101 — Pilot

Best Buffy Flashback

“She’s out during daylight that can only mean one thing…we’re going to get fired.”

Rin says: It was like they wanted to get it out of the way RIGHT OFF THE BAT.

She struts in, knocks out the robot and then bam. Reference to vampires.

I like to imagine they wrote this scene in as soon as they knew SMG was on board. :)

Sophy says: Or else they wrote it and they were like ‘WE CAN ONLY CAST ONE WOMAN’. One way or another. But really, I love that they referenced Buffy with such obviousness. No point being shy. We all know why we’re here.


I bet there were Mork and Mindy references I didn’t even get. All I remember about that show was this one time they made waffles or pancakes or something for some kid and he was really upset and said “Mommy makes them better.” This became a thing my brother and I mimicked all through childhood and still to this day.


Biggest LOL

“Hot bag of love, open the window here you go.”
“Thank you.”
“Come again.”
“I will.”

Rin says: I wish I hadn’t seen the trailer beforehand because then I would have enjoyed it as much as I did the first time I saw it. I died during this scene in the trailer because it was so ridiculous and it felt like we were just in the moment with these three being as stupid as possible. I think this is where the genius of Robin Williams and his spontaneity shine, which isn’t to say that James and Kelly didn’t hold their own because they certainly did.

Drive Thru Lovin’ made me think of Freelove Freeway. And that is a compliment in itself.


And ditto about wishing you hadn’t seen the trailer. You don’t put the biggest LOL in the trailer for the love of god! Not when you have many suitable medium and small LOLs to choose from. But yeah, this was my absolute favourite. Robin Williams is a joy when he’s being silly and James Wolk seems to be very good at being silly with him. I’m not sure about this particular scene but I remember reading somewhere that a lot of their banter is ad-libbed, which is pretty impressive. Ad-libbing banter with Robin Williams probably feels like trying not to die in a giant blender. Only maybe in a good way?

What I’m trying to say is that Wolk knocked my socks off in this scene and in the episode generally, and I spent the whole time trying to figure out why he looks so familiar and then I realized HE’S BOB BENSON FROM MAD MEN. So this is the second time this guy has knocked my socks off!

Oh and Kelly is very cute and needs to stay. The blooper after the credits where she just can’t take it anymore and starts laughing was a treat. (Further bloopers please show.)


Best ‘Lauren is random’ Moment

“Want to smell my hair?”

Rin says: I can definitely get on board and am actually on board already with Lauren as a character. I love that she adds a youthful innocence to the group and is so willing to try and please. There always needs to be one character that is cutely ridiculous and on this show? This is her.

Sophy says: Lauren is so great already! I’m so pleased. The poor girl who plays her probably spent 6 years on Gossip Girl waiting to be allowed to do something other than fetch Blair’s macaroons and look confused. Now she is finally getting her chance and I’ve gotta say, you’d much rather your big break was opposite Robin Williams than, say, on Gossip Girl. Kudos.

The hair smelling was ridiculous and sweet and would so totally not have worked at all if these two hadn’t done everything right. Looking forward to more ridiculousness and sweetness.


Head In Hands

“Sing it for me, make us feel.””

Rin says: This is made even funnier when you know the horrors SMG went through with singing for OMWF. And how it scarred her for life.

I really really really love her for going all the way with it and be that willing to make a fool of herself. Comedy is all about not being afraid, and Sarah showed that she wasn’t. I am so excited for the rest of this show and cannot wait for it to succeed. I need it to, badly, mostly for SMG reasons, but also because I like the show? The other comedy I’m watching at the moment is Parks and Recs and of course that is enough.. it’s ALWAYS ENOUGH OH MY GOD THE PREMIERE WAS SO FUCKING GOOD!…um but. It’s also really nice to have another show that will make me laugh for half an hour and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.


Sophy says: See again, the trailer should NOT have given this away. I mean, I nearly fell out of my chair when the scene came up anyway, but still.

It looks like Kelly enjoyed SMG’s little nightmare trip down memory lane as much as we did.


The Heart

“When you say it like that I almost think I could be.”

Rin says: What all really great comedies have in common is that they’re not just that. They have a heart to them that draws you in and gets you invested in these characters. The most perfect show, The Office, is one of the funniest shows that has ever aired but what makes you adore it to the point where I can call it a perfect show is the way it weaved the Tim/Dawn storyline from start to finish.

On The Crazy Ones the clear heart of the show is going to be the father and daughter relationship between Simon and Sydney. Robin and Sarah have a great chemistry going and I know I’m going to continue to enjoy their scenes together. HE’S HER GILES YOU GUYS.


Sophy says: HE’S HER ACTUAL GILES. And yes, it’s not enough to be funny. It’s not even enough to be funny and cute. There has to be that little bit of gravitas as well, and this scene heralded that really well. Robin Williams is very good at playing characters who are happy and sad in the same breath and I think that’s what we’re getting with Simon Roberts – someone bright and shadowed, with a whole lot of baggage, and there’s only so much of it his daughter can take. I’m looking forward to being let into more of the history between Simon and Sydney, and to finding out more about their ex-wife and mother, beyond the “I’m leaving you,” quips.


The Meat

“It’s not the meat it’s the motion.”

Rin says: Wrong. So wrong.

And yet so right. :-.

I’m looking forward to Zach. He’s the office puppy that they use to woo everyone. I love it.

I’d also like to take this chance to mention that Kelly Clarkson was fabulous in this episode and she can come back any time she likes. Or if they want to continue bringing in funny cameos that are also going to be able to hold their own, I would not be opposed to that either.

Sophy says: KELLY WAS THE BEST. SHE NEEDS TO COME AGAIN THANK YOU. Other cameos are all well and good but I’ll be disappointed if we don’t see Kelly again at least once this season. Technically she should show up again, if only to sleep with Zach.



Welcome Back, Face

It’s kind of a glory shot.

Rin says: I look at you and I’m home.

Sophy says: This is the way it should always be. Billboard/SMG. One true pairing.

Rophy says: So in conclusion, we really loved The Crazy Ones 101 and will be tuning in for the next episode with metaphorical bells on (actual bells are too ungainly and would jingle when we laughed). We’ve heard there will be ducklings! We apologize to That Other Guy for being unloved by us, as yet, and encourage him to try harder next time.

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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    I liked it! I’ll stick around for episode 2; I think it’s the sort of thing I’d usually give till Christmas, even without the SMG factor. It’s so nice to see her again, and Robin Williams continues to play Robin Williamsy characters well. I liked how they rather undersold using Gandhi to sell Macs to sell McD’s to Kelly Clarkson: that could have got uncomfortably preachy fast. (Maybe just SMG hitting the right notes? Again, so nice to see her…)

    I wonder how quickly they’ll gel, and how quickly the set of characters will acquire personalities and backstories and whatnot. And I wonder how well SMG will play second fiddle (third fiddle? if James Wolk’s performance in the pilot is indicative, but pilots can be weird, no?). And are they believably related? Maaaybe. Early days. :)

  2. Janelle
    Janelle at · Reply

    I did not even know this was a thing… how did I not know there was a new SMG show!? Well thank god for Rophy is all I can say. I will definitely be watching this at the nearest possible opportunity. It looks all kinds of fun.

  3. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    I am so looking forward to the second episode. Primarily because I haven’t seen a trailer that GAVE AWAY THE ENTIRE EPISODE. Although, that is a bonus for this show. They showed seriously all the funny parts in their preview, but I still laughed while watching the ep. Even second time around it was still funny. But yeah, I’ll be curious to see how the second ep sits with me when I have no idea what’s going to happen.

    I’m not usually one to sit down and watch half hour comedies anymore. (I totally was in the 80’s and 90’s. Lived for them, in fact. I think that now, I feel none can replace the ones I loved in my youth.) I totally watched this for SMG. And Robin Williams. I saw a few people on twitter mentioning how Robin Williams drives them a little batty, and I was like, HOW. As you put it, he is a comedian with great heart. That’s what makes me love him.

    Anyway, yay more Rophy recaps! Yay SMG! Yay Joss! Excited that fall tv is giving you guys so much to say, so that we Rophites can devour it (in a totally non creepy way).

  4. Raven
    Raven at · Reply

    I just wanted to say thank you. I knew Robin Williams & SMG had a new show, and the previews looked good but it wasn’t until I saw your recap that I said what the hell and took the time to watch the pilot. I’m a diehard TVDer and count down the minutes for those recaps, so I figured it you took the time out to recap this show I had to give it my time.

    And it was fantastic! And hilarious! The chemistry between everyone was palpable. I really hope this show gets a chance to mature and develop because I can see it only getting better especially if the network gives the actors free range to be creative, because that’s when Williams is at his best, no limits. What got me even more excited? Seeing David E. Kelly as EP. He gave us Ally Mcbeal who has to lives by the motto “the quirkier the better.”

    Also, #TeamBuffy. If the writers want to keep throwing in references I’ll be even happier. And yes please to more outtakes. It could be their thing, like Everyone Loves Raymond where they had a different plate of food at the end of each episode or How I Met Your Mother where there is a different Bro Code at the end.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Glad you’re loving the Crazy Ones as much as we are! It does seem to be working marvelously well. If anything the second ep was stronger still. Recap is forthcoming, but right now I’m focusing on the TVD recap, which thank you for loving them also!

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