Naomi — Part 4

Sophy says: Okay so Naomi told Emily not to look and so of course Emily does. What is her fascination with Naomi’s forbidden closet of mystery?!

I’m going to give a CHE award to that second cap there. How Emily manages to make perving adorable I will never know.

Rin says: She has her little elf ear out, that’s why. OH and like. No clothes.

Sophy says: lolol, oh Emily, you’ve gotten locked on again. Perhaps you and JJ can discuss this in the next episode and he can, like, pass out or something.

Rin says: ROFL, she really does get locked on. I just can’t believe she completely turns towards Naomi and walks towards her. It’s like she’s being possessed by a demon……..THE LUST DEMON.

Sophy says: Well, I have always said Emily is pretty damn lusty. LUSTY. ♥

Sophy says: Naomi knows Emily is watching her. I’m convinced by Lily’s shoulder-blade-acting that she can sense those brown eyes raking over her bare skin with unabashed desire. And so she turns, slowly, too slowly really, and she is half-solemn for a moment, half-solemn and half-bright, for a split second she has that look on her face that you get when you’re about to kiss someone and it’s a really big deal.

Rin says: “shoulder-blade-acting” omg I died. And then I died again at ‘eyes raking.’ I just laughed to Sophy about shoulder-blade-acting over Yahoo and she told me she was serious. And then she told me it was something this infamous dancing teacher (who’s she’s been going on and on about for weeks) was the one who told her about it. Ffffffs.


Sophy says: But the kissing can wait – for now. Because now it’s time for Naomi’s response to the fact that Emily was checking her out when she absolutely flirtatiously asked her to check her out not to. Giggling. Giggling, and, as we shall see directly below, touching.

Yeah Naomi. When I’m “annoyed” about naked people perving on me while I’m naked, I usually go up and touch their naked body too. Always does the trick?

Rin says: Yeah, and somehow have on matching underwear. These girls are the worst lesbians ever.

Sophy says: I think there might be another CHE award going on in that second cap. Jfc. And yeah, you know what we were saying earlier about Naomi’s body being special, well… Emily’s is pretty special too and… Rinscope, please…

Rin says: I’m sorry I can’t hear you over all this nakedness, so I’m just going to leave this here.

Sophy says: It wasn’t really necessary since they were the only people in the frame, but yeah…


Sophy says: I know Rin, I know. Tail/legs.

Sophy says: Okay now this is an interesting detail and I can’t wait to see what my over-analytical pal Heather Hogan makes of it. As she pointed out in her last recap, the lake scene in 305 was like a baptism for Freddie and Effy, a single, shared event that made them both new. And so it is for Naomi and Emily in 306. But it’s a little bit different this time, because Naomi pushes Emily in. In the Freffy scene Freddie is absolutely driving the action, which is good and clever and very much a part of his storyline. But here, whilst Emily is the one unceremoniously stripping down and setting things in motion, it seems like Naomi is pushing too – literally. And maybe that’s because really, Naomi may be afraid, but she’s not seeing Horizon-Sophias. She may be wary, but at the same time… this is what she’s been wanting for four years. This is all her wildest, wettest dreams, handed to her on an Emily-shaped plate. And so there are parts of her that want to run and hide, sure, but there are also parts of her that just want to dig in.

That wound up sounding a bit gross?

Rin says: I was already laughing so hard at ‘wettest dreams’ and then you just went so far over the line with ‘dig in.’ Sometimes I underestimate you, and I’m not sure why.

Sophy says: SHE HOLDS HER NOSE. SHE. HOLDS. HER. NOSE. I mean, it’s probably a good idea health-wise when you’re jumping into somewhat murky untreated water, but regardless of that IT’S JUST SO CUTE. And so lame. Sometimes I don’t think people appreciate Naomi’s lameness enough. IT’S SO ADORABLE.

Rin says: Oh I appreciate it enough, believe me.


Sophy says: AIR-BORNE NAOMI! ♥

Rin says: One of my favourite types! ♥

Rin says: Always present. Always smiling. Always ready.

Sophy says: Jesus. Fucking. Christ. In the back of a Cadillac.

Sophy says: That first cap is so beautiful and yes, I’m a bit a of a wanker and so yes, I’m going to say it’s symbolic. Water falling from its highest point into a wholeness that will raise it up again, time and time again, no matter what’s happening in the rest of the world that isn’t busy being a waterfall. That’s love. That’s the kind of love Naomi and Emily have.

Rin says: Are you sure you’re not deflecting because you have this insane fear of waterfalls/sprinklers?

Sophy says: No, no, it’s okay. I can handle them on TV. As long as I sit far enough away from the screen.

Sophy says: This just looks so cosy and quaint and European. It reminds me a bit of camping with my friends in the south of France when I was a teenager. Except it was fucking cold so we weren’t looking adorable with wet hair and woolly jumpers and bare legs. And also none of us were in love since we were twelve so there was no girl-on-girl action.

But let’s not dwell on the things we can’t change.

Naomi asks if “Em” is alright in the most deliciously casual way. Emily is busy lighting the spliff and gives her a mildly incredulous look for an answer.

Rin says: You are aware that you just mentioned that you were 12 years old and now every single Naomily fan is thinking that you fell in love with someone on one of these ‘camping’ trips.


Sophy says: That second cap is one of my favourite Emily caps ever. And it’s not even a CHE candidate. I mean, well, wait, it is cute, because it’s Emily Fitch and she’d be cute holding a bloodied cleaver above her head, but yeah… it’s mostly just sexy. And it’s making me think she should get another trophy for sexiest human ever, because ffffffffanning myself.


When Naomi doesn’t get an answer to her “You right, Em?” she pushes, waving her hand in front of Emily’s face and adding an adorable attempt at a valley-girl “Hellooooo”. And it’s sweet, because it’s a marker of Naomi’s internal anxiety – she wants Emily to like her, and deep down, even though we don’t really know it until 408, she’s terrified that she won’t. Naomi is terrified all the time that Emily is going to realize she made a mistake – that she’ll decide that Hey, wait a minute, Naomi isn’t that pretty, or that clever, or that funny, or that all-round special, I don’t want her after all. So she’s nervous in the silences, throwing twigs on the fire, swigging the vodka, asking if Emily is okay, scrambling for a sign that this isn’t going to fall apart on her.

And that’s when Sexiest Human Ever looks up at her and says “You know that’s the first time you’ve asked me something.”

Rin says: I bet everyone’s surprised that you’re the one doing most of the fanning of ones self.

The way she waves her hand out and says HELLOOO all ridiculous-like… I just. Fall in love. Again and again.

Sophy says: Emily Fitch makes me swoony. And mushy. I can’t help it :((

Sophy says: “What, today?” Naomi asks. “Ever,” Emily replies. And in that moment I’ve never loved or admired Emily Fitch more. And I have never wanted to get the girl so badly.

Naomi doesn’t quite know what to say to that. So she just tells Emily to answer the question, since it’s such a cherry-popper. Is she alright?

Rin says: “And I have never wanted to get the girl so badly.”

AND YOU WONDER WHERE PEOPLE GET THE IDEA TO SHIP ROPHY? Srsly. You’re just as bad as this other couple I know who just keep throwing logs on their ghey fire.

Rin says: I want to know how you teleported me back to the 19th century to join you and Sigmund.

Sophy says: Maybe I teleported Sigmund. And myself. Maybe I teleport myself all the time.

Sophy says: Emily plays. “No,” she says. “I’m having the worst time of my life. Weather’s shit. Company’s even worse.”

Don’t worry, Naomi doesn’t get offended. After all, in Naomily world it’s always opposite day. Like every time Naomi says she’s not gay, Emily is just all ‘O rly, awesome, let’s be gay together!’

Meanwhile I could die for those two caps. Because Emily is just the coolest dude in school in this scene, she is smooth, she is tough, she is fucking Danny Zuko, and Naomi is just pretty much in awe. Basically she’s just doing a full body in that second cap.

Rin says: Emily’s face in that first cap, omfg so adorbs. I LOVE EMILY BEING SMOOTH AND PLAYFUL. Naomi will show pretty soon that she likes it too. :)

Sophy says: Emily says it’s peaceful, Naomi agrees. And there’s the theme: peace, the thing Emily gives Naomi and the thing she steals from her in the same breath. And I can’t help being reminded of Effy and how the shed seemed like a good place to hide but wasn’t, of the water-park, which is her peaceful place, which is also the place where Freddie finds her, the place where they are made new, the place where her madness is set in motion.

Have I mentioned how much I love it when Skins storylines interconnect thematically? *mentions*

Rin says: What I love in all of this is how at ease Emily is. I mean we talked about how smooth she is being, but jfc, she’s just like. NOT AT ALL nervous or weird or awkward, and she’s sitting on a rug with no pants on with her hunny. I just. Emily Fitch is amazing.

Sophy says: She’s in her element! No-pants and Naomi is her element.

Rin says: prod fire / drop stick / hold hand


Also I love how the first shots of her covering Naomi’s hand with her own is mostly blocked from the audiences view. As if to say, this is their moment and theirs alone.

Sophy says: ffffff, theirs alone! :((

Sophy says: Emily throws another twig on their little fire, and when she covers Naomi’s hand with hers in the next beat, the symbolism is clear. And when Naomi looks down at their joined hands and allows herself a flicker of a smile? My heart falls out of my chest.

Rin says: *picks it up and puts it back in* You need that Sophy :(


Sophy says: I adore the choreography of this scene… the way that after the hand-holding they both, without words, turn away from each other, back to back and smiling and a little bit shy.

Rin says: I never really thought about how it’s actually really awkward for both of them to turn away from each other, but it just works.

It’s like they just told each other for the first time, ‘Hey, I really like you.’ and now they’re embarrassed. And giddy.

Rin says: Um. Naomi. Yeah. Marry me with that hair please.

Sophy says: The wet hair on both of them is just… guh.

But yeah, Rin, let’s be real: You’d marry her with ramen.

Rin says: I’d tell her she could wear her hair ‘ANYWAY YOU LIKE’ :(( :(( :((

Sophy says: Emily suggests they do blowbacks, which is something Naomi has never tried. She insists that being “all-seeing” she knows that it’s shit. Emily insists she give it a go – “Everything once” – and Naomi mock-sighs and delivers one of my favourite Skins lines “Oh Fuck it. Go ahead and disappoint me.”

Now I loved that line at the time, because it’s just so ridiculously flirtatious and because Naomi is just so obviously not going to be disappointed by anything that gets Emily’s lips near hers. But in the context of 408 it’s even more amazing. Because that’s Naomi unconsciously speaking her deepest, darkest fear – that Emily will disappoint her, that she will let her down the way Kieran let her down, the way her father let her down, the way her mother, for all the goodness in her heart, lets her down too.

Oh Naomi. “Get her before she gets me” really isn’t going to work out so well for you.

But at least you didn’t do anything really stupid, like packing a bag or something. Thank God!

Rin says: Nah, she only fucked the dead girl. She’s safe!

The way she finds herself amusing and then Emily has a brief smile too. (THEY WOULD BOTH DESCRIBE EACH OTHER AS FUNNY.)

“Go ahead and disappoint me,” would have to be one of my favourites too. Oh Naomi, she couldn’t disappoint you if she stapled a cement mixer to your clit and stood on your tongue.

Rin says: Naomi just watches her in complete AWE. Naomi you’re a goner.

Sophy says: It’s a good thing Emily forgave her, because you just know she has totally ruined her for other women. No one is ever going to measure up. Ever.

Sophy says: I think spliff-lighting Emily is insanely hot. Naomi agrees.


Sophy says: *strokes chin* I believe I know of such a glass cage. I shall inquire with the owners about vacancies *strokes chin*

Sophy says: Naomi’s face in that first cap? That has to be one of my favourite faces of all time. Of anyone. To me it’s like she’s melting inside. Literally thawing in the firelight and becoming someone softer, someone less afraid, someone who will let it be absolutely obvious that she’s in love just by the look on her face. It’s a serene expression, a peaceful expression, and I wonder if this is what Dream!Effy had in mind when she told Freddie to “just be”.

Rin says: I can’t process it. My brain physically does not have the wiring.

Sophy says: The first cap is absolutely amazing. In the firelight and with the green jumper on Naomi’s eyes almost look green. And the contrast with the red of Emily’s hair? The perfect alignment of their bodies so that a perfect half of Naomi’s perfectly entranced face is showing? Guh.

And oh, oh, oh, here it comes. The song of the scene with its killer opening line that says everything Emily’s lips are too busy to sing. Didn’t think you would trust me…

When I watched this the first time it was on the DVD and trust me, that is one instance where they failed with the replacement music. Then I got my care package from Rin (♥) and watched the original and it was so much more amazing with ‘Believer’ accompanying it that it was almost like watching a whole new scene.

Rin says: YES. I love how half her face is being dissected by Emily. So exact and perfect.

BELIEVER. It’s definitely up there as one of my favourite Skins music moments. And it’s my favourite Naomily song.

Sophy says: I love and adore the way Emily reaches up and pressed her hands to Naomi’s neck, because it’s practical maybe, it’s an embrace definitely, and it fits so perfectly with the fact that when Naomi lifted her hands just before, for a brief moment it seemed inevitable that she was going to cup Emily’s face and kiss her already.

Rin says: Um, their eye contact? Yeah, kills me deader than dead. I never saw that! That when Naoms is giving her serene face (couple caps above) and her hands are being brought up to Emily’s face… it definitely looks like there could have been a kiss there.

Sophy says: Well I never fully appreciated the eye contact going on here before. Just… omfg.

Sophy says: Emily smiles, and I think it’s fair to say, judging by the cap that is coming, that Naomi is not disappointed…

Rin says: She smiles and is all light with her mood, AND THEN SHE SEES NAOMI’S FACE and it’s like a tonne of puppies have been dropped on her head. Things are about to get very serious Emily Fitch.

Sophy says: DEAR GOD. Nobody ever try to tell me Lily Loveless isnt’ talented again pls thx. That face. I just… it’s saying everything at once – everything Naomi can’t put into words yet. ‘You’re lovely and I love you, I want you and I don’t want to hurt you but I’m scared that I will, I’m scared that I will because I’m scared you’ll hurt me.’

Rin says: This face (and the one before the blowback) is the one where I was saying to Sophy that even the most acclaimed and experienced actors can’t always get there. It looks more honest and real than if it was actually honest and real.

Sophy says: It’s moments like these that tell me Lily has the potential to be a Winslet or a Blanchett. Mark my words.

Sophy says: One of the most iconic shots of the whole show for me. The way Naomi is leaning forward with this kind of tender akwardness, her hands left behind like she shouldn’t ask for too much…

And Emily sits still – she doesn’t rush, she doesn’t reach – not because she doesn’t want to, obviously, and not because she’s afraid of scaring Naomi off with her eagerness, not anymore – it’s too late for that now and they both know it… Emily stays still because this is the moment. This is the moment when all the lies she told about Naomi kissing her are going to come true.

Rin says: In the heat of the moment I exclaimed to Sophy, ‘IT’S PROBABLY MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE TELEVISION KISS.’ To which she was like “Oh Rin, ” but I DON’T CARE. I’ve loved a lot of ships in the past just as much as I love this one, but none of them have have come as close to ruining me as this one did.

And this was the start of it all.

Sophy says: I DID NOT OH RIN YOU. I was as supportive of your obsessive adoration as ever, thank you very much.

Rin says: This is when Sophy ran away from the recap, flailing her arms about proclaiming that it was just too hard and she simply could go no further. And I can see why, because right now the only concrete thought going through my brain is to keyboard mash. Mash mash mash. And maybe then you’d be able to understand that I can’t form the right words, because Naomi and Emily, they scramble my brain. It’s okay though, because my thumping heart is telling me that you get it.


Rin says: Naomi finally stops thinking and just acts. Acts on that want she’s been harbouring for a few good years, because she’s realised that if she is ever going to really have anything, she can’t just sit back and let things keep having her. She needs to be the one to make it happen.

And this is where Sophy’s comparison of Naomi and Freddie really works. In fact, Naomi almost looks like a boy.


Rin says: All that practice paid off. And by that I of course mean how they were locked in a room with the director as he ~ choreographed. Awkwarddddd.

Sophy says: THOSE FIRST TWO CAPS. Naomi could almost be weeping and it KILLS ME.

Rin says: The background is so picturesque it almost looks fake. Like those backgrounds they put up for you to pay money and take a photo in front of.

Sophy says: ROPHY WOULD PAY TO TAKE A PHOTO IN FRONT OF THAT BACKGROUND. Standing side by side. Smiling for the camera. With our hands on our hips.

Rin says: Like this?

By the way. I named it ‘promphoto.jpg’ :)

Sophy says: Now Emily is taking control again, and there’s this amazing, amazing shaky exhalation when she takes it one step further and kisses her neck, and honestly, Naomi, you may as well look Heavenward, because Ems has been doing a lot of studying with her box of fannies, and you, my friend, are a goner.

Rin says: Emily’s been holding back but now she can’t help but take the lead.

I can’t help but do this.

Rin says: Emily keeps checking Naomi’s face, making sure she’s alright, and she doesn’t let go of Naomi. “Hey, I’ve got you.” she’s saying. She’s right there with you Naomi, and she’s not going to let you fall. Naomi clasps on to Emily, and it’s awkward and there are hesitant pauses and it’s the only way I’d want it to be.


Rin says: “Say something.”

The bashful little smile and needing to hear something from Emily. She doesn’t care what she says really, she just knows that she needs it.

Can we go somewhere? Anywhere.

Sophy says: I love the way this ties in with ‘You right, Ems?’ at the start of this scene… because we all think Naomi is the one being wooed here, right? So Emily is the one who should be nervous. She’s the one who should be worrying and wishing and wondering whether the kissing worked… On a less brilliant show than Skins “Say something” would be her line right now. But it isn’t. It’s Naomi’s. Because Naomi is always afraid. Naomi has been afraid since she was twelve. Because she plays her cards close to her chest, but she is playing. And she needs to know, now, that she’s not going to lose. She needs to know, now, what Emily is thinking.

Rin says: “I’m all about experiements, me.”

And it couldn’t be further from the truth and by that 3rd cap, she can’t even pretend to believe it herself.

Sophy says: It damn well isn’t true. This isn’t an experiment. Emily isn’t Naomi’s fucking experiment! Where are her fucking shoes???

Sophy says: Oh GOD. DEAR GOD. She looks so pleading. So weary and defeated and so much like a soldier at the end of battle, on her knees and begging for mercy… Naomi’s face, no her whole body in this scene is saying “Do what you will with me, it’s done, I am yours.”

Rin says: I’m going to need some time to reflect. YES MORE TIME. Two weeks is not enough time to reflect on these caps. It just isn’t.

Sophy says: Emily sees it. She sees the surrender and takes a moment, an awed and shining moment in which Naomi is beautiful and laid bare (only emotionally, but give her a moment, haw, haw) and completely and utterly hers.

Watch Emily watching Naomi. Watch her learning new things from the look on her face. This is how Emily knows Naomi so well. She pays attention.

Rin says: She’d do much better in her A levels if Naomi was a subject.

Sophy says: I love the way Emily smooths her hair down after she takes her jumper off. It’s a beautiful little touch – “Oh, check the hair, yep, good to go with more kissing.”

Rin says: Oh Ems, you’re more than pretty enough. You really have no idea just how much Naomi thinks so.

Sophy says: Ahhh, the way Naomi launches herself at Emily again, like she’s everything, like she’s food and water and shelter and band-aids on scraped knees and sunshine coming through the window in the morning – everything.

Rin says: It was so good that they kept the frame only on Emily for a bit so we couldn’t see Naomi. We held our breath with Emily, until Naomi rushed back into frame and kissed us. I MEAN EMILY. I MEAN NOODLE SOUP.

Sophy says: Again, the longing on her face is exquisite.

Rin says: I really like Emily’s tshirt.

Rin says: Naomi pushes Emily onto her back. Ready to put into effect everything she’s learnt about salads.

Rin says: Emily quickly takes the reigns back, rolling Naomi onto her back. Explaining that the oils don’t actually go on salads Naomi. /eyeroll

Sophy says: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I swear I was going to say something clever here. But now I’m just loling. All gone.

Rin says: Try and tweet that Lily is like a dead fish now. GO ON, I DARE YOU.

Rin says: The second cap is one of my favourites. I just kind of wish I knew how Emily was ~positioned. Like kneeling or sitting up on Naomi’s lap? THESE ARE IMPORTANT THINGS, THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW.


Sophy says: This is absolutely amazing. Eye-contact the moment her shirt is over her head.

Rin says: I love Naomily and their keeping undy-wear on whilst sexing. Kinky.

Rin says: Um. Yeah.

Sophy says: Um, Rin, I’m pretty sure at least some of Naomi’s undy-wear… is about to come… off.

Rin says: Okay I get as awkward as the next person (probably moreso lol) about watching Emily giving Naomi a happy…..  but I still managed to include 5 caps of it. Hmm.

I have to make this joke. I’m sorry. It’s a Naomgasm. THERE I SAID IT. *runs away giggling*

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. I know I complain about the lack of Naomtrances in certain episodes. But I think I really should be complaining about the lack of Naomgasms.

Sophy says: idek what this skirt is about. I mean, I know Naoms has this fascination with floral prints. But the length and the cut… it just seems so, so, so un-Naomi.

Rin says: Naomi is leaving Emily to wake up alone in the woods, but her skirt is what you have a problem with?!?!

Sophy says: I know right. Shallow.

Rin says: ffff so content and happy. Poor Emily.

Sophy says: Oh my heart :(

Rin says: I’m a little scared right now.



Sophy says: BAHAHAHAH. She must have put them back on after sexy-time, because…


Rin says: She’s using them as a pillow?! D:

Rin says: “TWICE? You’re gonna do this to me twice. Naomi, no! You fucking….stop right now!”

“WHAT?” NAOMI. Come on. You may not have much experience with like, any type of relationship, but even you know this is deeply wrong and hurtful.

Sophy says: She’s in complete denial right now. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if she suddenly covered her ears with her hands and sang “La la la!”

Can I just note that her skin and hair look amazing and luminous in this scene?

Rin says: “Don’t you dare leave me in your bed again.”

Good writing is ghuuuuud.

Sophy says: I love that she’s outraged. I love that she’s not just sad, she’s fucking angry and rightly so!

Sophy says: And this is the moment, which we’ll flail about over the page… if I hadn’t already been in love with Emily Fitch… I would have been now…

Rin says: I really want both of their jumpers.

We’ll talk more about the speech on the next page! ;) It needs its own section!

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    Oh my i have so much to say about this – sorry in advance! but i promise not to write any more after this! well that actually depends on how brilliant the next page is and if i can hold myself lol ;)

    1) I’ve always found it interesting how Emily is kinda nervous and so gentle throughout this but Naomi – who was so “NOT” gay and so “NOT” into emily – looks so lustful and very out of control.. u know? I mean, Emily is the one who has been chasing naomi and pining for her all this time, she is the one who’s supposed to be overjoyed & dreamy but in this moment of truth, that she probably dreamt about for so long, she holds it in for Naomi’s sake. And Naomi, whom we have been led to believe is so in control and not caring, is like THAT.. just look at her face! that doesn’t look like acting ;)
    I dunno if the writers thought about their conclusion so early on but it sure does seem like that here, cuz if u watch Naomily all over again (as we are doing here) u can see it already. Naomi has been waiting for this even longer than Emily has, wanting this maybe more.. *sigh*.. amazing amazing writing and acting.

    2) This kiss is one of the best i’ve seen on TV, especially since it’s a show for kids (well teenagers.. are there even any teenagers here? hahaha we’re all peedos). My usual complaint is that kissing scenes between lesbian couples looks waaaaay constraint, even when their storyline is written well and the actresses have chemistry, the kissing is kept on low flame compared to hetero couples on the same show. And i’m not even talking about the sex scenes heavens forbid, and that annoys the crap outta me.. i guess the PTB think the poor folks at home couldn’t handle a good girl-girl kiss scene where they actually open their mouths and not just bump their lips in the kissing-reletives kinda way.
    So i love this scene cuz it actually looks REAL! with open mouths breathing heavily and licking of lips before smakin ’em together.. again making it harder to believe there was any “acting” in this at all ;) JK JK.

    3) Another reason to believe their whole story was written in advance is “Believer” which is actually a very sad song, but oh so fitting Naomily – but only when u know what’s to come.. beautiful sad song that talks from Naomi’s POV i think:
    “Didn’t want this to end like this, thought i might could convert”.. “Didn’t think i could ever love, so i had to destroy it all”..
    And most of all “You are a believer, I am not..” which repeats like a mantra and describes both of them incredibly well at that point.

    Ok done now.. sorry :p

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Rophy loves long comments! Please never stop telling us your thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams and aspirations!

      I totally agree, and I’m sure Rin does too. And yeah, Naomily are anything but low-flame compared to the hetero couples! One of my favourite things about the way they are written is that there is no shying away from the sexual component of their relationship. Yes, their connection goes far deeper than lust, but the lust is still there. Skins isn’t afraid to say ‘Lesbians have sex and they damn well like it’ and I think that’s relatively unique and to be applauded.

      And yes, all of the lyrics to Believer are just amazing in the context of Naomi and Emily’s relationship, even moreso in the context of Naomi’s 408 speech, when we find out exactly what it is she can’t let herself believe in – love, letting go, believing, in fact.

  10. M
    M at · Reply

    can i just say–in naomi’s defense (’cause she needs so much defending ’cause we all hate her, right?)–she TOTALLY asked emily if she wanted vodka or cider of um blibby(?) in panda’s ep.–that’s SO asking a question, people!

    yes, it’s true, i’ve never been cool: )

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHA GOOD POINT. Emily stop being a drama queen!

  11. Ana
    Ana at · Reply

    AMAZING! I was bitting my nails to get to this part and you two didn’t disappoint. My goodness, I need to go re-watch the scene now!

    1. Sophy
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      Rin and I probably watched it 10 times whilst recapping ♥

  12. tapette
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    1) What’s up with Naomi’s pig shirt?
    2) Did Mrs Panda make Naomi’s denim shoulder bag? What does it say?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      It’s her LUCKY PIG SHIRT.

      I think HH identified the writing on the bag as ‘Warning: contains ideas’ or something along those lines.

  13. Aya
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    I can’t really come up with any words to describe the Lake, so I’m very impressed that you managed a whole page about it… I tried to make coherent thoughts and words, but it just ends up as a lot of squeeing… <3 is all that can be said.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Trust me, it was hard. We had many failed attempts at writing commentary which just ended with us flailing and running around the room.

  14. Iris
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    Nooo, this part was so unbelievable awesome! I laughed and cried simultaneously…..NEEEEED MOAAARRR!

    1. Sophy
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      laughing+crying ftw ♥

  15. Angie
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    the shoulder-blade-acting is the last thing I remember…

    daskjfdbckjsacmlsz;xkclkszjdfckjbsanhdfds.h jv.hbn

  16. Juanita
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    Was re watching this scene with the recap..and Oh Lord!
    best recap ever! That is all I will say
    After seeing the smooching caps..brb * scrolls up once more*

    1. Sophy
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      You’re like Rin. Scroll up? Scroll down. Scroll up? Scroll down.

      I’m pretty sure that’s just how she scrolls.

  17. SP
    SP at · Reply

    Something I always think… after the blowbacks. Naomi gives Emily THE look… that look that says everything… and they cut back to Emily and I actually think Emily looks scared for a second. Scared and overwhelmed. If you watch carefully, her lip actually quivers slightly. QUIVERS. And though she kind of always knew, I think it’s in that moment that she actually realizes – I mean, it hits her HARD – that Naomi loves her too. Loves her and is about to show that she loves her.

    Those two looks – Naomi’s, then Emily’s – really encapsulate just how amazing and special Naomily are (is? are? singular or plural?). And how fucking brilliant both Kat and Lily are. I honestly lose my breath every time I watch that.

    1. MK1709
      MK1709 at · Reply

      Erm, not to shatter your illusions of Kat’s acting abilities… But she is freezing throughout the entire shot. Look at her hands when she’s about to light the spliff… So I’m fairly certain that the lip quiver is a reaction to that. But as it ties in nicely with the story, I’m gonna go with your explanation. :D

      Disclaimer: This does NOT mean in any way, shape or form, that I think Kat is a bad actress. I love Kat, I love her acting. (please don’t kill me with a baseball bat…)

      1. SP
        SP at · Reply

        I’m frowning at you. Severely.

        Nah, I hear you. I know she was probably freezing. But even ignoring the lip quiver, I still think the look in her eyes alone backs up what I’m saying.

        1. MK1709
          MK1709 at · Reply

          …I was just pointing out the lip quiver thing… *looks around in fear of the dreaded baseball bat of doom*

          And I know she has, which is why I put in the disclaimer. It just bugged me, like when people write fanfics were Naomi has green eyes…

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I know there’s been some controversy about the cold being the source of the quiver but… I like your interpretation better ;) And regardless I absolutely get what you’re saying, 100% ♥

      HAHAH I often have that singular/plural problem when referring to Rin and myself as ‘Rophy’. What a conundrum.

  18. Heather Hogan
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    I almost cannot. go. on. I feel like I need to recover before taking on the next page.

    1. Sophy
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      lolol, poor weary HH! ♥ Thank you for forging ahead! :D

  19. bridget
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    The clip of the girls’ faces after Emily puts her hand over Naomi’s by the fire is gorgeous. I’m blown away by how different they look.

    Naomi is smiling. Jesus Christ… she’s SMILING! After all that time fighting Emily, we’ve finally seen the moment where Naomi’s really starting to let go. She asked Emily to go somewhere, knowing something would happen because for the first time she wasn’t just giving in but initiating it herself.

    And Emily? This should be a great moment for her. What do we get? She’s complete serious. Not just serious… she looks a little terrified. All this time, she’s been pretty gentle with Naomi. Not many times has she been outright about what she wants. And even the moments that have been flirty she’s made sure to turn slightly joking so Naomi doesn’t get scared away. But this… It’s a small gesture, but it shows a lot. It MEANS a lot. And Emily knows that. She’s terrified that Naomi’s going to pull away or tell her to stop, because there isn’t a way for this to be turned into a joke or a game. She made her move… and now is the anticipation of whether she’ll be rejected or not. And then she isn’t, and she can let out that breath.

    “Fuck it. Go ahead and disappoint me.” Best line Skins has ever come out with. Oh, Naoms. As usual, your lips say one thing and your body says another. It’s such a contradictory statement, because even way back then, we all knew there was absolutely no way Emily could ever disappoint her. And it’s good to know now that, in that moment, Naomi knew it too.

    Every looks they give each other in this scene are perfection. There’s so much emotion in their eyes. It’s so gorgeous and moving in a way that you just KNOW that this isn’t just about two girls kissing/having sex in the woods. It’s not about that. The way the whole scene is shot… it’s so gentle with the characters in a way that illustrates the importance of this moment in their lives.

  20. Snicky
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    Forgive me … But I for one think that all of the caps should be copy-able for desktop usage :D I would REALY like a good quality one of a Naomily kiss <3

    and for god's sake … It's the 4th time I'm reading this recap @ work in a month – what's wrong with me :o

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    firstly, love your recaps – i’ve read this ep recap twice by now *embarrassed face*

    And also (this made me lmao):
    “Oh Naomi, she couldn’t disappoint you if she stapled a cement mixer to your clit and stood on your tongue.”
    ?? – ah, now i see. this is why effy got thrown out the gayest race. SHE GOT IT WRONG. don’t think i’ll try it either way round, tho …

  22. Ylva
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    *heart breaks* Oh I love Naomi´s durty beautiful face as she walks away, she´s still the defeated soldier, only so fucking scared of how her feelings have made her completely lose control of her life and left her so extremely vulnerable with her heart on the ground at Emily´s feet, that she doesn´t know what to do with herself and just tries to block it all out and run away before she gets killed.

  23. ohwowlovely
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    Didn’t think you would “thrust” me. Yes, my perverted paedo mind ruins everything.

    Not much else to say but this is beautiful.

    Though who the hell said Lily has no talent?! Are they crazy or stupid or both?! *destroys them*

  24. ohwowlovely
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    Ps. I love how it says “ohwowlovely on Naomi” :-) :-)

    Mmm, I can’t wait to be on Emily…;-)

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