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Biggest LOL

“I feel like I’m living in a gay giant’s jewellery box.”

Sophy says: I would like to live in a a gay giant’s jewellery box. As long as he was a gentle gay giant.

Also Rae’s face when she said she couldn’t throw the watch out because it’s a collectible.

Also “Sausage roll, Scotch egg, normal bacon, smoky bacon, streaky bacon. Got gammon, sandwich ham, hot dogs, pork balls, chorizo and Spam.”
“It’s lucky we’re a family that doesn’t eat much pork!”

Rin says: I could make so many pork salads.

“Stop! Children are cross!”

Sophy says: There are times when we have to have two official ‘Biggest LOL’ picks because just mentioning other moments is not enough. We need the visual here. How cute is Karim, you guys? How ridiculous is he? I have pretty much never seen anything more perfect than him as a lollipop man.

“Children are cross!”

Wow. I just. Is it possible to measure this cuteness? IT MIGHT BE OFF THE ADORABAROMETER!!!!!!!!

Rin says: In primary school one of our science experiments was to make something weather related. I made a barometer and because I was like 8, of course it didn’t work. I needed weeks of results, so I just made them all up because I didn’t want to get in trouble and I still got top marks. It kind of makes you question the authenticity of science, doesn’t it? (Or maybe just the authenticity of my teacher.)

ANYWAY. I definitely would have trusted Karim with my pedestrian crossing activities at that age.

Hell, I would trust him now.


Pants off!

Wide open spaces

Sophy says: It’s when a show has shots like this in it a propos of not very much more than having shots like this in it that you really know they care. This is quality.

Rin says: I had to ask Sophy what a propos meant.

But yes. Considering just how much TV we watch, it’s actually on the rarer side that shows will actually take the effort in making sure their show is also beautiful. MMFD and Hannibal are probably two of the prettier shows on tv at the moment. Even though Hannibal also makes me want to throw up the majority of times.


Down, fangirl!

“What do you mean ’Not really?’”

Sophy says: So this one time Finn said he was going on a date and Rae PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE.

I cannot think of a more succinct way to express the, well, violence of her feelings towards that happening. Even the notion!

But I guess what was even more shocking than Rae’s immediate and irresistible urge to resort to fisticuffs of some kind when presented with the idea of another woman getting her mitts on Finn… is how little Finn seemed to mind about it.

For real, you guys. This was basically a ‘One time Rae punched me in the face and it was awesome,’ situation. Because that’s kind of how Rae-related things work for Finn. They’re basically all awesome? Well, except getting dumped by her of course. But even then…

Can we just take a moment to absorb the fact that it took Finn exactly one episode to decide it was worth having Rae in his life even if they weren’t together? I know this show moves at a faster pace than most and so it’s probably been a couple of weeks, but still. He went from not being able to be friends to getting over himself and deciding he was able to be friends pretty damn quickly. And at the risk of once again going to that place where Finn Nelson may as well carry a carpet bag and fly around with an umbrella because he is that great… he really is that great.

Do you know how much it will have meant to Rae to know that she means something to him whether he gets to be her boyfriend or not? Do you know how much of a relief it will have been to be officially welcomed back into the gang, who have basically been her lifeline at times?

Finn did this for Rae. Finn decided to let her back in, no more questions asked. And frankly I could cry at the grace of it.

“Look, I don’t like this. It’s ridiculous. Can we be friends?”

Finn is a straightforward person. When something doesn’t work for him it doesn’t work for him. Not being friends with Rae? It doesn’t work for him, no matter how hard being just her friend may be.


Finn may be Mary Poppins 90% of the time, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his ulterior motives. I think he’d take being friends with Rae over not having her in his life at all – certainly over trying to shut her out of her own life, which is so bound up with his now. But at the same time, there’s no way he’s given up. And why should he? The reality is that Rae could not approve of him more, in every way including the way where she frequently dedicates her loins to him. The reality is that the two of them were in whatever passes for love when you’re a teenager and you haven’t suffered or committed enough to feel comfortable with that word.

There is no reason Finn should give up. So he decides to find a way to get her to himself. In a sweaty, bodily-contact kind of way.

This is a genius plan, I did not see how it could possibly go wrong until Rae punched him in the face, but hey, I’m pretty sure Finn still ruled the whole thing a success. Because she was jealous and it was obvious. And she was jealous even though he was jealous and maybe that should have made her feel secure but it didn’t and the same goes the other way around because jealous, jealous, jealous. Basically they were one big bowl of greeeeeeeen jelly.


Remember in the last recap when we said it’s not over till Finn and Rae get naked? We didn’t say that? But we should have? Certainly Rae is realizing how much she doesn’t want it to be over and not just because Finn has a formidable backside. Rae does spend a lot of time waxing hysterical about Finn’s physical attributes, but there is so much more to him than that – so much more to what draws her to him. What I think is really sad is that she broke up with him because of the way he looks and that now she’s realizing there are other things about him that might outweigh the horror of his handsomeness.

“I wish I’d tried harder not to mess things up, because I was starting to realise that quiet, kind, special people come along once in a lifetime.”

Oh show. Quit playing games with my heart.

One last thing: how awesome is it that Finn is teaching Rae to do for herself what he did for her back in season 1? When he punched those douchebags who were making fun of her in the street it was one of the most badassly romantic things that ever happened. Trying to recapture a little of that magic are we?


Rin says: QUOTING MIRANDA ARE WE???? 8-.

I loved this scene so much. There is something so adorable about the thought that Finn thinks he knows enough about fighting, as to be able to teach Rae how to fight. Or yes, it was a completely all a ploy for him to be able to spend some sweaty alone time with Rae. Finn should have taken off his shirt and started doing Tai Chi, then they could accidentally fall on each other’s lips.

That last quote is killing me a little bit. QUIET, KIND, SPECIAL PEOPLE.

I’m trying not to think about the Faberry of it all and how that is who Rachel is to Quinn. Sure, Rachel Berry is the loudest person you will ever know. But to Quinn specifically? Rachel has always been nothing but quiet and kind. She let’s Quinn speak, she let’s Quinn be her own person in front of her, more than anyone else. And she is special. OH LORD how she is special to Quinn. So special she crowned her Prom Queen about it.

I could write paragraphs you guys. But I won’t. This is My Mad Fat Diary, and besides the fact that we could also call the main otp Finchel, THEY’RE NOT NEARLY THE SAME SHOW. And it’s a problem I have that I relate everything back to Faberry (the best kind of problem?). But it’s a compliment really. Honestly I’d be worried if I didn’t see Faberry in a shows OTP :-j


Rae punched Finn and Finn thought it was awesome. REMIND YOU OF ANYONE?

“Most girls would be upset about being slapped in the face, but I happen to appreciate the drama of it.”


Sophy says: I know it may seem like Rin is ignoring the ship at hand and discussing Faberry but that’s not actually what’s happening here. Rin is just speaking Faberry. She is telling you all about her feelings about Finn/Rae in Faberry.


Head In Hands

“Like I said, me and Liam are the same. We’re both mad, we’re both fat and we both let people down.”

Sophy says: Rae and Liam is one of the most brilliant things this show has ever done. And this show does brilliant things like, between frames. It’s that clever.

What I was struck by the most during this opening montage is that this is how people see Rae. Her friends are probably constantly drawing manes and capes around her. (Finn also draws love hearts.)

Because she is Liam to the gang: she is funny and fearless. She is exciting. She is inspiring. They don’t think ‘fat’ or ‘mad’ when they look at her – not even now that they know she thinks of herself that way. And that may be really hard for Rae to believe, but she should take a look at the fact that it was so easy for her to believe it of Liam.

Liam is a boy she met in therapy, for the love of god. Intellectually it should have been obvious to her that he had problems – major problems – problems that are at least the size of hers, if not bigger and badder. But that’s just not how she saw him. She saw the good in him, just as the people around her see the good in her.

This is why Liam is important to Rae’s acceptance of herself. He is like her in the ways he is wonderful and the ways he is not. He lets people down, just like she let down Tix and Finn and Archie. But he also lights people up, just like she does on a good day. He’s brave and vibrant and yet consumed by a terror or life and living. He’ll stick up for Danny’s right to be screwed up by life in group but he’ll run like hell when he actually has to confront his own right to be screwed up by life.

He is brilliant and terrible. He is thoughtful and shallow. He is impulsive. He is weak. He kisses Rae because he can, no matter how little it means in the moment and how much it might mean to other people. But he also reaches out when Rae is hurting herself – when she’s clawing quietly at a body she can’t love – he’s there to tell her to stop – to be peaceful – to be okay.

Rae likes this person. She admires this person. She understands this person. She disapproves of this person. She is hurt by this person. She forgives this person.

Rae identifies with this person.

This will be huge for her.

Also I love that I was wrong and right about Liam being a love interest for Rae. I was ready to concede I’d jumped the gun at the start of the episode when Rae drew boobs and a thicket on herself and PUT A NO SEXING SIGN OVER IT WHICH WAS THE GREATEST. But then the kiss happened, and though it wasn’t exactly a romantic moment, when you swap saliva YOU’RE A LOVE INTEREST OKAY?

So clearly when I said I love that I was wrong and right I meant I love that I was right.

Rin says: Rophy loving being right? What’s new.

It was so smart of the writers to bring in Liam as a mirror for Rae. And it makes sense, because we’re drawn to people who are like us. Whether for good reasons or bad, if we can relate to those around us it makes us feel a lot less lonely.

I do hope that the point of it all is for Rae to be able to make that connection. To not only be able to recognise the fact that she is indeed the Liam of her gang, but also to accept her own failures in being a good friend and try her best to not let it happen again.

I don’t want to talk too much about the future because I’m pretending I haven’t seen them in order to write this. But I do like the importance of this relationship in getting Rae to learn a lot about herself, what she’s worth, the mistakes she’s made, but also how she is ultimately a really good fucking person. I’m banking a lot on the writers giving us a happy-ish series finale because they don’t hate rainbows and puppydogs, and that all of the heartache will be worth it for the payoff.


And yes, I hadn’t seen the next episode at the time of writing the above but I have now and… well, I should have known the mirror has two faces. Or something.


Thank you for the music

Tom Petty – Free Fallin’

Sophy says: This is a song I have sung many times in a car. It’s just one of those songs that goes with cars and actually, it also goes really well with being depressed as fuck as pretending you’re not.

Archie should always sing.

I also loved the use of Today by The Smashing Pumpkins and not one but two Cure songs. THE MUSIC ON THIS SHOW.

Rin says: If the show decided they wanted to make a spin off and just go on the road with Archie and Rae as they sung away all their problems, I probably would be on board.

Sure I’d miss Finn and Chloe, but by the time they’re singing their 7th song, I won’t know why.

Sophy says: SPEAK ENGLISH. Either that or just keep speaking Faberry loudly and slowly.


Biggest kick to the emotional shins

Boys don’t cry.

Sophy says: This was terrible and important.

There’s no doubt that Archie forgave Rae more easily than I would have liked him to, and especially given how she made him sweat over a much smaller transgression, but at the same time, I get it. One of Rae’s darker streaks is a tendency to be punitive and holier than thou about things. Archie isn’t like that. And it’s quite the irony, I know, but I think a lot of the reason Archie initially forgives Rae for outing him (or for setting in motion a chain of events that will have him outed) is because while he’s still behind the closet door he actually has very few people he can turn to. He actually has no people other than Rae that he can turn to about the fact that he’s still behind the closet door. So, there’s that.

And then the reason he forgives her when he’s been flung out? Because he’d already gone to that place. Because it would be petty and cruel to let her off the hook when he needs her and hang her back up on it when he doesn’t.

And Archie also forgives Rae because as much as he would have done anything to stop this happening, the reality is that it is a weight off his shoulders. Now of course this shouldn’t make Rae any less culpable. It’s not her place to decide what’s best for Archie about something so personal – it’s not her place to take the risk for him. But the show is illustrating very well one of the classic logic fails people have when it comes to actions and consequences and exactly what is and isn’t forgiveable.

If a drunk driver hits your kid and they have a concussion and two broken legs and have to be in the hospital for six weeks… you’re pretty fucking angry, but you forgive that person in time, if they want forgiveness and seek it. If a drunk driver hits your kid and kills them? Many of us would never forgive. No matter what ensued. If a drunk driver has the good luck to make it home without hitting any kids? Well they might just be that friend we worry about sometimes – you know, the one who has three DUIs and counting but still gets a Christmas card.

Consequences or lack thereof often play a big role in how harshly we judge someone for a transgression. Which means luck or lack thereof often plays a big role in whether someone gets off with a warning. This shouldn’t be the case, but it almost always is. Intellectual rigor has nothing on the emotions for most of us.

So because, all things considered, Archie feels he is happier out of the closet than in it, Rae can have a pass. But who’s to say how he’ll feel when things like what happened here at the end of the episode don’t stop happening any time soon?

Also I’m going to stop dumping on Rae now because she did a shitty thing but as least she’s not the prick who’s having a total failure to stand up for her friend and letting him feel betrayed and lonely and like he’s not good enough anymore because he told you something about himself that other people don’t like I’M LOOKING AT YOU CHOP. AND I’M DOING THAT THING WHERE I POINT FROM MY EYES TO YOU.

Rin says: “AND I’M DOING THAT THING WHERE I POINT FROM MY EYES TO YOU.” =)) =)) I can picture it so clearly.

I do think Rae needed to suffer a little bit more, but at the same time I do think she genuinely understands just how much she fucked up. She didn’t try to get off lightly, and she grovelled. I wouldn’t have been opposed to some attempts at serenading, however inappropriate.

CHOP. God damnit Chop.

But I like that he’s not instantly onboard with Archie being gay because someone from the gang had to be in order for some real consequences. It was never going to be Finn, because actual messiah, and Izzy and Chloe are way too loving. I love that it’s Chop, because although he may seem the obvious choice to not be very accepting, it’s going to be an important journey for him to be able to step back and re-evaluate himself. Chop doesn’t get a whole lot of character growth, mainly because he’s…Chop. So I am happy that he gets to have this, even though he’s being a very shitty friend and human being right now. I have no doubts that he’s going to come out of the other end being a better person for it.

And because this is the only category where we get to see Rae’s stupid bruised face, can we talk about how brilliant that was? The misdirection of it all?

The whole time you’re wondering if she really did go through with the fight and wow did she really get beat up that brutally? And when the fight doesn’t happen you’re left wondering who on earth punched Rae in the face.


I can’t. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Poor, poor Rae. IF IT WASN’T FOR THOSE PESKY CANS WE COULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT!




And yes, it was genius that after everything it was the food that literally attacked her. Fight back, Rae! I want to see her go three rounds with that can of sweet corn or whatever it was had the nerve to give her two black eyes.




“You know?”
“Of course I know, you’re my best mate!”

Sophy says: You know how there were some really shitty consequences to being outed for Archie at the end of this episode? WELL ALSO THIS HAPPENED.

Finn knowing Archie is gay. Finn not caring. Finn giving him a muppet smile and a reminder that he’s his best mate about it.

We had to create a whole special category because we weren’t sure any of the others were strong enough to contain the AWESOME.

It’s nice – and a little terrifying – to have confirmation that Finn isn’t just a FUCKING MOTHER THERESA DREAMBOAT when it comes to Rae, but also when it comes to his best friend. He literally said everything right here, in that way that has me gasping and Archie tearing up because he knows that the one person he was most afraid of disappointing by being who he is has always known and has always loved him.

It made me so terribly sad when Archie confided in Rae that he was scared that Finn would look back and wonder if all those times they had sleepovers there was some ulterior motive behind it. It made me jump for joy that the show removed any possibility of that being the case by having Finn reveal that he knew at the time of those sleepovers that Archie swung the other way and gave no fucks about it.

A friend of mine recently came out to her family and her mum had a hard time dealing with it – is still having a hard time dealing with it. One of the things she asked her daughter was wasn’t she worried about changing in front of her girlfriends or having shared beds with them – wasn’t she worried about what they might think now?

Well she wasn’t. And we weren’t. There just… isn’t that thought in your brain if that person is truly your friend. And it’s nice to know that Finn is truly Archie’s friend, when he really, really needs him.

LOOK AT THEIR FACES YOU GUYS. Yes, all of the group tackle hugs the girls were having were adorable too but THESE FACES ARE ABSOLUTELY KING. AND QUEEN.


Rin says: What more can you say about Finn besides, SINGLE GREATEST HUMAN BEING EVER? Like seriously.

This was one of the sweetest coming outs of any show ever, and I kind of appreciated that it was such a non-event for the most part. Because often at times it’s a really terrible world-falling-down around you moment in tv, but you know. Maybe there are also some coming outs that go down pretty smoothly and your friends are really loving and supportive and pull you into great big group hugs? Maybe one of your friends finds the fact that you’re gay a massive relief because ‘that’s why you wouldn’t get off with me!’ Chloe ILU never change 8-. :X

I am so happy MMFD chose to go that route and give Archie the acceptance he needs. Because what lead up to it could have potentially been quite traumatising if the gang weren’t as lovely as they were. BUT THEY’RE THE GANG FFS. Ofc it was going to end in hugs. CHOP THOUGH. You better come through in the end.

Also. I couldn’t have been the only one who thought if only Finn wasn’t straight and in love with Rae…. WE’D HAVE ARCHIE/FINN.

Sophy says: FARCHIE!!!! Okay bad shipper name.


Oh Rae.

“The vagina police should come and take my bits away.”

Sophy says: May they never take away your ability to discuss your bits, Rae. 8-.

Rin says: She is the most absurd person.

Just when you think she’s going to start letting up, she says stuff like ‘vagina police’.


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    “the horror of his handsomeness” EXCELLENT

    OH SHOW I just want to roll around in it and also I don’t want to wait for more episodes waaahhhhh I miss it already

    At least I still have 3 episodes of les Revenants to watch. Jenna Thiam’s perfect face is causing me great distress.

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      Hurry up series 2.

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    finn and rae 4ever so much, also thank you thank you for always bringing faberry up because I really need faberry in my life always.

    and just curious but how do you write the recaps? like sophy writes a paragraph then rin reads it and add her opinions? lol

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      I remember when people used to complain about us always inserting Glee into everything. BUT I DON’T CARE. FABERRY FABERRY FABERRY FABERRY!

      This question is so cute. But yeah, basically it’s done like that. We’ll each take turns editing the page, and depending on who you see first that’s how we write it. More often than not we just edit away and then like to surprise the other like a dog bringing a dead bird to its owner. AREN’T YOUR PROUD OF ME SOPHY????

      That’s how it happens.

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    When I rewatched this a few days ago, I literally had to straight to twitter to tweet “there is a vagina police?” Lol Rae!

    I read that sentance about Chop as “Chop better come out” lol.

    I love how you bashed the Backstreet Boys and then used the name of one of their songs as a sentance, lol.

    Do more of these! And do Misfits!

    And yes, Finn’s reaction to Archie coming, just lovely.

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