Panda — Part 2

Rin says: I love Naomi/Lily so fucking much during this part. Lily’s delivery is so flawless. Her closed eyes as she says ‘YES??? Can I help you with something??’ I just, I laugh and gawk because it’s funny and adorable at the same time. Or maybe I’m just always gawking at Naomi? Idek.

Sophy says: Column A/Column B.

Sophy says: Oh gawd, Naomi is so amazing here. And the subtext, oh the subtext. There’s a defensive/protective edge to it, to be sure. He calls them disgraceful and her knee-jerk response is to tell him to fuck off…  but to me it’s almost as though in her mind he’s calling them out on being gay and calling that disgraceful and Naomi, as much as she is clinging to the closet door at this point, is having none of that fuckery.

Emily is pleased, and perhaps it’s because a small part of her feels the same way I do about Naomi’s reaction. Or perhaps it’s just that, as we will see in 406, this is one of the things she loves about Naomi – she hates injustice and she speaks her mind about it.

Rin says:

Sophy says: Skins Movie costume department, take note.

Sophy says: Pandora bursting out and throwing the alcohol at the pot-plant is funny x a million.

Rin says: I know, the 0 – 100 she does from, ‘HI!!..OMFG NOT ALCOHOL!!’

Sophy says: Uncanny. This is the exact expression Rin had on her face when I brazenly entered her house wearing filthy, filthy shoes.

Rin says: Why would you want to bring the dirt you pick up on the soles of your shoes INTO your house? I just. I don’t understand it.

Sophy says: Dear God, the way Panda squeals “Shoes!” and lunges at them. This episode. Fucking. Hilarious. Rin’s pomeranian did the same to me, by the way.

Rin says: Naomi is wearing jean shorts. It’s almost like she knows.

Sophy says: If Ed Hime had done a commentary for 402 and was talking about why Naomi cheated with Sophia, Lamie probably would have burst into the room and yelled out ‘IT’S OBVIOUS. NAOMI WAS WEARING JEAN SHORTS IN 304. THAT’S WHY SHE HAD TO DIE.’ And Hime would have been all ‘Um… she didn’t die?’ and Lamie would have been all ‘Oh. I wish I’d written that episode *sadface*’ and Hime would have been all ‘Really, really glad you didn’t?’ And I would have concurred.

Rin says: I love how Panda says Naomi and Emily are really good friends. She doesn’t even know them, really, yet she picked up on it. Naomi represses a smile.

Sophy says: Sometimes I wonder whether Effy, in a rare moment of sharing with Pandora, told her of the epic love that is Naomily and how she’s known they were meant to be, since she was 12 since she first saw them together.

Sophy says: Do they like all the same things??? Effy certainly hopes so :D

Rin says: YOU’RE TOO EARLY. They’re just ogling at the oddity of twins at the moment.

Sophy says: Sometimes I think you have a frame by frame flowchart of every Naomily scene under your bed and you study it every night before prayers (for more Naomily).


“He’s my boyfriend, actually.” OH NAOMS. I’ve seen it said that all the characters on Skins are horrible people with no redeeming features. Someone’s not looking closely enough. Really, Naomi doesn’t know Panda from a bar of soap, nor does she really know anything about Panda’s mum’s issues, but she thinks quickly and saves Pandora’s bacon, which she will later pour some corn on and call a “salad”.

Sorry Naomi, but the people have spoken. What you’re eating is not a salad. You, however, are a decent human being.

Rin says: I can’t believe you would bring that up in the recap. Is nothing sacred anymore? It was a Pork Salad. Look, it even has capitals because it’s a proper name.

Sophy says: Adorable twin-cap is adorable.

Rin says: Megan Prescott. Never change.

Sophy says: Adorable Naoms-cap is adorable. Also, she really, really doesn’t like boys. lol.

Rin says: Naoms is totally like, lol no they don’t like all the same things. Emily’s first thought when she sees me is ‘I want to fuck that girl!’ and Katie’s is, ‘I want to fuck that girl! But not in the good way.’

Rin says: TWISTER? It’s brill! I concur Panda… it really is.

Sophy says: Somewhere in this scene, after the potential disaster of Pandora knowing a boy has been cleared up and Mrs P has made her position on associating with the opposite sex clear, she says “I’m sure your parents would say the same thing,” and for just a second she looks genuinely upset – because deep down she knows that no, they wouldn’t say the same thing, no sane person would. She knows this is unhealthy and abnormal. She knows that in trying to protect Pandora from anything and everything she is turning her into a socially backward laughing stock of a human being when she could be so very much more than that… it’s vintage Skins again – funny and deeply sad at the same time. And I’ll say it again: this storyline had the potential to be one of those most affecting of the gen. But nooo. JJ had to get a girlfriend instead.

Rin says: I would have died over a Panda episode that focused on her family… the unseen with her dad (FROM IMAY OMFGGGG) sparked so much interest in me. I just. I wanted that. And instead we got Lara. One episode of Lara. Yeah. Great..time well spent.

Sophy says: Poor sad, lost Effy, isolating herself in the kitchen, feet dangling from the counter like a little girl… while she waits for her MDMA-brownies to cook. Hm.

Still, there’s a twisted sweet-and-sadness to this whole set up. The perfect kitchen, the caricature of the perfect mother. Aprons and baking and safe, safe, safe. And maybe Effy’s ruining it because she’s jealous. Maybe she’s ruining it because this morning, in her own kitchen, her own safe, safe, safe fell to pieces.

Rin says: I vividly remember being incredibly intrigued by Effy when I first watched this scene. She’s just sitting on the bench, nothing more, but I was like ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING, I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW!’ Then I did my calming exercises when I realised she was just waiting for the brownies. But I don’t know, there was just something about her leaning against the wall …having a quiet moment to herself that just got to me.

Sophy says: Absolutely stunning delivery from Mrs P. And Effy’s evil smile is priceless.

Rin says: And then she jumps right back into being that Effy, because MDMA brownies = not having to think. Makes things much easier.

Sophy says: Crossed legs shot is adorbs. Emily and her coloured tights are win. Emily and her shirt-dress… not so much.

Rin says: Is it wrong of me that I really wished we had seen these girls play twister?

Rin says: Little doll Emily, I see it!!

Sophy says: Seriously. She almost looks like she could be a prop in Pandora’s little girl bedroom. A LITTLE REDHEADED WOMAN DOLL PROP MADE FROM SUNSHINE AND PORCELAIN.

Rin says: Naomi saying ‘Minge.’ I just lol and lol and lol.

Sophy says: I just think of this…

Rin says: During this scene I feel like Emily. I’m also wondering how they had such a big pool of lesbian jokes to pull from.

Sophy says: Rofl… it’s kind of sad though. I feel like Katie has probably subconsciously known that Emily is gay for years, and that’s where the fixation on gayness and the wealth of lame homophobic jokes come from. Sort of like… if she’s very, very vocal about DNW GAY, then Emily will just… stop being it.

Sorry, Katie. No dice.

Sophy says: Something interesting is happening here. Katie and Naomi bury the hatchet and Emily is not chuffed about it. Why? Perhaps because they’re bonding over lesbo-jokes, and even if she still denies it just for the sake of denying it, she knows that Naomi knows that she is gay… and maybe it hurts that that’s suddenly become lols-city. Maybe it hurts that Naomi would rather fit in than stand out with her.

Don’t worry Ems, her grip is slipping. She won’t be able to hang on to that door too much longer.

Rin says: Why did I just think of that thing where people tie a string to their loose tooth and then slam a door shut to pull it out? And now I’m picturing a string tied around Naom’s ‘straightness’ being yanked out by a door slamming. Um. Moving on.

Rin says: It feels like I’m wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all!!

Sophy says: YIKES. That’s one firm butt you have going on there Ned Flanders. I’m a bit frightened.


Rin says: This is SO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE SOPHY. Like, I think if this actually happened in 407, we’d have a better world. Or at least moar Naomily shippers, cause you know, we’re the minority. I can’t get over how well you manipped it too. Srsly.

Sophy says: 407 needed moar adorable Naomily. Well… 6/8 episodes did actually.

Sophy says: Oh, oh, oh, Panda and the pyjamas. So much love. The girls are not as enamoured as I am… In fact, for a brief moment Naomi looks like she might be going to cry about it.

Rin says: Ballerinas on the wall.

Sophy says: Well, Pandora does have a fondness for dancing.

(Rophy would like to thank the maker of this gif for the gift of precious gen 1 memories.)

Sophy says: lol, omg. Naomi looks horrified. Emily looks fascinated. Katie is subconsciously leaning away.

BUM! Amazing.

Katie’s face is priceless. As is the fact that despite being very much invested in her good looks and glam outfits and probably never having even thought about wearing something so ridiculous in all her life, she’s the first to say to herself ‘This is Pandora’s party, I’m going to be a good sport’. There’s one of those moments I was talking about earlier, where we see the kind of person Katie will become in s4. And she’s a fucking champ.

Rin says: Katie looks like she might catch something if she gets too close.. BUT THEN she becomes Katie Fucking Fitch. I love her sfm for putting aside her faux pride just to help a friend out. Bear in mind, they’re not even that close.

Sophy says: Random thought: Lily looks so gorgeous in this episode. I think it’s partly that her hair has grown out enough to be flattering and partly that her makeup is particularly nice. And also that she’s Lily.

Rin says: I do love it when you wax on about Lily.

Sophy says: Aaaaaand here’s where we get to one of two things that prevent me from calling this episode perfect. The whole frat boy crap of Cook and JJ trying to sneak into the ~girls’ dormitory to spy on the pyjama party. Yes, I know they have JJ make a joke about it, which is supposed to make it brilliantly ironic rather than plain lame… but it doesn’t work. I was just face-palming the whole time and thinking how much I wished they’d come up with a less cheesy way to work the boys into the story.

Rin says: Could have done without. Certainly.

Sophy says: Freddie gets his nickname! The internet rejoices! Fucking hell. Cook’s shirt. I don’t even. *shields eyes*

Rin says: FUNSPONGE. I don’t mind Cook’s shirt, it’s a nice colour. Maybe the flappy faux pockets are a bit too much.

Sophy says: I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to get behind the short sleeves/buttoned to the top look. It’s just wrong.

Sophy says: Absolutely fucking gold. The way she simply says “I’ll call the police!” and hurries inside. And then that last cap… there are no words. Honestly there are whole chunks of this ep that are just non-stop funny and amazing. So much so that it’s almost painful.

I’m also going to congratulate her for seeing eye to eye with Rophy on the JJ issue.

Rin says: Haha rewatching this was so funny because I didn’t realise before that she moves her face side to side, so her nose gets squished side to side too.

Rin says: OH SURE EMILY, PUT ON A DISGUSTED FACE FOR SHOW. BUT YOU BED THAT LATER. And here I thought I could count on you for being the gayest, sigh.

Sophy says: Looks like Mrs Panda gave the girls some literature about JJ to look at and it’s starting to make a lot of sense to them.

Sophy says: Love, love, love this sequence.

Rin says: Haha the jelly.

Rin says: Don’t act so surprised that I have 3 Naomi undressing caps instead of just 1 for everyone else.

Sophy says: I’m surprised you were even able to cap this sequence. I can picture you just passing out and rewinding, passing out and rewinding…

Rin says: I lol that they’re all just standing in a circle undressing. Does this happen in real life? DOES IT?

Sophy says: HAHAHAH CHRIST. That was hilarious. The way they put the pyjamas in the middle and then remove their clothing in unison before picking them up. Wtffff.

Rin says: I LOVE GETTING AN EDUCATION THROUGH ENTERTAINMENT. It’s like how I learnt everything I know from the Simpsons. That’s why I cut off my pinkies, we don’t need them.

Sophy says: Then you watched Heroes and cut off your toes because you thought they grow back. Oh Rin. Where do you go with your snipped off piece of toe :(

Rin says: Oh Emily.

Sophy says: Why… are you rolling your eyes at her? She’s only doing what’s natural. WHAT YOU WOULD DO IN THE SAME SITUATION. Actually you’d just pass out, wouldn’t you. And I’d have to lug the bag of salt all the way up the stairs. Sigh.

Sophy says: I think Emsy just got “locked on”.

Rin says: Sorry what? I was too busy staring.

Rin says: Bit of a drama queen…. even Katie is unsure wtf just happened.

Sophy says: Effy, now you’re just being petulant. I’ve been supportive of your quest to be the gayest from day one, but a little perspective, please.

Sophy says: It was bad enough already. Then they had to climb on the roof to peer inside. My face. It is being palmed.

Rin says: *palms your face too* Since your hands are too small to cover your entire face.

Sophy says: Big man makes little man do the dirty work. Of course. This is Porky’s we’re watching, after all.

Rin says: PORK? ON SALAD?

Sophy says: Sure! Just no bacon and eggs with misc. :)

Sophy says: Oh of course JJ looks in at the exact moment they’re getting changed.

Rin says: I reckon. As if JJ has the stalking skills of Sophia. As if.

Sophy says: OMG YES. Fucking JJ, trying to steal Sophia’s thing. Well I would have preferred a Sophia episode to JJ’s in series 4. EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS DEAD.

Sophy says: Cook gets really fucking excited about it. It’s pretty embarrassing.

Also looks a bit uncomfy for JJ…


Naomi manages to look dead hot in the PJs. Impressive.

Rin says: It’s probably because she’s pantless. I know you.

Sophy says: lol Naomi. She’s so fucking happy in this episode. And this is before the MDMA. It’s no wonder, really. After all, she is in Emily-Heaven for the night.

Rin says: She’s totally psyched for spin the bottle later.

Rin says: …too easy.

Sophy says: Are you saying my macro earlier in which I used these caps was too easy? ARE YOU? ARE. YOU?

Rin says: Whatevs, you were wearing a bra earlier.

Sophy says: aww @ Pandora and Naoms having a lols in the background.

The expression on Effy’s face makes me so sad. That pasted-on smile, and the weariness in her eyes. It’s almost like she’s out of her body at that moment, she’s somewhere else, someone else… which I guess is the point. That’s what drugs have always done for Effy – let her escape, let her not be her.

“Do I ever get to be anyone but me?”

And that’s what Cook does for her too in series three. He lets her not care.

“You don’t give a fuck about anything do you?”

And that’s peace. That’s the only peace there is for Effy Stonem.

Rin says: I can just imagine Lily being extra lame for background acting.

Sophy says: So yeah. Amazing moment above. Then they had to muddy it by returning to Porky’s and having JJ and Cook ~high-laaariously fall off the roof because it’s just law that that has to happen when the naked girl sees you.

Rin says: That’s what happens to me when I’m on roofs peeping through people’s windows. :( It hurts :(

Rin says: LOL, the way she sways in. What an entrance.

Sophy says: Not quite a Naomtrance, but impressive nonetheless.

Sophy says: lol, Naoms looks like she’s trying out for Top Model. She’d totally win js.

Rin says: OMFG I WOULD WATCH THAT SERIES SO MANY TIMES. And like, thrax everyone if she didn’t win.

Rin says: ROFLRFLFR. I love how Emily isn’t even trying to be sexy. Like it’s almost the least sexy she could be. But Naoms is still all for it, what a trooper.

Sophy says: Idk, I think if the camera panned down, she’d be thrusting.

Rin says: ‘Cake’ …she calls it cake! I just. *turns into puddle*

Sophy says: So Katie put MDMA in the brownies and straight-laced Mrs Panda just ate a bunch of them. I think this will end with a game of scrabble and a cup of hot milk before bed for all. How about you Rin, what are your predictions?

Rin says: I think they’re going to start an all singing and all dancing pyjama troupe. The mum would be the ring leader, with Panda performing her circus tricks, the twins would grow beards/moustaches, Effy would be a fortune teller and Naomi would just be NAOMI FUCKING CAMPBELL. RAHHHHH.


Part 3

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  1. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    Doll Emily. Striped undies. Effy’s useless attempt to be the gayest. ILU guys.

    Oh, and I’m kind of ashamed that I didn’t mention Sophia in my part 1 comment. I mean, she is my hero and all. Seeing her safari outfit makes me want a Sophia action figure or Barbie or something. Like, she would come dressed in her jean shorts and oversized flannel, but then you could buy her accessories, like the cadette outfit, and club outfit, and the safari outfit with notepad and binoculars. And there would be tiny pictures of Naomi included in every box. OMG DO WANT.
    GAH… moving on to part 3 now! KISSSSSSSSSSS

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      This comment is so awesome that I had to reply to it before my habitual comment rampage later in the week.

      FFFFFFFFFFFFF SOPHIA DOLL. I want it to happen. With all the details you propose.


  2. Rachel
    Rachel at · Reply

    I laughed so hard at Katie’s face in the ‘boys are disgusting’ cap that I hit myself in the face and had a nosebleed.
    Also, I reckon you’re right on the money with the striped undies thing. Bravo.

  3. Trinh
    Trinh at · Reply

    striped underwears, effy thinking she’s the gayest, emily turning naomi on with a brownie….*sighs* the things i learn from rophy’s recaps. can’t believe i didn’t pick any of these things up when i was watching the episode.

  4. blondie
    blondie at · Reply

    You’re so right about the striped underwear thing – although in a way it makes a nice change cos in a lot of shows the girls just HAPPEN to be wearing gorgeous lingerie in those undressing scenes or whatever and its just like, its not physically possible to be wearing uncomfortable underwear like that by coincidence. So skins is realistic in that sense.
    And Katie wins at life for that “boys are disgusting” face…it was hard to silence the lols.

  5. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    I’ve started using “Yes? Can I help you with something?” in my day to day life now. It’d work a lot better if I didn’t direct it at cats and toddlers.

    And I don’t think I can quite give the writers that much credit for Angela’s realisation that other parents are not like her; it seems more rooted in her own neuroses than an awareness that she’s damaging Panda. She strikes me as almost the flip side of Gina; controlling rather than permissive, but with oddly the same result – a partner who split early and a less-than-impressed daughter.

    Lily’s acting during the whole bit with the twins and Angela was epic, but her face during the whole “you know the main difference between Katie and Emily’s interets? Katie likes The Cock while Emily likes me…” bit? I joined this show in 306, but if I’d started in 301 (or earlier, for that matter), that would have been the moment I fell in love forever.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I’m not sure we can really say one way or the other based on what we were given how much Angela knows about her neurosis damaging Panda. I do find it hard to believe she’d be entirely unaware of it though, even on a subconscious level. idk… this is why I wish their relationship had gotten more attention. Sigh.

  6. Gia
    Gia at · Reply

    So not to sound like too much of a perv, but am I the only one to notice the perfect abs katie has in the underwear capp. *dies*

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHAH you’re too much of a perv, Gia. But it’s okay. So is Rophy.

  7. Olliee
    Olliee at · Reply

    I’m eatin’ mah brownie.
    I’m eatin’ goooood. i was crying at this! :’)

    oh and i did squeal at the ‘Coin Laundry’ but..
    ‘I think they’re going to start an all singing and all dancing pyjama troupe. The mum would be the ring leader, with Panda performing her circus tricks, the twins would grow beards/moustaches, Effy would be a fortune teller and Naomi would just be NAOMI FUCKING CAMPBELL. RAHHHHH.’

    ‘I Hold A Force I Can’t Contain’ anyone???? (but without the Fabulous Fitches moustaches!)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHA so glad you enjoyed! :)

  8. Juanit_a
    Juanit_a at · Reply

    I can’t believe I missed all the lil detail when I watched this episode..smh .
    Was it me or was Katie watching Emily when she had a lock on Naomi’s bod? Just saying.
    I squealed at Coin Laundry too *sigh*
    lol I’m eating mahhh brownie ROFLMBAO!!!

  9. Sophie
    Sophie at · Reply the video from the office made my day….any I mean that b/c my day was really boring :D
    also 2 things:
    1. I love, love, love your commentary of these caps…and your fondness for Keffy (and Naomily….duh)
    2. Where can I get that gif of Panda dancing from gen 1????? It’s so classic Panda, it’s not even funny (but it is b/c it’s Pandora…you get what I mean)

    Keep up the hilarity!!!

  10. Stephanie
    Stephanie at · Reply

    Oh, man, I love striped briefs too! I actually think I have those red and white ones that Emily is wearing in the second to last cap :P

  11. Kirbs
    Kirbs at · Reply

    I’m new to website, when I heard Skins was making 3 extra episodes I decided to google on Skins and realised how much I missed it! These recaps are HILARIOUS! Good job guys <3 P.s that wallpaper on Panda's wall? I used to have it in my bedroom! ha

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