201 — Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

Sans Pantalons


Sophy says: True story: This is the point at which Rin asked me ‘Was Orphan Black always this pretty?’ and I said I think it was but I wasn’t sure because this was really, really pretty you guys. Seriously, even the blinds are pretty.

If I ever stumbled into a diner like this I would never leave. Okay, well I would leave if guns came out and people were going to try to kidnap me. WHY DID THE NICE MAN WITH THE TEA AND THE TOWEL AND GENERAL NICENESS HAVE TO DIE? Rin and I were so on edge about him and his general niceness until the actual bad guys came in and we were like Oh. And then we loved him for about .2 seconds before he was dead.


Meanwhile Sarah/Hood is one of our favourites (we are very fond of hoods, particularly on small bedraggled females).

Rin says: There was just something so magical about the slow motion of Sarah as she frantically ran through the rain, even if it was for just that shot, it made me take notice and realise that we were literally hitting the ground running. And then how incredible were the colours inside the diner? That’s crazy! And it probably just looks really ordinary in real life, but they’ve brought it to life by the magic of tv. 8-.

Oh waiter. I’m so sad that he died protecting Sarah. At least he died doing what he loved. WHAT YOU GUYS. IN THAT MOMENT HE LOVED SARAH AND ALL WAS RIGHT IN THE WORLD FOR HIM OKAY? Let’s not debate this and just accept it as canon.

I’m pretty sure hoodies is listed as an interest of Rophy somewhere on the internet. Or if it isn’t, IT IS NOW.

Sophy says: This diner is proof that TV is better than life. As if we needed it.


Biggest LOL

“Alison Hendrix: Model citizen and thespian.”

Sophy says: So much for all the fine sentiment in our Season 1 Top 20 alone the lines of how we can’t feel the same way about Alison since she basically offed her neighbour.

Turns out we still feel the same way about Alison.

BUT SERIOUSLY SHE MAY BE MURDEROUSLY INSANE BUT SHE IS SO CUTE? How am I supposed to stay mad at that face?

It’s so perfect that Alison is doing a musical because that’s exactly what she would do in a time of crisis, right? There was always going to be some kind of Shiny New Project in Alison’s life this season – something she could manage no matter how crazy everything else got – the kind of luxury leisure activity that is for people who are not on the run, whether from DYAD or the cops or their own guilt and horror. This is Alison not being scared. This is Alison emphatically valuing something frivolous – something other than her life or the lives or her children – something other than her sanity, too. And that’s why she was ready to freak the fuck out when her part was being taken away from her. Okay, well, I think Alison would freak out about that under normal circumstances, but I guess… did you guys see how relieved she was when it turned out she was being given the lead? Did you see how touched and small and grateful she was?

It’s because she feels terrible right now. It’s because she feels like an outsider in her own life, and not just because of DYAD – because of her own actions. So being given this responsibility and this privilege? People having all this faith in her and all these wishes for her success?

It’s not just a comedic They really like me! moment for Alison. It means belonging-even-though. It means being worth something after all.

The thing is though that every person in this room with Alison who is smiling at her and liking her and trusting her and admiring her would feel completely differently about her if they knew what happened with Aynsley. Every one of their faces would shadow. Every one of them would be a little afraid – alienated – on edge until they could get out of there and on the phone to the cops.

Alison knows that, intellectually. But these are the ways we trick ourselves into feeling okay – by saying it’s not real – by saying nobody saw it so it never happened – by behaving as though we are happy and free and totally in charge of the future until it almost feels that way, on a good day.

Of course it’s a terrible way to live and no good can come of it long term and normally when someone is burying a secret and trying to pretend everything’s okay you’d advise them to just come out with it, whatever it is, because in the long run their life will be better for it except… not so much when you’ve basically murdered someone. Murder-secrets are probably best kept in no matter how much they fester and fuck you up. And I think it’s genius that the musical, which is totally hilarious and a brilliant opportunity to have Tatiana Maslany wield an asthma puffer dramatically and also wear little tap shoes that pop out the bottom of her track pants, is also Alison’s tell-tale heart diorama. BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT CLEANING UP AFTER AN UNFORTUNATE DEATH. And Alison has been bumped from supporting cast to lead role IN THE MUSICAL ABOUT CLEANING UP AFTER AN UNFORTUNATE DEATH. Perfection.

Meanwhile. The rape whistle. And “This is unacceptable!” And just. Her failing? Tatiana as Alison flails like nobody on earth, okay? It’s special.


Rin says: I honestly can’t believe that literally the day before watching the premiere I was still talking about how I could never love Alison in the same way again. It turns out I can, and can probably love her even more than I originally thought possible? It actually makes me really excited because it means her character has so many more miles to go, and we’re really only just at the beginning with her. Especially if the preview for the rest of the season is anything to go by, there’s a lot of meaty Alison stuff we have yet to devour. AND NOT IN A HANNIBAL WAY OKAY, METAPHORICALLY. GOD.

But let’s not worry about the future and live in the now because CHRIST ALMIGHTY she was the cutest thing in this episode. Thespian. Thespian. Thankfully Art was the one who described her as that, because I can totally see Alison using that word to describe herself too and it would have been too much for me to handle. She would have overtaken every single category in this recap had it been the case. She was so adorable and again reminding me of Rachel Berry, ESPECIALLY in the Mattress commercial. They have that same incredibly lame and over the top performance that makes me squeal out loud. THE ASTHMA PUFF. Also, I really want Glendale Community Theatre tshirt! I would wear it always and think of Alison.

I like what Sophy says about how Alison is barely hanging on by a thread at this point, and how quite soon she’s going to be boiling over with all of her murder secrets. Because as much as she wants to pretend it never happened, something like that can’t be repressed forever. It’ll eat and eat and eat away at you (not in a hannibal way) until one day it’s all I KILLED HER. It’s going to be amazing.


I could not. Stop. Laughing. I think I had tears. It was both the cutest and most hilarious thing I have seen. Her little legs flailing about and then struggling with the guy who is grabbing her from behind and twisting and turning to try and mace him in the face. OUTSTANDING. And the rape whistle she pulled out and kept blowing on, which got more feeble as the time passed.

It was just such a great call back to that run in with Vic, but escalated. I love that with the way she elbowed the guy in the face, you could kind of tell that Alison probably took a self defence class at one point in her life. She just would. She continues to amaze me with her stereotyping, but in the best way possible? They definitely know how to use that sort of stuff to their advantage and turn it into comedy gold, but in the same breath make it so she’s not just that. She’s a lot more than that.

First reference of the recap.

Sophy says: The day there’s not at least one reference the snow will fall in New Haven and I won’t remember why.

(There will always be at least one reference.)


Best Scene


Sophy says: There are few things Rin and I enjoy more than a little good old-fashioned cloney subterfuge-via-identity-swap! It was particularly exciting to see Sarah have a go at Cosima for the first time. The red coat! The glasses! The enthusiastic hand gestures and endearing toothy smile! It’s all so very not Sarah, right? Basically the only tell – other than the ‘Shite’ that was there for the dunces – was the hair. I would have thought Felix could do better than that. In fact, I would have thought Alison could have gotten them a suitable wig at short notice, what with all her glamorous musical theater connections.


Seriously though, they should invest in a Cosima wig for Sarah and Alison, because those impostor-dreads were flat and lifeless and a dead giveaway to anyone who was paying attention. Thankfully it would seem that Leekie isn’t quite the evil mastermind he once appeared to be so much as a mouthpiece for Rachel Duncan and so he bought Sarah’s Cosima act, extremely awkward card-swipe snuggles and all.

Delphine though? Delphine knew right away. Scratch that, not right away. She got a kiss in first. And hey, maybe she did suspect it was really Sarah immediately but just figured she’d get her money’s worth anyway, because getting to make out with not one but two Tatiana Maslanys is pretty awesome. I can’t say I would blame her.


Okay, okay, okay. Back off Cophine kids. It’s not like I’m really shipping the Delphine/Sarah, but you must admit it’s nice to look at. (You literally have to admit this and I love it.)

But yeah, I love that Delphine knew so quickly that this definitely wasn’t Cosima, because it shows that she has fallen for her in a really specific sense. The things she finds so charming in Cosima jostle falsley in Sarah’s imitation and when she plays easy hardball with Leekie, asking for her own lab, I think that’s when Delphine is like… no. This isn’t my girl. Not that Cosima doesn’t know how to stand up for herself or anything, but Delphine knows how big a decision it would be for her to sign on Leekie’s dotted line. Delphine is the only person Cosima has trusted with the secret of her sickness. Delphine is the only person who has seen her truly afraid – both of death and of letting DYAD get too close. She knows that Cosima would never, ever be this flippant, no matter how much she might very much like her own lab – and negotiate for it herself, in other circumstances.

I think it’s brilliant that the writers didn’t go for that romantic cliche according to which Delphine just knows but rather tied her realization to her actual knowledge of Cosima as a person – to the intimacy she shares with her that Sarah, for example, does not.

I think my favourite thing about the caps above is that Rin didn’t include a single one of Leekie’s face because why would you?

(Sorry, guy who plays Leekie, nothing against your face, we just need space for as many Tatiana Maslanys as possible.)

Rin says: I don’t care. I ship it a little. :)

Well, it’s more a case of YES! DELPHINE INTERACTING WITH THE OTHER CLONES! More please! I want her to be friends with all of them and have really awkward dinners where they try to fool her every time by swapping clothes and stuff. I almost feel like the show should shoot that as an extra and just give us a snippet each week. PLEASE SHOW? PLEASE?

But I love that Sarah’s bag of tricks is basically impersonating others. It’s her go-to move, and as long as it keeps working I hope she keeps doing it. It’s such a bonus to get to pick apart Tatiana’s performance in a way that isn’t entirely normal. We’re basically comparing herself to herself on a constant basis, and seeing if she’s picked up on her own ticks for each character.

I read some tweets about an article from the NY Times that said Tatiana lacks the range to pull off this kind of role. And I say I read some tweets about it because that in itself was enough to spark a rage blackout for me, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor in the fetal position. BUT HOW DARE ANYONE. Seriously. I can understand (not really) OB not being someones cup of tea, but the last thing you’re able to ~criticise the series about is Tatiana Maslany. Are you fucking kidding me, and are you blind/deaf? EVEN THEN YOU SHOULD JUST BE ABLE TO TELL.

Anyway, preaching to the choir aren’t I? We all know. We all love. We all appreciate.

I’m pretty excited for us to get to explore Delphine outside of Cophine. I’m sure the writers will deliver on that part because they’re clever and know how much of a fan favourite she is, but also because there is such potential there. I imagine we’re going to see her get pretty fierce, which we already got a glimpse of when she handed Leekie the blood sample.

WHICH. GOD. I loved that scene and I wish we had space for it in the recap but we’re going to go ahead and MAKE SPACE because it deserves a mention. I completely understand Delphine’s reasons to betray Cosima’s wishes. It makes full sense that you would do anything to try and help someone you love, even if it goes against what they want. It’s not that Delphine doesn’t have faith in Cosima’s abilities as a scientist, it’s more that she knows the resources Leekie has.

Plus I felt like her scene with Leekie made it very clear that Delphine really has switched sides. She’s one of the good guys now, and I’m so happy to have her. 8-.

Sophy says: Wow, I was really enjoying reading your commentary and then you created a rage elephant.


Really though. Orphan Black is a great show all round but the reason it’s gotten the crazy buzz it has is because of how Tatiana has so much range SHE’S BASICALLY A DRIVING RANGE OKAY? I can’t imagine wanting another actress in this role and I would respectfully suggest that this reviewer is just a massive wanker with limited imagination who can only stand out from the crowd by disagreeing with things that are obviously true.


And yes, I love how the act of giving the blood sample to Leekie was what showed us most clearly that Delphine is on Cosima’s side, while at the same time being a massive betrayal of her trust. Because really, what would you do in Delphine’s situation? You either respect Cosima’s agency and she might wind up dead about it, or you go behind her back and maybe she’ll hate you for it but at the end of the day you’ll be the one to keep her alive.



What The Dickens?


Sophy says: I JUST. I MEAN. GAWD.

I actually remember considering the possibility that Helena would have special healing properties similar to Kira and might survive getting shot like she was able to survive a bunch of self-surgery but… the cast were so emphatic about her death. Like, they looked me – or okay other people – straight in the eye and LIED SO HARD I ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT.

All I can say is that I’m absolutely thrilled to be deceived, because as bold as it was to kill off a character as gripping and fascinating as Helena, it was still a major bummer not to get to learn more about her and not to get to see her learn more about her world and her place in it. I also have to give major kudos to the writers for setting up season 2 so beautifully, what with Helena not so much being “just gone” as Sarah put it, but alive and probably mightily pissed and even more crazy than once she was and WITH A WHOLE BUNCH OF LUNATIC SPECIAL-BIBLE BASHING HENCHMEN. It makes sense when you think about it that Sarah and co would face a battle on two fronts – the state and the church took a baby clone each, after all. It’s great to throw this spanner in the works because it’s going to lead to all sorts of uncomfortable and potentially glorious team-ups, as enemies make allies of each other against a common foe.


“Excuse me.”


Rin says: OK BUT FIRST. I love that we get to have an Alison quote as the title of one our categories, and how it just fits perfectly. I hope that I can include ‘What the dickens?’ into my everyday vocabulary.

HELENA IS BACK. Oh my god.

I mean, there was always the possibility wasn’t there? But it always felt so final because it was such a huge moment in the last episode and surely no one could survive that gun shot. Let alone live to walk all the way to the hospital and be all, HEY MY SISTER SHOT ME :(

But yeah, I think there is probably a link between the way Kira miraculously survived the car crash and the way Helena works just fine with a bullet in her gut. If that’s the case then I gotta say it was pretty genius for them to set it up that way with the car crash and also having Helena be involved. That’s just good, cheeky writing.

Helena being alive is such a good thing. Such a very very good thing. She was one of the most compelling clones (they all are) and I’m super excited to see where they go with her. And how she fits into the picture now that there are even more baddies on the scene. Will she still feel loyal to Sarah after getting shot by her? I think it’s just crazy enough to happen, but I don’t see Sarah entirely welcoming back Helena with open arms. There’s going to be an interesting journey of redemption there, cause I don’t think they’re going to regress and make Helena the bad clone again. Oh OB. You know the way to our hearts.

p.s. I can’t wait for Helena to wake up in her hospital bed and eat jello like a cutie. After all Helena/Jello is already an established OTP.

Sophy says: If we don’t get Helena/Jello I’m going to feel pretty cheated. They’d better include a DVD extra at least. A featurette entitled ‘Helena/Jello’ would really work for me.

And yeah, I agree with Rin: as much as I think there has to be some emotional fall-out on Helena’s part from her sister shooting her and leaving her to die, I don’t see her simply shifting her allegiance and being out to get Sarah from this point on. Sarah is her actual family. And okay, maybe she killed their birth mother in a snip but I still have hopes that whatever else Helena may plot about, she will want Sarah alive and in the world.

She’s a touchstone for her, you know? And the irony is that Helena killed their birth mother out of pure emotion – out of a sense of betrayal and hurt and abandonment. She killed their birth mother not because she’s a monster, but because she had actually connected more to the idea of being a human being than she ever had in her life up to that point. And that’s because of Sarah – and Kira – who are her people, whether they like it or not.



We’re Not All Tatiana Maslany

“What are you wearing?”

Sophy says: Felix/Chaps forever. Both as in the harem of adoring gentlemen he is in the middle of and the arseless pants he is wearing.

Everything about high Felix in chaps was adorable. But I think I especially loved it when Sarah told him to get his shit together, “you silly tit,” because it’s like… her family has been stolen from her and someone’s just murdered the nice man at the diner and she’s had to kick her way through a wall and basically the whole world is CRAZY AND TERRIFYING RIGHT NOW AND PANIC STATIONS ALL ROUND. And she still finds time to insult her brother, fondly and Britishly.


Rin says: HAHAHAHAHA. I was so close to just making 4 screencaps of fe’s bum for this category. It’s so perfectly round you guys! It should be celebrated.

There couldn’t have been a better way to reintroduce Felix to us after the hiatus. It’s like, OH HEEEEYYY, REMEMBER ME? It was Felix to the nth degree and it was perfect. There are always jokes about buttless chaps, but who the hell actually wears them? Felix does. Whilst sitting in the middle of a five other guys who are loving on him as if he were a god. Maybe he is one, who knows.

I can only imagine the amount of teasing Jordan must have received on set from everyone.

And I loved how both Sarah and Alison were all, ‘WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!’ As much as the clones are all so different from another, there are these little ways that they’re the same. They do share the same DNA after all, so I enjoy these little moments where they show their similarities. Being aghast at Felix and his wardrobe choices is what makes them kin.



Up Yours!!!

“In the face?”

Sophy says: I think it’s a safe bet that each episode of Orphan Black will always contain at least one classic ‘Up Yours’ moment. This one had two, actually, and a part of me wanted to choose “She says ‘Up yours’,” for reasons that are obvious and giddy. But then at the end of the day we just can’t go past Sarah smacking people hard in the face, right?

But all face-smacking aside, the really wonderful thing about this scene was that Rachel Duncan was scared of Sarah. I mean she was straight-up terrified until Paul came in and posed as her saviour with a gun of his own, at which point she became smug again, but that’s okay because Sarah promptly smacked her in the face again and knocked her out. 8-.

Really though, it was interesting to see Rachel humanized in those few moments in which she really began to consider the possibility that Sarah might actually shoot her. I mean, she did have the gun pressed right up to the cheek and she did sound pretty ferociously convincing when she told her that if she didn’t have Kira she was dead. Up until this point we’d really only been introduced to sleek, silvery Rachel and she seemed so above the fray that it was hard to imagine her having actual feelings, so seeing her ready to crap herself was pretty interesting. I also loved seeing Sarah powerful at last in an episode where she’d spent most of her time running from people left right and center.

Elsewhere, this scene was brilliant in that it subtly reestablished the kinship and attraction between Sarah and Paul without going in too hard. They’re not Cosima and Delphine. They’re in no position to cuddle by candlelight, nor am I at all sure that would be first on their agenda if they had their actual lives back to live. They’re not in love. They don’t have time to be in love. They don’t have the space or the freedom to be in love. They are not built to be in love, not now, not like this. But they do care about each other. And whether they’ll always be on the same side or not, it’s clear that they will take risks for each other.

Paul tells Sarah to go and he’ll think of something. And maybe it will be okay because Rachel was unconscious and the last thing she heard was Paul telling Sarah to drop the gun… but the fact remains that earlier in the episode we saw Daniel tell Paul to help Sarah one more time so he could put a bullet in his brain.

He helped her anyway. And honestly? He seemed pretty happy about it. It was a whole ‘This one time Tatiana Maslany punched me in the face and it was awesome’ thing.


Rin says: Yeah I think it was important that we got to see a glimpse of Rachel being an actual human being for two seconds. We haven’t seen much of her but for the most part she’s played the part of evil head of organisation and was…well she was more like what we’d probably imagine a clone to be like before Orphan Black showed us all of their colours and depth. Rachel was almost robot-like and didn’t seem to have a lot of emotions about any of this. So it was nice getting to see her panic as she thought about how maybe her life was about to end. It makes me think that we’ll perhaps get a deeper look into Rachel this season and I hope that’s the case. I’d enjoy that I think. Like, how is it that she became this way? I’m sure there was some kind of brainwashing involved.

I was also happy to see that Paul wasn’t just evil now, and like we predicted was just as conflicted about who he is now and the role he plays as he was last season. No one just turns their back on Sarah Manning, it might physically be impossible.

So now it comes down to, do we think Sarah punching Paul is better or Rae punching Finn from MMFD? And which of the guys thought it was more awesome.

Sophy says: I don’t know but I would be pretty chuffed if either Rae Earl or Sarah Manning punched me in the face… I would cherish my bruises even more than Bella Swan cherished hers.


Head In Hands

“I’m not gonna apologize for my heart, okay?”

Sophy says: I absolutely love this line from Cosima. I love how straightforward it is and how simply it was delivered. I love that she’s basically taken stock of everything fandom said last season about how ridiculous she was about Delphine and how much danger that put everyone in and has resolved to do better but at the same time… she won’t apologize for her heart, you guys.

To me this is the clearest indication of who Cosima is at her core. She’s naive, yes, but that also means she’s gentle and she’s forgiving. She isn’t hardened like Sarah is or brittle and half crazy the way Alison is. With all the ugly things life has thrown at her, she still believes in love. I think that’s pretty special. I’m right there with her when she sticks up for that side of herself.

There’s also a rather fabulous irony here, which is that actually, yes, Cosima, you actually are going to get fooled again, and by the same tall delicious blonde your heart won’t stop wanting. But this time? She’s fooling you because she loves you. She’s fooling you because she can’t bear to see you afraid and suffering. She’s fooling you because for better or worse, right or wrong, she’s invested.

And hey, I think it was pretty interesting that Delphine thinks that was exactly what Leekie intended. WAS THE ENTIRE MONITOR SET-UP JUST ONE BIG GAY BLIND DATE EXPERIMENT????




Rin says: WAIT. Why am I only realising now that Delphine isn’t wearing a shirt.

No wonder you’re not apologising for your heart Cosima, when just last night you were snuggling with a shirtless Delphine what other logical options are there? NONE. There are none. Sexy Wound Healing has always been a weakness of Rophy, but I think Sexy Blood Drawing is now right up there too. It’s kind of crazy how Tatiana and Evelyne manage to create a completely different chemistry for Cophine and Sarah/Delphine. It’s nice. I love them a lot for it.

AND yeah. The quote from Cosima definitely stood out during this episode and not just in an awwww way, but also just from an appreciation of good writing. It is the kind of line you can run away with and make a million gifsets from and kind of hold it up there as a positive quote for your ship. One of the one that really matters. And like Sophy said, it reveals a lot about who Cosima is as a person.

They’ve both come so far and I love getting to see the struggles of that and how it’s kind of an impossible task to deal with something so new and lovely and wonderful, and still have it wrapped up in all this shit surrounding them. I’ve always like Cophine, but I feel like this season is the one that’s going to turn me into a rabid shipper.

Sophy says: Rabid Rin is one of my favourite Rins. I can’t wait.

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  1. Ned
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    I too can’t wait to get my Glendale Community Theatre tee. It’s going to be huge. Jayne Cobb’s Blue Sun shirt huge.

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      NEDSTER! Hello there :)

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    I’m not going to apologise for my heart either Cosima! I love Alison Hendrix – even as a sort of murderer! In fact after this episode I love her more than ever – Alison/bedazzled rape whistle/pepper spray forever.

    P.S Massively chuffed that you guys have managed to fit this into your recapping schedule. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

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      We’re chuffed too, Jacqui! Thanks for reading and commenting and yes, Alison/special accessories forever.

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    I am still not over the fact that Tatiana plays so many characters with such ease and fluidity. They still seem like more than one actress. It’s mesmerizing really. I LOVED the Helena “Suprise bitch!” hahahah…. My Seestra shot me….

    I frikkin love this show!!!

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      We frickin love it too Whymz!!!

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    My roommate saw Evelyne Brochu’s name in the credits and saod “Oh they added Rachel to the main cast!” That is how easy it is to forget that Tatiana is one person.
    Thanks for recapping my favourite show, Rophy!

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      Did your girlfriend like, not know who Evelyne Brochu is? DOES SHE EVEN GO HERE????

      That’s pretty cool though, the way you sometimes ACTUALLY FORGET. And we’re happy to be recapping your fave Kelsey!

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        I always forget. I was watching an interview where MAslany was talking about Delphine and I was like ‘what is she talking about? Sarah has nothing to do with Delphine’ and then I remembered…..

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          OMG I KNOW RIGHT. And I think that’s half the reason shipper wars exist for this show. People can’t accept that the Tatiana for Paul/Sarah is the same Tatiana for Delphine/Cosima. THERE ARE PLENTY OF TATIANAS TO GO ROUND.

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        She is missing something in her brain, because she is not in love with Evelyne the way a normal person would be. She just wants to bake a cake filled with rainbows, etc., etc.

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          To be fair I wasn’t in love with Evelyne till I heard her thoughts on Just Like Heaven by The Cure. And then I was lost.

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    “First reference of the recap” never change Rin and never stop referencing Them

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      I’m pretty sure she won’t. A+ on the capitalization by the way.

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    Yayy really great recap! Just made me love the show even more knowing the amount of depth it has. I totally adored Alison’s theatre scene, I watched that so many times I practically have the lyrics memorized! And now the song keeps popping up in my head at random moments.

    I adore Sarah / hoodie too it’s just a match made in heaven. And Fee and those assless chaps too. The dialogue that he has with Alison is comedy gold. I’m really looking forward to reliving OB with you guys in the episodes to come!

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      Thanks so much Olivia! We’re looking forward to it as well. Maybe at Christmas we should have a ‘Not Cats’ singalong.

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    So stoked you guys are doing recaps now. It was the only thing this show lacked.

    I loved Rachel speaking German in a British accent. Mindblowing.

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      Oh wow Broobs. Woman after our own heart. (I’m assuming you’re a woman because b(r)oobs.)

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          I so agree, I´’m always so frustrated when I´m falling in love with a new show (or even a movie or book sometimes) and there are no Rophycaps to compare and challenge my thoughts with!

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    Oh god I’m so glad this show is back I HAVE MISSED YOU SHOW

    Sarah’s pulling away from Delphine’s face made me laugh so hard. I so want more Delphine interaction with the clones YES.

    Also I can’t wait for more Felix and Alison interaction I AM SO EXCITED YOU GUYS ORPHAN BLACK

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    I’m so glad you guys have finally found and embraced OB in your lives.

    Also wouldn’t the musical be the best ever thing, if Alison couldn’t do it and Sarah had to take her place? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want Sarah as Alison doing a musical because I would sell a kidney to see that.

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