Naomi — Part 3

Sophy says “It should make a difference when someone loves you. Shouldn’t it?”

Oh Freddie. It does make a difference. It makes it all a thousand times harder where Effy is concerned. I wish Naomi had answered his question, however rhetorical it may have been. I wish he’d stuck around and tried to make her answer it, even if of course she couldn’t and of course he wouldn’t, because at this point they’re both quitters, at this point they’d both rather be lonely than afraid.

But it might have been good for both of them. Because really, that’s what Freddie is missing – friends. Real friends. Not the manipulative user Cook is being, not a whiny little bitch like JJ… someone he could actually talk to, or at least someone who would talk some sense to him. And that’s something Naomi is missing too.

She won’t find it here though. Freddie is too unhappy, too withdrawn, too much of a slave to his own issues right now…

Rin says: This is true, it’s still early days (although it shouldn’t be when the trio is concerned) for this gen to actually develop some real friendship between these characters. And I mean in the way where it’s no holds barred, support with no hidden agenda type of friendship, like we’ll see from Effy to Naomi in the next episode, or one of my favourite Cook/Freddie moments at the end of 405.

Sophy says: Ffff the end of 405 is my favourite Cook/Freddie moment ever. Actually it might be my favourite Cook moment ever. I wish we could recap that ep again. In fact, one of those days, I may have to post some additional material at the end of some of those early (in Rophy terms) recaps, because yeah… there was a lot to say and we were too lazy to say much of it until we made the blog and started feeling all on-display and exposed.

Got your pants back on yet, Rin?

Rin says: Why didn’t we all see this before? We should have known.

Also, I just have to say. Foster on that girls body is making him so feminine right now, I can’t handle it.

Sophy says: Yeah, I was thinking ‘What is making him look like such a girl??? Oh right. I made him steal girl-legs.’

Sophy says: But sometimes the people who make us happy are the last people we’d expect. And maybe Mrs Naomi’s little speech applies equally to friendship as it does to love… Look up if you like him, Naomi!

Also, I see the seeds of Kylie dancing. I feel like weeping. And not in a good way.

Rin says: Seriously, I don’t actually hate JJ. But look. at. him. Come on now.

Sophy says: I don’t hate JJ either.

No wait, I do.

Sophy says: fffff matching plaid and yellow! It’s true love, if you hadn’t already heard.

Rin says: The inverted yellow and plaid, I just can’t. Get hitched already, ffs.

Sophy says: “She’s nice.” “She’s a cliche.” “She’s a nice cliche.”

And here we have it, again. Emily encouraging Naomi. Whether it’s about school or the planet or love or sexuality or here, family, that’s what Emily does – she encourages Naomi to be a better person. Better, stronger, bigger. More. Because every part of Naomi is something Emily sees the potential for anything in. And every part of Emily is something good and hopeful that Naomi secretly admires, that she secretly wants to be herself. And that’s what’s so daunting for her. That’s why she has to fuck it up – why she has to burn the whole thing down before she can not-measure-up.

Rin says: “Is she?” Which she says almost defeated. Emily keeps pushing and pushing her god damn positive-outlook-on-life and support in her face and Naomi hates it. Why can’t you just let me be miserable, Emily Fitch? Why do you want to make me happy?

Sophy says: Selfish.

Sophy says: Jesus. Just when I thought Emily couldn’t get any cuter, she goes and makes Naomi a campaign poster. A cheesy, adorable, poorly executed, adorable, cheesy campaign poster! That she probably slaved over! And she kept getting distracted because she couldn’t stop looking through her secret stash of Naomi photos! Just like Rophy when we try to do these recaps!

Except it doesn’t make Emily Fitch late. Because she’s motherfucking Emily Fitch.

Rin says: I actually wrote down a whole list of notes when rewatching this episode, which I usually don’t do, and one of my points was especially large and in capitals. It said, “EMILY DO NOT PURSUE A CAREER IN DESIGN.” :) Of course it doesn’t make this any less adorable and thoughtful. Oh Emily, if I gave you my number…would you save me from drowning?

Sophy says: I think she would. I THINK SHE CAN DO ANYTHING :((

Rin says: What are you staring at Naomi? Honestly, how many times are we going to catch you?

Sophy says: lolol. Emily is somewhat taken aback, but also pleased.

Rin says: “I got the message Naomi. I’ll manage.” Are you kidding me Emily? How can you possibly be such a good person? I don’t understand.

I think that Emily had THE conversation with herself. You know the one. If I can’t be with the person that I love, I’ll just be their friend because that’s better than nothing, right?


Sophy says: “You can’t let him win now, can you?”

haha, oh Emily! You crafty little thing! This is how Rophy motivates itself in competition too. We don’t actually have to have personal issues with the other competitors either. I just ask Rin to imagine them holding trophies and she starts gnashing her teeth and presto! Rophy is go.

Rin says: We went over my trophy issues last recap. We don’t need to revisit that, do we?

She gives Emily a small smile.. looks away..then looks back one more time. Naomi, you are only fooling yourself.


Rin says: I think because it’s a bit glowy/glary it looks like that! And it looks like Mrs Panda has been making the shirts for Crispins Crew.

Rin says: I’m a bit amazed by Doug wearing a hoodie over his suit. And I’m amazed by the cap of Naomi. ARIHLAILHAI Gorgeous.

Sophy says: I love the song that plays during the campaigning montage – Art by The Diskettes – or more specifically the way it works with the montage. It’s sweet and upbeat, full of new beginnings and youthful enthusiasm, and when Emily looks at Naomi, when she watches her fulfilling her potential, becoming anything… I’m sure all she can hear is a jaunty folk tune, complete with perfectly imperfect vocals and the occasional ding! from a glockenspiel. And the last lines of it… they could belong to Naomi or Emily really…

My mind has come undone, unbound, unable to get by
It’s simple and true, I can’t help thinking of you

Also, it looks like someone is back in the gayest game…

Seriously Kaya Scodelario. Did the director tell you to rest your head in your hands and gaze adoringly while Naomi speaks? I doubt it.

I actually had to go back and check that she did this while Naomi was speaking not Cook, because ffff. And then I had to make a gif because FFFF.


Rin says: Ffffff. Kaya, stop imposing yourself into trying to get Effy to be the gayest. JUST STOP.

And I could honestly shoot the guy sitting on the table in the 2nd cap… YOU’RE BLOCKING EMILY FITCH YOU ASSHOLE.

Sophy says: Jesus, Crispin. Bad skin is bad.

Rin says: I just love how Naomi looks disgusted most of the time.

Rin says: Emily is so upset that her bb didn’t win! And she’s questioning herself over whether it was the campaign posters.

Sophy says: Panda is way too excited about Cook’s candidacy. So much so that she arouses Effy’s suspicion… for a moment. I’m a little baffled as to how the oh so intuitive Effy didn’t follow up on this clue and managed to be so shocked when the truth was revealed in 308. Idk, maybe Naomi started talking again and…

Sophy says: So Cook lit a cigarette as part of his presentation, and after doing a brilliant job of looking worried for a moment Harriet now takes it from him and stubs it out. Nice work, Harriet. Maybe you could try suspending him. Or, idk, maybe not allowing him to run for student president??? Honestly I can’t decide whether this school is more ridiculous when it’s not expelling people than when it is.

Naomi, you are so adorable putting your Emily-posters up.


aw. but I love Harriet. She danced with Cassie!

I’d rig the voting for Naomi to win. You all know it.

Sophy says: Gen 1 Harriet was AMAZING. I’m still bitter she just disappeared in this gen and never got to be awesome.

Sophy says: OMG! Scrapey shakey trio! Having lunch together!

Katie, you had better be wearing leopard print socks.

Rin says: Katie’s outfit is offending me so much right now. But awww!!! SCRAPEY SHAKEY TRIO. Srsly, it surprises me how much it was actually there. This isn’t something we just made up!

Sophy says: haha! Emily looks so proud, it’s almost ridiculous.

Rin says: Naomi gives her bag to Emily to hold and Emily looks like she’s just been entrusted with Naomi’s heart.

Sophy says: HAHAH HOLY SHIT. I’m ashamed to say that I never noticed that Naomi gives Emily her bag before. And wow. Naomi? If you don’t want people to think she’s your girlfriend, don’t do things like that, okay you fool? Seriously, if Naomi and Emily went to a concert right now, Naomi would ask Emily to go queue up and get her a drink, and gratefully accept her jacket when it got cold, and when the show started, she’d sit on Emily’s shoulders so she could see better, and when some passer-by commented on what a lovely couple they made she’d be all ‘What are you staring at? She is not my girlfriend, I have no girlfriend, lies, lies!’

Rin says: JFC. The imagery of our little pocket-sized Emily carrying Naomi on her shoulders has got to be one of the funniest things that’s been fed into my brain. It’s the equivalent of a chipmunk holding a labrador on its shoulders. And the chipmunk would be smiling.

Rin says: Emily is the most selfless person I know.

Sophy says: She is truly a prince among lesbians.

Sophy says: “I’ll make it my business to get to know each and every one of you.” OH NAOMI. Who knew you were this adorably lame?

Rin says: HAHAHA. I know. That part is so dorkus morlorkus.



Sophy says: Yeah, yeah. Roll those eyes, Effy. We all know whose crayola dick you’ll be sitting on later. Hetero.

Panda looks like he just gave her a coded message via the means of his groin.

Rin says: omg, panda. jfc.

Sophy says: “You’re such a fucking joke!” squeals Naomi. Cook giggles, because that’s what he does, then informs her that she’s the joke, because no one cares – about anything, apparently. And this is where I’m a little baffled by Roundview’s student body, because really? By 16 I knew a whole lot of people who cared about a whole lot of stuff. Okay, maybe not something as lame as who student body president is but still… this bunch of rude, vacuous, anarchic little shits is a pretty bleak take on the youth of today, if you ask me. Although you probably shouldn’t ask me, since when I was in school we wore Emily’s pinafore and carried inkwells everywhere we went.

Rin says: You were also homeschooled for a period of time, so you didn’t even have a study body.

ANYWAY. I agree. Back in my day, nothing of the like would ever have happened in my school.

Sophy says: I HAD A BODY!!11 MY CAT AND I WERE A BODY :(

Sophy says: Emily asks if there’s any chance Cook could be a cunt elsewhere, and it’s the sweetest thing she could do, and the worst thing she could do at the same time.

I love how she really brought out the big guns to defend Naomi too. I mean, nobody likes using the c-word. It’s not fun, don’t do it.

Rin says: I hate the c-word so much. I next to never use it. I love how she just couldn’t help herself though, she was close to having a rage blackout that’s for sure.

Sophy says: “Emily…” Naomi says, because she knows she’s in for it now.

Rin says: It’s not that Naomi doesn’t appreciate the sentiments Emily, but you know, there’s a time and place for white-knighting with such ferocity.

Sophy says: Emily knows she shouldn’t have said it… but she’s not going to apologize, because that would just make things worse. She looks down, stays quiet as the mouse she’s supposed to be. But see sometimes she can’t help being a lion where Naomi’s interests are concerned. And next time she’s pissed at Cook for fucking with her girlfriend, she’s going to go straight to fisticuffs about it.

Rin says: Can we recap 402 now? Actually no. This has been the biggest fucking marathon already, I need a break before 402.

Sophy says: 402 may kill me. I’ll be a blubbering mess for two weeks.

Sophy says: Aaand Naomi was right. She is in for it. Cook goes in for the kill, making jokes about her and Emily and well… Naomi doesn’t really know what to do. “No,” she objects in a slightly panicked voice, when Cook refers to them as “sweet”. She climbs down from the table, defeated, ready to leave.

Rin says: It’s all a bit ironic isn’t it? Cook only entered this race to try and get into Naomi’s pants, and this is how he goes about treating her. Woo-ing, you’re doing it wrong.

Rin says: Naomi is a shoe-in!

Sophy says: I like the way they’ve changed it to ‘Lesbian race’ instead of plain gayest. Because, let’s face it, the guys have been pretty useless.

Sophy says: Now I am not as trenchant in my dislike of Emily’s bows as Rin is. But this bow I do not like. Gtfo, bow, join JJ’s ukuleles in the fiery pits of hell.

Rin says: I don’t know how to say this without coming across as perverted, but hasn’t everyone thought about those girls sitting at the table and how short Naomi’s skirt is?

Sophy says: Cook tells Naomi that his slogan is “I’m Cook, I don’t give a fook either!” I’m rolling my eyes and tapping my foot and waiting for lakeside sexytimes. Cook, call me back when you’re not being a total cliche, okay? I might pick up at the end of this episode.

Rin says: You can’t really see Emily’s legs in that first cap, and she looks like a babushka doll.

Sophy says: OMG I TOTALLY SEE IT. She’s a little woman BABUSHKA doll. Amazing.

Sophy says: Naomi is about as impressed as I am. She’s also pretty upset. Very upset, actually. And honestly, I don’t think she would have crumbled under pressure as fast as she did if it weren’t for the episode’s time constraints.

Rin says: She is usually a little tougher when it comes to not caring (but caring) what other people think, which has been shown in previous episodes. But maybe it was the fact that she has been up all night discussing oils with her boo, making her exhausted and more susceptible to a break down.

Sophy says: The crowd roars in appreciation for Cook and with this and the attention the pack of blondes were giving him earlier I’m a little perplexed as to how he has no friends?

Rin says: Emily is still flabbergasted that Cook has the nerve to try and steal the blondes again.

Sophy says: Now that they’re all suitably distracted, Emily can do her apologizing. She starts after Naomi pleading with her to wait and is told in no uncertain terms to just leave her alone.


Sophy says: Oh Ems :(

Rin says: Don’t worry ems, you have sex with her soon.

Sophy says: And now it’s time for Naomi’s somewhat comical toddler-esque meltdown. “I hate him!” she declares, sniffling her way into “daddy”‘s office. Unfortunately daddy is actually Kieran, who is charming and sweet and inappropriately attracted to her.

And hey, you know what I said two seconds ago about Naomi unraveling so fast because of episode time constraints? Yes, that’s a factor, but I think part of the reason I was surprised by the speed with which she came undone was because I was still subconsciously buying into Naomi’s ‘I’m a big girl’ act. She tells us she’s tough as old boots, but please – we’re reminded time and time again, in this episode especially, that Naomi is actually very vulnerable and very sensitive under that front. And that’s why she cries when Cook taunts her, that’s why she runs away. Unlike Emily, Naomi doesn’t deal well with rejection. The solution is usually not to put herself out there at all, but this time, maybe because of Kieran, maybe because of Emily, maybe because she decided she just wanted to… she tried. She asked to be listened to. And she wound up with a room full of people laughing at her AND I SUDDENLY WANT TO THRAX EVERYONE AT THIS SCHOOL RIN????

Rin says: Thrax away my good friend. THRAX AWAY. I’ll only support you and visit you in gaol. (Because you’re so old.)

Sophy says: Can I just say how much I love what her hair is doing in that second cap? ♥

Rin says: She kind of looks like she’s being attacked by her hair in the first one. And I’m finding it adorable, sigh.



Sophy says: FFFF! :(( This is like a horror movie where the lead dies. EVERY TIME I WATCH IT IT STILL HAPPENS THE SAME :((

I love Naomi’s little distressed half of “No” as she pulls away.

Rin says: I’m still out of the room.

Sophy says: “You’re old enough to be my dad!” Naomi says and ding ding ding! We have a winner. This is why she’s so upset. Because she wanted Kieran to be that to her, not this. The next thing she says is “I thought you liked me!” and it’s kind of a jarring thing to say to someone who’s just kissed you, but it makes perfect sense here. She wanted to be liked, not lusted after.

Rin says: But that’s only cause he’s an old man right? *LUSTS LUSTS LUSTS*


Sophy says: POETIC JUSTICE!!11111

Rin says: What is it about Kieran that makes me think he should be in LOTR? Seriously.

Sophy says: Kieran says she wanted him to kiss her, and honestly, as much as I’m wishing he’d phrased it more like “I erroneously believed you wanted me to kiss you,” I do think he honestly misread the signals because… let’s face it. She was being pretty damn adorable and vulnerable and close with him. Not that I’m excusing his behaviour, because NO NO NO NO NONONONONO!, but I can see how someone might misinterpret her body language in that scene.

Naomi says she wanted to trust him. He says that she can, but she’s not having a bar of it, and why the hell would she now, Kieran you twat.

Oh well, at least he has the decency to look nice and horrified about it.

But seriously, this is all very clever thematically. Naomi wanted to trust Kieran, she wanted him to like her. She assumed that she could and that he did, because she assumed anything else was automatically off the table by virtue of teacher/student, grown man/teen girl. With Emily she assumes just the opposite – that it’s all about wanting to get into her pants, that she can’t trust her to just be her friend and not push for more when she can’t give it… And when Emily points out that she’s wrong, that she doesn’t just want to fuck her, that just being with her is nice, that she wants her to run because she’d be good at it, in summary that she likes her… that’s when we know that Emily is the person Naomi can trust. It takes Naomi a little longer to get it, but hey, she has a lot more at stake in this than we viewers do.

Rin says: I’m sure everyone was leaning in to kiss their screens at that moment too!

Rin says: Is she just permanently lurking outside Naoms bedroom now? Fffffffff.

Sophy says: JFC Sophia. You’re a marvel. You’re marveled at?

Sophy says: The little smilie face ohmygaw! So cheeky and so Emily. This is her little way of a) getting in some flirting while she’s not around and b) reminding Naomi, as light-heartedly as possible, that the time they spent together yesterday meant something, whether she likes it or not.

Rin says: Can you imagine Emily getting the idea to do this? With her little smirk and snickering away. But it really is the most innocent of things, she isn’t trying to imply anything – she’s not pushing it.

Rin says: CALM DOWN NAOMS. It’s just a note. She’s frustrated that she can never get away, that Emily KEEPS finding her even in note form. She just wants to wallow ffs.

Sophy says: Well, she’s still alive isn’t she?

Rin says: omg I just noticed this. WHAT THE FUCK, NAOMI HAS A SINK IN HER BEDROOM. WHAT THE FUCK?! Also she looks tiny, aw :(

Sophy says: I WANT A SINK IN MY BEDROOM. And a mini-fridge with lots of nice cheese in it. And a packet of crackers.

Rin says: SHE RETRIEVES THE NOTE AND UNRAVELS IT GUYS. I JUST.. SMOOTHS IT OUT AND EVERYTHING. Yes Naomi, Emily is the one thing that makes you happiest right now. Yes, you need her.

Sophy says: I love that she throws the note away so crossly only to go and retrieve it and uncrumple it and keep it safe always ♥ You just know that in twenty years Emily will be looking for something under their bed and find a shoe-box with ‘Emily’ written on it, and there’ll be a thousand little memories in it and this note among them.

Rin says: ffffffff I am dying for the colours/lighting in these caps. The green and yellow and then the pink of her lips. Gawd, these are gorgeous.

Sophy says: I like Naomi’s watch. It’s gold. And big. And gay.

Rin says: This has got to be one of my favourite little things that Skins has done. NOTE STUCK TO FACE. It’s like she fell asleep clutching it because somehow that was the only thing that would stop her from feeling like complete shit. Lily plays it perfectly too, she wakes up, rolls over and then just with her eyes, looks at the note. And then she takes it off almost to say, ‘omfg I was so embarrassing last night. Why am I so pathetic?’

Sophy says: Amazing. Not sure if the tattoo-aspect of it would actually work this well in practice, but even if it wouldn’t this would be one of those little leaps of faith I’m willing to make for the sake of gorgeous, gorgeous symbolism.

Sophy says: One of the most iconic Naomily caps ever. Emily’s name is tattooed on Naomi’s face the way it’s been tattooed on her heart since she was 12, and when she looks in the mirror and sees it she is tender and afraid at the same time, she is tender and she is afraid and she touches the mark reverently, she rubs at the mark fiercely, because what she’s seeing in that moment is the inside coming out – all those things deep within her that she tries to keep hidden…

What Naomi is seeing in this moment is her true self.

Rin says: I wanted to make comments about being imprinted, but jfc, I can’t bring myself to do it. I love this so hard because in that first moment when she notices, she touches Emily’s name so tenderly and for a brief moment you can see it in her eyes. She wouldn’t mind belonging to Emily, in fact, she’d like it quite a lot.

Rin says: And then she catches herself in wonderment. ‘What no! I’ve been suppressing those thoughts for years, why would I stop now?’ She rubs like a crazy man, and then does a complete u-turn and STOPS. Cause you know what? Fuck it. She’s tried denying it for longer than any of us could fathom, and look where it’s gotten her. She’s practically got no real friends and the one person who has been there for her, she’s been pushing away. Somethings gotta give Naomi, and it’s you.

Sophy says: aw, she looks so lost and forlorn :( PSST NAOMI! ALL YOU NEED TO SAVE YOU IS CALL, CALL?

I love the fact that the structure and motivation here mirrors Freddie’s ep. I spoke last time about how Freddie makes this big decision to push things with Effy because he feels so frustrated, so alone, as though he has nobody he can really trust, as though nobody’s listening, and okay so it’s partly because he has no clue what to say, but still. That’s what motivates him to go find Effy and dive in with her. It’s what motivates Naomi now too – as she has just said to Kieran “I wanted to trust you.” As she has just tried to say to a room full of people “Can you listen, please?”

Rin says: Her faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. HER LONG SLEEVE SOPHY. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

Sophy says: I know. I’m getting the salts. Fff even the blue light on her face is incredible idek.

And can I just say how much I ADORE this little piece of dialogue. The way she dials the number, holds the phone to her face and says simply, almost sulkily “Can we go somewhere. Anywhere.”

And we don’t hear it, but of course Emily says yes…

Rin says: That second cap of them on bikes is my favourite one. CHRIST ON A BIKE this sequence is so damn romantic. It’s beautiful.

Sophy says: One of the most beautifully conceived and shot sequences in Skins. And the song playing? The one about having big big dreams and big big goals? The one about getting a move on and jumping in because it’s starting today? This is just one great example of the way music in Skins isn’t just about prettying things up – it adds a whole new dimension to a scene. The soundtrack operates somewhat like the chorus in a Shakespeare play – it’s like another character, a bystander, commenting on events in the in-between time, subtly shaping our understanding of the characters from scene to scene.

Rin says: Having said that, I don’t think anyone anticipated what Kathryn Prescott was like on a bicycle. I actually thought she was going to crash when I first watched this, the way she was having so many death wobbles.

Sophy says: EMILY’S BICYCLE-FAIL IS SO ADORABLE. I like to imagine that she was even worse than this in the beginning and they wound up heading for the lake two hours later than they meant to because Naomi had to teach her how to not keel over every five seconds.

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHAH OH DEAR LORD! Look at them. A couple of little Puffy Xanders.

Rin says: Meanwhile in the very same common room… someone was eaves dropping at the WRONG time.

Rin says: Oh Effy, there really is no help for you.

Sophy says: Whoa. Naomi really isn’t pulling any punches anymore, is she. Sorry Sophia, looks like she’s cut out the middle man!

Rin says: I LOVE WHEN Naomi goes out in front of her and looks back. They’re so adorable, and I love that the whole riding thing was taken into series 4. And they got a moped too!

Sophy says: Emily is better at mopeds ♥

Rin says: Who would you pair up? I think Tegan and Emily are the same, and Naomi and Sara. But for some reason I see Tegan/Emily and Naomi/Sara. Am I really discussing this right now? Yes, I am.





Rin says: That first cap. Like. Um. Yeah. Heart palpitations at the pretty. (excl. that bow. I hate that bow a lot. IT LOOKS SO CHEAP!)

Sophy says: It looks like it came out of a Christmas cracker. But yeah, that first cap is unbelievably gorgeous. I want to print it out and paper my walls with it?

Rin says: Naomi looks so different here. And I think it really really fits. She looks incredibly natural and calm and serene. “It’s lovely,” she says looking at Emily AND OOPS BETTER COVER MY TRACKS, “It’s a lovely place.” Srsly, that second cap, I don’t even know. It’s not a ‘oh hai ems’ look, it’s a ‘I want to marry you and never be without you’ look. :)

Sophy says: YES YES YES. She totally means Emily when she says it’s lovely. And I love the way she says it with this sort of softly grudging tone of voice ♥


Sophy says: Here Emily Fitch, have a CHE award. You’ll be able to build another Eiffel Tower out of them soon.

Rin says: Emily. Fitch. You’re the devil.

You’ve been there all of 2 minutes and already you’re stripping down to your underwear. AND YOU DON’T SWIM IN ENGLAND, I’M SURE OF THAT.

Sophy says: HAHAHAH! I love the way she just coolly tosses her bag down and commences stripping! And Naomi, you ask her not to look but meanwhile you’re totally taking advantage right now.

WARNING: If you’re anything like Heather Hogan (who specifically asked for this warning) and don’t want the magic of filmmaking to be ruined, please skip the next macro!

Rin says: I almost can’t blame Skins for the epic fail because it brought us this Sophia.. but christ. I never spotted it until I was screencapping for this recap, and I was just…. INCREDULOUS!!!! And the fact that it wasn’t cropped out in the editing process makes me think the editors missed it too. Ah Skins, it’s your imperfections that make you great. Or not.

Sophy says: hahah oh Christ. I can’t decide whether I’m sad this mistake was made or glad because it led to you making this macro??? It’s cameraman-Sophia! Look at her! She’s all kitted out!

Rin says: Naomi is staring at Emily’s body. I wonder what is going to happen next.

Sophy says: LOL NAOMI. If Emily had taken a couple of seconds longer to turn around there would’ve been drool.

Sophy says: “Honey, your body aint that special,” Emily says, and it’s two totally contradictory things at once. It’s an attempt to put Naomi at ease about the big old ‘We’re gay and in love’ thing and it’s also a case of outright flirtation. Because Naomi knows damn well that Emily thinks her body is very, very special.

Rophy concurs!

Rin says: Oh god Emily, you’re so funny. So so funny. I can only snort with laughter at your attempts to play it cool, only to be severely undermined by what you do next. (brogues and strap-ons? we’ll see!)

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    “JFC. The imagery of our little pocket-sized Emily carrying Naomi on her shoulders has got to be one of the funniest things that’s been fed into my brain. It’s the equivalent of a chipmunk holding a labrador on its shoulders.”
    OMFG….I died…seriously died. And it was the EXACT SAME THING I was thinking at the time. I was thinking “Um…isnt Naomi a bit big to be sitting on Ems’ shoulders?” Not big in a bad way :)

    Omg….and the “lesbian race 2009” banner? I almost didnt notice it until you said it underneath. Seriously good manipping.
    Ah Kieran…I’m still biased towards you because of Father Dougal. I cannot hate you.

    Ugh…you’re killing me with this recap….and I haven’t even gotten to the next half of the ‘lake scene’. I’ll seriously be dead after it. Absolutely brilliant so far guys well done! I wouldn’t to put more LOLs moments into this but there’s just so many I can’t even begin to list them.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      It’s so hard to hate Father Dougal!

      And let’s face it, the lake scene would probably kill you even if we just posted the caps with nothing written under them. So… you’re in trouble!

  5. reign_anne
    reign_anne at · Reply

    “…kill yourself” – hahaha

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      hahahahah. Dear me.

  6. Trinh
    Trinh at · Reply

    i’ve never noticed that camera in the lake scene before, but let’s be honest…why would my eyes wonder elsewhere when there’s half-naked emily?

    and then you guys turn around and put the blame on sophia?? I LAUGHED SO FUCKING HARD.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I guess that’s how accidents happen in the editing room. You put Half-naked Emily on screen and you’re bound to have focus issues. Sigh.

  7. K.Mac
    K.Mac at · Reply

    I love how you were taking the piss out of Kaye … wizzer brill gif (trying to be Panda – fail)… taking the piss is done with affection where I’m from so sweet as.
    Also way love goal because sophy’s old.
    Isn’t it funny all the little things we go “fuck yeah” over.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha! Oh believe me, Rophy always has affection when taking the piss out of the Skins cast. We love them so ♥

      And yeah, fine, make fun of my age… as long as you’re doing it with love.

  8. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    DO NOT DISS FATHER JACK. Seriously, he approves of drink. And feck. And arse. And girls. And he loves his brick.

    Also, Jump In kept me sane when my best mate threw me out and I had to spend a night sleeping under a bridge. (True story.)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      lol, forgive Rin. She doesn’t know who he is and is frightened.

  9. le poulet
    le poulet at · Reply

    As much as I love the scene with the note on Naomi’s cheek, I can’t get past the fact that it’s backwards. If the ink had transferred it would appear written from left to right in the image.
    Agghhh. I hate my brain sometimes.

    1. anat
      anat at · Reply

      NO no no!! she’s looking at it in the -mirror- which makes double reverse and therefore -> “right”… right?
      I am right, right? :p

      1. anat
        anat at · Reply

        Argh u have no idae what u just made me do!!
        I spent the last 10 mins trying to figure it out, almost resorting to actually imprinting myself with an EMILY just to check it in the mirror, but in the end managed to figure it out without (thank goodness, that would’ve been embarrassing at school)..
        And i am right! Or more – they did good :)

        1. le poulet
          le poulet at · Reply

          I now have sharpie all over my face :(

          1. Sophy
            Sophy at · Reply

            HAHHAH OH DEAR.

        2. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          lmao! You anat, are the best fan ever.

          1. anat
            anat at · Reply

            oh *blushes*… well i do my best :o]
            Coming from YOU sure means alot – now i’m all fuzzy inside hahaha..

  10. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    I promise promise this is relevant. On an island near my house is a huge old abandoned naval fort, we’re talking ginormous, and people have graffitied all of it. There is literally no place without graffiti. And I was exploring yesterday and way up at the top there was a beautiful beautiful gorgeous hole in the wall overlooking the ocean and it was amazing and I turned around and saw this:

    I whipped out my phone to take a picture of it cause it was perfect and amazing and a sign and it reminded me so much of the pen on Naomi’s cheek and then today the 306 rophycap is up and my life is complete.

    Appreciate it as much as I did.

    1. blondie
      blondie at · Reply

      Amazing. Fate obviously brought you to that wall.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      omg! Amaze. ♥

  11. anat
    anat at · Reply

    OMFG LMAO for real here! when they started singing Rent i just lost it and started laughing from all that followed even thu it wasn’t funny anymore!
    brilliant u girls, just brilliant.
    + both facial expressions in those caps where she tells cook he’s a fucking joke are priceless!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha! Rent ftw ♥

  12. M
    M at · Reply

    BWAHAHAHA! sophia with the camera macro made me laugh SO HARD!

    she’s ruthless!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I prefer to euphemize and call her “dedicated”. ♥

  13. Ana
    Ana at · Reply

    This was so incredibly funny! The Tegan and Sara part, the *SPOILER* camera-man part, and oh my I loved the scene with Emily’s note on Naomi’s face. Your recaps are wonderfuuuul! And these caps are freaking gorgeous!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      aw, you are so considerate with your spoiler warning! HH will be most grateful ♥

  14. Aya
    Aya at · Reply

    Oops, guess I jumped the gun with the Freddie appreciation for the “it should matter” bit… -sheepish.-

    that “Lesbian Race” was definitely epic win and so perfectly maniped that I scrolled back up to check to make sure it didn’t *actually* say that… good work.

    Also, Rin says: “I don’t know how to say this without coming across as perverted, but hasn’t everyone thought about those girls sitting at the table and how short Naomi’s skirt is?” Uhm, yes, duh… every time she stands up on that table, it’s just… guh. Lucky lucky girls sitting there… jealous me is jealous :(

    Also, ffs Sophia… we know you need this for your shrine, but camouflage better next time, k? I blame the lack of safari hat.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      Yeah, the banner is amazingly well done. Rin is nothing if not meticulous.

      And you raise a valid point, Sophia should always, always, always have a Safari hat on. It’s the new jean shorts.

  15. tapette
    tapette at · Reply

    And can we officially declare that Emily Fitch’s shamelessly lesbian plaid shirt, complete with pearl buttons, is the finest article of clothing to ever be featured on Skins.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha! I’d give her an award for it, but she already has too many CHEs.

  16. Iris
    Iris at · Reply

    HAHAHAHA All the TnS references and suddenly they’re in the picture riding along…..jc…i almost choked

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha! That was the first idea we had for macros. Like… before Rin even capped she was getting that T&S picture ready to manip.

  17. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    ‘And the chipmunk would be smiling.’

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I want a teeshirt with that on it.

  18. Juanita
    Juanita at · Reply

    lol, blame it on Sophia.
    I whooped when Tegan and Sara popped up.
    Dunno though, s’like Naomi becomes a new person any time she sleeps
    I.e the Emily scene she got angry with herself for losing control
    This scene she actually wants to be with Emily.
    Note to Naomi- need less sleep :P

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I’m sure she gets a lot less sleep once Emily starts spending the night regularly :D

  19. SP
    SP at · Reply

    Emily’s face when Naomi yells “Just leave me alone” completely shatters my heart. My heart. It is shattered.

    Also, your discussion of the Emily tattoo/imprint almost made me cry. Look at you, little Heather Hogans! *pats you lovingly on the head*

    (But seriously, amazing you guys.)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We love being little Heather Hogans. It’s like dressing up in pure awesome.

  20. wiggleroom
    wiggleroom at · Reply

    So there I was working my way through the long-awaited 306 recap and the LOLs are coming thick and fast – all going to plan…

    …and then you throw this at me:

    “You just know that in twenty years Emily will be looking for something under their bed and find a shoe-box with ‘Emily’ written on it, and there’ll be a thousand little memories in it and this note among them.”

    Seriously I went from giggly to tears in zero seconds flat as in I was ACTUALLY WEEPING you hear me?

    It was Rophy Recap Rollercoaster Ride for sure

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      aw, I’m glad you enjoyed my shameless sentimentality! ♥

  21. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    Also, I feel like I should use the phrase “Because she’s motherfucking Emily Fitch” as often as possible in everyday life. I believe I shall.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      “Why weren’t you in class today Brit?”

      “Um… because she’s motherfucking Emily Fitch?”

      1. Brit B
        Brit B at · Reply

        And if my teacher was a Skins fan IT WOULD WORK.

  22. Heather Hogan
    Heather Hogan at · Reply

    I DON’T WANT YOU TO CYCLE ANYMORE. That’s what I’d be like if Rophy rode bikes like Emily Fitch. Then I’d push drugs to buy them some safety gargles.

  23. lisa
    lisa at · Reply

    so I get that this is a minor point in this unbelievably amazing recap/episode…but everyone has been giving Kathryn Prescott shit for not being able to ride a bike and I have always thought that we are supposed to see Emily, the character, wobbling uncontrollably. She knew that it was tough for Naomi to deal with her fears enough to even call her, so she takes her to a place they have to get to by bike, so that Naomi (who totes her bicycle around with her everywhere) can still feel like she’s in control. Emily does something she’s awful at to make Naoms feel better, because she’s just that sweet.

    but honestly it was difficult to even write that out because everything else in this recap is absolutely PERFECT and I feel bad even suggesting that I took issue with a part of it. Rophy brings so much joy and lols to my day, kindly continue with your work forever. I’m pretty sure if you started recaping your recaps it would be funny.

  24. bridget
    bridget at · Reply

    I love how gorgeously horrific Emily’s campaign posters are. Because that’s exactly how lame and ridiculous and ill-designed a poster made by a 16-year-old would be. It’s so wrong and yet so right. lol When the hell did Emily get a picture of Naomi, though? And… when exactly was she supposed to have made those? In the half hour she had to speed to her house for a change of clothes before college? lol

    I don’t think people really appreciate how hard it is for someone as closed-off as Naomi to actually show that they care about something. That’s what the campaign was. She actually let herself care about something. And she let people see that she cared. She let those barriers down because there was no way she could do it otherwise. And what happened? Cook was an asshat and reminded her why she had the walls up in the first place… because the only way to keep your heart from being destroyed is if you “don’t give a fuck”. So, in that sense, it makes all the sense in the world that Naomi would bawl like a little kid to Kieran after Cook embarasses her. She’s either completely guarded or completely open. There’s no in-between for Naomi. And that’s why she’s so terrified of Emily… because she knows there’s never going to be any halfway with Emily. It’s all or nothing and she’s trying her hardest to feel safe enough to let it be ‘all’.

    And the bike-riding death-wobble is one of the funniest things that’s been on the show. I still can’t tell if it’s the actress or the character, but I was terrified for her the first time I watched that sequence. It was supposed to be cute but it ended up being on of the most nerve-wracking bits I’ve ever seen. lol

  25. kelly
    kelly at · Reply

    I just can’t understand your hatred for Emily’s bows. I love the bows! They’re cute! WHY DON’T YOU LOVE THE BOWS??11!?

  26. krissy
    krissy at · Reply

    ummm did anyone else notice that naomi’s clothes changes in the middle of the campaign scene when Art by The Diskettes is playing??

  27. Gins
    Gins at · Reply

    OH GAHD. SO CLOSE. SO SO CLOSE. TO *THE* SCENE. because of you guys I notice literally every look that everyone makes in this show. I’m finding myself reading into the stories in everyone’s eyes. I feel silly because thEY’RE JUST ACTING AND PROBABLY DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH VULNERABILITY AND MEANING THEY GAVE THEIR CHARACTERS. But. they. did. I fucking love it. The subtleties, man. The subtleties.

    brb going to take a sob break before I watch the next bit because I’m not sure I can handle it

  28. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    You two are my heroes now, and Naomily are so so cute!!

    But you meant to say “get fitched already!”

    Also, Emily, come find me. I promise to like your “place” ;-)

    Oh dear…a leap of faaaaaaaith!

    Father Ted!! No further comment even needed!

    I’m pretty sure you are correct about not swimming outdoors in England. Too cold!

    And lastly (and again) Naomi and Emily are both just too cute!! Like omg. I always said the twins were like porcelain dolls, just so perfect. Oh and Katie’s outfit offends me too. Take it off Katie!

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