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Sans Pantalons


Sophy says: When Delphine pinned Cosima to the bench with her crotch it really worked for me because Delphine was pinning Cosima to the bench with her crotch.

I also really enjoy the contrast here between the stark neutrals of the room and Cosima’s multi-colored dress. It’s like… the world and COSIMA in all caps and neon. Which is kind of how it should be.

AND I like that shot of Delphine looking up a lot and I don’t know why and I’m going to stop trying to figure it out.

Meanwhile, I love the way the real Cosima negotiated her lab – with sullen remarks about how backward it is until she’s dazzled by science and technology and basically melts before Delphine’s eyes (and then before her crotch). That’s Delphine’s girl.

Rin says: There was a moment when I was going to give you a light slap on the wrist for belittling the Sans Pantalons category by just making it about pretty girls kissing…AND THEN I REMEMBERED I MADE THE CAPS. =))

Ahhh so like me to just panic when trying to find a suitor for this category and insert the two pretty girls kissing. It was afterall my goto answer that I still cringe about all the time when asked what drew me to Skins series 3. :( I’M SORRY NAOMILY. You’re a very pretty ship, but you’re a lot more than that.

Cophine are no different. BUT LET’S JUST REVEL IN THE PRETTY AND ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE SHALLOW. Because Cosima’s dress against the barren wallscape. Because of the way Delphine looked up. Because crotches.

It all worked.


Biggest LOL

“I think I need to keep drinking for a while and then I’ll have an idea.”

Sophy says: When the little bottle appeared out of nowhere I laughed in that sudden way that makes you wheeze for a while afterwards. BECAUSE IT WAS JUST SO NONCHALANTLY BROUGHT INTO THE SCENE. LIKE. THERE WAS NO ‘HOW ABOUT WE CRACK OPEN THE BOOZE THEN?’. IT WAS JUST THERE.

And yes, I know she was holding the bottle all the way through the scene but I was too caught up in the drama to notice it. Hence the lols.

And then there was the callback to ‘Sharesies’ when Felix took it and had a swig. And then he asked Alison if she had an idea or if she wanted to drink some more and I don’t know you guys but there was just something magical about the way Alison confirmed that she wanted to drink some more and then she’ll have an idea. IT WAS SO ADORABLY FLUSTERED-YET-MATTER-OF-FACT. Sort of like she wasn’t even trying to be cute and that’s what made it so cute?

It was kind of a Leslie Knope moment. If you have but one of those in your life you never have to cute again.

Also I love that I was more or less right about Felix’s reaction to Alison “just hardly” killing Aynsley. He was like… more bummed for Alison than anything else. Guy could shrug his way through a massacre.

I love that they’re pushing the Alison/Fe angle this season because the chemistry is so specifically wonderful. Alison is so highly strung and she really needs someone like Felix in her life – someone super chilled out and ready to just kind of steer the boat for her when she’s running around on deck drinking and trying to have ideas. I guess that’s why it absolutely broke my heart when he left with Sarah at the end of the episode and she said that even her clones think she’s useless.


I’m also feeling a little better about the Aynsley thing this week because it seems that Alison still believed she was her monitor when she let her die. Does that make it right? No. Does that make it a whole lot more understandable? Absolutely. At the time I got the impression that Alison realized Aynsley wasn’t her monitor at the same time as I did ie. immediately prior to asphyxiation, because honestly, if she was her monitor and had been sent packing because Alison had requested it because Alison knows everything now… why would she continue to do a Meryl Streep job of pretending to be her friend, to the point of pulling out mementos of their friendship to wave resentfully at her?

That was a lightbulb moment for me and I assumed it was for Alison too, and that left me thinking that letting Aynsley die was motivated by general pent-up resentment and crazy. But now I understand what happened – I think. Aynsley did convince Alison that she probably wasn’t her monitor during that conversation. Only Alison wasn’t done processing it when her scarf got caught in the garbage disposal. I think it was only later over her glass of horrified wine that Alison began to realize that Aynsley was actually just her friend – a highly obnoxious, fucking irritating friend she kind of secretly hated – but her friend nonetheless. Not a monitor.

And then began the repression.

I think Alison was in shock at first. And then she was in denial. Because who wants to face the idea that they’ve killed an innocent woman who honestly thought Dr Leekie was somebody’s psychologist? And if it wasn’t Aynsley… Who wants to face the possibility that their marriage is a lie? It was different for Sarah and Cosima and even Beth – there were no rings on fingers. There were no children. There wasn’t that rest-of-my-life trust. I’m not saying Alison is in love with Donnie or anything and at least she’s spared that pain. But it’s still got to be totally emotionally disorienting to find out you are your husband’s job – nothing more.

And the worst part? The thing that really broke my heart? When Donnie crept ineptly around the graveyard and got busted and came up with his lame excuse about how Alison hadn’t cried… I found myself grinning a bit and thinking ‘Oh boy, Alison is gonna fuck you up’. And then she didn’t. And then I realized Of course she wouldn’t. Realizing Donnie is her monitor and has certainly not been called off means realizing just how powerful, determined and deceitful DYAD really is – just how much of a victim she has been – and just how little there really is that she can do about it. Alison should be angry here. She should be whooping Donnie’s ass. She should be waving glue-guns at him and asking him to explain himself. She should be flailing and crying and throwing things at him and saying this is unacceptable. That’s how you get to be when you find out the person you’ve made a life with has been betraying you all along.

Only Alison’s not allowed to do any of that. Alison’s better off not doing any of that. She gets hurt. She shuts up about it. And she has nobody.

MY BABY. SHE REALLY NEEDS YOU FELIX. CAN’T YOU JUST ASK HER TO COME WITH? Surely she has a friend she trusts enough that she can send her kids to stay with? Maybe Aynsley would – Oh.

And meanwhile this is information that needs to be taken very seriously as it shows exactly how empty DYAD’s promises are. They said they’d stop monitoring Alison. They really, really didn’t. I know Sarah turned down their deal because her instincts are sharp… but she’s probably going to have to collaborate with them at some point in the future and it would be good to know for sure that where she stands with them is some very shaky ground.

And you guys I’m really sorry to go to this place again and I swear, I’m gonna stop going there after this I PROMISE. But my Felix-is-in-on-it radar was pinging again in this episode. I think what mostly worried me was that he didn’t tell Sarah about Donnie being Alison’s monitor. I know it’s technically Alison’s business but it’s still big news about the lengths these people will go to to make sure their subjects are watched and controlled. And then I started thinking about how Felix does very little and always seems to have money. And how he’s just this kind of enigmatic character who’s always kind of there, but we never get any insight into his emotional life to the point where it almost seems like he doesn’t have one of his own. And then I’m like DUDE THOSE TEXT MESSAGES WERE SO NOT ‘VAGUE’ AT ALL HOW COULD HE EVEN ATTEMPT TO DISMISS THEM AS ‘VAGUE’ WTF.

And I’m on the ledge again. Rin help.

But wait. I’m going to talk myself down. Because if Felix was affiliated with DYAD he would have tipped them off about Alison’s suspicions and arranged for him to not take the bait, right?

Unless, he’s like… reluctantly affiliated. Like maybe he got caught smuggling drugs and DYAD found him in a Thai prison and –

SHHH. SHHHHHHHHHHHH. I wonder a lot of things about this show. And the reason I love it so much is because more often than not those things I wonder are wrong.

I am going to insert one little nitpick here, though. Remember how last season Cosima left a clonesplosion of information out for Delphine to peruse while she went to get icecream and it’s okay because she’s Cosima to be honest and she won’t apologise for her heart so fuck you? Donnie failing to have a lock on his phone is in a whole other league of deus ex machina stupid. Wouldn’t you think the least DYAD could do would be to get him a custom-made phone that has a special disguised inbox for their messages that will only open via his thumbprint? EVEN MY IPHONE HAS FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION SHEESH.

But seriously, even if Donnie was pretty sure Alison didn’t suspect him anymore, it’s not as though she needs to worry about him being her monitor to go through his stuff. Let’s face it, Alison is exactly the kind of wife who would take an opportunity to sneak a peek at her husband’s messages just because.


Rin says: OMG you’re right. This was such a Leslie Knope moment, and despite Alison being so hysterically absurd and humorous in a way she never intends to be… I was still caught off guard by how funny this was. It was so simple, a mini bottle of alcohol coming into frame out of nowhere. AND I JUST DIED LAUGHING.

It definitely was the way it was so nonchalant, here’s Alison slipping back into her mild substance abuse which she spent exactly one episode trying to recover from. AND IT’S JUST LIKE. It was a freaking mini alcohol. Who even really buys those outside of a hotel room???

I don’t know about Felix man. I just don’t know. Sometimes he seems like the most suspicious person on earth, and I think the end scene where he blows off Alison was kind of questionable. I understand he is fully tied to Sarah and Kira, and rightly so, but there’s something about the way he was so dismissive and casual about the whole Donnie is Alison’s monitor that made me wonder why he wouldn’t try to help her more. Or yeah, at least tell Sarah. Even though Alison decided to sign the deal and kind of go their separate ways, I have my doubts as to whether or not Sarah would just leave Alison alone with her monitor had she known about it. So yeah. I’m not sure about Felix, and am getting more paranoid by the episode to be honest… I have no place talking you off the ledge because I’m right beside you holding your hand like we’ve made some creepy suicide pact.

I think it would be really really really interesting though if Felix was Sarah’s monitor, but he was so young he had no idea what he was really doing. And then it became really confusing for him and he had all these conflicting feelings inside of him. Maybe they have something on him, who knows. Sigh, this is a scary ledge.

Sophy says: You mentioned us on the ledge holding hands and now I’m just picturing us crying over a box full of Felix and telling each other how fragile everything is.

Okay and…


I think the moral of this story is if you are not Lena Headey try to be Lena Headey before touching the diaphragms/butts of others.

Rin says: YOU’RE A WANKER NUMBER NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x


Best Scene

“Whose side are you on S?”
“Yours love. It’s always been yours.”


If you don’t get that reference you’re probably not Australian and/or awesome.

Okay, so I know this scene was just the beginning, and that this whole episode was about Mrs S proving her loyalty, specifically by serving up her friends for dinner. EX-FRIENDS. Thank you. However, I’ve gotta say that as much as the writers managed to plant doubt in my mind later in the episode before resolving things via cutlery, I really did believe Mrs S in this moment. I believed her completely and wholeheartedly and with an immense sense of relief that was more Sarah’s than my own.

I think it was something about Maria’s delivery on ‘Yours love’. It just seemed so fond and weary but ready to keep charging, you know? It just seemed so unfussy and genuine.

And even though Sarah has reason to doubt – reason to question at least, because she sure as heck isn’t being told everything yet and when Kira is at stake Sarah needs to know everything – I think she believed her in this moment too – hence the relief, hence the way her face turns into the face of a TINY LOST GIRL WHO JUST FOUND HER MOMMY YOU GUYS.


We see glimpses Baby Sarah so infrequently. She is precious.

Meanwhile I loved the method Mrs S chose to lure Sarah to her. Leaving little bits of Kira’s clothing like breadcrumbs was genius because whether she was freaking out that it was probably a trap like Rin and I were or not, there was no way Sarah could not follow that. Like, even if there was a possibility it would lead to clowns and puppy-murder, she was still going to follow it because what if it was really Kira? What if it was her daughter calling out to her via breadcrumbs and she didn’t come running?

Mrs S knows what motivates her girl.


Rin says: Is just paid for itself an Australian saying? I didn’t know that!!

SERVING UP HER FRIENDS FOR DINNER. KIRACRUMBS? Are you trying to just setup as many Hannibal jokes as possible?

This was such a lovely moment that made you want grab Sarah’s head and point it at the screen shouting ‘SEE?! SEE?! Mrs S has always been on your side, after all this time always!!!”

And yes it was kind of genius to stage a kidnapping, but also kind of really fucking traumatising for Kira and Sarah? It’s like the worst prank on earth to be honest. Like, I’m pretty sure Sarah didn’t have to be stuffed into the back of the trunk, and she could have just ridden shotgun while the dude handed her a phone so Mrs S could tell her everything will be alright. And why did that guy need to take a creepy kidnapping photo at the end of last episode?! Seriously, they went full on method with their play acting didn’t they.

This scene was also very pretty with its yellows and greens, it deserves at least a fly undone.



What The Dickens?

“She’s a mirror.”

Sophy says: IT’S BOB FROM BOMB GIRLS. IT’S. BOB. FROM. BOMB. GIRLS. I was so flummoxed by him being able-bodied and sticking things up a cow’s butt that I got confused and thought he was Dexter’s dad/Papa Salvatore but then Rin all capsed BOMB GIRLS at me and I knew why he was familiar and WHAT THE DICKENS YOU GUYS IT’S BOB???!!!

Okay that’s not the what the dickens part.

The WTD part involves Helena being born backwards. And not in a fit and mysterious Effy Stonem way. In an actual organs-on-the-wrong-side way. I looked this up you guys and it’s an actual thing. Situs inversus ie. reversed placement actually happens to some twins. AND OF COURSE IT WOULD HAPPEN TO HELENA.

It’s quite clever, too, in that it goes some way toward justifying Helena’s survival: Sarah thought she was shooting her in the heart… but her heart was in the wrong place! Of course there have to be other Kiraesque factors at work as well. People aren’t vampires – it’s not like you have to get the bullet in the heart to make them bleed out. But yeah, freaky.

And it kind of feeds into that thing where Sarah and Helena are TWO HALVES OF A WHOLE.

Meanwhile this entire compound freaks me the fuck out, as does the suggestion that they’re going to try to mate Helena. It’s literally impossible for me to imagine Helena willingly allowing someone to put their penis in her, so I’m thinking it’s going to involve a turkey baster and hopefully sedation and hopefully her eggs will be on the wrong side you guys because Helena with a bun in the oven?


Meanwhile, where as my Helena/Jello, show? I AWAIT THE FEATURETTE. WHICH WILL BE ENTITLED ‘YOU HAD ME AT ‘HELLO”.

Rin says: SCREAMING AND KEYBOARD MASHING. So much of it was done when he appeared onscreen. Sophy for the wrong reasons though. It was kind of hilarious to see her go from.. OHMAOHMRHAO WAIT WHAT NO.. OH OMHOFMGAOSMGOFMGOGF. 8-.

HELENA. BORN. BACKWARDS. And I had no idea this was a real thing and that’s kind of incredible and awesomely weird and wtd nature seriously. You are seriously messed up sometimes. But I love that the writers probably heard about this phenomena, whether it be right from the start or as they were writing season 1 and went, yep.. Helena is definitely having that. And then deciding to use that to their advantage and make all of us go, wait HUH?

I’m sure there are maybe some nice normal creep-free compounds out in the world.. but I honestly just find them terrifying and weird every time. I guess representation in the media works! They remind me of Big Love and Roman Grant and all of the WORST WORST WORST things that went on there. Bob kind of feels like a younger Roman Grant, crazy weird religious morals.

p.s. I’m trying to ignore Sophy’s comment about Helena allowing someone to put their penis in her because it might honestly take the cake for most disturbing thing Sophy has ever said in RophyDoes history.

Sophy says: For all of you who’ve ever asked yourselves ‘I wonder how Rin feels about heterosexual sex?’


We’re Not All Tatiana Maslany

Sarah Stubbs.

Sophy says: Fake Sarah needs to stay forever. I enjoy clone fangirls in all their various forms but they don’t always do such glorious snuggle-faces nor do they always wave with such tragic enthusiasm as our Fake Sarah.

Seriously, this had better not be the last we see of her.

Rin says: I laughed so hard when she was snuggling into the hug, it was the most perfect face. I feel a kindship with her because that face is obviously the face that I would have, would I ever have the opportunity to hug Tatiana Maslany. There’d probably be tears at some point though.

Sophy says: I expect tears from this one. They’re coming.


Up Yours!!!

“Who are these cursed children you brought into our lives?”
“They’re Project LEDA.”
“I don’t know what that is.”

Sophy says: Okay wow. I’m not going to say that Mrs S is without her secrets or her darker side. There is definitely still tension between her and Sarah and there is good reason for that, not the least of which is that there has still been no plausible explanation given as to why Sarah’s birth mother used her dying breath to warn Sarah against her or why Kira caught her rifling through their things and looking at the photo. But at the end of the day? At the end of this day… Mrs S murdered her life-long friends for Sarah and Kira’s sake. And she let Sarah leave, with Kira, even despite earlier having expressed misgivings about Sarah’s ability to look after her versus her own which has been ‘bullet-proof’.

But I guess what Mrs S learned in this episode is that the stakes have been raised. I guess what she realized is that maybe it’s not so easy to keep everything under control when you’re at the center of the clone-storm. Because these are people she has trusted forever. These are the people who once kept her and Sarah safe the way she’s trying to keep Sarah and Kira safe now. These people are living – well, dead – proof that nothing is sacred and that betrayal is always a possibility, no matter how clever or competent you are – no matter how good you are at being a mum.

The look Sarah and Mrs S share when she shoots Sarah’s assailant and lets her go before heading inside to clean up the mess… is perfect. There is no other word for it. And I think that for Sarah, when she slams on the accelerator and flees, as the terror abates, she probably feels safer than she has in a long time. Because nobody has ever loved her like this – nobody has ever exhibited such brutal, immediate and uncompromising love for her as Mrs S does in this episode. And because maybe the safe haven wasn’t a safe haven so much as a trap, and maybe these kind faces she remembers from childhood are now disguises for bitterness and resentment… but those people being fakers proved to Sarah once and for all that the only woman she’s ever had for a parent is in this for real – for her – your side, love.

Also, Mrs S/Fork/Knife/asshole who was going to sell out her girls forever. This is surely an ‘Up Yours’ classic. As Rin said at the time of viewing: now we know where Sarah gets it from.

Rin says: Yes! What I really loved was how Mrs S went to so much trouble to get Sarah and Kira here — and even planned for herself and Kira to flee the country, no matter how safe or how many precautions she took, the reach of the Proletheans is far greater than they could know. The writers have built up a scary force that makes us feel like nowhere is safe and no one can be trusted. It’s super exciting and terrifying at the same time, not knowing where the story is heading.

All I know is Mrs S is one fierce lady. When she straight up stabbed that old lady, who BY THE WAY was obviously evil and had switched sides because LOOK AT HER, she’s textbook old creepy evil lady. Um. Yeah when Mrs S stabbed her in the hand with a fucking carving fork and then swiftly grabbed the knife and pinned her other hand down with it. CHRIST all mighty. Maybe Mrs S picked up a few things from her time with Dexter, but it was a huge surprise seeing how scary she can be. I also love that there was absolutely no hesitation on her part, and it will always be about keeping Sarah and Kira safe above all else. No matter what the cost.



Head In Hands


Sophy says: EEEEEE. I love how they took a romantic cliché and made it platonic with Felix scratching his forever love for Sarah into the bedpost. Adorable.

Every time Sarah and Kira are reunited I realize how awful it is that they’ve been apart. I mean, sure, Sarah is acutely and constantly aware of how awful it is to be separated from her daughter, but there are a lot of shiny things going on on this show, okay? So sometimes I forget to be upset about it.

And then suddenly here they are being a little family again with Mrs S – and Felix, even in absentia – and I want to cry because it’s how it should always be and I’m such a selfish bastard for wanting them to continue being miserable and thwarted so I get to keep my TV show on the air.



Thinking about baby Sarah and Felix running amok and causing trouble warms my heart. And it is cruel how much they’re not able to live their lives in their adorable self made family, but it’ll always be the end goal won’t it? It’s the prize that Sarah’s eye will never leave, it’s what will one day make all of this crazy shit and heartache worth it in the end. Kind of how the light at the end of the tunnel for Game of Thrones was the Starks getting to live happily ever after…and then they smashed that dream to pieces. And I’ll never forgive them. :(

Hopefully the OB writers don’t do the same, and I won’t have to add them to my list of ‘NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET’ alongside everything after Skins 5, what they did to Quinn Fabray and Faberry, House, the cancellation of so many shows before their time I’ve lost count. JUST DON’T BURN ME OB. I wouldn’t be able to handle it, but I believe in them so much I have complete faith :-j

Sophy says: I had complete faith in House, Skins and Glee once upon a time. But I never had a Tatiana Maslany before!!!!!! EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!!!!!!!!!?????!!

Sophy says: These are literally the exact thoughts I had while watching.

Rin says: For serious. She yelled out SEX BUILDINGS! during this scene.

Sophy says: I DID. AND I’D DO IT AGAIN.


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  1. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    God I love your recaps.
    This show is perfect an it deserves to be… recapped? by you guys.

    PS: Do you guys think that the scene where they’re inseminating the cow is foreshadowing for Helena?? I really hope not.


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thank you Ruben! Orphan Black deserves to be recapped by Oprah and/or Jesus.

      And yes DO NOT TOUCH HELENA!!!!!

  2. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    I think what bothered me about Felix this episode was the line about Alison jumping to monitor conclusions and I don’t know how he can dare say that, when he planted that suggestion into Alison’s head in the first place, and the power of suggestion can be remarkable as shown by the then following events that passed between Alison and Aynsley leading up to the death. So I’m pissed at Felix too, for taking absolutely no responsibility for his influence on events and then at the end leaving Alison in the lurch. And of course it means that he might, possibly, have been trying to throw Alison off the Donnie scent from the beginning if he is somehow involved with Dyad, so I’m right there with you guys on the ledge. And I love Felix so I really am just hoping it was an one off ep with him acting a bit of a dick.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yeah, it wasn’t Felix’s finest hour… although (provided he’s not in on any of this) it’s kind of good of him to show up for Alison at all. I do think (regardless of whether he’s in on any of this) he cares about Alison, even if he says some off things. But yeah. On the ledge.

  3. Bere
    Bere at · Reply

    Actually the theory of the ‘mirror twins’ was circulating tumblr since February, I think; I tough you heard of it before S2 started?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We haven’t really been part of the fandom so no we didn’t hear anything about it. Total what the dickens for us!

  4. Broobs
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    Sweet, had been waiting all week for this :)

    I don’t think you guys have to worry about Felix being a monitor. Leekie seemed genuinly shocked to hear her name come up from Delphine.

    If Felix was her monitor they would have known about her all a long.

    I don’t think Felix was a dick. He did a good job of staying strong for ALison when she told him she kind of killed someone lol.

    Also he has to go!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      That would set my mind at rest except these days I’m not so sure Leekie even knows everything about this operation himself. WE SHALL SEE. And I agree: though Felix said some wrong things and wasn’t there for Alison I wouldn’t go so far as to say he was a dick to her. He does care at least.

  5. Vicky Hollingworth
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    Because crotches ..amazing

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