201 – Alarm

Biggest LOL

“These breasts are very good. I don’t like them cos I like a challenge and these breasts don’t bloody challenge me.”

Sophy says: Choosing a funniest moment in a My Mad Fat Diary episode is like trying to choose between all known forms of carbs, plus a 110 other forms of carbs that you didn’t know existed. Maybe the answer will always be potatoes, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Where was I. The point of the above was that this is a very, very funny show and there were several laugh out loud moments we could have picked for this category. What tips this over the edge for me is Rae’s goldilocks analogy. Because porridge. And breasts. So wrong it’s right.


And the bra fitter was a delight, very much in the vein of vintage Skins. You know those absurd, usually slightly revolting characters who randomly pop up and you miss them forever after and keep wishing they’d come back? She’ll be one of those.

And I like that she’s benevolent, because she is. Notice that while Rae zeroes in on Chloe’s tits and how perfect they are, she misses the fact that this woman has declared her breasts good and Izzy’s breasts good. All breasts are good, even if they need a little help. That’s kind of the message Rae isn’t able to get.

“Don’t be scared of your own tits.”

Words to live by.

Seriously though, it’s hard not to be sometimes. Scared of your own tits, that is. And as much as I laughed during this scene, my heart broke when Rae and Izzy bonded over being nervous about not looking as perfect as Chloe in their underwear, and then Rae took a look when Izzy went in to get waxed and saw… well, what would be a perfectly acceptable perfect in her mind.

And it works for Izzy. The plan of going around and showing your boyfriend your sexy lingerie and getting it on before do-it day. Everything Rae can’t follow through on turns out to be easy for Izzy, no matter how scared she says she is.

But that’s Izzy. That’s the sunny side of life. And I think the fact that she can want something and take it and have it and be loved up at the end of the day has a lot less to do with how perfect or not perfect she really looks in her underwear and a lot more to do with the fact that she’s just that kind of person.

The happy kind. The kind who don’t write mad, fat diaries.


Rin says: What about pasta Sophy? What about PASTA? But then I probably think potatoes too. But then what about some really good fresh sour dough? Choice is a cruel double edged sword.

My Mad Fat Diary probably makes me laugh as much as Parks and Recreation, except double the amount because it’s a longer episode. When we watch our yahoo chat is basically walls of =)) =)) or HAHAAHHAHAHA. Constantly.

I guess what makes it funny is that most of the characters are pretty tragic and lame a lot of the time, but they’re so damn honest and sincere about it that it makes them extremely likeable — and you know how when you really like or love someone, everything they do or say turns out to be funny? I think that’s where we’re currently at. Forever in the honeymoon stage with these guys.

They’re all such adorable dorks. Especially when going to buy sexy lingerie together because of some hopeless sex pact, and then THE CRAZY BRA LADY. Like, of course. She definitely reminded me of the one in a million types we saw throughout the years on Skins. The ones that made an impact, even for just an episode. I adored her for not being judgemental, and for actually just breezing past Chloe’s award winning boobs.

It’s just such a joy to have this show back. Because I remembered how heartbreaking this show is, that’s something you can never really stop feeling, but I had half forgotten just how funny and refreshing it was.


Pants off!

This opening.

Sophy says: How stunning was this opening shot? There’s Rae, sulking politely in her Lennon shades on a tropical island, except it’s really not a tropical island, it’s really a diner, and Chloe is there with a large red sauce bottle she is about to use as the talking stick in the kumbaya Q&A entitled ‘Rae and Rae’s problems and how we feel about Rae and Rae’s problems’.

Even if it was a tropical island the pout would be well earned.

And this is so pretty. The colours and the way it’s framed. Guh. This really is one of those ‘Why bother’ shows when it comes to pants.

Rin says: True. We need those pants that strippers have so we can just tear them off in a flurry.

I like that this show is beautiful in a way that feels true to the 90s. Apart from all of the styling and props and everything that brings to life that decade, there’s something about the colouring that makes me think of it too. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but it’s like a muted palette almost? Crisp and fresh but also a little bit grungey? I dunno. BUT I LIKE IT.

(lol aesthetics are supposed to be the one thing I can talk about.)


Down, fangirl!

“Is that how it’s gonna be, is it?”
“That’s how it’s gonna be.”

Sophy says: Okay, so the Rae/Finn was pretty much on overdrive in this episode, which stands to reason given the things he traced on her back at the end of last season that definitely were not “I’m an emu.” There was a lot to choose from, and maybe the caravan was an obvious list-topper, but… the thing is that by the time we got to camping I could feel Rae’s distress so acutely – I could feel the good things she’s learned to call hers over the summer – happiness – I could feel it slipping away from her reach. And so I guess as lovely and hilarious as that whole set up was, you didn’t need to tell my inner fangirl to get down about it, she was already cowering on the floor.

But at the start of this episode, when Rae and Finn were young and free and just starting to be in love? It made me positively giddy.

What I love about the bowling scene is the simplicity of it. I love that Rae and Finn flirt in a way that is natural – not so clever it could never be – not so “artless” you’re rolling your eyes. They’re just kids here. And this moment contains everything that is good and hopeful about them – everything that would work so easily if all the moments that followed could be the same.

Okay now it hurts. So I’m going to stop talking about it.

Rin says: URGH. The cute. Down fangirl is correct.

STOP GETTING AHEAD OF YOURSELF SOPHY. Let’s just bask. And think about bowling and how Rae tricked Finn and kicked his ass. And try not to think about another Finn and a Rachel, and “Do I have to put my fingers in the holes?” Because that hurts too.

BUT I love that Rae challenges Finn in a way that he probably hasn’t been challenged before and that is why he likes Rae so much. And I love that we get to see them in an actual relationship and have moments like this that remind us of why they work so well together. Their chemistry is insane, and like Sophy said they’re very natural together.



Head In Hands

Or boobs in hands. As the case may be.


Archie and Rae are the best. The best. Well okay there are other things that are the best too, but in this moment they were surely unbeatable.

I also love that this action on Archie’s part illustrates the particular intimacy between these two that comes with Rae knowing all of who he is the way nobody else does (yet). All through the episode Archie has been panicking about Chloe touching him because of all that it means – because of how up close it brings her to a secret he can’t possibly tell – a secret that might send her, or other people who are even more important to him, far, far away. This is the 90’s you guys. Being gay and proud wasn’t as easy then as it is now and from what I hear it still isn’t easy. Especially when you’re a boy in high school and everything else is already so fucking hard.

So I love that when it comes to Rae, Archie’s not scared of being touched – or of touching her himself. Because they both know what it means and what it doesn’t.

This Chloe/Archie thing is going to be such a disaster, oh god.

Rin says: Well this is just hands down painful now. BUT BRIDGE/WHEN WE GET TO IT.

I think the best part is the way Rae closes her eyes. LIKE SHE’S FINALLY GETTING SOME RELIEF even though his hands are just plonked on there.

And yeah, that last screencap. Magic.

Sophy says: Yes. Well I wrote the above before 203 aired. So. There’s that.


Thank you for the music

To. Be. Continued.

Sophy says: Perhaps an unusual choice, given that there are so many great tracks used in this show and that’s the whole reason why we had to have this category… but we couldn’t get past the sheer brilliance of the soundtrack to the whole To. Be. Continued. scene.


Rin says: You know what is the fucking best? Is that they totally upped Skins and showed us how when it’s done right, it can be so much better. I MEAN IT’S NOT COMPETITION, but it’s nice that we were so against that scene in JJ’s episode that one time when nothing in that episode ended up mattering, and now here we are years later and something similar has happened and we adore it. Because it was cheesy as fuck and THEY KNEW IT. They played to it.

I mean. TO. BE. CONTINUED. The way he said it. Holy christ so fucking stupid but adorable. And her ovaries exploding. =))

Like. The writers really know where their pocket is. And they just sit in there all day and all night.



Biggest kick to the emotional shins

“Bye, Tix.”

Sophy says: Well this was brutal. I guess I spent the gap between series 1 and series 2 wondering anxiously whether Tix actually died or not and then when the promo photos came out I still told myself all sorts of tender lies about why she wasn’t featured. But I knew – in the pit of my stomach I knew this was coming.

It did not make it hurt any less. At least I’m pretty sure. Maybe I would be in some kind of TV pain coma if they’d really tricked me into thinking everything was okay. WHO KNOWS.

It sucks that Tix is dead. It sucks that the character is gone. She was such a beautiful kid – so kind and to unable to be kind to herself. She was never able to just let herself be and now she isn’t anymore, not at all, not even a little bit. That hurts. It hurts that someone with so much potential as a human being could squander it without even meaning to – without even really wanting to.

But I think it highlights how real Rae’s struggles are. Because Tix’s life is her life. Okay their issues aren’t the same and maybe Rae’s aren’t as severe right now – maybe Rae’s life would seem like a dream to Tixie – let’s face it, it always did. But the reality is that some kids like Rae don’t make it. Some of them live miserable slouching lives. Some of them lose themselves. Some of them are lost to the world.

This is why we root for Rae. Because we know how high the stakes are. We know how hard she has to try on a daily basis to make existing work.

And this is a huge part of it. Standing in front of Tix’s grave with flowers. Saying goodbye. Being upfront with the loss of her. Moving on. This is Rae working hard to exist even when her friend couldn’t – when she couldn’t help her friend – when she failed her – when she wasn’t there to even be not enough.

Rae isn’t just confronting her grief when she lets go of Tix. She’s confronting her guilt and her deep self-hate – she’s confronting all the reasons she has to start a new diary.

It’s progress. But it doesn’t look like it. It doesn’t feel like it.

AND HER FACE. LOOK AT IT. THE TEARS. I CAN’T TAKE IT MAKE IT STOP. Rin take over. Present your shin.

Rin says: *rolls up pant leg* KICK ME MMFD. HAVE IT YOUR WAY. I won’t put up a fight.

Because I basically don’t have the willpower to try.

I loved Tix so much, how can anyone who watches this show not love Tix? Tix was the person who brought so much joy into other peoples lives and all you wanted was for her to be able to see that and to feel it for herself. To know that she mattered and that she was important. Unfortunately, like Sophy pointed out, not everyone can make it. It’s harsh, and it’s also brave of the show. And does serve as a reminder for how real the situation is. It doesn’t stop for Rae just because she found some friends and a boyfriend, and it’s still an everyday struggle for her. We spent most of the episode within Rae’s bubble of denial, so much so that when she first started writing to Tix it actually made me wonder if she would turn out to be fine afterall.

When it all comes crashing down it feels like we’re back at square one with Rae. And you know, it should feel like that. Something this big is bound to have a hugely negative impact on your progress, and I think that’s what we’re really starting to discover this series.


Oh Rae.

“I don’t want him as a friend. I want him to go down on me for so long that he has to evolve gills.”

Sophy says: This category is basically for when Rae is Rae and says these things and I’m all ‘RAE!!!!!!!’ and cover my face and peek out and giggle and usually rewind a few times to watch again.

Rin says: SO INAPPROPRIATE ALWAYS. This category is never going to be short of nominees.

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  1. Zoe
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    I’m so glad you’re recapping this show! I just binge watched all of it because of you guys and now I’m DROWNING IN EMOTIONS.

    And I can’t get over that this ship is also Finn/Rachel (sort of).

    1. Rin
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      These two are so much better than Finchel.

  2. Mad
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    AAAAAAA I love this show and it hurts so much. And Rae’s progress is so damn fascinating to watch, how it’s not a straight line and how she makes big strides and then takes a few steps back and just WOW SO GOOD.

    also omg when Rae’s mom comes in and holds Finn’s hand and starts like, patting Rae on the butt omfg I just lost it I was laughing so hard. Everyone is so precious I can’t.

    (Also I started the first episode of Les Revenants and OOH I AN LOVING IT, V. SPOOKY, I am just at the part where Camille comes home and starts casually making a sandwich and thinks she has only been gone an hour or whatever and her mom is like “…WHAT.”)

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    Love love love your recap. I am a big (pun intended) fan of the show and now yours. Please keep doing these.

  4. Leo
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    What a beautiful, glorious head fuck show- I’m just so thrilled that a character like Rae exists. Side note I have such a huge crush on the young chap who plays Finn; he’s showing up everywhere and I love it.

    1. Rin
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      I don’t blame you! He’s been in a number of shows that we adore and I get giddy whenever his little face pops up. OH MY MAD FAT DIARY. We have to finish recapping you.

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    That would be smashing- your taste as always is flawless.

  6. ohwowlovely
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    Hi it’s me again! I’m rewatching mmfd so here I am.

    I love this show too. And your words about Tix really made me well up, cos you’re so right. She was so kind and saw so much good in Rae that she couldn’t see in herself. That neither of them could see in themselves. It does hurt and it reminds how close I came to being gone, so many times. And right now I’m glad I’m still here. Even if only to read rophy recaps! Xx

  7. ohwowlovely
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    Oh Rae will be a beautiful category! I’m known to come out with stuff like that too lol.😁

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