Everyone — Part 2

Rin says: OMG :( ABORT MISSION :((( :((( Rinscope failed.

Sophy says: ah the Rinscope. Always comes in handy when hunting the elusive Loveless. Is sometimes embarrassing, though.

Rin says: Perfect. Her face… it’s just. HAHA. I can imagine her voice being all little too.

Sophy says: I almost feel like this macro could have played out on the show. Oh Naomi, you concerned bitch. <3

Rin says: I love their first meeting. And how Naomi has to refrain from smiling, Cook does have a certain charm about him. And omg the second cap is BEYOND ADORABLE. Except for the dude left of Naomi. YOU’RE WAY TOO OLD LOL GET OUT.

Sophy says: lol I think I hated Cook in the first episode. I can’t remember. idk, I was probably being a negative Nellie about everything and still clinging to my precious gen 1 cast. But he does have a certain charm, and I think the reason why is that as a character, his whole MO is to throw himself into everything head-first, and as an actor Jack O’Connell really, really gets that. You never feel as though he’s holding back and I think that’s part of the reason why Cook, despite being one of the most ludicrous characters is nevertheless one of the most real, and despite being one of the most morally dubious characters is nevertheless one of the most endearing. Jack, I tip my hat to you. *puts one on and tips it*

PS Katie and Emily are way too cute for their own good. WAY TOO CUTE.

Rin says: Doug. If you ever want to get Doug/Harriet going, you need to stop mega-phoning her man. Not cool. AND LAY OFF THE RHUBARB WHILE YOU’RE AT IT. Fucks sake.

Oh and Naomi is the only student not amused by the farting. ‘Wtf am I doing here.’

Sophy says: I’m with you, Naoms. God I hated the farting. They spent a lot of this episode pushing too hard for laughs, and it just felt over-the-top, empty and puerile. Whoa. Still a bit bitter there about saying goodbye to gen 1, I guess.


Rin says: “SORRY YOU’RE FOREIGN.” One of my favourites of the episode.

Rin says: HAAHAHHAA JESUS. The way Katie is looking across and Emily is looking so dejected. AND THEN EFFYS HAND SHOOTS STRAIGHT UP. HAHAHA. Amazing.

Sophy says: Goddamn Katie, always trying to steal everything from Emily, from outfits to gayness. *shakes head*

Rin says: HAHAHA NAOMI IS JOINING IN. Omg. Greatest. Also Naomi eyeroll, welcome to the fold.

Sophy says: *presses the Naomi eyeroll tenderly to her bosom*

Rin says: Yes Cook, she shares her name with a famous supermodel. Now you’ve told her, okay? Now she knows.

Sophy says: Naomi totally just spotted Emily over Cook’s shoulder. That’s the only explanation for that face. So far…

Rin says: The accompanying smile to her ‘fuck you,’ LOOOVEEE IT. Then of course she goes for a sneaky look.

Sophy says: Here it comes, the moment I totally would have known they were going to get down with the oils and whatnot, even if Rin hadn’t told me.

Rin says: IT’S LIKE EMILY SAW NAOMI’S FINGERS/HAND GO UP AND SHE WAS LIKE ‘OHHHH‘ …..what is happening to me. :(

Okay. The staring. You literally do not need to know any more about these two to know that something is going on between them. And they had me shipping them in an instant. Lily’s face, I can’t even.

Sophy says: She looks terrified. Seriously, if I didn’t know any better I’d think she was seeing Horizon-Sophias on parade, hippety, hoppety. Being that terrified of a cute, little, buttoned-up redhead with a bow in her hair means one thing and one thing only. You’re in love with her, deeply and agonizingly in love, in the truest riding-in-the-ambulance-with-your-suicidal-friend way.

Rin says: LILY’S FACE, I CAN’T EVEN. Gawd the novel was ridiculous… and I enjoyed it because I spent most of the time laughing and feeling embarrassed. Ali Cronin, no. NO NO NO NO NO.

Sophy says: BAHAHAHAH oh God. I’m more worried about the shampoo bottles than the shower head, I think. And I’m much more worried about the atrocious dialogue going on there than either of the make-shift sex-aids.

Rin says: I love that Naomi calls Cook out, in front of the entire assembly. Campbell has BALLS.

Sophy says: I have the most horrible visual right now. Thanks Rin.

Rin says: Speaking of balls.. OMG MASTER OF THE SEGWAY, I AM. Just be glad I didn’t include the caps where you could actually..see…stuff. Harriet is not amused. She’s probably breaking some laws by looking though.

Sophy says: Honestly, this… just… no. Okay Skins? No.

Rin says: Naomi is such a lesbian. AND HAHAHA PANDA’S FACE. LOOK AT HER. She’s looking directly at it!

Sophy says: OH LISA BACKWELL YOU ARE SO FABULOUS. Seriously, this is such a delicious little reminder of Panda’s fixation on Tony’s dick last season. Her eyes never leave the penis…


Sophy says: … even after he puts it away.

Rin says: Look Panda, more balls behind you! ….seriously. Sophy. What’s wrong with me. :( *starts to write lines in a book*

When I watch that gif, in my head I’m saying, “POINT. POINT. POINT. DEAD. POINT. POINT. POINT. DEAD.” over and over.

Sophy says: lolol, SILLY PANDA. TURN AROUND.

Rin says: I’m laughing at the thought of Sophy cutting around Cooks ass and squirming whilst doing it.

Sophy says: The things I do for Rophy I don’t even know God.

Poor old Freds. You should have known from the start it was going to be a rocky road trying to win Effy with Cook in the game. You can’t fight that kind of connection.

Rin says: So wrong. So so wrong. Sophia, WHY!

Sophy says: First Freddie, now Cook. She stops at nothing.

Rin says: Poor Freds. :( If only they both weren’t so damn pretty. btw, the blue of the lockers in this scene is making my designer pantless again. Lockers are not supposed to be so fucking beautiful.

Sophy says: Luke and Kaya are making me pantsless. I mean… I am enjoying them. In an aesthetic sense. *cough* LOOK! A HOVERCRAFT!

Rin says: The list. I just. …yeah.

Sophy says: Yeah. I… yeah.

Rin says: STUPID FUCKING JJ AND HIS STUPID MILK EARS. WHAT? YOU JUST TRAVEL AROUND LIKE THAT? WITH MILK IN YOUR BOOTS? WHAT?! Get out. I can’t believe how happy he is that he ruined series 4.

Sophy says: I hate you JJ . I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU. And I’m not the only one, believe me…

Rin says: HAHA the way the interpreter does that last past always amuses me.

Sophy says: lol idk this didn’t work for me. Trying too hard again, writers.

Rin says: Effy is such a HBIC. Also, you can’t really see it in that cap anymore, so here. The extras on the right made me laugh, they’re so good! The guy is checking out Effy and his ‘girlfriend’ gets pissed off.

Sophy says: Effy and Lara, soulmates for life type things?

Rin says: Some of my favourite dialogue right here. “Can’t explain.” “Alright, suit yourself.” LOVE IT.

Katie. You’re being obvious.


Rin says: OMG THAT GIANT. It’s just. Foreshadowing. Oh ems.

Sophy says: Hold me, Rin! :(

Rin says: You’re right Sophy. Katie has definitely been getting lessons off Sophia. They’re just.. OUT THERE!

Sophy says:

Pfff, Thomas, they were standing to attention for Effy before you were even on the show. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Rin says: Oh my god, emily. You’re adorable. No wonder I loved you from the moment I saw you. I think I was 22.

EFFY YOU’RE BEING RIDICULOUS. And I wonder why I didn’t ship Keffy right off the bat either. Oh. Bat.

Sophy says: Too soon. *shakes head, points bread, walks away*


Sophy says: lol ngl she does kind of make nose-wiping cute. She even makes the outfit sort of – No wait.

Rin says: Sophia is growing so much as a person. She will even put aside her differences with Emily to protect Naomi. I can’t… the dedication. It’s admirable.

Sophy says: I know right? And it’s all the more impressive that she’s been able to grow up so much whilst traveling back in time, and, you know, being dead. Full marks, Sophia. Full marks and a gold star.

Part III

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  1. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    part II with “I have the solution” …. it just CRACKED me up !!! it was so uncredibly funny … hahaha … but in a way soooooooo horribly bad haha

  2. shoomo
    shoomo at · Reply

    omfg. “NAOMI WILL BE MINE.” …Then Emily’s face. xD

    Too funny. Every Sophia image is just hilarious.

  3. FlipFlop
    FlipFlop at · Reply


    And writer of the Skins Novel…showerheads?! My insides hurt just thinking about it, dear god.

  4. Meg
    Meg at · Reply

    Katie telling Emily to put her hand down is HILARIOUS. Seri0usly that macro is fucking genius. Also, Effy just has to try and be the gayest. Good thing Emily has knife wielding Sophia on her side.

    Your recaps are always A+

  5. kittko
    kittko at · Reply

    so many lulz. i wish there’d exist an appropriate gif for my shaking and loling rn, just to show my deep love for you guys.

  6. Jillian
    Jillian at · Reply

    LOL FOREVER at the “Alright. Now who is going to turn out to be gay?” Macro.


    The JJ macro, God spot on. I like how ya’ll are going BACK and doing these.. cause now we know. Now we know.

    Ya’ll are fantastic. PART 3.

  7. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    “Oh and Naomi is the only student not amused by the farting. ‘Wtf am I doing here.’”

    Naomi is too cool for school. Also, I SEE YOU person in the front of the same cap. With your bright hair. Trying to be like the Fitchies. FFS, you’re not adorable and gay or wearing leopard print. GTFO.

    Keffy. It’s happening.

  8. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    “And I wonder why I didn’t ship Keffy right off the bat either. Oh. Bat.

    Sophy says: Too soon. *shakes head, points bread, walks away*”


    LOL :D

  9. Chloe
    Chloe at · Reply

    You have officially ruined JJ for me. I now can’t see him smile without thinking of how happy he is that he and his ukeleles got an episode and Panda and Naomi didn’t :(

    I hope you’re happy. I really do.*headshake/bread point*

  10. Bryan
    Bryan at · Reply

    Have we all noticed that in the cap where Effy has her hand up (cause she’s wants to be the gay-est) that in the background COOK has his hand up??!!

    I think this may be an appropriate place for a Micheal Scofield macro/gif

    Btw love for Ropher, you guys are awesomsauce x

  11. Ylva
    Ylva at · Reply

    omg you’re fucking killing me!’ *rolling on sofa laughing my arse off*
    Naomi eyeroll, the gayest race, all the amazing staring!!! lol
    oh and the bat and the bread pointing, I just can’t take it, its brilliant, you’re brilliant!

  12. Merry002
    Merry002 at · Reply

    Nonhuman name, non functioning website, said website called “come earn”, incredibly vague post that could apply to any blog in the world, oddly formatted….
    Seems legit.

    1. Merry002
      Merry002 at · Reply

      shoot… this was in response to spam that disappeared. How do you delete comments?

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