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Rophy says: It is important to read the Rophycaps in order. That means you start with when we did Katie in series 4 (it was a good time) and move through to the finale, before following us back to the start of series 3.

What’s that? You don’t want to follow Rophy around? Well fuck you then. If you’re going to be like that then there are a few things you should know:

– To sophia is to glide swiftly into a frame, preferably whilst sporting a winning smile and/or holding a knife. Anyone can sophia, but it is Sophia herself who sophias the most and the best.
– Effy will never be the gayest but she will always, always try to be.
– JJ ruined everything.
– Cook is engaged in a rocky yet passionate on-again off-again relationship with Michael Scofield.
– He also loves his sponge.
– To point bread is to express your disgust and indignation via the means of bread. Anyone can point bread, but it is Freddie who points bread the most and the best.
– To roll is to do the kinds of things Naomi and Emily do in clearings or on bouncy castles or in beds or on bedroom floors or in Goa – wherever really. Anyone can roll etc.
– Mandeh is a giant, who lives for her body pillow, Keiko.
– Sophia always has the solution.

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  1. meo
    meo at · Reply

    THANK YOU for making my Friday absolutely wonderful. I laughed out loud…so…so…so many times. I just finished reading all of season 4 and am going to take a little breather before season 3. But WOW. I can’t belive how hard I laughed. Yeah.

    Good fucking job.

  2. buttercup
    buttercup at · Reply

    um…your recaps are like my new favouritest things ever…i almost pee’d with laughter…awesome :)

  3. Brandeh
    Brandeh at · Reply

    You both deserve a big fitch hug.

  4. blondie
    blondie at · Reply

    Those were…HILARIOUS….
    Honestly could not breathe after them! Read them all in one sitting too!
    I mean Sophia? And the screencaps? There are no words…
    Can’t wait for the rest of your s3 recaps :)

  5. Sheebs
    Sheebs at · Reply

    I think these recaps are THE funniest thing I’ve seen on the internetz. Congrats. The End.

  6. Ana Oliveira
    Ana Oliveira at · Reply

    Your recaps are seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever read. You’re ridiculously funny and unexpectedly so. I love how you surprise me and also how you say exactly what I was thinking in that particular scene. And the interaction between you two is also hilarious. Not to mention your imagination!

    All of this to thank you. You have at least one fan <—-
    And I spent all sunday morning reading your recaps. Kinda addicted :)

  7. Alexandra
    Alexandra at · Reply


    Seriously, I never laugh out loud reading anything. I was crying of laughter for about 10 minutes just reading what it means ‘To Sophia’.

    You don’t know how much I look forward to reading these!!!

  8. cosmic
    cosmic at · Reply

    hi, I really lol’d when I read through your hilarious recaps.
    Just wondering though where’s Emily’s episode in SE4?

  9. Stephanie
    Stephanie at · Reply

    You guys need to finish SE4, especially the first ep so you can do some major Sophia-ing.

  10. Nr_Sq3d333
    Nr_Sq3d333 at · Reply

    I’m going through Rophydoes Skins recaps withdrawals….Can we get a preview of the next ep? :( pwwwweeezzzz?

  11. Brit B
    Brit B at · Reply

    There needs to be some kind of Rophy forum, I swear. Because I stumble across things like *this*:
    And I want to share it with Rophy and the Rophites and I just have to find a place to put it!

    (PS, it’s a hilarious interview. 9:30 onwards is the best, where they ask Lily what she’d keep in her pouch if she was a kangaroo and she says Kat. Pouch!Kat > Pocket!Kat?)

  12. Sami
    Sami at · Reply

    love your guys’s recaps!! they are hilarious, and you’ve got me totally on the Keffy train– psh, how didn’t I see it before? And you changed me from Ceffy to Freffy :)
    But I was just wondering, are you guys ever gonna do 309 (major Naomily episode!), 310 or the beginning ones for the 4th series? don’t wanna rush you or anything, your recaps just are amazing and I’d love to see more of them.

  13. alicia
    alicia at · Reply

    These are seriously the best things on the internet right now, aside of course from the actual Skins episodes. I’m a HUUUUUUUUGE fan of Naomily, looks like you two are as well, are you going to be putting up anything for there two biggest eps? 309 and 402?

  14. Bryan Elsley
    Bryan Elsley at · Reply

    Stumbled on this. You are both very very funny. And you’re pretty much right about everything. Especially Lily’s hair. That really made me laugh. Even though you’ve taken me apart in there a fair bit… Stuff happens. It doesn’t always come out like you want. Anyway, thanks for making me smile. B

    1. spacedog
      spacedog at · Reply

      Holy fffffffffffffffffffffff………

      I mean. *ahem* Wow.

      1. Snicky
        Snicky at · Reply

        Rophy (and Heather Hogan) is GOD when it comes to Skins recaps … you, dear Bryan Elsley are GOD when it comes to Skins writing …

  15. nicola page
    nicola page at · Reply

    You guys have finally ‘arrived’ I mean, Bryan Elsey knows about you?! (and more importantly, values your stuff – yay!)
    He is right of course, you are both hysterically funny, and perceptive (practically Hoganesque) and right on the money when it comes to digging out those lols…
    Short of Lily and Kat putting on an amdram performance for me in my garden (please!) the next best thing is curling up with a bag of Chocolate Buttons and reading a brand new recap from you guys. Srsly, reliving those moments of Naomily page by page is right up there with multiple ‘O’s and using a Q tip in my ears for toe curling pleasure. OK, maybe the Q tip thing is a personal guilty pleasure too far, but dammit, I like it :))
    I wait patiently (stop tapping that toe…) for S3/10 and the delicious prospect of seeing what you do with Sophia in S4/1 and even better Naomily in S4/2 ( even if the rooftop is my all time “Jesus Emily, DON’T!” moment of the whole 2 series.
    You two are amazing.

  16. Kittehgirl
    Kittehgirl at · Reply

    OH ROPHYDOES.MYLIFECOMPLETE!! I love your SKINS recaps. I have a big question that I just have to get off out my gay chest. How come you haven’t recap 402?? JESUS WHY WHY WHY???
    O_O I just want, yearn… crave for it, I’d love to see Emily’s recap because there’s just so much to say about it and god knows your insightful view can enlighten me so much. Thanks for sharing your marvelous sense of humor, you’ve given me so many LOLs that you definitely deserve a “MONTGOMERY BURNS AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN THE FIELD OF EXCELLENCE” god bless you both

  17. Kittehgirl
    Kittehgirl at · Reply

    Oh my God! I know I’ll be waiting fot 402 like since I was twelve, I’ll go make some coffe while I wait for it to arrive :D thanks again for sharing your sense of humor

  18. lisa
    lisa at · Reply

    please do a recap of 402!!!

  19. julie
    julie at · Reply

    i can not wait to see the rest of season , especialy 401, cause that´s whwn we met sophia !

  20. Jane
    Jane at · Reply

    YOUGUYS i love your posts, but please please get Alo’s ep done! I need more of your recaps in my life xxxx

  21. stephanie
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    i need that in my life!

  22. Molly
    Molly at · Reply

    asdfghjkl; Somebody made a Tumblr dedicated to Sophia’s search for Naomi.
    What is life?

  23. adam
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  24. adam
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    ^ you’ll appreciate that one ;) ^

  25. Nancy
    Nancy at · Reply

    I just wanted to say if the rumours are true and BE and JB break up our beloved Naomily in S7 Fire, I will never, ever in the history of the world watch anything they do again.

    The thing you learn when you are a kid is simple. Just because you CAN break something, doesn’t mean you have to. Fine actresses as they are, I don’t wanna see Lily and Kat reading lines like “Sometimes it’s right for it to end’ etc. Bullshit. Couples meet and live their whole lives together, OK only 1 out of 1,000,000. But isn’t that the point? They are a couple in a million, and I for one would be mega pissed off if after screwing them around in S4 for 6 episodes, they were brought back only t split them up.
    Fucking them up just because you can will backfire big time. I promise!

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