102 — Walter’s Walk

Rin says: Annie has been dreaming about her Sri Lankan lover, and just look at her! In her mens pyjamas, clutching at her covers. Oh Piper.

Sophy says: I can’t imagine Piper going to bed in anything other than men’s pyjamas. Well. I can. But I probably shouldn’t.

Rin says: What a gorgeous shot.

Annie’s sister confronts her in the kitchen, says she needs Annie to sign her will to say that if anything happens to her and her husband — she’ll look after the kids. And gosh, that’s just a pepper way to start the day, isn’t it?


Rin says: Annie says she’s late for work and conveniently skips out on Danielle. And it’s strange, isn’t it? That Annie wouldn’t immediately sign the forms, because it’s only been one episode, but we know that she’s not a bad sister and she definitely would look after the kids if it came to that. But why is she so reluctant?


Rin says: She gets to work and, score! New office!

Sophy says: Piper looks a little intimidated by her new workplace. And to that I say ‘Aw, Piper, don’t be shy, you’ll feel at home in no time.’ Who knows, by the end of the episode…

And John Goodman would be crying. Tears of joy.

Rin says: I can’t believe I have that movie on DVD. Well I can. But I’m not proud.

Sophy says: I own Cheaper by the Dozen. 1 and 2. The things Piper has made us do over the years Rin, idek. She is a harsh mistress.

Rin says: Omg so do I. :((

Rin says: Her little smiles at Auggie show just how much he’s come to mean to her in this short period of time. It’s rather lovely. I think she admires and respects him deeply.

Sophy says: Admires him? Respects him? Use those insipid words again and I shall leave the room this instant!

Rin says: Boss lady has a new job for Annie: Walk ins. That’s every person who comes to the CIA with their own special conspiracies. I do not envy her, but I admire and respect her.

By the way, that last shot is kind of gorgeous. The greens and the blues. Guh.

Sophy says: Yes, that last shot is lovely. And I enjoy Piper’s posture in it too. She’s tilting impressively, and I like a woman with her hands behind her back.

AND I AM LEAVING THE ROOM. Is love a fancy or a feeling, Rin? OR A FERRARS?

Rin says: The guy gives Annie pepper spray, which, what! Scary! I’d totally keep it in my hand at all times, ready to spray.

Sophy says: Don’t I carry the pepper spray? Or did I relinquish that job when we found out I have no aim? Whatevs, I still walk on the outside of you.

Rin says: What follows is a montage of all the crazies Annie has to deal with. My favourite being the old man with all of the books/notes, he was adorable! And Annie’s faces are just priceless.

But then we get the big fish we were waiting for. She’s even got a trench coat on you guys, we know it’s for real.

Sophy says: THE TRENCH COAT. It always means you have secret information. Or you’re naked underneath.

Sophy says: Annie needs to learn not to look at the cray-crays like that. She’ll only provoke them.

But I guess it’s hard not to look a little incredulous when some lady who’s naked under her trench coat rocks up in your caravan and tells you her genius 13 year old son has decoded a secret government message from a numbers station. I mean, come on, put some clothes on!

Rin says: Inappropriate attire..especially when you’re with your son.

Rin says: ………………………………………..

I really, really, really do not like these titles.

Wait ok. When they first started playing I was SO EXCITED, because the first four frames look absolutely fantastic. It was all very spy-like and fit right into the whole theme of the show. I was even going to let that horrid font slide, but then it just looks like they ran out of time/money. It looks like it’s unfinished and I’m really not agreeing with that choice of grey. I think they could have stuck with the black/white with pops of colour and it’s be a lot more effective. SIGH. Anyway. It’s just. They 100% had the right idea, but I feel like they didn’t go all the way with it. Plus Anne Dudek and Sendhil don’t even get to be in the credits, just their names. Cause god forbid you have to rotoscope in a couple more people.

I guess I just fast-forward the credits now anyway.

Sophy says: I like Piper’s shiny black jacket at the start?

Rin says: SOMEONE has to say it.

Sophy says: That mole is so upsetting. And it’s like ‘MOM HAS A MOLE, KID HAS A MOLE. MOM. KID. MOM AND KID. IT’S BIOLOGICAL!’

Sophy says: Yeah, so anyway, this is Walter everybody. Surly little bugger.

Rin says: Annie tells them she’ll look into it and gives the surly little bugger a handshake. Now he’s a lucky surly little bugger.

Rin says: OMFG MOHINDER SURESH! I hate you.

Sophy says: He was so fucking annoying on Heroes that he managed to annoy his extreme prettiness away. Tragedy :( In this show he’s somehow less pretty, but also somehow less annoying. What a sneak!

Rin says: He’s in a suit and smiling.


Sophy says: He can wear whatever he likes as long as he never invites any of his friends to visit. Except Kristen Bell. She’s welcome any time and could totally play boss-lady’s secret love child with Someone Awesome.

Just as long as I don’t see any of this shit popping up on my screen…


Rin says: Oh man. Hiro got old, real fast. Faster than you.

Sophy says: Anyhoo, this guy is named Jai Wilcox, and he’s new to the team, but not new to the CIA. He seems like he might have a bit of a fraught history with boss lady and/or Auggie and/or people in general. Boss lady is not pleased to find that he has been sent to her department by none other than HER HUSBAND SANDY COHEN WHO DID NOT SAY A WORD ABOUT IT TO HER. Oh noes.

Rin says: You’d think in between bites of bagel he’d mention it.

Sophy says: Apparently not. AND NOW CHRISMUKKA IS CANCELED. :((

Sophy says: Annie comes in to talk to Auggie about the Mole family and it isn’t long before Jai is butting in.

Rin says: Mole family. That is just the most delightful name.

Rin says: You know, Jai was my favourite from the Fab 5. Even if his job was a bit of a stretch.

Sophy says: Um what? Do you mean 5ive? I’m confused.


Rin says: lolol 5ive. No! I mean Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

Rin says: Auggie introduces the two of them, albeit in a slightly *bares teeth* kind of manner.

Sophy says: Flirty conversation is flirty. Auggie totally picks up on it and asks Annie is she thinks Jai is hot. Annie says no, and it’s a lie, and Auggie totally picks up on that too.


Sophy says: Of course he is. I’m jealous and I’m on the other side of make-believe. *bares teeth*

Rin says: Talking on your phone whilst driving is so dangerous, not to mention illegal. So the CIA employs crooks now, do we?

Sophy says: I’m going to call Dr Phil on her, for real.

Rin says: Auggie tells Annie that he found something on the numbers station and something is definitely up.

Sophy says: :O

Thank God there are emoticons that can get excited about this kind of stuff for me. Numbers stations don’t really do it for me, I’m afraid.

Rin says: The CIA come to the conclusion that this man must be responsible, because he was an ex-bad guy and is in the country.



Hardcore Boss lady, please stop making your neck do weird things.

Rin says: Well let’s face it. The ill-fitting beige blazer wasn’t exactly doing four-eyes any favours either.

Rin says: Annie gets put on the case to meet up with their MI6 liason. And I’m like, MI6?! THAT’S ENGLISH. THE OTHER SPY BETTER BE LENA HEADY, for the love of god!

Sophy says: lol, omg that guy’s face. And the angle of his body. Who pushes a trolley like that??? WHO???

Rin says: I’m pretty certain you would.

Sophy says: SHUT UP.

Rin says: AUGGIE. This is no time to get your sewing machine out.

Sophy says: He’s whipping up a new costume for Piper. I’ve heard she’s going undercover as a giant kookaburra in a future episode. Once we get Heather Hogan on that writing team.

Sophy says: Tough Boots hunts her husband down to give him a piece of her mind about Jai. She thinks he’s there to spy on Annie – or her. They engage in some snippy banter and in the process we discover that Conrad AKA Blake Lively’s brother is “gone”. Aw, that’s too bad, we were going to have fun exploiting that connection. Rin, stop all work on ‘Covert Blair And The Lively Affair’. :(

Rin says: WHAT? Shut it down? :(( It was going to be our greatest achievement.

Rin says: Annie opens the ‘script’ thingy-majig and laughs at it because it’s about Honey. And ya know, Honey was her character’s name on House, so….

Sophy says: Piper looks like a Honey. In fact, if they remake Matilda, she needs to be Miss Honey. I’m not sure Rin could cope though… I mean, she already wants Miss Honey to adopt her.

Rin says: Omg no. I would have such weird conflicting feelings.

Sophy says: You’d be all ‘I’m adopted, it’s different, Sophy’ and I’ll be all ‘FFS RIN, INCEST IS ILLEGAL!’



Rin says: Why do I love Piper’s scar so much? I don’t know. Stop judging me.

Sophy says: Potter or Piper, Rin, which is it gonna be?

Anyhoo, this person is called James Elliot but you can call him British Dude. He’s part of the “protocol” or something and I can’t remember what that was really and Rin this is your cue…

Rin says: Haha, it’s just how spies meet up. It’s the equivalent to when you go on a blind date and say ‘WEAR A RED SCARF!’ …clearly I’ve never been on a blind date. Auggie probably has.

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Classy.

Rin says: After Annie does some scary driving, the MI6 guy makes fun of her brick of a phone, and I have to say I agree. Seriously? YOU’RE THE CIA. That looks like a Motorola from the 90s.

Sophy says: Even I think that phone looks old. And that’s saying something. But I think Annie gives us some kind of explanation along the lines of it takes so long for the CIA to be sure technology is fully safe to use that it’s like, way out of date by the time they get it. Weak, CIA. Weak and/or paranoid.

Rin says: They break into the Mole family’s apartment to look for Scooby snacks.

Sophy says: Annie was obviously impressed by Mrs Mole’s trench coat at the start of the episode, because she asks if being a spy is all about wearing those and smoking cigarettes under lamp posts. British Dude is all ‘lol just the trench coats, look at my patch.’

Rin says: *nudges Sophy* See. Spies use nicotine patches…they’re cool!


Sophy says: This is Walter’s room. He’s really into techy shit, just FYI.

Rin says: From like, the 70s.


Sophy says: The shadow looks like bat-wings.

Rin says: Um…do you know what a bat looks like?

Sophy says: SCREW YOU, BOOTLACE. It totally looks like Dracula is looming behind her.

Sophy says: Whoever’s at the door smahes it into Annie’s head. Ouch. A struggle ensues and then, just when it looks like all might be lost…

Sophy says: … somebody saves her by shooting the other guy. Sound familiar? If so it’s probably because it happened in the last episode.

Rin says: Apparently Annie is not going to get a gun anytime soon. Which seems kind of unfair.


Rin says: Would he put that into his portfolio? ‘See! Look how dead I look! BUT I TOTALLY WASN’T. I was just pretending to be.’

Sophy says: Annie and British Dude decide they’d better high-tail it out of there. Annie rushes back into Walter’s room to take his harddrive and manages to knock a whole lot of shit everywhere.

Rin says: She’s not exactly stealthy is she?

Sophy says: Yeah, IDK, I’m pretty sure nothing of any interest is happening here. Not your moment either, black guy.

Rin says: It’s pretty much just showing us how the CIA are freakin’ everywhere! And pretty sly while they’re at it.

Sophy says: Annie gets all emo, because clearly the guy who slammed the door in her face was there to kill Walter. This leads, rather conveniently, to a talk with British Dude about family and the job, and when Annie pulls up at home, she looks in at her sister and her nieces and her face is wistful and worried.

Rin says: Lights. Such pretty blurry lights.

Sophy says: Meanwhile, to hammer home the point, Mr and Mrs Work Together are out on a date.

Rin says: Those women to the side are totally filming First Wives Club 2.

Sophy says: They bicker and flirt and as they do we discover that Joan used to be Sandy’s mistress, and that even back then and ever since, one thing has remained constant in their relationship: Sandy always orders the rib-eye steak on their dates. This seems to give Joan more comfort than I would say it should. Really, a slice of dead animal is not much to go on.

But Sandy is all *eyebrows* I want to make this work, and Joan seems to think that maybe it will.

This scene is actually rather sweet and rather sad and I continue to like these two, both separately and together.

Rin says: I found the, ‘What if there’s an invasion or something?’ and he pulls out the other mobile exchange to be really cute.

Sophy says: Agreed ♥

Sophy says: Can I just say that the yellow in that last scene was amazing. I am less fond of this shade of pink on Piper. It’s just not her colour. Actually I’m not sure it’s anyone’s colour.

Rin says: OMG


Sophy says: I suddenly approve of this show on new and exciting levels.

Sophy says: Ouch! If I were Annie I wouldn’t be hiding those. I’d be taking photographs and putting them on the internet to make myself look tough. Um. Not that I’ve ever done that. OMG YOU’RE ALL GOOGLING ‘SOPHY OF ROPHY’ AND ‘TOUGH BRUISES’ AREN’T YOU??? STOP IT. :(((

Rin says: Roger. Federer.

Sophy says: Omg :(

Sophy says: Danielle looks pretty pissed off doesn’t she? It’s because she DAMN WELL IS! Annie’s just told her she’s not sure she can sign the form saying she’ll look after her nieces if Danielle and her husband die, and Danielle is all ‘Not can’t, won’t!’

She storms off, undoubtedly muttering to herself “My selfish sister, Annie,” and I’ve gotta say, I can see where she’s coming from. I don’t care how flash my career was or how hard I’d worked to get to the top or how important the work I was doing might be… there’s no way I’d be considering choosing it over my orphaned nieces.

Rin says: I kind of thought she considers herself incapable of being an adequate caretaker for her nieces. But yeah, still.

Sophy says: Anne Dudek and Piper Perabo really look so very unalike. The costume department should have whacked some matching moles on them or something. NO, NOT LIKE MUMMY MOLE AND BABY MOLE. LIKE THIS PLEASE:

Rin says: They look identical to me. /allwhitepeoplelookalike.

Sophy says: RACIST!

Rin says: Here we go. Ngggghhhhhhhhh.

The scene where every person who used to be like, ‘Nah, idk, Pipuh just never really did it for me’ was changed forever. Welcome to the house of Pipuh worship. Enjoy your stay.

Sophy says: lol yes. Where is Heather ‘I have a hard time thinking Piper Perabo is sexy’ Hogan now?

Sophy says: Hello? *waves hand in front of your collective faces* In case any of you are interested what’s going on here is that Auggie is showing up where Annie is, because that’s just something he does, and he’s asking her to offload her troubles onto him, because that’s just another thing he does. Annie explains that her aggression is about three things: a) her sister thinks she’s an ungrateful bitch, b) she hasn’t been able to save the Moles, and c) She got the shit kicked out of her by the pizza boy yesterday.

Rin says: I wish Piper would wear those gloves everywhere she went. It’d be adorable watching her make sandwiches and stuff.

Sophy says: Auggie listens sympathetically, then decides it’s time to add a new string to his Annie-bow: getting hot and sweaty with her. Strictly in a hand-to-hand combat way of course…

(For now.)

Rin says: I can’t stop looking at all of the pretty. I was pretty head in hands throughout this entire scene, it all worked perfectly.

Rin says: How many times can I say, ‘OH PIPUH, JUST STOP BEING SO RIDIC CUTE.’

Sophy says: I don’t know, Rin. We should keep a tally during these recaps.


The jury’s still out on whether or not I’m shipping these two romantically, because I think I have to wait till we see Annie with the other guy.

But for now, these two make such adorable besties.

Sophy says: Yeah, let’s wait till we see Annie with the other guy. Or, you know, that minxy British double agent who will be played by Lena Headey.

And yes, that second cap is just ridiculously sweet. Chris and Piper have great natural chemsitry together, so whether it’s platonic or romantic, the show needs plenty of the two of them going on.


Sophy says: HOLY SHIT HE IS. Okay that’s it, I’m shipping this. Sorry, Other Guy. Go play with your shell bracelet or something.

Sophy says: Cute smile is cute!

Rin says: Pinning down a blind guy? Really Annie? REALLY?

Sophy says: Some srs bsns exposition goes on here. The guy at the door has been identified as a member of the IRA and is thus linked to the old dude pictured earlier. The hard drive Annie took out of Walter’s computer is corrupted. He and his mum have gone missing and Annie wants to go looking for them. Joan pulls out some hard-assed crap along the lines of ‘Is that because they’re relevant of because you’re worried about them?’ Annie is all ‘lol both, I’m not the hard-assed one, silly.’

Jai sticks up for Annie, says he doesn’t think it would hurt for her to investigate. Joan lets her go, then takes a moment to remind Jai who’s in charge here.


Sophy says: Annie heads back to the Moles’ place to take another look. Jai stands around looking enigmatic?

Rin says: That’s the exact way they described this sequence in the script.

Sophy says: Clearly I should be writing TV.

Rin says: They find that old man and take him to Langley. It goes without a hitch, so you know, he’s probably not the baddie in this case.

Sophy says: Meanwhile, Annie’s keen eye has spotted a possible hideout location for the Moles in the background of a family photo…

Sophy says: Annie is right on the money – a mother and son checked into a Spruce Knob cabin last night, and hey guess what, says the concierge, they’re not taking any calls.

Rin says: SPRUCE KNOB. Spruce Knob. Spruce Knob.

Nope. It’s not getting any less ridiculous.

Boss lady interrogates the old guy, asking him why he wants the Moles so badly, to which of course he knows nothing. He just came here to start a new life!

Rin says: Annie finds them at SPRUCE KNOB.

Sophy says: It reminds me of Gobbler’s Knob End. And the SPRUCE GOOSE.

Rin says: FFF Spruce Goose! Best ever!!!

Sophy says: Mrs Mole is pleased to see Annie. Mole Jr not so much. He’s sulking into his book, and doesn’t look up until Annie tells him how right he was, how important his tapes are, how wrong the CIA was to dismiss him, how safe he and his mum are going to be now she’s here.

I’m pretty sure that if he’d looked up sooner she wouldn’t have had to bother saying all that. HOW COULD YOU STAY MAD AT THOSE PUPPY-DOG EYES???

Rin says: He totally should have stood up, looked into her eyes and said, ‘You had me at hello.’

Rin says: Annie calls Auggie back at HQ and plays the tape for him so he can listen and ~decipher.

Sophy says: She then proceeds to warm herself cutely.

Sophy says: Whoa, they sat there a while didn’t they. Plenty of time to small-talk their way into a discussion about… wait for it… family! And how when it comes to FAMILY you’ll do anything. I think it would have been more fun at this point if Mrs Mole had just picked up that stick she was poking the fire with before and started whacking Annie over the head screaming ‘FAMILY ANNIE! FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY!’

Rin says: HAha that reminds me of these awesome HP recaps this girl used to do, and in POA she had a screencap of Snape taking Lupin’s class and shouting ‘WEREWOLVES WEREWOLVES WEREWOLVES!!’

You can so tell I only have eyes for Piper in that second cap. Mrs Mole had to suffer…

Eventually Molealina lets it slip that she had contacted MI6 previously, but they had dismissed them. And I’m like… what the fuck are you doing contacting the Brits? YOU LIVE IN AMERICA. It’s like me trying to dial 911 in an emergency. This tips Annie off that something is incredibly wrong with this picture.

Sophy says: I’ve tried 911 in an emergency before. Twice. Damn TV.

Rin says: Annie calls Auggie to let her know about how strange it is that her contact had no idea about the Moles, and that there would have been a file and stuff. Her contact is now officially fishy.

Rin says: She clues in with all the ‘halfway there’ lent stuff…and things… AND THEN FINDS A BUG ON HER CAN-AND-STRING-PHONE. A car pulls up behind her.

Sophy says: Rear-view mirror shot is pretty.

Rin says: There’s just always something about the way cold-breath looks lit up in the night.

Sophy says: Visible breath is a sure sign of evil. And/or cold.

Rin says: Annie runs amok, setting up a trap Home Alone style.


Rin says: I have seriously discussed this with friends before… that the kid in Home Alone grows up to be MacGyver. Is your mind blown? Oh yeah, it’s blown.

Sophy says:


I think they should get McGyver to guest on this show. Maybe Lena could have a word to him about it.

Sophy says: Unfortunately British Dude’s friends bore the brunt of the Macgyver-bomb. British Dude himself is alive and well and chasing Annie and co through the forest.

How beautiful are the colours in that first cap? There’s something about the blue of the sky at the top, the warm tones of the explosion and that lush green below…

Rin says: Yeah, if only the kid wasn’t in the shot.

Sophy says: I sometimes think Katie Fitch is a saint the way she puts up with Effy’s bullshit.

Rin says: She’ll put up with pretty much anything Effy throws at her…unless she decides to go goth.


Sophy says: Yeah and even if it wasn’t, you’re definitely not meant to do it with evil old guys. It just takes all the lesbian out of it, you know?

Meanwhile it looks like Auggie’s training session did Annie a world of good, because she gets the upper hand here quickly, fights dirty – pepper spray, rocks, whatever it takes – and manages to catch the crook and save herself this time, instead of relying on a man to do it for her. Neat.

Rin says: Omg yay, vagina power.

….I can’t believe I just said that.

Sophy says: Rin/Vagina :)

Sophy says: Auggie tells Annie that the tapes confirm that British Dude is a double agent for the IRA, that he was planning to blow up a bank or something, and that the old bloke they picked up at the train station was framed.

Sophy says: Annie asks British Dude if everything he said to her was a lie – even the part about family being important. British Dude, with impressive sincerity, tells her that was the only part that was true.


Rin says: Srsly, Annie. How do you not know that family is important. She’s totally like No.5, and Lena Headey is her Ally Sheedy.

Rin says: Back at headquarters they reward the boy with some Auggie-phones, which, okay….sure.



Boss lady lets the old man go, apologising and saying that all they can ever do is look towards the future. Which is kind of a ‘lol oops sorry.’ It’s also revealed that Arthur (read: Sandy Cohen) has put Jai into that division to keep a close eye on Annie. Jai’s all like ‘Ooh how close ;) ;)’ and Sandy’s all like, ‘As close as you want ;) ;)’

Sophy says: Bye bye, Moles. That little bitch could try looking a bit more grateful for those headphones.

Rin says: OMG RETURN THEM :(( :(( :((

Sophy says: Damn those two look good together. They really, really do.

Oh and look, Annie’s in the kitchen. I’m going to see if I can count to three before Danielle appears. One… two…

Sophy says: Thr – damn! There she is. And unfortunately she’s an irritating cliche of concilliation, telling Annie what a great aunt she is and how she doesn’t need a silly old piece of paper to know she’ll be there for her nieces. Um. No. There is no reason for you to be this understanding, Danielle. You’re being poorly written so this episode can end on a cutesy note and it’s NOT FAIR.

Rin says: But…the puppy-eyes.

Sophy says: Annie is ready and waiting to pile on the cliche by handing over the papers, already signed. She then knocks the nail into the lame-coffin by repeating Mrs Mole’s line about doing anything for family – verbatim.

Seriously, writers, TRY HARDER. Right now Piper’s face is doing all the work for you.

Rin says: I just..the family thing is such a weak storyline. YOU DON’T GET TAUGHT THAT AT AGE 28.

Sophy says: Well I don’t know… it might have worked if they’d done it well. But it’s too early in the series for this kind of thing. If we’d known Annie and Danielle better as individuals and as sisters, maybe the writers wouldn’t have felt the need to rely on cliches. And seriously, they should have at least given those kids names before using them as drama-bait.

Sophy says: Annie and Danielle have a bit of a laugh and a bit of a hug and their hair is shiny and all is well.

Rin says: It’s hardly got any contrast. Boring. Oh wait, they’re sisters. That’s a good thing.

Rin says: And she’ll never be Lena Headey.

Sophy says: Deal with it Dudek.

Rin says: And the amount of times we’ve said Lena Headey during this recap? 6.

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