Moment that makes you most concerned for JT’s mental health

Nobody should ever cocoon.

Sophy says: Cocooning is wrong. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that, Mr Thorne?

Rin says: It’s even wrong when BUTTERFLIES DO IT. So, I’m not sure why he thought doing it with people would be okay.


Moment that makes you most in awe of JT’s mental awesome

“Eden was still there. They were still in Eden… only its beauty was lost to them. Their own beauty was lost to them.”

Sophy says: I loved this scene for many reasons. First off because at the end of the last episode I had kind of assumed, for some trained-to-cliche reason, that Snapey would now be evil and secretly plotting against Neil and co, and I was feeling a bit grumpy about it. Rin and I had a fondness for her right from the start and didn’t want to see her running around not being her. I’m very glad that I was being an idiot and that of course she’s not evil, she’s just dead, and the dead aren’t bad until they choose to be.

I also love that Neil has been set up as a kind of mentor figure to Paul, and yet here we see that for all he is tough and grown up and until recently had a super gross eye that made him look super cool, he needs a mentor too. As he will realize sharply and painfully at the end of the episode, he needs this relationship, desperately – Helen is someone to talk to, and someone to talk to him. She’s someone to remind him about the beautiful things and tell him to keep the faith, or else. She’s his friend, and that is really, really important.

I also found Helen’s determination to bend an apparently atheistic reality to her faith fascinating. Death is when you’re supposed to get to know things, isn’t it? It’s supposed to work like this: if you spend your whole life believing in a God you can’t see, you’ll be rewarded in the afterlife with the sight of what you’ve held to in blindness. It doesn’t necessarily work that way in the Fadeverse, and Helen has known that, intellectually, and now she knows it in her own body. Death does not end uncertainty. But she will not allow it to end hope either.

Helen’s faith is inspiring, but I can’t help reminding myself that it is not tested. She glows off, after all, so when she talks about not turning your back on the beauty of the world, I remind myself that she hasn’t had to live death in a world that has turned its back on her. Would it be as simple for her, always? Is it really fair to say that the Fades who rebel against their condition are just doubter bitches? Is it fair to say that Neil is weak because he struggles to believe in happy endings? When Sarah is gone and Helen is gone and hope seems to be going with them… is his life much different from the lived death of the Fades? Alone, outside looking in…


Rin says: The dialogue here was very, very lovely. What I especially like is that even though Helen is using religion to explain her point, the sentiment itself isn’t religious at all. Thus, no matter what you believe, you can still appreciate what she’s saying. Seeing the good in the world, having hope, faith, all of it is always there — no matter how much we despair.

Plus I just love how she’s talking about Eden and they’re basically sitting in Eden. It’s a nice touch. (Can you imagine if The Fades was still called Touch? Oh the puns we’re missing out on!)


Rin says: This is hardly the time to mention liquids in your mouth.

I thought you were better than that. :-.

Sophy says: Why.


Best Scene

“You left me! We broke up, it was shit. What changed? Are you stuck because of me? Are we in a fucking film? Are you… Do you still love me? I wish you could answer that question without having to ask Neil.”

Sophy says: This was the first time I felt properly connected to Mark, and okay I was just about to say I’ve found Sarah haunting from the start and now I want to slap myself in the face repeatedly.

Let’s try again.

This is a really beautiful little scene. I love that Neil was so direct with Mark earlier about what was going on and I loved how quickly Mark managed to believe him – usually these situations involve a long, drawn out saga in which the teller ums and ahs and almosts and the tellee is all LALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU. Okay not exactly like that, but you know what I mean. It’s boring. I’m glad it was dispensed with here and we could move on to this strange, sad not-a-conversation. Because Mark finding out that Sarah is dead and sticking around isn’t the big deal. The big deal is what happens after that, because for us, and perhaps even for them, the mystery is exactly what they feel for one another and why they feel it. There’s a nice irony in the fact that Sarah seems to have spent so much of her life running after death, and now in death, the only thing she finds worthwhile is to run after the life she could have had then.

“Four days ago, she, Sarah’s ghost, saw you sleeping with a woman called Vicky, and it broke her heart.”


I think these two have the potential to really, really hurt me, and I can’t wait. 8-.

Rin says: This is basically when the episode started going into OVERDRIVE, leaving us breathless and praying that the end of the episode was still an hour away.

This was a very understated scene, which is entirely why I think it worked. There was a bit of humour, a bit of sadness, but mostly confusion. Because what on earth would you say/do if you had another chance to say things that were left unsaid? You couldn’t possibly know, and that comes through with Mark as he stumbles through his words, unable to process his thoughts fast enough.

I’m also started to feel like this whole thing with Sarah focusing on Mark is going to be key to whether or not Sarah starts feeling hungry for flesh.

Also, while we’re under Best Scene I neeeeeeeed to talk about that ending. First Paul getting hit by the car. I mean. You SAW that coming because whenever anyone walks out into the street smiling and not looking they ALWAYS GET HIT, BUT JESUS CHRIST THAT DIDN’T LESSEN THE IMPACT AT ALL?? It was breathtaking. And then we’re saying goodbye to Helen and WE’RE NOT READY. AND THEN THE FUCKING COCOON AND JOE FUCKING DEMPSIE FALLS OUT OF IT. AND. AND. JACK THORNE REALLY LIKES GIVING JOE NUDE SCENES?

It was all too amazing.

Then this happened.


Jack Thorne/Naked Joe forever. ♥


Oh, that Mac :-j

“I’m just going back to my computer game, okay? It goes all funny if you leave it on pause for too long.”

Sophy says: Okay so I was watching Ringer the other day and whining to Rin every time there was a line that had a poignant double entendre so chunky it’s like soup made of stew.

This is how you do a poignant double entendre. It’s total double entendre consommé.

ALSO. PACMAN. Previously-on-Mac continues to be the best one.

Rin says: MAC IS BASICALLY GOLD ALL THE TIME. So this is kind of the cream of the crop situation. He’s just all cream. All the time. Full cream, cream.


Well the big difference between The Fades and Ringer is that The Fades doesn’t try and have a double meaning to EVERY SINGLE FUCKING LINE. So when it does occur it’s special and poignant and subtle.

But seriously. This has to be the new, DEAL WITH IT. He puts those spectacles on like a boss.

In a jedi robe.


Reasons Lily should be in the opening credits.

The best Lily is all the Lilys.

Sophy says: Still hot 8-.

Rin says: She’ll be eating through a straw for the rest of her life :(

Sophy says: THIS SCENE. WAS SO FUNNY. I know people are complaining about the lack of reaction Anna and Jay have to the whole thing where Anna’s lips turned into chewing gum, but I only agree partially. I do think Jay’s response was a bit ridiculous, because seeing her just hop to the sexing without bothering to even ask a few choice questions, like, ‘How long have you known you can maim with your mind?’ No. But I thought Anna’s response worked fine. It was ridiculous, but in a comical way, and I had less trouble imagining that Anna had her own more freaked and/or contemplative reaction off-screen than I did with Jay.

And just.

“Paul is having sex with my best friend and then when I found them and shouted at him, he did a magic spell on me!”


I’d also like to sneak in a mention for Paul and Anna’s mum here, because she is always wonderful and made me laugh out loud with her “Do you want me to chase after you?” 8-.

And finally, what is going on with Anna’s room. That is not the room of your typical bitchy cheerleader type. Masks are creepy. End of discussion.

Rin says: First things first. Anna/Bed. OTP.

Anna is so ridiculous. When she says, ‘HE’S GOT SUPER POWERS’ it sounds so ridiculous and silly that it just works.

I really want to know how Paul fixed her mouth though. Did he just glow-hand her again or what?

AND YES, MEG THE MUM IS THE BEST. When she said she was rather impressed by Paul sleeping with Jay? =))

“It’d just be nice if you could worry about me too.”

Sophy says: Softer side of Anna alert! I loved this sulky, sweet little moment.

Rin says: I think it was also my preferred look for Anna.

Apart from dead Anna of course. :-j

Sophy says: Dead Anna 8-.


Sophy says: Background Anna 8-.


It’s guy-love

You can’t make us choose.

Sophy says: Okay Rophy couldn’t even deal with this. We had to pause. And just. Yeah. I actually can’t talk about this and I’m not sure I should have to. Just watch it again. But this is what I screamed at Rin on yahoo at the time:


That + a million =)) 8-. and :X about sum up my feelings.



AND THE TWO BALLOONS. 17 +1 .. I can’t. So cute.

AND SEVEEEEENNN. It’s just a nicer number to say.

Sophy says: WE HAD TO PAUSE AGAIN. Specifically we had to pause at the wide shot of them sitting on the benches just over from another old married couple because we both tried to keyboard mash and yahoo went crazy and it was just wiser to pause and wait till the storm had passed. :-j

AND THEN THERE WAS THE KEY. AND WE COULDN’T. AND I DON’T. BECAUSE. It’s like all the things you’d expect Paul and Jay to wind up doing if this were Hollywood and there weren’t flesh-eating monsters to deal with… are things Paul and Mac are doing. Right now. And I just.


On a less hysterical note, I really loved how the invitation into Paul’s home made a contrast with Mac’s dad’s attitude when Mark paid him a visit – “Don’t come to my house. Never come to my house.” Whilst it’s obviously a very different context, that is the kind of man Mac lives with and I think it pretty much sums up how he feels in his own home. And just… this is the sweetest, most thoughtful, most meaningful and unashamedly loving guy-to-guy birthday present ever?



Rin says: This may be the sweetest moment ever. History of ever kind of stuff.

I was giggling throughout when I saw the key, ’cause I was like, ‘HE’S ASKING HIM TO MOVE IN TO HIS APARTMENT’ and it basically played out like that. And it’s one of those moments where it’s totally playing into the cliche, but making it completely new all at once. Because it’s Paul/Mac, for fucks sake! It’s like they make everything new again.

And there was continued swappage of their ice creams! And THE OLD PEOPLE ON THE BENCH. JUST MIRRORING RIDICULOUSLY. It was all so glorious :-j

And then Paul told Mac that no matter what happens with Jay he’ll still always matter. And my heart. It doubled.

Sophy says: He’ll always matter more.



Rin, I think we need to bring this out…


It’s ‘awww’

“I grow wings when I ejaculate.”
“You know, that’s quite a good line for you.”



I’m guessing regular based on the mega-healing scene. Rin and I laid bets. She said a tribe of moths, I said one big woolly mammoth moth. We were both disappointed/relieved. :-j

I hope Jay still felt special?

Rin says: This was very cute and bantery. I like cute and bantery.

I’m not sure he winged when they had sex. I think there probably would have been a discussion about that. So I’m wondering if there’s any reason he didn’t wing, or maybe that’s just a private-time thing? WHO KNOWS? IT’S THE FADEVERSE, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Sophy says: ANYTHING. OH. And I also really really loved:

“You know, when you kiss me, I completely lose my thought… brain.”
“Thought brain?”
“A brain you have thoughts in?”



Most traumatising/frightening/why am I watching this again?

Why not just use an overlocker?

Sophy says: Okay, Neil, we know you’re tough. Please stop forever now.

Rin says: The whole time I was just like, uhhhh, dude? No? Just no? Stop.


Head In Hands

“It’s inevitable.”

Sophy says: You know how we had to stop earlier because we keyboardmashed and it made yahoo go all something-something?

Yahoo has scars.

Rin says: Yeah, seriously. Remember that time he showed up in Game Of Thrones and we mashed until the end of days? This was 10x that, simply because we were way too engrossed in the episode to be even thinking about Joe and when he’d pop up. This was basically all our Christmasses at once.

Sophy says: And a few birthdays?

Rin says: We don’t have time for all of your birthdays!

Sophy says: We’ve moved into that stage where I just get one candle regardless of the number, haven’t we? :(

Rin says: Yeah, we use the same candle every year.

Sophy says: What.


Most Rophy

“You don’t… care about… films?”

Sophy says: Whatever, Paul. We wouldn’t have had sex with her after that. It’s a matter of principle.

Rin says: That’s a deal breaker.


Our pants came off.

She’s an animagus! Or a member of the Chumash tribe.

Sophy says: Guh!

I’ll miss Snapey :(

Rin says: Apart from being kind of gorgeous and glowy, I loved that they were birds. Wonderful glowing birds! To you know, make up for the fact that they’ve been dropping dead since episode 1.

I’ll also really miss Snapey. :((

Rophy’s final thought:


*Starts furiously writing Naomi/Chris fanfiction*


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  1. Miss Erin
    Miss Erin at · Reply

    “Why not just use an overlocker?” – Bahahaha, I concur.

    This show has exceeded my expectations x infinity. And these recaps make me love it even more.

    Jack Thorne is a genius. Rophy are genii.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      awww ♥ and yes. I had high hopes for this show, but I really have been the very opposite of disappointed.

  2. Blue Ox Babe
    Blue Ox Babe at · Reply

    What an amazing episode: JT really is our King. The series just gets better and better – where to start? While Dan is being (rightly) praised for his amazing performance, Iain is absolutely pitch-perfect as the geeky Paul gradually growing in confidence. It is totally believable they have been friends for years. I just died over Mac’s pain as nobody remembered his birthday and then Paul, the balloons and his monster slippers and the birthday present and what it what mean to Mac. And then seeing more aspects of Anna’s character. C’mon, we knew JT wouldn’t just write a one-dimensional character would he, especially for Lily? The jealousy over Jay, feeling neglected over her mum constantly fussing over Paul, the masks in her bedroom and her real love for her brother, despite her insults. The birds..and then Joe arriving with his *death stare*. I can only thank you Rophy for making a brilliant show even better with your insights and enthusiasm. A brief note to JT; please feel free to write another scene for Anna in her underwear. Just saying.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      Etc etc ♥

  3. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    I totally didn’t see the old married couple on the bench next to Mac and Paul…that’s just so beautifully thought out i have the highest praise for the makers of this show (they did it on purpose right?? i like to think so.)

    Lily was great in this again, she’s a very loveable bitchy girl and she does comedy extremely well. She has the chops for anything that woman and I can’t wait for the world to see :D

    I love Iain. I love Chris, so so so much. CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK! Paul in hospital is so interesting!

    Also, I like the cocoon imagery in this, its moody and eerie and cooool. Hey look, moths start off in cocoons…moths come out of (unfortunate) people’s mouths! imagerygasm. Chris is a moth…

  4. Lory
    Lory at · Reply

    I din’t know how I would have survived the Skins break without this show. It’s simply excellent.

    There is a special place in my heart shared by Tyrion Lannister and Mac.

    Naked/Joe= forever <3

  5. folkpants
    folkpants at · Reply

    “She’s an animagus! Or a member of the Chumash tribe.” Laughed out loud at this one. Rophy does the Fades is second best thing in the world.

    This episode was very focused on having a voice/finding your voice and hearing/saying the things that need to be communicated.

    -The creepy Fade screaming and Natalie trying to scream/talk also and can’t. Not until she is captured and forced to scream.
    -Ana is literally silenced by Paul. But is the only one in the family who can voice her concerns. She tells her mother what she wants and what she is afraid of. As much of a bitch Ana seems to be; she still communicates with her mother whereas Paul doesn’t.
    -Mac can’t actually say out loud to anyone that it is his birthday. And the only person we see him “talk” to during the day is an invisible gamer on his headset.
    -Mac has to play Cyrano because Paul doesn’t know what to say or how to talk to Jay.
    -Both Neil/Helen and Sara/Mark haven’t said what they needed to when they had the chance. Helen ascends and Neil isn’t ready for that loss. And Sara/Mark can’t communicate without Neil translating for them.
    -As Paul finally talks to Mac- says what he feels and assures Mac he is the most important person (something Mac has wanted to hear from anyone, including his father) he’s hit by a truck: silenced.
    -The one person who actually finds its voice is the creepy post-cocoon Fade who shouts his barbaric yawp and ironically may become the most articulate character. What does a Fade say, when given the chance?

    Anyway, the show is amazing and so multi-layered. I am very excited to see how all of this plays out. But every episode is just so wonderful in and of itself.

    And also, how lovely was Paul’s rock-paper-scissors fantasy? Hearts.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      OMG ANALYSIS *gobbles it up like delicious life-giving flesh*

      Also yes the rock-paper-scissors fantasy was ace. We were all ‘aww’ and then shrieked every time it cut back to him furiously wanking. 8-.


  6. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Okay that last pic is litterally mindblowing!

  7. Brooooke
    Brooooke at · Reply

    So I was wondering who the Mum was, then I realised it was the assistant off Spice World!! So watching this now lol

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHAHAHAHA. I remembered her from Secrets and Lies, but not from Spice World!!!!!!! MIND OFFICIALLY BLOWN. 8-.

  8. Bekah
    Bekah at · Reply

    This show just keeps ace-ing it.

    And this may just be wishful thinking, BUT: Angelics all seem to be paired up boy/girl. Paul doesn’t have his female counterpart yet. Is anyone else thinking/praying that it ends up being Anna? The twin thing has to be more significant, right?

    More Lily Loveless, always.

  9. Lily
    Lily at · Reply

    I just… no. There are no words for this sort of amazingness, except *sigh* There are soo many things I want to say, but I fear that I will get too excited and head-in-handsy when typing, and my laptop will freak out and die on me as I bash away at the computer… so I think I’ll just have to leave it ay *sigh* …oh and OMFG JOE!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  10. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    So someone with a sharp eye noticed what picture Anna has framed in her room: http://lovelesscott.tumblr.com/post/11227431270/oh-rly. God, I love LilyKat. I really hope the rumors are true that they’re roommates.

  11. Car
    Car at · Reply

    Okay, like, things I love about what Jack Thorne does: he takes stupid cliches/things that could be so corny and makes them awesome. Like the key. And then when Paul is being all angsty and he’s like, “Celebrating what?” and he’s throwing up that rubberband ball, the ball drops when he gets it. Like….the ball drops. I don’t even. And it could be so stupid but it’s Jack Thorne and he’s all “No, guys, I got this,” and I just head in hands forever.

  12. Patsy
    Patsy at · Reply

    oh you guys… where do I even start? you guys are so awesome. you know, I watched skins for quite some time before I got to know you two and your magnificent thoughts on it. and then! you introduce me to this show? and it’s beyond awesome? and I get to be on the rophy train of thoughts right from the start?
    my gosh, this is too much. ^-^ thanks thanks and thanks, can’t wait for the new episode and your recap!

  13. Kas!
    Kas! at · Reply

    This is the episode where I began to really enjoy the show on its own merits instead of out of loving obligation to JT and all things skinsverse.
    Following the theme of communication, it’s interesting to see Mark’s inability to get through to the police about his inquiries.

    Mmk- the scene of Helen and Neil in Eden. Totally made me reminisce on the Lake Scene. Sans skinny dipping and vodka gay sexy time.
    Its interesting in this post HP way …SOPHY close Your Eyes!!
    The focus of Paul as the special one, the innocent soul chosen to savethe world. It makes me curious to see what the fine print of tthat is and how Paul’s mentors will interact with him through he series.
    Aah!! So good. And deliciously gorgeous.

  14. anamewhatsinaname
    anamewhatsinaname at · Reply

    ngl anna/mac..i ship it

    also, i want mac’s yellow rain jacket

  15. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    I didn’t know Joe was going to be here and it was the most amazing surprise ever. I still have to watch Games of Thrones so I’m super glad I can still get my Dempsie fix somewhere else.
    “Do you want me to chase you” is probably the best line of the show yet. I love Paul’s mom always, but this had me laughing so hard I almost had to stop.

    I thought The Fades was ok but I wasn’t exactly in love with it, but this episode has made me really love it.

  16. Effybean
    Effybean at · Reply

    I didn’t even know Joe WAS going to pop up so “It’s inevitable” had me so confused, I was like WHY DID THAT LOOK LIKE JOE DEMPSIE. WHAT IS LIFE, WHAT IS FACE, I….

    then he was naked at the end and I knew it was him. <3

  17. anat
    anat at · Reply

    As usual, I owe u girls a huge THANK YOU(!!) for -once again- making me watch a show with your excellent recaps.
    You did it with Skins (or was it HH? well the 3 of you together i bet), and with Cast Offs, and now with The Fades (there are more shows. I have shitty memory).
    The first epi had about enough for me to keep watching, but I had no idea how much i would fall for this show, and so fast. I think it was this episode (3rd) that really got me, with the brilliant scene about Eden (brilliant! mind blown and all) and the way I never manage to guess what’s gonna happen next.. well i do guess a LOT but i’m never right :'( actually, no sad face, a very happy face – I love it that i’m never right about what’s coming cuz my guesses are always lame and based on years of bad-tv-writing or something. lol.
    Anyhow the 4th epi was even more epic! but i’ll wait for your recap to write about it.. EPIC.

  18. Sil
    Sil at · Reply

    Everything about the Mac/Paul friendship is pure magic. Scenes with them just can do no wrong.

  19. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    All your birth-yesterdays at once!

    Mrs. Rae Earl!

    I’ve got a Phantom of the Opera mask in my room.

  20. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Oh, and this thought  “Sarah seems to have spent so much of her life running after death, and now in death, the only thing she finds worthwhile is to run after the life she could have had then” actually scares me more than cocoon Joe and all the other scary stuff here. Because I can see that for myself. But it’s definitely given me a good point to think about, and try and change, in a good way hopefully. So thank you for that. I’m gonna paste that in my new diary app if you don’t mind.

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