Thomas — Part 2

Sophy says: Be careful Anthea. Be verrrrry careful.

Oh Mr Stonem. lol.

Rin says: Christ. Even one of her hounds is gay. This is just getting out of hand now, Miss Stonem.

Sophy says: Panda is weary an inordinately cheerful shower curtain. Interesting.

Also, I am so in love with this little exchange between Pandora and Mr S:

Mr S: What’s your name again?

Pandora: Pandora

Mr S: Ridiculous.

Rin says: I bet they’ve been letting Effy have wine with dinner since she was 4. Explains a lot.

Sophy says: Stonems say “Horrifying not interesting!”


Sophy says: lol, yeah, that line was just a smidge out of character.

Sophy says: I feel ya, Cookie. Although I didn’t like JJ in the first place, so… one step ahead there.

Rin says: I liked JJ. THERE I SAID IT. Although I’m convinced that he is colour blind.

Sophy says: I didn’t hate him, I just hated his moments of cliche. Which snowballed into a great big fucking cliche avalanche in 406. Lest we forget.

Sophy says: Okay. This is just upsetting. Every time I look at this cap of Cook I see Bill’s mum from Big Love. Idk what’s going on MAKE IT STOP.

Also wow. Nice shirt Freddie. Good to know you think so highly of yourself.

Rin says: Jesus H Christ just makes me think of ‘H’ from Imagine Me & You. Every. Time.

Sophy says: JFC SOPHIA. The FBI should hire her to teach people how to creep. Amazing.


Sophy says: Take that, Anwar!

Sophy says: Oh Naomi, you are so adorable with your waving. Careful though, your happy to be here is showing!

Rin says: She’s wearing her lucky this-is-gonna-get-me-lady-laid pig tshirt! OF COURSE she’s happy.

Rin says: Effy. Your gay is showing. Especially since Naomi is talking about lending a hand.

Sophy says: Shh, don’t encourage her.

Rin says: OH KATIE. Deflecting doesn’t look good on you. does cause you look adorable but.. OH SHUTUP.

Sophy says: Looking back, I semi-irrationally love Katie in these eps. Because she’s Katie Fucking Fitch now and I can’t help but see everything through my s4 glasses. But honestly… I did not like her in s3. Nor did I think, for the most part, that she was a particularly well-written character. I gotta say, moments like these remind me how I used to feel about her and I want to say Just stop. You’re a bitch of a cliche and you’re a cliche of a bitch. And no, it’s not cute. Now go away and let me spend time with your awesome, gay sister.

Rin says: I can’t decide whether Naomi is being awesome with her ‘Fuck you, not putting up with this shit’ or is running from the truth (that she likes to give hand). A little from column A and a little from column B, I think.

Sophy says: Ow, ow. The way Naomi just says ‘See you’ and turns and walks away. You can feel the rejection at that moment, the loneliness and the resignation to the fact that loneliness is her fate. It’s made all the more poignant by that little wave when she walked up to the group, which tells us how much she actually just wants to be like everyone else – or if not like everyone else, with everyone else. This following everyone around and then pretending you don’t want to be there thing? At its most urgent and consuming level it’s about Emily, sure, but it’s also bigger than that – bigger and more mundane at the same time. Naomi plays the loner, but deep down, she just wants to hang out. She wants Emily, and she will never ever admit it, not absolutely, not until the end of the gen. She also wants friends, and she will never ever admit that either… except to Cook. That’s what she’s saying when she kisses him in 404: Love hurts. I need a friend.

I know a lot of people were pleased that Cook and Naomi got a scene in the finale. But IMO they may as well not have for all the significance it held. And that’s a real shame.

Emily and Thomas, Naomi and Cook. Needed moar.

Rin says: I’m so fucking glad they stopped the matching bows and matching sparkly beauty spot. Srsly.

Sophy says: idk I sort of miss them :((

Sophy says: Oh Naoms!

Also the reddish light in this scene is amazing, even if it makes Naomi’s hair look unusually yellow. These two caps in particular are just ridiculously gorgeous. I think it helps that JJ is blurred.


Rin says: It’s a little victory for Emily, and Naomi doesn’t run till later.

Sophy says: Oh gosh I adored this. The way the truth came out so rapidly and with so little fanfare. I loved that Emily, at the end of the day, couldn’t stand to see Naomi hurt and left out, and had to fix it right then and there. And the fact that Naomi comes back after this declaration? Speaks volumes.


Effy is quite a determined little thing.

Naomi has just had enough. Seriously.

PS Not sure about her outfit, but I love the khaki colour with the gold of her hair, watch and ring with the sunset pink of her nails. Pretty.

Rin says: Aw, I miss her big shiny beacon of gay gold watch. And I’m sure you’re not talking ill of the pig shirt..cause..well, we’d have troubles if you were.

Sophy says: Goddamnit, read the rest of my commentary before you start brandishing weapons at me. Also on a srs bsns note, God I love the moment here mocked and mangled in which Effy proves herself to not only be a sensitive and decent person, but a total Naomily shipper. She protects them. She deflects before Emily’s shrugged-off admission can become a thing – Shut the fuck up Cook. You promised me a party? Yes, I know that in Rophyland Effy is a crazy gay wannabe who will stop at nothing to bed/destroy Naomi, but in the real world, in Skins that is, she knows what’s what. And what is Naomily. That’s right.


Sophy says: Freddie you’re reminding me of Anwar right now. Please stop.

Rin says: I wonder who would in a fight in the Sophy arena, JJ or Anwar? Actually, you’d probably just gas them both.

Sophy: JJ. That’s how much I hate Anwar.
Also are you insinuating that I’m part of some kind of Aryan super race?????

Sophy says: Pretty, pretty twins in pretty, pretty light. Emily is still a little shaken up by that whole Truth. Boom. moment earlier.

Rin says: It’s okay…Naomi is staying for you Ems.

Sophy says: More pretty, pretty twins, in less-showy-but-still-pretty light.

Also, that first cap. Wow, what a metaphor. This is where gen 2 really begins. The first two episodes were exposition at their best, filler at their worst, and now here we are… the whole gang is assembled, ready to tumble down the rabbit hole – God knows some of the shit that goes down in series four is straight out of Wonderland.

It looks pretty now, doesn’t it kids? All thrumming music and shining lights… you don’t know how dark it’s going to get in there for some of you.

Emily, watch out for jean shorts.

Freds, watch out for bats. Seriously, please watch out.

Rin says: Effy, watch out for knives?

Sophy: And shears, right? :(

Sophy says: OH THOMAS. Such a gentleman. You were honorable, damnit. Till the Brittainator got all up in your bsns. :(

Rin says: Look at Naoms with the bag of drugs. She’s a pro. THINGS COULDN’T POSSIBLY GO BAD.

Rin says: Holy fuck what is Emily wearing.

Sophy says: I have shirts like that. I’m not sure that helps though.

Sophy says: OH EFFY. And to top it off those chav girls from series one have come to have a word with you. Are you giving them cheek???

Rin says: I totally got reminded of the Pink girls too. And I hate that. I hate those girls. They scare me.

Effy turning around and leaving is one of my favourite things.

Sophy says: Rophy loves a Naomi-Entrance.


Sophy says: Um. Yeah. On a related note, I was somewhat astounded that Rin was able to resist making a dirty joke about Naomily wandering around these caves. She has not always shown such restraint…

Rin says: Bahaha. Oh good times. This is from back in the day when we would send each other movies, via the means of plant padded envelopes.

Sophy says: Oh gawd, when I look at these caps, I feel like Lily was standing on a tight-rope whilst filming this scene. The longing to be as far away as possible and right here at the same time… it’s all over her face. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with those who say the girl can’t act. DIAF, MORONS. Wait, that wasn’t very respectful.

Oh well.

Rin says: Everyone knows where I stand on the Lily issue. Obviously I hate her. Moving on. The way she subconsciously takes a step away from Emily is brilliant.

Rin says: “I don’t even know why I’m doing this.” Oh, you’re going to play that card are you? You’ve known since you were 12, now shutup.

Sophy says: Yeah. *Don’t lie*, Naoms.

Sophy says: OH EMILY. Sometimes I feel like this is World War II and you are just parachuting into No Man’s Land over and over.

Rin says: I love that she can’t fucking help herself. She’s played this moment over in her head thousands of times, so it was only a matter of time before she let something slip.

Sophy says: Sheesh, Katie, I think you’ve really done it now. Effy might have to ask for her grandmother’s ring back.

But don’t despair. Keffy’s love will never die if Rophy has any say in it. Especially since Heather Hogan started shipping it despite herself. (Down the bottom of the page. We squee’d.)

Rin says: Katie’s face when Naomi arrives, like she’s anticipating the wrath of Effy. EFFY’S STEELY GAZE AT KATIE, I DIE.

Sophy says: Meanwhile, Naomi wasn’t even watching. This is what she was busy doing during this scene…

Sophy says: Naomily has more fun.

Rin says: You just know they sext constantly. I didn’t however know, that Naomi had a bow fetish. Makes sense I guess.

Rin says: I kind of love how Naomi isn’t even facing front-on to Emily. Maybe it’s her way of resisting the urge to look at Emily’s chest.

Rin says: Gawd they’re so adorbs with their avoiding eye-contact.

Sophy says: This moment right here? I’m holding my breath because there’s so much tension. I’m almost FRIGHTENED.


Sophy says Naomi’s face says: So close I can almost taste you…

Rin says: I TOLD YOU SHE STOOD SIDE ON TO PREVENT HERSELF FROM STARING AT EMILY’S CHEST. She can never help herself, seriously. Natural instincts.

Rin says: “YOU’RE GAY?” OH please Naomi. The next time you say that, it’ll be right after you’ve been making kissy face with her. So let’s not be all judgemental, okay?

Also, how dilated are your eyes ffs?

Sophy says: Dilated pupils mean you want sexytime with the person you’re chilling with. I’m impressed with the attention to detail, Skins.

Rin says: Oh Emily. Next time wear a bigger bow. I’ve heard that helps in the lesbian mating rituals.

Sophy says: I love the way Emily apologizes quickly – “No, no, I’m not…” Because she knows that it’s too much for Naomi. If the kissing could be just, you know, one of those things you just do because ‘I don’t know, I’m young and fashionable and I just felt like it, but I’m not gay and I don’t need you and I won’t lose chunks of my being if this falls apart…’ that could be okay for Naomi, maybe. That could lead to more kissage. And judging by Naomi’s face a second ago, it damn near worked.

Rin says: Pahahaha. The next time you come out to Thomas, it’s a lot more heart-achey and beautiful and WHY DID THEY NOT PURSUE EMILY/THOMAS FFFFFFFFFFF.

Sophy says: “Gay! I mean Emily!” This kind of Oh come on Freudian slip could have been lame, but Kat pulls it off brilliantly.

Sophy says: Naomi has a point. It’s like you’re not even making an effort to thrust, Emily, and that just doesn’t make her feel special at the end of the day.

And sadly, I’m not sure Sophia will let you join her classes.

Rin says: What can I say? Naomi just has old fashioned values.


Rin says: At least it’s not a fucking child that he’s cowering away from this time. That guy actually looks like he could do some damage.

Sophy says: Nice work, Rinscope. I like the way you changed into the shape of a heart!

Rin says: I wanted to make it ~special. :)


Rin says: lol Emily is a sneaky little thing.

Sophy says: He’ll always be there Gareth.

And you’ll never be half the boss he was.

Rin says: Aw, he just misses the guy. The hole puncher that he took isn’t enough to soothe the pain anymore.

Sophy says: OH PANDA. Cutest. Just try not to vomit in this scene.

Rin says: OOOOHHH She’s adorable…adorable!

Sophy says: I actually sort of like Naomi’s outfit here, without the jacket. The pig shirt makes me lol and think she and Panda should chat more. And the skirt is cute and makes me think of Clueless and how I spent the whole of the nineties daring myself to dress like Cher and by the time I bought the knee-highs it was all over. Story of my life.

Rin says: I’m happy that I no longer have to file for divorce because you said you liked the pig shirt! *rejoices*

Sophy says: Okay Freddie, I can’t help you if you don’t want to be helped. RUN FASTER.


Sophy says: Aw, don’t worry Cookie, Thomas is here! To save your ass so you can fuck his girl repeatedly and rub his nose in it!

Rin says: Wait so…Thomas didn’t return that guys shirt? AFTER ALL HE DID FOR HIM? Bah.

Rin says: Naomi is standing on the outside of Emily. :)

Sophy says: How very Sophomi of her :)

Sophy says: Stupid plotline is stupid, and yet I still love it because…





Rin says: I don’t know, but I have no pants :(

Part 3

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  1. forgotten_pixie
    forgotten_pixie at · Reply

    I’m sorry to comment again BUT I love Cook’s change of heart about JJ “Episods air. People change.” Heeeeee! really agree on JJ, neversold on his character, such a boring cliche. I only liked him ONCE and that was when he produced a lollipop to those annoying kids.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I KNOW RIGHT. JJ was lamesticks from the get-go.

      I did like his s3 episode though. The Debussy theme was awesome.

  2. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    I’m loving this!
    Sophy, you had so many HH moments. Or maybe they’re Sophy moments. Maybe I haven’t been paying proper attention omg.
    Rin, put your pants on ffs.
    Rave-cave scene owns my heart. <3

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Rofl, well I’ve always had a penchant for the odd srs bsns ramble, but I only started to include more of them in the rophycaps because I rambled to Heather and Rin asked why I didn’t put as much effort into rophydoes.

      Poor Rin. She and her pants. A dance as old as time.

  3. M
    M at · Reply

    unTHRUSTworthy! bwahahaha!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  4. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    “Emily and Thomas, Naomi and Cook. Needed moar.”

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. This gen went a bit nuts with the love stories, but kinda failed with the simple friendships (Cook and Freddie were a love story, and the only vaguely friend-y moments were JJ and Thomas in S4, which… yeah).

    Also, my mate got a “Sexist [pig]” t-shirt from a James concert we went to once. I may need to steal it.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Fffff, I didn’t recognize it as being James-related? James are awesome.

      1. polymorph80
        polymorph80 at · Reply

        It’s totally not James related (for starters, the James T-shirt is blue not white); but yeah. The front cover of the Millionaires album is a pot-bellied pig.

        And yes. James are made of pure utter total concentrated awesome – I’ve got 16 of their albums! (Although I haven’t got round to listening to The Night Before yet…)

  5. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    Unthrustworthy now needs to be incorporated into my every day word use.

  6. jm
    jm at · Reply

    I’m amazed someone noticed Naomi’s eyes are dilated. I swear they’re like that in most of her scenes, I always wondered why.

  7. heather hogan
    heather hogan at · Reply

    It’s like … I don’t know, part of me is starting to *want* Effy to at least win *one* gay-off. WTF is the matter with me?!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      idk, I sort of think the day she wins will be like… Mulder and Scully having babies and decorating Christmas trees together. IT WILL RUIN THE MAGIC.

      Also Naomi is gayer.

  8. Lc
    Lc at · Reply

    “Rin says: She’s wearing her lucky this-is-gonna-get-me-lady-laid pig tshirt! OF COURSE she’s happy.”

    That made me LOL so bad, dunno why. And the word unTHRUSTworthy. Awesome!

  9. blondie
    blondie at · Reply

    The “how could you humiliate me like this?” macro with Keffy made me laugh so hard. Their expressions are just hilarious.

    “You’re a bitch of a cliche and you’re a cliche of a bitch.” I agree with you Sophy – Katie used to annoy the hell out of me in s3 and i was just like “go away and leave naomily alone!” But then Katie fucking Fitch happened and she got a good storyline and now I love her to pieces.

    I just love that scene with Naomily in the cave. That bit where Emily apologises and then that desperate little “Sorry…” before Naomi goes “Yeah, me too” is absolutely heartbreaking.

    Yours and HH’s recaps are one of the highlights of my week. Love them!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Rofl, honestly, I feel like their expression suit the macro better than the scene. Madness.

      Yeah, you can’t not love Katie after s4. You just can’t.

      Yes! Kat’s acting in that scene was just perfect.

      And thank you, we love to highlight things :)

  10. Ana
    Ana at · Reply

    Lord, how do you guys come up with this? The txts from when Naomi turned around were my fave, even though they made me feel like a perv. Seriously though, were you like “Naoms turned around, what did she do? SEXTED!”? Brilliant.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  11. Erin
    Erin at · Reply

    Bahahaha! Sophy, you made me laugh so hard… Cook totally looks like Bill’s mum from Big Love in that cap. It’s uncanny! And disturbing.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha! Glad someone agrees with me!

  12. erika
    erika at · Reply

    Abit late for a comment, i know. But Rin just wondering what you meant by this?

    “Rin says: Everyone knows where I stand on the Lily issue. Obviously I hate her.”

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