Thomas — Part 1

Sophy says: So Rin’s inner designer went through six pairs of pants with these first caps. He or she came prepared but whoosh! Pantsless again.

I have to say I concur. The attention paid to light on this show is to be applauded. The way it plays across Thomas’ face, creating this kind of burnt orange glow, which sets off the vibrant purple and green in his clothes. Guhh.

Also HI S3 THOMAS I LOVE YOU! *jumps up and down*

Rin says: Okay, I think it’s safe to assume by now that most people know that my inner designer pretty much just walks around pantless because of these credits. THEY’RE JUST SO GORGEOUS. NO NEED FOR PANTS!! Also. Now I’m bitter again about how we never saw a solo intro for Naomi for S4. SIGHPANTS.

Sophy says: Sweet mother of God, the sky. And the way it brings out the subtle orange tones in the buildings. Rin’s inner designer was already naked when this hit. Now he or she is just curled up in the corner rocking back and forth and weeping.

Not sure what that second cap is doing there. What’s that about, Rin? The plight of man, perhaps?

Rin says: Haha shush you. Let Thomas place one of his three possessions in peace, ffffff.

Sophy says: lol oh Mother Angelina.

Rin says: Typical. And she’ll rename him because Thomas is way too common of a name, so from now on he’ll be called Thomosoobaleelamba.

Sophy says: Fie. Honestly, it’s true. Thomas, along with Emily, was my favourite in series 3. This episode was the first time I felt really connected to this gen and Thomas, OH THOMAS, you were the reason… And then that piece of rubbish opened s4… which led to Merv feeling humiliated and getting all butthurt about it… and it was all downhill from there, culminating in ‘I run fast all the way to Harvard lol.’


A: Jamie Brittain.

Rin says: Or shall we say… LAMIE BRITTIAN. :D

Sophy says: In my head you’re standing there saying ‘Waits for laugh…?’ just like Buffy in Homecoming.

Sophy says: So he looks around his shithole. And then he has a little dance. A LITTLE DANCE. God, I loved him.

Rin says: I love his introduction. LOVE IT. AND ALL OF HIS CLOTHES FFS. Even though his coat looks rather expensive. (Maybe angelina bought it for him?)

Sophy says: Oh Mother Angelina. Resorting to bribes? Sad, MA, just sad. And I bet you love that acronym.

Sophy says: Super cool! His French accent wasn’t too bad, considering that as far as I know he doesn’t speak French?

Also the moment just before this which Rin FAILED TO CAPTURE is one of my favourites of the gen. He pulls out the introduction he’s been practising, and simple and to the point he smiles at the small boy, says with endearing precision “Hello, I am Thomas. So glad to meet you.”

Rin says: I have no idea either. I’ve never really felt the urge to research Merv….sorry.

Sophy says: Loved this scene. Love, love, love. It was cliched and predictable, but in that way that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside rather than just irritated. I think a lot of that had to do with the natural, easy charm Merv brought to the character. LOOK OKAY EVERYONE. He may have behaved like a twat on twitter. A twit-twat if you will. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was lovely as Thomas, back when the writers gave him something half decent to work with.

Rin says: I’ve never thought that Merv wasn’t a good actor, he’s got the chops. Unfortunately they just didn’t utilise said chops in series 4, and that combined with some douchieness offscreen created some dislike towards Thomas. I do think it’s unfair on the character, because Thomas had so much potential…oh well. *continues to mock*

Sophy says: Don’t take it too personally, Merv. We’ll mock anything. No really…

Sophy says: AHAHAHAHAH OMG. Quick Freds! Find a table and get under it!

Rin says: IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR YOU!!! :(((

Sophy says: Look at those donuts, flaunting their gaudy wares for all to see.

Rin says: The pink one with the sprinkles is incredibly Simpsons. Mmmm sprinkles.


Rin says: It’s okay Freddie…I don’t think Thomas would hurt you? (Unless you call him Congo Cock)

Sophy says: The store owner was kind of hilarious with his “I am from Delhi. I hate Pakis.” Oh Thomas, don’t you see, no one’s spirit is as beautiful as yours. Except maybe Emily’s. And of course you both have to have them broken and spend most of s4 being sad and largely irrelevant. *grumbles*

Rin says: So annoying. Put them in a scene together and it’s magic…but noooooooooo. I just. *grumbles*

Sophy says: Oh for fuck’s… THE TABLE. GET UNDER IT.

He’s not going to make it through the episode at this rate.

Rin says: HAHHA OKAY FREDDIE THIS ONE IS RIDICULOUS. The kid is 4 years old. Take Cook’s last piece of advice and grow up ffs.

Sophy says: ROFL, I gotta say, if this is what Cook was referring to in that scene in 407, then I wholeheartedly agree with him.

Sophy says: Poor Cookie :( I feel partially responsible too, since if I had been dedicated enough to make that macro of you whisking a lollipop out of a small child’s hand for the last recap, you would have been one step ahead.

Rin says: I’m currently questioning your dedication to rophydoes. I don’t care if you’ve almost been fired multiple times. I JUST DON’T CARE.


Sophy says: There is something fabulously surreal about the way the camera pans to reveal Panda and Effy at a bus stop (because, don’t you know, Panda and Effy can always be found at bus stops), sitting beside this unexplained boy – Who is he? What is he doing in Bristol? Why are we following him around? Did the monks make him out of Buffy? You could call it lazy writing… but to me it feels intentional, almost like a little joke between the writers and the viewing public – Oh of course they’re going to meet, you know it, we know it, so let’s just get it over with right here at the bus stop. Donut, anyone?

Rin says: It never felt like lazy writing to me. I found myself excited to see how they would integrate him into the rest of the group and who would be the first to meet him etc. I LOVED the simplicity of this. I’ve made quite a few rants on previous recaps how I just prefer it when Skins keeps things simple and focuses on being real (i.e. not murdering people with bats), and this just plays right into it. Panda makes all of this realistic, because she’s Panda. Making friends with strangers is what she does.

I’m also fascinated by the idea of donuts just sitting in a brown paper bag. SERIOUSLY. LIKE? WHAT? Is that a real thing in the UK? Or is it just a one-off thing? Am I giving this way too much thought than required? Where am I. What is fandom.

Sophy says: A scary place, Rin.

And yes, yes, yes. This scene works because it’s Thomas and Panda and this kind of random adorableness is who they are. Even they couldn’t pull off ‘Lol! Harvard!’ though.

Rin says: You should consider yourself one very lucky Panda because those pigtails aren’t braided.

Sophy says: Oh Christ.

Sophy says: Oh Panda and Thomas, why did they ruin you? I might have been cool with the cheatathon if it hadn’t been resolved with ‘Oops, sorry, we got kind of busy with all the drama with Naomily. What’s that? You did the cheating thing first? Yes, okay, but it doesn’t matter when you do it, because you’re just for lols. Here, have a free ridiculous plot-line and a sandwich for the run to Harvard.’

Rin says: Effy looks so bored. She might be thinking of KeikoKatie right now?

Rin says: I feel so grossed out that she’s smoking that with a mouth full of donut. BARRY!!

Sophy says: Bet Effy and Thommo were glad they moved their hands in time.

Rin says: ROFL Effy is so not interested in Panda puking. She seems quite annoyed that Panda is wasting her drink.

Sophy says: CARRYING! Like a plump gazelle he’s just shot whilst hunting in the Congo. Wut.


Sophy says: I HOPE SO!!! EFFY WANTS TO BE CARRIED TOO!!!!! Cook, is there a reason you couldn’t get around to that till 310??? Explain yourself.

Sophy says: That little bit of vomit is just… eech.

Rin says: I love that moment when he realises that his hand is on Panda’s ass. He may be a very sweet guy, but he’s still a guy ffs.

Rin says: I feel like Sophia is going to sophia in at any moment now saying, “What are we all looking at?!?! :D”

Sophy says: I feel like somebody should have made a macro to that effect.

Rin says: I AM SO TIRED OF YOU ANTHEA. Srs. Even with your more-toned-than-mine arms.

Sophy says: SHINY!

Sophy says: WHO IS THAT GUY. Curse you British actors and your tendency to be oh so familiar but not quite familiar enough.

Rin says: I did not need to see his hairy belly. I’m just saying.

Sophy says: Yeah okay you’re right. That’s familiar enough.

Sophy says: Over-saturated earth-toned bathroom looks so good with Thomas’s nekkid arse.

And sleeping cap is pretty. The composition, the light, the colours… I wouldn’t judge Edward Cullen for sneaking through the window to gaze lovingly at that.

Rin says: Apparently this was shot on like, his first day. OH MY GOD SO I’M LIKE, in the city using a computer in a public place and someone just walked past and looked at my screen, and even though I’m immune to skins, I just realised that they totally saw that I’ve got a nude ass on my screen. *scrolls down a little* Now it just looks like I run some kind of porn blog. D: Anyway as I was saying. They didn’t even have a sock/pouch thing for him! Poor Merv. Welcome to Skins.

Sophy says: Okay seriously. I have to interject here. Off the top of my head we have seen: Chris’s arse, Tony’s arse, Sid’s arse, Anwar’s arse, Cook’s arse, now Thomas…


Sophy says: lol oh Merv.

Rin says: HAHAHAHAAHHAA. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Especially cause like.. it’s perfectly acceptable that the chunky thing he is holding could be some kind of device that can access the internet.

Rin says: ‘Probably shouldn’t watch it’ – haaHAHAHA. Love it.

Sophy says: ahahahahah. That is Office quality.

Sophy says: Gareth was better this episode. His lackeys were funnier than him though.

I lol’d at the photo in the passport. Just… lol.

Rin says: Thomas is apparently like, the same age as you Sophy? No wonder you get along so well together. You reminisce about like.. the depression.

Sophy says: Um. Yeah. Okay…

Rin says: THIS IS LIKE RETRO ROPHY. We used to sing this to each other back in the day <3 And IIIIIIIIIIIIIII…

Sophy says: The composition of that shot of Thomas once they’ve left… it’s the perfect balance of outside and in, fear and freedom, familiarity and a new world.

Rin says: ….yeah. I was just like. Wow, that’s a lot of red cars down there.

Sophy says: You remind me of this French exchange student who stayed with us and kept saying how many yellow cars there were in my city. Seriously, she was a girl of few words, but I think she mentioned that four or five times during her stay.

Rin says: I don’t know what’s worse…that you just compared me to an EXCHANGE STUDENT who presumably spoke little english, or that there are actually programs put into place for exchange students to go to Perth. (Sophy’s city…google ‘huge hole in ground’ if you want to know what it looks like)

Sophy says: Well you do look sort of ~foreign. *snaps bootlace*

Rin says: Sophy mentioned that their family photo reminded her of the Jackson 5 and now all I hear when I see that photo is ‘I WANT YOU BACKKK OOOHHHHH BABY GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE, TO SHOW YOU THAT I LOVE YOU..’

Sophy says: Oh his letter to his family. Too gorgeous.

Rin says: He’s playing a game boy. I’m sure of it. I don’t think he’s winning though, because he looks rather sad. He didn’t catch em all.

Sophy says: He was totally playing Brickles. Or REVERSI! I used to cry over Reversi as a kid.

Sophy says: I read that as ‘Cocktease’. Every time. I’m willing to believe that was the intention.

Rin says: More like cockblocker *mutters quietly to herself*



Meanwhile why oh why did you tell them you run fast like a dog? They’re just going to use it against you in the finale :(

Rin says: OMG, look at Katie’s face in the back. Peeking over so excited.

Sophy says: hahaha oh man. I hadn’t even noticed that till now. She’s so adorably eager. Like a baby seal balancing a ball on her nose to rapturous applause. ♥


Rin says: She was always there. Always present. Always smiling.

Sophy says: What’s this? Trouble in Keffy paradise?

Rin says: JFC, THE ‘PANGS’ BUFFY REFERENCE. I just. I’m in love.

Sophy says: Okay Emily. What is that shirt. Let’s hear you try and explain this one.

Rin says: I’m convinced she steals away into nursing homes at night (when their sight is impaired) and ransacks their wardrobes for clothes. It’s the only way to explain it.

Sophy says: Or, you know, she stayed the night at my house last night. That’s probably it.



Sophy says: Rin still tries to vote ‘One Nation’. Every. Time.


Sophy says: EEEESIGFLKF. Okay. I don’t ship it because a) they have clashing sexual urges, and b) Naomily forevs k thx bye. However in friendship terms? Emily and Thomas had the potential to steal the whole show for me. I wish they had been more consistent with their connection, or, you know, with Thomas’s whole damn character.

How CUTE is Emily when she says ‘Cheeky’? She looks so reluctantly pleased. I adore it.

Rin says: I think it might only have been Emily’s second compliment that she’s received. The first was that one time that Naomi Campbell smiled at her.

Sophy says: Oh Thomas. These kids just have no respect, do they? If he were my age he would be turning around to face the camera right now and launching into a speech about how back in myyyy day…

Rin says: … when the wheel was invented…

ACTUALLY RIN says: Jesus. Sophy tried to comment for me, and now I feel violated. Like, I would go back much further than the wheel.

Especially because when I was at her house and looking at her family photo albums, all it contained were pictures like this… :S

I seriously have no idea how she survived all this time without me. She can’t even open bottles/cans by herself, ffffffff.

Sophy says: I totally just commented for her again. IT’S MY PHOTO. Just saying.

Sophy says: This was so unabashedly corny. And fuck I loved it.

Rin says: This reminds me of that time we had to do a dance routine at school (for PE), so I pretended I was sick so I wouldn’t have to participate. Hey, I was new to the school, okay? And I feel like I’ve known you guys for a while now so we can share things.

Sophy says: BAHAHAHHAHA. Oh Doug.

Rin says: I just love how quickly she changed into her sexy underwear and pulled out the boombox.

Rin says: Don’t worry Thomas. Soon you’ll be going to Roundview and you’ll get fucked over just like everyone else! One of us, one of us!

Sophy says: Love, love, love. Why did JB have to go and sully this whole concept by repeating it in reverse with Andrea in s4?

Rin says: Who is Andrea?

Sophy says: Don’t you know her??? She totally has been going to Roundview all along and everyone regularly discusses how hot she is!


Rin says: Old reference is old.

Rin says: OH GOD. So lush and green. Confirming everything I’ve learnt about England via the means of Jane Austen movies.


Rin says: THIS IS WHY I WANT TO WORK IN FILM/TV! EXACTLY THE REASON. SERIOUSLY….. JUST LOOK AT THAT TEA COSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophy says: And I’m the old one.

Sophy says: Pot-tea is pretty.

Rin says: Man..Katie would die for the throw on that couch.

Rin says: I would so play in that garden and pretend Peter Rabbit was hippoty, hoppiting around me.


Sophy says: OH BEEL. Such a gentleman.

Rin says: You’ve become such a Beel-linguist. I feel like you should write a dictionary.

Sophy says: Look don’t look so horrified Panda, you were smoking this shit earlier. Which led to vomiting on yourself in front of the boy you like… okay, feel free to look horrified. For the exact same reason I shall never drink whiskey again.

Rin says: Nor vodka. NO WAIT. IT WAS THE OTHER WAY ‘ROUND. The boy who liked me threw up in front of me…on the street. Ahhh good times.

Sophy says: A thimbleful of vodka.

Sophy says: PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY. That last cap? Lisa you are pretty, even if you don’t often get to show it. (Because you’re just for lols. Here, have a free ridiculous plot-line and a sandwich for the run to Harvard.)

Rin says: Oh look! Everything is coming up Thomas! He’s a drug dealer and has the girl. THINGS MUST ONLY GET BETTER!!!

Part 2

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  1. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    Um… is it too early to leave a comment? *blink blink*
    Anyway… Lamie Brittain FOREVER! Most hilarious that’s not supposed to be hilarious comment ever.
    Thomas/Emily friendship. Do want.
    omg I totally had to do a dance routine in PE! HAHAhaha. All I remember is a move the teacher taught us called, The Grapevine. idk
    Lisa, you are beautiful. Fck Skins.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  2. forgotten_pixie
    forgotten_pixie at · Reply

    I’m also fascinated by the idea of donuts just sitting in a brown paper bag. SERIOUSLY. LIKE? WHAT? Is that a real thing in the UK? Or is it just a one-off thing? Am I giving this way too much thought than required? Where am I. What is fandom.

    Hee! They usually come in little paper pags from supermarkets. Also that guy sleeping with Anthea is comedian/writer David Baddiel who has done a lot of comedy maybe you have seen?

  3. foreverxkisses
    foreverxkisses at · Reply

    Did the monks make him out of Buffy?

    You guys are my heros right now!

    And the Pangs Buffy reference too!
    You guys SO have to do Buffy. It would take forever, but OMG the lolz.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We love to be your heroes! Hopefully you can fly higher than an eagle these days?

      We would love to do Buffy. But our heads might explode from the awesome idk idk. We’ll certainly do more Buffy-related things in the future.

  4. polymorph80
    polymorph80 at · Reply

    That guy shagging Anthea is David Baddiel (of Baddiel And Skinner and The Mary Whitehouse Experience and such fame), probably most notable in the real world for being married to Morwenna Banks (who plays Anthea).

    Or, alternatively; he’s a casting joke that non-Brits don’t get. :-p

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Hmmm no, that’s not where I’ve seen him. I could just go to imdb. But I’m lazy.

  5. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    Thomas, I will never forget that it was you who started my love for the random inclusion of brightly-colored donuts in Skins.

    THE Jamie Brittain, why would you ruin the innocence of those donuts? WHY OH WHY THE JAMIE BRITTAIN?! DAMN YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

  6. heather hogan
    heather hogan at · Reply

    *prints out photo of prehistoric Sophy*

    *puts in plastic wallet forever*

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      Except I don’t have one :(

  7. Trinh
    Trinh at · Reply

    we had to do a dance routine in PE, too. ours was one of those dance workout routines from this show on MTV…some of you might know what i’m talking about. we did it for a week or two. and then i went home and did the routine every night for a month…cause i thought i’d need it if i was ever at the clubs.

    my friends forbade me to do it at the clubs.

  8. anat
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    I would have liked to say that i got used already to your special lolz-making-skills, but u manage to surprise the spittle out of me every single recap!!
    and again, shame on u for splitting between my mom and me, cuz she’s trying to sleep after a long day and i’m here LMAOing on regular intervals and that just makes it very difficult for our relationship! ;) lolz, jk..
    Well just about the fighting thingy, she IS sleeping like the dead in the other room and i AM trying my hardest to lmao quietly, but it’s a hard job and requires good belly muscles.
    Just so u know.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      lololol, our apologies to your belly, as always, anat :)

  9. Jillian
    Jillian at · Reply

    Oh I miss s3 Thomas. This is great. I love how all the fans know what could’ve made the show great. Why not the people who get paid for it? D:

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I know, I know! For shame.

  10. Shikei
    Shikei at · Reply

    I want Katie’s folder. Though not her exact folder because it probs has KFF <3 EFF 4EVA scribbled all over the inside.

    Also, have they even been at school long enough to learn that dance routine?

  11. DJ
    DJ at · Reply

    there’s a filmstrip in my head right now viewing all the donut related scenes in the simpsons. i can almost taste them! wonderful. also, i was thinking about angelina at the exact same moment she popped up, so great and disturbed minds think alike i guess. i love love love your recaps. thanks ^-^

  12. Rachel
    Rachel at · Reply

    Those donuts being £1 each is just so. British.

    There is literally never going to be a time when Sophia is not funny.

    Who do you think does the best background faces? I think it may have to be KFF.

  13. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    I know I reread these things all the time and then tell inane stories about how Rophy makes my life funny all day every day and you might be getting tired of them but here’s another one.

    At the aquarium the other day with my friends, there were two baby seals that had just been rescued and were being kept there for safekeeping. The lady was telling us about how they were sisters and how they were rescued and I wasn’t really paying attention until I noticed that one of them was curled up into an adorable little ball and was trying to sleep and her sister kept barking and shoving her with her nose and generally being a brat and then I realized…

    Oh. My. God. They’re Katie and Emily as baby seals. THEY’RE BABY SEAL FITCH TWINS.

    That is all.

  14. Clyyd
    Clyyd at · Reply

    Seriously i laughed like 15 minutes !!!!! You always make me laugh =3

  15. Erin
    Erin at · Reply

    You guys frequently reference Merv being a douche on Twitter/becoming a douche after 401…what did I miss?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Long story short: Some Naomily fans bitched about there not being enough Naomily and how his ep sucked and whatnot. He bitched back and then flounced twitter and then came back and then said he didn’t want to be in the movie. OH MERV. Twitter is a dangerous thing.

  16. ohwowlovely
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    Why wouldn’t donuts be in paper bags? What do your donuts be in?

    And why do I only comment about food…

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