Thomas — Part 3

Sophy says: Yeah okay, Freddie. You’re just lucky Cook was there. Otherwise you were toast.

Rin says: Gawd, all of this was going on behind the scenes. Poor Fredster. No wonder he was so fucking tortured all the time.


Sophy says: Awesome caps are awesome.

Rin says: *bows*

Sophy says: Also, the lackeys were so awesome. “Um… boss… the lads aren’t too keen on… on the rape.” Vintage.

Sophy says: eeeeeeheheh, I feel like Emily should have popped up next to him and said “Cheeky!” again.

Rin says: ROFL.

Sophy says: jfc, I want to know how they made his veins do that. That just does not look right.

Rin says: I think he pretty much just held his breath?

Sophy says: Yeah, actually I think I found out how he got this look whilst rophying at work. It’s just lucky I didn’t shit myself. dnw fecal matter, right Rin?

Rin says: AWWWOMG! Look at them, so happy for everyone! FIESTAAAAAA!!!!!

Sophy says: I feel like a margarita now.

Sophy says: Effy finds the sight of human agony high-larious. But then she is pretty dark, you guys. What with burning her little figurines and all.

So I’m assuming this little bit of cast interaction is where people get the Katie/JJ thing from?

Let me just say no to that right now.


Rin says: That’s because JJ is only interested in the babies, and well, Katie has a problem with that. And oh, because Katie shares scrapey-love with Effy.

Sophy says: OH THOMAS. Enjoy that forbidden donut while you can :(

Rin says: Look at Naomi’s head…naturally gravitating towards………………………………………………………..

Sophy says: Aw, look at Panda being all romantic and thrifty.

Rin says: Where did he get a phone from.

Sophy says: MOM BRA.


Sophy says: Cos it’s just better that way. Mom! /Buffy and Dawn unison.

Sophy says: SQUEEEEEEEEEE Rophy’s favourite Skins mum has landed.

(Sorry Mrs Fitch, maybe if you tried talking in subtitles?)

Rin says: BAHWEGAIGHGGAJORESJGAOHAH I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Sophy says: When she says he’s going home I just hear “Whatchoo talkin’ about Willis???!!1”

Rin says: There is nothing more win than Mrs. Thomas’ facial expressions. Jesus Christ, I nearly had a heart attack when I was capping because of her reactions.

Also, you inspire it in me Sophy-san.

Sophy says: Oh God. I feel so special right now, Rin. You and Mandeh have romanced me good.

Rin says: It’s all pronounced keh-fee. Aint it?

Sophy says: True words Rin. Why be choosy?

Sophy says: LOLS YAYS. Oh wait.

Rin says: I just.. the door is wide open???

Sophy says: It’s nice to see a kid with some ambition! Just don’t let it consume you, little girl, or you’ll wind up on a funny farm, being a real jerk to your wrists.


Sophy says: Whoa. Harsh. I think Panda looks much more appealing now she’s lost the Mom-Bra.

Rin says: This is right about the time when Mother Angelina looks pretty good, huh Thomosoobaleelamba??



Sophy says: The sky reflecting in the building, unf. The blue, red and yellow of his jacket with said sky, also unf.

Rin says: I’m a big fan of his rucksack to be honest.

Sophy says: OH PANDA :(( You break my little heart. When I first watched this episode I was on yahoo with Rin and started spazzing toward the end. I was all OMG I’M GOING TO CRY THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG. And Rin was all ‘lol okay… I knew you’d like Thomas. lol.’ OR WORDS TO THAT EFFECT.

Anyway the point is that I later realized the reason it was such an amazing ending for me is because I was watching the international DVD version, in which the song played at the end is 1000 times more gorgeous and fitting than the original. Don’t believe me?

Listen to ‘Take Me With You’ by Ezra Thomas. Omg.


Oh. So sweet.

Check out other great songs at Ezra Thomas’s myspace here.

Rin says: Oh.

Sophy says: She’s mocking me and she hasn’t even heard it. Srs, I haven’t even uploaded the song yet and yet there she is with her Effy-esque single ‘Oh’ of superiority. Typical.

Sophy says: This is like that time I manipped Cook’s naked arse into a ‘one of us’. Except you got to do Naomi. Unfair.


Also don’t you dare tell me what’s fair and unfair. I had to go back to 408 when I had to deal with Mandeh dancing over and over and over again. GLASSHOUSES/STONEMS.

Sophy says: It was kind of amazing that you did that. My heart still flutters.



Sophy says: Careful what you wish for Thomas.

Rin says: Especially when you mention the word ‘breast.’ She always finds her mark.

Sophy says: And there it is, readers of Rophy, Thomas’s episode in season 3 on a rophy plate. Now go and read Heather Hogan’s recap of this episode, if you’ve been silly enough not to read it first!

I’d like to warn everyone right now that despite Mrs Thomas’s assurances, bare breasts will not be had by all in the next episode because DISCRIMINATION! I’d like to thank the Rinscope for all its hard work in this rophycap, particularly for moulding itself into the shape of a heart when zooming in on Naoms and Ems, most satisfactory. I’d like to not thank whoever came up with the bat motif in this ep, because I’m fairly sure that when Jamie Brittain was writing Thomas’s s4 ep, he came back and watched this one a few too many times and got ~inspired.

Run, Freddie, Run!

Like a dog!

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  1. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    SDHIOADLhlajgx.kjl;i;khg Naomi full-body shot. Rinscope is a Godsend.
    Sophia, I love you!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I know right. The Rinscope is so helpful, especially for those of us who are getting a little long in the tooth and have failing eyesight!

  2. Nise
    Nise at · Reply

    YOU GUYS! words cannot express. just. nnnnngghghh. i lost count of the number of Buffy references(!!); i squee’d at the IM&Y reference; i did a jig when i saw the photo of The Cave disc (also, shit movie. not as bad as The Cavern, but The Descent kicks both their arses) and the amount of Sophia was JUST enough (you’ve also got her on my mind now. that name was mentioned today and my first thought was you guys). this recap was so very much worth staying up til 3am for!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      hahah, well, I haven’t seen The Descent yet, but I’ve been told is kicks the Cave’s ass. Which isn’t surprisingly, because The Cave wasn’t really that great apart from PIPER AND LENA WHICH MADE IT ;SLDKFJSDLJK. But yeah. The Descent is the one with Rosario Dawson in it right? Rophy loves it on principle.

      And oh Nise, you flatter us with your staying up to read our lols and ramblings. Bless you!

  3. Penbot
    Penbot at · Reply

    Um, I like Emily’s shirt. JS.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      ROFL. We still love you. (And Ems.)

  4. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    I may check out that Ezra Thomas track; Thomas’s and JJ’s S3 episodes are the only ones in the gen that provided absolutely nothing I wanted to try and download. (Yes, I sit there with a notepad when I watch this show to jot down details of scenes that had awesome music that I want to find. Yes, I am aware that this makes me a sad git. No, I do not care.)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You should! It’s the sweetest. And no, no, not sad. One of the best things about Skins is the music. I think it’s very wise to make notes, so you don’t miss out on the goodness!

      I make lists in my sleep, baaaaby, what’s my sin?

  5. Amy
    Amy at · Reply


    Mother Angelina was totally unexpected, such a good entrance, Freddie shielding himself with the arm, awesome, the keffy, Naomi’s jealousy and the “unthrustworthy”! MRS THOMAS!!! XD

    I liked also the serious comments, btw….Skins is really a remarkable Show.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yes, indeed. We may have fun ripping certain elements to shreds, but on the whole… we’re pretty much starry-eyed Skins fans. Glad you enjoyed both the lols and the srs bsns! :)

  6. LKSkins
    LKSkins at · Reply

    I don’t think ‘soon’ ever was so soon – one more reason to love Rophy.

    Other reasons:

    – All the pantlessness (Skins’ prettiness reminds me of a Dutch expression which basically translates into “it’s like an angel pissing on your tongue”… right, moving on.)

    – Mother Angelina and her little Thomosoobaleelamba. (oh and IAmMerv does speak French, or so he says. Why do I even know this, ffs the idea of Merv info taking up brain space)

    – “Here, have a free ridiculous plot-line and a sandwich for the run to Harvard”. You could repeat it 20938474 times and I’d still laugh.

    – *Deletes Twitter* + “Episodes air, people change” + “I’m impressed with the attention to detail, Skins” = dying.

    – Heart shaped Rinscope, just when I thought it couldn’t get better.

    But Mrs. Thomas really owned this recap, which is quite impressive considering Sophia was there being all smiley face and Mandeh even sang (what. was. that.).

    “See you next timeee”

    1. Frankie
      Frankie at · Reply

      Reading your translation made me realize that the original Dutch expression is kinda gross too… JS.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      LOL, that expression is… interesting. I’ll try and use it in a sentence today. Unsuspecting friends and family beware!

      haha oh, well his accent isn’t perfect, but yeah, it is good enough that I had to wonder if he had some experience under his belt. Poor old Merv. If only he’d stayed chill and just retweeted the bitching he got like Lily does, the fandom wouldn’t be such a scary place for him.

      Thanks for your detailed comment, we appreciate it! And yes, we have to agree, Mrs Thomas really did steal the show. Gotta love her.

      Mandeh just likes to sing sometimes! She thinks it’s romantic. And the pina colada song is like, the soundtrack to her life. There was this one time, she was tired of her ladeh, they’d been together too long, like a worn out recording of a favourite song? So she was like, Keiko, for that was her body pillow ladeh’s name, I’m going to put a personal ad in the paper and try to find someone who can actually drink a pina colada.

      It didn’t work out. She and Keiko are stronger than ever now.

      1. LKSkins
        LKSkins at · Reply

        Thank you so much for the extra info on Mandeh and her lady – it’s like an unexpected BTS video, I love it. Also, she should bring Keiko to the body pillow hospital, they could give her an extended Baby Born esophagus so they could drink together ♥. And you know… change diapers.

  7. Amelie
    Amelie at · Reply

    OMG PURE WIN!!! I’ve just finished this ep cap and yet I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for 7 more days to see the 4th one!!!
    Just amazing work guys, as always, and the interaction between effy/naomi/emily/katie on “who’s the gayest” always gets me ROFL!!!
    Bring on the next cap!! Xx
    P.S mother Angelina=======> PERFECT ahaha!! :D

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I know right! Rophy gets impatient too. Especially when we get the recap finished early and have to sit there waiting for Saturday to post. AGONY! But worth it to be twinsies with Heather Hogan.

      Ty! I’m especially glad MA is getting some love.

  8. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    icu donuts :D


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      ISN’T IT AMAZING? I was shaking and crying.

  9. pennylane101
    pennylane101 at · Reply

    first of all..LOVE your reviews!

    i agree about thomas. i loved him sfm in S3. still liked him in S4 but merv being a huge douche kinda ruined thomas for me…

    “Sophy says: Ow, ow. The way Naomi just says ‘See you’ and turns and walks away. You can feel the rejection at that moment, the loneliness and the resignation to the fact that loneliness is her fate. It’s made all the more poignant by that little wave when she walked up to the group, which tells us how much she actually just wants to be like everyone else”

    :'( so true…

    and the part about effy being a naomily shipper..totally agree…so cute..i wish they had explored more of the naomi/effy friendship. could have been AMAZING.

    can’t wait for 3×04 and 3×06 ! :P

    ..oh and i love design for the site. so pretty.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I wish all the friendships had been given more screentime! When they actually got screentime together, all of the cast had great chemistry with each other – right down to the random adorableness with Thomas and JJ in Freddie’s and JJ’s eps. They just really needed more time with this gen, I think. Alas.

      We’re loving working on 304 ;)

      And thank you about the site! Rin’s design skillz never cease to be mad.

  10. Dee
    Dee at · Reply

    Rophy, I love you. Your recaps are like the best recaps ever!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thanks Dee! We love you too.

  11. jade
    jade at · Reply

    you got to see freddie’s naked ass in s4, too


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      Making love on the beaches :(

  12. Irene
    Irene at · Reply

    omg I can’t stop laughing with the jokes about sophia and mandeeeeh xDDD please continue like that. Spanish people aso follows you :)
    poor freddie :( he has a trauma with bats

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Ooooh, I love Spanish people! *clicks castanets*

      And yeah, poor old Freds. They haunt him :(

  13. Millbot
    Millbot at · Reply

    You both. You complete me.

    That is all.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We’re happy to help with that :)

  14. Meg
    Meg at · Reply

    From now on I will always see the gif of Mandeh dancing whenever I hear that song. Thank you.

    Seriously, you guys are amazing.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      The moment Mandeh talked about making love to Emily on the beaches, I knew that was her song. I think I was 12.

  15. 15 year old
    15 year old at · Reply

    lol, ilu guys :D

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We love you too! We hope we’re not corrupting you too much, though, little one.

  16. heather hogan
    heather hogan at · Reply

    Thomas’ mum, you guys, those Rophy-titles? Best thing I have ever seen. I mean, you preserved the integrity of the Skins subtitle design while hand-crafting the LOLiest LOLs! I honor you, Rophy. I honor you.

    1. M
      M at · Reply

      hahaha, we honor you? all 75 million of you?! LMAO!

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  17. jeauexe
    jeauexe at · Reply

    i will like to say that i own the same phone as thomas with the same theme on right now and i am severely creeped out. when did this happen fffffff

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Oh wow! Lovely.

  18. chesegirl
    chesegirl at · Reply

    love,love the Buffy references !!!!!!!


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Buffy will never get old ♥

  19. Raíssa
    Raíssa at · Reply

    kkkkkkkkk very nice!!! Muito bom!!! =D

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We’re not sure what language you’re speaking! But thank you!

  20. Britney
    Britney at · Reply

    This was so awesome! I always hear people say this is the episode that really got them into the second generation and it really did. It’s such a shame to see what JB did to Thomas’ character, with the help of Merv’s douchiness, to make him such an annoying character. Sigh. ALSO, HELL YES TO THE EMILY/THOMAS LOVE. They were sooo adorable, and I cannot wait to read the 309 recap just to see their scene in that episode. I HATE the writers for throwing Thomas/Katie together in S4, instead of developing the friendship they had.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      It was partly Thomas’s awesomeness that drew me into the gen, but I also think it was also the way the whole group interacted. I do wish they’d maintained that group feel more throughout the series.

      tbh, I never found Thomas annoying. I hated his episode in s4, but that’s mostly because I loathed Andrea and found the whole thing cliched and eye-roll-inducing. I still liked Thomas though… and I loved his moment in Katie’s ep to pieces, but overall… he was irrelevant. His story went nowhere and so I wound up feeling disconnected from him, as opposed to say Naomily (and Freffy, yes, big old Freffy shipper here.)

      Anyway yeah, loved the Thomas/Katie friendship personally, but it would have been much cleaner and more satisfying to develop his connection with Emily further instead. Would have loved to have seen him be someone she could turn to for advice and support in s4.

  21. lobstersforlife
    lobstersforlife at · Reply

    is all I have to say.
    Oh the godly rinscope ♥

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yep. Idk what we’d do without the old scope.

  22. Trinh
    Trinh at · Reply

    are you guys selling rinscopes by any chance? i think my roomie bought one (maybe online?) and, unbeknownst to me, i was wearing them while reading the recaps cause i was looking at naomi the whole time whenever it came to the screencaps of the gang at the door.

    i chose to stay in tonight to read the recap. one of the best nights ever.

    rophy for president.

    1. Trinh
      Trinh at · Reply

      i also liked the photoshopped pic of braless naomi by the lake. i’d like to see more of that please.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      What you’re describing actually sounds like a Trinhscope. You must harness its full power if you hope to be able to transform it into a heart like the Rinscope. Godspeed!

      PS We love you for staying in to read rophy. Love.

  23. Huckleberry7
    Huckleberry7 at · Reply

    One day you’ll be the death of me loooool! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I CAN’T EVEN BREATH! I’m GOING TO STALK YOU FOREVAH! NOW I TOLD YOU, NOW YOU KNOW!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We love being stalked! It makes us feel special :D Just don’t off yourself or anything…

  24. Xiomara
    Xiomara at · Reply

    Sooo funny!! I came here because Heather Hogan said so and you do what Heather Hogan says lol, but I’m glad, loooove the recaps, I had to use urban dictionary a lot because I’m not versed in internet slang, least of all in english (I’m mexican, and no I don’t have mustache and wear a big sombrero and zarape, although I’m thinking about adopting the fashion because of skins :P) but it was worth it and now I understand the lol’s :D (most of them at least)

    Speaking of Naomily and mexican fashion let me tell you I’m so dissapointed they decided on goin to Goa instead of Mexico, why o why??, they look so cute with those zarapes, lol.

    I agree with the Emily and Thomas thing, it had the potential to be a great friendship…oh well keep bringing the awesomness!!!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You definitely do what Heather Hogan says. That’s kind of why rophydoes happened.

      And I agree, Mexico > Goa. Margaritas for all! :)

  25. Feña
    Feña at · Reply

    your recaps are just oikenodklewd

    Rophy, marry me!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      ROFL. My favourite thing is that your keyboard mash ended in ‘lewd’.

      And we’ll consider your proposal. Do you have a dowry for us?

  26. Chloe
    Chloe at · Reply

    asdlkfgflksgqgf after reading this i need more pants than rin after all the squeee.. and actual wee from laughing!!!!!! also one nation ref. LOL.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You and Rin and your pants issues. Idk.


  27. lolkat
    lolkat at · Reply

    I love more than anything that you guys use Yahoo messenger. I thought I was the only person in the world who still did. Next you’ll be telling me you listen to music on Winamp whilst you recap.

    Rophy is my hero (heroes? Arch nemesis…es?). Since I discovered this site, I fear daily that I’m going to forget to go on mute and LOL hysterically during my conference calls. And I’m never going to be able to attribute it to a funny spreadsheet.

  28. lolkat
    lolkat at · Reply

    Amazing. If you also ship Fuffy and have a back catalogue of obscure fanmade BTVS music videos from the last 10 years, my PC could officially be your spare. It really has everything you need.

  29. DJ
    DJ at · Reply

    just when you think, unfortunately, all the LOL’s are over….

    ‘The moment Mandeh talked about making love to Emily on the beaches, I knew that was her song. I think I was 12.’

    oh guys, you are so f*ing awesome. keeping me awake at night. hell yes!

  30. Millie
    Millie at · Reply

    I have issues with the sofa shot.
    Katie ‘teach-me-to-smoke-and-touch-me-Effy’ Fitch is smoking a joint!
    Naomi’s holding TWO joints. Which i love. Cos she’s awesome, she gets twice as much.

    These aren’t so much issues as observations…which made me squeal. But… JJ has a joint. He’s not allowed drugs cos he fails. Maybe they should’ve just given him a bottle of panda pop (not the ‘girl-panda’ but the actual drink), not the blueberry flavoured one. Too many E numbers.
    The only reason i can think of him being there is for a little ‘make-Effy-jealous’ operation, which doesn’t work cos Effy knows katie thinks he’s a geek cos she was lying on the Fitch’s 6 seated table and heard the twin-speak-fight.
    Fail Katiekins. x x

  31. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    I loved this episode. That is all.

  32. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Sophia/Mandy random appearances are really freaking me out now, but also making me laugh.

    Ps. Fellow Renthead here! So excited to find someone else who loves both Skins and Rent as much as I do (even if I’m 5 years late but whatever)

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