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This is the home of lols which sprout up like weeds in the Rophy garden, recap be damned.

Rophy says: Isn’t that right, naoms?

Rophy says: Don’t look at me. BLAME E4.

Rophy says: The things Katie will wear to please Effy…

Rophy says: Don’t worry Sophia, you will never fade away in our hearts.

Rophy says: lol. And we call Elsley puerile.

Rophy says: She always has it. Always.

Rophy says: Johnny and Soph love it when they’re cruisin’ together.

Rophy says: All along. All along.

Rophy says: RUN TRINITY, RUN!!!


Rophy says: Sophia’s just trying to find somewhere she fits…

Rophy says: Like a glove?

Rophy says: Why she really blew it.

Rophy says: lol Sophia… we know you like blondes… but this is just wrong.

Rophy says: Kindred spirits ♥

Rophy says: Sophia, did you ever know that you’re Rophy’s hero?

Rophy says: Remember when Lily retweeted that? Of course it sparked something from within…


Rophy says: Awwwwwwww. We can’t deny that kind of love.

Rophy says: Wow… for a dead fish you’re very obnoxious.

Rophy says: Nothing like moped love! ♥

Rophy says: WAIT WHAT? WHY IS THE FISH WITH NAOMI NOW?! Someone alert Emily.

Rophy says: Dead fish will stop at nothing to protect Naomi!

Rophy says: You’ve ruined it. We were special.

Rophy says: It was bad enough that you cheated. But omg, this new information? We can’t even look at you anymore Naomi.

Rophy says: GET OUT SOPHIA. Naomi doesn’t want your banana.

Rophy says: She doesn’t WANT YOU.

Rophy says: We should have seen it coming. The signs were there.

Rophy says: Shortcake, anyone?

Rophy says: They’re a life ruiner. Now you know.

Rophy says: That was wholly inappropriate Sophia, Skins is OVER.

Rophy says: Oh, this was very appropriate though. Dead fish, you’re doing the Lords work.

Rophy says: Full-proof.

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  1. jeskaa
    jeskaa at · Reply

    YOU KNOW I clicked on this section first, because I need to always start my day with massive amounts of Sophia. The jean shorts/life ruiner gif is still as funny, everytime I scroll back or someone posts it somewhere, as the first time I saw it, when I cried with laughter for a solid ten minutes.

    Necessary to visit before even the lusciousness of 3.1 recaps. And YOU TWO, oh my god. You’re going to be the death of all of us. Evolution stops, stars burn out, birds fall from the sky because everyone ever ever is dropping everything to visit this site. Oh, what a gift you have given us. *cheers and wild applause*

  2. Angie
    Angie at · Reply

    There are no words.

  3. Nic
    Nic at · Reply

    Only spittle on my moniter

  4. rj9
    rj9 at · Reply

    again, just pure brilliance. love that Sophia pops in during Lily/Kat interview. and Lily pushes her away.

  5. jeskaa
    jeskaa at · Reply

    GOD (that’s you, Rin), I didn’t even see the Sophia Method the first time. HA HA HA! Oh, Christ (that’s you Sophy) I cannot even describe how amazing that is. You two have made me sacrilegious at last. Fool-proof? Indeed. xD

  6. Sox
    Sox at · Reply

    OMG, the dead fish! I can’t stop laughin! LOL

  7. chesegirl
    chesegirl at · Reply


  8. Lc
    Lc at · Reply

    I am out of words (but full of LOLs) everytime I see Sophia and “Mandeh” popping out everywhere. My faves: Kat and Lily interview, Sophia pushed out the window AND Dead fish pushing Mandeh off the rail. AWESOMENESS!


  9. blondie
    blondie at · Reply

    *Can’t breathe*
    That was serious lolz… i remember seeing that dead fish tweet and it was plain cringe to read…but now its all good cos the dead fish now rules! especially when it pushed mandeh off the balcony and it looked quite funny on the moped.
    I hope you add more lolz to this section!

  10. sage
    sage at · Reply

    i lol’d like there was no tomorrow. the sophia popping up and lily shooing her away got the tears flowing. but nothing topped the dead fish. you guys are to good! continue with this fabulous stuff!

  11. Antonia
    Antonia at · Reply


  12. Nise
    Nise at · Reply

    ZOMG YOU USED A BUFFY SCREEN SHOT THAT INCLUDED CLEA DUVALL. I may love you guys just that little bit more now. THANK YOU.

  13. Juditt
    Juditt at · Reply

    loooooooool!!! Awesome!!! xD

  14. tapette
    tapette at · Reply

    I’m not sure I can get on board with John Locke’s Sophia connection. Suicides aside, I think she’s more akin to the smoke monster. The smoke monster would totally wear jean shorts.

  15. looooooool
    looooooool at · Reply

    LooooooooooooooooooooL super!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also for an extra lol I can see Sophia coming out by one of those green tubes of super mario… lol xD
    Rophy rulez!

  16. Sarah
    Sarah at · Reply

    the gif with the fish on the moped… killed me. really. by laughing.
    you guys are amazing, srsly.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha! Rin is amazing with that fish.

  17. carol patriarca
    carol patriarca at · Reply

    here in brazil there’s actually a band named ‘dead fish’ lol…i hate them! wish sophia did the Lord’s job here..

  18. Ydca
    Ydca at · Reply

    Omg :))

  19. frenzzy
    frenzzy at · Reply

    The dead fish stuff was random and f*cking hilarious. Genius!!

  20. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    the BEST one is where Lily “waves” Sophia away during the interview … It reaaaaally cracked me up!!!

  21. Helen
    Helen at · Reply

    This literally had me in hysterics!! The one with sophia in that sort of ‘family’ picture had me laughing for about 10 minutes straight! Genuis :-) Keep up the good work!!! xxx

  22. whiplash_girlchild
    whiplash_girlchild at · Reply

    The dead fish pushing Mandeh off the balcony! All sorts of yes to it – that is “The Lord’s work.” I prayed and prayed and now I know he heard my prayers. Amen. :) You gals crack me up! Love it.

  23. Nixola
    Nixola at · Reply

    I have pains now, awesomist of awesome!!

  24. Kelly
    Kelly at · Reply

    Freakin hilarious! Made my day :)

  25. Kim
    Kim at · Reply

    Hi-larious! The dead fish will never not be funny. You guys are awesome.

  26. Danielle
    Danielle at · Reply

    Genius! Pure, hilarious, genius!!

  27. juli
    juli at · Reply

    right now sophia is my hero , and of course the dead fish!
    that was amazing !!!!

  28. Civa
    Civa at · Reply

    Just what I needed after 307’s re-recap :P
    That fish will haunt my deepest darkest nightmares…

  29. tellygeek
    tellygeek at · Reply

    Rophy = The Proud Sponser of all my birthday lols today! Thanks!

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