Rophy on JOY94.9

Rophy were interviewed live on the radio by Melbourne radio station JOY 94.9. We were on the Diff’rent Strokes program, and spoke to David and Jade. We had a riveting chat about Skins, Rophydoes and jean shorts.

You can download a copy to listen to it here! (Right click and Save As)

Thanks again to Jade and David for asking us on.

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  1. Juliett
    Juliett at · Reply

    What else can I say ?

    Seriously I’m a big big BIG fan of RophyDoes, discovered it thanks to Heather ANNE Hogan ;P , and I can’t wait to read any new articles every day, and OF COURSE every recap, so thank you for making me laugh even when it’s rainig, even when I’m depressed, even when during the day I saw a girl in JEAN SHORTS. Thank you Rin & Sophy, Big kisses from your best FRENCH FAN ;p


  2. Juliett
    Juliett at · Reply

    Thanks YOU !

    I mean you answered to me. Luke Pasqualino answered to me on Facebook. Lily Loveless answered to me on twitter. Just Kat and I could die after, amazingly happy :D

    Will you recap Castle ? Please do it cause I discovered and watched it thanks to RophyDoes.

    I was just reading what would be on TV soon, and I saw ‘Castle’ , I was like ‘huuuuh, would I watch it ?’ and then I was hit by ROPHYDOES revelation : “I AM DEFINATELY GONNA WATCH IT.” My brother was like “Huh ? what are ya talking about ?” And I was like “IT WAS ON ROPHYDOES, IT WAS ON ROPHYDOES !”

    So thank you cause I now LOVE Castle (and my family thinks I’m crazy)

    However , thanks to you to have taken time to answered me :D

    Love, Love, Love from France xxxxxxxxx

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