Naomi — Part 5

I know you, Naomi. I know you’re lonely. I think you need someone to want you. Well… I do want you. So be brave. And want me back!

Sophy says: Naomi walks away, and as she does Emily speaks quickly at first, because she’s painfully aware that she needs to get through her speech before Naomi is out of earshot, but as Naomi gets further and further away, she loses her momentum. Her voice cracks when she finishes with “…want me back!” and my heart is breaking and judging by the expression on Naomi’s face hers is too. It’s a magnificently sad scene, of course, but I think the reason it hits so very hard is that it’s the first time we’ve seen real chinks in Emily Fitch’s armour. Because she’s always so determined, isn’t she? So brave, so upbeat, so able to regroup, roll with the punches, get straight back on the horse with a smile on her face… But finally, finally… after what she shared with Naomi last night… this is a rejection she can’t just take in her stride.

Emily is hurting. Emily is hurting so much she’s letting it show.

brb trying to hug the screen.

Rin says: Aw, your armspan wouldn’t be large enough.

I like that you pointed out that this is really the first time we see Emily really hurting. It makes it so much easier to understand why it hurts us so damn much. The breaks in her voice, and the way she just THROWS herself out there for Naomi to see.

“I do want you. So be brave and want me back.”

Jack Thorne. Thank god you’re writing the movie.

Sophy says: I know right. I was a bit… hmmm when I heard about the movie. Because I’m cynical like that. But when I heard Jack Thorne was going to be writing it and looked up his episodes? If anyone can make me love it, I’d say it’s him.

Rin says: I much prefer this crying scene to the one she had earlier on her bed. NO OKAY, it’s really not about the fact that she’s in the shower. The previous one was a bit too, ‘Look at me crying, I’m crying!!!’ and I didn’t necessarily feel sad as much as I did awkward. But in this scene, I just.. it feels pretty devastating to see Naomi so upset. It’s a lot more real to me.

Sophy says: Yeah… Okay…

Rin says: What? Don’t look at me like that. It’s not like I planned it.

Sophy says: Oh yeah. You’re just sitting there all charmingly bewildered, like “Naomi, I wonder what it is that I did to make you move in across the way from me… OH RIGHT. I moved in next to you.


Sophy says: Her lips look so weird there… like she has white lipliner on D:

Rin says: I guess the only way they could make Naomi look like shit was with some weird lip gloss.

Sophy says: Yeah… except… she still doesn’t look like shit. Just like a gorgeous person with weird lip gloss on. Sorry Skins makeup team!

Rin says: If you’re observant, you can see that I have joyful tears in my eyes and a huge smile. I’m okay with this.

Sophy says: Your head exploded doing what it loves. I’m at peace with the situation.

Rin says: I kind of miss this hair.


Sophy says: Well… I miss it compared to the ramen?

Rin says: I’m not nearly well educated enough to get this reference. :( *flogs self*

Sophy says: I would join in the flogging and start insisting you watch Peepshow cos it’s hilarrrrrious. BUT. Boosh is more important. BOOSH RIN. BOOSH BOOSH BOOSH BOOSH BOOSH!

Also on a serious note. Idek Skins, what is up with these parents? I mean really, what was the conversation that got them into bed? “Hello My Daughter’s Teacher, how can I help you?” “Oh hello Mrs Naomi, I just came around to apologize trying to molest your daughter who is my student and was vulnerable and just wanted to trust me!” “Oh! LOVELY. Get your kit off, then. I’ll fetch the body chocolate!”

Rin says: This reminds me of this Christmas hamper a patient gave to my dad one time, and it had body chocolate in it. We were all like ‘………………………….’ and then we put it in our pantry??????????????????


Sophy says: Poor Naoms. Her world is just being ridiculous right now.

Sophy says: I adore the delivery of “Naomi. Please. I’m a fucking disaster, okay?”


Rin says: I can’t believe you just said that about Kieran’s naked body.

Rin says: You can’t honestly tell me that Naomi had any other option.

Sophy says: FFFFF I DIDN’T MEAN KIERAN AND YOU KNOW IT :(( And yeah, seriously, if Naoms wasn’t already the gayest…


Rin says: I think it was one of those ‘cute production in-jokes’ type things… IT’S NOT VERY IN-JOKEY THOUGH IS IT? It’s very out-jokey in fact.

Rin says: :) Skins did it, not me.


Sophy says: HAHA! I love the way Lily can play this comedically in the mdidle of such a sad, reflective scene.


Rin says: Wow. *Demands AU fic right now*

Sophy says: PRESIDENT EMILY IS THE BEST. I’d vote for it.

Rin says: Doug/Harriet forevs. Or at least, until the end of this series. “We’re going to need a bigger bra.”

Rin says: I love her yellow plaid shirt. I want one, but then… would it just be like camouflage??

Sophy says: Well… you’re not checked?

Rin says: Megan Prescott drumming. I WANT IT BAD. So does Naomi apparently.

Sophy says: She just wrinkled her nose, and voila!

Rin says: Effy has an abundance of pearls. That is sooooooo:

I miss Katie Fucking Fitch! :(


Rin says: Rofl at Doug playing along in the background.

Rin says: No way is Naomi going to fall for your stuffed thrusting Harriet. You’re old enough to be her mother, and she’s had enough teachers come on to her to last her a lifetime.

Sophy says: If there’s one thing Naomi hates it’s a fake thrust. Your thrust needs to be genuine to capture her heart. Take note, Sophia.

Rin says: *stares entranced*

Sophy says: I feel like you should have manipped Emily’s back over Harriet’s. Because I’ve had enough teacher/student action for one episode.



Rin says: JJ.

Sophy says: It makes me angry that he’s sitting next to Katie… Almost as angry as I get when arguing on the internet or watching unfair scoring on Come Dine With Me.

Panda and Effy’s lol-faces are the best.

Rin says: So. Damn. Charming.

Sophy says: THE WINK. How can you do that to him Naomi? You know he’s already dazzled, stop putting fuel on the fire!!!

Sophy says: Jesus. I have never seen anything so upsetting in my whole entire life. I think I repressed this.

Rin says: I must have included these caps for Heather Hogan.

And now I know who to send the medical bill to for the years of therapy Sophy is going to need to repress this once again. (I’m not sending her to Foster, gtfo!)

Sohy says: Or Sigmund! Bitch is useless!

Rin says: Only Naomi Campbell could look so adorable pushing a fire alarm. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I say ‘seriously’ too much, so here. Have a thesaurus.

actively, all joking aside, cool it, cut the comedy, determinedly, down, earnestly, fervently, for real, gravely, in all conscience, in all seriousness, in earnest, intently, passionately, purposefully, resolutely, sedately, simmer down, sincerely, soberly, solemnly, sternly, straighten out, thoughtfully, vigorously, with a straight face, with forethought, with sobriety, zealously

Sophy says: I zealously concur.



On a serious note though… I kind of loathe the riot thing, because please. I love the whimsy of Skins when it hits the right balance, but this just feels silly to me. Having said that, I wouldn’t change it for the world, purely for the image it’s about to give us…

Rin says: It’s snowing inside for Naomily’s meaningful look across the room. So magical.

Sophy says: Emily… left out, shut out, alone in the snow. She is the little match girl and I am in awe.

Rin says: Um, I like the back of Naomi just as much as the front? Oh Emily…I can’t believe you could even turn up to school. SIMMER DOWN!

Sophy says: YEAH! AND STRAIGHTEN OUT. Or don’t. Ever. ♥

Rin says: OH KIERAN. REALLY? Oh wait, he’s apologising quite sincerely. Hush down Rin.

Sophy says: “Bit too flattered. Bit too obtainable. Bit of a twat.” OH KIERAN. Stop being so adorable that I have trouble staying mad at you.

Rin says: “So go tell her, will you?”

OH NAOMI. So awesomely awesome. You remind me of this person who RT’s negative comments directed to her.


And I’m going to make a Freddie parallel again, because his episode and Naomi’s episode are just so connected it’s not even funny. This right here? Naomi letting go of her own resentment and just getting on with things? Putting her mum’s happiness first? This is Freddie dancing at Search For A Sexxbomb.

Rin says: Um. I don’t find much else hotter than Naomi in that first cap.

Sophy says: I love the headband thing she has going on. It’s kind of Grecian.

And here it comes! Yet another awesome scene, in this episode which is already so jam-packed with awesome scenes…

Rin says: “Willy waggle.”

AND THEN HE USES IT AGAIN IN THEIR 403 MOMENT. LOVE LOVE LOVE, I WANT YOUR LOVE (fucking glee assholes making me like gaga)!

Sophy says: Nothing will make me like gaga. Maybe a lobotomy?

LOL OMG. Cook looks so female in that first cap. Idk maybe that’s why Naomi is oddly attracted to him right now?

Rin says: Naomi pauses for a second. Thinks about it. Considers it. Does it.

Can I actually escape from my own feelings if I just try?

Sophy says: This is the experiment. Because she does like him. She likes his sense of humour, his irreverence and his guts. Naomi hates Cook, but she likes him a whole lot too, and I think she figures she’ll give this a try, because if she can’t get it on with this guy… she’s pretty damn gay.

Or pretty damn in love with Emily. For Naomi it’s pretty much the same thing.

Rin says: I have to be honest here, I think it’s pretty hot the way Naomi goes up to Cook with both her hands to cradle his face and kiss him. I think it has something to do with the fact that she is being confident and taking control and kind of looking like a dude whilst doing so.

Sophy says: Okay so that’s how you express it for the Rophites. This is how you express it for me:

“I love how
when she goes up to kiss him
naom looks like the man :)
and cook looks like a little bitch”

Rin says: Fucking Effy. That is so below the belt and borderline illegal.

Sophy says: I shudder to think what she’s going to do with those…

Rin says: How quickly do her clothes come off in comparison to what happened last night.

Sophy says: LOL, Cook, you need to take some lessons from Emily Fitch in Being Smooth 101.

I love the way the whole thing is so awkward and jumbled, with the little squeak that comes out of Naomi’s mouth when they fall off the desk! Don’t get me wrong, these two have mad chemistry, but under the circumstances… it’s just not a goer, is it? And I love that that fact is worked into the choreography of the scene.

Rin says: I personally have no problems with Nookie, in fact I quite like it. However, I know some of you aren’t quite on the same page with that one, so this is for you because I am nothing if not thoughtful.

Sophy says: I have a pretty large soft spot for Nookie… but thanks anyway Rin. *rests head in hands*

Rin says: Yay! More Cook showing he has decent bones in his body!

Was that the wrong choice of words? idk idk.

Sophy says: haha! I love the way everyone always says how shocking it is that he doesn’t like, as Naomi says, try and “convince” her. From the way some people talk about this scene you’d think he’d been portrayed as a rapist up to this point???

But yeah, it is definitely a good moment for Cook – a moment that defines him as something more than a jackass, and after last week’s episode, boy did he need one.

Rin says: Naomi always wins.

Sophy says: ALWAYS.

Rin says: “Cause you’re, you know, clever.”

We get glimpses of Cook being rather fucking awesome, and it’s these moments which made his journey to 403 really believable. I don’t think anyone else could have played Cook to such perfection as Jack did.. he managed to get across this charm that made you want him to prove that Cook isn’t just an asshole. Unfortunately they didn’t give him too much to work with after the end of 405. Breaking out of jail. Really?

Sophy says: “Cause you’re… y’know… clever” may be one of the best deliveries on Skins ever. It actually makes me smile – like, involuntarily smile. And to me this is the big deal about Cook and Naomi, this is why I wish there could be two Naomis and one of them wasn’t gay and/or in love with Emily, and would skip off into the sunset with Cook.

He respects her. Cook doesn’t respect many people, as has been hammered home in this episode. He’s never been taught respect. In fact, I’d hazard a guess he’s never been taught much of anything. We don’t know this yet, but come 310 we’ll see that he’s never had a father and when he gets one, well… it sort of makes you glad he wasn’t around? And in 403 we find that his mother is just as bad in her own special way. Cook has grown up with privilege and neglect, material comfort and emotional abuse. Children need two things: discipline and love. Cook got the opposite of both. And that’s shaped him, in some really unfortunate ways… but I guess what we begin to see here, is that his parents’ failure is not all of who he is. There is love in him, even if I doubt he was shown much of it as a child. It’s there. He has the building blocks. He has the potential to be a better person.

Unfortunately his character development was a mess after 405 (to a certain extent including 405, though I was absolutely convinced during that episode that the idea that he’d broken out of jail was a bit of a laugh, and he’d really just been released on some ground or other). I’m excited to see what Jack Thorne comes up with for Cook in the movie, because he really got shafted toward the end there in terms of writing.

Can we get an awesome Nookie scene? Pretty please?

And maybe she can kiss his cheek again? Because it’s just the sweetest.

Rin says: “Fuck you right back.”

GUH. Yes. You were one of my favourite friendships. :)

Sophy says: I love that they fuck each other verbally because they weren’t able to make it happen for real. Very cute.

Rin says: Riot is stupid, but brings us pretty Naomi.


Sophy says: lol. Well it’s a good thing Naomi is so pretty that I am able to ignore the lameness of this.

Rin says: Gina sees her daughter in deep thought and wonders if its because of that braided hair woman she let into their house.

Sophy says: Sometimes she wakes up screaming :(

Rin says: She tells Naomi that she’s kicked everyone out, braided hair woman included.

Sophy says: That won’t make the nightmares go away :(

Rin says: All joking aside, I really appreciate the fact that Gina kicked everyone out before this talk. She may have been pretty late in doing so, and a bit of a creepeh bedding her politics teacher, but Gina got there in the end. She knew Naomi needed help and she’s here for her now. In a huge way.

Sophy says: Gina isn’t exactly the best mum in the world, but she’s not BEST MOM EVER either, if you know what I mean.

Rin says: Gina tells Naomi she met the man of her dreams and wanted to fuck on every beach in India. And then she got pregnant.

It’s okay Naomi. The best children are unplanned children. (excl. Albert)

Sophy says: I’m surprised Mandeh hasn’t shown up yet, with all this talk of sex on beaches.

Rin says: “You made my life complete, and actually rather fucking wonderful.”

Oh Gina. You’re my favourite.

Sophy says: ????????????!!!!

But yes this speech is absolutely lovely and beautifully delivered. And can we just take a moment to bask in the skeptical-yet-comforted little way Naomi says “I did that?”

Rin says: “The people who make us happy are never the people you expect.”


“So when you find someone. You’ve got to cherish it.”

And Gina earns her Naomily stripes. First class Gina, godspeed.

Sophy says: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Rin says: Regular sex and potatoes.

I love potatoes.

Sophy says: What, and you hate sex?


Sophy says: At first I thought Gina probably had that written up there as some kind of protest against mothers who bottle-feed, but then I realized… no. It is what it is. Don’t try and read too much into it.

Breast is best.


Or is it…

Rin says: FFFFFF MRS THOMAS. ILU, never leave us.

Sophy says: I’m sorry Rin, but I’m not sure how she feels about you right now after that little “Gina is my favourite” stunt you pulled earlier. *folds arms*

Rin says: If I wasn’t convinced before by the Lake Scene, this 100% brought it home for me. Naomily are unlike any other relationship I have seen on television. And I’ve watched a lot of TV. I’m not going to try and convince you about this, because you either already agree with me on this one, or you have made up your mind about them being over-hyped and you’re not looking to be swayed. What I can say is why I love them and why for years and years to come, I’m going to always remember this relationship and be grateful for the little time we had with them.

I get why a lot of the appeal is that finally a lesbian couple is being treated like any other, and not being used for titillation purposes. However, in my watching experience, this wasn’t an aspect that even occurred to me until after I’d finished series 3 and started becoming more involved in fan discussion. I had no clue about the Naomily phenomenon and that they were being considered a ground-breaking couple by critics and fans alike. Not that I don’t think it’s very important because it is, this positive portrayal of lesbians, I’m just trying to say that sometimes they get boxed-in by that and I believe them to be so much bigger. Yes they’re a lesbian couple, but that’s not all they are. They’re Naomi and Emily experiencing love, in its truest form, for the first time.

And that’s why I love them. They made me feel like this exists and it’s happening all over the world, that love is as monumental as I’ve always thought it should be and that vampires don’t need to be involved to make it epic. In fact, nothing out of the ordinary is needed except for Emily and Naomi themselves. Show me another show that does love as good as this in a more realistic circumstance, because I want to watch it.

And I just have to put it out there, that even if I came across another storyline just as well written, I still wouldn’t allow it to hold a candle to how this was the one that pushed my already insane obsession with TV over the edge. And I have to agree with Bryan Elsley on this one, that it wasn’t just the writing, because good writing is nothing without it being acted accordingly. You can tell that Lily and Kat were 100% committed to their characters and the story of Naomi and Emily, and it was just one of those instances where everything was as it should be.

Sophy says: Rin, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many paragraphs at once from you. Or from me for that matter. I am in awe.

I was pretty much nodding my head eagerly the whole way through reading it. And I think that you hit the nail on the head about what makes Naomi and Emily such a great lesbian couple. You forget they’re a lesbian couple at all. Well… it’s not like ‘Wait! What? Where’d his penis g – Ohhhh right.’ But you know what I mean. When you’re watching Naomi and Emily’s relationship develop, you’re not sitting there thinking about what a brilliant portrayal of a lesbian relationship this is, you’re sitting there thinking what a brilliant portrayal of love this is. The sexuality issue is there, but it’s not almighty. Emily was never troubled by it except insofar as her sister was, and even then, Katie’s issues with Naomi and Emily’s relationship weren’t exactly about the gay issue so much as the losing control issue. Mr Fitch and James are cool. Mrs Fitch has her issues with it but they don’t exactly run deep. On Naomi’s side we have Gina, who doesn’t seem to have a problem with whether the person her daughter cherishes is a girl or a boy. I don’t even think Naomi herself was ever that fussed about being in love with a girl. She was frightened of love, period. And you get the sense that it would have been the same for her if she’d been straight and Emily has been Emile.

And so I guess it’s precisely because you don’t realize it’s such a brilliant portrayal of a gay relationship till later that it is such a brilliant portrayal of a gay relationship.

Also… Kama Sutra huh Naoms? And whoa that’s a lot of taters. A for effort.

Rin says: dyingggggggggggg.

Emily says she won’t open the door, but Naomi bluntly says she doesn’t care. She’s on a mission you guys, now or never.

Sophy says: “My face is all puffy. I’ve been crying a bit.” God, I love that. Because even when Emily is hiding she still tells the truth about it.

And can I just mention that I love how Naomi is all “Please, we’ve had three conversations ” and meanwhile… she knows where Emily lives.


Rin says: She’s so little Sophy :( Littler than me. I just want to bear hug her.

Sophy says: Naomi admits that Emily was right – she does need someone. And I could die for the way Emily says “And…”

And it’s me right? Please say it’s me. I need to hear you say it.

Rin says: GUH!!! She’s doing the smacking lips thing. ABORTTT ABORTTTTT.



Good God this is so deliriously romantic I can’t take it.

Rin says: Emily can hear/sense Naomi breaking and knows how hard it is for her to open up like this to her. So she does the one thing that only Emily Fucking Fitch could think of. (And Skins)

Sophy says: What comes next? One of the most breathtakingly lovely moments in all of Skins and thereby in all of TV. Yes, I do think that highly of Skins when it’s at its best. I really, really do.

Rin says: Look. I just. I don’t know? When I first saw this I’m sure it went along the lines of. *PAUSE EPISODE* *LOOK AROUND HELPLESSLY AT MY EMPTY ROOM* *DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO REACT* *SCREAMS*


Rin says: I see your secret message at the end there.

Rin says: “But it’s not as simple as that is it? Being with someone.”

“Isn’t it?”

“No. I mean. I don’t know. I mean I don’t think so. I mean….”

This is all Lily Loveless delivering the dialogue like noone has delivered the dialogue before! And as far as emotional scenes go, I think this is Lily’s best work to date (maybe tied with roof top).

She is so fucking good in this scene, where you feel everything she is feeling as well as hoping that these two crazy kids just make it through.

Sophy says: I am just staring at Kat’s little doll-face in that last cap. And staring and staring.

Rin says: “Can’t we just sit like this? For a bit?”

She practically pleads with Emily to let her stay in limbo. She knows how Emily looks at her, how she puts her on a pedestal that Naomi will never think she deserves. But if they can just stay like this, with a barrier between them, then maybe somehow she won’t ever have to try and believe she’s the girl that Emily sees. That she can still hold Emily’s pretty little hand from a distance. It’s safe…but it won’t work.

Sophy says: And okay I have never related to Naomi the way I do in this moment. I mean Ifeel this down to my bones – the need to assume crash positions before anything’s gone wrong, to bite your tongue and fold your arms across your heart, to put the world on pause, to stay like this for a bit.

Rin says: She’s not just holding Emily’s hand. She’s clutching on with both hands.

Cause although she might not be telling Emily what she wants to hear, she still has to let her know that she wishes she could. She wishes she wasn’t as scared as she is, and that she could be as amazing as Emily thinks she is, but she’s just not ready. Naomi’s a mess and unfortunately she has a really long road before she starts to sort things out…which continues past 408. And that time she’ll let Emily help.

Sophy says: Naomi covers Emily’s hand with her other one, she holds on tight. Emily takes shaky breaths and smiles, because this is so fucking painful, but door or no door, it’s also the closest she has ever been to Naomi – and that includes last night.

And Rin, ffff. When I read your commentary there I immediately thought of “I don’t need any help,” earlier in this episode. Genius.

Rin says: “For a bit.”

Emily Fitch is smarter than you.

Wise beyond her years, really. Cause no matter how much she loves Naomi, no matter how much she needs her – she’s not going to wait forever. She can’t, it would destroy her. She needs Naomi to make a choice, to commit. She needs Naomi to be brave.

Sophy says: This is what I love about Emily and Jack Thorne or his co-writer or whoever it was who came up with this perfection of an appendix.

“For a bit.”

Emily loves Naomi – she really loves her, as in with a healthy dose of selflessness amongst her own desire for her. She knows that Naomi needs her right now and that she doesn’t have much she can give in return. And she’s willing to reach out and hold on and be her rock and let her set the pace… for a bit.

Because contrary to popular belief, Emily isn’t a doormat. If she lies down it’s because she chooses to. And she’ll choose to look after her own heart when the time is right.

And there it is, one of the best ever closing scenes on Skins. I have it on good authority that this scene can bring tears to the eyes of grown men who would normally be rolling them at the mere mention of ‘teen angst’. No really. It’s just that gorgeous.

Rin says: Atiha Sen Gupta & Jack Thorne? This slow clap is for you.

Sophy says: Here, have another. You guys deserve it.

Rin says: Friendship = Head butt!! Cook will show you so much friendship in 402!!!

Sophy says: So much bloody friendship.

Rin says: Another friendship they overlooked to develop further in series 4. Unless you somehow count ‘LARA’S NOT NAOMI. AND I’M NOT YOU. I HAVE TRUST, I HAVE 75% TRUST…..Just remember who you can rely on *shakes head and laughs to self*’ as real development.


Rin says: Thoughtful and willing. You really are the best Skins parent. You and Gina gotta run some classes or something, lord knows some of the other parents could use them.

Sophy says: Mrs Thomas says she is the boss lady and Gina is her second in command or no deal.

Rin says: And because we finally got the confirmation for a Skins movie (2011), we couldn’t help but celebrate in our own special macro-way.

Rin says: You can’t argue with the world mandeh.

Sophy says: SORRY MANDEH.

I gotta say though, I’d feel a lot safer if Foster had taken a bat to her…

Rophy says: And like that it’s over. We can’t believe our rest period is going to be spent recapping JJ’s episode. Even if we like 307, there’s only so much we can take, you know?

You also just read approximately 22 800 words. You deserve to give yourself a pat on the back.

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    Oblig I love you guys this was so so amazing comment <3. Really, thank you, you two somehow manage to make me appreciate skins even MORE.

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    That was AMAZING. Just the whole thing, don’t get why you don’t like JJ though, he’s so cute. I thought I was Skins obsessed and then I saw this=]. I never noticed Lily’s amazing facial expressions or the camera in the pond scene or….darn there was something else but smart me did notice that Naomi put on leggings while in school and they were not adding nicely to her little dungaree skirt thing which convinced me to buy short dungarees and only use one of the strap thingys, mine’s white.
    I love the pictures you made up especially when Naomi holds up the massage oils and when Thomas’s mum gives the chapstick:L. I’m surprised you didn’t show a cap of when Emily says “Fuck” in her little “it’s also nice just being with you speech” cause I paused it before on that point and just thought she looked hilarious cause she’s so sweet and innocent that it’s cute seeing her swear.
    I had no idea that all those might be in the Skins movie and not Freddie and Chris.
    I’m so glad someone showed this recap to me you guys are HILARIOUS!

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    This was fantastic!
    You guys are hilarious, I’ve never laughed so much in my life… apart from the meaningful caps, those were great.

    But I mean seriously! When you manipulated Sophia into photos I was nearly in tears laughing
    One of the best things I’ve read for a long time!

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    This is almost half a NaNoWriMo. Naomily is that inspiring.

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    The third time through, it is still the best thing I have ever read online.
    FFS guys IDEK how you do it.

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    IDEK how it has taken me so long to find these caps. SO MUCH LOVE. SO MANY TEARS. And lols, lots of lols. Brilliant <3

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    I always thought the way cook treated naomi was almost like faith, ya know “you mean touche?” “probl’y” he doesn’t know, he doesn’t NEED to know, but if SHE thinks he’s wrong, well he is, obvs. that kind of trust, if only he could have it with freds, right? mebbe freds would have dodged those bats XD

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    AMAZING! Just amazing. I loved it. Now my world will never be the same and Naomily is even closer to my heart, more than I thought they could ever be. :D

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    This is the best thing I have ever read on the internet, I love you guys !!!

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    Epicness! I’m so emotional and exhausted right now :) This episode was so fucking wonderful and after reading this I love it even more! You’ve just totally made my day, (and ruined it as I didn´t get anything else done) ;), but thats ok, ties in with my past weeks of paralyzing naomily-obsession! shit I dont even know where to start, so much I want to say…
    I know I´m a bit late, only discovered Naomily (and that slightly annoying thing called skins attached to it… sorry its a decent show but i just can´t be bothered with any other characters when I know there is Naomily action waiting in the next scene, or next ep.) a couple of weeks ago, and my life’s been on hold since… but reading your caps comments was a whole new and wonderful way of experiencing this heart-stoppingly beautiful love story, thank you for sharing (and for letting me know I´m not alone ;)!
    So many lols, ( I had to rewatch the ep after I finished reading this and there were so many new sources of laughter, like “littering – five points from gryffindor!”, Kayas gayest looks, and Shameless-braids (OMG I died at that!)), and so many trances of staring at gorgeous caps!
    I love that you comment all the details and include all those caps – cause like you said, there’s a cap everytime Lily blinks, and I´ve often catched myself wanting to pause the ep just to admire her amazing face and to make the happy moments last a little longer, as you know they’re always followed by heartbreaking ones.

    And about Lily´s face: Oh my fucking God !!!
    She just kills me EVERY TIME! But that moment before the kiss in the forest, Naomi’s face in the firelight speaking with her eyes in the most magical, true way ever is without competition my favorite face of all times, of anyone! You allready know in that moment that she’d die for Emily. Lily needs an award for most soulful eyes on the planet! I can’t remember seeing anyone portray longing that beautifully and believable before. I think she’s a fantastic actor, her comical timing is brill and she blows my mind with her amazing play of features and those looks that say everything! And Kat is just adorable, whatever she does :)
    The whole scene has to be one of the best love scenes of tv history, as others have allready said. Just because its sooo beautiful, yet so real with the awkwardness and hesitation and sad ending. The acting is really impressive, and the song, believer, perfection. Magical perfection!

    I adore this couple so much (as you might have picked up on by now), because they are so believable and unquestionable and just fucking adorable! I completely agree with your analysis, that its so not about them being gay, but simply about love. It´s not about Emily liking girls, but a girl, no, loving her, loving Naomi. I love that and respect skins so much for it! and also its an unusually serious and mature portrayal of “teenage-love”, showing how scary it can be to love someone so much that you ca’t handle the fear of losing them, so that you have to ruin it all before it defeats you.

    It kills me to know there may never be another Naomily moment :(
    but it helps to know I still have the caps of the other episodes ahead of me!

    sorry about all this rambling, I couldn’t help myself, had to vent a little. *embarresed grin*
    so, thanks for putting words (and pics!) to my feelings! :)

  11. Dj
    Dj at · Reply

    Omg….I love you guys! Best 22800 words I’ve ever read! Haha! And the best 3 hours it took me to read it all was he best I’ve spent!

  12. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    So I read this recap again today, and it’s just so perfect. This is my favorite episode of Skins period. Naomi and Emily are so perfect in it. Even though there are contrived bits, such as the school election and riot, I am easily able to overlook these. The lake scene and the cat flap scene are perfection. Also I completely fell in love with Emily Fitch in this episode, and I have no idea how Naomi could walk away from Emily at the lake. I would have probably started crying, turned and just kissed her. GAH!

    Naomily during series 3 was so, so special. Yeah they got muddled up a bit and lost a bit of that magic in the 4th series, yet it was still Naomily so we still knew they just were meant to be. I can never forget the impact series 3 had on me with the Naomily relationship. It was done SO WELL! I think in part it is because the show actually took their time with them. They didn’t just hook up in one episode, it took time. They had interactions in nearly all the eps leading to this one. They had a history and a spark. I love that they didn’t just shack up in an episode with hardly any buildup. I love that their sex scene has hesitations, awkwardness, and nervousness. Their relationship felt so real to me. I will always hold their relationship in series 3 very close to my heart. Series 4 was heartbreaking to watch. However, I do have fault with their resolution. It was so tacked on. And I do attribute this to the fact that their were only 8 eps, and I’d rather them have a tacked on resolution than one where they weren’t together, but it still was very rushed, and that sucks because previously the show really took their time with them. I am looking forward to the new eps of series 7 though. Hopefully we can get a more fitting ending for them, and this time we won’t have to watch them coming back together again but can see them happily together.

  13. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Yes, perfect!

    You’re so right how it’s not about them being a lesbian couple or hem being two hot girls (though they are!) It’s just, well they’re special. They adore each other and they go through so much to be together and just, they’re just lovely and give hope. (And Skins Fire never happened)

    Btw, I have a Brave tattoo, just the word Brave, for both Naomily Be Brave and also for the Idina Menzel song Brave. Though I’m far from brave, but it was something I had to do.

    And I love how Naomily held hands through a catflap and Brittana held hands under a napkin. And this is making me want someone and I’m not allowed cos no one would want me back but it’s nice to dream sometimes.


  14. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Ps. I need to learn about “salad” too. And the Friends noodle soup reference, brilliant!

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