Reply

    Someone had to call bullshit on those floral prints.

  12. Millie
    Millie at · Reply

    However, i’m ashamed to admit i attempted to create my own….’scope.

    ‘Cos my brain’s been imprinted with the skill to associate everything with skins (and also random lines from Friends but that’s another issue for a different fandom) and therefore Emily/Naomi; when they’re making nerdy ladybabies against the lockers i saw that tut lil redhead’s bracelet had a L and an E.

    E_ _L_ = Emily

    Brain nearly exploded and thought i’d gained my own scope (It would’ve been called the Milscope, *sniff*).
    Eyes were widening; shocked that Emily could’ve forgotten how the little details almost always blow your cover when you’re pretending to be your sister in order to pass her history exam for her ‘cos this girl (getting love confused with anger) bashed her head in with a rock making it impossible to been seen in public even though she’s still incredibly gorgeous…..*cough* We’ve all been there i s’pose…

    Yeah…Absolute Fail.

    Turns out it only said Love. (I think).
    It’s only Love….

  13. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    I’m going to save a more coherent reply for a later date because all my mind is zero-ing in on in the bedroom scene is Kat’s navel piercing. It’s very distracting.

  14. kateinpdx
    kateinpdx at · Reply

    thanks to you both for your crazy brilliance and the laughs you’ve given me. really, we should have to pay for this stuff.
    i wanted to add that i long speculated that Kat didn’t know Lily was going to come back to her at the lockers for that kiss. one of the challenges for actors is not telegraphing surprise in a scene, and man, Kat just nails that in the moments when Lily is returning to kiss her. there is something so hurt but hopeful as she watches her approach and then so blissfully surprised as she comes to understand whats happening. either Kat got a great direction to just stay put and wait no matter what, (and Lily responded by locomoting back with the full force of Naomi’s desperation to guide her to Emily’s lips) or Kat pulls off an AWE-inspiring bit of acting.

    the locker scene. gah. one of the best moments on t.v. ever.

  15. jfmcc
    jfmcc at · Reply

    A picture of Emily’s breasts is etched on JJ’s brain fom the vitamin C episode – He never got to see (or touch) them again I’m sure ;)

  16. Clyyd (Znaap)
    Clyyd (Znaap) at · Reply

    God i missed you! =3
    Im soo happy ur back

  17. Caitlin
    Caitlin at · Reply

    Omg! I never noticed Naomi’s hand on Emily’s cheek at the locker scene! *head explodes* haha

  18. Numot
    Numot at · Reply

    One thing that confuses me is that in the first episode Emily doesn’t have any of those posters on her walls. You can see when she’s picking out her clothes that she’s got a Plain White T’s poster and a Bloc Party one and some other band stuff.
    It kind of ruins the whole “she’s so gay, look at her gay posters, how did you not know?” thing they’re going for.

  19. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    Pretty sure I wet myself at the whole sequence where Naomi is pouting ’cause Emily’s leaving and taking her breasts with her. It was made that much more hilarious cuz I’ve actually…ummmmm…done that??? And I was def Naomi.

    Mrs. Thomas and I are friends. :D

    1. Caroline
      Caroline at · Reply

      Fuck and I just looked at it again and “One last peek” to “One last peak.” I. Love. Rophy.

  20. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Well I would also need to check the Fitch twins racks in order to tell them apart. Defintely. And not just cos, you know, I want to..(it’s kind of gone past the stage where I can deny being a creepy perv now, hasn’t it?)

    I’m actually still kind of holding hands through a catflap too (but by myself) well obviously not here lol.

    O/t but I love how I can post Skins pics and quotes to mean stuff that most people I know won’t actually understand. I’m saying it, but I’m not saying it. (So now you know, or you don’t know)

    If I had an Emily I wouldn’t be so shy though. Lily (I mean Naomi, of course..) I know you’re (always) scared but wake up! Everything is your choice!

    I sometimes think I could communicate purely through use of Skins quotes. I’m strange. And probably annoying. One last note, everytime I look at the caps but then read your captions, I have to look at the caps again. Just to see your point, not just cos they’re nice to look at. Ok, maybe both reasons. Why am I even still here writing this comment when there is more of this to look at?!!

  21. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Ohwowlovely is now on Katie and Emily. I like it!

  22. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Emily is pointing with a banana!!

    Skins | via Tumblr on We Heart It – http://weheartit.com/s/rwah5clE

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