Freddie — Part 3

Sophy says: Karen is a spoilt brat, Mr F is a fucker. But that was going too far Freds. I know you’re angry, I know you’re trashed, but you don’t call your sister a whore.

It’s not cool, I promise.

Rin says: So not cool.

And they have matching greasy hair.

Sophy says: Nor do you punch your son, Mr F. I have so much bread stored up to point at you, jfc.

And when I run out I’ll use the nuts Rin has stored for winter in her chipmunk cheeks.

Rin says: omg they’re not chipmunk cheeks anymore :(((((

Sophy says: Mr F twists the knife a little by telling Freddie he has his mother’s eyes but. You look like someone you and I both adore and miss like fuck but.

But you’re you. But you’re not good enough.

He says all Freddie does is skate around, and I want to say, hey, that’s pretty much within the realm of normal for a teenage boy, and I’d hazard a guess it’s very much within the realm of normal for a teenage boy who’s been through what he’s been through.

And another thing, is he seriously trying to imply that Freddie should be auditioning for Sexxbombs too??? Cos honestly, I think a lot of parents would rather their kid was skating around…

Rin says: I read auditioning for sexxbombs. I think Mitch Hewer audition tape for Glee. And I get confused and scared.

Sophy says: ROFL OMG. OH MITCH.

Sophy says: There’s that picture again. It’s kind of ubiquitous in this ep, and with good reason, I suppose. It’s a lovely photo. My favourite thing is how much of a dork Freddie looks like and how his expression and pose kind of mirror his dad’s, like Karen’s mirror her mum’s.

Rin says: omg they are so similiar in poses. That’s nuts.

Sophy says: Cry me a river, Mr F. And take some parenting classes while you’re at it.

Sophy says: God that first cap… his face and the light and the yellow and the blue… and the second cap!!! the sunflowers in the cold grey-blue morning light. Jfc.

Rin says: Freddie’s garden/shed will always be one of my favourite Skins locations. Omfg, new rophy trophy needed.

Sophy says: Cereal and spliff to start the day.

Rin says: Bananas in the background. Seriously, everywhere.

Sophy says: FFFFFF I can’t wait to see Naoms and her banana :((


Sophy says: He looks so little in that first cap, so little and forlorn! Oh Freddie :(

Rin says: Hahaha he has some inner-dialogue going on at the moment that would be something along the lines of, ‘YOU! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING MR. SKATEBOARD.’

Sophy says: So he’s decided to stop skating around and go sort this shit out with Effy. I see what you did there, Skins.

Rin says: Must find house with red door.

Sophy says: Cry me a river Mrs S. And take some parenting classes while you’re at it.

Rin says: Haha are you offering to pay for all these parenting classes?

Sophy says: Sure. WITH THEIR TEARS.

Sophy says: Run, Freds, Fun! Effy and you’s like peas and carrots!

I love the song that plays here sfm. I’m a full grown man and I will lay, lay, lay in the grass all day so perfectly mirrors the conflict in Freddie, the way he’s on the cusp of adulthood, of growing a pair and making things happen instead of smoking spliff and pining and hating everyone and feeling impotent.

Sadly I downloaded it and found that it has this irritating thing going on where it changes pace and tone entirely and swaps back and forth almost like two songs in one. Same problem arose with the song that plays during the Naomily kiss/party scene in the finale. Woe.


Sophy says: Those pants… honestly… just… no.

And I love that apparently Kaya was all shy and nervous about wearing bathers, considering that what Effy wears the rest of the time isn’t exactly modest.

Rin says: What would you call the thing Effy is on? Like.. an island? I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous against the water. Srsly omg. Freddie please stop wearing capri’s…it’s hardly flattering on women so it’s definitely not doing any favours for you.

Sophy says: I’ve been reliably informed that it’s a pontoon.


Sophy says: Freddie looks around for Effy, yells out insistently, with newfound determination, that he wants to talk to her.

I love that he’s out of breath and calling her and she’s behind him, lying there silently int he sun, earbuds in, away from the world. Her message says she’s not talking right now, but Freddie is damn well going to make her.

Rin says: I’m giggling at the second cap, because he is kind of looking right at her.

Sophy says: That second cap has to be one of the greatest shots ever, ever, ever in Skins. Her pose is just… I don’t even… and the way she’s holding the phone up… I just… words are failing me. And I love words.

Rin says: I agree, I love that shot too. It’s the way her left arm is sticking out awkwardly too.

Sophy says: She’s totally giving off Venus in the shell vibes, actually. Interesting.

Sophy says: Freddie has the presence of mind to take his shirt off, and honestly, I wish he hadn’t, because he’s a beautiful, beautiful boy, but he’s still a boy, all skinny and gangly and not done growing yet, and it just makes me feel like a total pedo to be looking at this. DAMN YOU SKINS AND YOUR INSISTENCE ON FLOUTING THE 90210 CODE AND HIRING DISTRESSINGLY AGE-APPROPRIATE ACTORS.

Rin says: You’re kidding me right? Out of all of them, luke is the least of your worries. Luke 1989, Kat 1991 and Kaya 1992.

Sophy says: Yeah, but they don’t whip their tops off like this.

Which… I guess… is a… good thing?

Rin says: Incorrect.

Sophy says: The colours, the light, I just…

Rin says: Man, I would get so tired having to swim that far.

Sophy says: For a moment Effy just stands there while he swims toward her, and that’s fine, that’s completely fine. She could have just waited for him to reach her and stayed dry and aloof and they could have had a conversation about how peaceful it was out here and how if they went on a date she’d break his heart and don’t be silly, nobody breaks hers…

But she doesn’t. She takes a quick, fluttering breath and you can almost feel her shivering head to toe as she hesitates, steps forward, drops the phone, launches herself urgently and awkwardly into the water and starts swimming too.

Rin says: The way she jumps in is so adorable. And I love it. It’s how you would jump in Sophy!


Effy has an excuse though. It really is as though she hadn’t actually made up her mind whether to jump or stay put till she was in the water.

Sophy says: And there it is. It’s done. She made a choice, a snap decision, she jumped into this love thing feet first and there’s no going back, however hard she pretends there is.

Rin says: And neither party went into hypothermic shock. Which almost meant that neither party immediately had to go have a hot shower. Wait, what am I saying.

Sophy says: They meet in the middle and get right down to business with the kissing, because who needs small talk when you’re already swimming frantically toward each other with one burning thought: Will your arms open wide…?

Sophy says: This is beautiful. This is simple and sweet and almost too easy.

But it’s not a game anymore and Effy knows it. It’s not something she planned or even had a chance to mull over. He caught her off guard for once and it’s the beginning of the beginning, the beginning of the end, too.

Sophy says: And that’s why she’s so afraid. That’s why she tries to tell him “Freddie, I don’t know if I can…”

But he doesn’t listen, and let’s face it, if he hadn’t cut her off with more kisses things would have turned out the same way anyway. Because what was she really going to say that would convince them both to stop?

(Oh yeah. I forgot. “I’m fucking your best friend again”. That pretty much does the trick.)

Sophy says: His hands are so large and cradling and they hold her face so delicately and she looks into his eyes and sees that he will love her if she lets him and the more she can’t look away the more she is terrified.

Rin says: I adore how huge his hands look against her face, and how he’s holding her so softly, as if scared he’s going to break her.

Sophy says: Most ridiculed line in the fandom, comin’ through! Idk you guys, I think JJ got gypped in that competition…

Sophy says: “Now I’ve told you, okay? Now you know.”

I’ll tell you all a little secret. I love this line. And I love the way Luke delivers it, with a shrug and a smile and a heart wide open. I love it. Are you all scandalized?

I remember watching this episode for the first time and flailing about the moment to Rin on yahoo. As someone who’d been in the big, scary fandom sand-pit for a while, oh how she laughed and laughed…

But really, I have no idea why it’s so hated-on. I actually think it’s pretty clever, because Freddie, as I’ve said throughout this recap, is woefully inarticulate. It’s pretty well established in this episode that he doesn’t know how to tell anyone how he feels, let alone Effy Stonem. He doesn’t know what to say, so he does instead. And he’s right, he absolutely did get the message across.

Rin says: I don’t know what to say. I’m probably disappointing people with my lack of funny towards NOW YOU KNOW. But you know.. I’m all out. OKAY? I’ve told you. Go away.

Sophy says: He may not have said much, but Effy does know now. In this moment as she watches him swim away and touches her chipped-polish fingers to her lips… I think she’s seeing the future. Because she knows that no matter how hard she tries not to, she’ll drink all the lemonade and truth, boom. She won’t be able to hide anymore.

She’ll fall in love and forget to feed the demons.

And when they tear themselves out of her Skin… they’ll be hungry.

It’s incredibly interesting watching this episode in the context of 405. This episode, and Freffy in general, made a lot more sense and meant a lot more to me after that episode aired.


Stunning to this amount I think:

Rin says: :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( It’s true though. Why does my inner designer even bother??

Sophy says: Your inner designer is history, Rin. Skins has moved on to stealing YOUR pants now.

Sophy says: lol, this girl is way better than Karen with the singing and the dancing.

Karen is way cuter though, so gtfo blonde ‘stick your dick in’ woman.

Rin says: I’m too upset by her to even try and gauge any sort of talent.

Sophy says: Jfc those outfits on the backup dancers D:

Rin says: I want to put on a tight skirt and flirt with a stranger.

Sophy says: Nananana-ooooooo tonight!

Sophy says: I love that he goes. I love that he claps and smiles and tries so very dorkily to get into it. Because it’s hard to be this decent and supportive with so much hurt and bad blood between you, but he did it. And I guess that’s because he felt a little less hopeless and lonely… because it seemed like maybe he was going to get the girl and that was reason to smile and stand tall and be a full grown man about things…


Rin says: Things start to fall into place for Freds. But don’t fret dear viewers, he’ll get it taken away from him once again! He’ll be miserable, just the way you want him to be.

And he licks his lips after a shot of that dude is shown.. I don’t even know.

Sophy says: I guess somehow he still thinks he has a shot at gayest despite that little moment he shared with Naoms earlier. What a thickie.



Sophy says: Ffffff I really need a gif of his SAD ATTEMPTS AT DANCING ALONG TO THE MUSIC. OH FREDDIE.

Rin says: I’m a bit upset that he’s trying to pull off that suit again. :(((( BRING BACK THE CARDIES.

Sophy says: Beautiful, shiny Mclair smiles ftw.

Rin says: Omg they’re adorable.

Rin says: There is always a time and place for ONE OF US ONE OF US. Always. Which reminds me, I need to make those tshirts.

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH NGL I THINK THEY WOULD GET ON LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE. All those long evenings spent discussing romance and honing their skills.

Sophy says: OH KAREN. As much as you were a dick in this episode your little, sad, beautiful face with the tear tracks and the hood up? I adore. And it’s impossible not to feel sorry for you when you look so small and miserable and your dad is hugging you in a room full of balloons with a pink and black banner that says ‘Minxxy Sexxbomb’ in the background. :(

Rin says: If you’re ever mad at me, I know what to do. Smudge my eye liner and put my hood up.

Sophy says: Good plan. Try to work in some balloons and the word Minxxy too.

Sophy says: Her eyeshadow matches his shirt. Best brother/sister team ever.

Rin says: Karen looks absolutely devastated and slightly lost. Points to Klariza.

Sophy says: Oh Freds. You’re a champ. And at least Mr F seems to be acknowledging it.

Rin says: GUH, I love this moment between father and son. See Freds, you just needed to make some tea. IT FIXES EVERYTHING, RIGHT BRITS? (Is this sad? Is my attempt at fitting in sad?)


Sophy says: This may seem really random, but I adore the fact that when he kisses her forehead he does it twice.

Rin says: When I was rewatching this I couldn’t help the tears that flowed down my face. I just. It’s the sibling love. The way he just wants to take care of her, tell her it’ll be okay and to just make things better. I can’t ever not feel it.

Sophy says: FFFFFFF. Somehow it’s made a thousand times cuter by how big and gangly Freddie seems and the way he’s holding his mug out away from himself awkwardly. Again, it may seem random, but it’s how I feel.

Rin says: Sorry that’s it. That’s the end of goodness for you Freds.

Sophy says: JJ shows up with Cook to gloat about Karen’s defeat.

My conclusions based on this data: Cook’s a fuckhead, JJ is useless.

Rin says: Dude, now that I’m looking at this cap. I knew I purposely chose one with his eyes closed but, WHAT THE FUCK is he doing with his hands? IS HE UNBUTTONING HIMSELF? Srsly JJ, why. Just why.

Sophy says: Idk, Rin, idk. But this next scene is just so upsetting… let’s pretend something nicer happened…

Sophy says: Sorry GayJay.

Rin says: Noone invited you JJ. Noone. So you do not simply start unbuttoning your shirt in the hopes to be let into the sex. YOU JUST DON’T.

Sophy says: Oh right, JJ. Ask Freddie not to do anything bad. Because he’s the one who needs help with that. Go enable Cook some more, useless.

Rin says: Honestly, I’m just confused about the whole situation right now, and JJ’s part in all of this. Where is it all coming from? I don’t understand.

Sophy says: Cook asks how many votes Karen lost by, says that’s how many people were at Keith’s pub. He pushes and pushes but neither Karen nor Freddie get it yet, neither of them takes the bait.

Rin says: Karen’s stare, omfg, love.

Sophy says: So he keeps pushing, because he has to make damn sure they know what he did. He’s just that proud of it.

And see this is one of the key differences between Cook and Freddie at this point in time. Cook doesn’t understand how to fight with someone and still be a decent guy at the end of the day. There is nothing that is off limits to him. Freddie is just as hurt as he is about the shed, and on top of that he’s been struggling to deal with what he sees as an abuse of his mother’s memory, plus epic antagonism from Karen and a lack of understanding from his dad… but when all’s said and done, he’s going to get his ass down there and cheer for her when she’s up on stage and comfort her when things go wrong. He might say things he regrets in the heat of the moment, because hey, we all do, but he would never actually set out to destroy her dream. Cook will, happily, and he’ll rub it in her face afterward. Because he doesn’t understand how to fight fair. This is why now, when he gets angry with Freddie, he’ll leave and go and fuck the girl he knows Freddie has feelings for, and rub it in his face with a devilish grin. Karen hurts him? He destroys her dream. Freddie hurts him? He gives his heart a kicking.

No bottom lines.

Can I just take a moment to say though how ridiculous it is that those 12 votes made all the difference? That’s a mighty coincidence, especially since there were two other contestants to choose from, not one.

Rin says: It’s Bristol.

Sophy says: Karen goes mental, Freds hauls her off. JJ stands around being useless.

Rin says: Cook. That was a bastard move.

Sophy says: Mr F takes his little girl away from this shit and Cook and Freddie face off.

Sophy says:

You should use a different face when facing off Freds. That ones just sillyshorts.

But kudos on the headbutt, well administered.

Rin says: HAHAH He looks like a muppet. It’s amazing.

Sophy says: Cook gets all up in his face again and thinks about returning the favour. JJ stands around being useless.


Sophy says: I see baby-Freds!

As for cap number two… what is it with JJ and standing around ruining awesome gay kisses with his useless presence???

And seriously… *fans self* After Elton should be covering this shit.

Rin says: I can’t unsee the gif of JJ having some alone time with his ukulele after this kiss. Cannot unsee and it hurts.

Sophy says: “I really fookin’ love you, you bastard” Cook says.

And I’m unclear as to why on earth Freddie is a bastard in this whole set-up, but whatever, it was still hot.

I read a post somewhere about Cook and Freddie, which discussed something called ‘Triangulation of Desire’. According to that theory, Cook pursues Effy because she’s what Freddie wants and what Cook really wants is Freddie – and Freddie away from Effy. I buy this, 100%. I’m not going to argue that Cook is in fact gay and in love with Freddie, although I’m sure it would be a lot of fun. But I will say this: up until a certain point toward the end of series 3, Cook did not appear to have any interest in Effy as Effy. Sure she’s was a nice piece of ass, but by and large, he could take it or leave it according to his mood. And his mood changes rapidly when Effy is around Freddie. Note the shed scene in this episode, note the way he watches Freddie watching Effy in the bar. At least to begin with, I’m firmly convinced that Cook’s pursuit of Effy was all about keeping her away from Freddie.

“We’re not going to let anything come between us,” he says in the bar, and “Bros before hoes, right?

The trouble is that Cook doesn’t quite understand that that phrase doesn’t mean ‘You can never have a girlfriend because I want you all to myself.’

Rin says: You just explained how Rophy is to other people outside of Rophy.

Sophy says: Cook punches the photo of Freddie’s family, of Freddie’s dead mum. Glass shatters and so does my heart and I frankly don’t understand how I ever forgave Cook for this shit. I mean, come on.

Rin says: I don’t … just. In my mind they’ve spent their whole lives together, and since Cook never really had a proper family I always imagined he was over all the time and Mrs. McLair was like his second mum. And then I imagine all the pain they went through together when she died. And then he punches the photo for no good fucking reason. He’s an ass. A big disgusting ass.

Sophy says: There is no reason that can make that okay. NO REASON, SERIOUSLY, NONE WTF :((

This is getting way too depressing. Let’s look in on GayJay shall we…

Sophy says: Ffs JJ. Everything you touch.

Rin says: That is the last time Freddie will ever listen to anything JJ says. Thank god.

Sophy says: Freddie cries, finally. It feels like he should have been crying this whole episode through. He touches his hands to his mother’s face again and gahhhh it’s only going to get worse in a minute and I just wish I could give him a hug.

Rin says: He will never ever get a break.

Sophy says: :(

And to add insult to injury…

Sophy says: So apparently Cook’s gay enough for KYLIE DANCING. Unbelievable.

Rin says: dnw prancing in your dead brothers/best friends shed.

Sophy says: He goes out in search of Effy, calls her phone but she’s not answering, winds up at her door because he really needs something right now, he really needs her.

I adore that first cap. His skin is beautiful in the light.

Sophy says: Oh ffs. Anthea is basically all “Fuck off, kid, my 16 year old daughter is busy having mindless sex upstairs.”

Rin says: Anthea is so fucking fail.

Sophy says: Here’s the Romeo and Juliet moment…

Rin says: Effy’s a bitch. Just like how Naomi’s a bitch.

Sophy says: … Oh wait. My bad. It’s Cruel Intentions. No really…

Rin says: HAHA oh my god. I haven’t seen that movie in so long. Oh SMG, where did it all go so wrong? (I’m still holding out for her to be in something brilliant)

Sophy says: I forgive Effy for this, knowing what I now know. Because she’s deeply disturbed and deeply afraid. And, you know, actually crazy.

I can’t forgive Cook. I did the first time I watched, because, I guess I was always waiting for something that would make it okay, like, eg. him actually apologizing and showing remorse for all this crap… and then I guess I just forgot to be angry somewhere along the way. But on second viewing, geeeeeez, idk if he’s going to charm me out of this again you guys, I just d. k.

Because if he wasn’t quite dead to me when he smashed the picture, he’s dead to me now, as he opens the curtains nice and wide, grins his fucking nasty little grin and indulges in a round of Kick The Sponge.

It would have been kinder to just punch Freddie and be done with it and he knows it. I can let things that are done in the heat of the moment slide… but here he’s purposely being cruel to someone he’s supposed to love.

Just… no.

Rin says: I agree with the heat of the moment thing. Shit like that happens, but omfg. Actively seeking out to be a right bastard to your best friend, the one who you’re always telling you love them? I just. I don’t understand it. Freddie never pissed on you mate, so what are you going on about?

Sophy says: Freddie looks up, almost smiles like “Hey, I should have known”.

He walks off into the night, alone.

Rin says: Sorry Freds. I guess all you have to look forward to now is…





(Also, I’ve Lily/Grey may be my OTP, but I believe I also ship Lily/Yellow. That third cap. Ffffffwtfomfgpretty.)

Rin says: I just facepalm right along with Naomi.







Sophy says: Don’t worry Karen. You gave them their chance. It’s not your fault they fucked it up it’s Lamie’s.

Now go be a feisty delight on your caketopper honeymoon with your man, thank you very much.

Rin says: Hahaa whoopsie daisies.

Sophy says: My final thought this week is a little piece of propaganda I’ve made to encourage Rin to watch Boosh…

Bouncy bouncy!

Rin says: Interesting.

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    1. Sophy
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      lol, apologies bro. He may just be like that, but I still just don’t like it!

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    fffffffffffffffffuu i hate it that sophy is such a freddie stan/freffy shipper. fdsfjdslfkjfdslf.

    but who am i to judge? pretty good rophycap tho!

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      Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m no stan. I just call it like I see it. And in this ep I saw Freffy being interesting, Freddie manning up and Cook being a fuckhead. What can I do? SIX SEATER TABLE!

  3. polymorph80
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    15 votes were probably plenty, considering that they had “over a thousand texts and phone calls” in the semifinal (i.e. not many). But I couldn’t get behind the ridiculous parody of The X Factor, because The X Factor *is* a ridiculous parody already.

    These Rophycaps are making Freddie – and Freffy – make a lot more sense. But dear god, Luke is such a terrible actor that he sucks all the energy off the screen whenever he’s on it. Sid was a bit of a nebbish too, but at least Mike had some life in him when he was doing it…

    Also, I will be very dismayed if the Naomicap doesn’t stretch to at least six pages.

    1. Sophy
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      haha yes, but, but, but… idk. It’s a smidge too cute that it was the exact amount of votes for exactly the right girl out of the other two, regardless of the smallness of the competition.

      I can’t agree with you that Luke is energy-suckingly terrible. He has his dodgy moments, which usually involve disgusted head-shaking, fffff, but I think the extent to which he’s a bad actor is exaggerated. In series 3 he was often one of the weak links, I won’t deny that. But that, to me, is really just a reflection of how strong the Skins cast is generally.

      And jfc, you have no idea how long just the capping stage has taken for 306. Mental. ♥

      1. polymorph80
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        I’ve known serious elections decided on fewer votes than that, so wevs. Presumably those fifteen people in the pub just abstained; if they’d voted for the winner girl she’d have won by 29 votes (I think I’ve got the maths right there).

        My main problem with Luke is his complete lack of facial expression (he rivals Sela Ward for the accolade of most expressionless actor, and she’s got an excuse – in as much as you can call “too much botox” an excuse). His Longing Glance Across A Room is completely identical to his Stoned Glance Across A Room (and his Pissed Off Glance for that matter *points bread*), and that’s what made Freffy look so weak for so long (to me). Yeah, we’re probably spoiled by the magnitude of Naomily’s eyesex, but they were never meant to be that story; Freffy were supposed to be the big Love Story For The Ages with Naomily as Cute Support. And without the acting to pull it off (Kaya gave it everything she had to try and make it work, bless her), it ended up feeling somehow very… *written*.

        I realised about five seconds after I made that previous post that I may actually have been lying. I almost *don’t* want an epic Naomicap; that episode is something so special to me (I rank it as best of series, best of gen, best of show, and – seriously – a strong contender for best of TV full stop) that seeing it picked apart and analysed (and, let’s face facts, Sophia’d) might ruin it. But I trust you guys to not trash it too hard. :-)

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          I do see what you mean about Luke – IMO he definitely improved in that area by s4, but yeah, there were times in s3 when I feel he could have talked with his face more, if you will.

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    I love the way you guys describes Freddie, Effy and the whole Cook situation mainly cause I agree with it. There is no way anyone can convince me that Cook’s main attraction to Effy isn’t due in main part because of Freddie’s affection for her. This epi makes me tear up all the time now cause in my fictional head, I know there’s no chance that Karen, Freds and his pops are ever going to get a chance to work on their relationship past 405.

    1. Sophy
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      IMO the story being told is very clearly one in which Cook’s interest in Effy is all about Freddie – to begin with. By the end of s3 he has developed feelings for Effy, of course, but right now? It’s all about keeping her away from Freddie.

      And yeah, that’s why Karen breaks my heart so much in 408… up until she randomly forgets that she’s terrified something’s happened to her brother and starts Kylie dancing in his shed with a big smile on her face. lol fail.

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    Now I remember why I hated Cook in s3. When I re-watch this episode, I usually stop after Naomily goes away, and if I keep watching, it’s for the undeniable pretty that the water scene is. So I usually forget what an asshole Cook is. Something makes me think that reading your recaps has me devoting more time and energy than actually watching the episodes, haha. But I’m okay with that, as the recaps are very lol-filled. Even during boring Freddie scenes. Very much looking forward to next week!

    1. Sophy
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      haha, Rophy is glad to make Freddie episodes more bearable for those who find him as dull as ditchwater! And yeah… this ep… really not Cook’s finest hour. Perhaps next week will be an improvement…

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    Awwww thanks for the extra lols and the way you analyze the characters.<3 My Freffy heart was so happy about this recap. Not to mention how much Freddie's adorkable. Anyway,thanks to yours caps I've found out that Naomi is pure lust. I don't care if Effy's beautiful, Naomi is and will always remain the hottest. Not to mention her being the gayest with Emily.
    Plus, ITA about Cook and his being gay before 3×08. I don't know why didn't keep going on like that. It would have been so much more interesting this supposed triangle.

    1. Sophy
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      ngl, part of the reason I wanted more Naomi and Effy interaction is just for the pure GORGEOUS of the two of them on screen at the same time.

      I think it would have been interesting to continue the friendship (with gay subtext) line in terms of the triangle, rather than having Cook fall in love with Effy too somewhere along the line. But oh well, at least they didn’t do anything just plain stupid, like have one of the characters beaten to death with a baseball bat at the eleventh hour by an evil psychiatrist who also fell in love with Effy… oh wait.

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    I’ve forgotten to say I wish Karookie happened sfm it hurts. <3 Love your caps about it too,then.

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      FFFF YES KAROOKIE. It’s my ship of choice for Cook. And I mean that seriously – I think they would be really, really interesting together.

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    These recaps take a long time to read, but talk about time well used. I have never commented here, but what the heck? I should. You guys put so much time into this and it’s all so amazing, you deserve the praise.
    I’ll probably write a lot now, and I’m sorry for that. lol but Skins is great, no… Skins is awesome. and it always makes me wanna go on and on and on about it. (and escuse all my english mistakes, it’s done with love, I swear)

    This episode reminded me how useless JJ is, what was the point of JJ in this episode? Put James Fitch in his place and it would have made as much sense but it would have been more hilarious.
    Although, in a way, I feel sad for JJ, because I think he’s used all the time by Cook and Freddie when these two are competing against each other. There are moments when Fredster and Cookie show they actually care about JJ, but most of the time I ask why are they even friends with him, because they can’t look at him and see him, but they look at him and try to find a way to steal him from the other. And S4 just confirms all this because those friendships are put aside. Bless the writer of JJ’s episode (in season 3… season 3) for finding him a friend that was actually seeing him and wanted to listen to him.
    And I despise Cook so much in this episode. I have no words. no words. I like Cook’s character (thank you Jack), but there isn’t much consistency. And I know everyone loves his speech in 4×03 about how everyone pisses on him… but it always seemed to me that it was the other way around. Yeah, his parents were jerks, but he had friends that actually treated him like a person, he was the one treating them like non persons.

    This Freddie episode is a really well shot and pretty episode. And I like Freddie and the use of Sparklehorse and Carla Bruni. But I think it lacks the substance, and that’s my problem with the whole thing. They put too much thought on the form, and not enough on the content. That is my problem with the arms/hands scene at the classroom and the kiss/lake scene. Are they beautiful? They are, then thousand times yes. And Luke and Kaya are gorgeous. But to me their first kiss at the lake never seemed to be more than just this pretty set up without much meaning. I don’t even mind the “now I’ve told you, now you”. I actually love it for the lols it brought. But what he’s telling her is “I love you”, and there are better ways to say it. There are also better ways to build up a couple and make it look like it’s really love. And there’s nothing real or very relatable about that moment,
    Freddie and Effy had only two moments that can be count as “meaningful” before this episode. One is when the game begins, and she doesn’t even seem that affected by him then, the other one is a forced scene at the end of Panda’s episode. Apart from that they only stare at each other. There is an obvious attraction between these two people, just like there is between Cook and Effy, but nothing more apart from that was shown.
    It’s rather interesting watching these episodes again knowing what we know about Effy and Naomi from S4. Naomi’s revelation was more shocking, because even though it was clear she had feelings for Emily the whole time, to know how far back they went and how defining they were, was a revelation. Effy’s “storyline” wasn’t as surprising, but it still makes you look at these episodes in a different way. What I don’t understand is why she sometimes teases like she does. She’s afraid of getting closer to Freddie (because she knew from the first look he was the “closest she’d ever get”… I strongly dislike that line from 4×05 and that idea, but that’s not relevant here) but she is the one who makes it a game for him. In that pretty arms/hand scene at the classroom, she’s obviously playing with his emotions and she does it with intent. It’s not one of her weak moments, it’s Effy clearing playing with him, she even smirks, she knows what she’s doing. And if she’s scared, if she’s afraid, why is she playing the game? It reminded me on Tony’s manipulations with Michelle. But in his case they made more sence, because he wasn’t scared.
    I understand her visiting him at the shed, she wants to know him. She likes him and she can’t completely run away, there’s something safe about him and she wants to know his world, but the teasing with the hand holding is different. That’s her showing she wants “intimacy”, only to tell him later “No” and sleep with his best friend. And it’s hard to forgive Effy for those manipulations, those moments when it really looks like it’s a game. And even though I agree that Freddie has problems expressing himself, I don’t think that justifies his inoperation at the shed when Cook is clearly disrespecting Effy and she’s asking him for help. Freddie has turned down Cook before, so, why does he let him treat her like that? No lack of specking abilities can really explain that moment. At least in Effy’s episode he acts like a man and he reacts when Cook disrespects Katie.

    I agree with the idea of Cook doing all this because of Freddie, not because he has these strong feelings for Effy. It’s a bit like Katie. She was afraid of losing her sister to someone else, she didn’t want her sister to be with someone else, Cook is like that with Freddie too. Because at the end of the day, Cook and Freddie are almost like siblings. They love each other but they also hurt each other. And there’s this girl they both find pretty but things are getting to be too much, and Cook won’t allow Freddie to have her. And he never will.. till the end of the generation. Cook will never be able to let Freddie be happy with the girl.

    On a last note, that last crying scene with Luke, he got better in S4, for sure. Still not on point, but he got better. I remember feeling empty (and I still do) watching that scene. and I think I was supposed to feel something.

    I don’t know if they had planned to kill Freddie or not, if when they wrote that Naomi bit they had that in mind. It’s interesting… though. I think they always had the Effy going crazy storyline as a plan for S4. But I’m not sure about the whole connection to his family thing and if they knew exactly where to go with it. Because at the end of this episode Freddie seems more at peace with his family and their choices, but then we go to 4×05 and he’s back at beeing really angry at them and I can’t even understand where that anger all comes from. What happened between this and that episode? Maybe the unhealthy relationship with Effy was also affecting his family relationship? But anyway, i don’t put too much thought into Naomi’s speech. It’s good in this episode and it actually tells me more about Naomi, and how different she is with the world around her since Panda’s episode, then it tells me about Freddie’s future.

    You two? Brilliant, as always.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Wow, that’s a monster of a comment! We’re very glad that our rambling inspired rambling from you too!

      And I gotta say, I think James Fitch would make a much more fitting sidekick for the Cookie monster. That would be EPIC.

  10. Angie
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    Rin out of funny?! See?? Nothing good comes out of this episode.

    Okay, except Naomi/blue hair band. There.


    Oh, and I almost forgot… scrapey love is immortal.

    1. Sophy
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      idk idk, I thought JJ’s gay routine was pretty special. But maybe that’s just me.

  11. SP
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    Your thoughts on “next time” are about as articulate as I am right now when I think about the recaps we are going to get….


    1. Sophy
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    Cook feels like Freddie is stealing Effy from him. Thus he thinks fucking Karen is justified in some way. You get it now?

  13. Nuria
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    I can’t wait for the 306 recap: Rophy does Naomi :D

    1. Sophy
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      UM… HI.

  14. Jordan
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    “And see this is one of the key differences between Cook and Freddie at this point in time. Cook doesn’t understand how to fight with someone and still be a decent guy at the end of the day. There is nothing that is off limits to him. Freddie is just as hurt as he is about the shed, and on top of that he’s been struggling to deal with what he sees as an abuse of his mother’s memory, plus epic antagonism from Karen and a lack of understanding from his dad… but when all’s said and done, he’s going to get his ass down there and cheer for her when she’s up on stage and comfort her when things go wrong. He might say things he regrets in the heat of the moment, because hey, we all do, but he would never actually set out to destroy her dream. Cook will, happily, and he’ll rub it in her face afterward. Because he doesn’t understand how to fight fair. This is why now, when he gets angry with Freddie, he’ll leave and go and fuck the girl he knows Freddie has feelings for, and rub it in his face with a devilish grin. Karen hurts him? He destroys her dream. Freddie hurts him? He gives his heart a kicking.”

    This is filled with so much fucking win. Sophy, I always love what you have to say about Freddie and how people perceive him vs what you feel because I always know exactly what you mean. I can’t stand all the Freddie hate, and this episode definitely showed Cook’s true colors. He’s not a good friend and he’s just a real asshole to everyone.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I don’t get the Freddie hate at all. By no means is he perfect, nor is he particularly glamorous as a character… but he’s a decent guy for the most part. And he puts up with a lot too, lol. I don’t see any reason to hate him as a person or as a character.

      I’m not sure if this ep really showed Cook’s true colours – I hope not, for his sake. I think his nastiness and ruthlessness in this ep is all about fear – of losing Freddie, of still being a child in a world that is growing up around him, of being alone and unloved… I hope that this isn’t the person he really wants to be deep down – and we do see signs after this ep that there’s more to him than this, even if, sadly, a lot of the progress he makes gets butchered toward the end of s4, particularly in the epic fail of characterization that is 407.

      But yeah anyway… in this ep… good lord. I’m not much of a grudge-holder, but I don’t know if I would have been as good to Cook in 310 as Freddie is after this. I’m not sure I would ever have spoken to him again tbh.

  15. Iris
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    OMFG! This was HILARIOUS (as always), i actually didn’t like this ep at all the first time i saw it, i think i block it from my brain in order to love cook. But oh, you two, YOU TWO, and those naomily extracts made it all worth the trouble….the part with the extra looking at naomi with what i think is pure lust….i almost died.


    *bows to you two*

    1. Sophy
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      ty Iris!

      And yeah, this is a toughie for Cook fans, as there’s really no way around the fact that he behaves vilely. But grin and bear it – he has his moments later on!


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    bouncy bouncy ooo such a good time bouncy bouncy shoes all in a line
    i love you even more for finding a way to mix the boosh with skins

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    “ill have to show you the door….violently” hahahaha I never read comments, but this was too good to miss out!!

    you rock rin really, if ppl dont like it..fuck it ( for chris)


    love the recap !!
    first time around i didnt like freds ep, it was too naomily deprived and he just gets pissed on everyfuckintime so i was like whatever, but after his ep on season 4, re watching this one was actually pretty good, it makes sense ( in a way, and i cant believe skins has so much foreshadowing…it’s too genius to be true).

    thanks for the lols as always
    you ladies kick ass!

    ( ps: you’re in the book!!!!!! OMFG i cant even….)

    1. Sophy
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      ROFL, I love it when Rin white knights for me. She’s so efficient with it!

      And yeah, that’s one of my favourite things about Skins – when it’s well-constructed, damn is it well-constructed.

      (PS – I wish I was in the book too :(( No fair :(( )

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    great recap as always. i was wondering how you were gona make this ep interesting, but u did!! n great insights into freffy. makes them more believable. i’ve never quite understood how effy n freddie had this great love thing goin on, it ws never rly convincing, but reading sophy’s analysis really makes sense.

    thank u guys sooo much for these recaps!!! cnt wait for next week!!!

    1. Sophy
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      Thanks Farah! I’m glad I made Freffy make a bit more sense to you. TBH it didn’t make sense to me either until I got to 405 and rewatched parts of s3. And then it just… unfolded. So much fun.

      We can’t wait for the next one either! ♥

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    I have to admit that when I read about the face cream misfortune I didn’t think “Oh graduation! Congratulations!” but “NOOO! That recap is gonna be late FOR SURE. I hate you, graduation.”

    Now that I’ve gotten my fix, congratulations.

    And awesome recap.

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      HAHAHAH Ana, you know where it’s at.

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    Sophy: Which… I guess… is a… good thing?

    Rin says: Incorrect.

    LOL. I started a list of my LOL moments, but I just can’t contain them all. You guys are made of nothing but WIN.

    1. Sophy
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      haha thanks so much! We try. Unlike Effy Stonem.

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    thanks for the recap. You actually made Funsponge episode FUN! if not for some Naomily scenes in this episode I wouldn’t even bother to rewatch this. Btw, you didn’t include those two old ladies in the pub quiz. it just reminds me of Naomily after 50 yrs. LoL.

    PS: i love your fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking 306 preview.

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    I figured I’d make my own make-shift black and white version of what you guys want to make:

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    Hey, I just wanted to thank you for doing these recaps, they are hilarious, one of the highlights of my week. I like the combination of reverence and irreverence. At the same time as bringing the lols in a major way you introduce new depths to the series, especially to Naomily. One thing I’ve noticed in retrospect is that Naomi’s atrocious dress sense (exemplified shockingly in the pub scene in this episode) actually makes some sense. A lot of people have said that she looks far more like a stereotypical TV gay person than Emily (short hair, slogan t shirts). I know that when pictures of the characters were first released people were already speculating that she would turn out to be gay whereas Emily went right under the radar. When I first watched the series I thought that Skins was operating a superficial double-bluff- Naomi looks like she’s gay; but wait, she isn’t, Emily is; no she actually is after all. However, in hindsight its kind of interesting that she was projecting that image without acknowledging she was actually gay. Like she sort of wanted people (read Emily) to know in spite of herself. It adds a whole new layer to her confusion.
    Sorry for the ramble, just an epiphany I had while watching the episode, Skins is amazing!

  24. Kim
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    I had to rewatch parts of this episode as I was reading your recap because I’ve only seen it once (unlike the 17 times i’ve seen episode 306). I really hate Freffy and Supersponge lost my interest in episode 4. BUT, I’m glad I did because (I am such a Skins fangeek that) I just read a 26 page thesis on the uselessness of the parents in Skins and how it functions to make the teenagers more autonomous. It was all about how this family of friends can have a much greater effect on a teenager’s development than their parents who often project too much of their own hopes/desires/problems on their kids. ANYWAYS, this episode wasn’t really used as an example within the 26 pages, but it’s perfect.

    ….I’m such a nerd.

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    hey, i love love loved the recap! and cant wait for 306

    also, just listened to the podcast from joy 94.9!! you guys are absolutely hilarious!

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    *points bread* i need my rophy fix !!
    and i just listened to the podcast, you guys are awesome :)
    i love your accents! i’m from england but sadly not from bristol,
    maybe i’ll just move there to get a skins accent, even though its only panda that has a bristol accent lol

    i can’t wait for 306!!! ♥

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    “I know dear boy, but you’ll see her again soon.” XD XD XD
    Perfect. I laughed so hard that tears came to my eyes. haha XD

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    OMG this shit is so fucking addicting. I’ve been reading you’re recaps all day! and it’s not like I don’t have papers to write.. but who cares about that?! Thanks for all the LOLz :)
    Only thing that’s not cool: I used to kinda like JJ, but now you’ve made me freakin hate him! The gayJay dance was fucking epic though, so I guess hating him is much more fun than kinda liking him. So scrap that thing about not being cool. Everything ‘s cool about Rophy

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    Hi! So I’m new to rophy does, and I’ve pretty much burned my way through your Skins recaps, laughing hysterically the whole time. Especially at horizon-Sophia. That image haunts me. : ) I was just wondering how often you guys normally post these recaps? Every week? Couple of weeks?

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    Wow, these recaps are hilarious and really evocative of how artistic Skins is, which you wouldn’t see at first glance. . . . I have to say that I think the reason people tend to relate to Cook is partly because Jack’s acting is *so strong* and partly because he’s not pretentious. . . He never really pretends he thinks he’s doing the right thing, and yeah he’s self-pitying but I think a lot of people, especially teenagers, see themselves in that. Idk. . . I myself sort of understand Cook being a monumental douche around the whole Effy issue. He resents being the fuck buddy and never really having a chance at Effy, even though he had her first, even though they have so much in common- and I think on some level he knows from the beginning that he’s not going to have her forever. So he takes out his anger and jealousy on Freddie- and the point about his fear of losing Freddie is also very valid. Because basically, if Freddie and Effy get together, that’s Effy reminding him loud and clear that he’s not, and never will be good enough, and now he’s no longer his best friend’s #1 either. Obviously, that doesn’t excuse his outright cruelty but it does help explain it to me, at least.
    Now I’ve told you. Now you know.

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    As much as I love you two and think you’re amazing with how long I can stare at your webspace…..Mimi Marquez would be insulted and affronted at you quoting her with that boa wearing harlot.

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    Hello! First off, your recaps are epicly amazing!! Secondly, and maybe someone else has already mentioned this, but how did Effy get her cell phone/electronics out onto the floating dock? haha, like, I just imagine Effy wading/doggy paddling with her legs with her arms raised above her head like a water polo workout.

    1. Sophy
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      ROFL, thanks Carly, I enjoyed that mental image.

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    Good point, because yes I really really REALLY hate freffy (major ceffy shipper over here…) to the point where parts of this recap were almost painful. But skins still manages to be so EFFING BEAUTIFUL that i still love that scene. And I love you guys. Your recaps are my favorite thing ever… even if you do ship freffy! :)

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    I’m late to the goddamn party but my goodness am i happy to have found this! Many of the fandom like Freddie, but definitely prefer to sympathize over Cook and overlook his asshole-ish tendencies in Season 3. Great to see this analysis of freddie plus a recap that sees him for the awesome and adorkable character he is! And yes, I am quite a big fan of the triangulation theory in relation to Cook and Freddie.

  36. Karina
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    I have so much bread stored up to point at you, j

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