Panda — Part 3

Sophy says: Look at them. OPENLY FLIRTING. There’s only one couple  I’ve ever seen rival this kind of blatant eyesex.

And for good measure…

*furiously represses the fact that Mrs P is trying to get in on the action*

Rin says: Housecam. Don’t hate on us, okay? We’re not preaching here. We’re just showing a similarity…. Also Housecam is pretty much the thing that brought Rophy together, so… be grateful. Plus, it really upsets me when people hate on housecam, mmmk?

Sophy says: Um… I’m preaching. I’ll preach Housecam to the ends of the earth. And I’m a bit fucking disappointed that you’re basically APOLOGIZING FOR OUR SHIP. WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY, RINANA?

Sophy says: sdfjkhkd I was thinking how cute the first cap and then I saw the SECOND ONE AND DIDN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING ELSE. They’re so happy! I mean this is the kind of perfect happiness that loses souls!

See kids? Drugs are good!

Rin says: Omg, I feel like we’re gonna get in trouble now because you promoted drugs. LUCKILY we’re our own bosses. Perfect happiness omg I see what you did there.

Rin says: Emily is victorious! I knew she was a little smartie! And she was just like.. BAM!!!

Sophy says: FFFFFFFFFFFFF SHE’S SO PLEASED WITH HERSELF. As she should be. And omfg, Sophia in the google image search. Amazing.

Sophy says: Poor Panda Pops :(


Sophy says: I first watched this on the dvd, for which the music they dance to was changed. So when I rewatched using the original version I squealed like a piglet whose tail had been pulled. Livin’ On A Prayer is my go-to karaoke song. And the shot through the window? So much better with them all singing along.

Rin says: Yeah the song on the international DVD is so lame! When I was watching my friend’s dvd I had such a rant about it, and probably embarrassed myself in the process, but come on! You can’t replace Livin’ On A Prayer! Especially when they’re all singing it in the room, so cute omg.

Sophy says: The bottle in his pants distresses me. I kept worrying he was going to fall on his arse and then… ouch! :(

Rin says: HAHAHAH. I never thought of that. I thought it was kinda cool actually…but now I won’t.




Rin says: I love how she just scoots on up right in there to prove her point.


Sophy says: lol as disturbing as all this is, I find it hard to focus on anything other than the fact that Naomi and Emily are having fun together.

Rin says: Awwwww, they can turn any activity into fun times, as long as they’re together!

Sophy says: Oh Effy. Be careful. Guilt is an emotion, you’d better shut it down with some meaningless sex stat.

Rin says: I’m sure she’ll find a willing candidate… I HOPE IT’S THE NEXT PERSON SHE SEES!

Sophy says: And another s4-Katie-in-waiting moment. Pandora is upset and Katie cares. She cares more than Pandora’s only friend, who was equally to blame for the whole fiasco. I forgive Effy for failing to react appropriately to Panda’s distress, because she’s a very troubled girl and feelings that raw are very hard for her to deal with… but nonetheless. Katie cares more.

And she would care about you too, Effy, if you’d let her. She will care about you, when you do.

Rin says: D:

Sophy says: I love these caps because a) she looks stunning, and b) she looks so adorably, lazily happy, and don’t try and tell me it’s the MDMA Naomi, because this happiness thing? It started the minute Emily joined you at the doorstep.

Rin says: It’s so not the MDMA, by my watch she had one ‘cake’ *giggles* and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make you instantly happy. But um..gorgeous Naomi is gorgeous.

Sophy says: Ems says “Hurry up!”, Naomi says “Keep your vagina on!”

Because let’s face it, Naomi would be very, very upset if Emily’s vagina fell off.

Rin says: Holy fuck, I just.. like.. BELLOWED out laughter. I fucking bellowed out laughter. And of course Naomi is thinking about Emily’s vagina, cause she’s so straight.

Sophy says: FFS. She looks like she’s going to burst with giddy loved up joy!

Rin says: She’s not fooling anybody anymore. She was straight for less than 30 minutes.

Sophy says: And Emily has never seen anything more lovely in her life than a happy Naomi, than a Naomi who is happy because of her.

Rin says: My heart. It swells.

Rin says: I love her confusion at the second choice. Oh Lily, get used to playing a fucked up person…that’s kind of all you’re going to do in series 4. Thank god you’re incredibly good at it.

Sophy says: lol, she’s so good at it that she makes it look adorable. Drugs are good???!

Rin says: THOSE EYES ARE SO FULL OF HOPE. FUCK. And just…innocence.

Sophy says: Fuck. Jesus. You know what they’re full of too? TRUST. I think my heart is going to break all over again.

Sophy says: And here we have what is possibly top spot for sexiest line in Skins, ever. The husky, wanting “Just give me a fuckin’…”

Seriously I am fanning myself over a little redheaded woman-doll. I don’t even know.

Rin says: Like I don’t know either? I want to curl into a ball and just never stop rocking back and forth. NAOMI’S SERIOUS FACE WHEN SHE REALISES THE MOOD CHANGE, I JUST. She wants it just as bad.

Sophy says: Rin, do you need to be salted? *lugs 10kg bag* Naoms looks like she might need to be salted too…

Rin says: SALT ME SOPHY. JUST SALT ME… *blacks out*

Sophy says: Look at her face. So bright and alive and full of hope and love and openness. That’s what you call acting with your eyes.

Rin says: All I can do is sit with my head resting in my hands. Looking on adoringly.

Sophy says: Oh the little smile. The one that says “Please sir, can I have some more?”

Rin says: BAHAHA. OMG SHE IS SO OLIVER TWIST RIGHT NOW. Emily is not one to withhold. (see Lake Scene)

Sophy says: Three out of these four stunning shots were marred by JJ’s “funny” omg-lesbians face.

Kudos to Heather Hogan for anticipating our response to this and putting aside her filthy JJ-loving tendencies to make lols…

She’s quite right. This is most definitely one of those times Rophy would use their removal tool. And I thought to myself, why should this just be about the lols? I mean, Rophy loves the lols, but we also like to be srs bsns about certain things, so…

Better y/y?

Also, I just have to say a big ‘guh’ to Emily in that third cap. It’s details like that that make Naomily feel so real.

Rin says: The detail of her licking her lips before they kiss? Heh, yeah.. I like that. I also like that she continues to do so in the Lake Scene. (You should just always have the Lake scene open for immediate reference?) I LOVE IT ALL. I love how Naomi’s hands are still up in front of her chest, almost like a last barrier that still keeps this kiss in the ‘safe zone.’ But I’m sorry Naomi, you should know better. You’ve ‘let yourself’ be kissed by this girl before, and you’ll let her again and again..until the one time when it counts and it’ll be your turn. (SRSLY, LAKE SCENE..LEAVE IT OPEN)

Also I need to just say that I FUCKING HATE THAT THE DVD HAS ‘I KISSED A GIRL’ PLAYING DURING THIS SCENE. That has to be the most OUTRAGEOUS song choice for all of Skins ever ever. Fuck. Thank god we have the broadcast version with ‘The Fear’ which is a million times better. URGH, DIAF MUSIC PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT I KISSED A GIRL WOULD BE APPROPRIATE. It’s not. Where did you come up with that fantastic idea? HOMESCHOOL?


As mentioned earlier I watched this episode on DVD the first time… but to be honest I didn’t notice what music was playing during this scene. lol. *shuffles feet*

But I agree so hard. That song for this scene… it feels cheap. Really cheap. And puhlease, we already have “You liked that.” from Emily. We don’t need Katy Perry’s help.

Sophy says: I love how their eyes stay closed for a moment afterward, as if they’re filing this away in the Each Other vault in their brains for safekeeping.

Rin says: Emily can’t believe what she just go to do. And Naomi? Well. I think Sophy says it best below.

Sophy says: That first cap is amazing. With one fleeting expression Naomi is saying “Okay. We have a problem. I am in love with you.”

One might say her physical feelings had been confirmed :)


But yes. Naomi knows. She knows. Emily tells her she liked that, Naomi doesn’t deny it. In fact, she probably confirms it and more.

Sophy says: And then she deflects with “You’re gay.” Because if she can ignore the truth tonight she can keep flirting and kissing and being happy.

Rin says: More flirting and kissing? Okay I’m in. *sits quietly*

Sophy says: Emily knows though. She’s always known, but now she extra knows. And it feels gooooood.

Sophy says: And so she says ‘Yes’. She says ‘I am gay. And it’s just fine with me because you are too.’

And in the second cap, ladies and gentlemen, one of my most disliked JJ moments. “Oh my.. giddy.. giddy…………… aunt.” I was cringing so much I was almost cowering. Even Hugh Grant can’t pull that shit off half the time and he was born for it.

Nice grazes though. I do appreciate the attention to detail.

Rin says: Sophy laughed at me for including the first cap, and I was all offended like.. WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING? This is the moment when she says ‘Yes.’ A simple statement not meant for anyone but herself.. Yes… I am gay…and now I know that I’m in love with you Naomi Campbell, and I’m gonna get you.

JJ has terrible hair.

Sophy says: omfg I love Baby Seal Katie sfm.

Rin says: HAHAHA. I just. What kind of a ball is that Sophy?

Sophy says: A ball that was on a baby seal’s nose in a google image search?

Sophy says: Naomi’s plan totally worked! A little more denial bought her frolicking on a bouncy castle with the apple of her eye!


Sophy says: And another s4 Katie moment. This is what makes her smile at the baby in the finale even though she’ll never have any of her own. This lovely, unflagging optimism. This ability to be happy for other people’s happiness.

Rin says: Haha aw Katie. She’s all ‘hehe look at them having……………………………………

Rin says: ………….wut.’

Sophy says: Okay so she’s a little less happy now. But notice how she’s not making this face:

Interesting. I’ve always thought Katie’s anger in 308 wasn’t about Emily being gay… it was about the fear of losing her. And at this point, that hasn’t quite become real for her.

Also, I love how slowly and deliberately Naomi’s hands come up and clasp themselves to Emily’s back. Both hands. What are you holding onto the closet door with Naomi?! Oh noes!

Rin says: Yeah this was one of the things. Katie doesn’t look disgusted, which is something we would probably expect from all her snarky remarks towards Naomi. She’s just like ‘um. wut. EMILY FITCH IS A TOPPER!!!!’ Okay maybe not.

Sophy says: Ew, ew, ew. I know he’s only for lols, but seriously. Ew.

Rin says: What? You don’t appreciate his ringlets?

Sophy says: Idk I just find this hilarious/gross. All these grown men and women with nothing better to do than crash a teenager’s pyjama party.

I also love how they’re celebrating when they lost 8 nil or whatever.

Rin says: I KNOW. Ffffff this is like you. Coming over to my house.

Sophy says: At least I have the decency to only do that when your parents are out. Um.


Rin says: D:  and the girl behind him looks like she belongs in the 80s.

Sophy says: I find it brilliant that Effy comes to see the mother to apologize. It’s like she can apologize to an unconscious person, but she can’t face Pandora’s tears. I also think it’s the moment when she realizes she forgives her own mother. Because on one level that’s who she was trying to destroy with the MDMA.

Rin says: Why do Effy’s pyjamas just say ‘BRA’ on them?! Ironic considering she isn’t wearing one, supposedly.

Sophy says: Someone’s in the closet! And no, it’s not Naomi. She got careless and tumbled out onto a bouncy castle.


Sophy says: Look Effy, it’s your drug of choice. Time to use him. If you keep at it, you’ll get really good at it and then everything will go to shit. Neat.

Rin says: So supportive. <3


Rin says: I actually feel frightened right now. Really really frightened.

Sophy says: I feel like that pile of jean shorts might be… alive.

Sophy says: Oh Panda. Despite all the other exciting stuff going on in this episode, this still really got to me. Her special night was ruined. And okay so Twister probably isn’t as much fun as making out on bouncy castles or fucking in closets, but still. It was her party. And she can cry if she wants to.


Rin says: HAHHAHA I DIE. I JUST DIE. WHEN EFFY STEALS HER LINES…like..and HER FACE when she does so. Incredible. And then Panda is struck with disbelief that she would do such a thing. Ah, amazing. And Buffy forevs.


Sophy says: And here comes the second thing that’s wrong with this ep. The whole Pandora’s straight-laced mum is an amateur porn-star thing… no. I understand that it was set up for the wonderful moment at the end in which Effy chooses not to further shatter Pandora’s safe, safe, safe… but still, this was pushing it too far, and, IMO, it made too much of a mockery of Pandora’s mother. With this, she became a straight out comic figure, rather than the tragicomic figure I would have liked her to be.

But I guess it doesn’t matter, since she – and her daugher for the most part – get ignored from now on.

Rin says: It doesn’t even make sense.. you can clearly see the houses aren’t even joined from the outside!!

Sophy says: Oh yeah. And the disc was just ~there, ready to be viewed. Please.

Not that these two weren’t hilarious. Because they were.

Rin says: Too random. There are other things, Skins…there are other things.

Rin says: SuperSponge? Amazing. And also…want a hint on what series I want to recap next?

THAT’S RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!111

Sophy says: FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 THE ORIGINAL CLOIS!!!11

Sophy says: Effy sees Freddie. She remembers what falling in love feels like, and she forgets to be afraid. She runs outside, she runs to him, offers herself on a plate.

Rin says: No wonder you’re not the gayest. We see all, Elizabeth Stonem.

Sophy says: I know right. If she even wants to have a shot she’s going to have to stop being so wishy-washy.

Sophy says: Denied. Because there are things that matter more to Freddie than fit and mysterious girls. Things like JJ. Go figure.

Rin says: I’m not going to lie. I want that vest/hoodie Freddie has going on.

Sophy says: That’s cos Freddie dresses like a girl. Until s4 when he dresses like a hobo.

Sophy says: I know people give Luke a lot of shit about his acting, and at times, I’ve been one of those people. Because at times, notably the times when he indulges in the headshakes of doom, he deserves it. But here? I thought he did a beautiful job. The simple delivery of “I’m sorry about that. It’s shit.” was perfect and perfectly disarming. And it leaves Effy brimming, overflowing suddenly, the sight of him shepherding his friend into the cab is too much, and that guilt she was trying so hard to fuck away, it’s back and it’s too much for her to cope with.

Rin says: I agree, I like that moment. He’s good in that moment. He doesn’t know what to say, because well..what DO you say to that?

Sophy says: So she weeps again, walks away again, because Effy can’t learn lessons. She can’t grow and change. It’s imperative that she stay the same, all the time the same, controlled, self-contained, and safe, safe, safe.

When I first watched this episode I was baffled as to why Effy was crying over this boy she barely knows. Granted that’s partly because I still had my gen 1 hat half-on and was petulantly searching for flaws in every episode, but still… I didn’t get it. I didn’t get it till 405 at which point it made perfect sense. Like, the end of the The Sixth Sense sense.


Yeah anyway. She cries because she’s been rejected. She cries because seeing Freddie with JJ makes her feel guilty about Pandora. But beyond that, or below that, deep down in the depths of her troubled mind, she cries because seeing Freddie with JJ makes her want him desperately. Not JJ. Freds. Because he cares. He’s a care-taker. And maybe, just maybe, he will take care of her.

Sophy says: I find it amusing that Cook is the last man standing. But in the context of 4.03, sometimes I wonder if he even has anywhere to go half the time. :(

Poor Panda. Maybe this is why you didn’t help Effy out when she threw her goodbye party and hid under the bed in 405. Payback’s a bitch.

Rin says: He doesn’t have anywhere to go. His relationship with Freds is on the rocks, Effy’s gone and he lives in student housing (or whatever). He’s that guy who wants to party all night long just because otherwise.. he’s alone. And. :(

Sophy says: There is a magic Jack O’Connell moment in this scene. Okay there are tons, let’s be real. But one I love in particular: Cook asks Pandora how you do it, meaning Twister, she misunderstands and says ‘You know, you’ve done loads of sex.’ The slightly incredulous, sweetly amused smile on Cook’s face at that moment is to die for.

Rin says: HIS SWEET SMILE, omfg. His charm, I don’t even. LOVE.

Sophy says: Also to die for: that first cap. And that second cap. And just generally the fact that Cook continues to smoke whilst playing twister.

Rin says: I love this scene so fucking much, and I wish they didn’t fuck them up in a way that was so damaging to both of their characters.

Sophy says: Panda takes a drag, sexytime ensues.

Rin says: ‘Yes, COOKKKEEEHHH???’ Haha the way she says that, I die.

Sophy says: And it’s one hell of a sexytime. For something that is comparatively unromantic and practical, Cook and Pandora’s twister sex was pretty damn hot. And also, it was lovely. I think that has something to do with the sensitivity with which both actors played it; it really came off as tender and innocent rather than dirty or wanton. I didn’t blame Panda for it. I didn’t blame Cook for it. Yes, Thomas and Pandora were sweet together, but it’s just not realistic to base a long distance relationship on three days. So I don’t think they did anything really wrong here and I did not hate them. In fact, I loved them both in this moment… too bad the writers had to ruin it all by dragging this out into a bona fide cheating plotline which went nowhere anyway and may as well never have happened.

Rin says: Agree to all of the above. It was a genuine moment between the two. Cook wasn’t a dick about the whole thing, he wasn’t in it just for the sex it seemed.

Sophy says: A new day dawns. Gorgeous.


Sophy says: Yes, Anthea. She really, really is beautiful. And I love that what draws this moment of sincere reflection from Anthea is the sight of her daughter, fresh-scrubbed and dressed in towels.

Rin says: A small, beautiful, understated moment between mother and daughter. Which I’ll come to love even more in 308.

Sophy says: I love the fact that after last night, when she was crying in the street in pink pyjamas and feeling far too many things… Effy is all black leather and hard edges again. She has put on her armour to go and face Pandora…

Rin says: I wonder why she didn’t put on her infamous eyeliner though? Ran out, maybe.

Sophy says: Idk, idk… maybe she heard that Katie really isn’t into the goth look and is trying to tone it down? That’s how much she loves her. Speaking of which…

Rin says: Oh Panda. you shouldn’t take that shit from Effy.

Sophy says: Seriously if I were Panda I would be so pissed. She doesn’t even get an episode in s4! The least Effy could do is try to be gayest with her.

Sophy says: … and winds up facing more than she bargained for.

lol Cook and his penis idek.

Rin says: I love that someone has pushed over the pot plant. FFS! What did the pot plant do?

Sophy says: One last kiss for Pandora and Cook, and she shakes her finger at him to say “No more.” She smiles to herself as she watches him walk away, because she tried surfing and turfing and she managed it quite nicely, thank you. And because it’s funny how things turn out, isn’t it? At the end of that horrendous night, somebody was there – the last person she would have expected. The last person Panda would have expected liked her enough to play twister and laugh and show her how to do sex… the fun way. It’s lovely. It’s perfect, in fact. It could have been one of the sweetest things on Skins and one of my favourite Cook moments.

Too bad it’s forever tainted by what came next.

Rin says: Yep! There was something oddly sweet about the whole thing. I just.. WHY couldn’t they just leave it there? Then their storyline for series 4 wouldn’t be so shit too.

Sophy says: Whenever I look at these caps, all I can think of is

Rin says: HAHAHAA. I think of Sophia lurking behind the bin. Sophia is Sophia though.

Sophy says: This scene is too beautiful. The sunlight on their hair and skin. The ramshackle red and pink roses on the bush behind them. Guh.

And here we have some foreshadowing of 405 and Effy’s love-induced descent into psychosis. Pandora tells it like it is – Cook doesn’t belong to anyone. He and Effy fucked. That doesn’t make him her man any more than he is Panda’s man now. And that’s okay. Because that’s not what Effy’s upset about. Effy’s upset because as much as she tries to pretend otherwise, as much as she tries to be simply indifferent or simply tolerating, she loves Pandora. She feels betrayed, not by Cook, but by her friend. And she’s already struggling with all these dangerous feelings when Pandora pushes too far. “He’s not the one you want, Eff. See I know that, because I’m your friend.” Effy thinks of Freddie. She thinks of falling in love and being taken care of and she panics. “Shut up. Shut up,” she says, because she can’t stand the love. Because she’s scared to death of the love. Because she knows where it will take her and damnit, she can see the Horizon-Sophias from here.

Poor Eff :(

And poor Lisa, because she’s brilliant in this scene and her character is just buzzing with potential that will not be developed. And that’s foreshadowed too, I suppose. As Pandora says “I’m just there to laugh at.”

Rin says: Pandora should have turned front on to the camera and ranted about that to the people behind Skins. JUST BECAUSE I’M USELESS DOESN’T MAKE ME NOTHING. Assholes.

Sophy says: “Be careful what you wish for, Pandora…”

Rin says: The faces. THE FACEESSS.

Sophy says: Thommo is back! He’s running and yelling Panda’s name like a complete dork, and if this were any other day, if last night had been any other night, Panda would have been doing the same and I would have been squeeing.

Rin says: Thomas looks like a giant. (NO, MANDEH ISN’T GOING TO SHOW UP.)

Sophy says: As it is, Panda doesn’t know how to react, and Effy saves the day. She keeps Panda’s secret along with her mother’s and says simply “Don’t be a twat Thomas. Give you girlfriend a hug.” And I love her so much for it.

Rin says: Guh guh guh.

Sophy says: Thomas and Pandora hug, in a way that is fittingly awkward, and I knew at this point that what happened with Cook would come back to haunt them, but I did not know just how bad it would be, or how pointless.

Next Time: Skins tries to be Gossip Girl trying to be Cruel Intentions trying to be Dangerous Liaisons trying to be Les Liaisons Dangeureuses.

Rin says: You keep stealing words out of my mouth. GET OFF! /sigh. I wanted to say how I love the awkwardness of the hug.. how Panda can’t quite hold Thomas the way she wants to.

Sophy says: Oh, and Karen prances around in a body stocking.

Oh, and Freds finds he can’t eat a burger without getting special sauce all over his face and takes it out on his sister. For shame.

Rin says: I cannot wait to go ass2ass with you.

Sophy says: Gonna go to my crib with my girls we’re all alone, jammin’ in our underwear – oh wait. Sorry Karen. Been there, done that, lost the teeshirt. See above.

We hope you enjoyed our rophying of an episode that is very dear to our hearts. Now scurry over to AE and wait with bated breath for Heather Hogan’s recap to go live. She will tell you dis ting and dat ting to make you have insight and further lols!

Rophy says: Something to remember us by…

Yeah. We went there. Raise your hand if you knew we’d stoop to this the moment you saw the caps on page 2.

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  1. Rachel
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    I literally fell over at the Ned Flanders cap. Stupid sexy Naomi is right! loool.

    Lovely recap as always. And just another reminder of how under used Panda was in S4. Fail Skins. Failure. Much like the pork salad. Oh yeah, I went there.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      Thanks Rachel, glad you enjoyed :) And yeah… I suppose it might be too much to hope that Pandora will be in the movie since she’s supposed to be off at Harvard and Merv has said he’s not going to be in it… but I’m still going to hope.

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    *sighs contentedly* It was even better than I expected. The Between Mrs. Panda’s legs macro is made of awesome. But everything about this recap is, so.

    Two weeks from today. TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY.

    1. Sophy
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      Glad we didn’t disappoint Angie!

      And yesssss, we’re getting excited too!

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    You had me at House. (Though I’m more a Camteen shipper than Housecam. It’s just such a PREETTY fantasy. Olivia Wilde FTW). Anyway, another brilliant rophycap as always. Much lols were had. Wish you could just skip 3.05 and go right to 3.06 but *shrug* what can you do. SIX SEATER TABLE.

    1. SP
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      six seater table LOLOLOLOL

    2. Sophy
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      Rofl, as much as I can never forgive Thirteen for stealing Cameron’s screentime, I do have to agree… that would be one hell of a pretty ship.

      And you’ll just have to grin and bear the Freffy, okay? We’ll be sure to sugar coat it for you with some Naomily lols.

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    I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS RECAP FOR SOOOOO LONG. SO. FREAKING. LONG. Rophy NEVER disappoints! especially with the LOLS! I lol-ed the most on that ‘google thrust’ cap. AMAZING.
    Plus these:
    Emily getting the Cutest Human Ever Award = HECK YES! WIN!
    Oprah + Tommo as President & Panda as first lady = PRICELESS!
    Sophia + binoculars = HILARIOUS! :))

    And seriously guys, giving out the lols aside, you also give out amazing commentaries when needed and they are awesome. :]

    1. Sophy
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      Thank you Lc! We are mostly about the lols, but with a show like Skins… you can’t help getting srs bsns sometimes. It’s just that good.

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    Guh. You guys talking about the kiss makes me so excited for 3×6. Like… I don’t even… GUH, I SAY.

    “I love how their eyes stay closed for a moment afterward, as if they’re filing this away in the Each Other vault in their brains for safekeeping.”

    *rests head in hands* Yes, a million times yes. I love how that moment is so overwhelming for both of them (especially Naoms, who looks like she could collapse from the weight of it all when they pull away from each other). And the cocky “You liked that,” when Emily just KNOWS that she has this girl, totally and completely HAS her. So good. I adore that scene and I adore them. *rests head in hands again*

    1. Sophy
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      Ah yes, 306! Not long to go now. Hopefully we have the strength to get through it and don’t just spend the whole time flailing like giddy schoolgirls!

      AND OMG YES. Emily knows. She’s like.


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    oh my giddy…giddy ha! I dunno anymore, *raises arms to the ceiling* ROPHY..ROPHY!! That was just bril. Oh n omg the slight 4-pak lookin abs on Katie when removing clothes, reminds me of Emily306.. which rophy shud be persuaded to skip to recaping ; ) just sayin…
    *sighs* well lovely recap once again. literally peeing a little once week for lols, so thanks..thanks a lot sophy = )

    1. Sophy
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      But since you nearly peed I’ll forgive you.

      And 306 won’t be long, patience, patience – anticipation will just make it sweeter ♥

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    Just… So many things to say.
    1. Totally saw the GayJay coming and it makes it all much better.
    2. Sophia just… just… ♥
    3. I won’t even BEGIN to rant over the Naomily bits.
    4. I choked repetitively on my pillow trying to muffle giggles/maniac laughter/squealing/etc from the rest of the very much sleeping household.
    5. Katie trying to be Effy’s bff at the beginning of this ep just made me think of Lindsay Lohan and Regina George in Mean Girls. Actually, that was the first thing that came to mind when I watched 301: Mean Girls. I also had my hate-hat one after Gen 1, but still. Skins still wins.
    6. I decided to down a whole bottle of pinot grigio instead of my usual red wine a few weeks ago before going out with my friends. Did the night end well? Nope. But it was definitely worth it.
    7. Rophy just wins at lols.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Rofl, you knew we couldn’t resist those caps! ♥

      HAHAHAH YES. They are a bit Regina and Cady aren’t they. Win.

      Thanks for the comment, as always :)

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    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      ahhaha! We’re so glad to make people stifle themselves with pillows!

      And thanks so much, we’re really glad you thought this was a good one :D

  9. LKSkins
    LKSkins at · Reply


    Time for some more useless lists:

    – Latest achievement: pre-recap loling. “Rophy has landed on Pandora Moon”? Oh, awkward.
    – Once again so many ~thoughts, I loved it.
    – Harvard jokes forever and ever please. Especially when Thomas’ head is so out of proportion, which just makes it 10 times better.
    – Keffy, Keffy, Keffy.
    – OH MY GOD. OHHH. MYYY. GAWD. Sophia and her binoculars?! My reaction when I first saw that is just impossible to capture in words, I even think it deserved it’s own recap.
    – Alternative 407 Brainy Poo scene, yes please.
    – The amount of Naomily caps… ♥
    – Baby seal Katie. I snorted. And I don’t do snorting.
    – Room full of jean shorts, it’s too much. At this point I looked hopefully at the scrollbar and noticed it was only halfway. So, I actually decided to do breakfast first, to ensure I would you know… survive.
    – (Pandapop’s monologue on the future, including the phrase “wahhh” + Supersponge) == “win”
    – I was quite suprised the JJ/Cook gif wasn’t on page 2, but there it is – oh, Rophy *sighs*

    “See you next time!”

    P.S. “You tried to visit, which is not loading.”

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      They’re even funnier if, like me, you know she’s capable of doing awesome, believable manips and is totally just choosing to make them bad.


  10. Trinh
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    i can’t even pinpoint which part of the recap is my favorite cause everything was so full of lolsss. foreals.

    so i googled “thrusting” (yeah, i know) and my results were a bit different than yours. but whatevs. i’m just gonna go with yours. btw lately, every time i come across the word “trust” i automatically read it as “thrust”. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING TO ME? bawl.

    is naomi wearing pants in one of the bouncy castle screencaps? cause where did she get the pants? but more importantly, why does she have it on?

    1. Tutafay
      Tutafay at · Reply

      “is naomi wearing pants in one of the bouncy castle screencaps? cause where did she get the pants? but more importantly, why does she have it on?”
      she is also wearing them in the screencaps when she goes outside just before the kiss
      idk why she put them back on, i like pantless lily. :D

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        Naomi knew she needed armour for her vajajay or things might have gotten out of hand right then and there.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I hope you have to write an essay or a report soon or something for your work idk, in which the word trust appears frequently and you spell it ‘thrust’ every time. I would lols.

  11. Frankie
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    I really can’t wait till the lake scene recap, just like I couldn’t wait till this one.

    1. Sophy
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      *highfives your dirty, childish mind*

      Well we have Freffy’s lake scene first… but don’t worry… it won’t be long till we get to where you want to go. And we’ll do our best to make it worth the wait!

  12. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    I always thought it was Katie shouting at Naomi to hurry up, not Emily; the day Emily tells Naomi to “get beer, lezzer” is the day you start liking JJ. :-p

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      idk, it’s weird. When I was rewatching it seemed odd for it to be Katie, since she’s nowhere to be found a moment later when Naomi comes inside. But I guess it could be her…

      Having said that, Emily was high as a kite, so I wouldn’t necessarily put it past her. I wonder if Rophy would be nice about JJ if we ate a whole bunch of MDMA brownies…



      1. polymorph80
        polymorph80 at · Reply

        Heather went with the Emily interpretation too, so it’s possible that I’m the ignorant one. Or it’s bad writing.

        I’m guessing that Katie was still around somewhere, possibly shouting down from upstairs or something (I don’t know if that’s feasible; I don’t have the time or the energy to try and create a floorplan for the House Of Panda, and it probably wouldn’t be worth it seeing as the other side of Panda’s mum’s cupboard is clearly a wormhole).

  13. blondie
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    Epic. Already commented the last two pages but…the thrusting macro? Go Ems, she put such effort into it and she won for it. EMS WINS AT EVERYTHING!
    And Katie-baby-seal = <3
    I just know you're 306 cap will be amazing because you made the kiss in this cap amazing. And I'm not a hater of JJ (*ducks*) but I agree that his presence was not needed in that scene! So his deletion was welcoming.
    Can't wait till next week, even though the only thing from Naomily we'll see will be "IMOAN" Lolololoollol

    1. Sophy
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      blondie, we love you and your three-page commenting.

      And yeah… ems knows what she wants AND SHE’LL GET IT. Even if that means thrusting like she’s never thrusted before.

  14. jeskaa
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    I would just like to take a moment halfway through this page to say this line — “Because he cares. He’s a care-taker. And maybe, just maybe, he will take care of her.” — is the very first time ever ever that Freffy has made the least bit of sense to me, and is in fact rather beautiful. Slow clap because making me love anyone but Keffy and therefore redeeming um.. what at least 60% of season 4 is beyond public service. It is working miracles.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I am honoured to make Freffy make sense to you! Honestly, I was waiting for it to make sense and pretty much despairing until 405… and then looking back, a lot of it fell into place for me.


      And scrapey love is untouchable. For srs.

  15. Endena
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    Sophy! WE WERE SPECIAL …
    I love Juno SFM. Juno’s soundtrack is just…amazing.
    btw, awesome recap as always <3 i love you guys (i love Rin a little more tho, 'cause she likes Juno)

    1. Sophy
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      Rophy survived it… barely.

  16. Chloe
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    sorry, that tickled me :)

    your recaps are win, please never stop :)

    1. Sophy
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      Don’t apologize for being tickled, Chloe! Tickling people is our favourite :)

  17. Erika
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    LOVE the housecam. House holds a special place in my heart. <3

    I have to say, this is one of my favorite episodes of Skins. The whole Effy/Panda and Panda/Mom relationships deserved so much more screen time than the writers gave it.

    Also, to be honest, I loved JJ. Then I began reading your recaps. Now I hate him. Evertime he comes onscreen, I just hear Rophy saying "JJ, WTF are you doing here? GTFO!" and I wholeheartedly agree!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      hahahahhahh we’re sorry for ruining JJ for you…. sort of…. not really…


  18. Federica
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    Amazing work as usual! Love the episode sfm I can’t say!

    And yes,I gotta raise my hand up, ’cause I thought you were going to use that JJ/Cook cap sooner or later like that, lol.

    1. Sophy
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      HAHAH you know us too well!

  19. Nemesis
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    Thank you for the last gif! Great lol, great ending!

    1. Sophy
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      lol, any time Nemesis!

  20. monkey1980
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    lol emily fitch is a topper *see lake scene* lol love you guy and ty very much my son thinks i’m crazy coz mommy lol randomly loud and by herself he just shakes he’s lil head and *points* ;P

    and p.s i’m with sophy on this one i never liked juno :)

    1. Sophy
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      haha oh dear! We’re sorry for doing this to your mum, little boy!


      1. monkey1980
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        he accepts the mom is crazy now he just wont take me anywhere more i feel so neglected lol just shakes and points and back to my room i go for more random lols *sigh* cheeky lil monkey

  21. cool
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    ass2ass was my rington for like a week!

    1. Sophy
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  22. Mette
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    Oh Rophy… Emily Fitch has always been a topper. It’s even referenced to in 408 with MANDEH.

    God you guys make me LOL so bad.
    ILY <3

    1. Sophy
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      um.. what?

  23. Nikki
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    I didn’t think it was possible to make this ep any better, but you just went and did it! And airbrushing JJ is something Skins should have done with his own entire episode – so much funnier with the ukulele playing itself and Lara kissing fresh air.

    Ep 6 is only 13 days, 19 hours, 26 minutes and 18 seconds away. I will read next weeks recap for the lols, and the down to serious business, quality me time, doors locked, pillow clutched, Pinot Grigio…. for the stupendous job you are going to do for THE episode.. (no pressure then…)

    Love it love it LOVE IT!!

  24. Juanita
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    Lol, I can’t wait for your next recap. “Oh my…giddy..giddy…aunt” LMAO!
    “I love how their eyes stay closed for a moment afterward, as if they’re filing this away in the Each Other vault in their brains for safekeeping.”
    Best quote, in my opinion. another lol at I’m supersponge…hehe Give DC a run for their money
    Ina ll, one of the best recaps I’ve come across :)
    P.s- Juno- Hair wringing–mind blowing-total waste of a tenner, nuff said.

  25. Bridget
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    Best line of the episode comes from PandaPops.

    Effy: For Christ’s sake, I’ll show you how to do a blowjob.
    Pandora: I don’t want a blowjob!… I want my boyfriend back.

    Oh, Panda. Haha Why, oh, why couldn’t they realize your magnificence? :'( Neither JJ nor Freddie needed an episode in series four.. not to mention Thomas’ character was completely destroyed telling a completely useless story. It’s a damn shame Panda was thrown over for these boys and their not-quite-believable-or-even-remotely-engaging “feelings”.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yes! That line is fffff. Amazing.

      I’m going to have to disagree with you about Freddie in s4, since 405 is my favourite episode of the gen, but yeah… I would have sacrificed any of the other eps for a Panda episode, with the exception of 402 and 404.

  26. Amy
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    Ok so i’m late to the recaps, but i’ve been reading them for the past 3 hours while LMFAO :) thanks BTW , but this may make me a bad Naomily shipper but the HOUSE/CAM is what has compelled me to comment!!! i SERIOUSLY love H/C soo sooooo much, and seeing those caps made me think back all those fraking hours i spent obsessing over the eyesex they used to have. It literally breaks my heart to think about the wasted oppurtunity they had with them two. The chemistry was just ….perfect. Its like they had to fire JM so the H/C eyefraking wouldn’t interfere with the extremely lacking HUDDY (so called) chemistry, which BTW …… ARGH! no i promised myself i would not bash other ships, its been years since i gave up on it happening and i’m still bitter. :-( wasted … wasted oppurtunity!

    ANYWAY…… love the recaps love naomily LOVE H/C love you guys even more :-)

  27. Hayley
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    haha, I love that the Cook/JJ GIF is called gayjay

  28. Meghan!!
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    I would just like to say that although my friend Kara told me to watch Skins, YOU are the ones who actually got me to watch it. Thank you, so much. I just….seriously. Thanks. You make me laugh a ton. And it’s wonderful. :)

  29. Atlas
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    I’ve just read this for about the 10th time and I’m still LOLing over it :D God, I miss Naomily……

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