Naomi — Part 2

Rin says: You bastard Sophy.

Sophy says: OH PLEASE. You brought this on yourself, Rin.

Sophy says: I love this. She does this a lot, this smile off to the side that is somewhat bashful yet completely unguarded… because unlike with Emily, Naomi thinks that she doesn’t have to have her guard up around Kieran. Never in a million years does she expect that he’s having naughty! bad! wrong! thoughts about her.

On the other hand, she knows Emily is undressing her with her eyes, 24/7. And frankly, she’s having more and more trouble not returning the favour, so that Naom-guard needs to work double time when Emily’s around.

Rin says: Aw, I do think it was completely innocent up until the point when he kissed her. And even then, it was more moronic than anything.

Oh god, if you have to work that hard at not returning the favour, you might as well just give in.

Sophy says: No one is completely innocent around that.


Rin says: I want to write you a song to tell you how much I love you.


Rin says: It’d be the most played song on our non-existent podcast!

Sophy says: Naomi’s original house was so beautiful.

Rin says: I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why they moved house.

Rin says: I was curious as to what the actor who plays Kieran looks like normally so I googled him and:


Sophy says: I was wondering who the eff that was and why his photo was on our server. Better with the beard, Kieran. Better with the beard.

Rin says: You and axe-murderer beards.

Rin says: And the dorkiest mum award goes to…. ahahah seriously Gina, you’re being too adorable right now. Quit it.

Sophy says: hahah! She’s the best. My friend met the actress once. Apparently she’d been in a movie recently which my friend had just seen in which she was starkers and she totally called my friend on involuntarily undressing her with her eyes.

Rin says: Am I finding it adorable that Naomi is the same height as a grown man? Why yes. I am.

Sophy says: I love the way that Rophy has had a long-standing adoration for small women… and then Lily comes along and we’re all ‘OMG BEING TALL IS SO CUUUUUTE!’

Well… unless you’re tall like Mandeh. That’s just upsetting.

Rin says: I love that she decides to run after the smallest of pushes from her father teacher. What I don’t love is that outfit, Kieran. Surely teachers aren’t allowed to dress like this in reality, right??

Sophy says: I KNOW RIGHT IT’S SO CUTE. I do not mean Kieran’s outfit. That is not cute. Although, he probably dresses better than the rest of the guys on the show, so… idk. Carry on, Kieran.

And Naomi carry on being adorable. Your little “thanks” when you take the form? Priceless.

Rin says: I’ve never really watched Naomi in the background until I rewatched for the recap (NO, REALLY!), and I focused in on her this time and she’s so cute. She’s picking up all the mail off the floor and snatches the rest off the rastafarian dude rather angrily.

Sophy says: It’s times like these that I’m reminded that the Rinscope was not always what it is today. We all start somewhere. Inspiring.

Also, some of the best, best, best comedy dialogue on Skins is going on here. Thinks-he’s-Jesus and Shameless-Braids are bickering and then suddenly Braids just comes out with “How many feminists does it take to change a light-bulb???! ONE. ME. BECAUSE I’M OPPRESSED, YEAH? YOU’RE OPPRESSING ME.”

Fucking amazing.

Rin says: Gina is such a champ.

Sophy says: She may have her shortcomings as a mother, but when it really counts? She’s there. 110%.

Rin says: Srsly, dnw strange naked men wandering around the house.

Sophy says: Yeah, really really really dnw. Also, I think it’s kind of brilliant that Naomi’s shirt says ‘Innocence.’

Rin says: Maybe it’s her favourite Buffy episode. It’s one of my favourites too Naomi!! So much in common omg!

Sophy says: Mrs N is all “Hey! I was waving!” which is already hilarious but gets even more hilarious when she runs straight into “You were with a man!” She clarifies that it “looked nice” and I’m thinking she needs to get her eyes checked, because it didn’t look nice, it looked like a middle-aged man following her teenage daughter home. Naomi tells her it was her politics teacher, and maybe it’s not just Mrs N’s eyes that need checking, because she still doesn’t seem fazed, and insists that it’s nice to see her with “a guy”. I am monumentally skeeved right now, but I’m trying to repress and focus on the fact that it’s all building up to the punchline which is “Makes a change”.

lol. Someone knows their little girl is gay as a whole glass house. And this whole Naomi is never around guys thing? So much so that her mother has been noticing? Really feeds into the idea that the “I’ve loved you since I was 12” thing was the plan all along.


Sophy says: Mrs N says someone’s stolen the telly from Naomi’s room, and Naomi flounces off, leaving her mother to feed… “Who is this?”

Rin says: I’ve never believed in televisions in bedrooms. I guess I’m just like Oprah in that way.

Rin says: I like how she enters her room not looking and then she turns around and RAH! SMALL RED WAITING TO POUNCE.

Sophy says: haha! It’s like something out of a slasher flick, only really cute.

And please note: we are building a theme here. Because as Naomi flounces into her room, she mutters to herself that there’s “no peace”. And there really, really isn’t, because the one thing that really troubles her, the one thing she uses everything else to distract herself from, is going to be staring her in the face in a moment. And then maybe there is peace, because isn’t Emily that too? In that funny, impossible way that love works, isn’t Emily Fitch both peace and the absence of it, for Naomi Campbell?


Rin says: Laughed. I did it.

Sophy says: lol Emily’s dress looks like a 1920’s school uniform. A ‘pinafore’ if you will.

And I love how she’s just like, sitting on Naomi’s bed, you know, ready. Because Emily Fitch is nothing if not ready.

Rin says: I LOVE HER 1920’s SCHOOL UNIFORM. Well, where do you want her to sit? ON THE FUH-LOOR? How dare you banish Emily Fitch to the floor.

Sophy says: Um… so she could crawl around singing “They say that I have the best assss below fourteenth street. Is it true?” :D

I adore this little exchange:

How did you get in here?

This weird guy let me in. Looks a bit like Jesus?

Yeah. It’s like a game of Christ-themed Guess Who in this house.

Rin says: And now I’m going to rewind back a bit because I’m not letting that slip by. You just suggested Emily, 16 year old Emily Fitch to crawl around and sing like a stripper. *secures the peado jersey on you*

Rin says: “What do you want?” Naomi is so ridiculously guarded around Emily, look at her with her arms all crossed in a huffy. It’s just Emily in a pinafore, for the love of god. Just because she’s the one person that could destroy you, gawwwwwd.

Sophy says: haha, batten down the hatches, Naomi, here comes hurricane Buffy!

Rin says: “You’re very annoying.” “Yeah well, you seem to inspire it in me.” THIS. THIS is great dialogue. Throw what you can at her Naomi, because she’s going to give back just as much.

Sophy says: Ffffff their banter is delicious. And not-speaking of Buffy, is it just me or is Lily’s (adorbs) delivery of “You’re very annoying” somewhat Buffy-esque?


Sophy says: I bet Emily had a hard time not filling in Naomi’s name for her and dotting the I with a love-heart ♥

Rin says: Emily offers to help with the form (and maybe more) and Naomi tells her she doesn’t need any help. But I guess Naomi was worried what would happen when there was no MDMA around to use for an excuse, and what if she accidentally fell onto Emily’s lips??

Sophy says: So clumsy, Naomi. Sheesh.

Sophy says: Emily gets the message and leaves…

Rin says: Oh my god, she is being SO Rachel right now. (I hope you know which Rachel.)

Sophy says: … but since she knows the message is a load of crap, she comes right back. And in my head Naomi is totally looking at her watch in that first cap, counting “One… two… thr – ”

Whaaa? Wait a second… OMG! OMG RIN LOOK!

Rin says: I think my face says it all. Honestly.

Sophy says: :(

Sophy says: Next up, Emily gives one of her many amazing speeches, opening like she means business with “Just so you know, my first thought when I see you is not ‘I want to fuck that girl.’ ”

Rin says: 

Sophy says: Naomi tries feebly to interject with a sweetly guilty little “No, I…” but Emily isn’t finished. “We’ve kissed, twice,” she says “It was nice. But it’s also nice just being with you. When you’re not being a prick, that is.”

And I just… I just… do not understand how anyone could not adore Emily when she makes speeches like that. Have you guys ever met anyone who doesn’t adore Emily when she makes speeches like that??? Does such a creature exist??????/

Rin says: In hell they probably do. Although that was probably the reason they were put there in the first place.

Sophy says: Naomi is a bit bowled over. She doesn’t really know what to say so she just says “Thanks.” Her heart is probably going at a thousand miles an hour in her chest though, because damn that was romantic. Seriously, mushy crap about moonless nights, that’s not romance. Emily Fitch. That’s romance.

Rin says: Emily Fitch romance. ♥

Which is nothing like Mandeh’s idea of romance. *shudders*

Sophy says: Emily tells Naomi that she thinks she should run for student president, because she thinks she’s be good at it. It’s that simple.

What she means is: Yes, I’m madly in lust with you. But that has nothing to do with the fact that I also like you. That I also admire you.

Seriously you guys, I am swooning right now.

Rin says: It’s time like these that remind me why Emily is the most well-liked character from gen 2.

*swoons with you*

Rin says: I was already gone with ‘tenderly remove’ and ‘anoint’ and then you had to go one step further and manip in the oil. I just. I continue to be amazed.

Sophy says: LOLOL. Emily is so indignant. What does Naomi take her for, some kind of ruffian, unschooled in the ways of lovemaking?????

Rin says: SHE HAS A BOX OF PORN. Although even then I guess that’s a bit classier than having stacks of magazines hidden in your sock drawer.

Sophy says: Naomi rather awkwardly says that Emily should stay. Emily rather less awkwardly accepts. “Thank you, I will,” she says before marching back into the room, and I am being a bit mental over her in this recap, I know, but seriously just ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Rin says: If there was ever an episode where you were allowed to just continuously gush over 1 single character, it’s this one and Emily. For real. I like how Naomi gestures with her hand ever so slightly when she says Emily should stay.

Rin says: This is why I had to include so many caps. There are a billion subtleties in their performance that if you blink, you might miss, but luckily I didn’t blink the entire time I rewatched. My eyes got very dry.

ANYWAY. I love this moment, where she’s looking down, processing the fact that she just let Emily in. And not just into her bedroom. Which is what she is conveying in the second cap when she looks up at Emily settling herself in. She knows what she’s done, she’s practically invited Emily into her fortress of solitude and told her she wants to keep her with her. So there’s solitude no more.

Sophy says: Hey Naomi? Guess what? You and Emily. IT’S HAPPENING.

Rin says: I love how quickly you jumped on the happening train. I really do appreciate it, you know.

Rin says: I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW ANY SINGLE PERSON CAN NOT SHIP THIS. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW DOGS CAN’T SHIP THIS. In fact, I’m pretty sure I caught my dog reading some Naomily fanfiction the other day, but that’s another story.

Sophy says: Fffffff, I’m pretty sure my cat’s been reading my diary, ffffff.

And I concur, Rin. In fact, I think a healthy dose of Naomily could be the cure for homophobia. That’s how irresistible this shit is.

Rin says: Naomi! Get to know me! Oh I would Naomi…I so would.


Can I also just comment on a little bit of amazingness from Kat. Naomi says she thought it was catchy, Emily says “So’s aids.” And then there’s this little pause. Then this gleeful little giggle. It just makes me want to giggle right along with her?

Rin says: Mirrored. Holy christ, that’s a beautiful thing.

Sophy says: Yeah, those two caps are just… wow.

Rin says: “I think you can do anything” “Reallllllly?” FFFFFFF. I am dead. Naomi loves it, she loves that someone could adore her so willingly and openly and have so much damn faith in her. That’s part of it though, isn’t it? If Emily believes she can do anything, then maybe she can.

…you make me feel like a better person

Sophy says: Um, yeah, that whole exchange is just FFFFFFF. This is what I love about Emily and what she gives Naomi. She is a constant source of encouragement. She is Naomi’s self-esteem when the reserves are depleted. She believes in her. And on one level that makes her love for Naomi sort of naive, and yes, it’s going to hurt her like fuck when she loses that starry-eyed innocence in 402… but on another level it makes her love for Naomi incredibly mature. Because it’s not all about her. It’s not a selfish love. And that’s rare at such a young age.

I wish I could say to Naomi “Oh Naomi, you don’t know what you have here!” but see, she does. And that’s the problem.

Rin says: THE LITTLE SMILE before she enquires to the lesbian bank teller about how she can make a deposit into her vault. And Emily, completely unaware of what’s about to transpire.

You all just did a double-take at what I said, didn’t you?

Sophy says: LMAO OH RIN. I think you should write a novel someday. A novel entitled ‘The Lesbian Bank Teller and Her Vault.’

Rin says: omfg I see it in lights.

Rin says: I didn’t realise how ridic Emily looks in that second cap, because I was mostly just looking at Naomi smacking her lips.


Rin says: Look at her being all embarrassed, “I mean, in bed.” The fact that she is asking means that she’s been thinking about it for a while. And that she’s been reading or watching some crap that has lead her to believe it’s all ‘brogues and strap-ons.’ Which is ‘No Parts’ backwards btw, thanks for the informative RT Loveless.

Sophy says: I love this in contrast to bold, brash “I’m so hard-ass” Naomi from ep 1, with her “fuck you with my great big strap-on” line. She’s very different when she’s with Emily, and that’s often the way it is when you love someone. Because if that person is so special, why wouldn’t you be special with them?

Rin says: So many Cutest Human Ever awards being handed out right now. I’m practically throwing barrel fulls at them.

Sophy says: I’m not sure Emily even cares anymore. She’s like ‘Okay Rophy…’ *smiles graciously* *melts award down*

Rin says: Emily has to take a swig of STRAIGHT vodka (ffs is it that hard to get some cranberry juice?) before she answers the question. Rather truthfully.

Sophy says: I used to drink straight vodka. I thought it made me look tough.

Rin says: Emily’s expression in that 3rd cap literally looks like, “Naomi I love you, but sometimes you are so stupid.”

Sophy says: HAHAHAH YES. She’s like ‘Okay Brainy Poo. Sometimes I let you win at scrabble, but okay.’

Rin says: “You’ve never?” Oh so sneaky Naomi, I see what you did there. Trying to find out if Emily is virginal enough for you to sacrifice her.

Sophy says: haha! I love that Emily is all “Of course I’ve never!” Because everyone knows that the only other lesbian in Bristol is Mandeh, and that way lies spooky carnival death.

Rin says: So many CHE awards. So many.

Sophy says: Seriously, the second and third caps? Unbelievable.

Sophy says: Emily explains to Naomi that lesbians just do what they do to themselves, to each other… only slightly more aggressively – take note fanfic writers – she said slightly more aggressively.


Rin says: OILS and stuff. I love how she says it with her mouth to the side, gets me every time.

Sophy says: I just… it’s so fucking cute. Naomi thinks so too.

Sophy says: Oh Naomi. Laughter is so nice, isn’t it? And Emily is totally having another moment there.

Rin says: We don’t even need to manip it because it’s so blatantly similar.

Rin says: The tension right here is incredible and I’m surprised Emily didn’t offer to do blowbacks right there and then! They stare at each other for a moment, relishing each others company until Naomi breaks the silence, ‘oils ey?’

Sophy says: I adore the fact that Naomi gives Emily this devastatingly sexy, lingering look… but Emily doesn’t take the bait. Because this isn’t about that. This is about being Naomi’s friend. So if Naomi wants to make out, she’s going to have to do more than eye her lustily to instigate it.

Rin says: This is the most amazing light for Emily’s face.

Although you could probably say that if it was pitch dark too.

Sophy says: ‘Emily come here. Let me touch you. It’s okay, it’s just face-braille.’

Sophy says: I love, love, love the way Kat laughs and looks down, but when she looks up there’s this split-second where she looks so serious, because, really, this is fun and light, this is a good time, but this is also the girl she’s in love with and yeah that’s a big deal.

Rin says: She’s savouring the moment. She’ll write it in her diary later.

Sophy says: And her cat will read it and swoon!

Rin says: Oils is one of my favourite Naomily scenes, and I know I’m not alone on this one. Aside from the fact that it’s actually funny and beyond adorable, it showed that Naomi and Emily, when just being themselves, are extremely comfortable around one another and enjoy each others company. Which just proves that Naomi had been right in that first moment, when she suddenly realised that she had been incomplete and now she was whole.

Sophy says: Oils is the best. ♥ And Kat’s little throwaway delivery of “On salad,” to make the transition into the next scene? Amazing.

Sophy says: Rise and shine, Naomi! You have a little woman doll in your bed!

Rin says: I like how they have their backs turned towards each other, as if there was a conscious thought not to get too close to the other. This is the safe sleeping position. I’m surprised they didn’t put a body pillow down the centre.

Sophy says: Naomi eyes the vodka bottle she appears to have treated as a stuffed animal, and I’m thinking Oh please, are you seriously going to blame substance abuse again???

Rin says: I clutch vodka bottles at night too!! SO MUCH IN COMMON!!!!!!1111

Rin says: I honestly feel speechless when I come to this scene. Once again I feel like I need new words to describe how beautiful, delicate, intimate, honest and revealing this moment is. I’ll never properly be able to describe how my heart-clenches when Naomi reaches out to run her fingers through Emily’s hair…nor how sad I feel that it’s only the safety of Emily being asleep that allows her to do so.

I’m looking more forward to what Sophy is going to say.

Sophy says: Oh. I don’t even know if there’s much I can say. It speaks for itself really, this little moment of letting herself reach out and touch this lovely, lovely thing that she wants to have and hold so badly. And yeah, Rin, you hit the nail on the head. Only when she’s sleeping… for now.

Rin says: She catches herself and closes her eyes, breathing in. Mutters to herself, ‘fucks sake.’ As if she literally had no control over what she just did.

Sophy says: Well see she doesn’t. Time and time again, Naomi shows that however much she fights it, she always ends up falling on Emily’s lips?

Rin says: She really needs to start watching where she’s going.

Sophy says: I love those curtains sfm.

Rin says: I love her whole fucking room sfm!

Rin says: She’s so thorough and like..methodical.


Rin says: Look at Ems. Getting a good whiff  of Naomi’s scent. This is how she hunts her down later at college.


Rin says: There’s an important moment here, right? Or am I just looking at Naomi in underwear. IDK.

Sophy says: I’d say I’m shocked and appalled, but I’m really not.

Rin says: Now all I see is Naomi leading the blonde army. Ruined forever. OR… ENHANCED FOREVER?

Sophy says: Definitely enhanced. Thank you for the dream, Rin.

Rin says: Over the top election is over the top. I know it’s Skins and they like to really push things, but come on. Although it is quite fun to imagine Cook forcing JJ to make that banner all night.

Sophy says: Yeah, um… I can see how the whole student election thing ties in neatly with Naomi’s storyline with Emily and with Cook, but it’s just so every American teen “drama” I’ve ever seen and it kind of brings the ep down for me. I mean, the second the plotline reared its ugly head, I knew exactly how it would play out. It’s textbook. It’s too textbook. And honestly, this whole Che Guevara thing Cook has going on, just… no. NO.

Having said that, Rin, you have made me warm to the plotline somewhat with the thought of JJ slaving pathetically all night long ♥

Sophy says: Ugh. I’d roll my eyes, but I don’t even think this shit deserves a yahoo smilie.

Rin says: I initially had the thought to enter them into the gayest race but then it was just too obvious, you know? It’s as if they put on rainbow suits and went around singing George Michael.

Sophy says: “I think I lost him,” Freddie says. “JJ?” Naomi asks. “Yeah, him too,” Freddie replies sadly. And I love this, because no matter how hard he tries, no matter how much Cook helps him with the trying, Freddie can’t help caring about Cook. It’s as though caring-about-Cook has been built into his bones as he has grown up and nothing is ever going to change it. There’s a tear on my cheek. It is single and my cheek is creamy.

I am aware of the fact that I could have brought JJ into that whole touching moment thing. Life is about choices.

Rin says: I’m sure that was one of your hardest life choices yet.

Sophy says: Freds and Naomi are about to interact! Don’t get too excited though, because they never really go anywhere. Naomi and Emily on the other hand? They go places. Places like beautiful, secluded lakes which are perfect for al fresco sexytime. AND THEY GO THERE ON THE NEXT PAGE. SO FEEL FREE TO GET TOO EXCITED, RIGHT… NOW!


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    Rent and Glee quotage <3

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    I can’t hear the word “oils” without grinning like an idiot these days. True story.

    Quite sure there was something big happening in that “Naomi in her underwear” scene, but even though I’ve watched that episode a few (*ahem*) times, I’ve never really figured out what. See first my mind glazes over at Naomi in her underwear, and then it glazes over at Emily’s leg…

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      I’m picturing Emily’s leg as like… a ham. Right now. A lovely slender glazed ham.

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        Lol :D

        And even that image did nothing to ruin it for me… Nice try though :P

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    Wasnt it “privacy” instead of “peace”?

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    The hair touch. Oh god. shaking and crying, shaking and crying

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      haha! Rin will never live that… that… not-a-salad down.

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    i’m pissing me pants… off to the next one..

    oilzzz scene definitely the best, like a mixture of sexy, adorable, innocent, cheeky uummmm and many other things.. the tension and chemistry just ooozzzeeedd off that scene… hah never felt that with any of the triangle!

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          Ten minutes a day should do the trick!

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      haha! This is true. As much as I adore Freddie/Effy, scenes like ‘oils’ are precisely what they were lacking.

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    i like beards on guys. not brad pitt’s current one though. that’s just gross.

    rin clutches vodka bottles? i clutch the toilet/trash can. not every night…only nights when i drink more than 2 glasses of wine or something.

    why is naomi’s hand at her crotch when she walks into her room and sees emily? hmmm…

    bouncy castle, sophia stuffing her bra…I LAUGHED SO FUCKING HARD.

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      Some people are better with beards. It’s just weird.

      More than two glasses of wine??? Oh Trinh, I want to feed you margaritas and watch you stumble around the room ♥

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    Hell yeah – enhanced forever.
    I like how you had me goin’ chorle then you had me feeling…hmm…heavy heart cause it was full.
    Rolpfy does recaps are like a Pink Floyd album.

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      “Rophy does recaps are like a Pink Floyd album” is possibly one of the greatest comments we’ve ever received.

      We actually feel it might be teeshirt-worthy someday.

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    were we talking about rachel as in rachel/luce? ’cause there should have been a swooping kiss and thorny flowers on naomi’s bed.

    oh, god, i almost said “me so thorny.” and now i HAVE said it. and now you KNOW. :::bawl:::

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    “Do you think I can do it?”
    “I think you can do anything.”

    I’ve gone back and triple checked and rewatched and rethought and worked it out, and… there. Right there. That was it. That was when it happened. August 5th 2009, about 11:17pm (BST), and there I was, miserable and bored and channel-hopping when I landed in the middle of an episode of some TV show on Channel 4 that I’d heard about but completely ignored for having a reputation for being stupidly OTT. And I saw these two cute girls sharing a Moment and thought “sod it, I’ll watch this”.

    And to this day I wonder what would have happened if I’d caught this show five minutes earlier, or five minutes later, or one week earlier, or never. Because I’ve realised that the part of this show I tripped over was the most perfect thing I could possibly hope to have landed on. I’ve loved TV that’s made me laugh (The Germans), feel (Plan F: Goodbyeee…), think (the Life On Mars / Ashes To Ashes finale), sit back and admire (Gunmen Of The Apocalypse), and, very rarely, all of the above at once (Time Keeps On Slippin’). But I’ve never found anything so wonderfully, beautifully *real* as Skins 306. I didn’t know these two people were crushing on each other (I worked it out fairly quickly, though), so when I caught it, it was just a couple of friends lying on the floor and getting pissed together and flirting like fuck and simply being friends. And it was perfect. And it still is. And that’s why this is, for me, the greatest episode of TV ever made.

    Emily first appearing on that bed is the most adorable she’s ever looked (just look at her – that’s her being vulnerable and brave at the same time, it’s perfect), and I adore the bit where she storms back in to say “stop being a douche”. That’s when everything changes, when Emily stops following Naomi around like a lost puppy (stalker is the wrong word) and decides to start a whole new journey; as someone who can challenge Naomi’s perceptions of the world, as something distinct from Katie, as Emily Fitch. And it’s beautiful.

    I read a thing on the TWOP forums which analyses Cook as Che Guevara better than I ever could, but the gist; nothing says stereotypical teenage faux rebel like joining the 800,000 other idiots who own a Che t-shirt. Cook isn’t about rebellion here, he’s about idiocy and triteness and fraud. Naomi is the only contender in the election who makes any attempt to take it seriously, because that’s who she is. Injustice matters to her – a lot of people can say that, but as she shows later this episode, Naomi actually means it. Cook is there as a wind-up, and Crispin is the sort of prat who thinks it’ll look good on his CV when he goes to become President Of The Oxford Union and join the Young Conservatives.

    And it’s no more American teen drama than the Love Ball, dammit. :-p

    1. polymorph80
      polymorph80 at · Reply

      One thing I forgot to mention; I love that “What do lesbians do?” line. So fucking much. It sounds so silly, like one of those lines people expect to hear in silly titillatory lesbian stories (the kind of thing that might be followed by “let’s find out!”, and then meaningless drunken rolling on the floor), but that’s so utterly not what it is. For me, that line is Naomi basically saying “I have absolutely no idea how to be in a relationship.” Physically, emotionally, psychologically, she’s not ready for this.

      But she’ll get there.

      1. anat
        anat at · Reply

        Hey you, beautiful reply there, I really enjoyed reading it :) so thx for sharing..
        Have to say thu i have absolutely no idea what shows u were talking about there… i know we are from diff countries but that hasn’t stopped me from knowing all the great shows in the past (well most of them, i am in uni so no time for TV! chhhh *choking on my own lie* LOL), therefore i’m confused… :-/

        1. polymorph80
          polymorph80 at · Reply

          Thanks! :-)

          The Germans is from Fawlty Towers; Goodbyeee… is the finale of Blackadder Goes Forth; Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes didn’t name their episodes (naming episodes in the UK is depressingly and confusingly uncommon); Gunmen Of The Apocalypse is Red Dwarf; and Time Keeps On Slippin’ is Futurama.

      2. polymorph80
        polymorph80 at · Reply

        I will never run out of things to say about this episode.

        I’ve rechecked and faffed with the volume settings and the subtitles to make sure, and I’m pretty sure Gina doesn’t say “it looked nice” about Naomi and Kieran; she said “he looked nice”. Which is orders of magnitude less creepy, but foreshadows the events of later on rather more…

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          Yeah, you might be right. Idk, still kind of creepy with the ‘He’s my politics teacher’ ‘Nice to see you with a guy’ that ensues.

      3. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        Hear, hear!

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Ah the love ball. I have issues with that too, although less so, because it’s more of a setting than a plot.

      And I’m so glad Naomily hooked you the way it did… I guess ‘the people who make us happy are never the people we’d expect’ can be true of TV too :)

  13. Ana
    Ana at · Reply

    I always loved the oil scene and the reaching out for Emily’s hair, but now, cap by cap, I can honestly say it’s like watching it for the first time all over again. My heart is pumping like crazy!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Naomily’ll do that to ya!

  14. dundun71
    dundun71 at · Reply

    “Because everyone knows that the only other lesbian in Bristol is Mandeh, and that way lies spooky carnival death.”

    Do you guys just sit around and laugh and laugh and laugh? Because that’s what I do when I read your recaps. : D

    Also, I’m really surprised no one has mentioned Naomi’s giant homo watch yet…but I’m only on page two! Break time!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Um.. yes… we actually… do. You hit the nail on the head!

      And you didn’t really think we’d miss out on commenting on the big, gold, gay watch did you???

  15. Aya
    Aya at · Reply

    One thing I’ve always loved about Skins is how one set of storylines will always resurface and be relevant later on. A lot of episodes include this… that was one time I really loved Freds in Skins, when he made something of an effort to be social because of Cook’s being JJ’s lover on the roof (ffs Cook take one for the team and prevent the ukelele orchestra in 407!) As he was talking to Naomi, who was still on the fence about Emily, and he said “It should matter when someone loves you, shouldn’t it?” and even though he’s talking about Effy, or maybe Cook, it’s so relevant to how Naomi’s still trying to prevent Naomily from happening, and it makes her feel guilty… IMO, this is probably the best thing Freddie did in the entirety of this gen. Probably in his whole life. Who can tell.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha! Well I think the best thing Freds did was give me ep 405, but I do see your point. And yes, I heartily agree, Skins is at its best when seemingly unrelated storylines connect thematically.

      I only wish Freddie had persevered more with this being social business, because a friend like Naomi would have been a good thing for him.

  16. Iris
    Iris at · Reply

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    Adorable Emily is adorable. = GENIUS.


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Sophia has a special place in all our hearts ♥

  18. sandra
    sandra at · Reply

    NAOMI is hotttttttttttttttttt!!! la amo … ella tiene unos ojos hermosos

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      She sure is!!!/I don’t know what you’re saying.

      1. Xiomara
        Xiomara at · Reply

        She said ” I love her….. she has beautiful eyes”

  19. Juanita
    Juanita at · Reply

    Where Naomi’s holding the vodka bottle, mirrors panda’s episode.
    Although she woke up with Emily in her bed, she still uses that as some sort of protection-blame it on the alcohol.
    lol oils…hehe
    any way.. off to the next page !

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Good point, Juanita, she’s always looking to blame it on the booze. lol keep trying, Naomi.

  20. shakey
    shakey at · Reply

    OMG Naomily cuteness is soo cute
    you guys were right when you said it was the best thing you’ve ever done. So. Right.
    and I haven’t read the whole thing yet. go figure..
    btw I loved the little IMAY quote there :) nice touch Rin ;)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      The Rophy blog needs moar IMAY. We need to get onto that at some point.

      And thank you :D

  21. AL
    AL at · Reply

    That moment when Naomi wakes up and can’t help but look at Emily and reach her hand to touch her is one of my favourite things ever. We’re realy seeing it all from Naomi’s eyes and her POV, and because Emily is not looking, no one is looking, no one knows what she’s doing, she lets her hand do what her heart has been wanting for so long. And it really is a moment of “she’s here, she’s here with me”.

    This episode really makes Naomily special and that whole scene in the room is just perfect in every sense. There she is,Emily, waiting for Naomi (let me say how much I hate that people call her stalker for that and I never read anyone calling Effy stalker when she did the same thing the week before. She went to Freddie’s house and entered and waited for him.) ready to tell her that she believes in her.
    I think one of the things that Emily loves about Naomi is that she loves politics and she acts and she does something and that inspires Emily to do the same but more on a personal level. Emily is the person that gives confidence to Naomi and to be more herself and Naomi is the person whi inspires Emily to act. And they’re both amazing for that and that’s why they’re so special to each other.
    Emily could be vulnerable for being in Naomi’s space, but because it’s just the two of them and she has finally broken some of Naomi’s barriers, she’s actually brave and says the truth. Yeah, she wants her and she wants to kiss her all the time, but she also admires her and thinks she can goes to places, and that strong side of Emily is something that always makes Naomi weak on her knees. lol Because the Cutest Human Ever can also be the Bravest Human Ever.

    Oils scene is awesome and their dialogue too. Naomi asking how lesbians do it shows that she’s been thinking about it and wanting to do it and she uses it to know where EMily stands, if she has been with someone else before. Emily just plays along and it’s all so friendly but a bit flirty too. And I love the writers for not going the easy way and having them kissing there. Because that was a friendship (with it’s dose of tension) moment, the two of them just letting themselves be easy around each other without many barriers.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Lovely comment, AL! We do love it when our readers get their own commentary on ♥

  22. Irene
    Irene at · Reply

    Emily wins the CHE award so far…*_*

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      She suuuure does!

  23. jilybeanrb
    jilybeanrb at · Reply

    “Because if that person is so special, why wouldn’t you be special with them?”

    — Sophy that is precious <3 And so true.

    "Yeah, um… I can see how the whole student election thing ties in neatly with Naomi’s storyline with Emily and with Cook, but it’s just so every American teen “drama” I’ve ever seen and it kind of brings the ep down for me. I mean, the second the plotline reared its ugly head, I knew exactly how it would play out. It’s textbook. It’s too textbook."

    Ugh I know, mte. I don't understand why they did that. To me, skins is supposed to be NON-textbook. Like for example, emily and naomi staying together after naomi cheated? I will never cease to love skins for that. In EVERY american teen drama I know of, it's an instant break up. I liked seeing something different (and more realistic for naomily, imo.) Except ffs, panda and thomas. Ridic. But it's so wrong to me when Skins does textbook :(

    "It’s as though caring-about-Cook has been built into his bones as he has grown up and nothing is ever going to change it."

    — that's true. I have people in my life like that. Childhood friends, it doesn't matter if they fuck you over or if you don't talk anymore. You always care about them (at least, that's how it's been for me.)

    "And I concur, Rin. In fact, I think a healthy dose of Naomily could be the cure for homophobia. That’s how irresistible this shit is."

    I agree 100%. I was raised in a ridiculously Christian conservative environment (not only were my parents that way, but my friends too.) And I can honestly say that Naomily changed my life. Tbh, I was very uncomfortable when I first started watching this episode (mostly because I found it ridiculously hot and that was supposed to be "sinful".) My whole life I've been taught that it is "sinful." I reject that completely now. I was on my way to that before Naomily, I wasn't homophobic really, I still thought they should be allowed to marry, but now it is as normal to me as a heterosexual relationship. Seeing Naomily helped me come to terms with my own bisexuality too, something I've tried to explain away for years. Yay Skins :) And ah I was going to make this part an anonymous comment, but FUCK IT (for Chris :D) That's unnecessary yeah?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      aw, that’s a wonderful story Jily. I’m so glad you’ve been able to find your own path when it comes to homosexuality, rather than being stifled by your environment. Good on you and thank god for Skins!

  24. heather hogan
    heather hogan at · Reply

    Sophia in the curtains. I will never sleep again.

  25. Becca
    Becca at · Reply

    Oh, Rophy How you make me laugh!
    I Couldn’t help but saying (outloud) how much I Love Sophy, cause she like, tore the laughter out of me this whole part.
    So, Sophy?
    Yeah, I love you.
    Have a Nice Day:)

  26. Erin
    Erin at · Reply

    So, first off, I love your recaps! They totally made my day, and made me realize that Skins’ 2nd gen were just as awesome as the 1st (except for JJ, but there’s always one in every family, right?). I am now officially hooked on Naomily, and I shant ever recover – not that I would ever want to.

    Anyway, I noticed something on my second rewatch of this episode (after having made it through the end of this series… Naomily addiction, mkay?!): after Naomi tells Emily she doesn’t need any help, sending her packing in frustration, is it just me or does that wide-eyed look she has as Emily walks out the door say, “well, that’s not the reaction I wanted or expected…” I dunno, she looked kind of, disappointed and startled, maybe? Basically it reminded me of that line from 3.09, “maybe I only like guys, except for you” that seemed to have a different tone than the rest of the conversation, as if she was trying to goad Emily into saying something reassuring, along the lines of: “I’m not buying it, and you can’t make me leave.” Also ties into Naomi’s “say something” from 3.06… I dunno, I felt like Emily always ‘has the reins’ (…) and maybe Naomi in a way has been trying to move things ahead a little, perhaps without even knowing it, by putting Emily into situations where she’s forced to a. take charge and b. reassure Naomi? Ooooor maybe I’m crazily imagining things, which I do a lot. Anyway, thanks for the lolzie recaps, and all your awesomeness!

  27. Gins
    Gins at · Reply

    makes my day to see them Rent references. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT PART. i think it’s one of my favorite moments when Emily stands up for Naoms in the next section while Cook’s being an ass. When he teases her about Emily being her ‘girlfriend’ she gets all defensive. That’s what I LOVE ABOUT NAOMI. I shouldn’t, but I do. Cause you know she’s only getting defensive and upset because she’s terrified. So human. I cry.

    Also, I am in love with Emily Fitch and always will be. I’ve said it.


  28. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    I am alive, why has Emily Fitch not hunted me down yet? I would rather think of Emily being my pathetic slave all, got any spare peado jerseys? (And why did I not know I could have been commenting anon? Oh well, too late now. Now you know)

    Now, I’m sure I had more to say but again slightly speechless, and I think actually in need for some sleep before I continue reading. (I am also listening to Rent right now btw)

    But one last thing, the hair touching moment, I always day dream about that with the rockstar I’m madly in love with, because it’s just so sweet and innocent and sounds simple but its actually loaded with so much meaning and omg…I did meet my rockstar and there was no hair touching (well there was security or I’d have been touching his…um, hair. Maybe next time eh?)

    I feel like a need a cold shower now but I’m too tired to move. Doesn’t help that I Should Tell You is playing right now…*I still need that paedo jersey*

    Btw. Thank you both for existing and for these recaps, so much love!!!

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