105 – She’s So European

Best Buffy Flashback

“Is he a monster? Yes. Are you a professional monster slayer? No, because that’s not a thing.”


Oh I beg to differ little lady.

If it’s not a thing then what did I devote years to watching and loving and crying and pretty much having my life changed over?

It’s a thing Lauren. It’s a thing.

Seriously, the Buffy references will NEVER get old for me. I’m entirely happy for them to continue using them until the end of time.

Sophy says: HEAR HEAR!

Oh Lauren. You beautiful naive sophisticated newborn baby. Of course a monster slayer is a thing. One girl in all the world. Etc.


Biggest LOL

“Come on, now! Come sashay with me!”

Rin says: These two are such wonderful dorks together. I think a lot of it has to do with Wolk being able to fully embrace everything that Robin Williams is, and feed off of his energy. In the way that he’s the protege on the show to Simon, it kind of feels a bit like that in real life too.


And they were southern belles.

Sophy says: I GOT THE VAPORS!!!!

All I could think the whole way through this is that they were both playing Tara’s mum from True Blood and at any moment things could get ugly. But then they just sashayed, and all was well.

And I agree with Rin, a large part of what makes this show work for me – APART FROM SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR – is the insane chemistry between Robin and James. You really feel like Zach is Simon’s son, as much as Sydney is his daughter, and since Simon is kind of a selfish and batty and hopeless character, as fabulous as he is, it’s those bonds he’s been able to form when he didn’t have to that make him human and relateable. I mean, sure, if you take things at face value, Zach is just a massive suck-up who makes an art out of keeping himself on his vain and childish boss’s good side, but you can tell that it’s more than that. It’s not an act, especially not when they’re ~acting.


Best ‘Lauren is random’ Moment

“It was not a triumph.”

Rin says: Some of the most ridiculous parts of the show are in the little snippet of outtakes at the end. This was one of them.

I mean, there’s a reason we gave the old Brittany category over to Lauren.

Sophy says: I love it when they let us have outtakes. One Zach’s Sex Face imitation by Lauren was good, but 5 more is… a triumph?


Head In Hands

“Helena has taken me as a friend.”

Rin says: THIS ENTIRE THING. Not just with Sydney (BUT ESPECIALLY SYDNEY???) but with everyone else too. It was just so freaking adorable how everyone followed Helena around like a lost puppy, pawing for her affection.


I also need to mention the scene where they were all sitting around talking about sex freely and pretended to be comfortable about it. BECAUSE HELENA IS SO EXOTIC.


Sophy says: SYDNEY’S OBSESSION WITH HELENA WAS THE BEST. Although I agree, all of their obsessions with Helena were pretty amazing. And she “enjoyed” them too.

I will never be over Sarah’s psycho face with the flowers. Or the fact that she dropped by like the moment she was informed Helena was a drop-by kind of girl. But I think my favourite part is all the lies she told so she could be worldly and entertaining.

A month stripping in Reno.
Growing pot in Mendocino.
Cheryl and the college lesbian phase WHICH WAS NOT A LIE.


The Heart

“You know there’s something truly wrong with you, right?”

Rin says: It’s becoming pretty standard that these two are taking out The Heart category because they keep having these wonderful sweet moments. And it does get a little interesting considering how they’re supposed to be business partners as well and how that all works.

Mostly I just love seeing SMG and Robin Williams weave their magic together. IT MAKES ME HAPPY.


And yeah, it makes sense that they would dominate in the heart category, being the heart of the show. I absolutely loved Sydney’s immense discomfort at hearing about Simon’s sex life in this episode, mostly because it reminded me of how upset Buffy got with Giles over his night-time shenanigans.

“I’m not supposed to have a private life?”
“No! Because you’re very, very old and it’s gross.”

I’m pretty sure I saw that same disturbed pouty-face emerge a few times during this episode. But Sydney isn’t Buffy and this is not a joke. The whole episode is a joke, but this moment isn’t. What Sydney wants is for her father to be happy – she wants to help make him happy – because I think more than anything, for her, workaholic though she may be, that is the measure of success. I could start rambling about the children of damaged parents, about a fear of abandonment, a determination to measure up, a consuming need to fix the family. But I won’t. The show doesn’t want me to. The show doesn’t want me to dwell on what’s been wrong, only the ways this father and daughter are trying to make it right.

So I love that Simon says he will stop seeing Helena. And I love that Sydney doesn’t let him. I love that she would not only be cool with Simon having Helena, even if that makes her super uncomfortable around the most exciting friend she’s ever had, but that she would actually negotiate him having Helena with Zach. It would have been so easy for her to just encourage the Zach thing and watch everything fall apart, and well, it did fall apart, but she really tried to let her dad have something that made him feel alive and like he still counted in the world.

That’s her job, I think. And she does it well.

Wow, that sounds like I just said Sydney’s job is being her dad’s pimp and her friends are whores.

Moving on.


The Meat

“Please tell me you went to England.”
“No, they’re sex acts.”

Rin says: Everything Zach says is absurd. All the time.


Also this.

“Everyone knows a pride can’t have two lion kings. You think I should let him be sexually dominant?”

Sophy says: OH GOD. THE DEADPAN OF IT. And yes, the line about two lion kings was glorious also. I love him so much, you guys. So much. He’s like a significantly better groomed Andy from Parks and Rec. Except he’s really only stupid about stuff like how he’s not actually the centre of the universe.


Welcome Back, Face

It’s back and it’s scrunchier than ever.

Rin says: May the wind change and it never unscrunch.

Sophy says: They should scrunch that face and show it every Christmas.

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