414 — I Do

Sophy says: Let’s talk about Glee 414 and the reasons why it marks the end of a long and passionate relationship we’ve had with the show.

RophyDoes has been one of the biggest fandom supporters of Glee. We started watching it when it first came out and fell in love instantly. We started recapping it in season 2. We went back and did retro-recaps of season 1 when the show was on hiatus, because that’s how much we care. We stuck up for the writers when we felt fandom was being unfair in calling them hateful, homphobic, racist, everything else under the sun. We shielded Finn in our tiny cartoon arms when fandom wanted him dead throughout most of the third season. Just last week we wrote paragraph upon paragraph defending the Tina/Blaine storyline against all the mockery it was getting.

We may have been disappointed in the show at times – sometimes very disappointed – but we always found something to love. We survived Holly Holliday. We learned to look back with a certain wry fondness on Puck/Lauren. We have had the decency to turn a blind eye to the ongoing Bram. And yes, we even forgave them when they took Quinn away from us. Even when they gave Jarley more screentime than her when she was there. We even made it through the annihilation of everything that Rachel Berry was. We watched her fondle a dead bird with Brody and came back for more. We were promised “Faberry Heaven”. We got Faberry nothing. We held it together. We waited. We gave our show the love we still felt it deserved, whether the best thing on it was being ignored or not.

But now they’ve gone too far. Now we can’t escape the sense that the writers just don’t like us, and by us I mean we, the fans – the people who care deeply about these characters and relationships – who’ve been there from the start and have held on through everything out of love of what these people created.

It’s been painfully clear all season long that we don’t matter. And maybe it took the thing that matters most to me and Rin personally being stomped on, but we acknowledge that the show has been stomping on just about everyone and we have been uncomfortable with it. The wanton destruction of Faberry is just the straw on Rophy’s camel back.

Let’s briefly recap the things that got stomped on this season before 414. NYADA consisted of Kate Hudson and a donkey. Rachel Berry was unrecognizable up until 312. Quinn wasn’t there and when she was she was somebody else. Mercedes could barely get a line when she was in town. Same with Mike. Puck only shows up to prop up the newbies. Sugar disappeared and nobody cares where she went. Finchel and Klaine got crapped all over in the name of drama. Tike continued to be treated as irrelevant. Samcedes. Because he was always into the skinny white girl, you know? Brittana. And don’t fool yourselves into thinking Brittana heaven will be coming, you guys, just don’t. Save yourselves the heartache and assume that it is over, no matter what lies the writers feed you to string you along. The only way you’re getting them back is if they really can’t make people lap up Bram and Santana/random she’s not allowed to kiss. Godspeed.

And then there was that particular form of stomping on everything this show used to stand for which is the existence of Marley, Jake and Ryder. The fact that the writers think these characters are worthy to take over screentime from any of the Original Gleeks is all you need to know about how little the show means to them these days. Marley, Jake and Ryder are pure Skins 6. Cliched hottie drivel served up to the masses in the hope of attracting the kind of audience who found season 1 Rachel Berry “annoying”. They are a symbol, you guys. Ryan Murphy et al are not writing for the fans anymore. At best, they are writing Glee for people who don’t care about Glee. At worst they are writing it for people who don’t even like the show.

Now onto what was wrong with 414 specifically.

First, the abundance of Marley/Jake/Ryder. Second, the fact that the Marley/Jake/Ryder plot was barely even adapted from every other stupid teen show ever. Third, the fact that Marley is swoony and abject, Ryder is a creeper who leaves flowers for her from her boyfriend without telling said boyfriend, and Jake is a smarmy douchebag for thinking of sex as being “loved back”. But why am I even talking about them? They are just not worth it. Far from becoming more layered or unique thanks to all the screentime that’s been thrown their way, they have only become more glaringly personality-free and paint-by-numbers. They are, in a word, awful. Glee should be ashamed.

The next problem is the fact that this abundance of Marley/Jake/Ryder occurs even in an episode that is supposed to be about the Wemma wedding. You know, Will and Emma? The ship that’s been there since the pilot? The one we cried tears of joy over at the end of season 1 sectionals? These are the two people who shepherded our kids through seasons 1, 2 and 3. They’re getting married and everyone has come back to town (except Bieste who has apparently left town for the event). So naturally you’d expect a lot of screentime to be devoted to characters who don’t know them and are only even at the wedding because they are in Glee!

What’s that? You think there should have been some interaction between the core cast members? Maybe Quinn could have hugged the man she once hugged when she decided she wanted him to raise her unborn child? Maybe the girls could have been there to help Emma calm her nerves since she spent three years calming theirs? Maybe Finn and Will, ie. the relationship at the very heart of this show, could have had some actual meaningful interaction when they were finally in the same frame, if it hadn’t been for that pesky pre-wedding kiss which I suspect will be as pointless in the long run as it was upsetting in the moment? WHAT? YOU THINK THE KIDS SHOULD HAVE ALL REMINISCED ABOUT MR SCHUE AND MISS PILLSBURY AND MAYBE SANG TOGETHER SINCE IT WAS THE FIRST TIME THEY’D ALL BEEN IN THE SAME EPISODE ALL SEASON? ARE YOU CRAZY? WHAT A STUPID IDEA. RYDER HAS SOME MORE GIFTS FOR JAKE TO GIVE MARLEY. PIPE DOWN.

Oh and Artie/matching wheelchair girl? Just more pointlessness with visiting randoms in an episode that should have been a nostalgia-fest.

Meanwhile Will and Emma aren’t even allowed to interact except for one awkward flash-back-inducing kiss at the start of their own fucking wedding episode. And that brings me to Wemma and all the ways the writers got it wrong. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of Will. I know a lot of people think Emma could do better if she went down the local watering hole in a bikini top and whistled. But the fact remains that Will and Emma, in canon, love each other. That’s what we’ve been told and shown with varying degrees of success, for three years. And now Emma is going to leave him at the altar? Please.

Look, it’s not just that it’s a monumental cliche and the whole world is bored with it already. It’s that Emma would never. Do you hear me? EMMA WOULD NEVER.

One of the problems with writing in cliches is that it’s so easy that you’re wont to forget to actually think. Because really, let’s take a step back here. Let’s focus on how unbelievably hurtful and humiliating it is to be left at the altar with all of your friends and family around you watching while your heart breaks. It’s a really, really terrible thing to do to somebody. It’s bad enough when people let things get out of hand and have to call off weddings at the last minute. But just leaving without even saying anything? It’s just… awful. It’s just a flat-out awful thing to do.

Emma would never do it to Will. Because she loves him. And because she respects him. And because she respects herself.

I gather that the show is going to tell me that Emma does in fact love Will, does in fact want to marry Will. I gather they’re going to tell me she was just scared and overwhelmed. I gather they’re going to play the OCD card. Well, it’s just not going to cut it. Because either Emma is suddenly a selfish, weak person who doesn’t know what love is, or she’s seriously, seriously mentally ill and cannot be held accountable for her actions. That means the best case scenario message here is that even if you work hard to overcome something like OCD, it’s still going to control you to the point where you ruin your own happiness by hurting the people you love most for no good reason.

Oh, who am I kidding? Glee will just pretend it’s neither. Wedding jitters! Drama! The song from Company! Sue walking down the aisle! Epic lols and we get to do two weddings for the price of one!

And hey, I guess Will won’t have too much trouble getting over it, since he didn’t seem to even care that much when it happened. I mean do they even want people to like Will? Because he came off like a disappointed parent in this episode, when he should have been crushed and small and wounded and making everybody feel just a little bit bad for hating him so much.

Next. As mentioned above, last week the Tina/Blaine plot was copping a lot of flack in fandom, along the lines of tumblr posts saying ‘The Tina/Blaine relationship is awesome’ – said nobody ever. Well I begged to differ. I enjoyed it. I was excited to see a new relationship being built between existing cast-members. I saw all the potential for this to be a season-long genuinely emotional arc for Tina and Blaine. The possibilities thrilled me. And I seem to remember saying ‘Maybe the show will just forget all about it by the next episode’ and not believing that would happen for a second. And then hey, look, it pretty much did.

Sure, the Tina/Blaine thing was mentioned plenty, but only in a ‘Haha vaporape’ way. Only in a way that made it clear this was not a meaningful arc for Tina and Blaine, but rather a life lesson for creepy homo-stalker Tina in how to love appropriately. And you know, she learned that lesson in ten minutes, because the feelings she was weeping over in the last episode are just that trivial. And Blaine is going to find her a real boyfriend so she can go to the back of the class with him! Heck, it’ll probably be Mike again, or some other out of town Asian, and they will interact off-screen via skype.

Basically the show shoved the whole Tina/Blaine thing under the carpet, with no emotional consequences, no hint that any of it would matter, ever. And that means that it was a joke in the last episode. You guys, I have learned my lesson. When Glee introduces new plots they want me to be pointing and laughing with the haters. Because that’s what the show itself is going to do in the very next episode.

Then there’s all the Finchel and Klaine fanservice. Basically Glee seems to think they can get the only two groups of shippers they actually care about over the hump by having one half of each declare them to be OTP. Oh and they both fucked. What more does anyone need?


Basically, as long as Blaine insists Kurt is in love with him, then neither of them need to show signs of having any actual emotions about each other. They’ve come to that special place where they can have casual sex with each other and giggle about it and go home, you know? That makes sense. It’s not like the actual Kurt Hummel would have felt hurt and confused at the mere suggestion of a back-seat shag with the boy he lost his virginity who is also the only person he has ever slept with. It’s not like the idea of the two of them pretty much doing exactly what Blaine did with somebody else that destroyed their whole relationship would bring up any residual angst or anything. They’re hot young gay boys. Sex is what they do.

And you know, all Finn has to do is give some ridiculously intense and floral speech at Rachel about how they’re “endgame” – Did you hear that fandom? Please keep watching while Rachel shags a gigolo and gets herself pregnant because apparently she’s too fucking stupid to take a pill every day at the same time and/or know what condoms are.

And that right there is one of the worst things about this episode. The way Rachel isn’t actually going to continue to be Rachel – not when it doesn’t suit the writers’ purpose. Because Rachel Berry does not even maybe get pregnant. End of story. Rachel Berry also doesn’t have sex with the ex-fiance she knows is still in love with her before nipping back to the guy she’s in an “open relationship” with for V-day smoochies. What if she broke Finn’s heart all over again? Who cares! She’s a woman now. She likes sex. She has it on the spur of the moment with no awkwardness or emotional fallout because you guys, it’s just sex, and that is what happens to people when they go to college. They automatically turn into Carrie Bradshaw.

(No, Glee, your Sex and the City references were not clever. They will not make the problem go away.)

We may be able to see Rachel’s eyes better now, but she’s still not her. She’s grown up 10 years in 10 episodes, into the kind of girl for whom sex with the highschool sweetheart she once wanted to marry is for a good old time’s sake, into the kind of girl who even has an open relationship in the first place, let alone with someone as smarmy, charmless and downright ordinary as Brody.

But if you’re a Finn fan, don’t worry. He won’t actually be heartbroken or anything. He knows he and Rachel are endgame. Ryan Murphy promised him.

Note to Finn: don’t believe everything Ryan Murphy promises you. I’m seeing a Big Rachel endgame. Sorry, I mean, a Rachel/Big endgame.

And you know what else I’m seeing? An empty place where Faberry used to be. And I will never be okay. I will never be okay.

TV has betrayed Rophy so many times in so many ways, but this is particularly reminiscent of that time House/Cameron got unceremoniously dumped in favour of House/Cuddy. Remember how after season 3 all of the ducklings were supposed to leave the nest, but all of the ducklings were supposed to also stay on the show? Remember how if you were a fan of Cameron you lived on newly-blonde glimpses for weeks and weeks until you realized there was no point hanging around – the writers just didn’t care about her anymore – your ship didn’t matter to them – your favourite character didn’t matter to them – this was never going to get better – they lied to you, they don’t care, face it, move on, let it go.

And we did. We let go of House. The show we’d once had full-scale tantrums over if we didn’t get to watch the episode the night it aired.

That’s where Rin and I are at in terms of Glee. In terms of Faberry.

We never expected the writers to go there in canon. We never expected Quinn to be revealed as gay. We never expected her to admit to being in love with Rachel all this time. We certainly never expected Rachel to feel the same way. We never even expected to get something as simple and as throwaway as a kiss like the one between Finn and Emma or the one between Rachel and Blaine. We have always been patient and understanding about Faberry and we would have continued to be so, even if the two of them had shared only a handful of scenes between now and the end of the show, even if subtext and lingering gazes were always going to be the limit.

We knew Faberry would never be canon the way Finchel, Klaine or Brittana are canon. But we do feel we were led to believe that it was as important to the writers as it was to us. We did think they would protect and nurture what we had, even if it was all we were ever going to get. Especially because it was all we were ever going to get.

But they really didn’t protect Faberry. They stomped the fuck all over it instead.

When Rin and I first heard rumours that something was going to happen between Quinn and Santana we didn’t really believe it. We assumed people must be exaggerating, because why the hell would something happen between Quinn and Santana? Honestly, the two of them may have been best friends on paper, but the relationship was paper-thin. I just couldn’t see the logic in a hook-up between the two of them. Silly me. I should have known there wouldn’t be any logic in it.

When rumours really gathered and I began to think some kind of actual physical good times between the two of them was a reality, I started to instinctively protect Faberry from the attack by theorizing that this could be amazing – this could be beyond all our wildest dreams – this could be Quinn actually coming out of the closet – she and Santana may actually discuss the weird chemistry she’s always had with Rachel – we may actually get something like an admission from Quinn that Rachel is how she knew. Even if she never told Rachel and nothing more ever came of it, Rin and I would treasure what might have been forever.

Who on earth was I kidding? Of course this wasn’t about Rachel. Of course Quinn having sex with a woman and the way she has looked at Rachel for three years would be treated as mutually exclusive by the show.

Because this is Glee’s way of shutting us down. This is Glee’s way of saying that Quinn is straight and even if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be into our female lead, goodness no, she’d be into Santana, because the two of them are “flawless” and that’s what turns Quinn on.

And that’s the problem right there. Quinn this season is just about as out of character as Rachel. I have no idea who this girl is who values being hotter than everyone else and fucking your professor, who “hates men”, but “lets them define her,” who hops into bed with her BFF because she’s just that sexually and socially liberated, who thinks Rachel bought the agonizingly pointless rail passes for her, who snipes at Santana that she has always been jealous of her based on nothing so she can slap her because what? It’s hot? That was foreplay?

I don’t know who this girl is, but she is not, I repeat, she is NOT Quinn Fabray.

Quinn Fabray was raised in a religious, conservative household. I am not saying that makes her a homophobe. The show has been pretty clear that she isn’t. But the idea that she’s the kind of person who’d have experimental sex with a girl as a ‘next stop’ after sleeping with somebody else’s husband? It’s like the writers see her as a pretty blank slate they can write anything they want onto. This is some people. This is some girls I’ve known. But this is not Quinn. Quinn, as far as we knew up until the end of season 3, had only ever had sex with a guy once.


And she had to be drunk and depressed to do it and wound up pregnant and spent a couple of years in a depressive funk. You don’t go from that to professor to girl-on-girl action with nothing in between. You just don’t.

As for hating men, that’s not her either. First because Quinn is not a stupid bitch. But second because Quinn is not someone who sees herself as a victim. Not anymore. Season 3 was the year Quinn Fabray came into her own. She’d been hurt and let down by so many people – men and women – and especially by herself. But she grabbed on, you know? When Rachel offered her a chance to do the right thing she took it. And she went from strength to strength. By the time Quinn was off to Yale she was the kind of girl who wouldn’t waste her energy hating anyone. She was at peace. She was smart and strong and wonderful. And you know what? She sang a song to all three of the guys she once thought she’d loved – a song about never saying goodbye, even if that was what she was doing – because even if none of them had been everything to her, each of them had been something to her. And she cared about them.

So fuck you, Glee, Quinn Fabray does not hate men. And fuck you even harder for putting that stupid line into an episode where she has sex with a woman for the first time. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional but that reeks of homophobia to me. Why do lesbians? Because dick. How many times have I heard people say gay or bi girls are just straight women who are scarred by and scared of men? How many fucking times, Glee?

Not that Quinn is gay or bi. Quinn is straight, you guys. Quinn had sex with a girl and the upshot of it… is that she’s straight. You guys can argue that the very act of having sex with a girl and enjoying it means that by definition she can’t be straight. The show will disagree with you. Quinn will disagree with you. And she will never have sex with a woman again and that will render the argument moot.

The day before the episode aired I put a theory to Rin on yahoo. I got into a panic, imagining the worst, and said “What if they try to pretend Quinn is Lilly Kane? What if she’s all, ‘It’s College, it’s expected!’ about it?”

Rin laughed. And then I laughed with her. And then it’s exactly what happened. Quinn Fabray had sex with a girl because college. And it didn’t make her question her sexuality.


And don’t kid yourselves that she’s going to. This is not a matter of Quinn being gay or bi and not admitting it yet. Faberry shippers who think that’s what’s happening, please STOP right now, thank you very much. You have suffered enough.

Glee was trying to tell us that Quinn is not gay or bi with this episode. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that she was lying when she said to Santana that this would be a one-off – and yes, it was a one-off – they could make each other come 16 times in one night and it would still be a one-off – Santana was just being cute.

Quinn said without flinching that she was experimenting. Like college girls experiment. And it was good. But she probably wouldn’t do it again. She was not remotely troubled or reflective. She was relaxed and confident. She was telling the truth as Glee sees it.

If Quinn had said “I’m not gay though,” if she had stopped and not been able to go through with it, if they’d only gotten as far as kissing and she’d laughed and said she was grossed out? That might have been an indication that the show was going somewhere with this. But all they’re trying to give us here is Quinn’s spin the bottle moment.

Remember how in ‘Blame It On The Alcohol’ Blaine kissed Rachel and everyone was all OMG, including him, and we thought we were in for a bisexuality storyline and I was quite excited because the chemistry between Lea and Darren is excellent BUT THEN. It was all a way for Blaine to say, ‘You know what? I am definitely gay.’

It’s the same thing here. Quinn tried sex with a girl. She wasn’t scared of it, because she wasn’t scared of what it might mean for her if she liked it. She wasn’t troubled by it after, because she wasn’t troubled by what it might mean that she liked it. Because all it meant was that she had an orgasm. Because she’s straight.

And if you were hoping this was not only a step on the road to ‘Quinn likes girls’ but ‘Quinn likes Rachel’? You’re even more wrong. Sadly.

It could not have been more obvious that the writers wanted to tell us Faberry is not a romantic or sexual thing with this episode. Because in the episode that involved Quinn exploring her sexuality she was not even allowed to look at Rachel. Really, she wasn’t even allowed to face the stage at any point when she and Santana were dancing and Rachel and Finn were singing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole reason she and Santana had to sit up the back in the church was so that Lea and Dianna didn’t accidentally catch each other’s eye. You know why they couldn’t do an Original Gleeks number? Because they were too worried it might seem like Quinn sang something to Rachel.

The bottom line is this: this is the episode in which Quinn has sex with a woman for the first and only time. The writers went out of their way to show Santana looking meaningfully at Bram. The writers went out of their way to have no interaction whatsoever between Rachel and Quinn.

You guys, if Quinn had referenced Rachel in any way, we might have had some subtext to hang onto and cherish. We might have still felt that our ship mattered. Glee wanted to make sure we didn’t.

To anyone who is still hoping that it does matter – to anyone preaching that this is good news for Faberry because Quinn is opening herself up to the idea of being with a girl, let me just say this: your theory implies that you believe that the writers are planning to do Faberry. As in it will be necessary at some point for Quinn to be open to having sex with girls because she will declare her intentions to Rachel and the lights will dim and clothes will come off. You guys. You guys.

Don’t do this to yourselves! Faberry is not going to happen that way. It never was going to happen that way. All we had was the subtext and that is what has been taken away by this – this Quinntana sex that is not a step closer to Faberry sex or even Quinn’s desire for it.

414 told us a lot about how the writers see Faberry. First, Quinn and Rachel are both straight. Second, they have no particular bond that would necessitate a glance between the two of them in what is only the second goddamn episode they have been in the same city all goddamn season, and when Quinn will not be around for the next two episodes and probably barely even after that. Third, though Rachel can be Rachel she won’t be when they’d rather she was Carrie Bradshaw. Fourth, they have no idea who Quinn is and they don’t care.

Yes, we got some Faberry crumbs in 412, and they were beautiful crumbs. Yes, Rachel was full-time Rachel in 413 and it was glorious. But 414 is too much and too far. And there is no coming back from it for us.

The only way this show could get us to trust it again would be to have Quinn openly reevaluate what she said in this episode, have her in fact be gay and quietly in love with Rachel all this time. We’d come back for that. I can’t see us coming back for anything less, because anything less wouldn’t have a hope of undoing what this episode did.

And that’s the irony, show. We loved you so long and we loved you so well. We would have stuck around. We would have run on Faberry empty for you. But we’re not going to stick around if you’re even going to take the damn tank away from us.

Rin says: Sophy has done all the hard work for me and pointed out all the things that were wrong about this episode. Everything that we once loved and celebrated about the show was turned on its head and driven straight into the ground. The reason I first fell in love with Glee is quite simple, it made me happy. It was fun and sweet, sure, but also heartfelt and with purpose. They focused so much on the characters and the stories they had to tell, and yeah, I really loved it when they would all stand together and sing because it was the one thing that brought them all together. Being a part of something special makes you special.

And Rachel Berry was at the heart of it all. Here was a girl that was presumably bullied her entire life and treated as if she was worthless, but continued to rise above it time and time again. And it’s not that words would never hurt her, because we were shown that they very much did, it was because she so strongly believed with every fibre in her being that she was a star. She had worth, she had purpose, and she was going to make it some day, no matter what any one else said.

Yet, when it really came down to it Rachel was a very lonely girl who craved friendship. So much so that people would often take advantage of that fact, and maybe she was a bit naive, but that girl with the unwavering compassion and desire to see other people happy is one of the best qualities Rachel has. She sees the good in people when they don’t, and will continue to love and support them even if they don’t want to accept it. Rachel made mistakes like any other person, I won’t deny it, but that doesn’t keep her from being one of the kindest and inherently good characters I’ve ever watched. Rachel was the character I loved in an instant, and despite everything I will always remember and love her for what she was.

For a long time Glee for me was about Rachel, and the friendship these kids all formed with each other. Looking back now, I can say I cared about these kids but wasn’t as invested as I’ve been in the past with other TV shows. You can look at the start of our Season 2 Gleecaps as proof of that. And then something happened that I’ve never exactly been able to pinpoint. It’s perhaps because I was always paying closer attention to Rachel, that it was only natural that Quinn would eventually grab my attention too.

But there was definitely a pattern starting to form. Quinn needed support, Rachel would support her. Rachel needed help, Quinn would help her despite her supposed hatred towards her. More and more these things would happen, these little moments that were only shared between the two of them — that I couldn’t help but notice and wonder how this non-friendship friendship still managed to forge a path for themselves. And we were late to the game you guys, we were late. I think it was season 3 that really set things in motion for us, because they were giving Quinn some solid development, and I found myself starting to care. Really care about her.

And when you start to focus on Quinn?

All you see is Rachel.

Just a couple weeks ago I wrote that long after the show is over, I would still be writing about Faberry. What 414 did for me, is seriously make me question whether or not I could do that any more. What happens in canon is super important to me, I’m not the kind of person that can brush it off and say we’ll always have fandom. Nothing would ever compare to the moment Quinn revealed she had feelings for Rachel, and she wouldn’t have needed to say it out loud or even to Rachel. ONE LOOK could have done it.

For example. One look when she was lugging about with Santana on the dance floor, and it would have said it all. It would at least have let Quinn have some feelings about what was about to happen, but instead she was reduced to a cliche college girl who just did things because it’s fun! And men suck! And that’s the only reason Quinn would ever show interest in another girl in that way. Not because she had spent a worringly amount of time concerned with another girl.

If they wanted to give Quinn ANYTHING that fit with her character, the character we fell in love with, it would have been one simple look. The way Santana got to look at Brittany and Sam. But no, Quinn is apparently not worth it any more and is just another plot tool to get used in service of someone else.

Half a year ago Quinn Fabray was a main character. And now apparently all she gets to be is a guest appearance that does not add to the greater scheme of things. It doesn’t matter that they spent 3 years developing her, and creating one of the STRONGER character arcs this show has going for it. Nope. Apparently all of that Quinndepence was only ever going to amount to sex with Santana for ratings.

Because it’s NOT serving Quinn’s character to have her NOT be the Quinn we left off with in 322. The one who loved her friends, felt grateful for her experience at McKinley and generally seemed filled with purpose and inspiration and was going to graduate at the top of her class.

If they cared at all about that Quinn?

She would have looked.

Whilst Rachel was singing with Finn they had every chance, the perfect chance, they even had Quinn and Santana be right up the front. And a huge part of me feels like they were purposely placed there to SPECIFICALLY show how much this wasn’t about Rachel, and how much of it was about having Finchel together on stage, and Quinn being used as some kind of soulless body for Santana to feel better about Bram. Because Rachel was SINGING right next to Quinn, and every single time they’ve been in the vicinity of each other and had Rachel sing? Quinn pays attention. Every. Single. Time. So much so that one time she even asked, ‘When you were singing that song…’ Quinn ALWAYS watches Rachel perform, whether intended or not, so a single look would not have been out of the ordinary. It would not have been anything new. To have her back faced towards her the entire time speaks volumes. For fucks sake, one time she was dancing with her boyfriend at prom and still managed to look over his shoulder across the room at Rachel singing.

The problem I have with seeing the Quinntana bed scene as anything other than shoving it in our faces that Quinn is straight, is the way it was handled. The way it was light and fun and almost amusing. Cause that’s all it was for Quinn, a pleasant experiment that she can now smile about, and 20 years later when she’s happily married with some guy she’ll laugh about that one time in college. If Quinn was in any way gay? It would have shattered her world. There would have been some indication that the feelings she’s been heavily repressing for the past few years had just all been brought to the surface. And don’t even try to tell me she’s probably just in denial, because there was nothing in the way it was played that suggests that. It’s an insult to Dianna Agron if you think there was any more layers behind what she said, because if there was meant to be, she would have played it that way. DIANNA IS ALWAYS EXUDING GAYNESS WHEN SHE PLAYS QUINN. This was the one time she didn’t.

I’m talking too much about the episode, when I don’t really want to. It should be obvious how I feel because of everything I’ve written about Quinn and Rachel these past years.

It really just comes down to this.

They had one of the most compelling relationships going for them, and they actively sought out to destroy it. It was always known that Faberry wasn’t going to happen, and I was super okay with it and never expected much from them. But I always felt like they understood, because these are the people who wrote it. These are the people that GAVE THEM TO US in the first place. We didn’t make Faberry happen, they did. We didn’t ask Quinn to crown Rachel prom queen, nor did we ask Rachel to stop Quinn from leaving by telling her all the ways she doesn’t understand how much she means to her. It is literally impossible to have two characters interact that way and not understand, right?


To go so far as to do what they did.. to stamp out any ambiguity Quinn had left? It almost felt personal. It WAS personal. It said everything we ever felt about Quinn and Rachel, everything we ever dreamt they meant to each other — is wrong.

Quinn does not love Rachel.

Rachel does not love Quinn.

That message could not have been made any clearer than what they did.

And now we look like the fools who thought it was possible. Who saw things that were not there to see. We’re just creepers who want girl-on-girl action, so we’ll placate you with Quinn/Santana instead.

And it’s only been very very very recently that I’ve been able to form a response. (Frankly I’ve been too devastated to think anything other than everything dies.)

But you know how I respond to that thought?

I don’t accept it. I reject it. I will not be told how to feel about the things I saw and heard and believed to be truer than true with all of my heart. Everything I know about Quinn and Rachel is because it was there in the show. My head canon is the canon they gave me and is in line with what happened on the show. The fact that they decided to jump the shark with Season 4 and literally screw everybody in the face is their problem, not mine.

Quinn does love Rachel.

Rachel does love Quinn.

There is no way that will be changed for me. The kind of love Quinn feels for Rachel is the kind in which Rachel has ruined her for all other people. There will never be another Rachel for Quinn. Never. And for Rachel? Well. Quinn will always be the prettiest girl she’s ever met, but she’s a lot more than that. And that’s something Rachel will always hold onto,… and wonder. She’ll always wonder what it all meant, if it meant anything at all. And that’s the story I kind of wanted to see told. See? I don’t even need them to ever get together for it to be one of the greatest love stories we’ll see.

Sophy says: Well look at you, being positive. All you’ve done is make me angrier. Because when you reminded me that Quinn is the prettiest girl Rachel has ever met but she’s a lot more than that, you made me realize the ways Glee has made Quinn betray Rachel and everything she stood for. Remember how Rachel told Quinn not to screw up other people’s lives to validate herself because it wouldn’t be worth it? In season 4 Quinn likes to fuck other people’s husbands and wear it like a badge of honour. Remember how Rachel tried to show Quinn that she’s so much more than the way she looks and the way people see her? And Quinn ended up giving Rachel the prettiest-girl-in-the-room crown she once so desperately craved but didn’t need anymore? In season 4 Quinn doesn’t even have to have a broken heart to agree with Santana: love is for suckers, looking good is what counts.

And have we heard a word about Yale? A SINGLE DAMN WORD? And I mean other than about the psych professor she’s banging. I’ve spent the whole season trying not to be sad than I have to sit through so much Marley and co and will never get to see Quinn on campus living her dream. But now I’m almost relieved. Because judging by what Quinn thinks is important about her Yale experience in season 4 – ie. not graduating top of her class – it would have been almost more depressing to follow her around than it is following Rachel around NYADA. Sex, sex, sex, glamour, sex. That’s what growing up is all about for Rachel and Quinn.

Something else Rin said that really got to me was how this mattered to her because canon matters to her. I’m the same. I’m not saying crackships aren’t valid; fandom has a great imagination and sometimes I get caught up in that fun. But what happens in canon is really important to me. That’s why if I can’t respect what happens in canon I’ll usually quit that show rather than just trying to carry on with a blind spot. It’s also why I ship Faberry, and not, say for example, Quinntana.

Faberry shippers get mocked all the time. We get told we’re delusional, that we make the relationship up in our heads, that there’s no more evidence of it than say, Artie/Finn being a thing. But we let it roll off us, because we know it’s a load of crap. Faberry may not have kissed or said “I love you” to each other, but their relationship has been given care and attention. They have the scenes together. They have the memorable lines of dialogue. They own proms, two of them. They have freaking sung a duet about what they meant to each other. They have mattered.

And that’s why it burns that after three seasons of highly emotional and sexually charged moments between Rachel and Quinn, the writers have Quinn hop into bed with Santana without even trying to build up any chemistry between the two of them.

I know a lot of people enjoyed seeing the two of them together. I can understand that. Naya is hot. Dianna is hot. That works. And I bet there’s a wealth of wonderful fanfiction out there for people who have been disappointed in all the ways the show has never given these two supposed friends an actual relationship. But the fact remains that in canon, there is nothing of substance there.

Quinn didn’t sleep with Santana for any other reason than that the writers decided that she would develop a desire to have sex with a woman off screen. She was clearly angling for it from the get-go, with absolutely no build up of attraction between the two of them, and maybe that’s why the whole thing felt so awkward, so wrong, so markedly unnatural.

Because really, regardless of whether you enjoyed Quinn and Santana getting it on, does anyone actually think that ‘You are killing it in that dress,’ Quinn pats Santana’s arm, lightbulb appears over Santana’s head worked?

I wouldn’t believe you, even if you looked me in the eye when you said yes.

And I guess that’s the thing. This hook-up meant nothing for Quinn. It wasn’t even about her. Her character was simply made to do something by the writers because the writers thought it would be cool if someone did it and she was around. I’ll be surprised if it even gets mentioned again, to be honest. And yeah, I’ll admit I would probably be more devastated if it did. It would be less random and insulting to Quinn’s character if Quinntana became an actual thing. But it would hurt me even more to hear about it.

And you know, as much as this wasn’t about Quinn, it also wasn’t really even about Santana. It wasn’t about either of them. It was just about the shocking sex happening. Because the writers didn’t even try to give this an emotional core, you know? Maybe it could have been a good plotline if they’d bothered to make it a plotline at all. Say, they could have had Santana be truly miserable about losing Brittany to Sam. They could have had her scared about her future in New York. They could have had her feeling like she’d lost her mojo and wasn’t desirable anymore. They could have had her communicate all of that to Quinn. And maybe then Quinn could have felt like she wanted to comfort Santana, and touched her face and her hair and felt a little tipsy and a little lonely herself. And the two of them could have made jokes about girls in college and phases and how Quinn’s mother would have more heart attacks than she did when her daughter got pregnant…

But no. The show seemed determined not to allow any emotional content here, and yes, I do think that’s because it would have muddied the message: Quinn is straight, straight, straight, stop questioning it.

Look. This is how I feel. Quinntana may have stuck bits of each other into each other, but they remain as empty as ever. Maybe emptier. Certainly they are emptier to me.


To be honest.

Rin says: Last night I had that 20 minutes of positivity, which is why my first bit ended the way it did. And I still feel that way… but now the crushing sense of loss has seeped back in. Ebb and flow. Ebb and flow.

Really you guys. Nothing in TV life has hurt me more than this, nothing. And I’m certain Sophy feels the same way. It’s been weird these past couple of days because I can’t seem to focus on anything. It’s like a black cloud has been following me around, raining on my parade… constantly reminding me that the thing I loved most was ripped away from me in a few quick moments.

Quinn Fabray was not Quinn Fabray. In fact she didn’t even have ANY remnants of Quinn in her. I actually cringed when they said that line about being ‘flawless’ whilst they stood off to the side and generally acted in a pathetic manner. Because seriously? It’s not like this is a ten year reunion or something, it’s literally only been months and you’re suddenly not able to mingle with the people who got you through highschool? Your oldest friends who you achieved something spectacular with? Santana can have problems with Britt/Sam, sure, but does Quinn have to? Isn’t Britt her friend too? Or what’s wrong with Mercedes? Mike? Artie? THE GIRL YOU SPENT HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON TO MAKE SURE YOU KEPT IN TOUCH? The father of your child? Oh wait? PUCK WASN’T EVEN THERE.

(Sophy says: He and Bieste went to Australia for chicken. No wait. For pig. Bieste probably hates chicken now and Puck won’t be a Jew much longer.)

It’s all fucking contrived bullshit. I’m so sick of it Glee. This season we really gave you the benefit of the doubt, and I feel like we were more than understanding. We even CRIED and felt real intense feelings over some of the things you accomplished this season. But you just don’t fucking get it, do you? You can’t tell us that everyone is staying on the show, and literally not have them mean anything. It seems no one can stick around for more than a couple scenes every few episodes, because we really really need to find out if Jarley/Ryder are going to work things out. No one fucking cares. And it’s a real shame. It’s the most wasted cast I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Honestly? Harry Shum Jr. was in that episode, and he was only in the background for a few seconds. What the fuck is the point?

What they’re doing now is a disservice to everything that came before. You’ve always been patchy Glee, but you’ve also had strokes of brilliance that literally cannot be found anywhere else. What made this show special was the fact that you had at your command, the most talented cast on television. I honestly think they forgot that somewhere along the way.

And oh yeah. Rachel Berry. I talked earlier about how she was Glee for me, she was the reason I loved it so completely. There were moments, early early moments in this episode where I thought perhaps she was still being Rachel Berry. Or maybe I was just feeling the remnants of 413, and my judgement had become cloudy. But they have seriously ruined her too. Whether or not she knew Brody was a prostitute is pointless, because it doesn’t matter. She did know that he wasn’t a good guy. She did know that he was most likely sleeping around a lot while in their ‘open relationship’. And I’m not judging open relationships, because each to their own. But a fundamental part of Rachel Berry does not comply with such relationships whilst simultaneously hurting the ones you love. She was going to put HER DREAM ON HOLD for Finn because she didn’t want to hurt him, and it’s a huge character flaw — but it is one that Rachel has. She cares too much. And this Rachel?

This Rachel doesn’t even have a fucking heart.

And it kills me. She has the biggest heart of all of them, but now it doesn’t even seem to enter the picture. We had glimpses of our Rachel. Literally, a few scenes out of 14 episodes. And that is far too long for us when none of it has amounted to any sort of redemption. We thought we had gotten her back last episode, but along with everything else we ever thought about Glee, this episode made it known that what we thought and believed Glee was above, was just wishful thinking.

And I know some of you are maybe thinking we’re overreacting because it’s not like the world has ended. But a part of it has. This? What we do here with RophyDoes and Faberry? This has been one of the STAPLES of our lives for the past 2 years. You guys have no idea how much we value being able to write here and have real people read it and actually care what we think. We are often saying how this is the best thing we’ve ever done together, and it’s our proudest and finest moment. The end of Faberry is by far the saddest aspect, but it’s also the end of a whole lot of other things for us. Faberry was an honest to god dream ship for us. It had all the makings of everything we’ve ever thought TV could be and more. Everything we thought fiction and storytelling could be and more. It was intricate, it was subtle, it was years-spanning and we put everything we had into it because we believed it was worth it. Faberry made us better. I have no doubt in my mind that the things we have written and created about them will remain some of our best work. They gave so much to us and this was our way for showing we cared. So yeah, when they turn around and show how much they don’t care that we care, it hurts. It fucking hurts.

There’s a hole in the world.

Sophy says: It feels like we ought to have known.

Except no. I will always believe we were right to have faith, even if we were punished for it. Glee was a rocky road, but I will never regret the first three seasons of the show. “Being a part of something special makes you special.” Will holding Finn in his arms when he hot-tubbed a baby and he’s scared and his world is falling apart. Terri and her craft room. Rachel bursting out from behind that curtain to sing about her ball of butter sun? KURT AND BURT FUCKING HUMMEL JESUS GOD IN HEAVEN. Will and Emma kiss at the end of an empty hall because their lives would suck without each other. Tina doesn’t have a stutter. Artie dances like a boss in his own mind. Puck did love Quinn, as best as an unloved kid could – and especially now. Blaine Warbler. Teenage Dream. Mercedes belts out ‘Aint No Way’ while Rachel looks on. Becky. Brittany is a unicorn. SHE HAS A SNAKE. Sue’s sister. My heart. Synchronized swimming proposal. Qugar. White chocolate. Santana breaks all our hearts with Songbird. Tina sings ABC like the brightest shiniest bright shiny girl. Reindeer sweaters. Black and white Christmas special. It tastes like pink. Rachel writes a song because Quinn. Jesse St FREAKING JAMES. IDINA MENZEL HOLY GOD I DREAMED A DREAM. Quinn slaps Rachel in the face. I got into Yale. You’re a lot better than you know.

And I have to stop because my mind is becoming an unhappy mess. Tears are falling. I feel so left behind.

Rin is right: the Gleecaps have led us to some of our proudest and finest moments. You know, like Rachel and Quinn were each other’s fucking proudest and finest moment.


And it kills me that we’re making a post like this. What is the use of a Gleecap without pictures, my friends? No caps, no categories, no overzealous analysis, no brimming joy.

No Quinn Glory Shot.

Believe me if I thought there was any rational basis for having hope here – if I felt the silver linings some people have found weren’t just big, fat, soggy thunderclouds in disguise… even if I felt the writers didn’t mean to hurt us like they did… I’d be holding on. I’d be clinging. Because I don’t give up easy. And there is nothing in the world I hate more than letting go of things I’ve loved.

Which is why even if I have to let go of Glee, I won’t let go of Faberry.

Faberry is intricate, Rin. Faberry is subtle. Faberry is years-spanning. We will continue to pour our love into that beautiful, platonic, romantic, everything in between story – even if we’re not prepared to pour our love into the stories the Glee writers are telling now.

Rophy says: So that’s it. That’s how we feel. Rophy are devastated and unlikely to recap Glee in the future – unlikely to even watch it, actually. We feel hurt and offended. We feel like the writers don’t value us as fans. And because of that? We’re kind of just done.

You can laugh at us for caring so much, if you like. Go ahead, we won’t mind. After all, it’s what everybody did to Rachel Berry back in season 1, when she wanted everything too much, and this show was a ray of sunshine in our lives.


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  1. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    Hey Rophy, I love you.

    I took some (long) time before posting to try and calm down, and to try and make sense. But I get sadder every day so I thought, better post something before I end up in total depression.
    I’m not gonna lie to you, I was conflicted during the episode. First thing you should know, my girlfriend is a multishipper. She’s the one who introduced me to Faberry. But she can ship approximately everything (not everything-everything but you know) if two girls look at each other somewhat meaningfully (probably because of not enought lesbian character in TV) or if a fic is beautifully written (she loves ASWD by the way). So I’ve been exposed to PezBerry and Quinntana before. She tried to make me read some but I just can’t, cause I don’t see anything remotely close to Faberry in other pairings. Anyway, first thing you should know : my girlfriend is a multishipper and also ships Quinntana.
    Second thing you should know, living in Europe and because of work, I’ll be watching any episode of any tv show at least 16 hours after it aired on US TV. By that time, if I want to remained unspoiled, I have to avoid the Internet for 16 hours. SIXTEEN HOURS. So yeah, that almost never happens and the only time I tried with glee was a total failure and I got accidentally spoiled at work. I know… To avoid any struggle, I realised I could never avoid spoilers and decided to read some if they happened to be on my dash on tumblr. I know it’s bad. I’m not proud. So second thing you should know : I’ve known for weeks about Quinntana happening.
    That bring me to this episode. My apartment was a little ball of growing excitment for weeks at the idea of Quinntana becoming canon. And I was excited too, cause you know, if Quinn was gonna have sex with any girl it would be all about Rachel for her. That would open her mind to a world of possibilities. And I was so hopeful. It could be good. I didn’t think for any minute that it could be otherwise. And I SHOULD have known better. We’re talking about GLEE here. The most amazing and awful show ever. I should have known better than to even think about trusting those writers.
    So we watched this episode, amazingly only 11 hours after it aired. And I kinda enjoyed it for awhile. Finn was spot on and screamed that everybody hated him, so that was nice. I tried to ignore all of the newbies’ business and complained for the nth time that the show could have been a lot better if it was just about the Original Gleeks. And then the wedding happened. And Quinn was flirting with Santana. Nice game Quinn but that’s not you. And the OG stayed in pairs. They didn’t even talk to each other. No “So happy to see you!”. No How are you since you didn’t get naked on film thanks to us?”. No “Mercedes! I missed you!”. No “Let’s sing to Shue!”. No interaction. Nothing. Because it wasn’t interesting for the plot of this episode. And okay it’s Glee and there’s no continuity but come on! Those kids loved each other fo years!!
    So yeah, no interaction between the OG and Quinn was being all OOC flirting with Santana. And getting drunk in the background. Cause she has such a good relationship with alcohol mixed with flirting. But okay, Quinntana for Faberry, could be fun.
    Oh and Finn did the petals thing and used the world “Endgame” and Rachel flirted and I was pissed. Not again. Please. Spare me a week? Please? No? Okay. Here they are sing-fucking each other. But Quinn is dancing with Santana and she never slow-danced with a girl before and she likes it. And I swoon cause that’s the beginning of some awakening for Quinn right? It has to be. And it’s awesome. And she kinda looked at Rachel? And, no she didn’t. Okay later surely! But hey, I remember! I was spoiled about this song. All the couples sexing it up sing that song. So it’s coming.
    And it is hot. Dianna bed hair and drinking bottled water is never gonna be not sexy. And Quinn thought about sleeping with a woman before (Rachel!). And she liked it! And she’s straight??? WTF??!!?? And she’s fine?? And she’s going for second??? That does not compute in my brain. Who is this girl? What’s happening?
    So I tried (again) to rationalize it. She hides behind the mask of indirference right? She’s shaken up but she hides it? And because of the non-continuity, the writers are gonna forget all about it tomorrow anyway right?
    I’m pulled out of my head when Brody becomes a prostitute/gigolo/escort. Well, yeah, Rachel needs a reason to dump his ass, so makes sense.
    And then. Rachel Berry dies a little more. In what world Rachel Berry, no scratch that. In what world any of the Originals Girls who were there when Quinn got pregnant will ever have unprotected sex? In what world Rachel-obsessive-career-oriented-Berry will not be using the pill AND a condom? It has to be one of those Ross/Rachel/1% accident! Cause you know, no good writers who care about their characters… wait… oh… yeah… Glee.
    I was promised fun Quinntana-sex. And I got it and it was hot and sexy. In exchange I only got my heart stomped on. In exchange, they just went out of their way to scream to my face “Faberry will never happen, it never existed, it’s only in your head. And we despise you.” Cause all of what you said and beautifully written is true and exactly how I feel right now. They spat right in our faces.

    How sad is the fact that the show I love will do this to me. How sad is the fact that I’m not surprised. Cause it’s Glee. We excused a lot of things for a long time, cause it’s Glee.
    I feel as if I am in an abusive relationship. I hate that they do this to me, I hate that they beat on my heart. And I’ll swear that I’m done. But I’ll be coming back for more. I’ll come back and watch it just to see if I may have been right. And I will never be right. And I’ll be disappointed again. And my heart will broke again. But I won’t hope muche. And I’ll still watch it. For the ghost of what it was.

    But I refuse to give up on Faberry. I’ll be pathetic and take what I think is true to these characters I love and ignore the rest. For me, Canon-Glee ended with season 3. Season 4 is just some writers’ head-canon. People who decided to write fanfiction without knowing those characters. Because we didn’t dream those moments. It was there. It was written. It was acted. It was there. We’re not delusionnal. We believed what was shown to us. I never thought for a second that they would have ended together. But I believe that they love each other. That Quinn is so in love with Rachel that it saved her life. Even if she’ll never realise it. I still believe in this Faberry. And I won’t give up on it. I may be pissed and sad and heartbroken at the moment, but I’ll never give up on Faberry.

  2. gabirol
    gabirol at · Reply

    You just cannot believe that the show will actually go there, haha. And indeed, Faberry has been cut out with a scalpel from this episode, except of course for the storyline about the bitchy blonde cheerleader who met the nerdy-hot singer who in turn found her oddly compelling. Lol. That’s how much the episode was not about reminiscing, and how much the writers don’t care about Faberry …

    I think I am going to post something more detailed on my tumblr, because, pictures. Meanwhile, much, much love

  3. Iris
    Iris at · Reply

    Hey guys, I’m really sorry for your loss, I only started watching glee after reading your recaps.. will you maybe finish recapping skins 6 now that you have more time though? not that that was really any more fun to watch but I feel like I can’t finish processing it until you guys dissect it for me. Also I would LOVE to read your recap of the Skins 5 finale XO

  4. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    Glee is a strange thing. I’m pretty sure that I hit a peak, I loved and obsessed over Rachel Berry from day one. At the end of season 1, I liked most of the kids, but I was so so so so soooo into Rachel I would have literally murdered every other character for her. Creepy. Then season 2 came along and I loved Rachel just as much, but then Quinn popped out and shocked me, I just felt so sad for her, she was so vulnerable and loving and broken and she didn’t have anything, and they way she seemed so calmed and almost content when she got back together with Finn, it was just heart-crushing. Season 2 was when Faberry really punched me right in the heart, it was just this incredible connection that I wanted to see happen so badly, and even though I knew logically it never would, there was a little part of me that was like
    “Hey, Ryan Murphy is into ridiculous, he gives the fans what they want, people went crazy over Nip/Tuck but you liked it when it went batshit! IT MIGHT HAPPEN OK?!? IT MIGHT!”
    Then, the undoubted peak of my Glee love came. I went to see the concert twice, including the last ever one, where Dianna picks Lea up and spins her. You guys, they were all so incredible, I’m not even ashamed to say that’s probably the highlight of my life so far. I WAS SO INTO GLEE IT WAS RIDICULOUS.
    Then season 3 happened. Things just rolled down the hill, faster and faster. I didn’t really buy into Punk!Quinn or MYBABY!Quinn. I can see theoretically how they should have worked, but I thought they were both executed badly. Rachel, my Rachel, the girl I loved more than Buffy or Veronica Mars or David Fischer, just disappeared into this insecure mess that couldn’t even sing into her hairbrush without Finn. And for a while I was ok with it. Sometimes people get really lost, it happens to everyone. The problem was that when Rachel started to find herself, it wasn’t Rachel, it was just some imposter. Even though season 3 had some of the best Faberry moments, it just killed me. I also think it made things worse because it went from being subtext you could still deny to just ridiculous. Season 3 Quinn is 100% madly in love with Rachel and 100% aware of that fact, there is absolutely no convincing me otherwise. All those looks, those conversations, those songs, I actually think I feel pretty/Unpretty was a major turning point for Quinn, she knew and had realized why she was obsessed with Rachel, but until that point decided to fight it and hide it, but then they sang that song together and a little bit of her just gave up and gave in, I really think she accepted that she was madly in love with Rachel, and even though she could never pursue her, she’d allow herself to just love her from a far and do her best to make sure Rachel was happy. (HOW IS THIS NOT THE MOST PERFECT LOVE STORY EVER?!? JESUS, WE HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED INTO RACHEL YET!!!!)
    And then there was Rachel. Rachel knows what she wants and who she is on a level most kids dont. She has more drive and talent and ambition than anyone, so she doesn’t fit in. To correct this she latches on to the idea of Finn, a jock with a heart. She spends most of her time being obsessed with Quinn and keeping Quinn in as much of her life as possible, and kissing or trying to kiss every boy Quinn has ever kissed, and just “Wow how perfect and beautiful and amazing is QUINN you guys?!” Rachel Berry is one stubborn mother-fucker and just point blank refuses to see Quinn the way she knows she really does see her. She has lots of tiny moments where she lets her guard slip, and she must know, she knows deep down that Quinn is perfection and everything she’s ever wanted, everything she deserves, but as soon as it’s out she stuffs it back down, and reminds herself that Quinn probably hates her and the Finn ideal is the right path for her.
    THIS IS ALL SO RIDICULOUSLY TRAGIC I JUST CAN’T. (And if Finn was a decent character it would make the whole thing a lot sadder and harder to deal with, but most of the time he’s a selfish wanker who doesn’t deserve to even lick Rachels shoes, so, there’s that)
    By the time season 4 rolled around I had serious problems. I watched the first four episodes and found myself so frustrated and upset and, well honestly, bored of it. I can only take so much. So I kept downloading them, but I stopped watching. There are ten episodes just sitting in a folder (named: That show that makes you sad… DO NOT BE RHIANNA TO IT’S CHRIS BROWN!!!, which considering I keep seasons 1 & 2 in a folder called GLEE ohhh YEAH! is just extra sad). The problem I have is even though I’ve technically stopped watching, I can’t give up, I have a glee list on twitter I read everyday, I love tumblr more than anything and it’s full of it, and I adore you two so I can’t possible escape. Instead, I shall just remain hopeful on the sidelines. Ryan Murphy is crazy you guys, nothing is certain, nothing is ever entirely what it seems, and Glee will have at least two more seasons, so it is what it is.
    Also, it has a LOT of other problems I can’t deal with,my friend asked me why I stopped watching the other day and I wrote this back to her: Because its a show about how girls are sad messes who fuck everything up and how they constantly need their heros the perfect men to come and save them, fix them and then lecture them about how awful they are and it me want to puke. Its literally the most mysogynistic shit I’ve ever seen and they’ve turned Rachel Berry, this super-talented, ambitious, self-assured, flawed, extroverted, enthusiastic-loser driven girl who is in no way ashamed of who she is into this shell who has to have a man to tell her she’s good enough and it honestly makes me cry….
    To which she was like what is wrong with you it’s a TV show, and that is why you are both so so so important, the world is full of people who say hurtful shit like “It’s just fiction get over it! IT’S NOT REAL!” and you’ve both just spent a week crying over how everything dies, and the simple act of making me feel less ridiculous over how much I care is a lovely, lovely thing, so thanks you guys :’)

  5. Erin
    Erin at · Reply

    Flashbacks to S6!Minky, anyone?

    I expect similarly brilliant, articulate disgust in your review of Skins 6×09. The writers need to know we haven’t forgotten.

  6. gabirol
    gabirol at · Reply

    In a more wonkish register, this is the “Mulholland Dr.” episode of “Glee”. If you don’t know the film, watch it now. You’ll be amazed. I certainly was …

  7. gabirol
    gabirol at · Reply

    So … it seems you really have given up on glee. I respect that, but could you do me a tiny teensy favor before we part ways? I can’t seem to make out which room Finn and Rachel are in. You?

  8. gabirol
    gabirol at · Reply

    I came back for the Orphan Black recaps (of which, more please, sestras!), but coincidentally …


    Sing it to the world!

  9. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Hi, I missed a few series of Glee so I didn’t know about a lot of this. I just wanted to say I’m so sorry for how much it hurt you and I am certainly not going to laugh at you. I can feel how much it meant to you and I know that can be. It sounds like Faberry gave you a lot of hope. Well, upto this. I would say it’s ok for you to hold onto it and keep believing what you do. F**k the writers (though not literally) If you want to believe it then do. It may not happen on the show but who’s to say it can’t in some alternative world? I’m sorry again anyway.

  10. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    (I’m actually having a secret affair with my rockstar in an alternative world)

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